From now on we are going to try to properly review some of the restaurants we eat at, so that – when you’re here in Bucheon – you can have an idea of where’s a good place to eat and what you can find there. We’re also putting in a tab in our movie section for Restaurant Reviews, so you can check there for future reference. Today comes our first installment of 맛있은-Delicious“, Eatyourkimchi.com’s Restaurant Reviews!

The first restaurant we’re going to review is Bucheon’s Don Day Restaurant. It’s a pretty good Sam Gyap Sal place with cheap prices and good food. The different flavors of Sam Gyap Sal is what really makes this place stand apart; the Go-Chu-Jang marinade gives the meat a sweet and spicy taste that we’ve never had before, but absolutely love. As well, the restaurant is constantly packed, so that makes us feel comfortable if we know that Koreans approve of their food, since our standards as non-Koreans might be much lower.

We broke down our review into three categories and rated them on a scale of 1-5:
1. Taste – Because that matters a lot, of course.
2. Side Dishes – We think this is important, because free side dishes to compliment your food is what makes Korean food distinctly Korean. Good luck getting free side dishes in a Canadian restaurant.
3. Bang for your Buck – Overall, how much are you getting for your money?

As for Don Day Restaurant, here’s our final review:

1. Taste 4/5 – The marinades make this some of the tastiest Sam Gyap Sal we’ve ever had. It’s fantastic!
2. Side Dishes 1/5 - We’re a little disappointed in the lack of extras. There’s one Sam Gyap Sal place we go to that gives us free soups. Here, you have to pay extra for them
3. Bang for your Buck 4/5 – This place is great because it’s meant to fill you up for cheap, and that’s just what it does. 9,000 won will feed two people, and that’s a price point that’s hard to beat.

Check out our video review for more details; you’ll see what the restaurant looks like, where it’s located by landmarks, and what the food looks like as well.

  1. Lol your hair is fantastic here. Its like flowy curtains of hair xD. I like how clean cut and perfecty looking it is. Kudos to the stylist that did that straightening perm you mentioned.
    I keep trying to convince my family that we should try doing something like this at home. We can get most of those ingredients except the kimchi, and we have a kinda large portable griddle we could set up at our dining table and all.

  2. they probably can’ turn any profit if they provided more side dishes whe their meat is so ridiculously cheap ;)

  3. I enjoy your clip very much. Btw, as many foreigners don't know much about unwritten rules in Korean restaurant, let me tell you one.
    You should order at least 3 or 4 Inboon(servings) (based on 2 person) when you go to these kind of meat restaurant.
    And one more, they don't serve one person with one serving (even two serving), so don't expect to get anything for 3.5 dollars menu when you try dine alone.

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