Ok! So here’s the deal:

Black Day is happening April 14th. I realize that we don’t really talk about Black Day that often in our videos, because we’re married and happy and all, but Black Day is an important part of Korean Culture, so we should do something, SOMETHING, right?

So, here’s what we’ve done: we’ve partnered up with Viki. You know Viki, right? They’re, like, the biggest Drama viewing site online. They’ve got lots of Dramas. It makes sense that we do something with them if we want to do a K-Drama event (and potential future KDrama segments, perhaps?).

This Monday, 7PM PST, we’re going to sit down with some Black Bean Noodles and watch some KDramas on Viki. They’re letting us watch dramas in our video. Woohoo! So, in the spirit of eating black bean noodles together, we figured we should watch Let’s Eat, Episode 1. Yeah! If you’d rather we watch something else, SorryNoCanDo. It took us long enough to get the rights to watch this episode. Maybe for future drama segments we can take requests as to what we should watch? Hmmm? Hint hint hmmmm? HMMMM?

So tune in with us! We’ll laugh together, comment together, share our thoughts. It’ll be like we’re all sitting on the same couch, thousands of miles wide, hanging out, eating Black Bean Noodles, and watching TV. If we imagine hard enough, we might even be able to smell each other. Well, let’s not get that far.

You down? If so, here are the links you’ll need for the day:

Our LiveStream – Watch it here.
What We’re Watching – Let’s Eat – Episode 1

Booya! If you’re bad at remembering days and times, click on the subscribe button below and it should remind you the time of the event.

  1. I’m glad this was “Let’s Eat”. I think it would be really cool if EYK would visit some of the restaurants for FAPFAP. It would be a super awesome tie in extravaganza, And any opportunity to expand the use of the word “extravaganza” in life is worth exploiting, After each episode I was starved. And Barashi ? is one very smart Pomeranian.

  2. Or, how about I make David Chang’s Ramen Cacio e Pepe, sit with a glass of wine, open one window with the black day event and another window with okcupid. It’s snowing really hard in Chicago right now. It was nearly 80 on Saturday. I need wine and cheese to get through this. (and I’ll be honest, I’ll probably have a third window with Secret Love Affair playing, just to punish myself.)

  3. I need to try this. I really really need to try black bean noodles. My friends said it taste just like noodles with too much soy sauce. Nothing so thrilling about it, and nothing near the perfection of our instant noodles. But I would never believe in her comment before I try this myself. However, I can’t really find this noodles in our marts. I mean, I found udon (I know it’s Japanese), ramen (yes, it’s Japanese again), ramyeon (with kimchi taste which is actually tasty in my opinion), and other imported noodles. But black bean noodles is nowhere to be seen and I am sad. TT
    Well, I guess it was not too tasty and I can just send some money to my friend so she can buy me one from another town but… So much of a hassle. -_-


    last time I almost was able to, I had to drive my sister to the hospital OTZ

  5. hey, I tried your survey. I started out my kdrama experience with Netflix and Dramafever. I only used Viki recently for 2 kdramas that I didn’t find on DF. Should I still do the survey because it seems like it would mess up the results or should I mentally insert DF wherever it says viki on the survey?

  6. Oh man, I got really confused, I look up converting time from PSD to GMT+1 (or British Summer Time) and was like “why would it be the next day here? Korea is ahead of us!” Then I realised PSD isn’t for Korea… so looks like unless I want to mess up my sleeping pattern during exam revision period, I can’t watch kdramas at 3 am with you guise! :( But I guess there’s more North American viewers than European T_T

  7. Let’s Eat is great! That’s why I signed up with Viki. I wonder if I can hack diy black bean noodles from scratch? It would be so fun to invite my single friends over too. What a fun idea Simon and Martina:)

  8. Hey Simon and Martina, the countdown timer for the livestream keeps changing. And also it says that the event is scheduled for April 15th. WHY?

  9. you want to know whats even more sad, is i am single and i am actually allergic to the black bean noodle sause. I will forever be single!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and can’t celebrate!!!! :(

  10. *gets a bin ready to barf in*

    i already know i can’t watch on Viki!!

  11. I live in Brazil, I’ll just go around the whole city to find this black bean noodles, I want to try it! And… 7PM PST is the local time or.. not? I must calculate what time it’ll be here hahahaha

  12. Hey, a rare Korean male EYK viewer here. I would love to watch you guys do a segment on K drama. They’re goldmine for literary criticism and how Korean culture is stereotyped by the fellow Koreans. Seriously, you could hack any drama and get millions hours worth of content out of them. Why not do it, right?

  13. the sadness of living in germany…. not that it is enough to cannot watch the official music videos on youtube…

  14. “we might even be able to smell each other”
    I don´t know what to say after watching your last video.

  15. You can order the chapagetti instant brand on Amazon grocery

  16. EHRMAGOD so excited to FINALLY be able to watch all of the dramas you guys have been talking about in your videos. I’m going to start with: Coffee Prince

  17. Convert PST time to Paris time…4 am! Noooooo ToT

  18. So… EXO’s comeback is on black day? For us singles!

  19. Viki doesn’t work in my region. yeay XD

  20. EYK is having an event for singles?! BRB guys, need to go dump my loving boyfriend of 2 years.

    Nah, just kidding. I think I kind of like having him around :L Don’t think I’ll be able to make it, though – it’s at 3am for me! :(

  21. I can’t watch Viki because it doesn’t stream in my country :(((

  22. ummm so viki says that its not avaliable in my region which is melbourne australia… im scared now….

  23. I’m so excited, you guys!! This will be in my time zone, and I can relax at night watching dramas =3.

  24. Simon better show up in lingerie! Also, Martina do you watch a lot of korean dramas? Any chance you could do a video on some of your favorites?

  25. Aaaahhhh!!!!!! I love this drama so much! I am so going to try and watch it with you!!!!!

  26. I just clicked on the link to the episode of Let’s Eat and it says it’s not available in my region. I’m from Australia! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  27. I just started let’s eat yesterday! that sexy food porn! I’m gaining 10 kilos by the time I finish it XD

  28. Oh, this is cool! There should be more holidays for us single people. And I have watched lets eat so re-watching it with the S&M and the nasty community is going to be cool. To bad i don’t know where to find black bean noodles where i’m from, I ‘ll eat ramen instead. I really enjoy Let’s Eat although at the beginning is kinda slow it gets better by episode. http://soxxy22.tumblr.com/post/76342329313

  29. Watching you guys being all snuggly in the video makes me sad. Now I’m going cry cuz I’m forever arrroneeeee T_T

  30. AH too bad T_T That’s like 11am on April 15 in korea isn’t it? T_T I have classes at that time :< boooh ;A;

  31. I wanna celebrate black day with Soo Zee.

  32. This is such an awesome idea! Count me in! Bonus: I haven’t seen this drama yet! Now to find some black bean noodles…

  33. Oh, this is cool! There should be more holidays for us single people. And I have watched lets eat so re-watching it with the S&M and the nasty community is going to be cool. To bad i don’t know where to find black bean noodles where i’m from, I ‘ll eat ramen instead.

  34. I’m going to see if they have black bean noodles at the Asian market if not I’ll just get some ramen or udon

  35. This is going to be a perfect Monday night!!! Please dont apologize about not being able to send the black bean noodles. I can always go to my nearest Korean Market or just get choclates :) !!!!

  36. I’m so happy to finally be able to see a live chat, live! Black Bean Noodles or not this is going to be fun!! lol :)

  37. You should totally watch Master’s Sun!!#

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