Before we begin, let’s just say, from a hilarious marketing perspective, we’re both wary and excited to do this topic. It’s not because we’re particularly fond of talking about big boobs in Korea, but because the name of the article will get a lot of people’s attention. Sure, we’ll get some people coming here looking for teh p0rn0z. Hopefully we’ll convert those random stragglers into regular viewers. Hey you! Random person looking for booby pictures. Sorry you didn’t get them here, but we have other cool stuff to offer instead, like FAPFAP and WANKs! Now that I think of it, I’m surprised we didn’t get those people to begin with…forward ho!!!

It’s a me, Martina-o! Doesn’t work. Okay, so this topic is rather girly, though I did include a tiny section for men when talking about Korean clothing sizes, so keep yer eyes peeled! I wasn’t sure if it would be too weird to do this topic, but after all the million thumbs up, I realized it’s a topic a lot of girls (and maybe guys) were wondering about, so I bit the bullet.

In a nutshell, bring your own bras/underwear/pantyhose/leggings if you want to avoid a hassle.

I want to get this off my chest (hah) before I go any further: I just KNOW I’m going to get a couple comments like:

“Martina you’re so wrong! There is this one store beside my house, down this random street, that sells all the sizes of the rainbow”

Phooey to that! The problem is that most people don’t think outside of their area box. If you’re coming to Korea and you move to a small town, then you’re automatically missing out on a lot of things that are available to me living in Bucheon, thus I don’t want to think from the attitude of “everyone is moving to a city like Bucheon, and everyone has easy access to Seoul.”

Having said that, if you DO know of a place that sells bigger sizes, let us know, cuz we sure as sugar don’t know anything about them! Try to steer away from recommending places that you went into and it seemed like they had bigger sizes, but in reality are in Korean sizes. I visited some places that have C and D cups, but they were no where close to North American sizes, and the ribcage width (i.e.: 32, 34) was limited to smaller sizes. Also: bring your own bathing suits! I looked for weeks to find a bathing suit and all I found was the last large size of the most hideous bikini from H&M out of sheer desperation. Jean + floral + rainbow + barf + strings + gold + large = I’ll take it!

Now one thing I don’t want to do is discourage you from shopping for clothing in Korea, because you can find really awesome stuff. I just want to prepare you in advance from being disappointed and giving up. I suffered from a lot of body image issues my first two years in Korea, because everyone is really small and thin. While I wasn’t overweight in Canada, I looked like a beast beside everyone else, and I don’t mean the cute Fiction dancing kind. All the clothing I tried on either didn’t fit or made me look even bigger in the wrong places. I got to the point where I was like, “FORGET IT! I’M NOT EVEN LOOKING!!!” *throws self on bed sobbing like a Disney character*.

The problem was that I wasn’t being realistic with what could fit me or look good on me. When I talk about “free size,” that will be the biggest roadblock to finding clothing in Korea, especially because the free size clothing is the so plentiful, so cheap, and also SO AWESOME LOOKING! In order to keep from being burned by Korean free size, I would recommend heading to your local Emart or HomePlus (it’s like a WalMart, Target, or Zellers) and spend some time trying on clothing there to get to know Korean clothing. They have a change room, unobtrusive employees, and a range of sizes in the 85 – 105 format. Even if you don’t like the style or you think it looks stupid, just try it on to get a feeling for what you can pull off.

After I did that, I discovered how to make the baggy style look good on me, that 99% of button up shirts/dresses won’t fit ever, tight sleeves won’t fit over my bicep, that certain fabrics will stretch nicely, and how much a skirt/dress/tank top will shorten when I wear it. Now I can tell my Korean dress size just by looking at a dress and pressing it up against my body. Now I can shop for free size and tell right away, “Ah, this fabric won’t stretch at all, it will totally not fit me” or “this is a great size but once I put it on, it will become a shirt and not a dress”.

The last advice I’d give you is to embrace some baggy clothing because the summer in Korea is disgusting hot and you won’t want your clothing touching your body. I found that the simple baggy dresses can make me look like I’m wearing a garbage bag, but the ones that fall off the shoulder, or have a weird asymmetrical cut to them, can look really funky. They may not be as flattering as a fitted dress, but if you match it with cool shoes and awesome accessories, hold your head up high with confidence, you’ll look like a fashion leader.

P.S. Simon here. Boobs.

  1. Surprisingly, also finding this problem in the U.S now with some of the new styles of buttoned up chiffon shirts/dresses (which are really adorable and perfect pastel-y colors, and material and designs!!) Yet, my chest tugs at the buttons in the center and makes awkward spaces where you can see into my shirt (especially if i do a sudden movement that pulls at the shirt).

    I don’t even have a big chest either. I’m usually a C, sometimes a B in some brands.

    • buttoned up chifons doesn’t do that for me….but your basic white button up does it and I am a C cup @_@ most buttoned up tees are probably made for pancakes…

  2. So…..I’m guessing XXL is not an option…….. If you are what you eat i need to eat a skinny person -_-

  3. https://www.facebook.com/soobin5447
    not spaming, not promoting or whatever, this is a girl i subscribe to on facebook and honestly… i wanna know where she shops for bras
    how can she

  4. Valley Girl is Australian! :D

  5. what do you think about psy signing a record label in the u.s.a since hes already with yg?

  6. Most Koreans (and Japanese) don’t have apocrine glands (which produce armpit sweat), so that’s why it’s hard to find deodorant in Korea. Yep, the cool things you can learn in an Anatomy course :)

  7. Simply go to department store and you can customize/tailor your underwear. They measure you and make it just for you but of course costly and not so cute most of times. There’s also this Japanese brand called AimerFeel, they have stores in Seoul but I’m sure you heard about it.

  8. We all know that there is no “perfect country”. Each country gets defects, drawbacks. In your opinion, what are the biggest defects in Korea?

  9. TDLR QUESTION ” Can people become teachers in Korea if they have health issues such as being Diabetic and etc.?

    this is going to sound super silly but i’m DYING to know. what’s with the no socks thing? i see this all the time in dramas and k-pop. are they actually not wearing socks? does korea have some sort of magical super low cut sock that wont show but doest fall off? if they arent wearing socks is this just a celebrity thing or do you see sock-less people walking around on the streets of Busan

  11. Hey SimonandMartina,
    Since my parental block has blocked this video on youtube I had to come here and ask my question. I’m a writer and I really want to write, well type up my scripts (the last software I used – ScreenwritingPro it’s free and that’s all i could afford – failed me) and I would like to know what program do you use and how do you script for things like KMM and TL;DR?

  12. bit confused…
    i have a C cup, but a small back waste and hips, does that mean i am too big to buy clothes in Korea???
    hope not, since im visiting Seoul soon!!! :(
    i thought i would be a similar size to Victoria in RL, but maybe i am just kidding myself.. haha

  13. What are your top 3 and bottom 3 k-dramas???

  14. What do most
    Koreans think of African Americans or people with darker skin? do they assume
    that all people with dark skin from Africa?

