Ok, so it seems like we’ve been to a bunch of different bizarre cafes. We’ve been to cat cafes, dog cafes, dress-up cafes, video game cafes. Now, we’re at another odd on: Board Game Cafes. It’s not super girly like the last WANK! It’s not super-manly, either, but it’s something that won’t be as alienating as before. Yay!

Anyhow, you can pretty much guess what this is about: we go to a room, pick from a wide selection of board games, and play the board games. We get charged by the person by the hour. So, if you’re playing with 4 people, each person has to pay per hour. You also have to each get a drink. But then, THEN, you can play lots of board games. YAY! They’ve got lots of different games, like Life, Monopoly, Concentration, Guess Who, and other such canonical childhood games, along with a bunch of games I’ve never seen before in my life, and they’ve also got TONS of Catan. TONS OF IT! So many different kinds of Catan as well. You might be asking “WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Y U NO PLAY CATAN?” Well, because that’d make for a boring video. Catan’s fun to play, but if we made a video of it, the video would be over an hour long. And Martina would get stuck with all the sheep. She luuuuuuvs her some sheep.

We played three different games just to show you some of the different options. That last game, the balloon popping game, is a gortdamn terrible game. It was so unenjoyable! I know some people might find it fun to be so antsy and scared, but that’s not something I find fun! I didn’t even want to play it. I just touched the game, and then the cafe staffer came over to us and was like “do you want to know how to play?” and we’re like “no, it’s ok” and then she’s like “here’s how you play now PLAY!” It’s like she knew how terrible the game was and wanted to see us suffer.

Also, let me end off by saying this: I’ve never written a blog post like this before. We’re all here at the Eatyourkimchi Studio now, and we’ve got a bunch of volunteers helping us out with prepping all of the fundraiser packages (yes, they’re almost all ready to ship out!), and this is the most amount of people we’ve ever had here. I’ve scuttled off to The Cave to publish this week’s WANK while they’re all out there stickering and labeling. Not that I didn’t put in my fair share of effort. I gluesticked the bajesus out of all the CD packages! But we can’t NOT publish the WANK today…so here I am!

Actually, let me end off by saying this: we got blooper footage. Yay! If you’re into that kind of thing, you can see a bunch of scenes that didn’t make it past the final cut, but we save them here for bloopers anyways. More silliness, if that’s your thing.


  1. Could you guys go back again to show more board games? My family and I have been watching korean dramas and reality shows that sometimes show them playing board games. We’d love to know the great games they have in Korea and we want to join in on the fun!

  2. The only game I am good is probably monopoly (landing in jail is easy for me XD)

  3. Does anyone know the actual name of the ballon game they played? Or is it just called the ballon game, lol? It seems like a good game to play at parties, mine especially!

  4. katamari theme song! naa nananananananana nananananana na na nanananananananana nanananananaaaaa

  5. Might I suggest that you go to the Seoul Museum of Chicken Art? Or perhaps the Seoul Animation Center?

  6. This is my favorite WANK so far. I’ve been so stressed out and this just brightened my day! Thanks for being hilarious, and that balloon game would scare anyone…

  7. Do you know of Fluxx, Aquarius, Chrononauts?

  8. OMG! you were playing UBONGO!!!
    …. I have this board game at home and I play it pretty often with my seven-year-old brother. He’s faster than you three together :D (I know you were playing it first time :) ) :D
    ….well you need a little more practice in puzzle folding! :D

  9. I don’t like this … Ryan hit Martina in the head with that thing more than he hit Simon (ò_ó)

    and…that balloon game …that reminded me of the period Korean dramas where criminals got tied up with a red string…

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  10. There’s a place like this in Toronto too! It called Snakes and Lattes and its soo close to Koreatown! It’s really an awesome to just chill! Sorry just wanted to let you know =)

  11. Why did you never move your tokens??? :(

  12. I can hear VIXX on and on in the background at the end!!!!

  13. We always play the baloon game in the netherlands!!<3 (altough i'm kinda scared for baloons…)

  14. I don’t know how many times I’ve asked you guys this…but if you want me to stop asking, just let me know, I will understand.

