We thought of doing this video a few days ago. We posted an Instagram clip of me running around the apartment with Meemers chasing me, and Pharell’s “Happy” was playing in the background. Someone in the comments asked what song it was, and suggested that they like our taste in music. To which I thought, hell, we don’t really talk much about the music we listen to outside of Kpop, now, do we? Couple that with the fact that I had a day to kill while Martina was getting her tattoo done (almost done; just one more session to go!) and I figured that I’d spend the time to talk about my favourite albums, which is what you see in the video above.

I realize this video might shock some people, because my taste in music is rather unpredicted, no? Unless people follow us on Last.fm, I doubt they know what we listen to outside of Kpop. So, here it is! Yes, a lot of it is electronic. A lot of it serious. Not much of it is pump your fist high energy music. Why? Probably because we hear a lot of that in Kpop, anyways, and so I don’t feel like I can listen to the same kind of stuff all day long. Different times of day have different soundtracks to them, different moods.

A lot of this music is night-time music for me. That’s because we’re seriously seriously super night owls. We wake up at 1PM and don’t go to sleep till 5AM most days. Now that it’s winter, by the time we get out of bed and have breakfast and get ready to go to the studio, the sun has already set. Most of the music we listen to is in the dark. So this list is rather emolicious.

I said that I’d mention 10 more albums that didn’t make the list, so I’ll share those here as well:

Iron & Wine “Ghost on Ghost”

Now, this album isn’t really GREAT to me, like Iron & Wine’s “Our Endless Numbered Days,” which was almost perfect. God that album’s so great I crey. This album has a different vibe to it. A lot less folky, a lot more bluegrasssy, I think. Is that what it’s called? Bluegrass? I don’t know. But I imagine it being sung on the set of True Blood. It has a gospel feel to it, almost. See! I like diverse music! This falls under the Sunday home-cleaning category, though. Not really night-timey, IMO.

Nine Inch Nails “Hesitation Marks”

I was surprised to like this album. Seriously. I didn’t read good things about it, and I find Trent Reznor a bit too high school poetry-club-ish at times (I hate the line “why do you get all the love in the world.” Bleh), but I really love Industrial sounds. I love it when El-P does it in hip hop, and I love Fuck Buttons’ albums as well. And this album had a lot of great songs on it, so I’ll shamelessly share with the world that I like listening to it. THERE!

Jon Hopkins “Immunity”

OOH more moody mature music. You know how I described Bonobo’s album, as dimly lit adult bar music? I was actually at one of these adult bars recently. It was a Vinyl bar, where you can request songs from the DJ. I owned that playlist, for sure. And I played a lot of Bonobo. Afterwards I spoke with the DJ and he said he loved the requests, and asked me if I knew Jon Hopkins’ album, to which I shouted “I WAS GONNA REQUEST THAT BUT I WASN’T SURE IF IT WAS TOO DARK!” But he loved the album as well, and I was shocked and pleased. Hopefully you’ll like it, too.

Flying Lotus “Until the Quiet Comes”

I loved this album. Flying Lotus is one of our most played artists ever. All of his stuff is great. And this album was perfectly Night-Timey as well! Yay! You might remember Flying Lotus from our video a long time ago on Bucheon’s Sun and Clouds. Oh man FlyLo is great stuff. I love his “Fall in Love” remix, which isn’t on this album, but check out his video for Tiny Tortures, featuring Elijah Wood! Probably the best song on the album, IMO.

Lastly: I remember reading on his Twitter that he’s part Korean! So I’m not sure if that excludes him from the list :D

Jessy Lanza “Pull My Hair Back”

This was a total rough gem for me. I have no idea how I found this album, really, but I’m freaking ecstatic that I did. Why? Because supposedly her album was produced by one of the guys from Junior Boys, and Junior Boys are up there for our top artists of all time. They’re not the best artists of all time, but they have a very special place in our hearts, when we first started dating. And their last album kinda stank. But this…this is great! It’s got the same vibe as Junior Boys of yore, bedroom pop kinda stuff. SO NICE!

Mazzy Star “Seasons of Your Day”

Yes, this is kinda country-ish. So what! Country can be alright at times. Country’s just another kind of folk, except Mazzy Star has a kind of Dream-Pop vibe to her which I really like. And this is their first album in a really long time. “Fade Into You” is a freaking fantastic song from a long time ago, and this album is a lovely follow up to that. Yay!

Disclosure “Settle”

What’s this? Another uppity album? Something you can dance to? Ho ho! It’s true! I don’t just listen to night time stuff. Though this is dance music that feels a bit darker. Doesn’t matter. It’s still totally badass. It has kind of a micro-house feel to it. It almost reminds me of Herbert a bit. Anyhoodledoodle, shake your ass to this album right here. Especially the first full track. SO GOOD!

The Lonely Island “The Wack Album”

TAKE ME SERIOUSLY! This album is hilarious. It’s really well done. Really well done. The fart song made us pee with laughter. Spring Break is a brilliant commentary on society. The compliments song is hilarious as well. It’s good fun. Really. Listen to it and laugh. There’s nothing wrong with laughing when you listen to music. Admit it: Kpop makes you laugh sometimes, too :D

Purity Ring “Shrines”

You know our friend Ryan? I wonder if he’s reading this blog post now. Hi Ryan: this section is about you. Now, Ryan suggests a lot of music to us, the majority of which I don’t have the time to look into. Seriously I see his messages and think “yeah I’ll check it out” and then pfffft forget because I have a lot of things to do. Nothing against Ryan. I’m just scatterbrained. The point is, this band Ryan forced me to listen to by coming into the studio and just playing it. I could’t avoid it. And I liked it! A lot. To the point that I played it a lot on my own afterwards. Again, this is dark nighttime music but that’s the sexiest kind of music anyways. Listen to it!

Bibio “Silver Wilkinson”

Ok I don’t know what’s up with this album. Most of it is serious, slower music, which I like and think is great on its own, but then “A tout a l’heure” comes out of nowhere and is a gloriously uplifting. It’s lovely. Really lovely. Skipping through the park as the sun streaks through clouds lovely. Be happy when you listen to this song and it’ll make you happier.

