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Bucheon’s Dubu House Restaurant

October 5, 2008


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The first video we ever posted for this site was of our first meal in Bucheon, Korea. It was at the Dubu House, which is right beside our place, and so we now find it only fitting to give the restaurant a proper review. We loved it back then, but what do we think of it now that we’re a little more seasoned in Korea? Is it still as good, or were we newbies who didn’t know any better? Today comes our second installment of 맛있은-Delicious“, Eatyourkimchi.com’s Restaurant Reviews, featuring Bucheon’s Dubu House Restaurant!

Right off the bat we can say that we still love this place; Dubu House is an excellent, excellent restaurant in Bucheon if you want to have some cheap and delicious Soon Dooboo Jigae (Soft Tofu Stew). They offer many different varieties of 순두부 (which translates phonetically to “soon doo boo”) soup, most of which are really delicious.

Our favorite is the cheese soon dubu, though the dumpling soon dubu is really delicious as well. If your Korean isn’t up to snuff, you’re in luck as well, because every kind of soon dubu is translated for you into English. We can’t attest for all of the varieties here, since we’ve only had around half or so. Some of the flavors are a little scary, like the “Small Intestines of Cattle Soondubu.” Click on the picture here to see the full menu and all of the different varieties of soon du bu.

Anyhow, here’s our final review of Bucheon’s Dubu House.

1. Taste 4.5/5 – Every single soup that we have tried from here has been delicious. We would give this a perfect score, but we haven’t been to enough restaurants yet to definitively say that this is the best.
2. Side Dishes 3/5 – You get a decent amount of side dishes, but none of them are really stellar. Kimchi, Seaweed, pickles – all are fine, but very common.
3. Bang for your Buck 5/5 – If you need to save some money, this is the place to eat. 6000 won will get you a great meal that you’ll be lucky to have enough room to finish. Take the rest home for leftovers and you’ve got something that microwaves really, really well. Two meals for 6000 won? Now that’s a great deal.

Check out our video review for more details. We place the restaurant in context via landmarks. It’s really close to Don Day Restaurant, which we reviewed last week. As well, you’ll get to see what the food and the restaurant look like.


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Bucheon’s Dubu House Restaurant


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