Time for more of our California videos! We just posted our California vs Korea video yesterday, in which we talked about some of the differences we perceived between both countries. In today’s video we’re just sharing some of our special moments that we got on camera. Some things that might need explaining:

Our New Luggage

Coolest thing ever – it’s a carry on stroller that unfolds into a scooter. Forget about walking all the way to your gate. YOU CAN ROLL THERE. Yep. We had to get them. We’re officially the coolest/dorkiest people at the airport now.

The Korea vs Russia Game

So, we were about to start watching the game at Tom’s Urban in Los Angeles, and a giant fight broke outside between some angry fans. The cops came, people were pepper sprayed and handcuffed, and the drunk fighting guys were just all over the place. This was our first time in downtown LA, so I asked our LA friends if this was common, but it was new to them as well, but – since a bunch of us were YouTubers – we were filming the fight anyway. Then I asked them, under the assumption that such fighting was common in LA, if we should go beat up some Russians. Not because we wanted to, of course, but because it was our soccer fan duty. They disagreed. I persisted. Luckily, no Russians were to be found. Probably because they’d beat me up…

Interestingly, though, when we were watching the game, the guy that was serving us asked why we were so passionate about Korea winning, seeing as we’re not, well, you know, Korean. So we told him about how, during the last world cup, whenever we cheered for Korea while we were in Korea, people bought us free chicken and beer. We were hoping for more free food and booze. Unfortunately, no more free food and booze for us for at least another four years…

Washed Out

Right before we’re about to go on a trip, I scour for a new album to listen to. Why? So that, when we’re on our trip, we listen to that album profusely. Then, in the future, when we’re out somewhere and we hear a song from that album, or if our iTunes randomly shuffles to one of those songs, we unlock a bunch of memories from that trip. I find that music helps me bookmark my memories a lot better than pictures do. I can listen to a song and tell you the first time I ever heard it, where I was and what I was doing.

Point is: for this trip we listened to a lot of Washed Out. We listened to Washed Out before, but we didn’t have any distinct memories with it apart from Sunday afternoon house cleaning, which is a load of sucky memories. Chores? Fooey! So now Washed Out will make us remember California. Listen to some of it if you want to share in our experience.


Apart from music, we did take a lot of pictures. I actually really like doing these travel videos of ours, because that means we can post up these pretty galleries which I find freaking gorgeous. Not that we’re good photographers. I just like the way they function on the page. It’s the web nerd in me. Hopefully, though, you like the pics as well. We tell more of our story in them :D

We’ve also got some scenes that didn’t make the final cut. Editing our travel videos is always intimidating, because we start off with something like two hours worth of footage, and then we have to try to boil it down to a video of watchable length. A lot of scenes that we like get left behind. Here are a few of them!


And, lastly, don’t forget to click on this pretty button below to subscribe for more videos! Sorry this one took so long to put out. We’re really in the thick of things with our Coffee Shop at the moment, and it’s gobbling up a lot of our time. Stay tuned, though for special videos coming soon :D

  1. It warms my little CaliGirl heart when I see people enjoying where I live. I can’t wait to explore your neck of the woods. :D

  2. You guys looked like you had a really awesome time! Proud of my state there! One thing I do love about my state is the killer Mexican food. There were some really great places on your vid that I haven’t been to before ( I live in the northern end of the state), and there are some places I want to try now the next time I am down that way. Simon, one thing to always remember for beach/shore weather here in Cali, always ALWAYS have a hoodie or sweater, because even on warm sunny days, we have crazy wind. Depending on how far up the coast you go, like towards Monterrey and San Francisco, you can get random rain and fog too, that will roll up on you and be gone in ten minutes sometimes. I currently live on a lake, and even out there it’s really windy(not as bad as the beach though). Oh! Before I forget- Martina we have three Coco Curry restaurants in the state as of right now. Even though I make my own Japanese style curry at home, it looks so good, and I am hoping they will start cropping up all over. Right now you only see them in SoCal. Q_Q Climb to the North Coco Curry! We need delicious curry noms.

  3. I’ve never tried In-n-Out Burger, but it’s on my list. I have tried Five Guys Burgers, though, and those are really good.