As for songs I’ve listened to but couldn’t get through the rest of the album:

RJD2 “More Than it Isn’t” – Track 2 “Temperamental”

Damn I love this song! It’s perfect for the gym, perfect pacing. Great singing, and has that RJD2 doo-wop feel that I freaking love from Deadringer that he abandoned for some freaking reason to do other stuff. This song has that vibe that I like. The rest of the album is a steaming turd, but man this song is great! Side note: do you like Mad Men? RJD2 made the opening credit song to it :D

Pharell “Happy”

We just got into this song over the past couple of weeks. Holy smokes this is a lovely song. It has that Cee Lo Green chantable feel to it. It’s got a great message and I’m not ashamed to say that I like it. And the website for the song is lovely as well. We actually wanted to do something like that for Seoul as well. I don’t know. Just listen to this in the morning. You’ll fell better about life.

Yeah! That’s it for this list. Yes this video’s got little to do with Korea, but I felt like doing it. I hope I introduced you to some new stuff and you like some of it. Let me know what albums you recommend, because I always like checking out new stuff, or – if you like any of these albums I talked about – let’s squeal about them together in the comments! You can be interested in Korea and like non Korean music as well, right? RIGHT!

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  1. Hey. So, it’s not all to indie or anything, and yall probs have already heard it, but for the past week I’ve been stuck on the album “The Fall” by the Gorillaz. I’ve been talking about it a lot. It’s really good. So don’t judge me. (My favorite song on it is Bobby in Phoenix. It has this whole old timey, bayou feel to it.)

  2. Holy crap dude, The North Borders is one of my favourite albums of all time. Please listen to his previous albums, especially Black Sands, but the older ones like Dial M for Monkey or Animal Magic are amazing too

  3. This is a bit late, but S&M and fellow nasties? do any of you listen to Breakbot or Sam Sparro? Breakbot is from the same label as Justice, and both have a special place in my heart. I love the breakbot mixes that you can find on the youtubes~ so good for just washing dishes/cooking and dancing along in my kitchen. Sam Sparro’s most popular song is “black and gold” but “clingwrap” has a very special place in my ears! How’s about Kraftwerk? I really love listening to them on long night drives, makes me feel like I’m driving in space. OH! and dangit Lorenz Rhode! As you can see, I love that funky stuff.


    1. Breakbot

    2. Sam Sparro
    http:// http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18Mtcem90_k

    3. Kraftwerk

    http:// http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okhQtoQFG5s

    4. Lorenz Rhode

    http:/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RUrHDVs_ow


  4. Maria N

    What about Stromae and his album Racine Carrée? All the songs on that are amazing! =D

  5. Cara Rose

    How have you NEVER seen Portlandia?!? Oregon Nastys UNITE! <—this results in multiple copies sent in care packages :P

  6. I knew you guys listened to non-kpop I just didn’t realize that we listened to a lot of the same artists….. so needless to say I loved this video

  7. You guys should check out “A Color Map of the Sun” by Pretty Lights! It’s up this alley, albeit with more electronic but still great jam music :D

  8. YukiRed

    Simon & Martina, do you guys listen to Boom Boom Satellites? I think you might like them (by the way, they are a Japanese electronic duo)

  9. nothing new, but Simon, than you for doing this list.
    Now I know that we share some likes in the music (boards of canada, Bibio, Disclosure,…) and thank you for introducing me to another artist (bonobo, and all the others)!!

    by the way, when is the martinas Picks??

  10. You could turn something like this into a “music suggestion corner”. It’d be totally awesome. It could include soooome K-Pop, but also whatever else you listen to or find!

    • Holy smokes! That’s great! Thank you for sharing! I’m always amazed when I see bands I like performing live, because
      A) I barely ever know what they look like. I just know their album cover art. They often look nothing like what I’d expect them to look like.
      B) It’s cool to see how they make their songs live. Tremendous respect I have for that. I can barely jam out on a tiny keyboard. Seeing so many things going on at once is really cool.

  11. I usually like to just watch videos or read articles and comments online, but I love this so much I can’t help but comment. I am always looking for new music to get into and I think this is a cool idea, sharing other music that you like because I listen to music in all languages and I like seeing what types of music people like to listen too.

  12. I also would love to hear Martina’s selection of 2013 best albums !!! I DEMAND IT !!

  13. From all the albums you have mentioned i swear you would LOVE!!! Flumes- Flume, its totally chill and awesome definitely check it out!!!

  14. Omg it’s no surprise that u guys know lonely island but I’m still fangrilling whenever u guys mention lonely island,they’re super cool people I luv em :3 my favorite collab is rihanna’s (shy Ronnie) and Justin timberlake’s (3-way,mother lover,dick in a box) ^^

  15. Thanks Simon. And yes… I know now the only way to get you guys to listen to any new music I find is to come to the studio and force it down your earholes

  16. Knew of some of these bands/groups/musicians/???, and I am thinking I will like the rest, who I have not heard about, just by your descriptions. I find it really hard to stay on top of some of this music since you really have to search for it, i usually rely on a few people to feed me info. Maybe I’ll be the one with the info this time around.

    P.S. Did you know ‘Boards of Canada’ is actually a scottish group (2 guys i believe) who got their name from those old-school narrated nature shows (that were funded by the ‘boards of canada’… haven’t seen them on anymore, but always made that statement in the credits with a little canadian flag). This fact was obtained by the internet and I cannot actually confirm any of it, kinda makes sense though, their music fits it.

  17. 2013 is the year of chillwave

  18. Wow, you mention a lot of bands that I had no idea of, thanks a lot for this video!!

  19. thank uou so much for putting me up on all this musical goodness! you da siMAN! UNH! allow me to put you up on my favorite app/game of the 2013! its called puzzle and dragons! if you liked pokemon games at all as a youth (or if you just love a good rpg) you will be com insanely obsessed with this game as i am! i really hope you love this game because i love you guys and i want you to love me for putting yall up on PAD! if you wish to level speedily, please do not hesitate to friend me and use my beastly monsters! my id is 328,775,224. im so excited i hope you try it! ps. im currently applying to teaching in korea agencies! hopefully well be in the same country by next month!

  20. Isn’t “Happy” part of the Despicable Me 2 Soundtrack? It sounds familiar…xD And I like it. Also I really like Tyler the creator, Toro y Moi and Vampire Weekend (ermagherd ser mainsterrrm) and I think you guise might have hooked me up on Classixx because it’s fantastic! Do more of these Open The Happy pweeaaase

  21. Cara Rose

    Oh Boards, how I had forgotten you. never again.

