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Bucheon’s Sala Thai Restaurant

December 3, 2008


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Generally, we love eating here in Bucheon. We’ve reviewed Bucheon’s Dubu House, Chicky Pub, and Don Day Restaurant, and have loved all three of them and – still – highly recommend them to everyone in the Bucheon area. There are some restaurants, though, that we need to warn you Bucheonites about: for the first time on eatyourkimchi.com, we’re going to give a review/warning of a bad restaurant.

See, we were looking for some good non-Korean food; growing up in Canada, we have grown accustomed the many different foods of many different culture. We wanted to see how Korea’s multicultural cuisine held up. Our first attempt at a non-Korean food restaurant (apart from burger joints, which are international) was at a Thai restaurant here in Bucheon: the Sala Thai Restaurant, on the top floor of the Hyundai Mall. We were excited when we first saw it, because it looked pretty decent on the outside. The menu had a decent selection of Thai food, including Pad Thai and coconut shrimp. The prices weren’t all too friendly, but we were hankering for Thai food, so we bit the bullet and ordered. Boy, were we disappointed.

Taste: 1.5/5 – Simon wanted to give this place a 0. His food was awful. Martina’s wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t good, so she gave her plate a 2.5 out of 5. Our shrimp appetizers were pretty bad, so they also got low grades. We can’t give this place entirely a 0, because it’s not revolting, but it’s lack of flavor is overwhelming.
Side Dishes: 0/5 – There weren’t any actual side dishes here, so we decided to count appetizers into the equation instead. The appetizers sucked; they were overpriced and untasty.
Bang for Your Buck: 0/5 – The appetizers cost 12,000 won. Our meals were 11,000 won each. Altogether, we spent 34,000 won on food that wasn’t good at all. For 34,000 won we could eat five meals elsewhere (we’ve been eating at the dokbokki stands lately. We can both get stuffed for 6,000 won).

Overall, stay away from Sala Thai. We were really disappointed with this place. If you know of any good Thai food places here in Korea, PLEASE TELL US! We’ll continue trying out new places and – hopefully – we’ll be able to give a good recommendation of a non-Korean restaurant here in Bucheon soon.



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Bucheon’s Sala Thai Restaurant


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  1. Buddha’s Belly is ok and so is the Thai place above What the Book in Itaewon, but hands down is Sukhumvit http://afatgirlsfoodguide.wordpress.com/2012/12/13/taste-of-thailand-sukhumvit/ I cannot say enough good things about this place. I started at store 1 down in Song tang and this is store #3. Heat scale is 1-5, I order 7 which brings it up to a nice comfortable level for me without burning me out. The curries are amazing, the thai tea is a must.

    7 years ago
  2. reason it shut down was prob to this review
    i feel so sorry you went to such an expencive place just to be let down like that :/
    i had the same expericance just on saterday i paid about 47.95 for my whole meal
    appitiser = burn squishy eggy tasting garlic bread (had better out of a packet)
     main= chicken wing with no meat wtf the skin was glued on with some sortt of burn sticky madrnade aand it came with rice underneath and a saled in the worst dressing ever the meau had said nothing about rice or saled
    drink= TOO SWEET omg sweet to much resberry in the lemonade :P
    all up first class place 24/27 went home hungery because the food was terible
    #family reunion

    8 years ago
  3. Yeah. I haven't found a decent Thai Food place since, but I haven't exactly been looking, either…

    10 years ago