Umm, can I say this is one of our favorite WTFs ever? Not because of the item itself, but because we laughed a lot while watching the video afterwards. Maybe it’s not really your sense of humor, but for us, this is pure gold. Sorry if that sounds odd. When Martina gets me at the end of the video we both hooted with laughter. Yes, hooted. Ah. Yes, it’s awkward to talk about our own videos. Most of the time we finish them and are like “OH MAN THAT TOOK TOO MANY HOURS” but this video gave us a chuckle. I hope you feel the same way.

Also, some of you might be wondering, “hey, Simon and Martina: what’s a spunk trumpet? I heard you say it a lot in this video.” Well, we just learned the word. We’re not sure if it’s common or not, but we saw this picture late at night the day before we filmed this WTF and cried with laughter:

Spunk Trumpet

Not that we have anything against One Direction. We just found this poster to be hilariously done. And so we wound up saying the word all day the day afterwards. We even suggested Leigh and Soo Zee do a DICKS episode on it. Seems appropriate, right? Speaking of which, a new episode of Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang is coming today as well. Woot! Also, in a related side note, did you know that the D in “One Direction” is meant to be silent?

Anyhow, if you had a laugh at this video, you should click on the button below. It makes videos funnier. Totally funnier:

  1. I was shopping at my local Korean market and found this… You guys should try it…

  2. Spunk trumpets = leveled-up slang for “dicks,” aka penises. Best if not thought about too much. Do not use in polite company…or around my wife, because then I’ll have to explain it to her, and that would just be all kinds of awkward.

  3. Oh my gosh that One Direction poster :O lmao is that the poster they put for the movie? Is it coming out in Korea? The ending of this video is hilarious btw!! xD

  4. kawaii_candie

    lol, this was one of your funniest WTF segments yet!

  5. Okay, right after I saw this video, I found this article on Bing about a racially inappropriate Dunkin Donuts ad.


  6. All I could think about while watching this was, “Ahh.. Marriage.” lol You two crack me up. xD (And yes, black face was never okay Korea. Never).

  7. This episode of WTF has gone WILD xD
    Forget the TARDIS, cars going back and forward in time – TIME FACE MASK is the right and only way of time travel. And it makes you into a clairvoyant, too! The power of 4D!
    Am I right to remember that you guise are Whovians? (:

  8. it was a trick! *thwack*
    ah ha ha. that shouldn’t have made me laugh so much but it did…it did.

  9. That moment when people say it’s the funnies WTF ever, Simon and Martina say they laughed their asses off at themselves, and you can’t watch the video, and only read about it for a good amount of hours more T_T

  10. There was a lot of S & M in this video. Eh Eh.

  11. Surprised you guise said SPUNK TRUMPET cause if it means what I think it means…

  12. Victor Ha

    I could only laugh at the thumbnail and the ending while everyone else here gets their humor. Can someone explain what’s so funny about this? Or am I not mature enough to understand this? Although I feel like people in my high school can relate…

  13. Haha silent D… That’s what she said!

  14. Stephanie Dubuque

    I loved this episode! My friends and I were discussing bdsm two nights ago so I found this video doubly entertaining! =)

  15. Sarah

    I laughed so hard. THIS. WAS. THE. BEST!

  16. Victor Ha

    Only looked at the thumbnail and I’m already laughing

  17. Makes me wonder if Martina used Spudgy’s or Meemers’ toys or do you have this kind of toys lying around your studio…

  18. I think this is one of my favorite videos of all time! All my favorite videos are from S&M, but this one takes the very top spot! I haven’t laughed like that in forever, and it was exactly my sense of humor, which I appreciate. I tend to have a very weird sense of humor. Loved the video, every bit of it! Great job :D :D

  19. I just heard this and maybe the some nasties as well but Simon, 4minute is going to be in Sydney! But on the 1 of sept and you guys are going/there on the 4 :( In other news about One Direction, most people probably don’t remember/know but on an award show last year, did anyone else remember, it was the one where they would present the winners on the screen and the letters would explode off the screen, and One Direction got their D exploded XD (not hatin on 1D and it was either American or Canadian award show)

  20. This was one of the funniest WTFs I’ve seen in a while. Love it!

  21. -Martina in the video-”Where is this certificate? It didn’t come with it!”
    -me on my computer- “What’s because you didn’t give it permission.”
    I am a terrible, terrible, terrible person.


