Oh boy: is this ever an awkward topic for us. How can we talk about it without seeming arrogant, yet how can we answer the question somewhat accurately? The video’s already darn long with our rambling. I think the first thing we can say that we didn’t mention in the video is that, regardless of what is actually happening to us, we don’t FEEL like we’re famous. We feel like famous people/celebrities are super talented in some special way and that is was their GOAL to become famous, via sports, acting, music, whatever. I think if you enter the world never planning on being known by other people, it’s a bit of a shock and difficult to grasp in your mind.

Now when it comes to being YouTube famous, we know that we’re not anywhere close to Nigahiga or Smosh who have millions of subscribers. They’re the most famous of the YouTube famous. They’re A-listers. Whatever we are, we’re not top-tier, but we’ve experienced a small slice of fame from YouTube, and it has changed our lives quite a bit.

So, we’re going to try to talk as candidly as we can about what our lives are like now that we are where we are in our Eatyourkimchi careers, which – by the way – we had no intention of making careers out of originally, and we consider ourselves vastly fortunate for being able to do. It still surprises us. We always think to ourselves that, if we were to wake up, and realize that the internet shut down forever, or if people just stopped watching us overnight, we’d probably be like “yeah, that seems about right.”

Being able to work in a studio now with other people is also totally awesome for us. Before, it was just the two of us in our pyjamas at home all day, isolated from the world, living like crazy kpop hermits, filming and editing non-stop, with our business life and home life becoming intertwined endlessly. It seems like every time we hear about YouTube celebs, they’re often described as introverts as well, since they’re always stuck in their basements filming and editing. So, for us, having a studio now is so much more refreshing and invigorating. We walk into the office, see Leigh and Soo Zee, bounce ideas off each other, plan projects together, learn things from one another, and create things together. We feel rejuvenated in this environment, you know? Having that split between work and life is really important, even though we didn’t realize it before.

Ok, so that’s part of the first answer about how our lives have changed personally as a result of Eat Your Kimchi. We went from isolated teachers (haha, trust me, lesson planning is SO deeply consuming as other teacher reading will surely agree), to isolated video editing hermits, to slowly reintegrating with society now that we have other people helping us with the editing. We went from employees on a clear career path to small business owners. We went from people working in the public service sector to the bloggers in the creative industry.

As to how our lives have changed in society in relation to others, as opposed to just how things have changed ourselves, the biggest change for us is that we’re no longer anonymous. Unless we hide under umbrellas and take all of the smallest side streets, we are recognized everyday. Sometimes only once a day, other times once every ten minutes. It’s honestly something that shocks us, shocks others that are with us, and it’s something we have a lot of thoughts on.

1) Fame is extremely subjective: when we meet people who recognize us, there are many different reactions, ranging from “oh! I think I know you!” to “ERMAHGERRRRDDDD!!!” Whoever it is that we meet, we’re always interested in the people that they’re hanging out with at the time, because those are the ones that often look at us like “who the eff are these dirty hipsters?” and then they try to get their friends to hurry up, while the person who recognized us is like “OMG YOU DON’T REALIZE HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS!!!” That’s why we can never have any sense of inflated ego about this. No matter how many people recognize us, there will be many more who will have no idea who the hell we are. And the most hilarious thing is watching a Nasty try to explain who we are to their unimpressed friend…”They make videos about Korea, and they go wanking, I mean, not like real wanking, it’s like, wonderful adventure now…okay never mind, but they have these kpop review segments with…oh right you hate kpop….well their fapfaps are so informational…no wait it’s not like that…it’s like their dog has blue hair…just…ahhh…never mind.”

The same thing happened for Martina’s Birthday, when we were at a hotel which happened to be having a party with “celebrities,” who would tell us in conversation that they’re famous celebrities…who we’ve never heard of. I don’t think anyone has the right to claim they’re famous unless they’re the president of the USA. That’s someone everyone knows! Everyone else varies in degrees of obscurity, the slightest hint of which should put them back in their place.

Being “famous” doesn’t mean anything. Everyone’s famous in one way or another. You’re famous in your family. You’re famous in your classroom. And oftentimes, you’re more famous in these settings than people who are supposedly “famous” elsewhere. G-Dragon is huge here: if he didn’t tell everyone in advance where he’s going, would he be famous in Pocatello, Idaho? Maybe if their are any VIPS there, but otherwise, he’ll just be a Korean dude in Idaho.

Which is why YouTube fame strikes me as so odd. I remember reading an interview from a famous YouTuber who has over a million subs (can’t remember who it was, though) and he said that he gets recognized in the streets around once every six months or so. To which we were freaking floored. How the eff is that?!?!?! That’s impossible. We get recognized daily, and his audience is many times larger than ours, but people don’t recognize him? DOES NOT COMPUTE! DOES NOT COMPUTE! BRAIN ASPLODE!!!

But then we think, well, here in Korea, we do stick out more than regular looking folk. Martina has pink hair. I’m freaking tall as hell and have a red mohawk. In a country where we’re taller than most people, and the hair colour is predominantly black, we do stick out more, and thus have a higher chance of getting recognized, the way a purple man would be more recognizable in the USA. So, recognition does not equal fame, or celebrity, or whatever. But when we get recognized when we’re in other countries, especially on the streets of Toronto: that’s when we feel like barfing from mind-blowing explosions of whhhaatttt!???

2) Because we’re regularly recognized, we’re a lot more cautious: we can’t go out looking like crap, just in case someone asks for a picture. Well, I supposed we can, but then you feel like crap when that picture shows up. When we’re out filming in public, we’re in the zone, and we’re always REALLY surprised to see a tweet or message from someone who says that they saw us but didn’t want to say hi because we looked busy. COME SAY HI!!! Please! It’s always the most uplifting part of our day! Honestly, it’s amazing how meeting a Nasty can recharge our energy and drive us to be better.

We have to say that regardless of this little slice of fame we experience, we’re grateful for how awesome the Nasty’s are with us. We know real celebrities in Korea, and from what they tell us, random people in public treat them like subhumans. People run up to celebrities, take pictures and demand pictures, demand 10 autographs for their girlfriend, nephews, cousins, and friends, then leave after getting their fill. They don’t care if the person is in the rain, or in a rush, or hungry, it’s like, “HEY YOU! STOP YOUR LIFE AND GIVE STUFF TO ME!” People never treat us that way. People want to have conversations with us, hang out and talk, have some drinks, and just treat us like we’re friends. The celebrities that we know get fawned upon, but are never talked to like regular humans. Maybe they like it. Maybe they don’t. I know that, for us, you couldn’t pay us enough money to be in their position. It sounds terrible. To us, we’re happy to talk to people that talk to us like people, and it feels like, rather than being spotted like a celebrity, people greet us like a family does at an airport.

So, TL;DR: we love you guise.

  1. Simon went through all those M words and I literally could no longer remember Martina’s name. I sat there like, “why do I wanna call her Martha??” Well played.

  2. What is the university/college life like in Korea? Is it similar to the US: Like living in the dorms, are classes constructed the same way(having classes at different timings) Or is it similar to school but in a university?

  3. Now that you guys are so crazy famous (k, maybe just a little crazy) have you ever been stocked or had a fan do something really creepy?

  4. I heard recently that someone was asked by their Korean principal to “act more like Simon and Martina” in the classroom. (Which I assume means acting like you two in your videos) I know that you have said that you act different on camera than you did in the classroom. What was your classroom composure like and what advice on this subject would you give new teachers coming to Korea?

  5. heyy guise! do you still keep up with other non-kpop songs (eg. beyonce) or maybe indie-american or british bands u used to listen to? also is it easy to do so in korea or is it a lot easier to just stick to kpop…i remember there was a video u made where u mentioned justin bieber’s baby :)

  6. Hey guys. Im a girl in high school and would love to go to college in Korea. Is it possible for an American who barely knows any Korean to be able to study there?

  7. Cyber_3

    A question for TL;DR :
    If you are sick or injured in South Korea, how do you find a doctor? Are the doctors traditional eastern medicine doctors or are there some western-type doctors? What is the quality of care and is it expensive? Do you need a special health plan?

    Cyber_3 – frankly, this is probably one of the most important questions when travelling, but it’s hard to find info on……

  8. Hi Simon and Martina,

    I was wondering how one should deal/act when having a discussion or argument with an older Korean person. I’m married to a Korean (who is little older than me and I’m not Korean) and he respect me but his mother doesn’t. She demand my respect and abusive her power of being older and makes me feel low because I come from blue collar family. I say anything she doesn’t like or stand up for myself and tell her she can’t control my marriage. She says I’m disrespectful or she just laughs in my face. Any advice, marriage or cultural? p.s. My husband has told her but she still does it but now when he’s not looking. help please.

  9. Hi…. I have a question if you are a foreigner who live in Korea and you get sick…and you don’t speak korean well…Are there doctors who speak English?

  10. Proud to say I followed you two from the beginning. Back in the days, there used to be only a few comments (maybe 8 at the most). I knew you’d become YouTube famous one day, especially when you started talking about Kpop. I first visited the site because I wanted to teach in South Korea, and your site was the most informational. Still is! Love you two. Glad to see your success.

  11. I wanted to ask you guys, I know this have goes for months… but what do you think about this whole nuclear threatening from North Korean to South Korean and the United State? Did you feel concern about this or you don’t care about this kind of topics?

  12. It is true that Korean people does not use deodorant on winter? and that They don’t smell bad?

  13. k this is more of a plee then a question… but plzzz consider coming to AnimeNorth one year and hosting a panel!!!! It would be amazing!!

  14. Would you guys consider doing a panel in Canada? AnimeNorth in Toronto actually hosts K-pop panels now, they are all fan run though we don’t get any special guests or anything but they are very popular! I know everyone that goes is a Nasty :D

  15. Do you guys deal with any hate? I know you guys sometimes talk about being scolded about talking about Brohoho rooms and odd lighting but do you experience TRUE hate? How do you deal with it? Does it ever hold you back? And are there a lot of EYK haters, if any?

