Holy hell! How is it possible to keep up with all of the videos that come out! It seems like you gotta live on the internet to not miss out on all of the Kpop videos that are released. We were just gone for something like 10 days. We missed the first Music Monday on the 16th because it was our 7 year wedding anniversary. Yay! And then we missed the Music Monday on the 23rd because we were in an airplane. Eep! And so we came back to Korea and saw all that had happened. We talked about a few of those videos in our Music Monday, including Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” GOT7′s “A,” U-Kiss’ “Quit Playing,” and B2ST’s “Good Luck” and “No More.” Quite surprisingly for us, GOT7′s was our favourite song and video combo of the bunch! What a nice surprise!

Also, you’ll have to watch the video to see Simon’s awesome reaction to watching UKISS’ video for the first time…it’s pretty great. I’m curious as to what you all thought about UKISS “controversial” video. I understand the shock for some people because they aren’t used to their male groups being so overtly sexual. Was it a shock to you? Were you okay with it? Did you hate it? Let us know in the comment section!

There are a couple of other videos we didn’t talk about but wanted to say some things about, from girl bands (yay!) starting with:

Ace of Angels “Short Hair”


First off, what the hell?! I didn’t know Ace of Angels were so popular that they’d get 2 million views on their vids. I just checked the rest of their vids on YouTube and all of them have many millions of views. Whuuuut? I’m not trying to be offensive here: I just thought those kinds of numbers were reserved for bigger Kpop bands, and I didn’t know that Ace of Angels was that kind of group. I’ve heard a lot more from G.Na, but her video’s been out longer and has only 1.2 million views. Hmm.

Well, that being said, we both disliked this video thoroughly. How are they depicting girls here? Oopsie: I can’t figure out how to serve ice cream! Oopsie pooh: I’m a sucky car mechanic! OH NOES! I’m a police officer but I can’t do my job! So scary~ I’ll just dance in my sexy uniforms, then! Does this video offer anything else? Martina was pretty annoyed when she watched this video. I heard her huffing and puffing the whole time yelling things like, “wut!?” and “seriously?!” It’s annoying because Kpop videos featuring men often have them depicted as either a cute guy who is wooing a girl or an aggressive male figure able to dominate the girl. We vented before briefly about the annoyance we have with all the wrist grabbing and dragging we see in Korean dramas and the girl is just totally unable to do anything. So why do girls and girl groups in Korea also get stuck in roles depicting them as helpless and weak? Seriously, there was nothing empowering or interesting about this video. I felt like I was watching an advertisement for sexy female Halloween costumes. Anyone else frustrated?

Verdict: Not Yay!

Mamamoo “Mr Ambiguous”


Now this is something MUUUCH more up our alley. Why doesn’t this have 2 million views?! We’re definitely liking this song a lot more than AOA’s song. It’s got a doowoppy swing feel to it that we miss from Wonder Girls. And the video’s SO MUCH BETTER. It’s all in black and white, while AOA’s version is all vibrant colours, but the editing here is stellar. It’s a great looking video, it’s fun, and I found myself smiling while watching it. The editing was awesome with a heavy emphasis on text on some added colour filters and masking. It was super cool and obviously took a lot of work. Even the shots in the video were clearly thought out in order to get all the different angles and the smooth transitions between the different sets. I also loved the clever way they added cameos by various famous people. My only complaint: I hate it when music videos get in the way of the song. There’s a cut from the song at around the 3 minute mark where a famous cameo trolls the girls in the band. It’s funny but I’d rather let the song run through. It’s a music video; not a video…music? There’s a clever line in there somewhere…

Verdict: Yay!

Jong Joon Young “Teenager”


So we mentioned how we didn’t know who this was, and it turns out he was one of the Top 10 final contestants in the Superstar K4 TV show which is like an American Idol reality show (and if you don’t know what that is, it’s like a reality show for people who are competing to be the next big singer). He was in a rock band when he auditioned for the show but the rest of his band dropped out so he entered the show as a solo artist. I guess that worked out well for him because even though he didn’t win the show (Roy Kim won) he still has had the chance to enter the music/acting scene. He was in Mamamoo’s music video and he’s also in a couple of Korean variety shows as well! I learned all this because you guys voted him to the top of the charts. It’s funny because some people complain that they wasted their time voting for something but the point of the kpop charts isn’t soloy for helping us decided on music monday; it’s also supposed to be a place for you to discover new groups and share them easily with friends! I’m happy to have discovered this husky voiced rocker because of you guise! WOOHOO!!!!

Verdict: Voice YAY, Video So So

We’ve got some extra scenes that didn’t make it to the final cut, simply because we were being a bit too silly and giggly. Check it out if you feel like having a laugh!


And lastly, don’t forget to click on this pretty button below for more vids. Side note: I hope you like how nicely edited the thumbnail is for this vid. It took a lot of work :D

  1. mimaja

    I love all your segments, and I like how you guise are reviewing more than one music video at once, but I miss fan girilla xD

  2. Ok, I know now it’s probably too late to say this but I just got time to watch Got7 A Mv…
    For me, I think it’s nice and vibrant! Perfect for summer! Owh and I LOVEEEEE the song too…..
    HOWEVEEEEEERRRR…… since it was made in MALAYSIA….. its a shame that it didn’t portrayed the country in any way… Dun get me wrong here… Im truly appreciates Kpop making MV in my country… its really rare and I never thought it would happen… so when it happens, I would want to see how they present Malaysia…
    But all I got was an obviously setup coffee shop with KOREAN girl as the waitress, the ‘foreigners’ who acts as extra in the mv isn’t Malaysians and no Malaysian culture can be seen too… really, what’s the point of making it here if you didn’t really want to show it…? Watching it, I remember S&M’s complaints about ‘faking’ the interaction with local in Beast-Beautiful Night MV…

    well, hopes I didn’t make anyone mad… just saying my opinion… :)

    ps: why the heaven i didnt knew they were making mv near me sooner!!!! T.T could have been there, showing my ultimate support… :p

  3. Did anyone else get really confused by Simon and Martina singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” to the tune of “London Bridge is Falling Down”? lol My inner child was like, “Wait… something is very very wrong here….”

    So I found this creepy video of the real song for your reference.

  4. Got 7′s A is kinda creepy and stalkerish. The lyrics also scream mysogyny. Is it just me? Am I being too much of a feminist right now? Also, if cat-calling was followed by song and dance, I don’t think it would be so bad. Sorry guys, I’m american so I automatically think negatively about these things.

  5. menzognero

    The beginning of Beast’s Good Luck was a shout-out to Wong Kar-Wai’s style of film making aesthetic. I actually found it to be very well done. The bit where Junhyung gets stabbed by the girl is straight out of Da Vinci’s Last Supper painting. It is a bit odd that they mirrored the image, as Judas traditionally sits to the left of the Christ figure, but in the video, the girl is supposed to represent Judas and Junhyung Jesus. The falling coins also allude to the whole Judas selling Jesus out and leading to his death business.

  6. butterfly

    I love your Music Monday!! Is also thinks your very awesome and funny videos that I started to love kpop and notice many talented people!!! thank you so much, keep up the awesome work <3 <3 <3

  7. Have you guys seen any of the covers for 눈, 코, 입 (eyes, nose, mouth) yet? Akdong Musician did a guitar acoustic-ey one, and so did Eric Nam. I really liked Tablo’s though. It’s in English, it’s been “rap-ified”, and it’s SO deep. Honestly, I teared up when watching it.

  8. My favorite part about this video was (obviously) when Simon reacted to U-Kiss’ mv but idk if you guys knew/remembered but Jun is 97 line and it would’ve been both interesting and funny if you guys addressed that (I noticed it a lot because I’m 97 line like Jun)

    OMFG I’m so glad that you mentioned AOA’s new mv, it really bothered me like all of them were super ditzy and it didn’t sit well with me. On top of that, I personally thought that their dances are becoming consistently more on the shaking butt at camera side and I felt like that was something that is similar to girl groups having a certain niche to fill in kpop about being helpless and being an attractive piece of meat to look at.

  9. CosmicCat

    I love that Martina is fanning herself. I am the same when I watch the mv. Daaaaayyyyyyyyyyyymmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

  10. taminabox


  11. Love this Music Monday!!! You guys are DA BEST!!!! Keep it up!!1<3 Okay now onto a full sentence …I really love Simon reaction to UKISS and Martina i see you fanning yourself ..was the MV too "HOT" for you hmmmmmmmmmm….Anyways it would be fun for you guys to have Leigh and SOOOOOOOOZEEEEEEEEE do a Reaction MV!! 1)Since Soozee is Korean we will be able to see from her perspective point of view and 2) Since Leigh isn't into Kpop, i like to see her reaction to KPOP!! Just a sugges!! lOVE YOU GUYS and *pssssttt* Simon i think you have ummmm something on your face..yeah….