  22. I pretty much don’t know anyone with the same taste in music as me, but you sure got it! We both like obscure music. :D So many good recommends, I’ll definitely check them all out!

  23. NIN is awsome!!!

  24. all I can say is that this is an amazing playlist!

  25. correction puzzledragonx.com

  26. After watching this, I think you might like the album “Jackasoul” from Mayson The Soul, released about 2 months ago. It’s korean indie, with a comtemplative twist and well… a soul vibe.

    I actually bought the entire album since I’ve been listening to “Holiday” for the past month/month and a half.

    I wanted to do a Kindie request about it, but since my computer is old and my webcam is shitty, I’m having a hard time with anything related to video production. Hope you’ll check it out.

  27. I LOVE THIS VIDEO. So much good music to now search. Thanks Simon!

  28. Please take an aural gander at The Maine’s Forever Halloween or their newest EP “Imaginary Numbers” because it’s fucking fantastic! [Lololol aural gander. Pretty sure I made that up.]

  29. Nice ~ !
    This is interesting.

    Next one …um… favorite Christmas songs?

  30. Kielley Bade

    o.O I have… wow, way different musical tastes. XD For the year, um, I actually don’t think I have any favorite albums from this year. A lot of my favorite bands only put albums out every other year or so, and I’m still just listening to those XD

  31. Ugh this video is exactly what I needed. I love chillwave and downtempo but I always have trouble finding good albums since I don’t use last.fm and browsing music blogs can be too time-consuming :/ I have some song suggestions for you that you may enjoy too!

    Nighttime by Re:plus – music that you can imagine in a super cool piano bar or jazz bar
    Beautiful Light by Uppermost
    10 Laws by East Forest
    Don’t Know How by Catching Flies and Ifan Dafydd
    Falling by Mitzi
    Beautiful by Tajan and fwdsixsh
    Warm Water [Snakehips Remix] by BANKS
    You’re The One For Me by Great Good Fine OK
    Places by Shlomo (this song is so amazing IMO)
    How We Feel by Panama
    Retrograde by James Blake (basically anything of his though)

    Can I ask for a favor?
    Please like our page for our short film, Countdown, please?
    It was based off on a KaiSoo fanfic :)

  33. I really love your music taste, and I’m so happy to see you appreciate the music that I also listen outside of k-pop. Bonobo and Boards of Canada’s albums are some of my favourites this year, so…. ^_^ it’s good to be your last.fm friend btw! :D


  35. tatiana lopes

    I feel like you and everyone that likes calm electronic music might enjoy Orelha Negra, they’re portuguese and have some great stuff.


  36. I used to only listen to K pop for well over 2 years and after a while realized that I was missing out on so much. So I started to explore the world of music and since then have found so many gems that I absolutely love! I would have missed them if I hadn’t decided to listen to other genres and languages. I Still listen to K pop just not nearly as much as what I used to.

    Here are some good kiwi artist that I like:

    Soljah – message
    Six60 – Don’t forget your roots ( love that song)
    Shapeshifter ( love these guys)
    and the Naked and famous.

    I have so many other artists that I just love! I’m not sure exactly what your interests are but could always give a lot more at another time :D

  37. I like your music tastes!! Must say, I’m a little surprised at this list, but it’s awesome! I like a lot of those type of music too!
    I’m just gonna let playlist mode go, while I sit here desk warming. :)

  38. I personally really enjoy the album My Paper Kingdom by Eyeshine. Non-Korean. I believe the album is a few years old, though, but I love it. If you watched the old Power Rangers, like the first few seasons, with Adam the black/green ranger, he’s the singer.

  39. Misa Shim

    I really love Pharrell and Happy! Is incredible!! I love it! Because I’m Happy~~ (8)

  40. I’m just blown away of how similar our music tastes are ohmyohgfho,, I actually started jumping up and down when you mentioned Tyler, The Creator; that album is so great! Definitely checking out some of the other bands you mentioned. Love how it’s all so chill
    And I actually have a few recommendations that you guys might like, too! Check out King Krule as well as The Internet (their new album, “Feel Good”, is flawless in my opinion). Actually, maybe even Kilo Kish! They’re not really “ambient” but they’re pretty cool
    Anyway, this was an awesome video! I’d be down to see more videos of your current music faves or something of the sort in the future~

  41. Ha! I was marathonning through your old videos last night and thought “I wonder what Simon and Martina listen to outside of K-pop? I’ll ask if they can do a video on that next time” Then I wake up this morning, and here it is… spooky :)

    • I think that means we’re connected, blood brothers, for ever and ever, amen.

      • LOL I’m a girl but I will happily be an EYK blood sister :) In all seriousness, watching your videos has helped me get through a rough time these past couple of months. Being able to laugh is sometimes the best medicine. Thank you guise for doing all that you do and being total shining awesomeness :))

        • Hey, thank you for watching our videos. I’m happy we could help you through what you needed to get through, even if our videos are crazy corny. Blood siblings for life!

  42. OMG!!!! I’ve been obsessed with Pharell’s song “Happy” ever since I heard it while watching Despicable Me 2. The other songs that he made for that movie series (1&2) are amazing. I recommend listening to “Fun,Fun,Fun” and “Just a cloud away”. “Happy” and “Fun, fun, fun” are similar in their uppity, feel good, dance around moods. “Just a cloud away” is slower, relaxing, having fun while cooking dinner music. It’s got this old timey, soulful vibe to it too. Makes me think of this image of a really young person and a really old person slow two-stepping and smiling on a sunny day in the kitchen. It’s also a song that makes me feel better if I’m having a crappy day. Great exploring the streets at anytime of the day music too. Everytime I hear it I wanna grab a random sad looking stranger on the street and dance with them and make them feel better. Pharell is a musical genius.

  43. Oh my goodness I hardly know ANYBODY who listens to Purity Ring!

  44. I’m happy that I in some way triggered this video/blog (or at least I think it was me…. <. .>)). I’ve been listening to Pharell’s song almost every morning. Good way to start the day. I loved almost every you artists/songs you mentioned and thanks to you I now have new music I can listen to besides Kpop. Thank you soooo much Simon!