  23. oh my i thought the WTF standed for What THE F**K … :D my bad ….. (bows*)

  24. There’s this sign but k-pop is exactly what they’re saying on the poster just people with songwriters and makeups artist

  25. Godzilla vs. Puffin shirt! Oh heeeeey Newfoundland.

    Another hysterically wonderful WTF (:

  26. I loved this video. Hilarious. I do feel though, many of the jokes will be lost on younger viewers, tainting their innocence eyk style lol

  27. S&M has now an other meaning to me….


  29. Oh my god that poster made me laugh so much xD !

    I already died at ” Because Cowell wants a new f*****g yacht ” *lol*

    One must admit, it was funny…

    Back to the mask ! What the heck was the whole english (on the package ) suppose to mean? What certification? xD

  30. irritablevowel

    I got up, made some coffee, grabbed some breakfast, and nearly woke the neighbors after watching this (which would have pissed them off mightily since it was 5:30 am on a Saturday.)

  31. marbie

    Actually, you weren’t the first one who know how to pronounce one direction correctly!

  32. mihuru

    Okay this has got to be my fav WTF as well! I laughed hysterically through the whole thing, especially at the end. .D

  33. OMG SO FUNNY!!! The ending XD Also your SM jokes were perfect… S&M. Simon & Martina, SM Entertainment.. Korea is having a real issue with the whole black face thing…
    Also I’m not a Directioner but 1D isn’t untalented, people need to stop offending them like that… though that poster is funny

  34. I see that Martina is the dominant, sadistic one in the relationship. :P

  35. I was laughing my spunk trumpets off! apparently we share that sense of humour XD

  36. You guys got me laughing so hard

  37. It has 2 uses. The one that you described in the video, BUT if you buy it around Halloween you can use it to dress as the gimp from Pulp Fiction.

    That, my friends, is a sound financial investment.

  38. The end was soooo funny :DD

  39. Ahahaaha, laughing so much! You know it’s true love when you can slap your husband with a black face mask.

  40. And that was the moment when S&M became the evolved form, known as EYKMAAANNNN!!!!

  41. This episode was SUPER NASTY & I loved it. Oooohhh u so NASTY!

  42. Whut… i thought Simon looked more like a ninja… or something or a burglar.. hahahah..

  43. GO MARTINA! Beat Simon with the Black Face Mask thingie!!!! Whooooo……….

  44. OMG that poster LOL

  45. Thinking about that poster made me think of idols not ones in particular but if you think about it that is the perfect description of the kpop world to some extent only they are talentless and are put together to train for years so a bunch of really talented spunk trumpets put together who would be studying for college or in college working part time keke please don’t hate me for this :D

  46. Oohh my god I have never laughed harder at a WTF! I’m still gasping for air as I type this!

    Also I thought the safety word you were using was BUTT trumpet, but I admit, spunk trumpet is much better.

  47. Martina, please do a tutorial for how you wore your hair in this video. Pretty Please.

  48. Albino Eskimo

    This. Is. Amazing.

  49. I laughed so hard watching this video XD
    And that 1D poster is just too funny…

  50. Gaffaw Chortle rip snort…………

  51. Hannah

    Seriously, I come home from work and no one will talk to me (because I practically turn into Satan spawn after my job in hell) until I sit and watch you guys for a good hour. Like you guys can just make me laugh and de-stress and thank you so much for my daily dose of fun. I think every one of your videos should be considered an “Open The Happy”.

  52. I haven’t even watched the video yet, and the thumbnail is terrifying! You look like a serial killer, hahaha.

  53. I believe that the proper pronunciation is “wand-erection”

  54. Oh man, u guise made me spew drink onto my keyboard…so funny…

  55. “IT WAS A TRICK!!!” *whacks Simon with mask* xD

  56. Charcoal… My sister cannot pronounce capsule, she says ‘cap-shick-cull”
    So funny.

  57. I couldn’t stop laughing at the part where Simon was “scaring” people. My grandma also just happened to walk by at the time too!

  58. I’m so glad I now know how to properly pronounce One ‘irection. ;D


  60. This was so funny…….. silent D ??? Ahhh XD

  61. First time I learnt what a safety word meant was from a book and I’ll never gonna say the book’s tittle to anyone unless they are into that kind of stuff.


