Hay guise! We decided to bring back our WTF (Wonderful Treasure Find) segments from long time ago. People have been asking us for them for a long time, but lately we’ve had so much on our plate we’ve just been too busy to do anything else except our normally scheduled videos. However, lately we’ve been thinking that we’re sticking to our “schedule” TOO rigorously and it hasn’t left us creative room to make random videos such as our new cooking video segment or the WTFs which we’ve really wanted to do. So we decided it’s time to make some flex room to swap videos in and out of different time slots, like, for example, Thursday might be a FAPFAP, a WANK, or cooking segment! Saturday can be anything, a WTF, an EYK Crew dance competition, an Openthehappy movie rant, Martina reviewing one of the dramas she’s watching, who knows! As long as it’s entertaining and makes you smile! So prepare for things to get a little shaken up!

However, as some of you might have noticed, we didn’t post a KpopCharts Update today. We’re going to stop doing KpopChart updates from now on. Forever? We’re not sure. We just figured that we already dedicate Kpop on Mondays and we want to leave room to do other things on Saturday. If you want to know what’s new in Kpop, you can still check our KpopCharts which we will still update as usual!

We’re starting off the return of our WTF segments with this awesome boob lifter firmer enhancer McGee. There are so many things on the market in Korea that I’m sure would be shut down for false advertising. There are countless diet drinks, face rollers, face straps, stick on fat reducers, and so on. This goes in that snake-oil category for me. I’m glad Simon had to do this and not me because those weird boob pad things smelt like chemical and not something lovely like a face mask. To be more specific, it smelt like new gel shoe inserts. Yummy! I get putting pads or lifts inside your bra, but I don’t understand how anyone would believe buying a gel pack for your boobs would help them change in anyway. If that was the case, wouldn’t everyone be using that instead of plastic surgery? And for around $4.50 a pop, that would be a WHOLE lot of money you’d be spending on weird smelly boob stickers. If you’ve ever used this magic boob stickers, please let us know the scientific results.

So hope you guise like the new episode, oh and also, I (Martina) drew all the pirate people for the opening WTF screen (Martina is the Captain, Spudgy is a parrot, Simon is a crew member, and Meemers is a fish) and Leigh made the background and animated it! I was pretty happy about my swag pirate outfit and enjoyed giving Simon a loose fitting billowy white shirt which allows everyone to see his manly pirate chest hair. I think Simon would be perfect for the pirate era.

Anyhow, if you like the segment and want to see more of it, you should, you know…click on the button here. Yeah!

  1. When I first saw the title of your video, I thought you’re going to review this: http://www.coupang.com/deal.pang?coupang=41187325&cateCode=BHA01&cate2=&cate3=&areacode=MRC

    I’m really curious on how this work but it does say it makes A->B. x_x

  2. WTF is back! The WTF’s were the first few videos of yours I watched :)

  3. Funny thing, I think I liked the K-Pop updates more, but then I would.

  4. I honestly never watched the Kpop Charts updates; I just went to see what was topping your charts and other places’ charts and found stuff that way! XD The updates seemed like a fun add-on to that, but I never bothered with them. So for me I’m fine with seeing you guys put your time into something else! That being said, I’m sure a LOT of people will miss regular Kpop Chart updates! Go with your gut and find out what works! ^_^ I’m glad you guys aren’t afraid (too much!) to take the plunge and risk making people mad/sad/happy/etc to see what will work most favourably!

  5. YAY! WTF is one of my fav segments :) Happy Day :)

  6. Instead of videos for the k-pop chart updates, you could but a cool “advertisment” in the principal page with 2 recommended songs of the week or something like that.

  7. i feel like we still don’t know what they’re for… >_>

  8. I’m so glad for the revived WTF’s! I missed them a lot. I actually prefer to see more random fun videos like these from you guys. Most of all I’m glad that you always think of what YOU want to do and what makes EYK fun to you. It’s your work, after all, and if it’s not enjoyable for you, it won’t be for us either :)
    But as for those boob boosters… I’d like to ask the inventor of those what in the world he/she was thinking!