  45. One thing that I got from Primary’s plagiarism scandal is that it introduced me to Dutch singer Caro Emerald, her songs are really really good.

  46. Listen to “Chocolate” -THE 1975…. LOVE IT!!!

  47. Melanie Santa Cruz Yactayo

    GuisE! i loved this video so much :D but why no tame impala? there’s a aussie lack :c

  48. Maya Hayslett

    This does not surprise me at all.

  49. That Jessy Lanza album is so so good. Also, new flying lotus in the works. The bits they released today are blowing my mind,.

  50. Aw yiss Purity Ring, “Shrines” – i love that song

    Anyway, as a heads up, I dunno if you guys know about the Night Vale podcast but they share a lot of great indie music stuff
    (as a super bonus to their already awesome “creepy town” community news thing, it’s a great podcast, check it out.

    A favourite of mine they showed me was The Tiny – “Closer”
    Check dat out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GbDa2UnAO4

    Also speaking of music and hipsters, one of my all-time favourite bands is “Man Factory”
    who is a rock band but their first 3 albums (2 out already) are a rock opera all about the video game Street Fighter.
    Check them out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4s6Hy338rs&list=PLB6DFE3456BA1DF35

    Hope y’all find hear something you enjoy :3

  51. Ooh! new music!
    I love it when I’m introduced to music I’ve never really listened to before.
    I just can’t help it. When it comes to music, I’m greedy. I want to know everything. :P
    Doesn’t matter where it’s from, what language it’s in, or how weird it is
    if I like it, I like it.
    If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s not to dismiss anything because of pre-conceived ideas, because you might end up liking it.
    And then you will look like a fool. :P

  52. Hey! Love the video and music you mentioned! Have you heard Braid’s Flourish // Perish? I think you’ll enjoy it. Love u guise! Keep it up!

  53. In Classixx’s “I’ll Get You” it’s Danish, not Norwegian. ;) Though I don’t blame people for getting it mixed up. I’m from Denmark, and I listened to the song expecting to hear Norwegian, so the first minute or so I had no idea what was being said. Lol, can’t even recognise my own native language!

  54. Not sure of you’d like Japanese music but sunbrain was and still is one of my favorite artists that I like better than k-pop

  55. The link in the video didn’t actually link to this blog post.

    Thanks for sharing your favorites! I love kpop, but sometimes, I just want to listen to stuff in a language I understand. :p

  56. irritablevowel

    You guys don’t watch Portlandia? You guys really need to watch Portlandia. I find it’s a good show to watch every so often when you need a laugh.
    I appreciate you sharing your music tastes. They are nothing like mine, but different strokes for different folks (I lean towards soul/r&b. I’m loving that Cee Lo Green/Melanie Fiona song “Fool for You” song to death and back)

  57. Justin Timberlake’s Album was so good!

  58. yes, it’s “moi” as in French . :)) my husband introduced me to his music, i missed like 2 free concerts of his and I’m so upset :( it’s love making music:P

  59. I saw Bonobo live earlier this year. One of the best shows I’ve ever been to, it was incredible. Cirrus went from ‘thats a good track’ to ‘Oh my god I’ve just accidentally pissed on the person in front of me’ in about 20 seconds. Amazing.

    • Furthermore – If you’re new to Bonobo (tough to establish from the video), as good as The North Borders is, I think Black Sands is better. Check it.

      • We listened to Black Sands all day today. The North Borders is better, IMO, but Black Sands is really good! Not digging the other Bonobo album, though, Late Night Tales? It’s not doing it for me…

        • Daryl Stephenson

          don’t think you can beat the string ‘riff’ (I guess?) in Kiara. Too good.

          Late Night Tales is just a DJ mixtape, essentially. The other actual artist albums are Dial M For Monkey, Days To Come and another one that I don’t remember cause I don’t have it. They’re good, but they’re not a shade on Black Sands or North Borders.

          If you dig that, check out DJ Cam Quartet – Diggin. Its a different style of music but puts across a similar vibe, if you get what I mean. All awesome Jazz arrangements put over electronic bass and 90s style hip-hop beats. Such a cool album

    • That’s a great description. I’d love to see Bonobo live. When we’re back in Canada this winter I’m hoping to catch some good shows in Toronto…hopefully!

  60. pierrotinlove

    Have you guys heard of MØ? I like her a lot :D

  61. Just when I thought I ran out of good music to listen to, this goldmine of a blogpost and video pops up. THANK YOU.

  62. I’ve got three singles to add to your 2013 list. Wooden Shjips – These Shadows (Acoustic), Caroline Smith – Magazine, and John Grant – GMF.




  63. I love it. Your explanations are perfect. As a music lover who has known musicians (hardcore “proper” hipster sometimes annoying musicians) you are speaking my language. Especially about Bonobo making you feel like an adult. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll certain check them out!

  64. I literally just now discovered this band after: Getting excited about Silk brand eggnog and a friend joking that it was “Snog” and in looking up a relevant response. Found this band. Maybe? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFaqsc4lNyk

  65. I love the new music that you posted, most of it I haven’t heard of. I love listening to new music, so this will be fun for me. I have a few suggestions, but I’m not sure how you’d respond to them. These have been my recent earworms as well.

    Janelle Monae, all of her stuff, Woodkid, Brett Domino (he’s awkwardly awesome), M83, and Kimbra. Probably a miss with them all, but you never know!

  66. I know this may get annoying, but I also wanted to share this Video with you guys… because it makes me smile.. and you know this is Open The happy, hopefully it makes you happy. http://youtu.be/uZeR-vxREvw

  67. As much as I love Kpop… well, I just love music in general. It was really refreshing to hear that you guys listen to the types of music you recommended (I’m just loving The North Border!). I can’t tell you how many times I felt out of place because of the fact that I also like to listen to electronic music while my friends listened to just pop or hiphop. :/

    Even if it’s not that often, I would seriously love to see more videos like this. Maybe like a monthly post? :3

  68. This was awesome. You may also enjoy” God is an Astronaut” Instrumental band, that I honestly can never get tired of.
    Favorite Album



  69. hapagirl

    I’m happy you were able to do something like this. It’s a breath of fresh air. I’ve become kinda really into kpop and with how I listen to music, I end up listening to the same things over and over again on Youtube, so I never really hear new music often. From past stuff, I know you guys like electronic music and stuff, still I like this. It’s not my cup of tea, but that’s ok. I really do wanna get into things that aren’t hip hop and pop. I listen to so much kpop and all the mainstream music I hear is in that genre, I need like a musical palate cleanser.