  4. California, I so so wanna go there too! I’m happy for seeing you two having so much fun – I am really amazed and respecting your marriage and life ^^ Can’t wait to see the updates about the coffee shop!!

  5. YAYA i’m really glad you guys had a good experience in California, and finally you guys can say that you’re no longer froyo virgins!!

  6. biggest mistake ever: watching this video when you are on a diet…

  7. I have circle lenses just like those! Looks pretty c:

  8. Okay, yes those portion sizes were enormous! You know in animes where the character eats a bunch of food and then blows up like a giant balloon? I would totally feel that way after I ate that burger and fries. A good example of an anime character doing that would be Luffy from ‘One Piece’.

  9. SO bummed I missed out on the Nasties meet up! I didn’t make it down to LA until Tuesday for VidCon. Luckily my biffle Cheryl was there to fill me in on what I missed. Maybe next time~ & I totally agree about the food portions at restaurants. I usually end up taking leftovers and having enough for another 1-2 meals.

  10. I can’t wait for the make-up tutorial you did Martina, with Jenn From Head To Toe! The picture above made me so excited! ^3^ Loved the pics and the cut-outs from your footages. Ahh~ Wish I could travel the world like you guise do :)

  11. Your pictures are so beautiful!

  12. I just have two things to say:
    1. I miss In-N-Out so much!!!! Being in Korea for the last year has been wonderful, but right now I would kill someone for some animal style fries *on the prowl*
    2. The shirt you (Martina) are wearing when you get In-N-Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally flipped when I recognized it and had to rewatch that part just to make sure. I have been really wanting to buy that Sailor Moon shirt for like forever! Now I must have it!
    That’s it ^_^

  13. Junsu Trap hhahahahahahaha
    love the pictures and the captions!

  14. I was so sad to find out that you guys were in Southern California! I live by Culver City but I am in San Francisco every summer! It would be so cool if next time you come to Cali, you stop in San Francisco!!! I hope you guys had an AMAZING time in our state! EYK FIGHTING!!!

  15. So funny, you look so different and stunning made-up with brown hair.
    I haven’t been to in-n-out burger for so long… wrong continent now! And I came soooo close to becoming a food stylist.

  16. This video was very fun to watch. My whole family was laughing out loud when you both were reacting to the In-N-Out Burger’s double double and animal fries. We are so used to Cali, so it is refreshing to watch a new perspective. It make us appreciate what we have taken for granted, like the space between cars in the parking lot. lol.

    • You have no idea how much space you have between cars. Last week I parked the Eatyourkimchi Mobile in the Costco parking lot. I couldn’t open my door on the driver’s side. I had to crawl over to the passenger’s side, and I barely had room to open the door and squeeze out that way. It makes me a hell of a good parker now, but whoa it’s so tough getting actually out of the car!

  17. my home state representz! u should’ve driven an hour (ish) North. UCSB right up near Pepperdine. my hometown citaaaaaaaay. I could’ve been a tour guide 4u guise :D

  18. Oh yes, it’s an excellent idea to watch a FapFap at midnight. T_T All that delicious foods!! I also gain about 10 pounds whenever I go over there with my Moms homemade biscuits and gravy and all the Mexican I can find, hehe.

  19. What, no Rocket Jump or Just Kidding Films?

  20. OMG I actually went to that same Paris Baguette and also saw the soon to be coming Coco curries!! I was disappointed as well since I’m not living LA but more Norcal :(

  21. Is the luggage a major brand? I NEED ONE.

  22. its not the Pepperdine Grads you have to watch out for, its the UC Santa Barbara Grads. UCSB offers a P.Hd in Surfing…

  23. YESSS!!! You had the Animal Fries!!! Hope you can come back to California some time (preferably Northern California like San Francisco)

  24. Love the video & pictures! The meetup! Very fun experience! Meet other nasties and you guys! Very cool! The place you went to to see the Korea game looked cool. SMH at those people fighting. But that MEX vs BRA game was intense. Still I can’t believe they were fighting. It’s cool seeing what other things you were up to while here in Cali. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see your collab video with Jen. :)

  25. Not to be a downer, but when you feed ducks bread products, they die. Feed them lettuce or watermelon or tomatoes. Just an fyi.

