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WTF – Breast Enhancers

July 28, 2013


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Hay guise! We decided to bring back our WTF (Wonderful Treasure Find) segments from long time ago. People have been asking us for them for a long time, but lately we’ve had so much on our plate we’ve just been too busy to do anything else except our normally scheduled videos. However, lately we’ve been thinking that we’re sticking to our “schedule” TOO rigorously and it hasn’t left us creative room to make random videos such as our new cooking video segment or the WTFs which we’ve really wanted to do. So we decided it’s time to make some flex room to swap videos in and out of different time slots, like, for example, Thursday might be a FAPFAP, a WANK, or cooking segment! Saturday can be anything, a WTF, an EYK Crew dance competition, an Openthehappy movie rant, Martina reviewing one of the dramas she’s watching, who knows! As long as it’s entertaining and makes you smile! So prepare for things to get a little shaken up!

However, as some of you might have noticed, we didn’t post a KpopCharts Update today. We’re going to stop doing KpopChart updates from now on. Forever? We’re not sure. We just figured that we already dedicate Kpop on Mondays and we want to leave room to do other things on Saturday. If you want to know what’s new in Kpop, you can still check our KpopCharts which we will still update as usual!

We’re starting off the return of our WTF segments with this awesome boob lifter firmer enhancer McGee. There are so many things on the market in Korea that I’m sure would be shut down for false advertising. There are countless diet drinks, face rollers, face straps, stick on fat reducers, and so on. This goes in that snake-oil category for me. I’m glad Simon had to do this and not me because those weird boob pad things smelt like chemical and not something lovely like a face mask. To be more specific, it smelt like new gel shoe inserts. Yummy! I get putting pads or lifts inside your bra, but I don’t understand how anyone would believe buying a gel pack for your boobs would help them change in anyway. If that was the case, wouldn’t everyone be using that instead of plastic surgery? And for around $4.50 a pop, that would be a WHOLE lot of money you’d be spending on weird smelly boob stickers. If you’ve ever used this magic boob stickers, please let us know the scientific results.

So hope you guise like the new episode, oh and also, I (Martina) drew all the pirate people for the opening WTF screen (Martina is the Captain, Spudgy is a parrot, Simon is a crew member, and Meemers is a fish) and Leigh made the background and animated it! I was pretty happy about my swag pirate outfit and enjoyed giving Simon a loose fitting billowy white shirt which allows everyone to see his manly pirate chest hair. I think Simon would be perfect for the pirate era.

Anyhow, if you like the segment and want to see more of it, you should, you know…click on the button here. Yeah!



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