Finally! A Drama segment!

Thanks to everyone who hung out with us today as we watched K-Dramas, chatted for a bit, and ate black bean noodles with us. We were super excited to do this! We’ve always wanted to do a K-Drama segment, and we’re lucky that Viki wanted to do something with us. Great success!.

I’m also happy that this drama didn’t suck. If you didn’t watch it with us, we were watching Let’s Eat, Episode 1
Martina made me watch a few and I wasn’t impressed, but I’m actually interested in watching the rest of this. The first episode wasn’t perfect. I HATE seeing vomit. Oh man. I get extremely nauseous, even seeing fake barf. Hongdae on a weekend, with drunk people barfing everywhere…oh it hurts me so much. I also understand that the student is supposed to be air headed, but the “Oppa Jjang Jjang Man” hurts me so much. Is it supposed to burn that much? Or can you just brush it off easily? It hurts…hurts so much.

But otherwise I liked the characters. I was really surprised to see Doojoon act so well. His character isn’t, like, Wolf of Wall Street level of acting, but he fills his role pretty well. I also like the stress-eater girl. Good for her for fighting back against the scumbag. Oh man. She did great with the legal threats, but I’d have gone the knee-to-the-nuts-gouge-out-eyes route. That’s just me. I’m less forgiving.

Viki was also nice enough to give you all three free months access to Viki. All you gotta do is click here and fill out the form. Booya! No ads, and all HD, for you! That’s pretty awesome, I’d say

Anyhow, we might be doing more K-Drama segments in the future, if you’d like us to, that is. We had fun! We’ll think about what we can do to change things up and improve them, and hopefully get to getting those out soon. Shablamo! Make sure you click on the button below here to ensure that you don’t miss out on any future segments:

  1. I just finished watching the whole season and loved it! Does anyone know if there is a second season planned?

  2. What is this called? I must find it and stuff it into my face!!! They were at a mat-jib but that doesn’t really help me to know the name of the dish. Can anyone help? This girl needs to eat this!!!

  3. Can you guys do something like this more often. I really like this even thought it was for black day. Can you do a drama watching live chat once in awhile. It’s actually really fun. I was thinking like once a month or something. you can do it at different times so that everyone can enjoy. :) What do other people think? like this if you like this IDEA so that Simon and Martina can see it.

  4. you think that it’s tacky but it’s like actually super cute on SooZee. Love yah girl ! :)

  5. After I watched the first episode with you guys, I couldn’t stop! Finished the entire series within the week. Such a good drama!! Thank you for sharing this drama with us. <3 <3 <3

  6. Someday I’d like to do something like this, live-streaming dramas I mean. Today I hit my new record, I finished a whole drama in just two days… oh well, carpe diem I guess.

  7. looks like it was great fun! good idea!

  8. looks like it was great fun! :) :) great idea!

  9. you guys are the best! You need to come to Miami for a fan meet!!

  10. please watch ep 5. He said it’s a sin to eat pizza with pickle. XD love~~~~~

  11. By the way, if anyone liked this drama because of the nice food, you might like this josei manga “A Delicious Relationship” (Oishii Kankei) my Makimura Satoru: http://wingtipcafe.com/en/?page_id=145
    There was a t-drama and a j-drama of the same name made from it a bunch of years ago, they were kind of lame though in comparison to the manga because they followed the storyline only very loosely. I know that a lot of drama lovers like manga/manwha too (like me).

  12. This reminds me of mystery science theater 3000 hahahaha I love this!

  13. This makes me wish you would do a TL:DR about your top 5 K-dramas for people who don’t watch k-dramas. You know, the dramas that either are super referenced or that are the most entertaining or have the biggest celebrities that people who only listen to k-pop might not know but should. Or just the shows with the best characters or coolest concepts. …I JUST WANT A K-DRAMA TOP 5. Oh, or with the best theme songs even. While I personally live for Hurt by Ali (Rooftop Prince) or She’s the One by Clazziquai (Kim Sam Soon), I think my favorite use of a song to accurately describe the feel of a drama is…


    • I am obsessed with Hurt by Ali right now! Just finished watching Rooftop Prince and I’m super addicted to that song. <3 :) It was such a good drama!

    • My favorite theme songs at the moment are R.ad “Something Flutters” from Dating Agency: Cyrano and Lee Hong Ki’s “Something I Didn’t Get to Tell You” from Bride of the Century. The first one seemed more original than the typical k-drama soundtrack. The second has that k-drama feel still, but love his voice.

  14. To bad that in Europe (Netherlands) you can’t watch let’s eat on Viki… I had the feeling like I was the only one not watching it on viki I just streamed it on another website! (Where there more Europe nasties that weren’t able to watch it?!) Now that I think about it … maybe I WAS the only European nastie because the live chat started at 4AM, every clear thinking human being in east and west Europe was asleep… NO? (and SOOZEE mentioned my comment! YEAY)

  15. I am so bummed I missed out! I even paid for ad free viki in advance, and then just totally spaced it. Oops. It is the first time your live chat time would have worked for me. Cheers from Bellingham Washington!

  16. I missed it T_T I popped in briefly towards the end because I got the times wrong lol next time….

  17. “Jjang Jjang Man” was used by G-Dragon himself… Nuna version.