  16. What are your thoughts about shipping? And do you think there is a difference on how shipping is “lived/viewed” by korean fans as compered to international fans?

  17. Do you guys deal with any hate? I know you guys sometimes talk about being scolded about talking about Brohoho rooms and odd lighting but do you experience TRUE hate? How do you deal with it? Does it ever hold you back? And are there a lot of EYK haters, if any?

  18. Cara Rose

    query: with the KMAs happening soon, Is there any any awards ceremony that you watch annually or prefer, and do you agree with those artists who’ve been nominated?

  19. I’m just now watching this video and this may seem like a TMI moment but when I was a cheerleader we had to wear spanks and we always got wedgies so instead of pulling them out we just spread our legs and dipped, dipped down to get them out. So if that helps you guys, I gotchu. ;)
    And I felt really happy watching this TLDR. You guys are so awesome and really are the kind of vloggers that I love so kudos! Brownie points! Oh yeah! Lol
    Thanks for being awesome. *thumbs up*

  20. man you guys are like Andy Warhol of our time……

  21. In the U.S. teen pregnacy has been on the rise and such, and I know you guys have talked about modesty in Korea but is there places like Planned Parenthood in Korea, where people can go to get birth control, plan B and std screenings? Also in general do you guys think people in Korea need/want these things?

  22. Oh its really nice how you love your fans so much its kind of sweet

  23. Hello! I’ve never posted or asked a question here before so I hope this is okay. ;A;
    How do you guys feel about kpop fans shipping idols together, such as shipping guys and girls together or members of the same group? I heard from some people that they get very uncomfortable with it, but that others use it to their advantage? I want to hear your guys’ opinion on it. :) Thank you!

  24. Okay, I’ve got 2 questions :]

    1. How are the restrooms in Korea? (Clean/dirty, fancy/squatters, etc) And where can someone find the clean and nice bathrooms if they are rare?

    2. Can you explain the concept of fan-service (e.g. boy-band members kissing) and why it’s so popular (if it’s as popular as it seems to be on YouTube)? And why don’t there seem to be videos of girl-band members doing the same? Is it because of gender-stigmas, or fans of girl groups not being as into it, or something else?

  25. Kind of a TMI question, but a very important one: How easy is it to get your hands on reproductive health products in Korea? Are there free clinics similar to Planned Parenthood where women have access to birth control, morning after pills, etc?

  26. Been with you since Feb. 2010 so I guess this is my 3rd anniversary with you all!!!! You still make me laugh and I still use you guise ALL the time to introduce my friends into Kpop and Korean culture in general! Thanks for all you do!!!!!

  27. If it wasn’t for teaching and getting a teaching job in Korea, do you think you would have gone to Korea on your own..willingness/wanting to go? Or would you have stayed in Canada? Or gone to another country?

  28. You guys are freaking awesome. Really want to meet you guys on the street someday! (if i have the chance to go to korea >< Totally laughed out loud when you mention the guy that went AYY GIRLLLL xD bet that was such an amazing feeling ! Love you guys ! omg so mushy heh… but hwaiting! <3

  29. Hi Simon and Martina! I’m Mackenzie from Australia and I’m 18 :D
    Here’s my question for TL:DR; How aware are South Koreans of North Korea and what are the general opinions of S.Koreans on the people and Government of N.Korea? How do they feel about there being two Korea’s and do S.Koreans feel any sort of connection with N.Koreans?
    I’ve been meaning to ask for a while and though it would be appropriate after the tremor on the 12th :) Hope no one you know was affected by the tremor and wishing you all the luck with the New Year!

  30. Hey! So I’ve been wondering if you guys had any hobbies other than blogging and such. It’s just my personal interest whether you guys (or more like Simon) had any interests in gaming since Korea’s gaming culture is just like HUGE. Did any one of you become interested in online computer games or just generally games? (Since Korean people aren’t really a huge fan of video games like Xbox, PS3, etc)
    Tony, 17, Germany (I’m Korean!)
    *I’ve seen you guys done a video about Starcraft II, but I’m not sure if you guys talked intensely about it.

  31. My friends(they’re asian to some percent) and I know Korean. We have also taken singing lessons since we were young. However, recently our jokes about auditioning for a K-Pop company, seem more like we should take a chance. I’ll be blunt. I’m black. Even though, I can speak Korean to an intermediate level and can dance some of the moves and belt out some of the songs. Do you think I should audition when the k-pop industry is mostly looking for ASIAN artists?

  32. What are Valentine’s day and White day like in Korea?

  33. kpoplatinlover

    I really hope I can meet you guys someday. You’re amazing!
    As for my question… I was wondering, are there many boys that are fans of K-Dramas ? At least in Korea?

  34. Wooo, Windsor! That’s where I grew up!
    Though I don’t think I could move back ever – haha Love you guys! Every video reaffirms my desire to visit Korea. :)

  35. You guys are awesome! Your videos are so much fun and super informative :D also, I didn’t know that you guys went to UWindsor for your B.Ed, WOO! ^_^

  36. Man… I saw Martina on the streets of Myeongdong back in like 2009 and I so regret not stopping you and saying hello! I’ve been a fan of Eat Your Kimchi since then and it’s awesome to see how it’s developed and grown. Hwaiting!

  37. In one of the past livestreams someone had asked about the tattoos on Martina’s feet. I knew that she had them, but I had no idea about the meaning behind them or what they were specifically.

    So, can you both show us your tattoos and tell us the meaning/motivation behind getting them?

  38. Are there any huge differences between those korean guys and girls on
    the street and on TV? Including their faces, images or clothing

  39. I’m new to the whole EYK world so here goes. I’m an ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter in the states, so I’m curious if you know about/have had any interaction with Korean Deaf culture or Korean Sign Language.

  40. Your American accents are stronger in this video!

  41. Julie Elizabeth Ballaron

    This is the first time I’m actually commenting on your videos (except for that one time for the Go Away KMM), but I wanted to let you guys know that I’ve been watching your videos almost from the beginning. I started when I found your How to Dance Kpop 2008, and haven’t stopped since. I love you guys so much and think you’re hilarious Also, I really look up to you two as amazing relationship role models. The fact that you guys have been married for five years and still act like goofballs, have fun, and are still so in love is really remarkable. Keep doing what your doing!!!!!!

  42. So, Simon & Martina, we love you guise!!

  43. Don’t feel bad Martina. My 5 year old niece recognizes you and knows your name and she calls Simon “the other one.” Every time i play one of your videos she says “look its Martina and the other one”

  44. Puts my hand up! I have been here from the beginning!

  45. You’re allowed to choke the paparazzi if you’re a Canadian prime minister…

  46. Just saw your Open The Happy Video! I would like to ask: Is it common in Korea to use curse names in conversations? Or to use it in clothes and acessories? Because korean conversations are full of formalities, isn’t it weird that it’s not a big deal to wear clothes with curse names on it? What is your opinion about this?

  47. What do Koreans think about facial hair? Korean guys with beard seem to be very rare. Is it due to cultural reasons? I’ve got a nicely trimmed three-day beard and I’m curious about what people will think about it when I’m going to study in Seoul.

  48. What do Koreans think about facial hair? Korean guys with a beard seem to be very rare. Is it due to cultural reasons? I’ve got a nicely trimmed three-day beard and I’m curious about what people will think about it since I’m going to study in Seoul in two years.

  49. I appreciate all that you do and have been a fan since the beginning. I know you’re bloggers now, but you’re still teachers at heart because we nasties clearly learn so much when we watch your posts. The mark of a great educator is not seen in the amount of lessons he/she teaches, but rather in the excitement and joy about the subject [i.e. Korea] that he/she brings to others. Keep being Fab!

  50. So I was wondering if they have any or many fundraisers like they do in North America. I’m from the south and there are walks and parties and other events to raise money for all sorts of causes all throughout the year, so I was curious if they do so as well and if so, what does that entail?

  51. I watched some of your old videos and you look so much younger now. It seems like both of you aged backwards! Is it just because of your diet, or lighting and makeup? Please share your beauty tips!

  52. Aww ^^ This TL;DR made me feel all warm and fluffy inside. I’m so glad to be a Nasty.

    And, honestly, I would treat all celebrities like regular people first, because that’s what they are, people. Like, if I randomly saw Taeyang or GD in the streets, I’d say hi and give them a wave. I wouldn’t even ask for an autograph because I’d feel so awkward doing it…even though they’re celebrities and they do that sort of stuff. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

    And I think why you guys don’t have any sasaengs or any intensely crazy fans is because you guys can connect to all of us more than regular K-pop idols, which I think is totally awesome. I mean, most of them have twitters and me2days that they can connect to their general public of fans with, but you guys will reply to some of our tweets or our questions on tumblr, and I think that’s so cool of you guys. And it’s like you said in the video, we’re all just one big Nasty family ^^

    So, my little ramble coming to a close, I just want to say thank you for all of your hard work and I hope to see you guys in Korea one day when I get to go over :D

  53. I still don’t know how Meemers got his name. Mind explaining? (:

  54. Is it creepy if I say that I’ve been watching you guys for three years, and have seen all your videos? You’re famous in my eyes!

  55. (I’m exactly sure where to post questions for tl;dr’s OTL so is here okay? :3)

    How does the school system work in Korea?

    I know about the age system/difference, so would kids start school earlier?

    I’ve seen idols graduate and attend ceremonies in the middle of January, so is the time for summer and vacations for students different in South Korea?

  56. i raised ny hand!! xD well i half raised it haha. i found you guys in 2009 soo–but i went back amd watched all the old videos haha! :0

    i really want to know what tiu guys were like in college/highschool! like i know martina was going through a gothy phase haha but what about simon? and did you guys belong to any clubs or sports?

  57. Simon and Nairobi lol my home city woot woot!! I always wonder if you sometimes meet celebrities who recognise you. I remember U-kiss recognizing you in the Backstage at Inkigayo video(which i kept screaming with each celeb).