  9. To be honest, I am a bit disappointed that we are losing the Kpop Chart Updates, because via those updates I found some of my favorite songs, which never made it to Kpop music Mondays. I feel like it gives more attention to lesser known bands. However, I agree that it is your choice to make, and I totally understand wanting a more flexible schedule. It should be what you guys want to do. I am excited that the WTFs are back, and I am looking forward to the K-drama segment.
    As for these boob boosters, I have no idea why anybody would buy that.

  10. Stephanie Dubuque

    I have no major complaints with the change up and huzzah for bringing back WTF! Love the new opening bit before the video very cute!

  11. Well I for one and VERY excited for the switch it up Saturdays! Especially for the cooking and K-drama reviews. I loved K-pop Chart Update, but honestly only the big bands got on there and to be honest, if you’re a big K-pop fan don’t you already know about big band returns? I know I did the day of. I only watched the segment to get a feel for how you guys liked the songs since your opinions are interesting. A rookie introduction segment, however, would be really cool! Anyway, Love you guys! Let your creative spirits be free!! ;)

  12. the truth is out there

    I’m so happy you guys are mixing things up and bringing back WTFs! You guys always make my day better :D

    Gosh this bring me back to middle school…
    I remember reading about breast enhancing packs
    and coffee cream to get rid of cellulite…
    but they were never official things just rumours girls in school would share and DYI recipes

  14. but Kpop charts is my favorite segment?! its the only chance I have to hear you talk about groups with no chance of winning KMM!!!! (TT^TT)

  15. Mio Mio

    Loved WTFs before I’m so happy they’re back! Drama reviews sound awesome! (also *cough*illegalsdownload/watchinglinks*cough*) food segment sound pretty good to you could do contests with Leight or Suzy or eachother :D Love the way you’re going guise!

  16. Awesome! I was sad with wtfs departing before and now they’re back yaaay!

  17. KTrishaPoppin'

    …so what do these breast boosters do after all? XD

  18. I love the Korean ‘let’s play someone making a noise 15000 times’ comedy you put in there. Really made me laugh :)

  19. Akira Miyashi

    weeeeeee~~! WTFs are back!!!!

  20. ooh, you so hairy.

  21. Ohhh my God!!! When I saw WTF on your recent post bar at the top of the page I almost died! I’ve been waiting for you guys to bring the treasure back! My favorite find was the I think cute animal molds (I think they were for eggs or something. Lol.) and the painful ninja spike balls of doom!

  22. Charmz

    Never thought i would be able to see this segment again :O Reminds me of the time when i became a nasty :’)


  24. I just died laughing over the moob hydropacks!! I’ve been watching since almost when Martina and Simon began their vlogs and I kinda did miss the WTFs, but OMG, this was the BEST WTF EVA!!! ROFL, LOL, LMAO, WTF, etc etc. There are no words to explain how hilarious this was to me!!

  25. The new posting schedule sounds great. I think you guys will feel happier having the freedom to be creative.

    The giving body shapes names with letters thing has always confused me. Korean friends have said to me “Oh Nichola, you have a S line!” But in my head I’m thinking of “S-bend” like plumbing term so makes me think of toilet s-bends so I’m like “….you are saying my body is like a toilet?”

  26. Bubalooy

    WTF FTW!!!!! So happy these are back!

    On a side note, anyone know what S&M’s shirt sizes are? I feel like they’ve said before but I can’t remember.

  27. Why not let Soozee and Leigh do the kpop chart updates ?

    • Soozee and Leigh fo sho need some type of segment or at least need to post videos fairly regularly. I would watch the shit out of that.

    • I think that could actually be a wonderful idea! KMM is just for one video, and to be honest it’s a bit disappointing since so many videos come out everyday. Let somebody else do it if you are too busy?