  12. Cyber_3

    A few random thoughts:
    1. U-KISS -> U-SEX : Yeah, it was a bit of a shock for me but not so much because they are being sexy(er?) but more because the video was so sensual that its ecchi nature made me squirm rather than want to dance and I usually rely on U-KISS for dancing. While the content isn’t R-rated or anything, it was definitely too suggestive/sexy for PG. I’m on the fence – while I like it, it’s not what I was expecting or hoping for from them and well, it throws U-KISS into a completely different bucket of what I like.
    2. I pretty much agreed with all of your views on the songs/vids you mentioned in the KMM and I was also pleasantly surprised by GOT7 (GotChill? Love it!) because their name alone had me skipping their video in the kpopcharts as yet another lame newbie. Really dancin’ song!
    3. AoA – very extremely frustrating group/song/video. Seriously, if all the girl group music videos are purely fap material, what is there for me (as a straight woman) to enjoy or look up to in the artists? If I can’t respect them, it’s seriously hard to enjoy their music/videos. AoA is one of the worst offenders IMHO, I just can’t get into them no matter how good a lot of the songs are on their own. While they are definitely catering (heavily) to a certain demographic, they are chopping their potential audience in half by going too too far down the p0rn road. It’s also like their are selling their girls in the back streets and this is the advertisement for it, I feel bad for them.
    4. MamaMOO – seriously great! I hope they don’t change up their musical style for the next song/album. As for the cameo during the video, the mistake there was to keep the background silent, which totally blows the flow of the music/video. If they had kept the song going in the background (this is what bridges and solos are for), it would have seriously helped.
    5. I kind of miss trying to find/hear the “J-Y-P” in videos but it’s like a tip of the hat to the artists that he is stepping back. Maybe he has to find another fun method to insert himself, he certainly seems to be a guy who can laugh at himself and take a joke. :)
    6. While this was not a normal KMM, I did like it a lot, even with no skits, and even though it talked about several songs. I think it helped me (personally) that you didn’t present it in a list format (per se), that you still took the time to make jokes with some visual help and THANK DA LORDZ OF MUSIC that you have backed up the shot. It was the absolute first thing I noticed. While the desk is still maybe about 2 inches too high, having the toys to look at was a nice touch, and the audience didn’t feel like you were squished nor overflowing the screen with wild arm movements at any time. I’m not going to say it’s perfect but it’s a 200% improvement, the video totally exceeded my expectations! ^_^v

    Cyber_3 – melting in this heat wave, air too hot, lakes too cold, where be ma sprinkler at?

  13. I loved Mamamoo’s song Peppermint Chocolate featuring K.will and I loved them purely for their vocals, and I like their new song as well.
    P.s.-Martina, even I watched the U kiss video while holding the hand-fan incidentally and I too was excessively fanning myself( obviously while screaming and shouting and watching it all over again.)

  14. LindseyMiller

    I absolutely love Jung Joon Young. I’ve been following him as an artist since his last mini album release. His voice is amazing and I’m a huge fan. Hopefully one day soon Ill be able to see him in concert, I’m sure his voice will sound even more amazing LIVE. I watched some clips of him during the competition and he was amazing as well. Due to his father being a businessman he traveled the world as a kid and can speak English, Chinese, and Korean as well as some Japanese and Tagalog. His english really shows when hes singing. I hope he releases more in the future! I’m glad you know about him now too!

  15. I can’t believe you guys didn’t mention U-Kiss’s new member. And that the video has a 19+ rating on it but Jun isn’t 19 yet, he is a 97-liner so he’s like 16 or 17. He’s in it but not old enough to watch it.

  16. I don’t really see the big deal with U-Kiss’s music video. Maybe Western music and music videos have desensitized me? I think my only problem with it is that sometimes the seem…rough with the girl and she’s acting like she doesn’t want them so it kinda sends mixed signals but I get that that’s kind of the point. But for me I just don’t really like that. Other than that I find the song catchy and enjoyable and I find the music video pretty PG-13 compared to some other’s I’ve seen (coughKanyecough). But I know that culturally it’s different.

    • Bethany

      I kinda know what you mean about Western music videos. My siblings are really into things like Nicki Minaj (sp?) and Drake and the whatnot and to me that casual, over-the-top, fake sex image is old and annoying. That’s one of the reasons I love Kpop so much because it’s a lot more innocent and it gives me the chance to actually enjoy what I’m listening and looking at. And for a long time I only liked Bigbang, until I learned about Ukiss, so Ukiss was the first group to break the bias circle for me and I guess I just feel really disappointed and let down that this was the direction they took with their video.

  17. The first time I saw U-Kiss’s MV I screamed a lot, I loved it so much. And then I replayed it 20 times while chanting “take it all off!” at Hoon and Kiseop. :)

    I have to admit, I loved the threesome. Those scenes brought the MV right to the edge of dangerously sexy without actually going over it, I felt.

  18. This Music Monday was the most enjoyable in a long time! You guys were so hyper and funny and silly and I love seeing your interaction with each other!! You had me cracking up!

  19. sayapinky

    GUYS. DO YOURSELVES A GINORMOUS FAVOR AND LISTEN TO JUNG JOON YOUNG’S “SPOTLESS MIND”. It was nominated on your EYK awards for his vocals and it’s absolutely butt-kicking amazing. I kid you not, this tiny person has THE voice. Guys. Please.

  20. kimmilee

    what about zea

  21. Got7: Cool video and I had the same thought as you Martina; it’s so good to finally have people dress nicely, but quite normally, for a Kpop video!
    Beast: same thoughts. I love Good Luck, it’s been my jam since it came out.
    Ukiss: not very impressed, I was.
    Taeyang: very stripped down video (huehuehue), the simplicity of it highlighted the power and loveliness of the song, very well done.
    Mamamoo: these girls have fantastic vocals but the song reminds me a bit too much of Lee Hi’s debut song 1234… Anyone else?
    Jung Joon Young: this guy is amazing! His voice and his looks don’t add up. The song is pretty good, It will probably grow on le.

  22. I have to say, Jong Joon Young’s voice was a total surprise. Did not expect a growly bass out of him…

  23. Mimi

    GOT7′s “A” is about 100x better than “Girls, Girls, Girls,” but it still took a while to grow on me. The MV is perfect though, and should have been their debut video. The rest of their current mini album, Got Love, is pretty darn good, and is definitely worth a listen. “Good Tonight” [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umKUPs8L5ls] and “나쁜 짓” [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJbSXg-_3RM] are standouts, but if you’ve ever thought, “gee, the word ‘shawty’ isn’t used nearly enough in K-Pop,” then Forever Young [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXh1mBbyL9I] is probably what you’ve been waiting for.

    I’d never listened to Taeyang before “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” but I now know what a mistake that was. Akdong Musician’s cover [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTl4Ib4qbzg] of his song is also really fantastic.

    I just recently found out about Jong Joon Young too and I’m totally impressed with his voice! This song deserves a better video.

  24. NewmusicLoveit13

    i thought that the ukiss video was a bit flashy . but like martina, said there adults . they can do this if they wanted to . i was prepared for that stuff when i saw the photos . i really didn’t think though that it would come out a three sum and stuff. i wonder what the concert is gonna be like ? O.O

  25. Kakapo

    Also wanted to add that my favorite song of the bunch is Eyes, Lips, Nose by far. Even aside from Taeyang, the song is an amazing song on its own. I’m loving all the covers, Tablo’s blew me away and I just listened to Eric Nam’s rendition, he’s got some music chops!

  26. Welcome back! Quick note: Simon, the beard looks great! 멋있는데요!

  27. mirmoulou

    I really like MAMAMOO’s song.
    I suggest you to watch k.will feat mamamoo “peppermint chocolate” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0W-voiYpQk
    and bumkey feat mamamoo “don’t be happy” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMYDxR26970
    Thanks to the videos I like so much mamamoo’s style

    The MV I dislike the most was GOT7 “A” . Actually before watching the mv I watch the live performance and I was like : “WTF!!” and the MV didn’t my thoughts

  28. I have to say that U-Kiss’ mv surprised me only because it was kind of out there for a kpop video, in terms of the interactions between the guys and the girls in it. I wasn’t expecting that threesome scene either :o Overall though I really enjoyed both the song and the video, and even if I can’t take the video completely seriously it’s still entertaining to watch^^

  29. OMG I’m so happy that you guys wrote about Jung Joon Young! He’s worked his way right into my favourites list and is probably staying there for a very very long time. His debut song was amazing and I also really loved his collaboration song with Younha “Just the way we are”, you guys should really go check it out. I’ve shown it to my friends and they all love the music video even if none of them know who he is.

