So, we just came back from Singapore today. Ugggh so tired! Our flight was at 11:00PM, and we arrived in Korea at 6AM. We can’t sleep on planes, so we’re totally exhausted now. Terrible! Side note: we were on the same flight as M.I.B., and spoke with them a bit at the airport :D

Anyhow, the point of this blog post isn’t about that. It’s about the YouTube Fanfest, which we attended at guests. During our segment, we showed some unaired interview footage. We’ve been saving up special footage just for events like this (so, if you want to see more, get your country to bring us over!). There was a small glitch, though: our Lee Hyori teaser clip merged in with our interview clips, and we were supposed to show each separately, and then talk about them. We didn’t get much of a chance to talk about the interview clips, so we can do so here, and let you know a bit more about the stories behind them!

Extra Scene with uBeat


When it comes to editing our interview footage, we always try to keep one extra small clip, just for events that we might present at. We think it’ll kinda make things more special. We usually harvest that clip after the editing’s all done, and then we’re like “oh! Don’t forget to get that extra clip!” and then we have to look through all of the footage to find it. Sometimes, it can be tough, because you can’t remember where that scene was that you’re thinking about. With our interview with uBeat, though, that wasn’t an issue. We had FARRRR too much footage to work with. It was non-stop fun and just loads of good stuff to share. So, we pulled out this little bit here, in which they talk a bit more about different hairstyles that work and don’t work for them.

Extra Scene with Eric Nam


Finally! A clip of a Kpop idol interacting with Spudgy! We were really surprised when Eric Nam came in with a bag of treats for Spudgy. That was totally awesome. He wasn’t like “who the eff are these guise why do I have to do an interview with them?” He knew about us beforehand, knew about Spudgy, and so he brought something for the Spudgemeister. We wanted to film that interaction afterwards, and make it seem like it was just him walking in with a bag of treats and Spudgy walking up to him, because it was so precious. Problem was, we left his lav mic on, and then we realized it might seem like “wait: Eric Nam walks around with a mic attached to him at all times? Weird!” So we cut it out :D Check out our Eric Nam Interview if you haven’t seen it already!

Extra Scene with Block B


Wow! This video was from SOOOO long ago! Before we had our studio. Well, maybe that’s not too long ago. This was November, wasn’t it? I can’t remember. Anyhow, when we interviewed Block B, this was in the Arirang Studio building, in their changeroom, and we didn’t have good lighting or proper audio or anything. Doing interviews in changerooms isn’t too fun. Anyhow, this part of the video didn’t make the final cut, but we kept it as something special in our hearts, but then when it was aired at the YouTube Fanfest, we saw that people started re-uploading it themselves. So, boo-urns to that! Here’s our footage, in full HD derpiness and everything!

  1. Wow this was really funny clips, loved them all. :D Thank you for showing us them. And awesome that you were on the same plane as M.I.B! :D

  2. Eric stole Onew’s chicken, RUN SPUDGY RUN!

  3. Do you know what I haven’t seen done yet? I don’t know if it’s possible for the EYK crew, but with Summer coming up and all I would love to see a WANK to a Korean water park.

    • But you guys look great already! No one needs an excellent body to have fun in some water. It’s Summer, well not yet Summer, but it’s close to Summer. But I understand where your coming from, take your time. I look forward to all of your videos, gives me something to pass time with.

  4. That interview at fanfast was so much fun!! Wish i was there!!! Thanks for the vids

  5. Another Nasty made this wonderful gif of the infamous Soohyun forehead, thought it should be shared here as well for all to enjoy what uBeat is talking about.

    Yes, yes I’m Soohyun forehead obsessed, I need forehead anonymous or something.

  6. Awesome! But I thought you didn’t have the right to air the footage of Block B making faces! Won’t you guise be in trouble?

  7. Can I just say that I love how many fans showed up at the airport? It was like you two were idols and it felt great to me, I can’t even begin to imagine how awesome you all felt. <3

  8. Extra derpy Block B faces! I’m so happy ^^

  9. Eric Nam brought treats and a squeaky for Spudgy, that’s so sweet of him.

  10. LOL Simon’s first weird face was hilarious!

  11. Thank you for the extra footage! :D


  12. The Block B derp faces were epic. Seriously. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Props to you for thinking it up, and to them for going along with it :D

    So, uh, will you show us the Tasha-rubs-Spudgy’s-tummy footage when you come to Australia? *wink wink* ;D

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