  15. Very fun video. I’d like to see if Simon has a similar problem shopping for clothes in Korea (not underwear-related), but he’s freaking tall. Wouldn’t there be a problem with finding shirts and pants that are his size if there aren’t a lot of tall people in SK?

  16. Question!
    I watched an interview of Big Bang’s T.O.P. saying that he’s interested in dating older women, because of their maturity, even if they are 20-30 years older than him. Is that common in Korea? Is it uncommon for a man to date someone that’s younger than him?

    • Im also wondering about age differences and dating because, theres all those stories about dating between students and their teachers in dramas/mangas/manhwas and it works out to about 8 years difference usually so is it actually acceptable for that age gap or is that simply fiction. I feel stupid for saying this but I really want to know because I find that a bit weird…..

    • I love TOP, it takes confidence to date an older woman. You go Tabi.

  17. yes there are tons of uniqlo’s in new york now! also.. thanks i want to go to valleygirl now ^^ also.. yes EVERYTHING is so shirt! but i likey likey .. being able to wear short stuffs.. and the korean kids love my moms big boobies!! mauahaha my mommies boobies!

  18. while i was in seoul, i was sooo afraid i won’t be able to buy any clothes there T^T since i’m a medium sized gurl. but YAY~!! i did find some clothes for meh xD i bought osom One Piece t-shirt in spao (lolz ELFs will know XD), good thing they’ve had a fitting room XD it wasn’t so cool when i found some girly & extremely cute shop in myongdong (it’s called cookie). i took like A LOT of clothes but then ha! surprice! no fitting room >.< so got to think reeeally long what to take & what not. fortunately the clothes i choosed, i was able to fit in XD
    even if i was able to find fitting clothes, i kinda know what u r talkin abt martina… agh korean gurls are so flat & thiny T^T ah! whatever xD we should be proud that we hav boobs xD

  19. OMG I love UNIQLO! :D There’s one in London now so I always go buy anime and funny t-shirts there ^^ Btw that manga Simon that popped up like an SM ad is really nice!

  20. Are you looking forward to watching Korea compete in the Summer Olympics?

  21. TL;DR Question: I know how you guys said your on a diet and what not but I was wondering if there are any gyms you can join in Korea or any foreign friendly gyms? I know its a weird question but I really want to go to Korea and I don’t want to not exercise if I want to live and possibly work there in the future.

  22. my friend wants to visit south korea and japan(a week each) for her 16th birthday but she said she’s afraid she’ll be fat even if she’s normal in the us but anyway the big find problem she says is that she won’t tops or bras because she’s a DD#32….. I told her not to worry but still she says she will exercise etc.

  23. Even though I’m small chested….[ small b cup. ] I have a feeling finding clothes would be disastrous…I don’t really have a butt either..I’m decently thin…But I have 37inch hips. And a 28inch waist…And I’m 5’6.. Well poop. o.o; …….And what was that thing about bring your own shoes?! Y U KILL MY HOPES AND DREAMMSSS?

  24. Hey Martina you should check out this website. It’s from a British lingerie chain that caters to us curvy girls and they ship internationally http://www.bravissimo.com/

    I love Korean variety and game shows (especially the ones with idols on them like Running man and Idol World) but it’s hard to find out about new ones being here in Canada. Most of my friends don’t think they’re funny/ like them. Have you guys found yourselves watching them and laughing more the longer you live within the culture? And do you have any specific titles you always watch?

  26. oh god, Im planning to go to south korea after my graduation and even now in Finland, its hard to find bra’s that fit me.. DAMN IT.

  27. Oh Martina you really did bite the bullet with this one but I am so appreciative!!!! Thank you :)

  28. I guess I am lucky in that I’m pretty small so I won’t have that problem when I go there, but I’m happy I’ll actually find a place that will sell my bra-size during travel! I’ve been to way too many stores that sell nothing smaller than a B or C -_-

  29. QUESTION: How are mixed race kids viewed/treated in Korea? Are they fairly well-accepted in the community, or do they tend to be bullied more?

  30. TL;DR Question:
    How is the clubbing nightlife in Seoul? What kind of music do they play in the clubs, and what do clubgoers think about the kpop industry and music?

  31. I know you’ve done a video on paying taxes, but what about banking? are English speaking banks easy to find?

  32. lol Simon’s P.S.

  33. Having big boobs in Korea is a hassle because a lot of men here don’t know how to be slick about looking at them. They just openly stare like perverts.

    I know in some countries it’s considered bad luck if someone breaks a
    mirror or spills salt so what are the superstitions like in Korea? Are
    they much different from Canada (or other Western countries?)

  35. TL;DR Question:
    How Do Koreans feel about Marrying A Foreigner?
    I love Korean guys but I’m mexican and how does the older generation feel about there grandchildren marrying a foreigner?

  36. Gah most American dresses are already too short for me. butt length tunics only in Korea?! (I’m 6′). I may have a shot at free size clothing it seems, if the fabric is somewhsat stretchy, and if its anything like China free size. Actually looking forward to the day when I go to Korea and pick up nice flowy/baggy tops.

  37. In KDramas, a lot of couples go clothes shopping. In real life, do Koreans find it weird if a couple (especially a young unmarried one) is shopping together? I have a feeling if a guy wandered with his gf into a lingerie store with no wedding rings on their hands, it’d be heavily frowned upon

  38. Have the comments by native Koreans been criticizing the accuracy of your statements?

  39. Question for TLDR;
    How is the school system in korea? Is it like the states or like japan?
    (Some info on jap schools too please~^^)

  40. Question~!;
    How are idols like shinee or f(x) or wonder girls seen to the public? I always hear that they are more than the usual idol something or other…
    Is there a label over kpop idols? IS IT A BAD THING? OR A STEREOTYPE OR SOME SORT?

  41. My ex girl friend used a sandpaper like item on her arm hair to thin it out. She also trimmed the neither regions so it didn’t get too jungle-like. She is Korean btw.

  42. I don’t know why, but Asian bathing and laundry habits always intrigued me. Whenever you watch dramas sometimes it looks like there is no shower, just a toilet and a bath tub. Or there is what looks like a water hose in the bathroom.

    Second, what about washing your clothes? Almost every drama I’ve seen people or washing clothes by hand and line drying. Do people not own washer/dryers? What about Laundromats? (all I know is, if I didn’t have a washer/dryer, I’d turn savage.)

    • Not sure about KOrea but in China, people usually use washing machines and then hang them up to dry. Weather is usually warm so they’ve never really seen the need to invest in a dryer. I’ve seen girl’s underclothes hung out with no embarrassment

    • I live in Gwangju and I have a washing machine, but no dryer. I hang up all of my clothes to air dry on a drying rack. You can buy one for about twenty bucks or so. At first it was irritating to hang up all of my clothes, but I have two drying racks and I hang them up to dry at night and usually by morning (except in humid weather) everything is dry. Just be sure to use softener or your clothes will be super crunchy. The water is hard.