    I go to a meetup once a month in Gangnam at a board game cafe near the station, and I was really hoping you guys could come out sometime. If you come to the monthly meetup, there’s a discount, 5,000won all day, all you can play, plus 1,000won off of all drinks. We would love to see you there if you could find time to stop by. Here’s the meetup page:http://www.meetup.com/seoul-gamers/


  16. eh..why do my post keep disappearing..am i to old to be a nasty..is nasty and old so wrong ..tell me whyyyy

  17. There’s a similar board game cafe in Toronto called Snakes & Lattes (just east of Korea Town)


    It’s $5 per person and it’s all the games you want, for as long as you want, and you don’t have to order drinks/food, but is available. :D

    Hope you guise check this place out when you come back to Toronto! :D

  18. How is that game anything like Scattergories?! lol

    Scattergories is my game! (Except when you play w/ cheaters, then it SUCKS!)

  19. I have a friend that always get the sheep in Catan too. We call him the sheep-king.

  20. i want to play that balloon game :(

  21. hahaha i love how Martina can just threaten with the Princess Cafe now xD And..’normalcy’ guise? xDxDxD What happened to your english O.O


  23. If you watch the bloopers, Ryan kinda raised his fist which looked as if he was about to punch. 2:43 mark.
    All the Nasties skipped a heart beat there. Lol.

  24. Question Question. Is the scrabble in korean too?

  25. This is soooooooooo greatttt!! I wish we had such cafes in Pakistan. O I so wish.. Best Best Best WANK EVAAAAARRR

  26. I agree with most people below. One of the best WANK’s. Ryan is a hoot!!
    I choked on my gum laughing so hard when you said ‘guest wanker’.

  27. On this week’s showdown we ask you, Simon, which was the more tortuous WANK? The Girly McGirlyson princess cafe or the balloon game from hell? Leave your big sissy votes in the big sissy comments and we’ll announce which WANK made Simon a bigger sissy next week!

    Just teasing Simon, I think you’re awesome!<3

  28. I laughed.. oh dear gods did I laugh. (Many hugs and much sympathy about the balloon!)
    I had tears, I was laughing so much.

    Best WANK ever?
    I think so.

  29. The little part with the song lyrics look-up was the BEST!!! Loved who you put as one of the usernames! Also, Ryan should be in more videos!

  30. This is like snakes and lattes in toronto.

  31. Someone needs to make a K-Pop Catan. Seriously, somebody make this happen.

  32. JEM!!!!! Truly truly truly outrageous!

  33. I really don’t get what is the first game about. And how you play it… I just don’t understand how “mask” is a thing you reproduce with Tetris like shape in a definite space.

    • I think how it works is you get a random board each round and then, something on the side of the board shows you which pieces you can use. So if you roll a mask you can only use the pieces that it says next to the mask, and you use them to fill in the white space.

  34. the word ‘guest wanker’ just made my day. hahaha :D

  35. ahaha omg Jem and the Holograms… You made my life Martina <3

  36. I know this has nothing to do with this video, but I was just thinking…how do Koreans get qualified to enter a certain grade? I’ve heard of tests for entering schools and such, but is there an age limit per grade or something? Or people born at a certain time of year can enter the grade level?

  37. i think that was actually the most enjoyable WANK i’ve seen yet! i laughed and cringed with you guys….. on another note RYAN is there! he was such a great addition to this week’s WANK…. those victory dances=precious^^

    who’s idea was it to fabricate that lyrics page? GENIUS! XD

  38. I laughed soooo hard watching this WANK that /I/ peed my pants a little too !!!! Definitely wanna go to a board game cafe one day and just cry while playing that balloon game xD

  39. this looks like so much fun!! i wish they had those here!

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