On Saturday we hung out with one of Martina’s co-workers, Chong-Won (we’re not sure how to spell his name) and his friend, to see some of Bucheon’s attractions. We first went to Bucheon Fantastic Studios, which was the set for many Korean TV shows and music videos. Now it’s a ghost town, and it was really quite boring to walk through. Thankfully, right beside it is Aiins World, and so we went there right afterwards.

Aiins World is a theme park with 100 of the World’s most famous buildings and structures at a 1/25 scale. The World Trade Centre is around 35 meters high. The price of admission is 8500 won, and walking through the entire place and soaking everything in will take you at least half an hour to 45 minutes. It’s very close to us in Bucheon, as well, as it’s a couple minute drive away from the Home Plus. Taking the taxi there from our apartment cost us under 3000 won. It’s really quite impressive, and we strongly recommend everyone in Bucheon to visit it at least once (we plan on going again at night). We have a viewer of this site who recommended it to us in an email, since he helped build it back in 2003-2004. So here’s a video of it for him.  As well, we took pictures of both places, so click on either picture below to see the full photoset from our day’s adventures in Bucheon.

Bucheon Studios Bucheons Aiins World

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