  43. I know how you feel Martina. I have to order all my bras online, even here in the US.

  44. How do you get medicine in Korea? Do they have drug stores or do you have to go to pharmacies for non-prescription stuff like cough medicine? I’ve seen so many characters in dramas go to a pharmacy for digestive medicine… why is that? What is it like for you as a foreigner? Are you ever worried about getting the wrong medicine because of language issues? -Rukie

  45. When I was there I desperately wanted to fit the clothes that were in the underground shopping malls too…(that “Free Size” thing is a trap!). I’m not even big by North American standards either (it’s the boobs haha). I generally stayed away from anything button-up or not made of anything stretchy. Uniqlo and Emart was where I shopped for clothing, one because they weren’t expensive and two because they’re the only ones that fit my size range. I saw YES! lingerie stores but even though they say they carry C and D cup sizes, they only really fit B cups with a small rib cage (not me). Though I heard that you can get larger bra sizes from Dept stores like Lotte and Hyundai. Victoria’s Secret ships to Korea also, but beware the shipping costs!

  46. good to know. ive been looking at some of the korean clothing sites that are linked on your blog and I like their clothes but it would suck to buy them and when they get here im all sad and in depressed mode because a shirt won’t go over my boobs and a skirt wont fit my hips. I’m a bit more on the curvy/busty spectrum. My boobs butt, and height cause many problems even in american clothing. In american clothing im too short for pants, shorts are like caprices on me, my butt hikes up skirts and my boobs pop out of shirts. Plus i have a tiny waist but big hips so pants are friggin hard to get right. I’m sure the length of korean clothing would be in my height range but the sizes would not be a “bingo” for me. My aunt is korean and she gave me one of her dresses. it was cute but she is taller than me so if it came to her knees, it came to my calf lol. Also it was a baggy dress and just did not look right on my tiny but busty frame. i even tried pairing it with a skinny belt but the mirror just laughed at me .TT3TT

  47. Thanks for the information! I remember as a kid in Korea, it was pretty hard for me to find sizes then, too. Whenever I visited family, I could never buy any new clothes to take home. :( Hopefully I won’t have the same problem when I visit next year… I have to reach my goal weight first, though. :P

  48. kawaii_candie

    interesting. i have the same problem in japan and a lot of the stuff you said is pretty much the same over here. i also end up with like 200$’s worth of bras from La Senza whenever i go home, eheh…

    and actually, i was told at my orientation, back in Montreal, that i should probably invest into buying LOTS of white camis to put under my shirts… i thought she was being really stupid at the time but it ended up being the best advice i ever got. lol.

  49. Martina! I am also above a C cup (live in Cheongju) and my friends and I have found bigger size bras at Solb stores

  50. “I looked like a beast beside everyone else, and I don’t mean the cute Fiction dancing kind.” hahahah ♥

  51. aww Matina!
    *hugs* thanks for the tips!!

    and Simon, your line… that was uhh funny(?)

    Thanks for the information. Oh and Martina, when you did the review of Wonder Girls “Like this” MV, you were wearing a colorful dress with bare shoulders, was it from Korea or Canada???

    Take care guys!

  52. martina, you should do a video about your skincare routine on Open The Happy’s channel! :D

  53. I guess I’m good to live there…well my boobs are. Maybe not my waist.

  54. I love Simon’s tidbit on the article.

    Do Korean guys show a lot of skinship to each other like we often see in variety shows?

  56. Question: Is there any Latino/Hispanic influence in Korea? Like music and food wise like in the states. Is it common to find a Latino/Hispanic person?

  57. ahem….
    what age to koreans usually start dating, marrying, and get pregnant..
    bad grammar..like a boss

  58. My dad thought i was looking at porn when i opened to this page. -_- thanks you guys. now my dad thinksim gay. ….

  59. Security: what are you doing with ranch, shoes, and braaas???
    Simon: Very Nice!!

    +1 for Simon for saying that and making me laugh haha

  60. What is it Like to eat-out in South Korea?

  61. TL;DR QUESTION- I’ve noticed in K Dramas that yelling is a normal  tone of voice when talking to someone. Is that really how people talk to each other in South Korea?

  62. Valleygirl is in Australia too! It sounds like there’s a lot more options for us though. They have anything from dresses to jumpers and even bags. 

  63. oh my god!! I got stuck in a dress too!!! I was in Japan freaking out in the dressing stall.

  64. TL;DR Question:
    So this might be a little awkward to both ask and answer but I’m really curious and you’re all adults. How is sex viewed in Korea? It seems like it is something that is considered to be more taboo that simply something that you might do only when married. I never hear about anyone in the kpop world having a child out of wedlock or something while in the US (where people are plastered with sex) celebrities that have a child out of wedlock are put on the spotlight while not necessarily being criticized for it. So is sex something that they think of as something that should not be done except to procreate? Is this an awkward question?(Sorry for posting again, just really curious about it!)

    • I’m really curious about it too. Like, is there sex education in Korea? In Korean dramas and TV shows, I’ve sometimes heard them talk about porn, but never about real sex (which I find super wrong)

      But I’ve already asked that question a few weeks ago, it got the best rated, yet they picked another one, so maybe they don’t wanna answer cuz they want to remain all-public, I don’t know.

    • I’m also curious about it! My mom & cousin are Korean & I could ask them, but it’s too awkward! -__- Plus my cousin is a little too innocent to really know. xD

    • I go on the website Koreabang.com for info. From the netizen’s comments that I’ve read on it, anything couples do beyond hand holding in public(and maybe a quick peck on the cheek) is generally frowned upon ie viewed as disgusting

  65. I wore a free size tee once in KL and my puppies were sticking out… T_T 

  66. OMG…valley girl was my favorite store to shop at until they close it down…lol

  67. Thank you so much!! i’m planing on go living to korea.. so thats really helpfull!!

  68. Martina, SolB and Venus have our sizes.

  69. When it comes to Honorifics and being a foreigner. Do you use them a great deal? It’s not like any people you come across that are native Korean look like they could actually be your Brother, Sister, Grandmother, Grandfather, aunt, or uncle.

  70. I just have to say, Martina you look sooo beautiful in this video!

  71. I would love to know more about typical housing and neighborhoods.

  72. VALLEYGIRL IS THE BEST SHOP EVEEER ! It’s like everywhere in Australia

  73. QUESTION: 
    What is the deal with Korean people caring so much for body hair? I’ve even seen that some male idols shave their legs or are ashamed of showing their legs because they have “hairy legs”. If a girls has hairy arms does that come across as bad or ugly? I’ve even seen an ulzzang girl on a variety show saying she broke up with her boyfriend because he had too much chest hair. 

    • asians tend to be really smooth. i’m korean as well and the reason why i like going out with korean guys is because they usually have smooth hairless and baby-like skin. it just feels nicer, y’know?? like when you touch their tummy and stuff, i just like hairless guys better, and a lot of asians do.

    • I think it depends on the person. My husband is Korean and he is hairy. He doesn’t shave his body hair but doesn’t like facial hair. Do the bad genetic, thanks grandma, I pretty hairy as well. Some guys might not like it and others like my husband won’t care. Also have a sister, who has bad facial hair and she is married and has two kids. It’s all depends on the person. I knew a Korean woman and she said she was grossed out by my husband’s hairy body. That she like smooth hairless men. She didn’t have good reason why. I don’t understand someone leave someone because of something silly as hair. If one loves that person, it wouldn’t matter how the look.