  58. Will you do more Korean grocery store videos? or cooking Korean food videos?

  59. It would be cool for you guys to do a video on how widely practiced Martial Arts is in Korea, and if you have had any personal experiences in regards to it while in Korea.

  60. Even though I am coming in from the middle I’m still watching your videos from the start, lol. It’s been awesome for my husband and I!

  61. kawaii_candie

    I really hope that when i finally visit korea, i will randomly run into you in the street so i can talk to you! lol.

    i would be one of those people who would probably be afraid to approach you though… but i’d buy you a drink for sure!! ^_-

  62. You guise could make it into the Youtube Rewind if all the nasties picked one vid of yours and shared it with the world. That would be pretty awesome :)

  63. hi,

    do you happen to know for how long you can store things in T-BOX or EZ-LOCKERs. I’m planing a trip to Korea with a couple of friends but we would like to visit more then just one area and it would be very uncomfortable to carry huuuuge suitcases around from town to town. we wanted to leave the bulk of it in storage and just take a backpack with what we need for the period that we are in that town. What i would like to know is if we can pay for 3 days in advance or do we have to pay an amount every 12/24 hours.
    if you guys can answer thi it would be a huuuge help.
    thank you.

  64. Watching for a little over half a year. It may not be for long, but you guys really helped me with easing the first shocks and later slump of being laid off. A little bit of cheer and education in a fascinating country goes a long way. Thank you guys so much! :)

  65. LoL OMG the last bit… the face Martina made, oh dear that was great.

    Aaaah I wish I could meet you guys @_@ That’d be so fun ~cough~ HOPEFULLY I’ll be able to visit Korea someday…

  66. I remember that I tweeted you guys a the KPOP concert, and Simon turned around and waved at me, and I was so surprised, Best feeling ever meeting you guys in person and taking a picture with Martina, (hopefully next time we can get a picture together Simon). When I come to Korea, I’ll most try my best to find my way to see the exterior of the studio and maybe when you have those “fans are welcome to EYK studio” days, I would love to go.

    My “simple” Question is:
    What kind of Korean dramas you can relate to the most to real life situations? :)

  67. I’m hoping to go to Korea to intern..If I ever see you two, I will definitely roll down the window ‘Ayyy girl’ you bothand buy you a draaaankkk! Lol

  68. I don’t think you guys learning to be teachers was COMPLETELY useless, you guys teach me (and many other people) what it’s like to live on a daily basis in Korea. You two are very vocal and very good at explaining things, something that is needed in being sucessful bloggers and being passionate teachers! School is expensive though (as I’m feeling right now T^T)

    And also, being from Miami, Moving from New York might not be a big change, but moving from Peorie, Illinois to Miami, FL is really different! Nothing compared to Toronto to Seoul, but a big change!

    Thanks you guys, my boyfriend and I love you so much!

  69. When I think of the nasties as one big family, my tummy gets all warm and fuzzy :) I would go to Korea just to see you guise and the studio, to buy you a drink and play settlers the drinking game. Just like a family. YUS!

    I LURVE S&M!!!! <3 <3 <3 (that sounds so fittingly kinky.)

  70. Another advantage you have over the youtubers on being recognized is that you’ve actually been on Korean TV.

    You say you aren’t celebrities, and it probably true that you can go into many places in the world and not be swarmed, but I seem to remember a certain KCON conference that gave you a taste of fame.

  71. If i ever saw you i would like die in a side street trying not to bother you by freaking out….
    Im friends with about four other peole who are your mega fans and several others who know you and when you came to Irvine (i live really close) we all freaked out, one of teh mega fans had a sister who saw you guise and we got so mad at her for not saying hi adn taking pictures, we were like NOOOOOOOOOO SO CLOSE AND SO FAR cause we couldn’t go see you…..
    Yeah we annoy our other friends at lunch by talking about your videos and kpop…. anyone else annoy non kpop people?

  72. bigbangfosho

    I will totally flip out when I see you guys.

  73. I like it how all of us just ask questions and leaves comments but then suddenly a bunch load of people just respond, it feels like we are friends or family when that happens. :) I guess Simon and Martina is the Papa/Mama/friend/mentor/big sister/big brother model

  74. The other day, I was talking to my family about Korean food, and my mom was like “I know kimchi, as in eat-your-kimchi, right?” I was shocked. My mother has no interest in Asia, but she knows about eat your kimchi. that’s how famous you are.

  75. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((NASTY HUGS!!!))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  76. I think I’ve been watching you guys since the summer of ’08, if my iTunes playlist is correct. I missed a chunk of time when you stopped posting on iTunes, but found you again a few months later. You really helped make my two years in Korea a lot better and now that I’m back teaching in the States, I have a wealth of videos to play for all of my students here.

  77. I’m riding on a previous top TL;DR but I really hope you could provide some insight on this. Why is Korea not afraid to talk about porn on air? Other things that kinda throw me off as well is their fascination with girls “S” lines or lack of protest at how bleeding *short* girl groups clothes are. The latter two things I know is not unique to Korea, a lot of cultures praise the hourglass shape, it’s just that it doesn’t seem to ‘fit’ with the Korean conservative image. Is that just another one of those Kpop vs. Real World situations?

  78. irritablevowel

    Martina, have you seen the Taiwanese drama “In Time With You”? General consensus is that if you like Coffee Prince (and you did) you’ll like “In Time With You”. I thought it was really interesting to see the cultural differences between Korea and Taiwan as expressed through a common medium. Based on characters alone, Taiwan seems less conservative. They include a goth rocker chick, A non-mincing or particularly tortured gay guy (who gets to kiss his boyfriend, on the mouth, in public, and it’s not treated like a big shocking dramatic scene) and a female lead who gets to enjoy a sex life with someone who is not the OTP. Also, there are tattoos on people who are not mobsters…or ghosts. Yeah, definitely less conservative.

  79. i knwo you since you were making video of how to use the bus card and the spicy rice cakes ^^

  80. You guys are awesome. I am definitely making a trip to Korea this year and I hope that I can meet you in person. =)

  81. OMG I will totally come up to you guys and be “HEY GURL!” whenever and if I ever meet you guys! I <3 eyk!

  82. Hey I think it would be a good idea for you guys make a video of all the best engrish in all of kpop ^^

  83. HAHA I’m a Nasty from Idaho…..if G Dragon came here…I’d probably poop my pants.



    Also you mentioned Idaho. I live quite near there and now I am FREAKING OUT you mentioned a place near me! Isn’t that how being a celebrity works?

  85. Can you explain whole Sasaeng a little more? Like how big is this
    problem, and what do sasaengs actually do? And how does the general
    public in korea view sasaengs, and what are their reactions to scandals
    that happen regarding Sasaengs and idols(like the JYJ one a while ago)?

  86. sasanasties!!!

  87. ive been following you guise since i saw your 2PM Interview video~ that was like 2 years ago i think? haha i found it when i was looking for anything 2pm cuz i just got into them after Big Bang :D dont think that makes me a veteran nasty but im a nasty all the same! ^^

  88. unicornsgalaxy

    Martina, I feel your pain about your name. On more than one occasion when I’ve answered my phone at work I always answer “Computer Center, This is Sara” and on more than one occasion I have heard “Oh hi Beth!”. How is Beth like Sara? I mean at least with you they had the same first letter but…no Sara does not equal Beth!!!

    Um…sorry for the little rant.

    • Bwuahahah!

      I laugh because I so identify. Apparently my name is Nicole. Nice to meet you Beth.

    • People mistakenly call me Jennifer sometimes. It’s always Jennifer if they get it wrong, never another name. It’s a bit better than your case since my real name actually starts with the same letter, but still. Even one of my professors back in college, who taught me in multiple classes, knew me for 5 years, and also employed me as a research assistant for two years sometimes addressed me as Jennifer in his emails to me.

      • unicornsgalaxy

        In High School one of my best friends and I were in the same class (which lasted for 2 periods) the teacher would always call me Suzanne and her Sara then when we would answer they would say “No the other Suzanne” or “No the other Sara”. It got to the point where they would call one of our names and we would both answer.

        • My best friend growing up was named Jamie (another name starting with J). We have similar hair colors and skin tones, plus we were almost always together, all the way from kindergarten through high school. Oddly, though, she was the one who constantly got called by my name; I almost never got mistaken for her. I’m not sure why.

          There was one time that it did happen. It was on Valentine’s Day back in high school. My school had this candy gram program where you could buy their special candy and send it to whomever. Well, Jamie and I were both in the same chemistry class, and the day the candies were delivered we were doing a lab together. The delivery person just handed the candy to me, which was a shock since I didn’t have a boyfriend, so I had no idea why anyone would be sending me Valentine’s candy. Lol, I was pretty excited, speculating about it. And then Jamie reached over ever so gently to tug it out of my grasp… because the candy was actually addressed to her, Jamie, but the deliverer had mistakenly thought that I was her, haha. I was so confused, all “Why are you trying to take my candy?” XD

        • kpopfan123

          Oh cool and cute story! :D (if we had the Japan Valentines day system we could receive candies and chocolate from all the guys in class *munch munch*)

  89. I think the reason why you guys in particular and internet personalities in general don’t feel famous the way say a K-pop band does is that your fanbase is so much more spread out. Spreading that fame among the 6 billion plus population of the planet makes it seem a lot less. If you had the same number of fans but they were all in korea you’d probably run inte one more or less every block you walked.

  90. I have been a Nasty since maybe a week or 2 after you started KMM <3 You guys are AWESOME!!~!

  91. The whole celebs being mobbed reminded me of when Exo was trying to walk through the airport and got completely squashed by fans. Not even the security could really save them, to me that’s insanely scary! I hope to visit Korea over the summer and i will for sure look out for the Eat Your Kimchi Nasty studio!!! It will be the highlight of my trip! :)

  92. What is the average Korean view on foreign music, or foreign musicians promoting in Korea?
    Do Koreans really look down on non-Asians in the KPOP music scene, and is it true that Korean entertainment companies won’t take a non-Asian?

