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WTF – Bunny Eggs

June 29, 2011


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This week’s Wonderful Treasure Find is something that we’ve been using for a few months now. Martina didn’t want to use it as a WTF because she’s been using the bunny egg former on her own. Let’s be clear about this first: we went on a major shopping spree a few months ago and bought lots of WTF stuff. At the time, Martina said this super-cute egg formermabob would be a good idea for us to make a video about. So we bought it, and put it in our WTF storage unit. But then we just kept on postponing making a video it. And postponing it. And postponing it. This week I insisted that we do the video on them and finally uncovered the truth: turns out that Martina has been making bunny eggs this whole time. Just secretly making bunny eggs, admiring them, and sadly eating them. For our Egg Salads, she’d make bunny eggs, and then sadly mash them up into the salad, which is odd, because if you’re gonna mush the egg then why form it? Martina’s argument: if you had the choice between bunny eggs and normal eggs, what would you chose? To her, the answer is clearly evident.

And so we went back to the store and got the bear egg former as well, and we’ll be giving that away for the next WTF Care package giveaway. Huzzah! For the last care package, though, congrats to Taintedfangs on YouTube who came up with the best answer (according to Martina’s opinion, clearly) for how you can use the Japanese Instant Boobs: use them as air cushions for hamster cars. Yep. That’s the answer we chose. And to answer your question: yes, Martina is being exceptionally silly lately.

Are these common elsewhere? We feel like they’re normal now, but we’re not sure. We know they’re awesome, but we’re not sure how much non-Asians are into making animals out of their eggs. We’ve seen lots of cute lunch-making kits: seaweed stampers to cut out faces for your riceballs and such, and so we thought that the bunny egg former was just a part of that ridiculously cute kind of lunch set. Yeah!



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