  74. I know you guys talk about tattoos,and I was wondering what about piercings?
    Do Koreans think is something bad?
    Or what do they think about it?
    And thanks for the tip,now I know that I will have to take a lot of them.lol

  75. I love your words of wisdom Martina <3

  76. rofl~~ I sooo know how this feels~ I’m Korean.. but… 5″10… lol… yea…. makes me ㅠㅠ when I want to find clothes in Korea…. omg… and shoes!!! it is impossible!!

    loved this ep~ 

  77. Or just have Narsha’s mom makes clothes for you. JK

  78. YES ZELLERS! CANADA FTW! But did you know they’re taking out Zellers?! They’re getting replaced with Walmarts and Targets! D: So when you take a trip to Canada in the next six months or so, they’ll be no more Zellers :(

  79. thisisjustforfunval

    Now I know should I ever move to Korea like I one day hope to, I will just have to take my whole closet and then some :-P I have a large chest and I’m a plus size girl. I have a hard time finding button shirts here in America that will not expose my boobs to the world. They can do that enough on their own.

  80. Martina, I totally had the same problems, but with my bottom.  I was a “fashion model” and often couldn’t get a job, because my butt wouldn’t fit in the clothes, even though I wore a 2 or 4 in America back in the day. (Fortunately, Andre Kim loved full skirted gowns!!!) I used to buy all my shoes and pants off the internet.  Do they still sell “Bitch” shoes?

  81. I live in Daegu and have been in Korean for a little over a year… the BEST place I’ve found to find  inexpensive but fashionable big size clothes (XL-XXL; 110-120) is GMARKET!!! http://www.gmarket.com. They have an English version of their website and even ship overseas. Seriously a HUGE life saver living here. AND I can find some shoes, too. Some shops sell up to size 265 (9.5-10).

  82. I have a question related to that one… how is to have a “butt” in Korea? does it really matter? I’ve seen some girls from Kpop bandgirls who have no butt at all! I mean, I feel so happy bc I’m like them… no butt at all, however, my boobs size is pretty decent :)  

  83. O_O im very young and i have already cup b… its normal in my country but when im an adult i will be oversized there but anyways here’s my question: what is you are between youre 12 and 14.. like me.. and youre 167 cm tall.. are you then very different from the other people of youre age..

  84. er sorry for the double post *scratches head*
    I don’t know how that happened!

    YesStyle has just opened a ‘Plus-Size & Larger Sizes’ category. I’ve always bought dresses from YesStyle cos there’s no way there pants/shorts are going to fit my pear shape hips and booty but I’ll be trying out some plus size pants soon. I hope this helps!

  86. if you could show someone, who knew nothing about korea, one music video, which one would it be? then if you had an hour, what kinds of things would you show them to best express what you love about korea

    • I’d say show the person the “how to dance to kpop 2009″ video from simon and martina on youtube. It’s really fun and there’s plenty of songs to see, listen and even learn some dance moves. Besides that i watch “Running Man” tv show. I’ve shown it to some people and everybody likes it. Just pick a good episode because some of them are really good and others meh…

  87. There is a lingerie shop in Korea called Venus that does carry D-cup sizes. My friend who is a DD was able to find bras there that fit her. The cuter ones don’t tend to come in the large sizes, but if you need basics, it’s an option! That being said, I do usually pack a lot of bras when coming back to Korea! 

  88. awesome video!  fighting!

  89. I’ve been watching bits and pieces of their blog and this one is funny. True – asian girls have smaller frames but I never knew shopping over there was such a pain in the butt…loved the skirt comment LOL.

  90. I’m in Korea now and I’m torn when I go shopping for clothes in the shopping places (like Hongdae, the underground shops, etc.) It’s ridiculously hot here and I would love some new dress to wear (cos they are sooo sooo extremely cute!). But because of those evil free size…….nothing would go pass my shoulders and boobs either *sobs*

  91. Martina, next time you dye your hair, will you show us how you do it, and what brand of dye you use? I recently attempted to dye my hair a purple and it failed MISERABLY. Maybe you could show us on OpenTheHappy? THANKS! <3

  92. I was born in the US, but I’m asian so I have really tiny boobs, and I can never find nice bras to wear. But when I went to China last summer it was so fantastic; there were so many pretty, cute, and cheap bras that fit me perfectly. I bought a ridiculous amount of bras to bring back to the US with me :)

  93. Really glad that you mentioned it so much because I always forget to ask/leave a comment about this:
    How tall are you? Because you said that compared to the intended length for most Korean girls, that dresses still came up a bit higher for you. (I know, you also said it was because of your S-line xD) But I’m 5’8 and I love some of the dresses I see online but I’m really self-conscious about short clothing T___T

  94. I’ve been wondering…why doesn’t Simon just make his own ranch…you only need a couple of ingredients…buttermilk is the only truly difficult one, i think….

  95. I don’t really know about sizes from korea… but being a big footie girl i have had my share of suffering, in a few of your videos i’ve seen there is zara in korea and they do carry big shoe sizes here in mexico so i checked their korean website (http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/category/kr/en/zara-S2012-s/244895/Shoes) they say they carry shoes to size 42 (european) so you might find some shoes in there :) when i go to korea i’ll check there for sure :)

  96. Have you seen any Muslims during your time in Korea, or is it rare? And I mean like mosques, or women wearing scarves on their heads etc. Because I’m wondering if people would stare at me a lot if I went to Korea and was wearing a scarf on my head..Not that it would stop me from going, but I’m just curious :)

  97. Hey Simon,make next episode boyish!How about condoms in Korea?

  98. What’s the job market like for a foreigner? I’m majoring in graphic design and would love to make a living in Korea doing it. Any advice?

  99. How are people who are disabled physically, mentally, and psychologically treated in Korea? This goes for Koreans and waegukins(sp?).

  100. you guys make the greatest video’s…such great advice from a western perspective. I’ve always wanted to work and live in Asia (Korea or Hong Kong) and watching this helps me to believe that it one day might be possible!

  101. Martina, all i have to leave for you here is /r/bigboobproblems …. Which im sure youve already discovered on reddit xD

  102. Well, my chest looks about the size of Eun-Chan’s, so I’d be okay on shirts.

  103. love the final tid bit: “If you’ve a question that doesn’t involve boobs or babies….”
    Hahaha. I wish people wouldn’t pressure on the babies front. I’m in the same boat, too. 

