The Busan International Film Festival is in full force now, and Simon got to go to it for two days. Huzzah! During those two days, we got lots of footage for a video or two. For now, though, we wanted to do a bit of an artsy movie, so bear with us! A while ago we did a video about the Korean Subway, but that was just of a short subway ride. This time, Simon set up the camera to take a video of the ride back from Busan to Seoul via the Korea Train Express (KTX). We mashed three hours into four minutes, and cut out all of the boring parts (like in the tunnels, for example – because dark tunnels make for boring movies). The clouds were perfect for that day, and the scenery is just gorgeous. And – wow – does Korea ever have a lot of mountains! Take a look!

  1. Cool! Thanks for the tips on the fare! Awesome :D

  2. It was roughly 40,000-50,000 won for the trip. It varied to and from Seoul.

  3. Tell me about it! I mean, driving the 401 can be real pretty as well…but it's all flat.

  4. I actually only got to see one: Under the Hawthorn Tree, which was saaaaaaaAAAAaaaaDDDD! I wish I could have seen more, because the press pass lets me get into any movie for free. Bah!

  5. Thanks! Busan was great! Wish I could have stayed there for more than just two days. What at totally awesome city :D

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