  28. kawaii_candie

    hey guise! i’m glad you brought this segment back!!

    so what are these like, face-packs for boobs??? how weird… although the other day at donki (in japan) i saw a little pack thing that was like “lip moisturizer” that doubled as “nipple moisturizer” that left me feeling really wtf… so maybe it’s a growing trend?? lol.

    are you not sending a free pack to people anymore though?

  29. Jase Aaron

    I think the Kpop Chart Updates are useful when they help us discover artists we may have not known otherwise. For example, how you brought WonderBoyz and Crayon Pop to everyone’s attention. I do love WTF and I’m glad it’s back. But even if you don’t do Kpop Chart Updates in video format, I wish you would still write a short blog with thoughts on some new releases.

  30. CeceAvila

    This is great! I actually didn’t know this segment existed (there doesn’t seem to be a link to the WTF videos on the site). I actually sent in a suggestion asking if you all could do something like this; who knew it already existed! I like the more open schedule as well. It gives you guys more flexibility incase you can’t make a certain video because of unforeseen circumstances. I love both the Kpop and Culture areas of your site.

    I would also like to see some sort of K-Drama related segment. I always relay on recommendations from people as to what dramas to watch since there are soooooo many out there to choose from. Its better to get some input from someone first.

  31. Yeah! I love kpop, but I hate to say I didn’t really see the point to the kpop chart updates anyways. The k-indie though must tay though and I’m glad you’re bringing back the WTF. I love the new schedule’s mystery factor and the flexibility it gives you guys! :)

    • CeceAvila

      My thoughts exactly on the Kpop Chart updates. I never really saw the point to them seeing as we could just take a look at the Kpop Chart ourselves.

  32. Cyber_3

    I love WTF, still as crazy funnytastic as ever – yay! The new intro is nice but the old one was Rawesome and matched the WANK and FAPFAP ones, oh well (licensing issues?). These boob hydrators are definitely something I don’t need but I wonder if it’s an Asian thing? I remember in high school when my friend from HK told me that they used tiny spoons to clean their ears because asian ear wax was grey and scaley (instead of q-tips because it’s yellow/orange and waxy/sticky like caucasians)? I told him that he was crazy and that we were all human so it must be the same but turns out that I was wrong so, maybe this is something like that? (or simply crazy products for gullible people).

    While I enjoyed the kpop chart update, I think it was under-utilized (could have given more full opinions) but the main thing that I liked about it was that it was VERY reliable, I hope this doesn’t change for Sat. videos. I don’t mind the new direction of the videos but I wish I knew where it was going…..I feel like there’s more to it than just being bored with the format……

  33. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I’m so happy this is back. Thank you guise, I’ve really missed WTF.

  34. I liked the chart updates because it was a chance to hear a little bit of your opinions on videos that aren’t reviewed… Since at least one of the three wouldn’t be.
    On the other hand I’m really happy the WTF segments are back.

  35. Molly Littleford-Schacht

    So happy WTF is back!!! :D ~

  36. mekko

    Actually, there’s a loophole in the law that allows companies to make unjustified claims about diet products and things like that. James Turnbull on The Grand Narrative discusses dieting and all that quite often, and mentions it in this article. He goes into it in more detail in some other articles, but I’m too lazy to find them. http://thegrandnarrative.com/2009/11/29/korean-women-ass/

  37. Albino Eskimo

    Hah! Simon’s scream was like the Star Trek red alert sound.

  38. Martina reviewing one of the dramas she’s watching??? YEEEESSS DO THAT!!!

  39. KATHyphenTUN

    Lol all i could think about the whole time was back when you guys bought the blow up breasts and stuck them on Simon! That imagine will forever be stuck with me….

  40. KATHyphenTUN

    OMG!!! It’s like waking up on Christmas morning!!!! I’m so excited for WTF’s return!!!! *dances*

  41. i felt like that should’ve been censored. hahah…
    the things Simon has to do for us nasties!