    Also, totally did the head shoulders knees and toes thing when I first saw the track listing for Taeyang’s new song on instagram XD

    And by the way, U-Kiss’ new member is my age… He’s 17… I kinda wonder how he feels about being in a video that’s rated 19+ in Korea :X

  30. I LOVE… MAMAMOO!!! i think is one of the rookie female group i’ve listen… so far..!! LOVE IT!!

  31. RudeMinnesotan

    Jung joon young!! I love him so much. Not at all ashamed of the fact that he is the loser, loner gamer type lol. I watched half of his We Got Married episodes and loved ‘em. Plus his voice is just nom.
    Glad you finally got introduced to him.
    Also, I love that YOU introduced Mamamoo? to me. That song is amazing!!

    The U-Kiss reaction vid was amazing. I love the double addition of Martina’s, “ELI Nooooo~” at the end. Hysterical.

    As for AOA… /sigh…. I loved their first SONG. I love their leader’s rapping voice. SO cool. SO amazing. Loved the CONCEPT of them being a band and actually playing their instruments.
    clearly a lie. it’s all gone. bye bye. Sexy concept. men love it. So sad. :(

  32. I wish you guys ca review history :)

  33. Ok, I know this is a bit unrelated but I have to ask: what happened to AJ from U-kiss? He didn’t quit, did he?
    I’m not much of a U-Kiss fan or a huge Kpop enthusiast, but I’ve been hearing people and Nasties talk about him leaving. The gossipy part of my brain is just a tad bit curious to know what happened. He seemed like a cool person when you guys interviewed he, Eli, and Kevin a while back and I’m just wondering where he is.

  34. OMARGERSH!!! GOT7! I’m so glad you liked them Martina! I feel like you guys would totally become friends with Jackson the same way you guise are friends with amber, eric, kevin and so on~

  35. I had the giggles the whole of this video and then I went and watched the UKISS video and giggled the whole way through that. It was funny….

  36. yehetmyohorat

    even though i love ukiss /cough/ u-sex /cough/ I soooooo WAS NOT READY for that mv T^T cant un-see that one

  37. MarsyM

    I discovered Mamamoo not much time ago…I really really like their style! It is somehow similar to LeeHi style, but as a group…I like them both! Good voices!

  38. Oh nooooo, VIXX ‘Eternity’ wasn’t reviewed :( and the Starlights tried so hard to keep it in the top three for so long (I think intended up being there for like three or four weeks!). Oh well next time VIXX, next time.

  39. Vincent Vu

    AOA is a great group in my eyes, I’m happy that they are popular but i agree that it wasn’t their best song i liked their songs like Elvis and get out because they had their ‘rocker chic’ concept but i don’t mined the new one…

  40. BagofHamsters

    Oh oh oh furry sperm … huuAaaa, all puppys are cute or are they pre-puppys?? any hoo segway to a Gmarket peruse, why are condoms SOOOO expensive in Korea?

  41. I thought the exact same thing with AOA, like I’ve heard of them but I didn’t think they were that popular (kudos to them) I thought the ending of the video was ridiculous too like they’re all posing so overly sexual at the camera (so much so that it made it awkward) XD

  42. Crystal_Crown

    OMYGOSH. I’M SO GLAD U DISCOVERED JUNG JOON YOUNG! <3 I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM ON WE GOT MARRIED CUZ OF HIS 4D PERSONALITY AND 2 DAY 1 NIGHT. HIS DEBUT SONGS WAS AMAZINGGG TO MY EARS. <3 AND OMYGOSH, MAMAMOO. THEY HAVE TALENT. I personally think, they along with Spica will make it big. I love all their songs and their live performances are REALLY NATURAL. They're all smiling and actually look like they're having fun! And I agree with your comments about GOT7… not cuz I'm a JYPstan… oh no. ;) but I agree their stylist for this MV needs a raise. The styling was 10000x better than the hideous "girls girls girls" brown/blue clothes. Their set was way better too. I love how the shampoo scene where Mark and the Malaysian girl was fighting over a bottle. XD

  43. OOH! I’d just listened to “Mr.Ambiguous” yesterday & ADORED it right away! I even was quite ok with the rap bit: it didn’t feel forced, just a little inexperienced. :D I look forward to more from Mamamoo! :3
    But, GUH, that UKiss video: IT KILLED ME INSIDE. When a friend of mine described it as “soft porn” I thought she was just exaggerating, but… she barely was! D”x Well, I do actually really like the song, despite that, so, that’s something. WHY KEVIN, WHY?! Oh lud, I’m actually super glad Dongho was not in for this: THAT REALLY WOULD HAVE KILLED ME. x__x
    I’ll have to check out the Got7 & Jong Joon Young songs! :D Fun video guise! <3<3

    • Crystal_Crown

      have u seen Mamamoo’s live performance of Mr. Ambiguous though? They just oooooze charisma. And they look really natural too~ They actually look like they’re having fun. You should check out their recent Inkigayo performance.

    • Crystal_Crown

      …I forgot to warn U. beware of GOT7~ once u check them out, there might be no turning bac. they’ll ruin ur bias list and make u cry. T.T Especially Jackson and Mark!!!

  44. omg. SPERM PLUSHIES. U-Sex would approve haha

  45. Ok guise, what’s the French song you’re trying to sing?? I’m from Montreal and I’m French, and I really cannot guess what’s the song but I’m horribly curious about it. “… tête… à côté de moi”?

  46. By the way, the new member of U-KISS is still a teenager… and how did you guys like/feel about the new member, Jun? I agree about the song being awesome; also, GOT7′s mv, song, and clothes!

  47. i prematurely commented….”the Lannisters send their regards!!” HAHAHAHA I like that i get that

  48. 1) simon i sincerely applaud your facial hair
    2) i totally agree with you guys about GOT7! my kpop friends almost attacked me because i didn’t like their debut song but i think they did much much better with this new video. (ps not really important but i think they got7 members themselves are cool and all but the chorus “girls girls girls” with that little hand spiral move from their debut song made me want to shoot myself in the face
    3) i don’t know why but simon getting all cray cray about the guys in the coffee shop really got to me. LOL

  49. Yeoreum

    Taeyang’s MV really disappointed me because I was expecting something more than just him being… shirtless. But I did love the song so it was all okay in the end. U-KISS’s MV on the other hand… I mean, I’d seen the teasers and I knew it was going to be sexy but I never really expected it to be on that kind of level. I was literally torn between feeling amazed by it and feeling a little horrified with a mixture of “my eyes are blind now”. I watched it once and never again. (But I do agree, the song is great uvu)

  50. Pinkcolorpencil

    Taeyang’ss greasy glow could be from sweating, its pretty hot here and humid! Really glad I got to meet you yesterday Martina! Music monday is now Music Tuesday for me!!!

  51. If you guys haven’t checked it out yet, I HIGHLY recommend Mamamoo’s mini album “Hello.” Seriously, every single song they have there is, in my opinion, GOLD (even the solo rap track which at first I thought was weird, but it grew on me). They are so talented and such a breath of fresh air. I also recommend a song they put out a while ago featuring K.Will and Wheesung called “Peppermint Chocolate.” Basically, all of their releases so far are awesome and have a really unique style, a bit like WG as you said, but more…calm I guess? I don’t know the right adjective to use there. lol.

    Also, Jung Joon Young recently released a duet with my absolute favorite Korean singer Younha about a month ago. The song is called “Just The Way You Are.” It is a lovely duet (a rock-ish ballad), with meaningful lyrics and a music video that totally matched the song and had a cute plot and everything. It’s a shame it didn’t get promoted much.

    AOA, back in the day, had a girl band concept, which was scrapped after about three comebacks in favor of the “sexy” concept that has been so popular lately. Sure, it got them more views, but the quality of the music itself has gone down in my opinion. At least their band-style releases were catchy. These “sexy” comebacks are quite forgettable, but then, I’m not their target audience.

