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Catching Up on Kpop

July 1, 2014


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Holy hell! How is it possible to keep up with all of the videos that come out! It seems like you gotta live on the internet to not miss out on all of the Kpop videos that are released. We were just gone for something like 10 days. We missed the first Music Monday on the 16th because it was our 7 year wedding anniversary. Yay! And then we missed the Music Monday on the 23rd because we were in an airplane. Eep! And so we came back to Korea and saw all that had happened. We talked about a few of those videos in our Music Monday, including Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” GOT7’s “A,” U-Kiss’ “Quit Playing,” and B2ST’s “Good Luck” and “No More.” Quite surprisingly for us, GOT7’s was our favourite song and video combo of the bunch! What a nice surprise!

Also, you’ll have to watch the video to see Simon’s awesome reaction to watching UKISS’ video for the first time…it’s pretty great. I’m curious as to what you all thought about UKISS “controversial” video. I understand the shock for some people because they aren’t used to their male groups being so overtly sexual. Was it a shock to you? Were you okay with it? Did you hate it? Let us know in the comment section!

There are a couple of other videos we didn’t talk about but wanted to say some things about, from girl bands (yay!) starting with:

Ace of Angels “Short Hair”

First off, what the hell?! I didn’t know Ace of Angels were so popular that they’d get 2 million views on their vids. I just checked the rest of their vids on YouTube and all of them have many millions of views. Whuuuut? I’m not trying to be offensive here: I just thought those kinds of numbers were reserved for bigger Kpop bands, and I didn’t know that Ace of Angels was that kind of group. I’ve heard a lot more from G.Na, but her video’s been out longer and has only 1.2 million views. Hmm.

Well, that being said, we both disliked this video thoroughly. How are they depicting girls here? Oopsie: I can’t figure out how to serve ice cream! Oopsie pooh: I’m a sucky car mechanic! OH NOES! I’m a police officer but I can’t do my job! So scary~ I’ll just dance in my sexy uniforms, then! Does this video offer anything else? Martina was pretty annoyed when she watched this video. I heard her huffing and puffing the whole time yelling things like, “wut!?” and “seriously?!” It’s annoying because Kpop videos featuring men often have them depicted as either a cute guy who is wooing a girl or an aggressive male figure able to dominate the girl. We vented before briefly about the annoyance we have with all the wrist grabbing and dragging we see in Korean dramas and the girl is just totally unable to do anything. So why do girls and girl groups in Korea also get stuck in roles depicting them as helpless and weak? Seriously, there was nothing empowering or interesting about this video. I felt like I was watching an advertisement for sexy female Halloween costumes. Anyone else frustrated?

Verdict: Not Yay!

Mamamoo “Mr Ambiguous”

Now this is something MUUUCH more up our alley. Why doesn’t this have 2 million views?! We’re definitely liking this song a lot more than AOA’s song. It’s got a doowoppy swing feel to it that we miss from Wonder Girls. And the video’s SO MUCH BETTER. It’s all in black and white, while AOA’s version is all vibrant colours, but the editing here is stellar. It’s a great looking video, it’s fun, and I found myself smiling while watching it. The editing was awesome with a heavy emphasis on text on some added colour filters and masking. It was super cool and obviously took a lot of work. Even the shots in the video were clearly thought out in order to get all the different angles and the smooth transitions between the different sets. I also loved the clever way they added cameos by various famous people. My only complaint: I hate it when music videos get in the way of the song. There’s a cut from the song at around the 3 minute mark where a famous cameo trolls the girls in the band. It’s funny but I’d rather let the song run through. It’s a music video; not a video…music? There’s a clever line in there somewhere…

Verdict: Yay!

Jong Joon Young “Teenager”

So we mentioned how we didn’t know who this was, and it turns out he was one of the Top 10 final contestants in the Superstar K4 TV show which is like an American Idol reality show (and if you don’t know what that is, it’s like a reality show for people who are competing to be the next big singer). He was in a rock band when he auditioned for the show but the rest of his band dropped out so he entered the show as a solo artist. I guess that worked out well for him because even though he didn’t win the show (Roy Kim won) he still has had the chance to enter the music/acting scene. He was in Mamamoo’s music video and he’s also in a couple of Korean variety shows as well! I learned all this because you guys voted him to the top of the charts. It’s funny because some people complain that they wasted their time voting for something but the point of the kpop charts isn’t soloy for helping us decided on music monday; it’s also supposed to be a place for you to discover new groups and share them easily with friends! I’m happy to have discovered this husky voiced rocker because of you guise! WOOHOO!!!!

Verdict: Voice YAY, Video So So

We’ve got some extra scenes that didn’t make it to the final cut, simply because we were being a bit too silly and giggly. Check it out if you feel like having a laugh!

And lastly, don’t forget to click on this pretty button below for more vids. Side note: I hope you like how nicely edited the thumbnail is for this vid. It took a lot of work :D



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