So, yeah, we know this isn’t a super polished and edited video. No color correction, barely any editing, no music, and none of the wicked CGI we usually do. We just think that this is totally cool and wanted to share it somehow. It doesn’t really fit in with the regular content we do, either. It’s just a stupid simple video! Martina doesn’t like it, but I do! It’s Korea related, though, because…it’s in Korea. Oh! And we never saw anyone do this for us at the post offices in Canada, either. It’s more like “buy your own damn box.” Here I can just bring a bunch of junk (as seen in our WTF videos) and ask him to make a custom made box for me. 3,000 won later, I’ve got something bubble wrapped and all ready to go. In fact, I used this for wrapping Martina’s presents for Christmas this year. Seriously. I suck at wrapping presents. It’s much better to get them boxed and then draw something on the boxes instead of wrapping them horrendously in wrapping paper. It doesn’t help that my drawings suck as well, but at least they’re not as bad as his wrapping.

Also, some people have asked about what the post offices are like in Korea, and suggested that we should make a video for it. We thought about it, but, really, it’s not that confusing. We go in with envelopes or boxes (like this awesome box here), pick a number, and wait to be called. Then we just give them the package, tell them what kind of delivery we like (normal or express) and they ask for money. It’s that simple. If you’ve got questions, you can ask them here, but I don’t really know what more we can say about it.

Anyhow, we posted this on our YouTube bonus channel, so make sure to subscribe to that for more of our extra footage, like Blooper Reels and Deleted Scenes, and just other general nonsense. Hooray to having two YouTube channels! We plan on posting more stuff there in the future, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that would you? Would you?!

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