    I was also shocked by U-Kiss’ (I mean, U-Sex’s =) MV,and highly amused that they just added a 17-year-old member yet had a 19+ rated comeback. The song has grown on me, but the MV still gives me second-hand embarrassment.

    I should stop writing now. This post is getting too long. =p
    Enjoy Mamamoo if you get the chance!
    PS, does anyone know why they are called Mamamoo? Such a random name…

    • (Regarding AOA) It makes me sad to see the band image gone (not that their music requires much musical instruments now) Arent they from the same entertainment group as FTISLAND??

      • Danikka

        Yes, they’re in the same company with FTISLAND(also CNBLUE and Juniel). As for AOA’s band image, they do have a sub-unit who plays instruments, AOA BLACK, and they’re not having any comeback because the drummer, Youkyung, is currently attending university(She stated in an interview sometime during AOA’s ‘Confused’ promotions.). That’s why we only see AOA promoting as a dance girl group nowadays. Still a good move by the company, I guess.

  52. Love Got7!!! love the song and the mv. :)

    I see them becoming superstars in a few years.

  53. Akira-Miyashi

    HAHAHAH! I love Martina’s reaction to U-Kiss’s video. “Ahhhhhhh! Eli nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!” XD

  54. Love Got7!!! love the song and the mv. :)

  55. I like Mamamoo, their vocals are considered very good for a new group. ;)

  56. Miss KM

    YUS! I was hoping that some sort of reaction video would be made after mention of it on SBSPopAsia radio… Aaand Oh Boy I wasn’t disappointed. Martina squee-ing in discomfort with her fan, I thought at one point the smelling salts would have to be brought out heh heh.

    On another note, I’m happy to see Jung Joon Young on the list– Aweesome voice~ fell for it after Spotless mind and I haven’t looked back (^-^). I like Taeyang’s New album, but damn that video, get the Man a shirt, Pasties, or a marker… something.

    Also, was the cartoon Simon talked about in the beginning maybe from Hey Arnold? ooor am I thinking of something entirely different… because there was a pig in there…AH ABNER!

  57. Soelva

    Seems like it was very painful for Simon to see UKISS’s video. Was kinda shocked myself at first, but liked as you said the tasteful sensual (not just sexy) way it was shot.

  58. I really liked Mamamoo’s and JJY’s songs. Thanks guys, I probably wouldn’t have found them.

  59. I actually really like the song itself for don’t flirt. and now that i’m used to the video I kind of like it.
    I DIDN’T KNOW THERE WAS A NEW MEMBER. Just assumed it was AJ looking different….. Then I read a comment below the video and found out. Biggest shock ever.


  61. YooHoo


  62. Definitely shocked at seeing UKiss’ Quit Playing MV, at first. Except for the newest member, all the others are grown men, no? It shouldn’t be so strange for grown men to make a mature themed MV. They certainly got people’s attention, for sure!! Initial shock will wear off soon enough. Loved the reaction bits!

    Really enjoyed Mamamoo. Powerful singing and the MV was great, except for the part you noted in the review. Why break up the flow of that great song? However, as always, thanks for introducing us to a new group. This one will definitely be one of my new faves!

  63. You guys! that Ukiss vid was amazing. I loved it. My poor Hoon was neglected at the club :/

  64. OMG when i first saw Mamamoo’s video i totally thought that the blond girl of the group (im sorry i don’t know their names… >.<!!!) is like a FIERCE AND SEXY Soozee, not that she's not those things, through my eyes i see her as cute and funny. :) i hope i didn't offend you Soozee!!!!!

  65. Lance

    Excellent way to catch up.

  66. Soeheng90

    I’m glad you guys talked about Mamamoo’s song since I wouldn’t have known such a good song. I see a lot of songs coming out, but usually I don’t have the time to check all of them out. By doing this guise it really helps to find good songs among the many that are coming out.
    I would have to say that I do not like Jong Joonyoung’s Teenager. I preferred his previous song Spotless mind much more which didn’t make it to top 3 on KMM. I have also been watching him on variety show 1 Night 2 Days and We Got Married and he is pretty hilarious sometimes.
    I haven’t listened to AOA’s Mini Skirt and Short Hair since I had a hunch that it wouldn’t interest me. I do like their song Get Out and Moya (What’s this?).
    Overall great KMM video! It allows you guise to talk about multiple MV at the same time and not just one. :D

  67. I really enjoyed your take on these music videos and pretty much agree with all of your opinions- mostly, why can’t Taeyang shirt? Is clothing incapable of containing his heavenly form or something?
    Anywho, just wanted to point out that GOT7′s video isn’t actually on a set. It was filmed in a cafe that looks like that in Malaysia. :) Not sure if that makes the whole walking on the tables thing better or worse though….

  68. Oh gosh, that classical music reaction to Quit Playing made it worth the wait for this review.

  69. OMG My stomach hurts of so much laughing, you guys are so genuine and funny.
    About the videos, I’ve only watched Taeyang’s and UKiss Quit playing. I’d really got distracted by Taeyang’s amazing body but after one minute I got bored. I know his body is wonderful and all, the song is beautiful but for me the video gets boring.
    About UKiss well I really could not finish the video, I was really uncomfortable while watching it and screamed like Martina did. This was in a different level compared to I-rub-my-lips-to-look-sexy videos out there and it surprised me. Let’s see what they will deliver for their next single, minialbum, album or whatever.

  70. I kinda agree and disagree with the AOA thing. The song is about meeting with an ex after a bad breakup (and a bad relationship really…..) and how stressful that can be (i know with the bright colors it doesn’t seem like it, but hey) The girls are supposed to be distracted from their everyday work, and decide to change up their appearance with a new short haircut. The hair cut gives them more confidence and they dance happily into the sunset! YAY!

    I agree that they go a little overboard with the whole “being distracted concept”, but no more than usual.They could have gone a different way, but I think the MV would look depressing then, even though the lyrics are really uplifting. AOA usually has pretty cool videos like Moya, and kinda non-sensical ones, that are kinda sexist, like Miniskirt. The MV is ok, but I like the song and the dance is totally AOA’s style. Comparing it to another girl group with a completely different concept isn’t really fair to AOA. Like comparing SHINee to Big Bang, and then saying SHINee isn’t as good because they “conform” to kpop standards. Idk, I agree and disagree~ I really like AOA, they have really peppy, sassy members and I think they genuinely enjoy being together, but sometimes their company makes some bad choices when it comes to songs and stuff.
    I ranted a little, sorry. But yeah. My thoughts!

    Oh yeah! I liked Mr. Ambiguous or Mamamoo? I have no idea which one is the group’s name….sooooo….I’ll have to do some research~

    • Danikka

      Well. You’ve spoken my thoughts on the AOA video. Watching the MV without knowing the lyrics would really make the viewer grasp a different meaning. And yes, MOYA is a pretty cool video. Yay!

  71. AbsolutelyMee

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHA ELI NOOOOO!” That’s not gonna be awkward at all when you guys meet up again.

    Anywho, I really liked UKISS’ video. I had a similar reaction to Martina when Eli’s bit came up, but apart from that I think it depicts real life (minus the abundance of sculpted abs and THAT many gorgeous guys) better than other videos. People go clubbing and they hook up and they do sexy things and that’s all cool. It was refreshing to watch a video like that instead of the same thing over again. Thumbs up from me (Y)

  72. WOW! These videos are awesome! I would’ve never had found these videos if I didn’t subscribe to EYK ;u; In Jung Joon Young’s video, I noticed that in his small office corner there was a Daft Punk album sitting there! I was very pleased because Daft Punk is in all sense, very very awesome ;u; YAY! I loved listening to mamamoo’s song and when you guys pointed out that Jung Joon Young was in that video I had to watch it again and yes. Yes he was! I was so happy! ;u; I watched the video of AOA – Short Hair ((the title reminds me of WINGS – HAIR SHORT)) before I read your review of it and I felt the same way! Girls aren’t ditzy like that and girls do have a knowing of what they’re doing ;u; Anyways~~~ I always enjoy the reviews you guys do! >u<

  73. Kakapo

    I believe AOA shot up to the top with their Miniskirt song, and that probably got them a lot of attention to their old songs. Parts of Short Hair sound similar to Miniskirt, so I think they’re riding that style out.

    I am so glad you guys talked about Mamamoo’s song!! I LOVE this song and I really dig how the music video kept me so entertained with the filmography and editing, even though it had no plot. oooh neon colours, black and white, split screens and mustaches me mucho like

  74. Noel

    Please say you’ve gone back and listened to some of Jong Joon Young’s older songs, and Spotless Mind specifically. The guy has an amazing voice and doesn’t try to fit into the KPop mold and the result is great.