  93. Hey guys, I have a lot of friends of different Asian ethnicities here at uni (in Vancouver!) and they often crack jokes about their different backgrounds and cultural differences. My friends are all pretty laid back, so they mean their jokes to be funny and not offensive, but I have noticed a slight tension between some groups when culturally sensitive questions are asked. Soooo, here’s my question: What are your (or your friends’) experiences with cultural tensions or just plain differences between Koreans and people from other Asian ethnic groups (Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc.), and has it ever led to you being caught in the middle of a disagreement?

  94. I’ll be sure to not be skiddish about saying hi if I see you guise in June. I’m making sure to stop by in Hongdae to stop a few places you’ve recommended, so I’ll be taking a lot of photos along the way and of the studio sign. ^^

  95. **Raises hand!** I started following you a few years ago while I was in college and just started getting into kpop! :D Like… 2010. :D All them “Korean Cultural Experience” or whatever. XD Kekeke… I hope one day I’ll see/meet you. ;~; I feel like I know you guys. AS AN EXAMPLE, as I was watching this video, the girl next to me at Starbucks here in Toronto just pointed to the screen when she saw me grinning like an idiot at your jokes and such, and she was like, “They look really cool” and “She looks really cute!” and I was like, “THEY ARE~!” And I started telling her about you guys and your progression… And then I realized I’ve never met you and how weird is that?

  96. kpopfan123

    Actually I don’t think your teaching degree was for nothing… even a small thing like 1.puting your laundry in order or 2.cooking a meal (you already know how to) help you learn something new… 1.you begin to be more organized… or you become more patient in general. and 2. you become better at preparing that dish and/or even learn how to improve it …you might feel it was in vain not feeling the change but I’m sure it’s there :)

    8:33 maybe they’re not prepared for facing you guise… if I were in Seoul and went outside for a walk (even though I would know you’re in your studio working) I would be totally freaked out(I’m kind of paranoid XDD) “what if I’ll meet them on the street?!… “I don’t know what to say!!” “Im not ready for this!! >. <"…so if I really had a random meeting with you guys I'd just stare at you guise O_O and not be able to say anything (I'd totally be like Troy with Levar Burton (Community) )… = . = or I could pass out – . -' (that could happen!)…even before you go live … I want to ask you some questions but when you go live my mind goes blank (so I have to write them down XDD) not that they get through those thousands and thousands of comments = . ='



  97. WAAAAAAAAAAAAH Big nasty here~~~ been a nasty since 2009!!! well I saw how to dance kpop 2009 when it came out with my old acc and I was like ‘O.O these guys just made my day~’ and since then I have been following you guys~~

  98. hapagirl

    I love the fact that people are pretty polite to you guys. And at least when you guys do have something to fall back on. You both loved teaching and for fun and when it’s not as stressful, you can maybe go back and teach or do something with kids.

  99. I HAVE BEEN A NASTY FROM THE BEGINNING AND PRUD OF IT :D plus idk why my old fb picture of me in my fox hat didn’t change oh well lol

  100. You may think that your degrees may useless, but IMO your experience in getting your degrees and the knowledge you get from those degrees are precious. I like the way you introduce your ideas and messages in every videos you have (Thus, I follow you since almost the beggining). Your public speech is really great. Guess you got it through your experiences and knowledges. And dont forget about the fate that you have your degrees english teaching and it brought you to Korea, started blogging and the one and only: EYK.
    Congratulation for your achievements. We always support and love you SiMart. Fighting! :)

  101. I started watching around the beginning of 2010, but since I watched all the videos back to the first one, I’m not really sure about the date. I can say that you have completely changed how we eat Ramen noodles in my home.

  102. Question for next TL;DR:
    I found your videos because I’ll be graduating with my masters degree in English education in December, and I’m looking at programs for teaching abroad. One of the big stipulations I have for whatever country I choose is the dominant foods they use. I’ve seen videos where Simon has said he is over the taste of corn because they use it so much in Korea. This was a red flag for me: I’m allergic to corn.

    So the question is this: For those of us who have food allergies, how can we navigate grocery stores and restaurants? And are there any common foods that we should avoid if we have any of the common allergies and intolerances (corn, gluten, milk, egg, and nuts are what come to mind)?

  103. Do you think there is sexism in Korea? Is it different than in North America, and if so, does it bother you?

  104. kpopfan123

    “if we were to wake up, and realize that the internet shut down forever, or if people just stopped watching us overnight, we’d probably be like “yeah, that seems about right.”” that would probably be a nightmare.

    “Before, it was just the two of us in our pyjamas at home all day, isolated from the world, living like crazy kpop hermits,” I think that…no matter how much sociable ppl think I am I’d still consider myself living in my own bubble…

    “lesson planning is SO deeply consuming” I agree! I’m not a teacher but I used to give English lessons… I hate those teachers that come “empty-handed” in class…

    “And the most hilarious thing is watching a Nasty try to explain who we are to their unimpressed friend” I’ve talked about you to some of my friends and family and they seemed impressed by the job you do :) ( I did a good job explaining right? :D)

    “G-Dragon is huge here: if he didn’t tell everyone in advance where he’s going, would he be famous in Pocatello, Idaho?” Ah… now I remember a part of “You’re beautiful” where Go Mi Nam was explaining to some ladies from the countryside who Tae Kyung is XDD

    “COME SAY HI!!! Please!” I want to say hi :”S

    “The celebrities that we know get fawned upon, but are never talked to like regular humans.” if every one of them would have a blog page… they’d probably(maybe) be treated differently … eithr way, there are few people(as in rare to find) that are considerate of other’s surroundings/circumstances

    “So, TL;DR: we love you guise.” I love you too!! :”S *oh boy …now I can’t see the screen (;_;)*

    *Squeeeeezeeee Huglllesss*


  105. Hi guys!! My sisters and I’ve been following you since 2011! Funny thing is that we got to know you guys on an Open the Happy video (the tutorial on the HK make up) :P.
    Thank you for all the fun and happiness you guys share and for the hard work you guys have posting these videos!! To watch them is one of the funniest times in the day :D!!

  106. Christina Trierweiler

    *semi wave* Been watching since about 2009… so not since the begining, but many years of good stuff!

  107. Question: What was the hardest time during your years in living in Korea? Was there ever a time where you just wanted to pack up and move back to Toronto?

  108. KATHyphenTUN

    *Nasty hand up* I’m so proud of you guys coming sooooo far!! Its so amazing! In a couple of years (after university is done) I hope to visit you! (maybe bring you some timmies too!! :D )

  109. Nasty from 2010!!! :D Love you guys. And thank you so much for getting me into kpop after so many of my friends failed. Y’all are the best!

  110. hands up!! kinda haha the first eyk video i watched was back in 2010 of kmm for ukiss man man ha ni. ive been a nasty ever since and will always be a nasty~

  111. hungry.hungry.catapillar

    WOOOOO! NASTY SINCE 2010!! London loves you!

  112. THANKS FOR ANSWERING MY QUESTION GUYS <3 Much love from a hardcore Nastie (since 2009 <3)

  113. iIve been watching you guys for at least two years now too. the development you have gone through in that time is amazing. I have to admit though, i’m apprehensive about you guys becoming “uncomfortably” famous. I hope you are always capable of accepting drinks from fans and not having to worry about getting roofied

  114. hands up! :) have been viewing your videos since the beginning! :) I got so excited when i found out westerners liked kpop too.

  115. I’ve been with you from THE BEGINNING!!! I have loved watching you and your website evolve throughout the years. I am honestly so happy for the both of you and hope that it never ends. Oooh, you’re so Naaasty!

  116. So if I ever visit Korea and I see you guise, would it be okay to run up to you while screaming your names, and giving you big hugs? You would probably freak out by that though, since my husband would be with me, and he’s a huge 6ft 8inch tall man. haha! :)

  117. One of my friends got me addicted to K-pop (She showed me a Girl’s Generation video and it turned me into a K-pop watching monster) and through my video searches I found one of your Indie music vlogs and from there I started watching your Music Mondays and TL;DR- then *I* turned around and got her addicted to your vlogs. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now we’re even! I don’t know anyone else who is into K-pop and watching your videos is like having two extra people to talk to about new K-pop videos with, she and I will watch your videos and then discuss them and it’s always super fun. Just want you guys to know you have two excited fangirls over here in Saint Augustine, FL USA . We would “aaaaaaay girl” you in a heartbeat =)

  118. “And if everyone would look to the right, you will see the famous YG building, and to your left is the Eat Your Kimchi Nasty Studio-”

  119. I write about Korea culture in Toronto and was covering an event that you attended here in 2011 while you were visiting (Super Wave Korea 2011). I will always remember how amazingly gracious you were with all your fans. Love your videos btw as they bring back memories of my three years in Korea. Keep up the fab work!!

  120. I know that Asian countrys are really proud of their history and that it’s a major part of their culture. To compare, in Canada, we are proud and stuff, but it’s not as much integrated into like TV show and movie as much, maybe because we’re such a “young” country and we don’t know that much about the Native history – and there’s not that much people going around in historical costume or getting married in colonial clothings (I don’t know if you get my point). From your perspective, what are the most popular historical events in Korea and what are the ways they use to commemorate them (TV shows/movies, reenactments, museums, commemorative spots, pictures on their money, etc)?

  121. I knew about you two for so long before I became a fan. What did me in was the korean ramen video… I love that video and I make my ramen the exact same way. Putting cheese in your ramen is the best. thing. EVAR!
    After that I went back through the archives and I’d say I’ve watched 75 to 85% of all of your old videos.
    And just like one of the other nasties in this comment thread my Korean bucket list goal is to see/meet you two on the street when you’re with Spudgy.. lol
    (Also! I totally feel both of you in sticking out a lot.. I’m 6’0 and had pink and blue hair when I was in Korea before… I’d met random Koreans from campus who’d be like. “yeah I saw you walking around.” and I was like. :O!!! wut??… but then I remember. oh yeah. I’m a big, tall weiguken. I do stick out. lol)

  122. This is the time for all the Nasties to thank whoever possible that you guise are so incredibly humble and absolutely down-to-earth human beings. And thank you so much for being so open about yourselves! Us, Nasties appreciate it to the point of no return :D 감사합니다!!!