  104. I want a Martina goes Shopping in Korea!!!! It’ll be fun!! Please!!

  105. UNIQLO! /excite. Only place in Japan (apart from H&M) where I could buy clothes :’) 

  106. I guess for me it wouldn’t be a problem, I seem to be at just the right size in Korea.

  107. I guess people are going to hate me, but I order my clothes from china, because I am so tiny. I am 5’3, 32-24-32, c cup. China was the only place clothes actually fitted me, in Canada its hard for me to find xxs to fit me, even harder to get a bra(I live in rural newfoundland)

  108. lol at the ps. boobs

  109. Well, thankfully I’m both petite and slim so Korean sizes should be perfect for me *happy dance because Korean clothes are adorable* xP 

  110. What does 왕가슴 size mean?

  111. I was wondering is it easy finding make-up ie foundation, bb cream ect for all skin tones?  

    • No.  If you are dark there is really no hope.  Martina did a really good video on BB cream a while back on a couple brands and I don’t know if it is brought up there, but BB cream is only being embraced by the rest of the world very recently so the only really good ones are Asian brands.  Several American brands have hopped on the bandwagon such as Garnier? But their reviews aren’t the best.  Though Tarte I have heard some good things about and the Asian Skin 79? I think for some darker shades.  I am a couple varieties of white and 1/4 Japanese and I actually have a Skin Food location by me in California–with their Peach Sake 01 lightest BB cream, I match very well, like–spot on.  I am pretty white with a lot of freckles and tan very easily though this summer, I’m not as brown as normal as I’ve been very good with the sunscreen lately. 

      • The BB cream your right the Asian brands are the best. Even though it is expensive it is worth the money. I’m trying Missha BB its meant to be the best of all BB creams. I’m trying the natural beige but its too light…I look like the grudge.lol So I might get the honey one next time but Thank you so much for the infor…looks like I’d be needing to shock up on a lot of foundation before heading out there.:/

  112. “Every dress will be too short for you”
    Darnit I like Korean clothes, now I know when I go to Korea I can’t go shopping…
    At least I don’t have the boobs problem :P

  113. Gaaah, it’s so hard in Asia in general to find the right size -.-” I was on vacation in Vietnam (Since I’m from there) and I had to buy shorts in size L, while in Norway I use like size XS or XXS if possible, but either way non fits perfectly XD Gaaaaaah, the frustation… Asia y u so size too small heh?

  114. OOO okay so now i know lol (i believe if i’m taking the hints correctly i am the same size as you martina) ahh okay so QUESTION: (also sorry if it’s been asked before)
    How do Koreans view illegitimacy? or single parenting?

    • Not Simon or Martina but I can answer your question, as I’m an international adoptee from Korea. Unfortunately illegitimacy is looked down upon in Korea. A survey showed that single mothers are the second most discriminated group in Korea after GLBT-individuals.

  115. FriedChickenOnew

    I shop on Yesstyle, favorite brand…Orangebear. there are only a few brands that have my size but orangebear is my favorite :)

  116. in korea don’t they usually make korean men go to the army for a period of time. is that the same for foreigners? like will simon have to go to the army?

    • I heard that people who aren’t born in Korea don’t have to go to the army.

      • In many cases you lose your original citizenship if you serve in the armed forces or at the policy level of government of another country because in order to do so you have to pledge loyalty, etc. 

    • simon won’t because , i think , he’s still got his canadian ( or polish ) nationality if you watch flower boy ramyun shop in the end the main guy nearly gets an american nationality thing so he nearly doesn’t go to the army 

  117. What about XL? D: 

    I’m still too big for most of those things. ;x; My boobs are…a lot bigger than yours. Does this mean I’m forever banned from adorable Korean clothes?

  118. Besides just looking for cloths or bras that fit, is having bigger breasts considered a ” good” thing or at least seen as more sexy? I don’t mean in a bad way, I mean as in the ” perfect mold/ body type” video you guys did forever ago. The one that explained things like the V and S line. Just curious because at least for the Koreans that have been exchanges at my university it seems they like the way foreigners are shaped :/

  119. Third that :3 plus I’d bet there are probably things about your body that your Korean friends envy ^^

  120. I’m glad you went with this topic!…even though, I’ve never had this problem when I go to Japan. Granted, I’m definitely petite to US standards (5’1″, minimal curves), so most things fit when I’m shopping in Asia. But for my taller friend (5’7″), who was in Japan in with me for a month, suffered to find cutesy dresses that didn’t look like a shirt OTL

  121. so what size in uk or french/euro sizing is 100? m thinking that the korean sizes are probably REALLLLLLLLY TINY and a 100 is probably a 10 or 12 UK or maybe size 2 euro?? does anyone know the comparison?

  122. I’d be so screwed if I went there, I’d have to bring ALL of my bras xD

    Anyways, question: 
    How do Koreans react to foreigners/What do they think of foreigners? Do they travel much? What do they think of other countries? Are they interested in other cultures, or not?

  123. I have a question for you that is kind of on the same topic. You are always saying that Koreans are small, petite, tiny, skinny, etc etc…are there ANY large/plus sized Koreans? I know here (U.S) diet books, diet remedies of all sorts, diet foods are popular and a HUGE business. What is it like there? How extreme?

    •  Hi, I’m Korean.. and I’m 172cm so about 5’8? sometimes, I do feel tall, but then if I go out in the large city, I see a lot of tall women. However, plus sized/large women are not really common.. For example, in America, I see large sized people everywhere but in Korea, there’s really none because of our gene or whatever lol. But you will sometimes see large sized people.. and in Korea, people are ALL on diet whether you are skinny or fat. Like the girl who looks perfectly fit and slim, even she would be on diet.. It’s so bad.. My sister has curvy body and everything but she’s always on diet 24/7 for like her whole life. I can’t say for if diet products are huge business in Korea.. but people always go on different diets like lemon detox, or just eating meats or eating sweet potatoes and calling that as diet remedies lol.

  124. My experience with clothing in Korea was pretty similar to yours.  

    An additional note about bras:
    My friend assured me that my size was available at the lingerie store. I needed 30D, which isn’t as big as it sounds because even the cups are smaller on smaller band/ribcage sizes.  I was so excited, because it is difficult and expensive in the US to get a bra to fit a small ribcage; I thought I was finally going to have options.  Well, the supposed 30D was more like a 30B with enough padding to make the wearer LOOK like a 30D.  A big disappointment.

  125. So, how do women react to tall and muscular men with LARGE, MUSCLED CHESTS?  Do they stare?  I was in Mexico one time and I found it really uncomfortable as the smaller Mayan women would stare at my chest when speaking.

  126. Hey!  I LOVE this bit!  I have the same problem.  Valley girl is definitely my fav, I just wear opaque tights underneath when the dress is short!.  Also VIVIEN always has my size (80DD -34DD at home), it’s a Korean brand, and can be found everywhere.  They are a bit pricey, but I became used to paying higher prices for bras years ago at home.

  127. lol my dad’s friend brought his family from korea here to the states to visit, and I had to take the friend’s daughter to victoria’s secret go buy D-cup bras since she says she really can’t buy any decent bras that size in Korea. She says she hates having big boobs in korea lol

  128. I wear an extra small in America, but I have trouble buying clothes even here because of my shoulders and boobs (Inverted triangle wooo) There are some really cute Korean (as in, the sign’s in Korean, the clothes tags are in Korean)  boutiques in my area that I’ve been planning to go to, it’s nice to have some warning ahead of time :) 

  129. martina i feel your pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    haha im actually korean but i have C cups and its drives me CRAZY
    im only 5’2 so everything always fits until i try and breath and then the buttons and/or zippers holding my “puppies” in explode -_-;
    oh well im living in america right now so its no big deal finding clothes that fits yay!