  75. I loved Jong Joon Young’s song! The music video like you guys said wasn’t really anything special, but he did look like he was happy to be there. In the performance scene he looked passionate about what he was doing, and I don’t really think his acting was forced like a lot of other Kpop videos. I’m going to have to check him out more now :)

    Also, I really couldn’t take U-Kiss’s video seriously. What I saw was a bunch of women used for sexy time and Eli pouting about something. All the other band members were like “oooh gurl can I buy you a draaaank??” and he was like “omg tell her to stop tryin to touch me :<" Haha

  76. It’s a Very Good thing to have gone back and covered some of the missed Kpop videos.
    That said, Let’s now discuss how We have missed and keep missing one of the; if not the
    most original and poignant songs and videos of 2014…Lee Michelle’s Without You.
    Is there something I’m missing here or did it just not get enough attention from the rarified
    kpop fans to get a mention ANYWHERE? We know there’s a lot of music to cover and we all
    know how long it take’s to script out and shoot, but I (personally) feel that Ms. Lee got lost
    in a big debacle with the ferry tragedy. It’s been a couple of months now and the truth is the
    window for the MV and Ms. Lee’s song has mostly shut, but if we let it slide…as a fan’s of her’s
    and other outside mainstream music makers in Korea or for that matter anywhere in the world
    we are disingenuous about our love of music.

    I know, kind of a long rant. All of you know i am a fan of yours and that I love you like little sisters
    and the goofy younger brother, but there must be something that can be done, maybe?

    And for those of you reading this, if you haven’t watched or listened to Lee Michelle’s Without You
    give it a view and maybe you’ll get interested in the Korean music we haven’t seen or heard yet.

  77. RhamaLlama

    I honestly enjoyed Martina’s reactions the most it was very distracting trying to watch Simon on his first viewing of it. The video took me by surprise and left me blushing and fanning myself quite like Martina. I would love to see you guys interview U-Kiss again to get their opinions on the video and how they felt filming it!

  78. Not gonna lie…I was really confused/conflicted when I saw Ukiss’ MV for the first time. I’m someone who watches Game of Thrones with their mom and True Blood with their dad. So sexy time is not something that makes me uncomfortable. But for some reason this video did. Maybe it’s because Kpop is the place I go to for less adult themed things. I don’t know, I’m honestly still trying to figure out my feelings about the video. Also knowing some things about Kevin and his personality and personal views on things it just seemed SOooooo not him that maybe i was feeling uncomfortable FOR him…does that make sense?
    Eli’s part didn’t make me as uncomfortable(not including the dance bits…just the “acting”/storyline). In all honesty it looked like his girlfriend/wife was seducing him at a bar. And i say this cause i’m trying to delude myself into thinking that cause there is a ring on their left ring finger. It’s a stretch i know but let me stretch. Minus the butt shot(shame on you director) I didn’t really have issues. The threesome with Hoon and Kiseop was…um…no…I wasn’t ready for that kind of thing from an idol kpop group. They debuted in 2008, but they just added a member that is 17…17…he doesn’t look 17 in this video but he is 17. The kid technically wouldn’t be allowed to watch his own MV.
    Concept and choreography isn’t on UKiss. If i remember correctly Kevin even spoke about being uncomfortable during the shoot. I guess my main thing is that knowing that UKiss is in a company that doesn’t give the members free range(artistic freedom) it seems forced and not genuine.
    If a veteran YG artist would have done something like this I would be less inclined to think that it was a “forced” concept and video.
    The song itself though is great. The video just threw me off balance…and i’m still trying to figure out if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

  79. AEisMe

    On a totally unrelated note, I really like the beard on Simon. I’m not normally into facial hair but it looks really good on him. Er, Martina, before you track my IP address and send kpop minions my way to bust my knee-caps (or worse, break my expensive imported CDs) please know that you are equally adorable. You both are firmly in place on my (non-sexual) crush list.

    Sorry, but he’s just really really good. Please don’t tell me that the song here is the only one you guys have heard of him? He released an album earlier this year, I believe, and it was just amazing. The main song from it, ‘Spotless Mind’, blew me away. His vocals are just lovely.
    I’m just so happy that he’s gaining more recognition!

  81. Hibikime

    I didn’t know U-Kiss was making a comeback until the song showed up on my youtube page so I had no idea what the concept was gonna be nor that it was R-rated. I clicked on the video, saw the 19 mark and said: “19? Oh please what could possibly — HOLY SH*T WUT??”. Yeah my brain was not prepared for that.. I have a certain mindset when listening to U-Kiss and this just totally did not fit it.

    That said I actually liked the MV and no, not because of the abs or sexyness (though I’m definitely not complaining) but because FOR ONCE the MV actually fit the song – which is so awesome I had it on loop for 3 days straight. In my opinion it wasn’t vulgar or ‘too sexy’ but I do understand why a lot of their fans were up in arms about it. I don’t consider myself a real fan and I was pretty shocked so it makes sense for the people that adore them because they’re so ‘cute and dreamy’ to not know how to handle it. Had their management let them mature gradually then it might not have gotten the reaction it did.

    My sole complaint about the MV is that Kevin’s innocent image has been FOREVER ruined for me bending that chick over like he meant it. XD

  82. Great to see you guys again!! It looks like you had an awesome vacation:)

    Out of all of these videos, I have only watched TaeYang’s, UKISS’, and Got7′s. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to watching Beast’s yet (I have too much in my ‘Watch Later’ list on Youtube:p). Starting off with “Eyes, Nose, and Lips”, I laughed my butt off with the Di Angelo reference. I actually thought the same thing when I watched that video. As for Simon’s reaction to UKISS, that was hilarious. I definitely agree that it is an amazing song and the video was very sensual and a great change for them. I only wish that they won at least once:( Moving on, Got7′s clothes in “A” were definitely my favorite. It actually looks like something that guys wear in public!! All I can say is: “I give props to you Got7′s stylist”. I also want to thank you guys for writing about Jong Joon Young’s “Teenager” video. I am looking for another cool solo artist to listen too because my playlist is just filled with groups. When I listened to this, I will not lie, my heart stopped. It’s been so long since I heard a new singer with a deep voice. His voice reminds me of the time when I used to listen to a lot of J-Rock and visual kei. Anyways thanks for the awesome vid and welcome back(^_^)!!

  83. Wait, so is the group called MamaMoo or is that the title of the song? bc they repeated mamamoo a lot and i just figured that was the song name.

  84. I totally agree with the AOA comment. Women are being objectified and I haven’t seen one m/v where there is all independent. There needs to be a Daenerys of kpop.

    • I agree with the fact that there aren’t a lot of videos about independant strong women and that there should defenitely be more, but I have actually seen a couple of kickass empowering mv’s, an obvious example would be Miss A’s I don’t need a man, I mean, the title kind of says it all, but brown eyed girls’ sixth sense is also pretty kickass

  85. Leanna

    Oh, my God. I was not expecting the last replay of Martina’s “Eli, no!” scream, so I had just taken a huge bite of ramen and then promptly choked on it at the “AAAHAA”. T~T I was totally the same way when I first saw U-KISS’ video. I wasn’t offended that they went with a much more sensual, sexy video than their previous ones, but I was definitely, um, shocked just because I wasn’t expecting them to be that blatantly sexy.(Read: I blushed really hard and ended up closing out the video for a few minutes before I tried watching it again – at this point, I don’t know if I believe people when they tell me I’m an adult if that’s how I react to videos).

    Glad to see y’all back and derpy as ever! <3 Missed all of you. :D

  86. Sammw

    I wasn’t shocked with the U-Kiss video, the only thing i was like shocked about was the threesome part (Never seen that in a video before). It may because i’m used to western music but i didn’t find it that sexual maybe because like you said it was done in an artistic/sensual way. I do understand some parts are a bit naughty though i:e Eli on the bed with the girl, did they have to film him bottom haha.
    I’ve been slacking on kpop recently so this is a good post to catch up.