  42. YAY ! WTF IS BACK !!! ( Oh and a Drama segment would be awesome ! ) ( Oh and again, I love your cooking videos ! )

  43. Bwahaha, it was one of those videos that make me wish no one enters my room while I’m watching them ;D
    I liked today’s WTF a lot but I’m also going to miss Kpop Charts updates… Well, some of them. I’m definitely NOT going to miss the “we don’t want to say too much about this video because it just might be reviewed” kind of updates, but some of the videos where you actually talked and joked about MVs were absolutely hilarious. So I would be really happy if the Saturday’s surprise was sometimes something like “cool videos that don’t have any chance for a KMM” or even a Kcrunch Cocktail…

    • thisisjustforfunval

      K-Crunch & later K-Crunch Cocktails were awesome! I loved them because S&M could just talk about what ever they pleased. It is actually how I got introduced to TVXQ’s Mirotic for the first time and was made to notice Kim Kyu Jong’s “Clearly Obvious Crotch Karess.” XD

      • I liked the Cocktails so much! I’d absolutely love to have that segment brought back, however sporadically. I, too, was introduced to Mirotic for the first time through one of them.

      • I haven’t seen that video with Kim Kyu Jong before! And after watching it I think I like that old K-Crunch format even more than the latter.
        Mirotic was one of the first Kpop songs I knew but I got introduced to Haru Haru which is one of my favorite Kpop songs ever.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Can you believe when I saw Haru Haru on kcrunch cocktail I didn’t like it? Now it is probably one of my all time favorite songs and I believe I teared up hearing BigBang sing it live in LA last year? I’m amazed that there was every a time I truly did not like BigBang :-O

          This KCrunch was one of my favorite concepts/segments that they every did.

  44. I really like the WTF episodes. And I totally think it’s a good idea to not have the Kpop Chart updates for now. There were always song being added that couldn’t get a video, and I don’t know- I found them a bit repetitive.

  45. I missed your WTF episodes and the idea of more flexibility in your schedules sounds awesome and fun!!! I’m not gonna lie…..I won’t miss the kpop chart updates. I watched them, but they felt kind of redundant since you could see what was new just by checking out the kpop chart itself.


  46. I’m really happy this segment is back!
    I’m really weirded out by what I just watched…
    But I’m still happy this segment is back!(?)

  47. bigbangfosho

    Man, I totally take back my thoughts of not liking the new intro. The fact Martina drew it all makes it superbly awesome! And I really really like the idea of having more creative space and sticking to the tight schedule less. Although I did like the kpop chart update, I think you’re right about having too much kpop. People will see eatyourkimchi as less of a korean culture site and more as a kpop site, and I think that’s really unfair.

    Oh gosh, I’m totally looking forward to seeing Martina cook and the unpredictable-ness. I think anticipating a WANK, FAPFAP, or cooking show on Wednesday would be awesome, but anticipating your Saturday video would be even better!

  48. Oh my god ! WTF Korea is back.. you don’t know how happy I am right now !! :D
    Has been one of my favourite segments and I’m so glad you’re doing this again !! :DD

  49. kpopfan123

    *yey* WTF’s are back! ^____^

    yes Simon would be perfect for the pirate era :))


  50. YES MY FAVORITE SEGMENTS ARE BACK *explodes into confetti*

  51. yayyyyy WTFs are back!!! really happy but the kpop chart updates are gone….guess you cant have everything but it was so funny

  52. Feygarden

    Can’t breathe, Laughing too hard. That was awesome!

