Eat Your Kimchi

What’s the Biggest Risk You Ever Took?

Biggest Risk

Wow! I’m amazed so many people said that going to Korea was the biggest risk they ever took in their lives. I mean, come to think of it, leaving everything you’ve grown up with behind is kinda scary. People survive it, of course, so it’s not a deadly risk, but it can definitely be a risk for your future and careers. I remember Martina’s parents told us not to stay in Korea for too long, because if we wanted to come back to Canada to teach we wouldn’t have the benefits of their connections (since they were teachers), as those connections would dry up over time. I can see that being kind of a risk for other people moving here as well.

For us, I think the biggest risk we ever took was taking the risk to pursue making videos full time. For those of you who don’t really know our story, we were in Korea for two years, making videos along the way, before we decided to pursue it more seriously. And it wasn’t an easy decision to make. For those first two years we didn’t make any money out of it. There wasn’t the partner program in Korea. We just made videos because we love making videos. When the partner program opened up, though, we thought that this was a great opportunity. But it was a huge risk. This was right around the collapse of the economy. I had a stable career as a teacher, and I was going to give that up for something that might not even work out? It was really scary. But we both thought it’s worth the risk. We’re lucky it paid off. We know many people who weren’t so lucky. And it’s something that we never take for granted.

So, that’s it for our biggest risk. We saw an opportunity, put our all into it, and somehow ended up where we are today, though I’d fully understand if it didn’t work out and we were back to teaching in Canada. Hey, it’s something we think about all the time. What if people one day just stop watching us? We’re living this risk all the time! It really keeps us in an existential state. Whoa: you should have seen me before getting on stage for the Meet Your Kimchi Tour. I sure was a mess. Ok I’m rambling now. Just, hey guise: thanks for watching our videos. We keep on living in this weird state of risk, and you’ve been generous enough to not abandon us. We really appreciate you for it. Thanks everyone.