    I’ve been a Nasty for over a year already and as soon as I realized how amazingly funny and informative at the same time are, I watched all of your videos, from the very early ones! You guise honestly make my days brighter and I wish you the best of luck! :D

  123. And don’t you feel a bit uncomfortable, sometimes, thinking about these thousands of strangers who know EVERTHING about you guise?

  124. I am a newish nasty found out about you guys about a year ago but got so hooked I’ve seen all of your videos already. And made the pilgrimage to k-con. just to meet you guys and didn’t actually get to because of all the nastiness. But i am in the background the wank and that is great for me. have even woken up at 4 am to watch a live chat. you guys make my day every time you post a video thank you so so much. PS do you still have the fur-real spudgy i gave you guys?

  125. Awww. Loved this TLDR. You guys are so amazingly down to earth. Proud to be a Nasty!

    “To us, we’re happy to talk to people that talk to us like people, and it feels like, rather than being spotted like a celebrity, people greet us like a family does at an airport.

    So, TL;DR: we love you guise.”

    This part made me tear up a little, not gonna lie. So happy to see you guys doing so well!

  126. Well I wasn’t here right from the beginning but I was a very shy viewer from pretty early on (I probably would have still been a shy viewer but I registered to post comments because I was having the worst day and you guys posted a video and cheered me up and made the day so much better that I had to register just to thank you). I don’t think you need to worry about people not being with you from the beginning because I think most people who come across you go back through your archives to catch up on the videos they have missed because EYK videos are super awesome and we want to watch them all! (And some of us go back to watch favourite episodes when we need a giggle or an internet holiday to Korea!). On a side note I wish you would sell DVDs of some of your adventures/reviews!

  127. Am a nasty for a long time too. Felt so proud whenever you guys got recognized by idols, went on Star King, the build up of Nasty studio, cried tears of joy when everyone was cheering for EYK at Kcon and when I know so many nasty out there support the funding of your dream, quarrelled with ppl who said horrible things about EYK, fangirl when I got a replied from you guys on Twitter, dream to visit places you guys went WANKing n FAPFAP and meet you guys in real life. -the journey with EYK is too overwhelming and heartwarming that my small paragraph of comment can’t fully express. TL;DR So I thank you and I love you ♥

  128. Ive been a nasty for atleast 2 1/2 (maybe 3?) back when you guise used to do the wonderful treasure finds! (OH GAWD I MISS THAT SEGMENT SO MUCH ;A;) anywho, you two are amazing :D ive probably seen every video on your youtubes, even the archive ones ^_^ Its just been an amazing journey seeing you grow from video to video hahaha. You are sooo humble you two are a real insipiration for me where im constantly being told i cant do this or i cant do that. When I started watching your videos I was going through the toughest times in my life you guys made me smile :)

    Im going to korea this summer so i hope to meet you! :3

    Anyway much love from a Nasty fan in NYC~ <3<3<3

  129. I wouldn’t say that you didn’t learn anything from “Teacher School.” I’m also a teacher—and you definitely have to be an “actor or entertainer” in front of your students to be a good teacher. You both also use “teacher voice” when you are presenting on Youtube. It’s pretty great. You’re both pretty great.

  130. Aww you guys are so humble and down to earth, its one of my favourite things about you two :) My friend and I are planning to come to Korea as a graduation trip and we’re both Nasties so we hope to be able to bump into you guys if we’re lucky :D I had a good laugh reading that part about explaining what you guys do to non-Nasties because just the other day my best friend and I were debating whether Simon’s solo video was a WANK or a FAPFAP and our non-Nasty friend was just looking at us like we were crazy! We didn’t realize till after how weird shouting “IT WAS A WANK!” and “IT WAS A FAPFAP” back and forth would sound to a non-Nasty haha! :P

  131. Nasty since last year, and while I haven’t been around to love y’all as long as some other nasties have (kudos to the oldschool nasties; keeping it classy :3), I still marathon your older videos when I’m bored, so I can get a taste of how y’all have grown. It’s really funny how I became a nasty; I only wanted to watch the K-Pop Music Monday (at the time, K-Pop was still shiny and new and TOTES FABU!!!), but EVERYTHING ELSE JUST LOOKED SO INTERESTING AND I JUST HAD TO CLICK!!! Like seriously, I saw WANK and FAPFAP and I was like “-_- Forreal? I MUST LOOK!!!”, and then I saw the bonus channel with the TL;DR’s, and then Open the Happy with Martina dying her hair (and Meemers, the most adorable kitten evar, mauling Simon’s leg), and needless to say that I was sold. I don’t even know if I’d ever want to go to Korea for vacation or to live, but y’all have definitely opened up my eyes to a whole new world, and I’m eternally grateful for that. So yeah, keep doing what you’re doing, and if you ever happen to be in Florida or if I ever happen to be in Korea, I’ll definitely come be nasteh with y’all (and my imaginary southern twang XD)

  132. Kimmicci

    I’ve been a Nasty since 2011! WHOOP!
    I wish you had talked a little more about your fame IN AMERICA/CANDA and how you feel about it, because I remember seeing ya’ll at KCON and there certainly were people going, “OMG IT’S SIMON & MARTINA!!!!!” Like i know you talked about it a bit in another video… but i expected to hear about it more here. None-the-less I’ll buy ya’ll a drink whenever I go to Korea! WHOOP!

  133. “Every breath you takeAnd every move you make
    Every bond you break, every step you take
    I’ll be watching you

    Every single day
    And every word you say
    Every game you play, every night you stay
    I’ll be watching you”

    Simon&Martina, I am always with you.,, *creepster wink* ;D

  134. I think it’s a lot different in how you guys are presenting yourselves compared to how those Kpop idols (assuming those are your famous friends) are presented to the public. They are set on a pedestal and regarded as the Korean ideal, untouchable and meant to be perfect. You two are just two regular people who have a unique style and make themselves approachable and have fun. Not to say that those idols can’t, but just due to their image and how estranged they are from fans (whereas you guys just walk outside like normal and not surrounded by bodyguards at the airport/various countries, with managers and in tinted vans). I feel bad for idols in that sense of craziness, inhuman treatment (not liked dogs more like gods! erhehe anagrams)

    UNRELATED but I was in Korea for a couple weeks this summer and I wanted to meet your guys… But would have been aca-awkward asking where to find you hi I’m also Canadian eh let me love you. :( I did happen to find the big red pipe that was a landmark for that vegetarian restaurant(?) from a FAPFAP though and got really excited.

  135. I haven’t exactly been here since the VERY beginning, but I went back and watched almost all of your old videos, so that’s got to count for something! haha. But seriously, you two have really made me fall in love with Korea. As well as shown me that true love does exist. I can’t imagine my life without you now! I look forward to many more years of EYK! :D

  136. I’ll send my question trough here too, just because I really want to have a chance to know your answer, OTL.
    And btw, I am from Brazil and I luuuuuuuuv you guys! And Spudgy and Meemers too! ♥
    PS: I already post it on youtube.. but hey, copy+paste for the win!

    Ater watched a lot of your videos I clearly noticed something. MARTINA YOU ARE A DRAMADDICTED! And you even have Geum Jan Di’s necklace! I am envy of you, really REEEEALLY ENVY! And after noticing that I wanted to ask you guys:

    Question: Are you both fans of kdramas? How much impact dramas have in the life of the korean people (is it so much as the so
    called dramas actually make it appear?)? Who are the real big actors in korea? What actors are you fans of? And, what are your favorite dramas??

  137. I’ll send my question trough here too, just because I really want to have a chance to know your answer, OTL.
    And btw, I am from Brazil and I luuuuuuuuv you guys! And Spudgy and Meemers too! ♥
    PS: I already post it on youtube.. but hey, copy+paste for the win!

    Question: Ater watched a lot of your videos I clearly noticed something. MARTINA YOU ARE A DRAMADDICTED! And you even have Geum Jan Di’s necklace! I am envy of you, really REEEEALLY ENVY! And after noticing that I wanted to ask you guys:

    Question: Are you both fans of kdramas? How much impact dramas have in the life of the korean people (is it so much as the so
    called dramas actually make it appear?)? Who are the real big actors in korea? What actors are you fans of? And, what are your favorite dramas??

  138. This video sure does take me back haha. I found out about you guys from my friend who wasn’t really THAT big on kpop as a culture, but just the music. It’s cool, polished dance music, so then she found your “How to dance KPop 2009″. It was hilarious (and a very informative video for my friends). Then we were thinking of going to other countries to teach English so I watched some more of your videos. And then watched more of your videos…

    and now it’s 2013! It’s really been so interesting to see how far you guys have gotten in 4 years and in that time what’s changed in my life. I’m really happy for you guys that you’ve been having a great time doing this and your unexpected success. I think you guys are great people and so informative in so many ways. Wise people in life XD

    And oddly, I do feel like I know you two so well haha. Hope one day we could have a conversation, maybe share some doritos and instructions for home appliances. :D

    ‘Til then, all the best!

  139. Oh I forgot to post my question!
    In the Introducing The EatYourKimichi Nasty Studio! Live Chat Video (http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/introducing-eatyourkimchi-nast-studio/ ), you showed us the door next to the Kitchen and said that bad things happened when you went in that room… Can you tell us more about that room please??

  140. Terribly sorry. I saw you guys in Hongdae one night (outside of Club FF/Gogo’s) and did not say hi. (I also didn’t take a photo) I would have, but had to take care of a drunken friend who needed water.

  141. It’s actually fun to see people enjoying meeting their fans and not being annoyed by it, and I think it’s even more reason to like you guys. You do feel close even to us nasties that have never met you or talked to you personnally.

  142. well, my question sorta got answered. :)

    Anyways, you mentioned the you might do a segment on Korean Dramas,

    What are some of your favorite K-Dramas and movies?

