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California Food and Party Time!

July 3, 2014


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Time for more of our California videos! We just posted our California vs Korea video yesterday, in which we talked about some of the differences we perceived between both countries. In today’s video we’re just sharing some of our special moments that we got on camera. Some things that might need explaining:

Our New Luggage

Coolest thing ever – it’s a carry on stroller that unfolds into a scooter. Forget about walking all the way to your gate. YOU CAN ROLL THERE. Yep. We had to get them. We’re officially the coolest/dorkiest people at the airport now.

The Korea vs Russia Game

So, we were about to start watching the game at Tom’s Urban in Los Angeles, and a giant fight broke outside between some angry fans. The cops came, people were pepper sprayed and handcuffed, and the drunk fighting guys were just all over the place. This was our first time in downtown LA, so I asked our LA friends if this was common, but it was new to them as well, but – since a bunch of us were YouTubers – we were filming the fight anyway. Then I asked them, under the assumption that such fighting was common in LA, if we should go beat up some Russians. Not because we wanted to, of course, but because it was our soccer fan duty. They disagreed. I persisted. Luckily, no Russians were to be found. Probably because they’d beat me up…

Interestingly, though, when we were watching the game, the guy that was serving us asked why we were so passionate about Korea winning, seeing as we’re not, well, you know, Korean. So we told him about how, during the last world cup, whenever we cheered for Korea while we were in Korea, people bought us free chicken and beer. We were hoping for more free food and booze. Unfortunately, no more free food and booze for us for at least another four years…

Washed Out

Right before we’re about to go on a trip, I scour for a new album to listen to. Why? So that, when we’re on our trip, we listen to that album profusely. Then, in the future, when we’re out somewhere and we hear a song from that album, or if our iTunes randomly shuffles to one of those songs, we unlock a bunch of memories from that trip. I find that music helps me bookmark my memories a lot better than pictures do. I can listen to a song and tell you the first time I ever heard it, where I was and what I was doing.

Point is: for this trip we listened to a lot of Washed Out. We listened to Washed Out before, but we didn’t have any distinct memories with it apart from Sunday afternoon house cleaning, which is a load of sucky memories. Chores? Fooey! So now Washed Out will make us remember California. Listen to some of it if you want to share in our experience.


Apart from music, we did take a lot of pictures. I actually really like doing these travel videos of ours, because that means we can post up these pretty galleries which I find freaking gorgeous. Not that we’re good photographers. I just like the way they function on the page. It’s the web nerd in me. Hopefully, though, you like the pics as well. We tell more of our story in them :D

We’ve also got some scenes that didn’t make the final cut. Editing our travel videos is always intimidating, because we start off with something like two hours worth of footage, and then we have to try to boil it down to a video of watchable length. A lot of scenes that we like get left behind. Here are a few of them!

And, lastly, don’t forget to click on this pretty button below to subscribe for more videos! Sorry this one took so long to put out. We’re really in the thick of things with our Coffee Shop at the moment, and it’s gobbling up a lot of our time. Stay tuned, though for special videos coming soon :D



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