  87. Lol you guys are as hilarious as ever. The only kpop video out of all those songs that I actually have watched is Taeyang’s and UKISS’. I loved Taeyang’s song but the video for me would have actually been better if he wore a shirt because I spent the whole time ignoring the song and drooling over his smexy body and I honestly didnt realize anything else in the MV, while super smexy I think him being shirtless actually hurt the MV more than helped it. NOW ON TO MY GLORIOUS UKISS!!!! I friggin loved the MV, it was so different from what they have ever done and I found it to be like a breathe of fresh air. I was seriously fangirling like crazy and was screaming just like Martina was. I cant tell you how many times I have watched and rewatched the MV because there was so much going on and the video kept changing scenes so quickly I had to constantly rewind and replay scenes to make sure I was taking in all of its sexually sensual goodness. I absolutely love the song itself. I love how UKISS really jumps around and doesn’t get stuck in a rut singing only ballads or more clubish music. That way they can have a broader spectrum of fans so there is a style of song for everyone. I knew from the get go they were going to catch hell for the choreography so when I heard about them being banned all across the board I wasn’t at all surprised. DID YOU GUYS CATCH THEM ON INKI(gayo) with their remade choreography? I SURE DID!!!! These guys have been working so hard and I am a very proud KISSME (if you couldn’t tell by my paragraph about them). I know Simon and Martina are friends with UKISS and I was wondering…..have you guys had the opportunity to meet and talk with them recently and have you met Jun yet, do you have any news on AJ? OMG IM DYING HERE !!!! Sorry fangirl freak out is over now, Im back to normal. Anyways guys thank you so much for this Kpop Music Monday, and I am kinda on the fence about SIMONS bushy beard but its not too bad, lol. Simon have you been watching SUJU-M’s Swing video too much and got jealous of Siwon’s moose-tash, that you had to one up it and grow a Dothraki man warrior battle beard???

  88. I TOTALLY HAD THE SAME REACTION AS MARTINA DID WHEN SHE SAW KEVIN. I know Kevin an adult and is free to do whatever he wants and he is five years older than me….but when I saw him in this mv I was like “NOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~ MY BABY. HIS INNOCENCE. WHY?!?!?!?!?”

  89. I really liked Got7′s MV for ‘A’. I was really impressed with the incorporation of foreigners in the video. Usually I’m quite apprehensive when it comes to having foreigners in kpop videos because it seems to be forced and awkward, like let’s hire all the white girls we can. I’m not sure if it was because of the location of where the mv was shot, or what but I really liked how the video showed foreigners in a natural and realistic way. And Got7 did stand out from the other people in the mv but not because they looked out of place. Am I making sense? It was a funny and light hearted mv and it supersedes their debut tenfold.

    I really also liked the song Teenager. It had a nice kind of JRock feel and I love it.

  90. I think someone already mentioned it, but the part in the Good Luck video with the stabbing and coins is referencing the betrayal of Jesus (Judas was paid in coins to give Jesus up to die) and the Last Supper (I even counted the girls – yes, there are 12). I’m not sure how I feel about that being in the video kinda randomly, but I did really like the Chinese (or maybe Japanese or Korean cuz they use traditional Chinese characters too?) neon signs ^^

    And ahhh clarinet solo going into talking about Quit Playing :D
    I really wish there could’ve been at least one skit. Like the frantic Hello Kitty fanning though haha.
    But speaking of Simon’s renaming…oh gosh. What would U-KISS’s new group intro thing be then?!
    “We are…-makes obscene gestures with their lower bodies-”. THEY’RE NO LONGER INNOCENT. But this video opened my eyes to how Eli is pretty darn attractive. I really like the long suit jacket thing he wears in some of the comebacks. Stalked U-KISS for days after this.

    (In other news, I finally got around to making an account just to make this comment :3)

  91. dreaming_in_color

    I really liked…..Mamamoo? Is that the group name? …Mama cow? Anyhoo, they can sing like whoa!

    I also really liked Ukiss’ mv. Don’t know about the song, wasn’t really listening. Was there a song? Something other than boom-chikka-wow-wow? Okay, I’ll take your word for it.

    “In other news, Korean boy band Ukiss has made kpop history. In a groundbreaking move, all of the members have decided to share the one girl they all like instead of fighting each other to become her number one. Fangirls: 1, Ukiss: 0.”

    If you think about it, boy bands have so many activities to attend to everyday, when are they supposed to find the time to get busy? Threesomes just make sense from a time-management point of view.

  92. Loved the Mamamoo video, but like you say the weirdly long break in the music video was distracting- I thought they’d get back to the music in a few seconds but the trolling just wouldn’t stop! I actually expected you to dislike this music video because of that- it came across a bit musical-y to me, and while I personally adore musicals, I remember you saying that you dislike them.
    Anyway, I love the lyrics of this song as well- the way ‘Mr. Ememoho’ sounds like they’re saying “Mr. MMO,” which keeps making me think of MMORPGs, leading me to imagine this man they’re singing about to be some sort of professional gamer. Or PLAYER, if you will. Eh? Eh? Because they’re telling him to stop playing around? No? Kay.

    I hadn’t watched the AoA yet and still haven’t made it all the way through the video! Not even halfway through, I gave up. It’s just..bleugh. The overused butt-shaking at every opportunity, the slack-jawed, wide-eyed staring-up-at-the-camera shots and some of those crotch-dance-moves that made it look like they reeeally needed to pee, on top of the fact that the girls are basically portrayed as helpless dancing mannequins was just too much. Makes me sad that they got so many more views than Mamamoo.

  93. I felt like Got7′s MV was a little throwback to NSYNC’s “Girlfriend” MV. Except the only one girl thing. STILL, the overall feeling is the same, therefore I love it.

  94. I was every day on the internet, but i totally missed Mamamoo’s song. thanks for introducing me to that absolutly awesome song and video!

  95. Oh my Gosh! Best “reaction video” ever!! I just watched it 4 times :D Simon is like ” What the heck” and Martina giggling and with her hello kitty fan :D:D

  96. Just wanted to say that the cafe in ‘A’ is not a set. It’s a cafe in Malaysia called Holy Smoke (in the township I grew up in!). The rest of the video was shot around Kuala Lumpur/Selangor in Malaysia as well :)

    Kinda makes me wonder if the ‘sets’ in other music videos are really sets after all.. haha!

  97. I LOVED the Mamamoo video. It was so interesting and fun. And the song was so catchy. (Side note: JongHyun! <3 <3 <3 Please do a CN Blue review! Pretty please!) I'm also really liking Got7's new album. SO much better than their first. I agree about the Girls Girls Girls video too, A is so much better :)
    I was really surprised to see the U-Kiss video. SO MUCH SEX. But I'm new to U-Kiss so I really didn't have much to compare it to so I don't know, you guys would be better judges of the song and video (KissMes plz don't hurt me!)
    About Taeyang's Eyes, Nose, Lips, you guys should check out Akdong Musician's cover, its pretty well done! I love AKMU anyway :)

  98. I watched the last 25 second of this like 15 times…and never stopped laughing!!!! Between the Mama Moo, and the “AAAAAAAHHHH, Eli nooooooo!” I ended up in tears. OH, you guys are super fantastic! My cheeks hurt from all the laughing…

  99. I can understand that U-KISS needs to go for a more mature concept, even the sexual part; come on! Korean society can be so conservative that is sometimes boring! jajaja. What I cannot accept is the way they treat women during the video, sometimes is like they are being forced to act and be sexual with them (that includes the girl in the threesome…good for her, btw jajajaja); female dancers are not background to the group, but sexual props! And ALL THAT, without taking into consideration the lyrics! When you put the vídeo and the song together is like: “please, dont wear those clothes or that make-up, because I am going to rape you!”

    Verecit: Like the more mature image…HATE they way the song objectifies women!

    • iloveshinee

      Agree. The video just gave me a really bad vibe. I get Eli’s story line but I don’t understand what is supposed to be happening with the other guys in the video. I thought the song was about a girl who flirted and played around but that is not what it feels like to me in the video. It feels like the guys are coming on too strong.

  100. I watched the Mamamoo video for the first time yesterday, and LOVED it. Love the song, love the clothes, love the way the video is scripted and shot, love it ALL!

    Second favorite is the Ukiss video. When my friend and I found out the video was out, we were both at work and decided there was a possibility that it was going to be NSFW (cause yes, we talk about Kpop and dramas at work…don’t you??) and we were both a little concerned about how we would feel about it. She saw it first and messaged me with “You have to watch it. Cause…it’s…well…it’s HOT!” And yes. Yes it is. Rawr hot. IMO very tastefully done and super sensual. But, being that Eli is very VERY my favorite, I had about the same reaction as Martina…though not as perfectly Martina-ish.

