Ok, so it seems like we’ve been to a bunch of different bizarre cafes. We’ve been to cat cafes, dog cafes, dress-up cafes, video game cafes. Now, we’re at another odd on: Board Game Cafes. It’s not super girly like the last WANK! It’s not super-manly, either, but it’s something that won’t be as alienating as before. Yay!

Anyhow, you can pretty much guess what this is about: we go to a room, pick from a wide selection of board games, and play the board games. We get charged by the person by the hour. So, if you’re playing with 4 people, each person has to pay per hour. You also have to each get a drink. But then, THEN, you can play lots of board games. YAY! They’ve got lots of different games, like Life, Monopoly, Concentration, Guess Who, and other such canonical childhood games, along with a bunch of games I’ve never seen before in my life, and they’ve also got TONS of Catan. TONS OF IT! So many different kinds of Catan as well. You might be asking “WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Y U NO PLAY CATAN?” Well, because that’d make for a boring video. Catan’s fun to play, but if we made a video of it, the video would be over an hour long. And Martina would get stuck with all the sheep. She luuuuuuvs her some sheep.

We played three different games just to show you some of the different options. That last game, the balloon popping game, is a gortdamn terrible game. It was so unenjoyable! I know some people might find it fun to be so antsy and scared, but that’s not something I find fun! I didn’t even want to play it. I just touched the game, and then the cafe staffer came over to us and was like “do you want to know how to play?” and we’re like “no, it’s ok” and then she’s like “here’s how you play now PLAY!” It’s like she knew how terrible the game was and wanted to see us suffer.

Also, let me end off by saying this: I’ve never written a blog post like this before. We’re all here at the Eatyourkimchi Studio now, and we’ve got a bunch of volunteers helping us out with prepping all of the fundraiser packages (yes, they’re almost all ready to ship out!), and this is the most amount of people we’ve ever had here. I’ve scuttled off to The Cave to publish this week’s WANK while they’re all out there stickering and labeling. Not that I didn’t put in my fair share of effort. I gluesticked the bajesus out of all the CD packages! But we can’t NOT publish the WANK today…so here I am!

Actually, let me end off by saying this: we got blooper footage. Yay! If you’re into that kind of thing, you can see a bunch of scenes that didn’t make it past the final cut, but we save them here for bloopers anyways. More silliness, if that’s your thing.


  1. Could you guys go back again to show more board games? My family and I have been watching korean dramas and reality shows that sometimes show them playing board games. We’d love to know the great games they have in Korea and we want to join in on the fun!

  2. I don’t like this … Ryan hit Martina in the head with that thing more than he hit Simon (ò_ó)

    and…that balloon game …that reminded me of the period Korean dramas where criminals got tied up with a red string…

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥


  4. If you watch the bloopers, Ryan kinda raised his fist which looked as if he was about to punch. 2:43 mark.
    All the Nasties skipped a heart beat there. Lol.

  5. Only the best strategy game on the planet. Actually the full name of the game is “Settlers of Catan” (I actually call it Settlers) and there are many expansion packs and different versions. The best way I can explain it, it is like Risk where you try to take control over the most territories but its only in the land of Catan, and you try to take control of various territories to gain control of resources which you use to build towns/cities and roads to connect them. I highly recommend it if you like board games.

  6. Question Question. Is the scrabble in korean too?

  7. I know right! I don’t know why North America doesn’t have those kind of things. There PROBABLY are some of them, somewhere hidden from any living creature o_0… We should start our own business xD

  8. Someone needs to make a K-Pop Catan. Seriously, somebody make this happen.

  9. I really don’t get what is the first game about. And how you play it… I just don’t understand how “mask” is a thing you reproduce with Tetris like shape in a definite space.

  10. ahaha omg Jem and the Holograms… You made my life Martina <3

  11. I laughed soooo hard watching this WANK that /I/ peed my pants a little too !!!! Definitely wanna go to a board game cafe one day and just cry while playing that balloon game xD

  12. this looks like so much fun!! i wish they had those here!

  13. i wanna buy that balloon pop game!!! any idea where i can get it?!

  14. I actually went to look up bitches and hoes.

  15. Hehe, sounds like a fun place! Although if you were to play monopoly or catan… oh dear. Those games never end and my family and we tend to ragequit after a couple hours because we have attention spans of squirrels.
    That balloon game and pirate thing reminds me of toasters. You know it’s going to pop out some time, but you always freak out when it does. :P

    • I’ve seen a lot of people playing games that rely on luck. One I remember especially is when there’s an alligator or something and you press its teeth down and try not to press the one tooth that makes the alligator close its mouth on you.

      • I think Apples to Apples is one of the most entertaining games in existence as long as you have interesting people with you. Sure it’s luck sometimes, but it also requires some sense of skill if you want to think deeply into it. What kind of answer would the person choosing choose? Do they prefer something humorous or literal answers? When it comes to family and when I get competitive, I tend to think that way. When I’m with friends, we’re all so immature that I just always go for the weird/funny answers.