  70. The “I’ll Get You”-song has not Norwegian, but Danish mumbling in there. Close enough, though. Imagine Norwegian spoken with a potato in your throat. There you have Danish.

  71. Yay, Bonobo and Disclosure. :3 Glad you appreciate them. I’m wondering if you know XXYYXX and The Weeknd, it streams with drugs and stuff, but it’s a musical genious.

  72. C. Snoopy

    I havent heard a Burial or MBV song in years!! I was into them back in middle.high school. LOL. Out of everything you mentioned Simon..I think I like Classicx the best, pretty cool.

    Kpop has corrupted me so much. I haven’t listened to anything non-korean in 3 years. And I mean to like the point where I replay a song or album all the time..its so baddd!! HAHA.

  73. Toro Y Moi recorded this sweet little concert at KEXP here in Seattle earlier this year.

  74. “Do you like bass? Do you do you like bass?”

    It’s. So. Catchy.

  75. Jon Hopkins is awesome! This was a very nice video. I’ll be sure to buy all the albums when I get my salary, because they seriously all sounded goddamn nice!

    I was rather surprised to not see Daft Punk on the list though, considering it has been a favorite for most of the music critics this year. But variation is nice!

  76. So much of this music makes me sleepy….shreepyyyy~. the only group on here i know are nine inch nails, but the rest do not really interest me. Really cool to see what y’all like outside of kpop

  77. Purity Ring’s LP is from 2012 guys, srsly.

  78. I love when Simon commented on having to know the names of people
    in bands or artists. When I first started to listen to k-pop, I only
    listened to the songs. I didn’t know the names or watch the music video,
    and I think that shouldn’t mean I like the artist any less. Also, I
    think that only listening to the song gives me a better feel for the
    MUSIC. K-pop often has the ability to create showy MVs with pretty pretty
    people that enhance a song. That impression you get from the video stays with you after when your just listening to the song by itself.

  79. THIS. <3 I would love to see more videos like this. GREAT PLAYLIST. :)
    Based on this video, and the comments, I'm not the only person who listens to these kinds of music outside of K-POP! Most my friends who listen to K-pop, ONLY listen to K-pop, and hence know none of the other artists I listen to. Likewise with my friends who don't listen to K-pop. I thought I was the only one with such…eclectic music tastes. :)

    Love love love Toro Y Moi and Washed Out. I would've included:
    City and Colour -The Hurry and The Harm
    The Neighborhood- I Love You
    Said the Whale – hawaiii
    Hollerado – White Paint
    We Are The City – Violent
    It's not a full album, but I just discovered Banks' London-EP. Only 4 songs, but I think its lovely.

    I discovered a couple new songs today and I'll definitely be checking out your Last.fm for more.

    • A lot of Canadian bands, I see Hahaha I really like “Legs Give Out” by We Are The City. I never heard of Banks, but based on the other albums you mentioned, I’ll trust you and check it out Hahaha

      • I’m from Canada..so I suppose I get more exposure to Canadian bands? I don’t know..:P

        Yeah, Banks is great! Definitely check her out. She hasn’t really been around for that long, I think, but her EP seems to indicate good things for the future. :D

        Perhaps you’ll also like Volcano Choir’s Repave album. It was just released in September.

        • Just checked out Banks AND WOW those vocals
          Doesn’t Volcano Choir have that guy from Bon Iver? I heard of them before but I haven’t heard any of their songs. I’ll be sure look it up hahaha all these suggestions are great! music exploration ftw

    • *squeals* the neighborhood!
      Do you like Cage The Elephant?

  80. Gemma Deacon

    Wow you get through a lot of albums :O I only buy at most 2 albums a year! And they’re usually mainstream chart stuff because I’m a sheep that likes to listen to what everyone else is listening to. But I might have to check out the wind-down type album cos I listen to music whilst falling asleep but it’s a bit hard to do that when there’s high tempo pop on le ipod.

  81. You guys should definitely listen to Janelle Monae. Her most recent album was really great.

  82. Erika Ashley Marie Myers

    your music would fit perfectly in a forever21

  83. Guys you should totally listen to Mexican groups, you would love the few there are (listen to Reik and Jesse y Joy, in my opinion the best there are) yes MBLAQ met Reik and they loved their music. I’m just putting it out there ;u;

  84. Wow I didn’t know any band on the list but seriously this is great! I was in need of new indie music to listen to and this made me sooooooo happy :D I wasn’t really surprised by the songs though, because I’ve been following the indie playlists ever since you started them and I found these songs had a somewhat related ”vibe” (if I can say so about songs belonging to such different genres). Anyways thanks again for sharing this with us, it doesn’t really matter that it’s not strictly ”Korea related” because great music is great regardless where it comes from :D

  85. mihuru

    I really like this sort of electronic indie night time music, so I’ll definitely check these recommendations out!

  86. I feel you guys with this one! And I love how its music not neccesarily found on mainstream radio, its the same with me haha. My music taste sits on either side of the spectrum; kpop or obscure indie guitary music. But mainstream is the guilty pleasure xD Ive got to stay somewhat in tune with western pop culture, otherwise thered be a repeat of the situation at the party where I didnt know quite a number of the songs tsk!

  87. Holy smokes !!! Those albums are super uper cool <3 Thank to you now I`ve something to listen to.. instead of study *whisper* math and physics

  88. Lately I’ve been listening a lot to rudimental but also too hardwell and other dj’s. Lately I’m also into Dutch 90′s music because it’s just soo awesome. (venga boys, loona, t-spoon, 2 brothers on the 4th floor, party animals etc. etc.) ^_^
    haha I like k-pop but I love all the other music as well. ^_^

  89. First, thank you for listing Bibio, its one of those people that pop up on my Spotify radio station but never manage to star in time. Second, some feedback, I love your videos. My BF who has a degree in sound design, watched with me once and pointed out the extra spit you have when you talk. Now I can’t un-notice it. He suggests swilling water in your mouth before a take. It also explains why you see people with water laying around on set. <3

  90. Boards of Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  91. thisisjustforfunval

    Thanks for your recommendations Simon! I’ll have to check them out after work, they seem a bit to chill for my work setting and I don’t want to feel like sleepy time. My office has that feel enough, we work with the lights off so we can see our design colors properly.