  101. I just watched the U-Kiss video. Whoa. I had only seen their live performances of the song and liked the song as well as the more mature image they were presenting. I didn’t know about the video. Well I did like the whole let’s share instead of fighting thing. hahaha! That’s a first. I like the song and I’m glad they’re able to due more mature themed videos. I don’t mean that they all have to be like that but they should be comfortable doing something like that because they are adults. It’s getting rid of the whole notion of guy groups (all k-idol groups actually – male & female) having to be cutesy or virgin-like all the time because that’s how their fans want them. Ummm no. So yay for U-Kiss sexing it up! lol.
    I saw Mamamoo on Inkigayo and the only thing I didn’t like was their name. lol. The song is really good! I see what you mean about the break in the video. Yeah totally takes away from the video. They could of had some shots of them dancing in those sparkly dresses or something else but not that break. Overall, two good songs from U-kiss and Mamamoo. :)

  102. baekaboo

    Just wondering if you guys have taken a look at History’s Psycho and Cross Gene’s Amazing-Bad Lady? They’re both my favorite songs at the moment, and they both have some naaasty moves you might enjoy x)

  103. I’m seriously annoyed that because some people took it upon themselves to be police on all-things-offensive decided that your English ratings on Kpop Music Mondays was racist. I really enjoyed that part of KMM even though I didn’t always agree with you guys.

  104. I like the ending sooooo much <3 Martina you are the best!!!

  105. I know it isn’t Kpop as the song’s in English, but what did you guys think of Tablo’s cover of ‘Eyes Nose Lips’?

    I’m addicted to it and have been playing it pretty much nonstop since it was released a few days ago.

  106. amanogawatea

    I really liked all of the songs except for AoA’s “Short Hair”! This is my first time listening to GOT7 too, they’re good!! Their MV was cute. (And ohh man there’s 7 of them. Got7, 7 members??? CLASSIC.)

    U-Kiss’s new MV was really surprising! I did NOT expect something like that. I liked it, though. U-Kiss has been grouped as a fairly cutesy and innocent group, and I think it’s great that they’re trying to re-invent their image! Like, I bet it gets boring being stagnant and marketing to only one audience. The MV itself is pretty tasteful too, and I like the song.

    When it comes to random English rap/singing in KPOP videos, I think it’s done because for Koreans, it sounds cool? I guess if one doesn’t grow up with English, or hasn’t been exposed to very much English spoken by native speakers, to Koreans, it sounds like normal English.
    A bad example is that “Hello Kitty” song by Avril Lavinge. I’ve been studying Japanese for two years, so because I know how Japanese should sound like, her “Minna saikō, arigatō” at the beginning sounds HIDEOUS and badly pronounced. But for someone who might not have been exposed to much Japanese, Avril could sound really cool to them! I do wish artists would stick to languages that they’re fluent in, or at least comfortable with saying. I feel like some KPOP artists who sing/rap in another language aren’t very comfortable with doing it and are forced into doing it by their higher-ups.

  107. Scarlett0808

    MAMAMOO! yay :3 I recommend you guys to check the full album out, it is GREAT! and also History’s new album “Desire” it’s really good~ ^^

  108. Korean Jesus played by Junhyung or something, there was that blatant last supper reference and judas’ betrayal I think, Ive got no idea it was weird and probably kinda egotistical. Loved the song and ooooo that Mamamoo song is sahhhh good. I felt the same way about the AOA video. Sorta same with the UKiss video, like sure you can totally be all artsy sexy with the guys yea, but they were one move away from dry humping the female in the video.

  109. RebeccaKiew

    Youtube recommended me this video and so I watched it. It was mind-blowing-ly good. You guys should check it out!

    Andddddd I have a confession to make. I emm…..actually wanted Eli’s part to continue. So smoking hot!

  110. Wishy

    Wait, whaaaaat? U-KISS’s MV had a plot? WAE DIDN’T YOU TALK ABOUT IT?
    Ahem. Going on, YAY! MAMAMOO is being recognized. YAY! Joon Jooyoung is being recognized! -Next, let’s get Yoo Seung Woo recognized…

    • thisisjustforfunval

      I really loved coming by the charts yesterday and seeing that Jong Joon Young was in first place. It blew my mind. I’m so glad it got S&M to take notice of him. I’ve always liked when artists climb up the charts, I think it helps introduce people to artists they haven’t heard before. Mamamoo and Joon Young seriously deserve tons of attention. :)

    • I wanted them to explain it!!…. unless! Unless they were being sarcastic -.-

  111. SHINeeUKShawol

    ahaha Martina, is your fave SHINee song Juliette or something? i was actually excepting that sudden “Juliette~” from you as soon as the word ‘shiny’ came out of Simon’s mouth!!
    i loved Taeyang’s new album!! so gooooood!!
    YES!!! Mamamoo!!! i freakin’ love them!!!

    okay! have you guys heard Crush’s ‘Hug Me’ video??? that song is AWESOME!!!! i just love his new album it’s just abgarbhoaurhbaourehbvkjadbj!! so amazing!!!

  112. Skye Walker

    I’m so glad you’re back! I’ve been missing my KMM’s, ya know?

    As for the videos:

    GOT7:I really liked GOT7′s song and video too. I have the exact same opinion as you guise, so I’m not gonna be babbling about it.
    UKISS: Oh UKISS, did you blow my mind in this video! haha
    It was kind of a shock because the threesome thing was a slap in the face in the beggining. In my head I was like “Oh, ok…that’s where we’re going!”. But definitely in a good way! As you said, it was tastefully done. I liked it! And that song is a TUNE!
    BEAST: I totally agree with you on both Beast comebacks, too.
    MAMAMOO: They’re growing to be one of the best girl groups out there! They don’t look like rookies at all. Kind of like when BAP debuted. They are so great, stylewise and talentwise. Really great comeback!
    TAEYANG: I honestly have never been much into his stuff. His style of music just doesn’t get me. Except for maybe Ringa Linga. So this video, althou kind of interesting, I’ve seen before. The song was not for me. And, quite frankly, a hot shirtless guy is not enough to keep me interested. I just watched until the end because I wanted to see if anything happend later. Not impressed.
    AOA: Well, let’s just say that the video looked really nice but that’s about it. The song was ok, the dancing was ok. And I TOTALLY agree with you about the “oh my god I’m so innocent and weak that I can’t even do my job” concept. Totally offputting.
    JONG JOON YOUNG: I didn’t know who he was either. This song is not my kind of song at all so…nothing much to say!

    Welcome back! =D

  113. Totally agree on AoA and Mamamoo. I prefer girls group so i won’t comment on the boys songs.
    But for me AoA, while being my favorite group, didn’t impress me on this one. I like the song, but the MV… I wish they would go back to doing songs like Get Out and Elvis.

    As for Mamamoo, when i saw the MV i was amazed! The song is really good, and the MV felt refreshing. Those girls got talent and they are showing it! And yea that bit about trolling the girls… really?

  114. Kyrie

    I guess I’m very much in the minority in this, but I actually really like AOA’s MV. Certainly it’s not very empowering to women, but, I’m also someone who can see what’s problematic with something and set that aside in order to enjoy it. (Unfortunately, with the way the media is, especially in K-POP, you kind of have to do that.) The ladies do get their ‘revenge’ on the guy in the video at the end, too, and Hyejeong did not put up with ANY of his mess on that ‘airplane,’ LOL. I think it’s cute and I adore AOA’s sound… even though I wish they’d go back to the band concept. Pleeeeease go back to the band concept soon!

    MAMAMOO is fabulous though. One of the best new groups I’ve seen in ages.

  115. Apparently a bunch of fans dislike the new GOT7 song, but I love it! It’s really fun and perfect for the summer!

    Also yesssss! Normal fashion <3

  116. CadetRemi

    A was definitely much much better than Girls Girls Girls, the video was so much fun! (So were the teasers, mostly because maknae line (and Jinyoung) are adorable…) Eyes Nose Lips is such a pretty song as well :3 I think the only reason I reacted the way I did to U-KISS’ video was because I didn’t know what to expect (watched it like five minutes after it came out) and because… well… I’m kind of innocent for a seventeen year old. So, loved the song, feel uncomfortable watching the video (except Jun’s parts. Those I’m okay with)

  117. Viridis

    ohmygod, I also disliked AOA’s video, but since everyone else liked it, I was afraid to admit it. But I don’t think the intention was to show girls as silly, I think it was just a failed attempt at being cute and funny.