  130. Thank you so much Martina! This is really useful…
    Actually I have a hard time finding bras and shirts even here in Italy, because when the cup size is ok, then the waist size is too big, and viceversa. And most shirts are either too tight on the boobs or too loose on the belly… So my shirts are mostly baggy.
    Oh and I hate short shirts -.- …I think I’m gonna have a hard time with asian clothes sizes xD

  131. I did a lot of clothes shopping while I was studying in Korea. At 5’10″, it was impossible to find pants or long-sleeved shirts that were long enough. And about the dresses, yeah they are definitely shorter on westerners than on Korean girls. I bought a few dresses and have to wear waist belts/cardigans to hid the fact that my chest makes the waist line higher in the front than the back. Damn boobs XP

  132. maybe I should go live in Korea then XD they would have all my sizes whereas here in California I usually have to just buy clothes that are a little bigger. For example I always have to wear a belt because pants are too large!!! So Korea here I come! lol

    • What size are you? Unless you’re a size 000 or something, pants shouldn’t be too hard to find. I haven’t had any trouble finding pants in Cali.

  133. If you can, or have not already, the only thing I can recommend to remedy many problems like this is to have a military friend that can either get you on base/post, or can go to the BX/PX and buy these things for you. They even have deodorant! lol

  134. just wondering is free size in asian countries all the same? but yeh i’m not big chested (only a B) and sometimes shirts are a bit short so i always pull it down *sigh* 

    andd what about shoe sizes?got small feet cause i’m short,live in australia and a seller told me last time it would be hard for me to find shoes cause my feet are apparently inbetween children and womens sizing >> anyways ~ from a conversion chart i think im 220 or less… and last time i was in japan i dont think they had shoes smaller than 220 for womens?

    •  When I was in Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines, I noticed similarities in sizes.  Korea has regular free size, and then baggy free size.  Things I bought in Thailand were more like regular free size in Korea if a little bigger.  small feet. hmmm. usually the sizes start at 220 I believe.

  135. Martina youre so adorable!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~
    come to Singapore, we have everything! =0

  136. Martina and Simon, I am a big fan of Korean Drama and Kpop and nearly 50 years old.   How wierd would Koreans think I am?  Cos If I saw GDragon on the street or even better Rain I would scream with joy!  Should I just be myself and show my appreciation my way or hold back….with difficulty!

  137. What kind of strict rules in Korea, are different to those in North America, or the UK (where I am from)?x

  138. I  lived in Korea for 2 years and although I’m 5 ft and small I also had a hard time finding clothes.  It made me so  depressed and angry that although I could find my size so easy the clothes didn’t fit me as nicely. Koreans love the baggy shirt look (which they pull off really well) however on me it just made me look pregnant. And their skirts are so cute except if you have a butt – be prepared to be greatly disappointed.  So basically even if you’re a small- you may still have trouble finding clothes if you have hips, a butt and a waist.

  139. I never had a problem with the baggy free size clothing…but with other things, the problem was not my boobs (I’m only a B cup), but rather, I have an oddly large rib cage! >____< So nothing "fitted" actually fits! TT^TT

  140. how depressing my boobs already make it hard for me to find cloths, and Korean fashion is so cool. 
    ?What do koreans think about autism?  I saw a statistic that autism is being diagnosed 1out 38  pt.   Do these kids get to go to school or do they go to a special school?  
    The reason why I ask is bc I have an autistic child myself.  Thanks

  141. i love wat ur wearing martina :)

  142. I’m a medium-size clothing person in US/Europe, but a FAT FATTY in Korea. Even though I’m Korean. I usually shop at EMart or dig around a bit in random stores. And don’t get me started on pants, because I have a gigantic butt and pants hardly fit me. Never tried a plus size store, but I didn’t want to damage my self esteem further. So IF YOU WANTED TO KNOW HOW OVERWEIGHT AND SUPER LARGE KOREAN PEOPLE FIND CLOTHES IN KOREA, THEY CAN… YOU JUST FEEL SHITTY ABOUT YOURSELF AFTERWARDS *goes to a corner to cry*

  143. My first time to comment on here.. well, I just wanted to say that even though I’m a D cup (european D cup xP) I don’t have any problems with buying clothes in Korea but maybe that’s because… I’m slim xD apart from my chest, the rest of my body is in xs/s size O.o so the only problem is that sometimes I have to buy an M size for my upper body in order to fit my boobs in, lol XDDD but there was one time when I was trying to put on a dress but it was sooo completely NOT elasticfantastic that I just gave up = =’

  144. I bought a free size dress from a Korean Clothing store on-line. And it named all the things Martina mentioned.
    1. It was was short
    2. Fit me nicely….till the chest area…..stupid buttons… waaa… :( Martina I feel your pain.)

  145. Here in Japan, in addition to UNIQLO, there’s also their cheaper cousin: g.u. (http://www.gu-japan.com/) run by the same parent company…does that exist in Korea as well?  It’s a slightly cheaper option and I’ve seen up through XL there – although L tends to be the largest size…I agree with the free size issue – if it’s pretty loose – good to go, otherwise, skip it…

  146. I know that the ‘free size’ isn’t so free size after all. I think it’s common in Asia. It’s like those ‘free sizes’ are just meant for skinny girls. =( Like you Martina, I’m top heavy, it’s hard for me to find the perfect top in ‘free size’. My mum bought me tops from Korea and they were really tight for me. Could get through it. I look at a Korean online stores that carry free sizes and was surprised how small their free sizes are (44-66).

  147. Usually my biggest problem is price ._.

  148. Why don’t you try custom tailored dresses?
    I am sure you can find reasonably priced shops for you.

  149. I simply won’t shop for clothing in Korea, ’cause… that just won’t happen. xD;;

    I remember my mom telling me last year to pack light before coming to Korea, and I told her that, as a bigger gal, there’s no such thing as “light.” LoL. She said to pack less, and if I needed any more clothes, we could go around Itaewon since they’d have bigger sizes thanks to all of the foreigners. I didn’t take that chance, but I am curious about if it’s true.

    • MOST of the clothing shops I’ve seen in Itaewon are terrible old fashion and a vast majority of the clothes are not good quality either. Actually, I’ve had more luck finding stuff in Daegu than I have in Seoul. People in Daegu are still Korean size (obviously), BUT there are more bigger sized people here because there are a lot of people from rural areas here and, while still image conscious, people here don’t seemed to be quite as obsessive here as they are in Seoul.

      • That’s what I figured too. We didn’t stay long in Itaewon, so I didn’t really look around the stores.
        Good to know~! I might scope out Daegu when I go back next year – assuming I don’t forget. :P

        • yea… not itaewon, how about myoungdong, or… u know what just look it up on internet or just go internet shopping alot of korean girls i know do that they also label size in korean or american

        • Well, I don’t actually *need* to shop in Korea since I live in America. But when I go back next year, it’d be nice to know where I could actually find clothing that’d fit me.

