This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is something that we’ve been using for a few months now. Martina didn’t want to use it as a WTF because she’s been using the bunny egg former on her own. Let’s be clear about this first: we went on a major shopping spree a few months ago and bought lots of WTF stuff. At the time, Martina said this super-cute egg formermabob would be a good idea for us to make a video about. So we bought it, and put it in our WTF storage unit. But then we just kept on postponing making a video it. And postponing it. And postponing it. This week I insisted that we do the video on them and finally uncovered the truth: turns out that Martina has been making bunny eggs this whole time. Just secretly making bunny eggs, admiring them, and sadly eating them. For our Egg Salads, she’d make bunny eggs, and then sadly mash them up into the salad, which is odd, because if you’re gonna mush the egg then why form it? Martina’s argument: if you had the choice between bunny eggs and normal eggs, what would you chose? To her, the answer is clearly evident.

And so we went back to the store and got the bear egg former as well, and we’ll be giving that away for the next WTF Care package giveaway. Huzzah! For the last care package, though, congrats to Taintedfangs on YouTube who came up with the best answer (according to Martina’s opinion, clearly) for how you can use the Japanese Instant Boobs: use them as air cushions for hamster cars. Yep. That’s the answer we chose. And to answer your question: yes, Martina is being exceptionally silly lately.

Are these common elsewhere? We feel like they’re normal now, but we’re not sure. We know they’re awesome, but we’re not sure how much non-Asians are into making animals out of their eggs. We’ve seen lots of cute lunch-making kits: seaweed stampers to cut out faces for your riceballs and such, and so we thought that the bunny egg former was just a part of that ridiculously cute kind of lunch set. Yeah!

  1. I love going back to your old videos and seeing how much you guys have changed, not only in appearance but also how you edit your videos too. It’s so cool! ><

  2. Oh Muh Gawd! Haha that egg trick blew my mind! My jaw dropped! I was stunned! I was gonna go try immediately but then I saw how Martina was having a harder time with it, and I figure I probably would have the same out come :/ lol Maybe I’ll have my brother try it, like a MAN!

  3. where did you guys get those cupcake stickers for your kitchen cupboards and stuff?

  4. I would use them to create an army of egg bears and put them in front of my door to protect my home.

  5. I would make deviled bunny eggs! And they’d take over the world! BAHAHAHAHAHA and be damn tasty trying!

  6. ZMSOOFNGF Blowing on them really worked..took me three tries but I GOT IT. Egg peeling hasn’t gotten any cooler, thanks Simon!

  7. Those are adorable. And I have now consumed my 8th egg in 2 days because peeling them like that is just TOO MUCH FUN. 

    I haven’t tried “dancing” to make them boil faster, but my faith in you guys is growing exponentially, so it’s just a matter of time. 

    Also, if I have a sudden cholesterol-induced heart attack in the near future, I blame you. ;)

  8. BONERRRRRRR-rama. 
    LOOL. I love those!! I thought they were the ones I have here in America were we put raw egg in and microwaves them to cook. I wonder if it works… But I guess the bunny/bear would only work on one side since it’ll be messy to try to fit in there.

  9. That is sooooooooooo dang cute :DDDDD Martina such a cutie Simon a real smooth Meanie XDDD

  10. OMG IT’S A TINY HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t usually do this but…….. your hat.. RAAAWWWWWWWWWWWKKKKSSS. 
    SNL anyone? haha 

  11. My 10 year old has those bookmarks and she indeed plays with them at school… so much so the teacher made her bring them home, with instructions to never bring them back.

  12. The only time I can really ever picture myself using these are like, making Easter eggs into bunny shaped Easter eggs.

  13. Nothing to say. Just the funniest video you guys have done yet. Super-like!

  14. this is like my first time seeing this sooo im gonna say…CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. this is like my first time seeing this sooo im gonna say…CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I’ve seen these on justbento a long time ago and I’ve wanted to try it so bad! They really do seem like o much fun. And who doesn’t love cute things?


    apparently it explodes when the yolk of the egg is too far to one side rather than being in the middle?

  17.  I Would Use The Bunny Shaper To Make Eggs Have The Face Of A Bunny And Stare At It Forever… What Else Would I Use It For 

  18. bonerama bonerama!! lol

    they seem pretty cool

    only if they had slimer egg maker that would be supercool!!

  19. I’m going to try that egg blowing thingy right now….
    …. *10 minutes later* i failed…….. 

  20. so i already commented in youtube (unsubscribed) but thought it would get lost in all the comments; Simon, I know you are reading Lifehacker… i thought you might be when i saw the standing desk, but the egg peel clinched it. What do I win (for being a huge nerd)?

  21. Whatever you do Simon, don’t get Martina a Hello Kitty toaster or waffle maker then..LOL

  22. i am really want this stuff~
    thats so cute~~ >.<

  23. I would use the bunny shaper to lure little bunnies into my trap >:) and then pet them *pets soft fur * 

  24. I would use bunny eggsbecause, if you make bunny eggs they can have bunny egg babies and a new species will be born called “Martina’s Cute Bunny Eggs.” We can happily put them in our food and salads and eat them, but we have to leave left over so they can reproduce :3

  25. EEE! I so wish to have these. A few years ago when I first discovered bento lunch boxes I saw all of the cute food making tools and was so sad that I couldn’t find any of them locally :( I’m still looking and have yet to try buying online. These are so cool. oh and ps, I was watching etalk the other day and they also have a WTF segment! interesting coincidence.. yours is better :D

  26. Where did you guys get those? Can we buy them online?

    p.s. for some reason, the music monday requests won’t work ;(

  27. y can we c the video???? or is it just me??

  28. They have those at the Japanese grocery store around where I live in Ohio. I bought a Hello Kitty one! …except I really hate hard-boiled eggs, Hello Kitty shaped or not. Maybe not the best use of my money… yeah…

  29. OMG no way! I bought these exact same molds last year in China.

    I gave one to my younger cousin and let her choose, but she told me to choose for her. I was all, “Uh, well, I guess this bearpig is cuter… so… you can have it!” when the bunny is clearly cuter and I wanted to keep it to myself mwahahaa

  30. OMG i totally have the star and heart shapped one and its the cutest
    thing ever lol when you cut the egg in half the center also forms a
    heart & Star its soo cute

  31. OMG i totally have the star and heart shapped one and its the cutest thing ever lol when you cut the egg in half the center also forms a heart & Star its soo cute

  32. i watched this and had to boil an egg to tryh that, it turned out like martinas not working. did you wait for the egg to cool off alot first?

    oh and the the bunny is to cute!! iv seen theses on sites but i didnt think they would works.

  33. I will never listen to SuJu in the same way ever again!!!!! WHYYYYYY!!!!???

  34. oh my shisus!! those egg shapers just blew my mind lol
    they’re so cute :D

  35. My daughter has a pick little kid version of simon’s shirt. huzzah!

  36. Those egg former thingies are so cute! I have never seen them before…I think the bunny is super cute but I would definitely be happy wit the bear lol and at first glance I would never have thought those things would have been for eggs

  37. Those are somewhat werid but sooo cute! One of the funniest WTF!! Good hamster impression Martina!

  38. Those are somewhat werid but sooo cute! One of the funniest WTF!! Good hamster impression Martina!

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