Before we begin, let’s just say, from a hilarious marketing perspective, we’re both wary and excited to do this topic. It’s not because we’re particularly fond of talking about big boobs in Korea, but because the name of the article will get a lot of people’s attention. Sure, we’ll get some people coming here looking for teh p0rn0z. Hopefully we’ll convert those random stragglers into regular viewers. Hey you! Random person looking for booby pictures. Sorry you didn’t get them here, but we have other cool stuff to offer instead, like FAPFAP and WANKs! Now that I think of it, I’m surprised we didn’t get those people to begin with…forward ho!!!

It’s a me, Martina-o! Doesn’t work. Okay, so this topic is rather girly, though I did include a tiny section for men when talking about Korean clothing sizes, so keep yer eyes peeled! I wasn’t sure if it would be too weird to do this topic, but after all the million thumbs up, I realized it’s a topic a lot of girls (and maybe guys) were wondering about, so I bit the bullet.

In a nutshell, bring your own bras/underwear/pantyhose/leggings if you want to avoid a hassle.

I want to get this off my chest (hah) before I go any further: I just KNOW I’m going to get a couple comments like:

“Martina you’re so wrong! There is this one store beside my house, down this random street, that sells all the sizes of the rainbow”

Phooey to that! The problem is that most people don’t think outside of their area box. If you’re coming to Korea and you move to a small town, then you’re automatically missing out on a lot of things that are available to me living in Bucheon, thus I don’t want to think from the attitude of “everyone is moving to a city like Bucheon, and everyone has easy access to Seoul.”

Having said that, if you DO know of a place that sells bigger sizes, let us know, cuz we sure as sugar don’t know anything about them! Try to steer away from recommending places that you went into and it seemed like they had bigger sizes, but in reality are in Korean sizes. I visited some places that have C and D cups, but they were no where close to North American sizes, and the ribcage width (i.e.: 32, 34) was limited to smaller sizes. Also: bring your own bathing suits! I looked for weeks to find a bathing suit and all I found was the last large size of the most hideous bikini from H&M out of sheer desperation. Jean + floral + rainbow + barf + strings + gold + large = I’ll take it!

Now one thing I don’t want to do is discourage you from shopping for clothing in Korea, because you can find really awesome stuff. I just want to prepare you in advance from being disappointed and giving up. I suffered from a lot of body image issues my first two years in Korea, because everyone is really small and thin. While I wasn’t overweight in Canada, I looked like a beast beside everyone else, and I don’t mean the cute Fiction dancing kind. All the clothing I tried on either didn’t fit or made me look even bigger in the wrong places. I got to the point where I was like, “FORGET IT! I’M NOT EVEN LOOKING!!!” *throws self on bed sobbing like a Disney character*.

The problem was that I wasn’t being realistic with what could fit me or look good on me. When I talk about “free size,” that will be the biggest roadblock to finding clothing in Korea, especially because the free size clothing is the so plentiful, so cheap, and also SO AWESOME LOOKING! In order to keep from being burned by Korean free size, I would recommend heading to your local Emart or HomePlus (it’s like a WalMart, Target, or Zellers) and spend some time trying on clothing there to get to know Korean clothing. They have a change room, unobtrusive employees, and a range of sizes in the 85 – 105 format. Even if you don’t like the style or you think it looks stupid, just try it on to get a feeling for what you can pull off.

After I did that, I discovered how to make the baggy style look good on me, that 99% of button up shirts/dresses won’t fit ever, tight sleeves won’t fit over my bicep, that certain fabrics will stretch nicely, and how much a skirt/dress/tank top will shorten when I wear it. Now I can tell my Korean dress size just by looking at a dress and pressing it up against my body. Now I can shop for free size and tell right away, “Ah, this fabric won’t stretch at all, it will totally not fit me” or “this is a great size but once I put it on, it will become a shirt and not a dress”.

The last advice I’d give you is to embrace some baggy clothing because the summer in Korea is disgusting hot and you won’t want your clothing touching your body. I found that the simple baggy dresses can make me look like I’m wearing a garbage bag, but the ones that fall off the shoulder, or have a weird asymmetrical cut to them, can look really funky. They may not be as flattering as a fitted dress, but if you match it with cool shoes and awesome accessories, hold your head up high with confidence, you’ll look like a fashion leader.