    Proof! and Source: http://bigbangupdates.com/2014/01/g-dragons-instagram-updates-140122-photo-2.html

  18. Thank you guys for doing this I enjoyed it so much! You guys managed to combine some of my favorite things Mystery Science Theater 3000 + Kdramas + EYK crew unedited humor = 1 happy camper! I’m glad I watched Let’s Eat before though so I wouldn’t get lost following the episode and your comments really helped me understand some of the cultural differences.

    • If you follow Dramabeans (I looove them!), they’ve done a couple of Mystery Science Theatre 3000-esque podcasts that you can sync to k-dramas. They did one with the first episode of Boys Over Flowers and it’s hilarious (I love it when Javabeans is trying to control her feels for Lee Min Ho while giving relevant commentary on any of their podcasts).

      • Oops how could I forget?! Maybe because it’s been a while since they’ve done one. I would be so lost in dramas if it weren’t for dramabeans! I also like the element of interaction and being able to see EYK’s reactions to the scenes. I was laughing the hardest at poor Simon even though I had the same reaction lol

    • I never saw Mystery Science Theater, but when we were talking about the idea for this event the MST name was thrown around a couple of times. I heard good things about it…just haven’t seen it!

  19. Woot, it was fun! I stayed up till 5 am to watch it all. Haha, who needs sleep when you have Kdramas! The only thing was I found it hard to switch from your screen to the drama screen so I’ll probably watch it on the computer with 2 screens next time.

  20. It was too late last night for me to comment once the livechat ended but that was a lot of fun. I actually watched the k-drama right before the livechat started because I didn’t think that I would be able to follow the subtitles AND watch the livechat at the same time. But maybe I will try to watch both next time since I was still able to multi-task during the chat. I thought it was really useful and interesting how you discussed some of the korean jargon/slang and whether that was just for this show or a normal thing – really helped make the drama better for me.
    Do the take-out delivery guys in Korea just hang around waiting for the dirty dishes? How long do you have to finish your meal before they get irate? That seems horribly inconvenient for them…..

  21. You should watch White Christmas- not the Bing Crosby movie, the KBS drama with Sung Joon and Kim Woo Bin. Students snowed in at isolated school + murder mystery. And it’s short- only 8 episodes. I just really want to watch everyone’s reactions. Way more fun to freak out together than the first time I watched it and had to spazz all by myself.

  22. you should definately watch reply 1994 cause 1. it was like the most famous drama in korea and 2. IT WAS NOT CHEESY AT ALL OMG FINALLY A NON CHEESY K DRAMA and 3. oh god that swearing pretty well used and finally 4. SOOOOOO FUNNY AHHHHHHHH yeah sorry i just really liked it…..

  23. Have you seen Masters sun? That is my personal favorite.

    • Another vote for Master’s Sun! When EYK were commenting on Let’s Eat, I noticed that the woman who screeeams at Lee Soo Kyung for a refund for losing her case was the same lady who played Madame Go in Master’s Sun (aka the Ghost Wedding Planner who could barely keep her eyeballs in her sockets every time the camera panned to her).

  24. do you guys watch in full Korean or do you use subtitles? How long did it take for you guys to feel fluent in Korean?

  25. Ah this is so difficult. Being Australian with our super sucky internet speed I don’t think watching the two together is going to work for me. Now I have to decide whether I should watch the livechat first and then the drama or the drama then the livechat. GAH!!

  26. This was fun but the drama was ok. Iam stuck on god’s gift 14 days its so good

  27. This was my first live chat and you guys totally brightened my day as I was sick in bed with the flu:( But I couldn’t join the party fully coz, I don’t know if this happened to any one else, but Youtube wouldn’t let me comment – it said the commenting feature was disabled. I tried my iPad, laptop and phone and had the same problem. Since I’m new to this, not sure if i was supposed to click something and do some sort of technology wizardry but it was sad coz I really wanted to comment on the drama and fully experience this singles fart fest with guys! Other than that, this was awesome!!!

  28. I watched for a while, but I had to go to finish school work. You guys are amazing.. I wish I could have stayed longer.. Even though I’m so new to watching you

  29. I watched this drama some time ago and every time the food shots showed I thought about eyk. (how this drama would be perfect for you)

  30. I loved this drama! Glad you gave it a go. The acting is overall great too.

    Recently my sister and I visited Seoul and when we ordered something we saw in the drama we would say: “How did they eat this in the drama?”

    The only con: this drama will make you really really hungry.

  31. The drama’s not available in my country but seeing your reactions to the barfing scenes was hilarious! XD

  32. Couldn’t watch in live time cause viki was freezing like CRAZY with all the traffic & my slow computer..
    but me & my sister are watching them here now at 2am, you on the laptop & the movie on her tablet ^-^

  33. I’ve already watched the whole Let’s Eat series so it kind of sucks that I couldn’t view it with you guys from the beginning but I did enjoy your commentary and all that jazz :D ///fingers crossed for another livechat drama style//// it just felt like a huge slumber party and yeah smiles all around from my end :)))))))

  34. When should we expect to get emailed codes for the 3 months access? Do you know? Cuz I haven’t gotten anything back yet after filling it out.

  35. I only could watch it for the first 30 min live then my internet crashes:( but it was really fun guys~ & the timing was perfect!! only 9pm here in Mexico:D I hope this isn’t the last one of this kind of livechat;) Also it was awesome that Soozee was there to hang out with you guys & us the nasties. ~

  36. Will there be an episode 2 livestream?~! I LOVE THAT DOG BARASHI <3

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