    • Amaranda

      Yeah, I just started watching K-dramas a few months ago and I am obsessed! Netflix has quite a few, but I’m afraid I’ve watched all the good ones now that I’ve seen Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss, Flowerboy Ramen Shop, and You are Beautiful. Are there any that can top those!? It’s like Korean fever at our house, even my kids are listening to Kpop now. I just started learning Korean, but it’s going to be tough because I don’t know any Koreans in my area that I can practice with. My husband, our kids, and I really want to go to Korea one day so that we can have dinner with you guys, because you have really opened our eyes up to a culture that we have come to love! Thanks you two!

      • Hulu has tons of them just type in Korean drama and start picking and watching but there are commercials. Viki is also amazing for watching Korean dramas, They even have a thing across the top of the screen so you can see what other people are thinking while watching. Btw watch Lie to me its awesome!

        • Amaranda

          Thank you so much! I didn’t think about Hulu and I have never heard of Viki. I will check both of them out. I will watch Lie to Me next. I’ve been wondering if it was any good. Right now I’m watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, which is okay so far, it’s the first kdrama I’ve seen with a supernatural element to it.

        • If you like Lee Min Ho, Gu Jun Pyo from BOF, you might like his other dramas like Personal Preference, City Hunter, and my favorite, Faith. I also like Reply/Answer Me 1997, To The Beautiful You, and Dream High I watch them on DramaFever. A lot more commercials than Viki(btw you can turn off the other people’s comments by clicking a button on the side of the screen if they bother you) but the subtitles are better.

        • I feel that Hulu has a lot more Kdramas compared to Netflix since they connect back to Dramafever’s database. But since we have Netflix forever we just ended up subscribing to Dramafever as well. Also, look into buying a streaming device (like Roku, Apple TV or Google TV), its the best thing EVER. Unfortunately Viki is only available on mobile/tablet devices and PC for now. My personal favorites from Netflix that I’ve watched is Secret Garden and 49 days. Most dramas I’ve gone to Dramafever or Viki for watching.

          Also, Dramabeans is AWESOME and will usually point you to the right direction when it comes to drama recommendations. I found them after googling Coffee Prince (another crack drama, as somebody else pointed up thread). Then after watching this you definitely should watch S+M’s WANK about visiting the shop! So sad but ended up being awesome (as always).

          Just a side note: I got my husband started on watching dramas with me, and it’s pretty hilarious when we watch a drama together, our toddler always says, “You watching your dramas?” Not sure if that’s a good thing :)

        • Amaranda

          My husband will watch them too, it’s great! Usually, he won’t watch the first episode, but he’s in the room with me so he hears it and it sucks him in. By the second episode he is just as hooked as me. Our favorite one to watch together was Playful Kiss because we found it to be so funny. My husband loved how Kim Hyun Joong’s character totally treated the girl like crap, but she was just blindly devoted.

        • Don’t go with Hulu, they show the same (less actually I believe) than Dramafever.com, even though they have a Dramafever section. Just stick with Viki and Dramafever.

          Also, one of the best dramas out there is Coffee Prince. I just finished watching it earlier and can’t believe I waited this long. Definitely on my list of top 5 best kdramas ever =D

        • irritablevowel

          You can turn off that thing too if you find it distracting (which I do).

        • Yeah but you miss so some pretty funny stuff some times. there are totally nasty commenters on there there was totally a mr. brohohoho comment on one episode of full house take 2. also a good show btw,

      • Dramafever, though if you live outside North and South America, you’re restricted to the first five episodes of a complete series, and the two latest episodes of an ongoing series (which kinda sucks…)

      • There are SO many good dramas!!! Secret Garden, School 2013, Greatest Love, To the Beautiful You, Gentlemen’s Dignity… just to name a few.

      • unicornsgalaxy

        You might want to try HeartStrings. That drama is actually what got me into Kpop.

        • Amaranda

          Oh, I just finished that one. It was very good. i really want to buy the soundtrack to that because I loved the mash-up of the two types of music. That was also the first kdrama that I’ve watched that didn’t have a love triangle. It was refreshing, though I love a good love triangle!

        • unicornsgalaxy

          now I kinda want to go back and watch it again! :D I’m in the middle of an older drama at the moment so maybe later.

          I’m currently watching Forbidden Love/Nine Tailed Fox from 2004. It was almost impossible to find it with eng subs though. It’s pretty good. More action though. Lots of fighting with swords (although one guy has a lethal looking yo-yo….yes a yo-yo. If I was him I would feel super jipped!).

        • my roommate found the sound track on DVD heaven there are 2 parts, if you want to get all the songs i still have wish(the song min hyuk and yong wha do with the bongos and accustic guitar) as my ring tone on my phone. I am so happy every time my phone rings.

      • If you liked Jung II Woo from Flowerboy Ramen, then you should watch 49 days, it’s one of my top, along with Sung Kyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter, and The Moon That Embraces the Sun. Rooftop Prince was a cute drama too.

        • omg have you seen the 2pm parody of the moon that embraces the sun. My roommate found it on you tube I almost died laughing those boys are so funny.

      • City Hunter, I miss you, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and Personal Taste are really good

      • irritablevowel

        Seriously?! You haven’t seen even half of the best! My Lovely Sam-Soon aka My Name is Kim Sam-Soon is a classic and made a lot a kdrama stars. Definitely watch that. Best Love aka Greatest Love is really good. The one thing you’ll find is that the title of the show varies on who did the translating, so some shows are known by more than one name. Secret Garden is great, but the one that I think is best, the one with the best story and the best acting, is Coffee Prince. I’ve never seen a drama that can top Coffee Prince in my heart. All of Hulu’s dramas come from Dramafever, which has the episodes subbed and up before they go to Hulu. Plus you don’t need a subscription like you would with Hulu. Oh dear, you thought your obsession was bad before…wait until you start watching shows while they’re still airing in Korea.

        Check out the blogs Dramabeans and Outside Seoul for more viewing recommendations.

        • Amaranda

          I’m writing all of this down! You all have given me so much info and I love you all for it! I am so excited about all the new shows to try out. Nasties are the best friends a girl could have!

        • if you want to start seeing varieties shows go to kshows.net, they have shows that are still airing in Korea like We got married, running man and Romantic & idol

        • Hi! I know that you posted this comment 2 months ago, but I just wanted to say that, if you are interested in drama recaps and drama news tidbits on upcoming dramas, dramabeans.com is a great site to check out! I always visit it daily like I do with EYK. :D You can even find people in the comments section that would love to discuss the dramas with you and your family. If you scroll down to the bottom of the website’s page, you can find a link to their drama ratings page where they rate all the dramas they’ve seen from start to finish. You don’t have to agree with them but I sometimes do since I share a similar taste. I just wanted to let you know! Sorry for disturbing you (if I did). :3

      • I like Dae Jang-geum

      • one of the best ways to find good dramas that have aired like over the last 5 to 10 years is dramabeans, the site is pretty self explanatory when you go there but the best thing is the list

        ratings of a TON of dramas, alot of which you can find full recaps/reviews of on the site as well, mostly done by these two amazing korean americans who are hilarious and insightful, the site itself is almost a kdrama-side-show obsession for some cos they do such a good job introducing/analysing dramas for people who dont have time or patience to sift through everything, like me haha, so i check in even when im not currently watching anything theyre reviewing. obviously everyones taste is different and i dont agree 100percent with their recommendations but they are pretty spot on about whats avoidliketheplague bad-like dr. jin haha and i have been introduced to shows that i would never have watched but based on their review i ended up gobbling up like kdramacrack, case in point-the princess’s man, sageuk, totally not my thing, read the rave reviews on db, OMG top 5 fav dramas of all time now! if you look under the top posts links at the top, youll also find year end allround reviews for the last 5/6 years, those are also good places to see what the moderators on the site think is best drama/best male lead etc, makes for laugh out loud reading even if you dont agree.

        my personal list:Goong, Coffee Prince, Queen In-hyun’s Man (this show was AMAZING, everytime i see a recommendation question, this show pops up in like 4 out of 5 peoples answers, cant believe its not here yet), The princess’s man,Arang and the Magistrate,Best Love,Full House, Vampire Prosecutor

        p.s. i see you are looking at checking out Lie to Me, please read the db reviews on that before getting started, YEH is easily my favorite k actress but that was just one big fat waste of time

        • Dramabeans is the #1 recap/info site. There are a bunch.

          But I am interested to see what dramas ya’ll like! I got into k-pop through drama…really just this year. I saw this site when I was looking for something Korea related. I’m not sure. I think food stuff (FAPFAP). Cause I LOVE foreign food. Grew up in Miami…so I’m used to FOOD from EVERYWHERE!

          I love your job. So creative and fun. And you guyses are so chillll!

      • try watching shows too…like Strong heart and Running Man ^-^ I like to watch korean dramas and movies but Running Man takes the No. 1 place on my list xD Also , not sure if you or someone mentioned but, you can check out dramacrazy.net for dramas too…kshownow has korean varity shows ^-^

        • I tend to stay away from dramacrazy as much as i can i got some nasty viruses from that site

        • that’s bad…I don’t have a problem with it xD just when the server crashes *lol*

        • Love Running Man!! As far as dramas The Moon Embracing the Sun is awesome (I even bought the DVD’s).

        • I like a few dramas…Queen of housewifes, Goong, Kim Tak Goo (i think xD it’s the bread one ), Athena, Iris, Shining inheritance, Gumiho ( the tale of a fox one , not my gf is a gumiho…), Crime squad, Sign/Heaven, 49 days, Ghost, . . . too many to mention…but I don’t have a favorite xD ah yes, how could i forget ! Vampire prosecutor 1 & 2 ^-^

      • @disqus_4YNb2Knd7m:disqus well be glad because that’s not even half of the half of the best…you’ll have loads more to consume…but it’s a good start! You definitely have to see City Hunter, ROOFTOP PRINCE (5 stars!!), Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Coffee Prince, My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox, Dream High, Anwer Me 1997, Ma Boy, and the list goes on…

      • You should just use Dramafever. They have really amazing dramas and they’re all free :) I love those dramas, and some of my other favorites that I recommend are Coffee Prince, Heartstrings (if you liked the actors in You’re Beautiful, definitely watch that one), Can You Hear My Heart, I Miss You, My Girl, Oh My Lady, Personal Preference, Take Care of the Young Lady, To the Beautiful You, The Vineyard Man, Flowerboy Next Door (it’s still in the process of airing, though), and a lot of others… I’ve watched like somewhere between 20 and 30 dramas, so I lost track somewhere along the way XD
        But seriously, Dramafever is an amazing website :)

    • I’ve been watching dramas alle the way lol.