P.S. Simon here. Boobs.

  1. Surprisingly, also finding this problem in the U.S now with some of the new styles of buttoned up chiffon shirts/dresses (which are really adorable and perfect pastel-y colors, and material and designs!!) Yet, my chest tugs at the buttons in the center and makes awkward spaces where you can see into my shirt (especially if i do a sudden movement that pulls at the shirt).

    I don’t even have a big chest either. I’m usually a C, sometimes a B in some brands.

  2. So…..I’m guessing XXL is not an option…….. If you are what you eat i need to eat a skinny person -_-

  3. https://www.facebook.com/soobin5447
    not spaming, not promoting or whatever, this is a girl i subscribe to on facebook and honestly… i wanna know where she shops for bras
    how can she

  4. Valley Girl is Australian! :D

  5. what do you think about psy signing a record label in the u.s.a since hes already with yg?

  6. Most Koreans (and Japanese) don’t have apocrine glands (which produce armpit sweat), so that’s why it’s hard to find deodorant in Korea. Yep, the cool things you can learn in an Anatomy course :)

  7. Simply go to department store and you can customize/tailor your underwear. They measure you and make it just for you but of course costly and not so cute most of times. There’s also this Japanese brand called AimerFeel, they have stores in Seoul but I’m sure you heard about it.

  8. We all know that there is no “perfect country”. Each country gets defects, drawbacks. In your opinion, what are the biggest defects in Korea?

  9. TDLR QUESTION ” Can people become teachers in Korea if they have health issues such as being Diabetic and etc.?

    this is going to sound super silly but i’m DYING to know. what’s with the no socks thing? i see this all the time in dramas and k-pop. are they actually not wearing socks? does korea have some sort of magical super low cut sock that wont show but doest fall off? if they arent wearing socks is this just a celebrity thing or do you see sock-less people walking around on the streets of Busan

  11. Hey SimonandMartina,
    Since my parental block has blocked this video on youtube I had to come here and ask my question. I’m a writer and I really want to write, well type up my scripts (the last software I used – ScreenwritingPro it’s free and that’s all i could afford – failed me) and I would like to know what program do you use and how do you script for things like KMM and TL;DR?

  12. bit confused…
    i have a C cup, but a small back waste and hips, does that mean i am too big to buy clothes in Korea???
    hope not, since im visiting Seoul soon!!! :(
    i thought i would be a similar size to Victoria in RL, but maybe i am just kidding myself.. haha

  13. What are your top 3 and bottom 3 k-dramas???

  14. What do most
    Koreans think of African Americans or people with darker skin? do they assume
    that all people with dark skin from Africa?

  15. Very fun video. I’d like to see if Simon has a similar problem shopping for clothes in Korea (not underwear-related), but he’s freaking tall. Wouldn’t there be a problem with finding shirts and pants that are his size if there aren’t a lot of tall people in SK?

  16. Question!
    I watched an interview of Big Bang’s T.O.P. saying that he’s interested in dating older women, because of their maturity, even if they are 20-30 years older than him. Is that common in Korea? Is it uncommon for a man to date someone that’s younger than him?

    • I love TOP, it takes confidence to date an older woman. You go Tabi.

    • Im also wondering about age differences and dating because, theres all those stories about dating between students and their teachers in dramas/mangas/manhwas and it works out to about 8 years difference usually so is it actually acceptable for that age gap or is that simply fiction. I feel stupid for saying this but I really want to know because I find that a bit weird…..

  17. yes there are tons of uniqlo’s in new york now! also.. thanks i want to go to valleygirl now ^^ also.. yes EVERYTHING is so shirt! but i likey likey .. being able to wear short stuffs.. and the korean kids love my moms big boobies!! mauahaha my mommies boobies!

