So for those of you that don’t know, we just arrived back in Korea after having a short visit with our families in Canada. Now why is this information important for the WTF of the week? Well, it’s quite relevant because we’re suffering from terrible jet lag and we have the Lack-Of-Sleep Crazies (or as we call it, “heavy bertations”, see this video if you haven’t already) which we’re sure you’ll notice in the video…or will you? But then again, we are kindof crazy all the time, so maybe two Crazies negate each other and create The Normals. Is this a certified math equation?


If so, someone solve it for us, because we’re getting annoying at waking up at 2am and falling asleep at 6pm. Any hoodle doodle, back to the point of this ramble. Simon and I (this is Martina writing) woke up at 3am and decided to go grocery shopping at our local 24/7 HomePlus since our fridge was empty after our vacation.

After wandering the aisles in a sleep exhausted stupor for around 40 minutes, Simon reached his maximum crazy capacity and curled up on the ground on a cushion (this srly happend) and while I attempted to get him up, I saw the GLORIOUS CAT BUS!!! There were only two left; a pink one and a blue one (and while everyone thinks pink is my favourite colour, it’s actually blue) so I grabbed it and yelled, “THIS IS THE MOST GLORIOUS CAT BUS EVAAAA!!!!!” That woke Simon up, and he’s like, “Oh!! We should give it away for our WTF!” and then I regretted my yelling.

Anyhoo, we were going to do something different (I guess you’ll have to wait for next week) but the GLORIOUS CAT BUS took precedent.

Why is this bus so glorious? Well, let’s make list.

1) It’s covered in tiny cats, some, which are gangsta’ and throwing up gang signs while yelling, “A-YO!”
2) Flying cat bus is manned by a cat wearing tiny airplane goggles.
3) There are tiny baby chicks stowed in the baggage carriage, which I can only imagine are for dinner.
4) It reminds us of the cat bus in My Neighbor Totoro, which is a great anime by Hayao Miyazaki, if you haven’t seen it GO! GO NOW!!!! NO WAIT!!! WATCH OUR VIDEO THEN GO!

Have I even mentioned what this bus is for? Oh, how awkward of me! It’s a pencil case! A GLORIOUS PENCIL CASE CAT BUS!!! Let me just tell you, when I was teaching in High School, all my students had the most rocking pencil cases. It’s like we abandon the idea of having cool pencil cases once we leave grade 6, suddenly you’re “too cool” to care about the receptacle that carries all your stuff. Well not me. I printed out ghetto looking pictures of Sailor Moon and taped it all over a plain tin pencil case. Now if I had a GLORIOUS CAT BUS I’d be the most popular girl in school. No wait, probably the opposite of that…but WHO CARES!!! MY PENCIL CASE IS A BUS! MADE FOR CATS! CATS THAT FLY IN A FLYING BUS!!!! GAHHH!!!!

Otherwise, here are this week’s Bloopers, in which Martina shows off her Pittsburg accent, while Simon shows off his best Andy Bellefleur accent from True Blood:


  1. this reminds me of a japanese transfer student at my university. she had a totoro cat bus pencilcase (made out of fabric) and a dango-shaped eraser. I almost squealed the first time I saw her putting it on her desk – so adorable! <3

  2. Such a cool pencil case!! Wish I had something like that when I was in school.
    Also, I just got back from Japan where I happened to go to the Ghibli Museum….they had a huge cat bus there that you could walk inside and sit in!!!! :D
    They also had a smaller version that kids were climbing all over but I wasn’t allowed to climb on it :(
    If you like Hayao Miyazaki films Martina you have to check this place out when you go to Tokyo next!

  3. A-YOOOOOOOOO xD lol this made my day, You guys are hilarious! :D

  4. 2:15 I see you, G-dragon cat.

  5. cats!!! I once had a metal pencil case with all sorts of cats images on it, when I was 9~ It’s a bit rusty by now but I’m not ever going to throw it away!!! <3 <3 <3

  6. “Spread the love of cool Asian garbage” ROFL WHAT EVEN

  7. “You’re not from Pittsburgh. Stop it!” I wonder why “vanella” sounded so familiar. You guys rock!

  8. Uhmmmm….. How do I get one of those~? CAUSE I LOVE KITTY CATS! GO YUHNG EE!…Or Go yahng ee… One of those spell cat ^.^ … I’m too lazy to check my school book! It’s the weekend! By the way, I love your videos! (I’m not a random stalker! >.>)

  9. omg~ I absolutely love this. I’m one of those university students who can appreciate a man with a cat bus pencil case like that! sooo cute!

  10. Martina thats how I say vanilla…..oh wait……my mom’s from Pittsburgh….nvm…awk…
    But seriously. I FRIGGIN LOVE THAT CAT BUS!!!! The first I thought was definitely OMG TOTORO! Guys…..listen to Simon….that thing is sooo how u get da ladys…. just whip out ur cat bus and roll down ur sexy windows and they won’t leave u alone.