      My favourite ones are: Take care of the young lady, Time between dog & wolf, Call of the country & I do I do.

      I recommend MyDramaList.info this is the best site where you can mark dramas, movies and anime you’ve seen and want to see.

      Oh and I could never not know Martina’s name, cause my friends also Martina ehehe

  143. I started watching a bit before the great move to Seoul, but my kids and i ended up watching loads of video’s from the archives so it feels like much longer. you guise definitely have a special chemistry that makes your videos so fun and we always seem to have a big grin when we watch them.

    It’s nice to know that if we ever DO manage to visit Korea (which i hope we can some day) that if we see ya’ll we can approach you to say hello and not feel like we are intruding.

    I know ya’ll don’t FEEL famous, what would be that step that would make you feel that way (besides the paparazzi?) I still remember seeing ya’lls deer in the headlights look at KCON. that was a pretty crazy time :)

  144. Very personal TLDR question: Did the fact to have the new Eat Your Kimchi studio postpone your “couple life” like children or stuff like that? In a interview for Arirang, Hwang Sok-bok ask you that and your answers “in 3 years maybe”. Did you regret that EYK postpone that?

  145. I don’t remember when I started watching you guys, it must be a few years ago now. At least for long enough to see you develop. But I must admit I haven’t watched absolutely all of your videos and studied them in detail ^^;; I see a video every now and then if it pops up on my facebook or tumblr, when it’s convenient. But I can say that I have enjoyed every video I ever saw with you, you have an excellent sense of humour, many interesting ideas and points of view, and I just like you guys so much! I promise that when I go on exchange to Korea (wish me luck!) I will definitely say hi to you if I see you on the streets :) Even though I’m very shy. You guys are great!

  146. I think the first (and literally nasty) video I watched of you guys was about korean public bathrooms back in 2008.
    NOOO IDEA how exactly I came across this video.. hem o.o

  147. /*raise hand*/
    Since like 2008 ^.^

  148. Love you guys! Hopefully someday I’ll be able to run into you guys and I’d probably be like Martina looking like I was attacked by my pillow. It always happens that way. When ever I’m just like whatev, I run into my boss or an old classmate. But I digress. I love how awesome you guys are with being known and you just have the greatest fan base ever. I mean really, who could beat The Nasties!?! Fighting!! :D

  149. I have a question, even though I’m not really sure if it’s big enough, it’s actually pretty lame, but I’m really curious:
    What if you have like a friend who is two years older, but had to double a grade because of some reasons, and then you’re in the same grade.
    Is he/she then still a sunbaenim, or do you treat each other more equally?

  150. If any guy ‘Ayy Gurl’s me, I WILL accept. I will. My dad says I’ll probably even marry the dude :p

    *My dad was just saying today, right after watching the Clazziquai Project interview, “I still can’t believe my daughter is moderating for celebrities” :p

    **I love you guys too <3 <3 <3

  151. I love how you guys are so funny and down to earth. it makes you really relate-able. You’ve given us great information as well as random videos and scheduled videos to amuse us, and interviews where we can ask questions, voting, etc, etc. I think that’s what sets you apart from so many other YouTubers out there, you are so inclusive with you audience. You answer our questions, take our criticisms, joke with us, and we really appreciate that. Been a fan since 2011, still hoping good things come your way. NASTY 4 LYFE!

  152. My college roommate is leaving to teach in Korea in August and we’re both huge fans. Hopefully we’ll run into you when I come visit!

  153. I’m a Nasty since 2009 and I’ve seen 3 apartments, 3 different colors on Spudgy, 1 new cat, 1 new studio, 184775452 different earrings from Martina and 122980480 different T-shirt from Simon :P Seriously guise, I’m so happy to see what happen to you and I’m really really impressed by what’s happening. I really hope to see you one day and tell you how much I respect you and how I feel happy watching your videos. You are awesome and we, the Nasties, we’ll always support you!

  154. yanagiba yusuke22

    i hv the question for TLDR… i just wonder y idols stay at dorm even they already sunbaenim, famous, wealthy enough to hv they own house. even they hv their own family. sometimes they already bought a home for their family. why they still living in dorm?

  155. Been a Nasty for 16 months! Can I talk about it months…as if it were a baby? I’m a baby Nasty I guess. I absolutely died laughing when Simon was like “Simon and Meeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh” hahha That’s the kind of thing, when you’re editing your video, you have to have laughed at every time!

  156. HI! I have a question for TL:DR. I was wondering how are all the kpop stars ,,goings-on” in Korea? Do they have this typical ,,celebrities” like Britney Spears or Lindsey Lohan with all this weird stuff they do? Yeah, with all this nasty(in a bad way) things like drugs, alkohol etc.

    PS. Pozdrowienia z Polski dla Simona i Martiny ;))

  157. I have a question that’s been bugging me for so long! What are your thoughts about celebrities and people in general in Korea having so much plastic surgery? I know it is a sensitive topic but every time I see a kpop video I see the influence of plastic surgery on sometimes all members of a group. Its mind blowing the amount of people that goes under this procedure! Did you already made a video talking specifically about plastic surgery in Korea? Then please point me out on where to watch it as I still don’t find anything about your thoughts on this matter. Thanks and keep doing the amazing work your doing. Love you guys! Hugs from Puerto Rico! xo

  158. Can I just say I had real goosebumps hearing their screams O.O I’ve been a fan ever since you were still in your first hostel (?) was that even the word anyway my English sucks maybe Martina can teach me. And I’ve kind of stopped watching your Music Mondays videos because I was so busy with college :)) but wow, how was it even possible to see so much videos! Martina and Simon, you’ve come a long way and even though I don’t watch your videos anymore and as one of the old Nasties, I’M SO PROUD OF YOU ;A;

  159. PunkyPrincess92

    i’ve been a nasty since…..you posted the KMM for SHINee’s Japanese MV!!!
    hehehe and i’m so glad i watched it and discovered you guys!!!

    actually though i remember before i even knew you guys, every time i watched MBLAQ’s cry, i saw a suggested video on the side of a guy who was underwater with tissue or something up his nose……yes…that was you Simon!!!
    i never actually watched it ^^;;, i just thought in my head ‘what on earth?’
    but yeah after i realised it was you guys i watched it and thought to myself why didn’t i click on this before? haha!!

  160. simon and martini! simon and mama mia! simon and malibu! simon and mario!

  161. I agree that fame is freakin subjective. I’ve been watching your videos for over a year, but about, for example, Smosh I found out just a month ago:D Before I didn’t even know they exist!

  162. Yeah totally agree with you guys. You guys are celebs to me but in a total kind and approachable way. OMG I have been watching since who knows when and loved your blog posts so much cause I can get little snippets of Korea before I finally get to come over MID THIS YEAR FOR EXCHANGE……and one of the things on my to do list is to VISIT THE EYK STUDIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. that last paragraph really sums it up

    we, who have seen many.. possibly hundreds of your videos, or been with you since your beginning
    feel a connection with you guys
    and we want to be your friends!
    you both seem SUPER COOL and INTERESTING, talking with you would be amazing
    you aren’t behind that sparkly and ever perfect wall that is “Idol” which is what I mostly see
    you guys are like.. extended family~ quirky and creative, gosh i love you guizz xD

  164. I’m just a casual viewer but I’m going to be in Korea in April. I promise if I see you I will say hello and remember your names but I have poor name recollection.

  165. You have no idea how I wish I could AYY GURL you one day! It’s great how accessible you two are, it really means a lot to fans.

  166. How do you use your washing machines in Miami? Pretty much how everyone else in the United States and world uses them.
    Sparingly because bills are expeeeeeensiiiiive. No seriously, I don’t think there’s anything special about washing machines in Miami. Ergh.

    On another note, I never miss the opportunity to tell you guys how awesome you are in your life goals, your careers and your relationship as a married couple. EYK hwaiting! I have always been and will always be in love with your adaptibility, and I hope you guys never lose sight of that. <3

  167. Nasty since 2009/2010 here :D I’ve watched “how to dance kpop style 2009″ and stayed :) I miss WTF a little. I love what you are doing now, but WTF was amusing. I wish I could “roll my sexy window” to you one day :)

  168. Kind of funny that Martina is worried about being caught pulling wedgies out of her butt :P And Simon’s comment about picking his nose reminds me of Sophia Petrillo (from Golden Girls).

  169. I first discovered Simon & Martina through a Running Man episode and from then I just kept watching your videos. I find all the information videos very informative and your opinions hilarious at times.

  170. Hey, don’t say that your teaching degrees / experience has left you with completely nontransferable skills! So much creativity, organizational and planning skills, and charisma (especially in terms of being aware of whether your “audience” is responding in the way you want them to) , quick thinking on your feet, etc., goes into teaching. It’s no small accomplishment to have completed a teaching degree and have a few successful years of teaching experience. While you guys are awesome and would have created awesome videos even if you had no teaching background, I’m sure that it has positively impacted how you do your blogging in ways that are difficult to quantify.

    I started working at a hagwon in Seoul this past December. All I do at my job is regurgitate a pre-planned curriculum I HAVE to adhere closely to (or else! O_o). Given that, it should be an easy job, but I lack in so many of the skills I’ve mentioned above that I’m having a hard time and I now have mad respect for people who are, like, ACTUAL teachers. So mad props to you two for being actual teachers!

