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Bucheon’s Best Bar: Rhythm and Booze

September 3, 2008


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Last week our friend Chris introduced us to a really good foreigner bar called “Rhythm and Booze” and we’ve fallen in love with the place, especially since we’re no longer interested in going to Canada Buddy. Here’s why: a few weeks ago Chris agreed to go with us to Canada Buddy because he thought we haven’t been, and he knew we had expressed interest in going. Once he found out that we had already visited it on our own he wanted to leave immediately. He had a bad experience with the place and didn’t like it ever since. We just thought he was being silly and didn’t think any worse of the place. Next week we went without him but took our friend Sasha instead. That night she was violently ill after eating their Tofu Burger, and stayed up most of the night throwing up. Martina’s stomach didn’t settle all too well, either. Simon’s the only one who didn’t have a bad experience, but three other people did, and so it’s safe to say that we’re staying away from Canada Buddy from now on.

The whole point of this back-story is that we’re really glad to have found Rhythm and Booze because we didn’t have an alternative foreigner bar. Everything else we can say about it is a bonus: The location is much closer – just a short walk away while Canada Buddy cost us a taxi ride. The atmosphere is much nicer there as well; the bar is on the third floor, and it overlooks the park to Sopoong Station. And, hell, the food is absolutely great. We had their quesadillas there on Sunday and were blown away; they’re just as good as any quesadilla we’ve ever eaten in Canada. As well, there’s a beautiful new pool table that free to play, so we can brush up on our now long-forgotten pool-hustling skills. The place also holds a lot of events, so – from what we can remember so far – Wednesdays are trivia nights. Other days host poetry slams, pool tournaments, poker tournaments, and beer-pong tournaments. Finally, the music isn’t awful, and some days movies are on the huge projector, so you can sit back with a drink and a meal and watch a good movie. It’s a great place, and if you’re anywhere close to it you should definitely, definitely check the place out. We’ll be there often – you might run into us!

Rhythm and Blues Business Card

What’s even more interesting is that Simon somewhat kinda sorta not really knows the owner of the place. One Saturday Simon went out to play basketball and found a bunch of foreigners playing on the court. One of the guys was the owner, and Simon remembers hearing him talking about opening a bar. A couple of month have passed, and here we are eating and playing pool at this very bar. Anyhow, we made a movie to introduce the bar so you could see what it’s like. In this video we’re walking from the intersection that holds Emart and the Hyundai Mall; Rhythm and Booze is at the very end of the alleyway, right before the park close to Sopoong Mall. If you’ve been around this site for a while, then you’ll remember the video of us walking through the park and ending up at the squid. Rhythm and Booze is right above it. By the end of this video we realized that it would have been much better if we just drew a map instead of spending our time making a video, but it’s too late to undo it now (actually, we just found a picture of the map. Click here for the Map to Rhythm and Booze). As well, we put up a picture of his business card, so if you want the proper address and phone number rather than a shoddy video directing you to the place, feel free to call that. Click on the card to make it bigger.

One last thing: if you do start going to this bar (and we strongly recommend you do) make sure you tell the owner that Simon and Martina sent you.


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