  18. while i was in seoul, i was sooo afraid i won’t be able to buy any clothes there T^T since i’m a medium sized gurl. but YAY~!! i did find some clothes for meh xD i bought osom One Piece t-shirt in spao (lolz ELFs will know XD), good thing they’ve had a fitting room XD it wasn’t so cool when i found some girly & extremely cute shop in myongdong (it’s called cookie). i took like A LOT of clothes but then ha! surprice! no fitting room >.< so got to think reeeally long what to take & what not. fortunately the clothes i choosed, i was able to fit in XD
    even if i was able to find fitting clothes, i kinda know what u r talkin abt martina… agh korean gurls are so flat & thiny T^T ah! whatever xD we should be proud that we hav boobs xD

  19. OMG I love UNIQLO! :D There’s one in London now so I always go buy anime and funny t-shirts there ^^ Btw that manga Simon that popped up like an SM ad is really nice!

  20. Are you looking forward to watching Korea compete in the Summer Olympics?

  21. TL;DR Question: I know how you guys said your on a diet and what not but I was wondering if there are any gyms you can join in Korea or any foreign friendly gyms? I know its a weird question but I really want to go to Korea and I don’t want to not exercise if I want to live and possibly work there in the future.

  22. my friend wants to visit south korea and japan(a week each) for her 16th birthday but she said she’s afraid she’ll be fat even if she’s normal in the us but anyway the big find problem she says is that she won’t tops or bras because she’s a DD#32….. I told her not to worry but still she says she will exercise etc.

  23. Even though I’m small chested….[ small b cup. ] I have a feeling finding clothes would be disastrous…I don’t really have a butt either..I’m decently thin…But I have 37inch hips. And a 28inch waist…And I’m 5’6.. Well poop. o.o; …….And what was that thing about bring your own shoes?! Y U KILL MY HOPES AND DREAMMSSS?

  24. Hey Martina you should check out this website. It’s from a British lingerie chain that caters to us curvy girls and they ship internationally http://www.bravissimo.com/

    I love Korean variety and game shows (especially the ones with idols on them like Running man and Idol World) but it’s hard to find out about new ones being here in Canada. Most of my friends don’t think they’re funny/ like them. Have you guys found yourselves watching them and laughing more the longer you live within the culture? And do you have any specific titles you always watch?

  26. oh god, Im planning to go to south korea after my graduation and even now in Finland, its hard to find bra’s that fit me.. DAMN IT.

  27. Oh Martina you really did bite the bullet with this one but I am so appreciative!!!! Thank you :)

  28. I guess I am lucky in that I’m pretty small so I won’t have that problem when I go there, but I’m happy I’ll actually find a place that will sell my bra-size during travel! I’ve been to way too many stores that sell nothing smaller than a B or C -_-

  29. QUESTION: How are mixed race kids viewed/treated in Korea? Are they fairly well-accepted in the community, or do they tend to be bullied more?

  30. TL;DR Question:
    How is the clubbing nightlife in Seoul? What kind of music do they play in the clubs, and what do clubgoers think about the kpop industry and music?

  31. I know you’ve done a video on paying taxes, but what about banking? are English speaking banks easy to find?

  32. Having big boobs in Korea is a hassle because a lot of men here don’t know how to be slick about looking at them. They just openly stare like perverts.

    I know in some countries it’s considered bad luck if someone breaks a
    mirror or spills salt so what are the superstitions like in Korea? Are
    they much different from Canada (or other Western countries?)

  34. TL;DR Question:
    How Do Koreans feel about Marrying A Foreigner?
    I love Korean guys but I’m mexican and how does the older generation feel about there grandchildren marrying a foreigner?

  35. Gah most American dresses are already too short for me. butt length tunics only in Korea?! (I’m 6′). I may have a shot at free size clothing it seems, if the fabric is somewhsat stretchy, and if its anything like China free size. Actually looking forward to the day when I go to Korea and pick up nice flowy/baggy tops.

  36. In KDramas, a lot of couples go clothes shopping. In real life, do Koreans find it weird if a couple (especially a young unmarried one) is shopping together? I have a feeling if a guy wandered with his gf into a lingerie store with no wedding rings on their hands, it’d be heavily frowned upon

  37. Have the comments by native Koreans been criticizing the accuracy of your statements?

  38. Question for TLDR;
    How is the school system in korea? Is it like the states or like japan?
    (Some info on jap schools too please~^^)

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