    There use to be a radio station on iTunes I use to stream that was from Boston and it had the best indie music I’d ever heard. It was really straight up indie, things you couldn’t hear anywhere else until say like a year later when a song or band took off. Best example of that was Mumford and Sons. That station got bought out and then just fell of the face of the earth, so my indie finds have been so spars the last year. But Yay! You have a list to share, thanks again!

  92. Ariadne Locket

    GUISE, MOAR OF THIS. No seriously, please.
    I am very into indie music and now that’s been a year since I found out about k-pop I realized that it kinda crippled me a little about finding out new indie bands out there, so this is really great!
    I believe you are having a great response to the video, so PLEASE make this a thing, even if it is on your second channel!

  93. Do you know The Naked And Famous? They released a new album(In Rolling Waves) a couple of months ago and I would totally recommend it. ^^

  94. Could you guys discuss your other nerdiness interests (other than the Marvel movies)? I noticed that you guys often Final Fantasy and anime and the likes, and I would love to hear you guys talk about your opinions on them! :)

    • Carolynn

      Oh my gosh they like Final Fantasy? O_O I’ve played every one. I mean EVERY one that was released in the USA.

      • Yeah, I think I remember them mentioning FFXV and XIV, and In their earlier videos, like the SHINee – Hello review, you see Simon “pulling out” a Buster Sword from behind his back.

      • I played 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10 2, 12, 13, and Tactics! And Dissidia. I FREAKING LOVE FINAL FANTASY! Though 13 sucked, IMO.

        Side note, there’s also a band called Final Fantasy, who are good as well :D

        • FF Nasties, yo…

          and since the post was about music, Nobuo Uematsu has composed some damn amazing music for the FFs over the years.

        • Kristoffer Galang

          BTW the guy behind Final Fantasy (the band) just goes by his real name now, Owen Pallett. I know he’s done some other work, including collaborations with Arcade Fire.

        • LongClawTiger

          I have tried just about all of them. 1,7, 11, Tactics, and Tactics A2 were my favorites. I was really disappointed with 13 and 14.
          Favorite class? For me it was a White Mage/Calculator combo in Tactics. I loved using “Holy” to wipe the board in one turn and then dance around the room saying “Who’s the heretic now, bitches?!?!” XD

        • Karen Poulin

          OMG, I LOVE FF! >._> yep. I do.

  95. We have similar taste in music. Haha Awesome! Have you both ever listen to Tame Impala?

  96. Wow, this video & blog post & comment section are inspiring me to look for some new music. Sometimes I feel like listening to something soothing/ethereal/electro but I don’t know many songs that are like this. Time to look for more of them! Thanks for the recommendations! I’m checking out http://temporaryresidence.com/artists at the moment and it seems like a good place to look for indie artists :)

  97. Ariella Winick Sarabia

    You should listen to Stromae’s album Racine Caree. Its got elements of Hip hop and electro house.

  98. Burial’s EP came out in 2012. Also, the second way you pronounced Toro y Moi is correct. It means “Bull and” (Spanish) “me” (French).

  99. make some playlists on 8tracks :) I would love to hear more non-kpop stuff from you guys. If it can’t be on the channel, 8tracks is awesome!

  100. Some may find it cheesy or just way too reminiscent of the 50′s American Bandstand era, but the Volume 3 album by She & Him has some pretty cool, singable, vibe-able tunes that were great to add to my playlist this year.

  101. I don’t usually listen to this kind of music, but I’m busy studying for my Physics and Organic Chemistry finals and it couldn’t have come at a better time! Chill, not distracting, but interesting enough to keep me motivated. Thank you for the study music, Simon!

  102. kaward

    this list is great and I will defiantly check some people out that I never knew before. although I have a different taste in music then you country mostly although I do love a tribe called red if you guys have ever checked them out that are pretty cool and they have an album free online on there website. :) and they seem up your alley :)

  103. you guys should check of chvrches, they have a very 80′s depeche mode synth feel to them and also MS MR.

    • LOVE Chvrches, I actually Linked S&M a few of there songs in a message once, hopefully it caught their attention lol

      • I listened to their album once and wasn’t in the mood for it. I’ll give it another shot, though! I keep on hearing good things about it.

      • I love Chvrches. I had high expectation of the album because their singles are really good (Mothers we Share, Guns, Recover). But when the album finally came out, it was actually a bit of a letdown. Some songs are good, but some of them are those songs that you just want to skip.

        This also applies to Haim’s “Days are Gone”. Singles are good, but the album is kinda meh.

    • I love chvrches, they were DM’s support and love them since then. They are amazing life.

  104. I loved this list! I love to expand my musical horizons and this list definitely helps. I like to see your input on things that aren’t kpop as well! :)

  105. I recommend you to check some artists from Tri Angle Records. That’s a really night-time music.

  106. Could you do one with Martina’s albums of the year when you have the chance please? I’m very curious to see her list.

  107. Have you ever heard of ‘The Dear Hunter’? I don’t know what genre it is considered but their song ‘Shouting at the Rain’ is my favorite. ^_^

    • No, but Deerhunter is one of my favourite bands of ALL TIME, except their last album, Monomania, really disappointed me, so much so that they actually performed in Hongdae, FIVE MINUTES AWAY FROM OUR STUDIO, and I didn’t go, because I didn’t want to hear their new album. But their old stuff…PURE GOLD!

      • Well I have only heard their latest album ‘Migrant’; I also started listening to ‘Hrvrd’ .
        I am more of a rock/metal person but I am trying to expand my horizons >_<

        • Older Deerhunter stuff, like Cryptograms, Halcyon Digest, Halcyon Grey, and Microcrastle: holy shit it’s great. Very My Bloody Valentine inspired, I’d say, for all it’s shoegazey-ness, but not as incomprehensibly distorted. Great stuff, though. Great stuff.

        • FriedChickenOnew

          lol I just realized “Deerhunter’ and ‘The Deer Hunter’ are two different bands >_< I will check out Deerhunter though.

