So, yeah, we know this isn’t a super polished and edited video. No color correction, barely any editing, no music, and none of the wicked CGI we usually do. We just think that this is totally cool and wanted to share it somehow. It doesn’t really fit in with the regular content we do, either. It’s just a stupid simple video! Martina doesn’t like it, but I do! It’s Korea related, though, because…it’s in Korea. Oh! And we never saw anyone do this for us at the post offices in Canada, either. It’s more like “buy your own damn box.” Here I can just bring a bunch of junk (as seen in our WTF videos) and ask him to make a custom made box for me. 3,000 won later, I’ve got something bubble wrapped and all ready to go. In fact, I used this for wrapping Martina’s presents for Christmas this year. Seriously. I suck at wrapping presents. It’s much better to get them boxed and then draw something on the boxes instead of wrapping them horrendously in wrapping paper. It doesn’t help that my drawings suck as well, but at least they’re not as bad as his wrapping.

Also, some people have asked about what the post offices are like in Korea, and suggested that we should make a video for it. We thought about it, but, really, it’s not that confusing. We go in with envelopes or boxes (like this awesome box here), pick a number, and wait to be called. Then we just give them the package, tell them what kind of delivery we like (normal or express) and they ask for money. It’s that simple. If you’ve got questions, you can ask them here, but I don’t really know what more we can say about it.

Anyhow, we posted this on our YouTube bonus channel, so make sure to subscribe to that for more of our extra footage, like Blooper Reels and Deleted Scenes, and just other general nonsense. Hooray to having two YouTube channels! We plan on posting more stuff there in the future, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that would you? Would you?!

  1. hey guise, this video looks like its been re-uploaded and doing the rounds on FB, thought you might want to know and maybe report it: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=1375170289394937

  2. Hi guys *
    It’s just to tell you that this video is passing in a humor and other things famous site in Portugal (ainanas.com) xD Everybody is seeing your video, but they’re not using your official youtube channel :/
    At least everybody can see your url for this web site in the end that’s awesome :D
    Guys remember that you have fans everywhere, even in Portugal
    Love your work and I hope one day you you will be able to come here *-*

    Fighting ! Good Luck <3

    P.s. The video is here http://ainanas.com/win-2/o-ninja-das-caixas/

  3. What the box!?

  4. This was very engrossing. I never realized that cardboard boxes can be enjoyed by more than kittens and babies. 

  5. that really is boxing like a boss

  6. That is   bad. ass.

  7. Oh my god that was so freakin’ cool!!

  8.  omg that is really too cool!!!!

  9. I totally could not get over how freaking straight this dude’s cutting was.
    I had to watch it twice xD

  10. i cant hear their conversation really well but i think one of the guy lost something and got mad to that guy who is conjuring the box.

  11. this is totally awsome…I have to show that to my mother (when I get back to germany -.-)
    she’s packing all the tropical plants my father is selling….but SHE can’t pack that….well…like THAT..
    I can’t find any words….:D

  12. waah thats so cool..why is everythin abt kore SO COOL..wooh but omg his hands must be really straight..the way he cut the box…..superb…

  13. omg!!! im korean and i never saw someone who makes boxes that fast! (and someone who does this.. LOL)  awesome!

  14. omg the subtitles on this are so perfect

  15. This video is getting famous among Korean community sites. The man is saying, “I would have kept it if it was in the place where you dump things. I can’t remember but there is nothing that we are keeping. There is no reason for me to throw it away.”

  16. Well when he starts to tape the box, he says someone’s stomach was sticking out……… 0.o

  17. everytime he finished I’d be like BRO :O YOU JUST MADE A BOX

  18. Ohhhhh wow thatttssss some skills! Ha ha ha… Id be fascinated every time I see that

  19. wow! with just a few measurements, the guy was able to come up with a box tailor-fit for the things. cool!

  20. I’m watching this with this expression O_O

  21. i never knew making boxes was so interesting lol XD

  22. I am NOT weird! There are many other people here who like to watch people make boxes…

    anyway…. That was so cool! I’m going to watch it again…

  23. Did he say Big Bang at around 2:00ish?
    Anyhow, this is some pretty epic stuff. Not many countries use this system.

  24. that was so cool!!! he was even talking to someone else and i just did it/// so fast!!!!

  25. OMG… that was totally cool… he doesn’t even need any tools.. just scissors and a long ruler.. it’ll take me hours and hours to do that… simon, u should take pictures with the guy and show us who made the awesome box.. thnx

  26. omg whoa that is way too cool ok way too cool <3

  27. Ohmygod. THAT. WAS. AWESOME!!! :D

  28. so does all the post offices make custom boxes or is it a special packaging place that makes the custom box?

  29. Waaa, that’s super cool! I want that job.

  30. That’s cool. I wish someone in America knew how to do this. I need custom made boxes pronto!

  31. OMG, how does Martina not like this? It’s awesome! Anyways, I just want to know, in Korean stores or post offices, does one have to speak Korean to be understood, or can one just get by with speaking English?

    • I’m Korean, so maybe I can answer for your question.
      Actually, you don’t have to speak Korean but I recommend you should learn how to speak basic Korean conversation. (ex. How much is it? or I’ll take that. etc.)
      Basically, most of ‘young’ Korean can speak and understand English. However, it depends on situation. BUT, don’t worry! :)

  32. seriously one of the coolest things ever… im so not talented..

  33. from what i can hear..the guy seems to have lost/left something there and the guy making the box is saying he didn’t see it. and if he had…why would he have thrown it away…and they just go on for a bit….

  34. The fact that I was engrossed in someone making a box for two minutes amazes me….This is what Korea does to people, it teaches the art of making awesomesauce boxes :)

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