  118. I just wanted to let you know that Mama Mu is actually a female cow, when I was little(ish) I had Mama Mu story books http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDuqjqXNgQw

  119. twinklelie

    I’ve been following AOA since their debut, and I have to say that “Short Hair” really disappointed me. What I like the most about them is that AOA, at first, combined group and band at the same time (check “Elvis” & “Get Out”). But then, sadly, FNC decided to give the group/band a new turn,and decided to promote the group and the band seperately, giving the group more limelight and the band some cheesy songs that don’t really match the style of the first 2 songs.

  120. Nezzie

    Around 5:26 when Simon mimics Kiseop’s “I’m trying not to fall on this couch” dance in the UKISS video…oh man. When I first watched the video I actually thought that was an editing error (hey it happened before with another of their videos where they accidentally included a shot of one of the members hitting another while they were dancing). It wasn’t until I saw them perform the song live and saw them ALL do the dance that I realized it was intentional and apparently a dance move. By the way, if you haven’t seen them all do that in unison, go do that. It makes me giggle every time.

    Also just wanted to say that I love when you guys do these videos where you comment a little on multiple videos. It kind of reminds of when you used to do the chart updates (which I always loved because I found out about a lot of groups I really like from those).

  121. I’m not one to instantly love a group of one video but Mamamoo changed that. When they came out with Don’t be happy, I install fell in love with the song and the group they are so different. They have a classy retro vibe to them and I love anything retro, plus their vocals are off the charts. Love Mamamoo I’m definitely a dedicated fan and hope they get lots of attention and love.

  122. thisisjustforfunval

    How did you guys miss the awesomeness that is Jong Joon Young before this video? He was even nominated for Best Rookie on the EYKA’s last year… Sorry, I’m just very passionate about his music. Spotless Mind still blows me the hell away every time I hear it.

    Mamamoo! They are currently my favorite girl group out there. Their vocals and style are no joke, even live. They hold their own singing with K.Will for Peppermint Chocolate, that’s very impressive. I agree with you on the video. I love everything about it except for that stupid stopping point where they get trolled. It kills the flow of the song and video. They could have waited to do it at the end of video like a lot of videos are doing lately.

    Quit Playing, I think the first time I watched it I reacted a lot like Martina was. I was expecting sexy, but they pushed it to a higher level, but as you said kept it classy. For myself, the fact that they did a sexy concept wasn’t too shocking, they’ve been pushing a bit in that direction with their Japanese videos, however I was not expecting a three-some to start off the video. I personally really love the song and album.

    Taeyang, gosh, I love Eyes, Nose, Lips. I make the same gestures when listening to it. Simon, I thought of De Angelo’s video also, until Taeyang proved he was wearing pants.

    • haruchi

      My exact thoughts about Joon Young! I was like, but he was nominated last year!?! O_O I thought SM check their lists… XD Anyway, he needs more love! He has amazing voice and I love his debut album! Especially “아는 번호” is beautiful! <3 I think the new album was a great comeback from him! :D

  123. Viridis

    I’m so happy that you’re back! I always feel like something was missing in my Monday when I don’t watch KMM. And it was a very funny episode :)

  124. jurassictimes

    Junhyung was fully responsible for 5/6 of the songs on the album (and History is Kikwang’s/Junhyung’s and another composer’s I believe) so I’d say the English is his choice. They’ve gotten better at it, actually. We Up is kind of a step back in that department but the rest of the album has decent English, although I have to say I don’t think people should mention elevators in their rapping and it took me a second listen to get that last part of his rap in Good Luck. /end obligatory comments about bias group

  125. Chikorita2Chante

    I agree with the AOA thing. Even though I mostly like them. So, this was the best video (that has to do with “Quit playing”) I have seen, since “Quit playing” itself. I liked the video, but as a shy person, I felt like melting into a puddle. I internally screamed at first, because I was so surprised. And that rarely happens. I don’t get surprised, I just don’t. I survive K-Pop on a daily basis and I have to say, at least U-KISS’ video was tastefully done (IMO). Even though the girl was pretty annoying at first, like, don’t play hard to get. That’s so 2008. (AKA Before U-KISS, SHINee Etc. debuted.)

    I can’t say how much I liked the “No more” video. It was as if the person who had directed it had consulted the director for Yoseob’s “Caffeine” first. The colourscheme was so comfortable and calm and the effects… Man. Eeeeeven though, “Caffeine” is a way more beautiful song that I, to this day, see as one of my favourites. Ever. In ballads especially. Mamamoo keeps surprising me with good music and I have to say, I’ve like every song Bumkey has made/sung in so far. Yeah! I really liked the sound of “A” and it seems I agree with most of what you guys said. Joonyoung wasn’t for me though.

    I’m gonna go watch the reaction again :)

  126. KATHyphenTUN

    hahahaha best ending to KMM to date!!!!! XD

  127. aaaa, omg U Kiss is not boys anymore! Congratulation

  128. MarVi

    I love this Got7 song soo much! I had a little bit of doubts from their debut song, but they proved me oh so wrong!

  129. reviews are spot on i totally agree with all of them

  130. When you guys were talking about got7′s A I was like this is totally how I feel. I really love the song and the music video is so fun and interesting to watch. It also reminds me of summer. Funny story about the U-KISS video I was beginning to watch it in my livingroom and I immediately paused it but I landed on a bad scene where two members were shirtless so I got rid of the tab. Then my brother came up behind me and was like what was that? He shall NEVER find that out! NEVER!

  131. Hmm, I agree with most of your article, but I don’t know what you were expecting with AoA. (Lately) They haven’t been a group that pushes ‘empowerment of women.’ I mean they did try something different with their girl band concept during their first few releases, but I don’t think they sold as well with that (or gained enough popularity), so their management decided to pursue this direction after the greater popularity of Confused. Not saying this song is the best, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone with this concept; it’s typical K-pop. Maybe they will go back to the girl band group concept soon and it’ll be a better experience for you guys, since their band releases were pretty decent songs, in my opinion at least.

  132. I consider myself a pretty strong feminist, and as such I couldn’t even finish that AOA video. It just made my nose scrunch up and made me feel icky >.>

  133. LOL to the commenting war between Simon and Martina on this.

  134. Brittnay Bond

    …looking at the comments, you guys crack me up XD
    Got7′s song took me a bit to warm up with, but the mv had me rolling. I loved it so much.
    U-kiss. I was shocked, because one I hadn’t seen anything sexy wise from them, and I didn’t expect it. and two…whelp i forgot my two.
    I loved Taeyang’s song eyes nose lips, and i liked that it was simplistic and powerful. and while I love that song, Body is my favorite.
    B2st(batoooooost)’s song I liked but i didn’t pay much attention to the video, same with AOA. I like bits and pieces of both songs, but didn’t really care for them.
    and I liked Simon’s joke. MAMAMOOOOOOO~ x3

  135. What I think the moral of the story for “Good Luck” is: that NEVER have a trunk of golden coins at a dinner party! lol!!!

    But from what I heard: the MV for “Good Luck” is actually inspired by a Chinese Movie called “2046″. Since I have never seen this movie, I am not sure how accurate this information is! But it makes sense since they had the # 2046 on the door right at the beginning of the MV.

    Forever Ba-toosty!!! @_@

  136. My favourite song from aaall of the ones you mentioned is Mamamoo’s Mr. Ambiguous. Actually, their whole album is pretty awesome. First rookie group I’ve been impressed with in aaaaaages.

  137. Sooooo, I kinda like this format better *gets stoned by angry fans*. Hear me out! You guise get to talk about several music videos at once, avoid doing skits that might not be very good :/

    I couldn’t stop looking at Martina during the UKISS (USEX???) video. Simon’s reaction was meh, but Martina, fanning herself and going “OMG ELI!” ROFL. Martina, did you feel like you were watching your child do nasty things during Kevin’s part, cause all I could think while watching it was “Kevin wuut??” I definitely feel like it was very classy and sensual and I don’t get why people made such a fuss about it.

    and I liked GotChill’s new song more that the previous one actually. (seriously, that’s what I’m calling them from now on, GotChill hahahaha

    • btw don’t you think it would be better to keep on using this format? I mean more videos talked about = less angry fangirls? No? *walks away*

  138. I just want to say, Simon is a big fat copycat.

  139. gotta love got7′s Aaaaaaaaaaa song !! haha fyi, got7′s MV was shot in Malaysia !!! and i totally agree with martina on aoa’s MV. makes me go ‘WHUT?”

  140. What a naasty tumbnail :)

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