        • I didn’t realize it at first, so I had to Google it, to make sure we were talking about different bands :D

        • FriedChickenOnew

          That was funny, I was like “I don’t see these albums at all!” I use spotify so I was getting confused lol

  108. Oh, you should listen to Sigur Rós – Fjögur piano. It’s really beautiful and calm.

    • We love Sigur Ros (another name we don’t know how to pronounce) but I feel like they’ve been making pretty much the same music for a while now. We have their new album, but haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, because I’m worried it’ll just be the same stuff, you know?

  109. When is Martina’s list coming? I am very interested to see ^_^

  110. I’m more of a rock fan, and I can’t believe I still haven’t checked out Vampire Weekend all these years…
    I recommend these:

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Mosquito” – If there’s a band that can’t do wrong, it’s them, seriously.
    Haim “Days Are Gone” – A nice feel-good music. You won’t listen to it 1000 times, but it’s a very positive album.
    Arcade Fire “Reflektor” – Obvious. Yes. But this album is damn good.

    • I was really impressed by Haim for their first two tracks. Totally awesome. Then the next two tracks were aggressively cheesy, and I ran away with shivers. I’ll give the album another shot, though. I just remember Martina and I looking at each other at track 5 like “WTF are we listening to?

      And Arcade Fire’s “Reflector” didn’t really impress me past track 1, which I thought was great. The rest of the album..meh?

    • I love Haim’s “The Wire”. It’s my cheer up song after a hard day of my students driving me cray-cray.

  111. Simon ~ Check out Flume. He’s an Australian Electronic-Trance-House artist and listening to samples of your favourite albums made me think of him straight away. Please check him out on Youtube at FlumeAUS ~ He released his first full album not long ago and won many awards for it. He is crazy good and certainly your style. Enjoy !!
    Oh and Flume has done some Remixes of songs by Disclosure that I love, he is very talented I can’t wait to hear what you think of him :)

    • I remember reading about Flume a lot! I’ll check into him now!

      • That is awesome I got a reply :3 lol /watch?v=8x-M7AkTvrQ This is my personal favourite of Flume’s. I really hope you like it, I love this style of music it’s my bread and butter ~ If you have any other songs/artists that are similar I’d love to be able to share them with each other :)

        • Ha! This is a Disclosure song! And Disclosure’s awesome!

        • Liam Sullivan

          Yep, Flume does a lot of Remixes and there all superb I haven’t been disappointed with any of his music, I have this album on repeat all day. He has another song “Insane” you’ll love that track !

        • Liam Sullivan

          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7Dujdu49Ow This one is special, I’ll make this the last video I link cause I want you to experience the awesome journey of finding new music but this one is very special too me. It has ties with traditional aboriginal music and it’s a perfect synergy of Australian Trance and traditional sound that makes it a masterpiece, its a bit more slower and anthemic than some of his other songs. I hope you enjoy!

  112. the Classixx song made me crazy. since I’m norwegian i tried to hear what the girl said, but I believe that they must have distorted the sound or mix the sound to much bc i can’t understand what she is saying (or if its norwegian) the closest i can get to it is that she has the same tone when she speaks?

    other than thay wow alot of new music to check out! Thank you Simon.

  113. “When the fire starts to burn, right, and it starts to spread!” Disclosure is awesome! Awesome list as well!

    I know you guys also like Bon Iver’s last album, so what do you guys think about Volcano Choir (Justin Vernon’s side project)? It’s probably one of my favorite albums of the year.

    • I didn’t get a chance to check it out yet! I got the album, but forgot about it for a while. We freaking loved Bon Iver’s last album. If Volcano Choir’s anything like it, I’ll start listening to it this weekend!

  114. ubiquitousDragonviola

    I *love* this kind of music! Burial’s song/MV combination hypnotized me. I just sat there drooling. (Actually, my nose running is a better description…since I have a cold).

    Simon (and Martina), how do you guys learn about such cool music? I’m always immersed by the American Top 40, none of which I particularly like, and struggle to find great indie music anywhere (even Korean indie music, but thanks to you guys I’m learning more about the Korean indie scene).

    Does anyone else have this problem? It’s rare that I stumble upon indie music, and even more rare that I find friends that share my tastes. :P

    • Finding new music is tough. I rely on Pitchfork.com a lot, or what’s under iTunes’ Alternative/Electronic tab. Pitchfork is hit and miss for me. I also have some friends who recommend stuff to me. Or I’ll hear something in a TV show or movie and say “HOLY SHIT THAT’S AWESOME” and look up the soundtrack online, find the artist, and explore their discography.

      It’s not easy finding new stuff, really, but it’s rewarding :D

      • ubiquitousDragonviola

        Thanks bunches for the suggestion! I’ll give it a go.

        • Another thing: finding friends to talk about Indie Music with is like playing Battleship. You mention an artist: miss. They mention one: miss. You mention another: miss. They mention one you know as well. HOLY SHIT I KNOW THEM THEY’RE AWESOME!

          Seriously: I had a friend who was more aggressively into Indie than I was, and it was so hard to find intersecting lines of conversation, because there are so many indie artists and bands out there!

      • A site I recommend for people who want to find great indie music is birp.fm. They come out with playlists every month of both up-and-coming and obscure artists who fit this genre. In fact, a lot of the artists they featured, both a looooong time ago and recently, have become famous. Like, the flaming lips, vampire weekend, MGMT, modest mouse, Neon Indian, Bon Iver, etc. Seriously, this site is cool beans.

      • simon i found your old what.cd account the other day

      • Cara Rose

        now the whole video/blogpost/commentsection is a goldmine of new music, look what you started?! Thank you for this, like winning the lottery… if the lottery had mellow beats & interpretive dance rolled into it ^_^

  115. I can’t tell you how much I liked this Video…music exploration is so important. We must must feed our ears or they will

    drop off of our heads. LOL

  116. I totally agree with you about Bibio’s Silver Wilkinson. I did love “You” from the album, and played it so much for my friends that they voted it my life’s soundtrack of the year. It was just so cool, viby old-school R&B with a twist…Felt like a cool love song without being mushy. Listen to it again, and vibe out. You might like it this time around.