        • I remember one time the category was Glamorous, so I put My Family down. Yay for kissing up? Some other ones were My Hair, Tiger Woods, and some other cards that I can’t remember.

  16. Can I say, I squeeled like a little girl when you guys started singing the theme song to Jem and the Holograms! Seriously, I had their cassette tape when I was a kid and ROCKED OUT to it constantly!!! And Ryan, Serious props for being able to sing along! Plus I just rewatched the series on Netflix…Yeah I re-watch my childhood cartoons.

    Serously LOVED this wank! It was hilarious and so was Ryan!!!!

  17. The headband of poo is priceless….

  18. Ryan’s nananana was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time

  19. Buwhahah, I love this video but oh my garsh, I squealed in fear when the balloon game came out. I also have a fear of popping balloons…so no, just NO!! Have you seen that lie detector game they play on variety shows? It looks painful.

  20. a board game cafe!!! how CUUUUUTTTTTTTEEEE!!!!!!!!
    i totally googled ‘bitches and hos Martina lyrics’…..
    ahahahha poop heads!!!

    oh my god!! that Balloon Pop game is hella scary!!!
    i really don’t think board games are supposed to make you play in such fear!!
    it’s like watching someone who hates horror movies…watch a horror movie!!
    ahahahhaa i love your “normal” game of connect 4!!

  21. Hey Simon thanks for representing Chitown! Go Bulls! We just beat Miami :) from Chicagoan Jenny

  22. Luckily we had Meemers dropping dem knowledge bombs! And I would love to see you play like an hour of Catan. There is this board game program on youtube and I love it.

  23. “We are husband and wife it’s ‘our’ sweater!!!!!!!” you guys are so cute! :D
    I’m so glad you played the balloon game i was laughing untill i started crying!!! so funny!!!

  24. Ugh, that balloon game would be TORTURE for me – I’m terrified of popping balloons ^~^;; But that looked seriously fun. Why can’t I have cool cafes around here

  25. I dunno, I just searched it for the hell of it (man, that was dumb!) and all I got were very boring results, and not even close to Martina’s results…..

    So, I guess the answer to your question now will be “everyone”? LOL!

  26. That looks like so much fun!!!!

  27. Woah. Ryan exists outside of indie request?!? Blow your mind.

  28. I almost spit soup all over my pc when ryan tried to move out of the shot in the beginning. Ryan should be part of EYK family.

  29. HAHA… I haven’t seen the Pirate-POP game for ages… first time I ever saw it was in a Fanta Commercial… errr, hard to explain. If you search the Japanese Fanta Commercials (with subtitles) you will see what I mean (also, I didn’t want to drop the actual link as it might look like I was spruking my own video or something). Black Beard SENSEI! Side-note if you are up on your 90’s Japanese culture, these ads were very tongue in cheek and well done, similar to the 7up Up Yours! campaign with Orlando Jones. Couple of Manga references too…

    any-old-duck … great W.A.N.K guys, those board games cafes do look like fun… A few years ago, whilst I was doing University at Wagga Wagga (NSW, Australia) there used to be a cafe called SCRIBBLES… the table cloths were made of paper and they gave you crayons so you could draw on the table cloths. Kept the kids busy…. and uni art students. side note, good food, except for the chicken parmigiana, kinda was a schnitzel with mozzarella and parmigiana melted to the top of it, but at least the steak diane was great!

  30. Wait, these hammers really make this sound when you hit someone? I thought it was a part of variety shows’ editing!
    I still don’t get the rules of Ubongo… During the balloon part I felt the tension just like I was there ;] And lol, I didn’t even notice the top of Ryan’s head behind Simon at the beginning. I wonder how long did he have to hide there ;)
    Cool WANK!

  31. ah the bloopers are making me want to pay katamari sooo bad!

  32. A lot of cafes and bars in Toronto have board games and such for people to play. I remember playing a game with monkeys while polishing 2 bottles of soju w.in an hour on a date. That was fun. There are also comic book and hobby stores that hold board game nights once a week. A friend went to a board game night a brewery held where they served beer all night.

  33. I love how Simon is in the corner trying to recover after the balloon popping. I feel your pain Simon. I despise the sound of balloons popping from the bottom of my soul, seriously.

  34. I’m watching this as just before I’m off to Snakes and Lattes in Toronto. This is a signnnn!

  35. Haha the name of the first board game is almost my first name.
    I am loving that with each video the editing and the ‘extras’ is getting better and interesting. Good job EYK team.

  36. i would actually watch a 3 hour video of u guys playing catan

  37. Lol, I realy enjoyed this video
    (And as it said in the comments of Martina’s song, I hope Zico does do a cover xD)

  38. Wow this place looked amazing xD
    Pop-Up Pirate i haven’t seen that game in such a long time it brought back my childhood in an instant, i wonder if they had Buckaroo?
    Its great to see Ryan in videos more often now too you know when he’s not attending an amazing Indie shows. Such an awesome guy xD

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