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Special Black Day KDrama Event!

April 11, 2014


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Ok! So here’s the deal:

Black Day is happening April 14th. I realize that we don’t really talk about Black Day that often in our videos, because we’re married and happy and all, but Black Day is an important part of Korean Culture, so we should do something, SOMETHING, right?

So, here’s what we’ve done: we’ve partnered up with Viki. You know Viki, right? They’re, like, the biggest Drama viewing site online. They’ve got lots of Dramas. It makes sense that we do something with them if we want to do a K-Drama event (and potential future KDrama segments, perhaps?).

This Monday, 7PM PST, we’re going to sit down with some Black Bean Noodles and watch some KDramas on Viki. They’re letting us watch dramas in our video. Woohoo! So, in the spirit of eating black bean noodles together, we figured we should watch Let’s Eat, Episode 1. Yeah! If you’d rather we watch something else, SorryNoCanDo. It took us long enough to get the rights to watch this episode. Maybe for future drama segments we can take requests as to what we should watch? Hmmm? Hint hint hmmmm? HMMMM?

So tune in with us! We’ll laugh together, comment together, share our thoughts. It’ll be like we’re all sitting on the same couch, thousands of miles wide, hanging out, eating Black Bean Noodles, and watching TV. If we imagine hard enough, we might even be able to smell each other. Well, let’s not get that far.

You down? If so, here are the links you’ll need for the day:

Our LiveStream – Watch it here.
What We’re Watching – Let’s Eat – Episode 1

Booya! If you’re bad at remembering days and times, click on the subscribe button below and it should remind you the time of the event.



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