    •  I know the feeling. I am a curvy girl too, with a 38 DDD cup. No clothes shopping for me in Korea either….I have enough trouble here…(T.T)

  150. Thank you so much for doing this TL;DR!! I’m a very chesty woman and want to move to Korea so this is extremely helpful! 

  151. I used to work at the head office for Valleygirl / Temt in Sydney, apparently they’re owned by a Korean company which is why you’ll also find Valleygirl in Korea. Not sure if they also have Temt there… Working at that place was the closest I’ve been to living in Korea lol, I was probably one of like 10 people who weren’t Korean. That was where I first became exposed to Korean culture though and I’m very glad of it. Great video as always, Martina (and Simon)

  152. Is it possible to find women shoes bigger than size 250 in Korea?

    • Yup. I’m 265 so I also pack shoes with my bras! Hahaha! Even in Itaewon the foreign neighbourhood, it’s still tough to find my size and/or a shoe I actually like. Never bought a pair of girls shoes in Korea. I recommend bringing your own or buy Korean men’s shoes and change the laces to make it more feminine!

    • As a “footnote”. I’m Korean (born) and I have large feet for a Korean. In the U.S., I wear a size 8 (250). When I was in Korea, I never saw a size larger then 250 anywhere (for women). 

  153. There are H&Ms in Korea too, so I just splurge there when I can. My biggest problem is shoe sizes: I am a 275 maybe 280 in shoes (US size 10), and the only pair that ever fit was in Itaewon and they were hideous. Even when trying on the shoes, I noticed they were narrow. I am not sure if Korean typically have narrower feet that Westerners, but after looking in Aldo, I gave up my search for finding heels and asked my family to ship shoes from home.

  154. I’d have loved Simon’s take on this, what of him being a tall guy and all. I just have a hunch that findind a pair of jeans that fit a 180 cm guy would be possible, but above that?

  155. Martina your not fat and never were, asians are just naturally super stick thin, tbh I prefer your size.

  156. You wear all these amazingly cute outfits(want!! :( ) but, what do you wear to work, or to teach in Korea?

  157. Thanks for the tips Martina! I’m hour-glass shaped, so it’s hard for me to find clothes that fit me properly (especially pants/shorts) However I’ll keep your tips in mind if I ever go clothes shopping in Korea one day :)

  158. Thank you so much for addressing the issue of body image.  It’s happened to me in Japan too and it makes me feel better to know that you were able to get through it and figure out how to make the system work for you.  

  159. So, even though I’m a white girl, the boobs thing probably won’t be that much of a problem for me when I move to Korea. It’s kinda sad when most of my Korean friends have bigger boobs than me…. :(  I’m more worried about finding jeans that fit me.

    • Why is it sad? There are so many different types of breasts, shapes and sizes, nothing be sad about. Embrace your body, what does it matter if some random person prefer big instead of small? There’s too much to this world than for us girls to bother so much about our bodies, we should rather enjoy it and respect it.

      •  oh that was a joke! Trust me… I’m all about embracing it. I was pointing out how unusual it was for my Korean friends to actually be bigger than me. Nothing about what random people want… I’m happily married with a husband who loves me exactly how I am.

    • I agree with Dark Hollow. I don’t really go for girls with too big of boobs

  160. So seeing as I’m not tall by any means (I’m 4″11) I suppose a lot of the dresses might be overly long? Or is my height a little more convenient than yours Martina? Though it doesn’t help with the above C bust.

    Thank you for this informative video, this is seriously one of those must know topics. And I’m glad you included Panties and leggings in your post of things to bring. I’m realllyyyy glad a woman of average size and measurements for some western women (like me!$is over there.

    •  From my friends who are on the shorter side they never really had a problem.  Pants and things here are made shorter than at home (I dont hem mine here, but at home I usually have to cut off 4 inches at least and I’m 5’5″).  There are LOTS of tailors who do great alterations!

  161. I guess then I would be really lucky going to asia to by bras :( Can’t get that many here -.-
    But the dress part…I guess it’s close to impossible to find a dress for a 6′ tall girl T.T
    want to have a cute dress T.T

  162. well, i’d have the same problem. i’m an european L size and my boobs are kinda big. every time i try to wear asian “baggy” clothes they fit me but aren’t really baggy, lol.

  163. Even if you’ve got small boobs and are rather skinny, that doesn’t guarantee clothing will fit. (Most) Koreans have very slim hips and no butt and from my experience this also makes buying clothing difficult. Also, like Martina said, everything is so damn short!

  164. keep up the good work martina! lived in japan for 5 years..(not there anymore) experienced the same thing.. 
    whats worse, im an asian with boobs… ugh.  i visited my korean friend in seoul back in 2006, i had a body image break-down in her aunt’s house after a failed shopping spree.. EMBARRASSING… somehow.. i thought that MAYBE korea had clothes that would fit.. 

  165. It’s the same here in Japan. It has been hard for me to buy clothes here (mainly if you don’t like short skirts)! 

  166. H&M has been ok with me so far here but surprisingly places like Nike and Addidas has been not so good (except the Addidas in Time Square you guys suggested for shoes). every time i mention that im 310 shoe size i get a ot of “hahah… uhhhh no”

    Since its raining so mauch lately here in Korea im looking for find something like NATIVES for my feet but i cant seem to find them anywhere…
    if you dont own a pair you need to, trust me


    • Simon gets the “230?” “No, 300″ “ohhh 230?” “Um. No…” <—and this whole conversation is in Korean! Did you end up getting an awesome pair of Addidas from that store? I'd love to see a pic if you did.  Oh and Simon bought a pair of those slip on plastic shoes (that all the students wear) from Nike and although it's a bit small, his heel and toes can breathe,  it's an adjustable velcro strap, and the rain doesn't matter.

  167. Hey Martina, very well done this new post. I was just wondering about that. Here in Brazil I go to stores and the opposite happens to me: I’m too small to fit in the smallest size. The clothes are really nice and beautiful, but they just don’t have my size at all. So I end up going to the kids section, trying to find something less fancy and this kind of thing and usable by an adult. Maybe I would find my true happiness at Korea or Japan, then. :)

    • I’m from Brazil, and my problem is a bit different. I’m veery skinny… I think I can say I have an asian body, though I’m not asian at all, but when it comes to pants it’s a problem, because these straight jeans don’t fit, the hip area must be curvy, or my butt would look horrible hahahaha

      But yeah, sometimes it’s hard to find something that looks good >.>
      Shoes to me is another problem, I’m a 7 1/2 or 8 in US (38/39 here in Brazil) and actually they’re not really rare to be found, but they’re not so easy to find, and when they’ve on these sizes, they’re ugly xD

  168. My biggest recommendation besides bringing a bunch of stuff over and ordering from UK websites (ASOS usually has cheap shipping) is become best friends with your scissors and a simple sewing kit- I’ve taken many hilarious Korean free-size shirts and cut them up and resewn them into nifty looking tops/skirts, and I’m bustier than the average Korean by far.