  53. Isabel Ruby

    YESSS WTF I”VE MISSED THE WTF SEGMENTS SO MUCHHHHH which i didn’t realize until i saw this video. dotraki man warrior hair chest :/

  54. I MISSED WTFs!!! These are always so funny I can’t stop laughing. I love the new opening segment… you guise are so creative<3

  55. THE WTFS ARE BACK!!!!!!!! i literally discovered the wtfs THE WEEK AFTER YOU STOPPED DOING THEM T-T
    super excited to see these come back, maybe one day you’ll find something that can outdo the Twonkle Twonkle mug in terms of hilarity
    (if you other nasties don’t know what i’m talking about go watch their Twonkle Twonkle WTF, you won’t regret it)

  56. Emilie

    Because the Kpop Chart Update segments are gone… how are people going to see their cool fan art on the wall? D: I’m glad WTF is back, but I’m sad to see the Updates go. They were what made me still slightly satisfied when the video I wanted didn’t get reviewed for KMM… Anyway, I understand you guys just can’t do it all and I welcome the change. ^-^ I’m looking forward to some more WTFs and cooking videos!

  57. To be honest I never really liked the kpop charts update. I never really saw the point since there was the kpop charts. Glad to see WTF is back though :D

  58. Yay! i love WTF! :D it’s my favorite! thanks for bringing it back! :D

  59. yay! I LOVE WTF!!! i’m so happy you brought them back. can’t wait for more!

  60. OMG!!! YOU BROUGHT BACK THE WTFs?!?!?! <3

  61. SO pumped that WTFs are back! XD
    That was freakin’ hilarious! Thank you~!

  62. YES ITS BACK, I’M SO HAPPY!! will there be a monthly giveaway thingy again of all the cool items?

    plastic light up ear cleaner, pooh sandwich, twonkle twonkle…ahhhhh the memories!!!!!!

  63. Yay!!!! I’m so excited to have these back! These videos were always a lot of fun to watch. The Wonderful Treasure Finds always left me feeling like WTF and intrigued and basically laughing my head off.
    I can’t wait to see what other fun videos you start coming up with. Having no set schedule will be more fun. We get surprise videos and you aren’t stuck in a structure and grasping for little bits of creative juices. You can just let it happen naturally.

    (And I’m also glad to see the KpopChart Update go..I’ve had posts about it in the past, but it was kind of a detriment in my opinion. Less so with the new format I guess, but it still felt like a wasted video.)

  64. ahh yaaay the wonderful treasure finds are back~! I really love this segment~ to tell the truth, it was actually what brought me to you guys.. ; u ; remember the double eyelid tape one? haha yeah so that’s how I found you guys and from there I entered the wonderful world that is eyk XDD and I really love the new intro, it’s adorable~
    but those boob-booster things sound awfully nasty though… and not in the good way. not. at all. o A o

    • The first video of their’s I saw was the review for MBLAQ’s Cry. But after that, I watched all the WTFs before even attempting to watch the KMMs.
      My favorite to this day is ‘twonkle twonkle little star, now I murder baby sheep’ lol (I’ve never wanted a cup so badly in my life)

      • omg I remember that one! I actually went and watched it again because of your comment, and laughed my head off once again from that part and the ‘twinkle dinkey’ part too pfft XD
        and same here, I used to actually skip the KMMs in my subs box because I didn’t really know what they were, but eventually I clicked on one and was introduced to all the other segments as well~

    • My first ever video was the ddung cream…good times…

  65. Yay, I like the new creative schedule idea! It sounds fun!

  66. Lee Unđerground Manson
    Lee Unđerground Manson

    Somins shriek is my new ringtown!!! :D that was so wonderfull and tight-clapping i almost killed myself while eating a tomato AND watching this at the same time :D
    Kiods, dont try this at home :P

  67. YAY! I never watched those update charts, honestly I thought they were just a bit of a waste of space. I totally missed WTF!! :D

  68. Glad you brought this segment back! I missed seeing the crazy things you two would find! I think it is a good idea to free up Saturdays for different videos instead of the Kpop update. Like you said, it will give you more room to be creative and do different things instead of the same video schedule.

  69. Yay, I loved WTF’s. :D But if you listened to this dialogue without seeing what’s going on, it sounds like some bad S&M porn video. O.o

  70. Yay!!! I love WTF segments can’t wait for more :B

  71. OHMYGAWD I remember about 2 years ago I found Your youtube channel and spend all night watching the WTF segment laughing like crazy although I barely could understand you. And now I’m watching it all over again! Thanks to you I’m soooo nasty and sooooo better in english now! You Guys are awesome! If you, by any chance, at any time go to Poland, you should visit Cracow. i’m totally buying You a drink!