  63. Oh! Why am I watching this in the middle of the night when I should be asleep! Because Simon and Martina are spunk trumpets, that’s why! Wait. No. Awesome! I meant awesome! XD

  64. That is the best movie poster to date, even if the guy who did that film does pretty amazing documentaries.

    But yes, best ending to a WTF to date. Might’ve needed more whip sound effects…


  66. it works/stays on better when you don’t move around and talk with it on. But that’s not what WTF is about. This was such a good episode. i was laughing the entire time. 2 thumbs up! I found the inappropriate jokes just the right amount of appropriate. ;-)

  67. Simon looks like a thief, or a superhero or I don’t know, this remember me “The man in the iron mask” xD I love you guys! greetings from Chile <3

  68. Dang you guys should be careful one direction fans are almost as dangerous as Exotics.

    • 1D Fans vs Beliebers…who’d win? GO!

      • irritablevowel

        Neither. While they were fighting all of the N’Sync and Backstreet Boys fans would suddenly appear out of nowhere. They’re in their mid to late twenties now, so they’re feeling a little stressed and unsure about their future and wanting to work out their anxieties on those young and perpetually cheery Directioneers and Beliebers. Then suddenly all of the thirty-somethings will arrive declaring that New Kids on the Block were the truth and they’ll just start kicking Directioneers in their ankles. Helicopters will appear over head and the forty somethings will drop down like Navy Seals (they’re in their forties, they can afford such an elaborate entrance) while screaming “SHAUN CASSIDYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Then Grandma will appear, roundhouse kick everyone in the groin while calmly repeating, “The Monkees”. Finally, Great-Grandma will walk out into the melee, slowly walk up to the Directioneers and the Beliebers and say with great gravitas, “Sinatra.” And everyone will fall silent, and weapons will fall to the ground, because they know Great-Grandma speaks the truth.

        • beautyandbeast5

          *stares in silence*

          The truth has been spoken. I bow to your awesomeness…

        • unicornsgalaxy

          *wipes tear* That was beautiful! …but….you forgot The Beatles. As much as I love The Monkees (I loved watching the reruns when I was younger AND NO I’M NOT A GRANDMA), The Beatles were HUGE. Way bigger than The Monkees… just saying…

        • irritablevowel

          Oh I know, but I was going for teen frenzy groups and performers who were similar in, how shall I put this diplomatically, staying power ;-)

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Don’t know what you mean but that’s ok cause I love The Monkees anyways so it’s all good either way! XD

        • Suddenly, Frank Sinatra himself descends from the heavens clothed in a white suit, in the prime of his youth. He is surrounded by his apostles of the rat pack: Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Peter Lawford, Bing Crosby, and Joey Bishop also clad in white. He croons, “Women of the world, why must you go to war? Each of these boys have always been my disciples, all one and the same and all in my image. Love them all, with ferocious passion. For these are the prophets announcing my second coming. But now I have returned once again, singing sweet nothings to banish your loneliness, absolve your sensual thoughts, and love you unconditionally and equally. With my new album, only $19.95. Order now.”

        • Congratulations, you just won the internet

        • Wow, your brain is a scary, scary place. Is it odd that after reading this I kinda want to live there?


    yes, caps lock was necessary for those statements.

  70. LOL, Directioners are going to be soooo mad when they see that poster. XD

  71. Shanice Jade Littlejohn

    i want one just so i can feel like im in 50 shades of grey! lolol

  72. Omg, You guys are so cute O/

  73. Ohmygosh, I am crying right now. Crying~~!! XD

  74. I like it when simon is using some girls stuff. but it was really funny. I was laughing so hard.

  75. Is it bad that I was laughing historically at Simon getting hit at the end.
    Sorry Simon. Lol


  77. Did you guys wear black on purpose? :D

  78. Oh my goodness! That was hilarious! S&M entertainment indeed! :D

  79. SO insensitive…smh. (Looks like it works btw)

    • What’s insensitive about it? They didn’t make the face mask. If you take a trip down Walmart, cvs pharmacy or walgreens, or target and go to the hair products isle, they have special whitening soaps and whitening creams specifically marketed towards black people. Just as people decide to tan to the point if looking like leather, you have those who want the opposite. (Afterall, it workes for Michael Jackson)

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