  117. Love the Pharell song. I’m more of an R&B person myself so I didn’t know many bands on the list. I’ll have to check them out! For me, I really enjoyed Seyn’s EP and Ariana Grande’s album this year.

  118. Honestly, I pretty much just listen to k-pop now, but I always like discovering new music. I’m definitely going to check these bands out, thank you! Also, a band that I looove for chill, but upbeat electronic is Lemaitre. They make the perfect study/work music. In particular, check out their songs “Splitting Colors” and “Nishio.”

  119. Carolynn

    Ooooh thanks for the new music to listen to! I really liked the little blurbs you played and am definitly going to check these out!

  120. Can we get a count on how many times Simon said “You’re gonna like it” in the video? Haha

  121. Thank you for introducing us some cool-sounding music! I’ve never heard about any of the songs nor artists, but I’ll definitely check them out!

  122. i super like the idea of non-korean music, and i super love the comment about the name of artists that people don’t memorize :p! I personally listen to a more upbeat dancing music, but would give these albums a shot for sure!!!! ^^

  123. Oooooh very nice picks! I’ve always pronounced the “moi” in “Toro y Moi” the french way…now I’m doubting myself, noooooooo.

    • Ain’t that the worst? I remember something like that happening in Harry Potter, when I was reading the books and didn’t know how to say something from it out loud when discussing it with someone else. I don’t remember the part, though.

      And it’s not like Toro Y Moi says his name in his songs, right? Like “TORO Y MOI IN DA HOUSE RAISE YO HANDS UP” That would be useful for us, though.

  124. You guys should check out Grimes, Jhameel, and Kishibashi if you haven’t already. They are also amazing artists!! <3

  125. Not sure if K-pop-fans as a target audience is interested in your free-time hobbies outside of Korean culture and music… Nothing wrong with all kinds of music though but this just seems like a lot of wasted effort.

    • Our main audience isn’t only kpop fans, though. Kpop is once a week. Kpop Music Monday isn’t even our most viewed segment :D

      • What about Korean slang, Korean food, Korean everything you make videos of for other days of the week? I guess they are for people who are into Korean stuff. Of course I’m not trying to define your channels’ theme.

        • Liam Sullivan

          I am not sure what you are trying to say here but I think while you are not trying to ‘define’ the theme or themes of their website/community, you are doing just that. Simon and Martina are so much more than K-pop, Korean Food and Korean slang. True Nasties know this, and appreciate this. If you have criticism that isn’t actually constructive, please keep it too yourself. Thank you :)

        • I’m trying not to sound offensive, but I hope that you know that I was just trying to let them know how to get more views (= income) if they made videos that appealed to their target audience, which I thought was people who were interested in Korean things I mentioned earlier.

        • Liam Sullivan

          Again, you are stating that you know specifically what their target audience is. Sure, some if not most of their subscribers have joined their channel because of their involvement in Korean culture but I could be wrong, I know I didn’t, what’s to say people aren’t joining for the fact that S&M and the rest of the EYK crew are just awesome people?
          The only gripe I had with your comment is that it wasn’t really constructive, I am sure they are aware of what gets them views and what doesn’t. Have a good holiday season ~

        • I’m not stating that nor implying that I knew what their target audience is. Just to point out, they are not professionals in vlogging or not even filming, marketing or scripting, so I thought a viewers honest opinion would be welcome on a community-based website and would be appreciated, because they don’t have the education to back up their decisions’ validity.

        • Liam Sullivan

          So your’re basically stating that Simon, Martina, Leigh and Soo Zoo are not professionals at what they do for a living and should ‘stick to what they know best’ just so they can maintain income? Its not always about money, what their viewers want to see, this site provides and outlet them to show us anything they want too whether Korea related or not. I understand what you are tying to say over all but you come off very negative and superior. We can agree to disagree because as a faithful nasty I’ll watch pretty much anything they post because I am interested in them, more so than anything else. EYK Crew Fo Lyfe.

    • That’s why it’s on their side channel Open the Happy, which is filled with videos of their pets,random ass things they find in Korea, movie reviews and makeup tutorials. Korean Culture fans that don’t care about other things can stay on SimonandMartina and SimonandMartinabonus. I however, really like hearing about other things that S&M do, and I know of many more people that will really enjoy this video.

      • Yes, I can choose which channels to follow and be subscribed to, but I hope you understand that following them on Twitter and Facebook and visiting this site where we’re discussing, you really can’t put away the channels you aren’t subscribed to, and so they are all the same Eat Your Kimchi-stuff.

        • You do realise that if there is a video you are not interested in you don’t have to watch it, right? For the sake of the rest of the people who are interested i think you should keep your reviews as to what is a waste of time to yourself.

        • I was just trying to help.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          On their facebook and twitter’s respectively they noted that this was a non-korean related music playlist. So it wasn’t like they didn’t give their social media followers a heads up. They informed about the content of the video and it was then each followers choice to view the video or not. I’ve been with EYK for three years now, they are very good at letting Nasties know when something isn’t Korea based.

        • You are correct, my mistake. And what does the year amount have to do with anything, by the way? Just seemed inappropriate to highlight that.

        • irritablevowel

          What are you blathering on about?

        • Just having a conversation by replying people who replied me, what about you?

    • Well, that’s a bit of a way off generalization of the thousands of fans who have been following Simon and Martina for varied periods of time. Sometimes, you have to mix things up in this exploration of life.

  126. Not an album of 2013, but I think you guys would like DeVotchka. They did the soundtrack to Little Miss Sunshine, and the lead singer Nick Urata did the soundtrack to What Maisie Knew. Check ‘em out!

  127. I usually like music to have words, but you’re poisoning me…slowly poisoning me…not that I mind it :D I actually really liked that Burial song you had playing :D Yay~

    • I pretty much love all Burial Albums from “Untrue” onwards. Burial’s awesome, and – from what I read – for a long time remained anonymous. He didn’t care about fame or recognition. Just wanted to make good beats. I appreciate that :D

  128. I’ve never liked electronic music before but you guys are really getting me into it… not complaining though :D

  129. bigbangfosho

    I wish you guys put this on your main channel because so many more people need to watch it.

  130. No Backstreet Boys? D= Shameeee. Their album was gold. Happy to see Nine Inch Nails listed! Loved “Find My Way” from thier album.

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