  169. Lol I’m so happy I’m a B Cup xD

  170. Thanks martina! i’m going to Korea to study abroad in a couple of weeks so i’ll take your advice! 

  171. Thanks for addressing this and giving other shopping/dressing tips!  I just left Korea last week but 2 years there as a curvy girl with DDD cups was a constant battle in self esteem.  I know you try to be diplomatic/positive on your site, but I was a little surprised that this video didn’t mention when vendors shoo you away saying something like “no big size,” or make gestures about your body.  I learned to deal with being able to buy very little but when people directly commented on my size (US 10-12) was when I felt the worst about myself.  UNIQLO is good for some dresses and tops, but I found the waist sizes very small.  HomePlus was great for a winter coat since they carry up to 105.  Nothing else I found could even zip up!  

    • I’m on the small-medium size compared to average at home, but I’m still told no big size when it comes to bra and some clothing stores.  It doesnt bother me for 2 main reasons, 1) I know they arent being rude, it’s part of how Koreans talk to each other, often very blunt about these things, even the shop ladies aren’t so small a lot of the time, 2) it’s acutally helpful sometimes bc I don’t have to waste my time looking at things I cant wear…
      I understand that it’s hard to love yourself when random ppl are saying crap, but with the store people, they really arent trying to be rude or mean

    • I went to a Korean clothing store near Seattle, and the owner told me as I was looking at a vest that they wouldn’t have my size. (for all she knew I could’ve been buying it for a small friend) Then followed me unfriendly like as I walked through the store, like 2 feet from me the whole time, until I left. I am a little nervous how I’ll be treated in Seoul.

  172. “FYI, the screenshot for our latest video isn’t Boobs. It’s a buttocks bra: http://www.flickr.com/photos/simonandmartina/4466666426/

  173. That must be really frustrating living there then! I absolutely love Asian girly fashion but I know that nothing from there will ever fit me unless I become stick thin. Don’t think that will ever happen, I’m just your average curvy American girl.  I want to like make a shop filled with super cute clothes but I don’t like sewing so I’m not sure where to go with that, ugh.  But yeah, nice topic, Martina! :D

  174. this was very handy to know :D cause I’m above c xD  and it’s still my dream to visit korea once :D (or live there that would be even better :O)

  175. I actually first started watching you guys when I was first figuring out how to pack for Korea and I took your advice and brought lots of bras and clothes with me! I also found that Forever 21 also has “big sizes” 

  176. We have Valley Girl in Australia…it’s like a known brand for most teens and young/20s-30s women OvO;; I thought they came from the states…guess not…/searches

    Uhm…OH LORD VALLEY GIRL IS AN AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS LOLOLOL How could I not know that when I live here /shame

  177. “P.S. Simon here. Boobs.”


  178. I am so glad you did this video so I would be ready for my trip to Korea next year :) … Now if only you can help me with my twitter issue… My cell phone is being attacked by kpop related tweets…not that I don’t mind.. .but it woke me up

  179. Martina I want to give you a hug! :)
    Thank you for talking about this!

  180. lol…u r so funny martina..

  181. Thanks!^^  Its the same thing here in Japan, if you show just a hint of a cleavage, people are gonna stare/ogle at you.  But legs are kinda acceptable.

  182. Awesome, I’ve totally been wondering about this for a while, cuz I’ve been thinking about heading over to Korea, and I remember from when I was in China that nothing there EVER fitted. Out of curiosity, how is showing your bra viewed in Korea? I mean in the sense that in Aus nobody thinks twice about having straps showing on your shoulders, or showing the clip at the back under a low cut. I’m kind of guessing it wouldn’t be considered well-mannered, but is it looked down upon?

    Also, I want your shirt.

    • In Brisbane straps are shown but man that looks cheap and nasty! One thing I cannot stand about Lorna jane tops is the bra straps showing. No one wants to see the girls!

    • well, being a korean american, i visit korea every sunmer for like 2 months and showing your bra straps are okay but spaghetti straps are kind of showy if you dont put like cardigans or something else. The clip of a bra showing is unusual so avoid if you can. But its not like koreans are like “HIDE THE BRA,CLIPS, STRAPS, HIDE EVERYTHING!” of course if the color of a bra shows through a sortof see through shirt it’s fine. So the clip of a bra showing is a little bit more risky, i would say avoid it. But if your bra strap shows thats pretty much fine

  183. dont they have brand outlets like miss selfridge, topshop or dorothy perkins there..? cuz most countries do..rite..?

  184. SO. Where’s teh p0rn0z? Booby pictures?

    ……WHAT??!! No boobies??? D:
    Gah what a rip off. I'm leaving. Boo.

  185. I can’t feel your pain cos I’m asian and well, they sell asian sizes. But imagine me having to go to America or countries of sort and buy clothes, I might need an XXS since my size is XS here (screw myself for being so short boohoo). But I’ve seen kpop stars having big boobs (eg G.Na), won’t they have any trouble finding undergarments like you? 

    •  Part of the problem there is that while someone like G.Na may have big boobs for her frame, I’d guess she would be (by Australian sizes, any way) something like a 6 or 8, and a C or D cup. She is well endowed in ratio, but the kind of scale Martina is talking about (North American is the most PC way of saying white) is totally different. G.Na may go to more specialized Korean stores, while as Martina says, she doesn’t even bother now.

      • when g.na was in canada from fans who saw her and brian at yorkdale, brian said she went to victorias secret to shop haha so i’m guessing she also stocks up while she’s out of korea. 

    • Simon here: I actually saw G.Na up close when I was at Seoul Fashion Week a while ago.  Not to be mean or anything, but her boobs weren’t as big as I expected.  I kept on hearing about the colossal rack she had, according to all the articles on line, but they didn’t look that big in person.  Maybe they were taped down a lot?  I don’t know.

      Not saying that she’s lying about her size.  Korean sizes are different here, that’s all.  What passes for a D cup here wouldn’t pass for that in western shores.

  186. ok so I would have bigger problems then you since the size of my chest is bigger than yours, so the solution would be to learn how to sew and make your own cloths, well except of an underwear

  187. Very nice thumbnail xD
    They have Valleygirl where I live! (In Australia)
    I feel like I was born to live in Asia because WESTERN CLOTHES DO NOT FIT ME. But the stuff you describe not fitting you sounds like it would fit me.

  188. As someone who wears a DD it really does suck to attempt to find anything that covers you. I can barely find clothes that fit me, although Dongdaemun staff at Doota were more than giddy to help find me a shirt and than embarrassingly laugh at my problems. Where is a Valleygirl in Seoul? I need more clothes TTnTT

  189. “P.S. Simon here. Boobs.”
    Haha, Oh Simon xD

  190. Thanks for the info! I had the same pb in China too XD! Love from Paris!!!

  191. wow can’t believe that and martina I love your outfit :)

  192. Valleygirl? We have that in Aus, didn’t think it’d be in Korea O.O

    Random question (not tl;dr) Do you do your own graphics in your videos or does a friend/site etc, cause your openings and such are looking progressively more awesome.

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