    And yes, I understand the loans for all those degrees suck. :/

    P.S. It’s on my Korea bucket list to run into you two in the street. (Hopefully when you’re with Spudgy!)

  171. I consider myself a hardcore Nasty! *ooh I’m sooo nasty* lol. I remember when Simon used to make lesson plan videos and I was waiting for Martina to make one too, but she never did. :P I’ve seen every video you’ve ever made and I always get the KMM jokes! Ok, just bragging. But it is awesome what you guys have achieved these past few years. :)

    • Yeah, I really planned on making a video but I was worried about my students because I was at an all girls high school and I just thought about all the creepers leaving dirty comments about my Korean students, and then I’d go into a motherly teacher rage and murder someone and be banned from the internet. So I decided it was best not to do it in the end. But oh man, my lesson plans were SOOOoOOooOOo long and detailed and always with huge media heavy Keynote presentations. We wanted to upload them to the website but we didn’t have enough server space (at the time)! I totally forgot about all my sweat and tears that went into my lesson plans! WOW!

      • Ahh yeah, I guess creeper could leave weird comments, eww. :( I bet you were a good teacher! I was thinking of becoming an English teacher for awhile but with my husband being a non-native English speaker, he would just go crazy with boredom! It’s ok though but I really want to visit Korea at some point and hopefully meet you guys! :D

  172. Hey! OK, I have couple of questions for which I am kinda sure they won’t be in TL;DR section, however I’ll try, who knows.
    Have you ever been intimidated with an occasional outburst of hostile intentions from the North? Do you know anyone who maybe knows anyone who defected and what is the general view of Koreans regarding the North? Is it a tabu subject to talk about?
    Tnx. :-)

  173. i actually know u guys through the AYYYY GURLLLL JYJ video. LOL. I’m glad how u guys made it into a even more famous thing now that every nasty knows the Ayy Girl move… Love u guys, u guys r such inspiration to people <3

  174. I worked for 4 years as a guide in AK, and was once asked how we do laundry in Alaska… “We take it out back and beat it with a rock”…..I found EYK in the process of looking into ex pat life in Korea, and started off with the instructional videos…now I’m hooked and I watch everything…-_- But I still reference back to your more informational videos, like how to pay your bills in Korea…I like that one…And although I will be coming to Korea sometime within the next two years, I promise not to photograph you Martina if you are not wearing makeup or in Pjs….actually, I won’t take a pic unless I have your permission..,….*daydreams about Korea*

  175. Been watching you since last may. Discovered your videos in the middle of my exams :P They provided much needed relief for my poor brain in between going over organic chemistry :P One question, me and the bf are planning a trip to korea, if I promise to buy you a drink can we meet you please????? You would make my trip :D

  176. this is so heartwarming. Thank you, Simon and Martina, for being the people that you are and sharing that with the world. That’s really all there is to it, because you two are being yourselves. yay! (:

  177. i cried from happiness!!! Humility will take you very far~ ♥
    I’ve felt your joy of having to meet your ‘extended family’ on a daily basis~~~♥♥♥♥

  178. favorite part of the bog post “”They make videos about Korea, and they go wanking, I mean, not like real wanking, it’s like, wonderful adventure now…okay never mind, but they have these kpop review segments with…oh right you hate kpop….well their fapfaps are so informational…no wait it’s not like that…it’s like their dog has blue hair…just…ahhh…never mind.” YUP! we all can totally relate to that..

  179. Student loans will be the death of me! Seriously why so expensive (ㅠ.ㅠ) oh well! Its all worth it in the end~
    I love that Nasties yell “Ayy Gurl, can I buy you a drank?” at you! hahaha and the description in your blog post about trying to explain to friends who/what EYK is! So true! Last week I had to explain to my parents why I was sitting on the computer laughing uncontrollably… I tried to explain, but it got really awkward xD

  180. You guys came a long long way. So proud of you guys. :3

  181. I was seriously grinning while you guys talked about the Nasty extended family. I’ve been a fan since . . . I don’t know, but KMM was in the very first apartment, and watching you grow and grow and be successful just makes me happy. Like you’re my kid kids going from third grade dance recitals to the. Superbowl of ballets. I don’t know much about ballet. The point is, go team. This didn’t come off arrogant in the slightest.

  182. HIPSTER NASTY watched your videos before it was cool.

  183. <3

    This made me feel so happy that the Nasties you meet are usually nice and awesome.

    Lols. Martina, I feel your pain. For some strange reason people randomly always call me Nicole. As you know my name is not Nicole, but I must look like a Nicole since they keep insisting that it must be my name. Latest was my own Doctor who started writing my name as Nicole on the prescription. oi vey!

  184. I think I started watching you guys when Simon left his daytime job and Martina was the one bringing the bread home :P It’s been awesome watching EYK evolve to what it is today and makes me really happy to see you guys succeed. Also you lifted my spirit a lot because I had just moved to the UK and the culture shock was hitting me bad because I also jumped into moving to a different continent all by my lonesome, but hey I’m still here and going strong :) Thanks!

  185. I found you guys when I was looking into teaching English in Japan, oddly enough. One of your videos came up as related on YouTube. I had no idea that bringing in foreigners to teach English was common practice in Korea as well. Since I was then a high school teacher and I am Canadian, I kinda felt a connection with you guys. So of course I watched all of your other videos and was thus properly introduced to k-pop. A couple years later, I’m sitting here, wishing I could ~buy you a drank~ One day, when I have enough saved for my dream holiday to Japan and Korea, I plan on including the EYK studio on my list of tour destinations.

  186. Your videos cheer me up sooo much. You guys are so honest, positive, funny and down to earth so the fact that you have done so well with your youtube videos just seems obvious and unsurprising to me. Thanks so much for bringing the happy.

  187. Quote – “We don’t wear underwear anymore”, the main downside of being Youtube Famous :)

  188. Oh no, now I will forever plan how to approach you, just in CASE I will meet you one day. At least you made me sure to actually do so when seeing you!

    Aaaw! Nasties love you too!

  189. sasaeng fans scares me, like literally..

    • They both scare me, and make me physically uncomfortable when I think about them…

      • Do you guys have saesang fans?

        • Nope! Or maybe we have NINJA saesang fans that are really good at hiding. 0_____o

        • Tassia Lopes


        • irritablevowel

          Incoming rant (not directed at any comment here, just on the general topic) I have a theory, it’s armchair psychology mind you, that half of the problem is referring to them as saesang fans. It created an identification out of a collection of mentally unbalanced, attention obsessed people. It gave them a name, made them a tribe. They can pride themselves on their irrational behavior because they are “saesang” and, according to the media, that’s what “saesang” are supposed to do. People are shocked at their attention getting antics, but when the media talks about them, they’ve succeeded in their goal, which was getting attention. I’ve seen people on forums say that if they were real fans, they wouldn’t behave this way. Well…of course they wouldn’t. It’s not about the artist, it’s about the behavior. It’s the behavior they enjoy, it’s the behavior that’s getting them the attention they want. The more attention the behavior gets, the more successful it was. The best way to stop (or at least reduce) the behavior is to stop referring to them like some special club, and to stop giving the behavior so much attention.

        • I agree… the attention is probably a really bad influence on those fans… it’s like many things, if you give people attention, that can sometimes just fuel the extreme behaviours more. They essentially just wanted to be seen and noticed by their idol, and the goal seems to be being remembered, good or bad. Like I once heard an idol (I forgot who) say that a fan came up and slapped them on the face, saying “Now you won’t forget me!”, or something… It’s just a competition now, its sick.

          On the other hand though, I think giving it attention is also pretty essential, in the sense of highlighting it as a serious issue, and showing what kind of stuff idols real have to deal with. Stalking is stalking, assault is assault, threats are threats, whether the subject is a celebrity or not. I would also suggest that South Korea needs some sort of campaign against them, for example not allowing fans from giving sooo many presents to the idols (at the very least its totally wasteful!), giving them more secure places to live and actually having the courage to persecute those ‘fans’ that go too far, get restraining orders etc. there is way too much pandering to them currently, in my opinion.

          I’d love to hear a TLDR on the topic, but I wouldn’t want a saesang mob attacking EYK D8

    • That photo of Junsu in the restaurant gives me the chills whenever I happen on it.

    • when I first saw the photo of Junsu I thought the sasaengs looked like zombies..

      the way they crowd at the window is just so scary

  190. Good God you two are like pink-haired Nasty angels of YouTube :D! Can’t even tell how many completely dull evenings were vaporized by your Mind Blowing awesomeness! And as a long-term Nasty, I have to say that it’s just so unbelievably marvelous to see you two leveling up in awesomeness!
    Also, your videos have really helped me prepare for Korea, I’m going there in just two weeks for exchange. And while it’s really scary to come to a completely new country with a language I barely speak, your info videos make things slightly less scary and complicated! Not even talking about WANKs and FaPFaPs that made me color-rape my map of Seoul… I really hope I can run into you (not like I would stalk the EYK studio…I would never…ever…or maybe? >:} ) with a couple of canned coffees and treats for Spudgy :D
    Stay Nasty!!

  191. I find it funny that, no matter what the video topic, you guys always find a way to work Junsu in somehow… (Obviously though, judging by my icon, I’m not exactly protesting it. ^_~)

  192. You two are really humble, and I guess that is why we Nasties love you so much. I truly admire you two in many ways, plus your videos are always so entertaining and so uplifting. They cheer me up whenever I’m down! Now I wished I can fly to Korea and lurk around in the streets near your studio just so I can meet you guys and have a short casual conversation. (That would be Oh So Lovelyyyy but yeah i’m aware I sound like a stalker oh gosh no don’t misunderstand me, I’m no sasaeng!!!) <3 Nasties will support you always Simon and Martina!!! ^__^

  193. Nasty since year 2 here, and enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve loved seeing your journey. Even I feel all nostalgic and smiley when I see past videos.

    • Actually, scratch that. I just found a reason to hate you. You guys introduced me to Reddit when you mentioned it a while back and it RUINED ME. So yeah, thanks getting me hooked on the greatest evil on the internet.

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