The Busan International Film Festival is in full force now, and Simon got to go to it for two days. Huzzah! During those two days, we got lots of footage for a video or two. For now, though, we wanted to do a bit of an artsy movie, so bear with us! A while ago we did a video about the Korean Subway, but that was just of a short subway ride. This time, Simon set up the camera to take a video of the ride back from Busan to Seoul via the Korea Train Express (KTX). We mashed three hours into four minutes, and cut out all of the boring parts (like in the tunnels, for example – because dark tunnels make for boring movies). The clouds were perfect for that day, and the scenery is just gorgeous. And – wow – does Korea ever have a lot of mountains! Take a look!

  1. Very cool, and good choice in music.

  2. Wow the clouds looked so fake! that’s awesome! i wish we had that kind of wether here. (The Netherlands).  really nice trip view… <— i don't really know how to name it.. :P but really nice!

  3. That was almost hypnotic. I loved the clouds. :D

  4.  the price you mentioned below … was it a round trip ?
    ps your videos are awesome !! love the energy and what u do !!! :)

  5. Great Video I am planning a visit to Korea for October this year and one of the adventure items is to take the train from Seoul to Busan. This video is awesome! thanks for sharing guys and the tip from Dee Dee on the comment above is so appreciated!

  6. Hey, I'm a student from Busan studying in Seoul. It's a great vid, especially the part where clouds are rolling :)

    For your tip, the scenery's really great from Busan(especially around Mulgeum 물금) to Daegu, even better if you sit on the left side. Well, to be honest with, it used to be great but now they are digging out the riversides and it isn't pretty anymore… :( Daegu~Daejeon is mostly tunnels because it's where the trains must pass the mountains. For me, it's the moment to get some sleep! :P

    About the fare: weekdays are cheaper (especially Wednesday if I remember correctly) and weekends (including Friday) are slightly more expensive(7.5%~30%). Also backward seats are slightly cheaper, and the ones with four seats together give the best rate. ("동반좌석") So if you can, fetch two more people to travel with you!

    Have a nice trip to Busan if you ever do (again)! :)

  7. can you help me? how much the fare busan to seoul?

  8. wow you guys did great job! so awesome!

  9. i really love taking trains and just to admire to scenery. Great job!

  10. Oh my God, It's eerie at the same time. We don't have mountains here in Toronto. :/

  11. I was there too. How many movies were you able to see? I saw 6 and was very lucky to get them all online. No standing in a line up at 6am for me!

  12. Great, It is beautiful and I enjoyed the video

    thank you

  13. I enjoyed the video. Esp, the layers of clouds. It looks like. 3D movie. haha~ -_-;
    Hope you enjoyed Busan, my 2nd hometown.

  14. Thank you for making this video it is beautiful and it showcases the countryside and the mountains wonderfully.

  15. gorgeous sky!! Thank you for the video.

  16. LOVE the clouds in this video. Awesome job guys :)

  17. Loved watching those clouds roll by. Crossing the Han at the end was gorgeous, all those blurring bridges.

  18. the clodies are so beautiful… the equipments and building made by human hurts the scenary by the nature… ㅜㅜ

  19. The sky was so gorgeous with its constant change. I love it.

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