  72. Have you guys decided what you’re going to call your new cooking show?

  73. WTF is right… That was so weird and awkward, I’m happy I’m in my room instead of where the humans are at XD


  75. Ariadne Locket

    Hey Simon and Martina! (: Something I’ve been thinking for a while I truly would love to hear you talk about this, was: Did you guys ever thought about talking about the other songs in k-pop groups albums? You know, the ones without a video. I happen to think that there are many good songs in some albums (I recall hearing Martina talking about G-D’s album “One Of A Kind” in the review of the video, I think, and I wanted to know more about what you guys thought of it!)
    I’m glad that you brought W.T.F.s back, but I think that maybe because it’s a short segment needs to be complemented with something else…

  76. ^^ WTFs~!!! FTW!~ I actually like all of your vids S&M and they never bore me :D tbh I’d rather have surprises than a sticked schedule bcaz…. I JUST <3 SURPRISES~! Anyways I totally support your choices guyz :3 Happy Meems

  77. Simon u are so hairy O.o

    • Finally somebody commented. I did not want to be the first one to do it. VERY HAIRY! Martina, you are lucky! I love hairy chesteses. hehehhehhe

      • lol i know right, they mentioned it before and I always saw his hair stick out of his shirt but I never imagined it would be that much XD

  78. I’m really glad you guys are allowing yourselves to be more flexible and creative. I feel like you really thrive when you’re given the chance to be more creative rather than just strictly following a schedule. I’m super excited to see the new WTF and all the other vids you make! :D

  79. OMG! I have been watching you WTF segments for a few days now, and I was wishing you guys could start them again…Thank you so much!!!!

  80. YAY, so happy to see these back! And as for the update, you guise do whatever the muses tell you to do. As an artist I fully believe in going with what you feel like doing at the time. The ONLY thing I miss is in WANKS, the Engrish and Idol contests, and the random challenges. Hopefully those aren’t gone forever, they were so much fun! But they definitely don’t need to be in every WANK. Seeing them occasionally would be nice though.

    But so glad to see that you guys are expanding and trying to please the NASTY army while also realizing it is your show and therefore you guise do what you want to do. Can’t wait to see what you think up next!

    Your loyal Nasty, Ceci :3

  81. As I’m reading the comment, every time WTF is mention, when I read it in my mind, Wonderful Adventure Find is NOT what first pop in my head lol. I just read it as the other way…much shorter. LOL

  82. I think it’s great that your swamping things around, I like surprises. Also kudoos for bringing back Wonder Treasure Finds, its what got me to subscribe to you lol

  83. I have eczema and it does make my boobs oppressively dry. You guise should send me a pack!

  84. Super happy with you being more flexible with what you do – its always better when someone does something cos it’s funny/inspired etc than cos they have to fill a timetable. Im not gonna say Im happy that Kpop updates are gone cos in my ideal world you would magically have the time to do ten billion videos a day and I would have the time to watch them and we would all (all EYK crew + all nasties) go on holiday together and solve mysterious crimes with an element of magic… but since that cant happen – im totally coool with you choosing not to do K Chart Updates in order to have more time/resources for other things. :)

  85. ShimizuChiharu

    thank you guys to much for bringing this segment back!!! i didn’t know about eyk when you used to to WTFs, thus i could never get the funky things you found (by the way, will you be giving away the wonderful treasure finds like before?)

  86. I missed WTFs! I’m so excited for more to come! (^o^)/

  87. Martina please please do the drama reviews! There is probably no one better fit for that job :D

  88. thisisjustforfunval

    YAY! WTF’s was always one of my favorite segments! One I first found you guys I sat and watched all the WTF’s you’d made up to that in one sitting. Can’t wait to see what other glorious items you find to share with us. Really loving the idea of a free for all Saturday were you guys post what ever kind of video you are feeling like. Opening yourself up to try and show more things, see what works and what doesn’t not just for us Nasties but most you guys.