  26. I love the brunette on you, Martina!
    Gah. All this footage just solidifies that I need to visit California someday.

  27. Love the videos and pictures! LA is where I landed when I first immigrated to US from Korea 30+ moons ago before moving to the east coast (I’m really old). Palm trees take me back to the time when it finally hit me, ‘Whoa, I’m really in another country!’ Glad you guys had fun! As always, those food shots make me hungry and I’d really like to try those fusion food!!

    • Why did you migrate? I feel Korea is more developed than the US in many ways.. I mean, I feel Korea is so nice, at least now.. Maybe it was different 30 years ago probably :)

      • I came with my family in 1981 not long after the coup d’état (the real one, not GD’s song). After watching so many videos of Korea from Simon and Martina, I’m eager for a visit. In fact, I’m planning on visiting Korea in three years with a friend and totally looking forward to see the new Korea!

        Thanks for asking!

  28. I’m an ABC (American Born Chinese), born and raised in San Francisco, California, so I maybe a little bias =). I love SF and LA, Cali. People here are great compare to people I’ve met in Hong Kong and Beijing. I remembered i went to a few restaurants and asked for soy sauce, chili sauce, or whatnot, the waiters were rude!!!!! We had to ask them multiple times to get something, SMH. I’m not saying we don’t have horrible service here in Cali, but I rarely get them.
    It looks like you guys had a great time here. Did you guy stock up with Cool Ranch Doritos? Haha!! We do love small talks because we just want to get to know everyone a little bit better. I’ve been seeing a lot of Instagram pics of you 2, Jen (From Head to Toe), Wes, and Phil (Wong Fu Productions). I can’t wait to see those videos!!! Are you planning to come to San Francisco soon?? You should totally do a meet up!!! Keep up the great work!!! FIGHTING!

  29. Froyo is healthier than ice cream! (In a way….) And so delicious! Who knew frozen yogurt was so good? We have lots up in Washington. Whenever my husband and I go to someplace new, we make it a habit to try a froyo place there :) It’s our quirky couple thing…..

  30. excited for your collaboration

  31. Ah, mexicans causing problems as usual… so embarrassing

  32. I’m just reacting to this now, but was that Alice Shin? She’s part of the Roy Choi inner circle. Cool! Getting backdoor restaurant privileges is every foodies dream and you guys just kind of showed up and got it. I swear you two are the luckiest people.

  33. I think out of all the video, the scene I loved the most was with Simon and Oreo. Oreo is so adorable!

  34. I love watching these types of videos from you guys!! Also, the pictures you took look AMAZING!! I really wish I could have gone to the Orange Nasty meet up:( hopefully one day you can come to Vegas (^.^)

  35. Galbi poutine! You got to try it Simon! I’ve had a version of it at a different place, but I’m sure the idea is similar. Isn’t it amazing! The greatest thing about America is how kids from the second and third generations take their cultural food heritage then combine it with the food heritage of another culture, add a crap load of butter and serve it up in artery clogging deliciousness. U.S.A! U.S.A!

  36. I was in the video for like 2 seconds! I was the girl going up to accept the liberty in North Korea tank top that I won! Also Martina totally wore the Sailor Moon T-shirt I gave her!!!!! Whoop! I was so excited I ran to show my mom!

  37. whoa!!! Martina in (what i’m amusing is) a brown wig!!! you look so pretty!! not that you don’t anyway but you look like a forest princess there!! ahaha!

  38. Martina! You’re so pretty, I can’t handle it!!! :D <3 from Singapore!

  39. Waaaah! I’m actually in your video! XD I was at the Orange Nasty meet up and our table was right next to yours! :D Unfortunately our table wasn’t able to have chat time with you guys since of time restraints T.T Never the less, it will still awesome to meet you guys! You guys seriously are the nicest people ever! I honestly never had any interests in Korea until I saw your youtube videos. Thank you for making them! Keep up the awesome work! Love you guys! *mwah! ^-^

    P.S. Is it bad that I’ve lived in CA all my life and never tried Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles!? o.O

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