  11. simon digging the style:O

  12. “Geronimo”
    “Baggage compartment”
    Thought I’d help. I totally understand the jetlag though haha.
    I enjoyed the cats.

  13. Yes, they AYO part made me laugh…and the Pittsburgh accent thing too because I know people from there, and that was surprisingly accurate o_o hahah

  14. Oh my god the “Ay yo…I’m all by myself” part seriously made me laugh out loud haha love it!

  15. -stares at catbox- what do I have to do to get my hands on that box?! And the Secret Love Messenger Robots BEST WTF CARE PACKAGE EVA!!!

  16. Man i think the person who made that had his cat bite him and then he got rabies and……..no more cat

  17.  because we’re getting annoying at waking up at 2am …:D It’s your very own Engrish :D  I know how insane one feels without enough sleep/wanting to sleep at the wrong time, but you guys are kinda epic when you are overtired :) Hope your jet lag ends soon

  18. The pencil-holder eye just makes all the difference.  :)

    Simon: I love your faux-Eastern European accent you do.  Is that impersonating anyone you know in real life?

    FWIW, I’m debating about getting a hairstyle like Simon’s.  Now if my wife will just approve….

  19. For the record, the thing MOST people say when they jump is “Jeronimo!”  LOL

  20. It’s ok Martina, everyone says “Vuh-nel-la” around here. And by Pittsburg, I’m going to guess the one in Ontario? or is it actually the one in Pennsylvania?

  21. The reason Simon’s cat has lasers is to fend off evil pens
    and I am currently searching all over internet for these lol

  22. when i saw cat bus pencil case as the title i was like OH MY GOSH THEY HAVE A MY NEIGHBOUR TOTORO PENCIL CASE!!!!!!!!…then i saw the video and was like OH!! but i still like this pencil case! very cool!
    and your being scared of jumping out of a plane really reminded me of Key from SHINee, when he had to bungee jump! ^^

  23. Dear Simon and Martina
    For the jet-lag problem your  having is because the brain is use to Korea but it will be better in three day from when you got to Korea.
    In conclusion i really want one.
    PS hope you guys and spugdy get better. 

  24. LOL actually here in Ottawa, I saw this guy in my English class with a pencil case kind of like that but it was YELLOW. We had to be friends. Epic.

  25. sooo cute!!  Oh and when I played the video, the google ad said “geek online dating”. how appropriate for the topic.  that’s a WTF in itself :)

  26. hahaha I want some Korean Garbage too ♥

  27. And to think … a great new WTF video without any of Martina’s “eh’s” (from the last K-Pop Monday).  Oh, the terrible influence of speaking Canadian … hehehe
    I do have to say that today’s find would be very cute for a girl …. any guy carrying it is getting beat up and his lunch money stolen.  Sorry, but that’s just life on here on Flaxton Street.

  28. I laughed harder than I should have at the “lift its fanny up” because in England, “fanny” means “vagina” whereas it means bum in North America, right?

  29. Lol @ “ghetto looking pictures of Sailor Moon.”

    Miyazaki’s movies are my favorites, and I’m glad you like Totoro. I was expecting an actual cat bus pencil case from the movie though, but this one is awesome too :)

  30. Wasn’t that the disgusting Old Spice ad. with the really D.O.M looking person. Anyway, I feel bad for you guys at least you’ll be okay soon I think or if your Jet-lag is anything like mine that would be bad. Seriously, when I first moved to Canada I had Jet lag for 3 weeks. :| to top it off I moved here on November which would mean SNOW, BLIZZARD and FREEZING my ass off. So, getting Jet lag and Freezing isn’t really a good combo. Anyway I hope you feel better soon not that sleep deprivation makes Simon and Martina less appealing (I mean Martina looks cuter when she’s sleep deprived and Simon crazier than normal). Anyway take care! :) 

    P.S Simon, stealing coffee is so not cool (even if you have on a cool laser cat shirt) especially from you your cute wife-y. :)

  31. This is the most AMAZING thing that u did for WTF!!!!
    and I think u need a cat ^^ recently u obsessed with cats… I think ^^;

  32. you guys sang the homeplus theme song!!  haha that made me so happy

  33. Plain and simple – You need to force each other to stay awake until 10pm. That’s what I had to do with another friend when adjusting to a timezone. Bonus points: We were yelling “STAY AWAKE! CAN’T SLEEP!” at each other during this time while at a bar.

  34. Haha I LOVED the Heartbreaker reference! Lol. Is it terrible of me to say I love what sleep-deprivation and caffeine do to you guys? ;)

  35. Y’all are such a cute couple! Totally a great match! I love watching the way y’all interact with each other in the videos! Also! I may be bad at math, but having experienced a 12 hour jet lag myself, the “?” question mark in your awesome mathematical equation is “Sleep deprivation”. There for ?= Sleep deprivation. 
    As for the super awesome pencil box, ITS SO CUTE!!!! and don’t worry SImon, I’m absolutely terrified of heights too. D: My reaction to “jumping out of the bus/ plane? was the exact same as yours.

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