    I will admit I will miss your kpop chart updates and the mini reviews you give us on videos that will never be reviewed. Some very golden moments have come from that segment :) I’m excited for what you guys do next. Thanks again for all your hard work.

  89. I’m so glad they’re back!!!! I used to love WTF =D

  90. m excited about the changes…do whatever makes you guys happy…while i will miss KPOP chart Update im excited to see what’s gonna be posted – m especially looking forward to the drama segments u guys will have!!!

  91. BWAHAHHA OMG :’D you guys
    so happy this segment is back :D!! and i’m really excited about how videos will be more “mixed up” yay moar surprises XD

  92. Boob lifter $4,50. Simon’s embarrassed smile : priceless.

  93. that was so weird XD it reminds me of those old ladies back when I was going to the pall, they used to put cream of their boobs and I was… why? o,o I guess in certain age, your boobs need to be hydrated?

  94. I’m so excited about flexible changes! And I’m so NOT buying that thing…. like EVER.

  95. PunkyPrincess92

    yay!!! WTF is back!!!
    ahaha Simon you have such a manly scream!!

    the pirate animation is co cute!

  96. Speaking as a woman with a decent W line, ladies do not need help hydrating those suckers. Now if those patches mopped up boob dampness, then they would be God’s gift to Ws everywhere….just saying.

  97. YEY glad these are back! I often rewatch the older WTF’s you guise did because they are frickin HILARIOUS! ^^

  98. Yay! WTF’s are back! :D I really like this new mystery Saturday thing. It’ll be so much fun to have different surprise videos to look forward to.

  99. I’m a little sad about the Chart Update going away but I completely understand. I loved it but sometimes it was difficult to watch because you guys were afraid of giving away your opinions on MVs that might get reviewed. It was a bit like “We have thoughts but we can’t tell you. Go watch the vid.” I’m super excited about the other segments though. Especially the cooking one. I convinced my best friend yesterday to take me to the nearest Asian market so I could buy the ingredients for Jjajangmyeon (the store’s an hr away…she really loves me)

  100. Marzia Matalone

    I’m the only one here wondering why should one hydrate her breast? O_O

    • i’m guessing it’s for breastfeeding women because their boobs get dry and chapped o.o

      • Marzia Matalone

        Oh, that makes sense, but still, Why would hydrating your breast help to boost it? I mean is just like saying that if you drink a lot of water you’ll grow taller…XD

        • Mio Mio

          no actually skin around breasts is very fair so if you usually use skin products for face on them they would stay soft and nice longer and that would help with the sagging in the long run ^^ but any body milk is fine as long as you use granulated scrub from time to time (same as face) ^^

      • That’s inaccurate…using anything remotely like this for nursing is a terrible idea and they don’t get chapped from breastfeeding

  101. I get the feeling that most viewers already have subscribed to their kpop idols’ companies, so giving weekly alerts isn’t as necessary as you two having fun. And I personally have seriously missed this segment, I’m off to celebrate with hovers…

    Hovers = dammsugare, which is a Swedish pastry, and the ones I bakes last week needs digesting before they get old ^_^

  102. I’m glad WTF is back. It had gotten to the point where there was just too much K-Pop and not enough all the rest of Korean culture. While I understand that I am so far removed from your target demographic that I might as well be from space, I gotta tell you, a little K-Pop goes a long way.

    Keep the Indie. That I like. Demographic or not.

    It would also be fun to hear reactions to K-Dramas. I am curious if Martina has the same reaction I have on occasion. I’m watching a drama, I like the plot, the actors and their characters and then in one episode someone grabs the Idiot Ball and my willing suspension of disbelief gets a sucker punch to the gut and I stop caring.

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