We’re happy that we found this place, because this is what we kind of expected Korea to be like before we got here: marketplaces with bad lighting and fresh produce, fresh fish, and meat cut right in front of you, vendors yelling for your attention, and random sock stores that don’t seem to fit in with the rest of the place. Instead, we’re surrounded by shopping malls and megamarts – in our part of Bucheon, at least – so we like to make it down to Bucheon’s Sang Dong Market every once in a while. They quite possibly make our favorite Man Du (dumplings) and Don Kat Su (shnitzel) in our entire stay in Korea – and, believe us when we say we have eaten LOTS of Man Du and Don Kat Su. We highly recommend you stop by here as well, if not as a regular customer, then at least to see a different side of Korea apart from Emart and HomePlus. It’s located between Bucheon and Songnae station, on the road that connects them both, so get there if you can.

  1. You can just eat it if you like (it's delicious!) or you can use it in your food, like in making kimbap, for example.

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