Mandu Eating Challenge

The Mandu Eating Challenge!

Who could eat more mandu in one sitting: Simon or Martina? We’ll answer that question in this week’s Food Adventure Program!

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Tips for Korean Bars

How to Survive a Korean Bar

We’re gonna explain a bit about what basic pocha bars are like in Korea, and give you a few tips to survive Korean bars for this week’s Food Adventure Program!

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Avengers Age of Ultron Cake

Avengers: Age of Ultron Cake!

Avengers Age of Ultron just came out in Korea, so we figured we’d eat some Avengers Cake from Baskin Robbins. Yes, AVENGERS CAKE!

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Southside Parlor

Seoul Spots: Southside Parlor

We got a new camera and wanted to start taking pictures of places we hang out. Here’s one of them: Southside Parlor 사우사이드 팔러 located in Itaewon but closer to Noksapyeong Station and the HBC area.

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Chocolate Tofu Pudding Recipe

Martina’s Tofu Pudding Recipe

Here’s Martina’s delicious chocolate tofu pudding that tastes better than regular pudding. Seriously this is so good!

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Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken

I’ve eaten my weight in Korean Fried Chicken, but haven’t shared the love of it nearly enough. Here’s our sampling of three Korean Fried Chicken Shops!

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Elsa Frozen Ice Cream Cake

Baskin Robbins Elsa Ice Cream Cake

For a going away part, we got an Elsa from Frozen Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake, because Ice Cream Cakes here are amazing.

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Squid Lollipops

Squid Lollipops

This is all the rage around Hongdae, Seoul lately. We see lots of people eating this deep fried squid on a stick, so we’ll share it with you for this week’s video!

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What is Kobe Beef?

What is Kobe Beef?

We ate Kobe beef in Kobe Japan, and it was the best beef experience of our lives. Watch our video and cry with us.

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Weird Korean Pizza

Weird Korean Pizza

Korea’s got some good pizza sometimes, but it also has some terrible pizza. We’re gonna try the worst pizza Korea has to offer.

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Super Expensive Korean Fruit

Super Expensive Korean Fruit

Could you taste the difference between a 2 dollar pear and a 13 dollar pear in a blind taste test? We’ll test out Korea’s super expensive gourmet fruit for this week’s video!

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How to make Korean Fish Cakes

How to Make Korean Fish Cakes

Martina wanted to make Odaeng at midnight. No, she’s not pregnant…

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The Best Stroopwafel in Amsterdam

The Best Stroopwafel in Amsterdam

We head out to eat the Best Stroopwafels in Amsterdam. And if you don’t know what stroopwafels are, you will thank us for this video!

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FAPAFP - German Beer thumb eyk

Pub Crawl in Cologne, Germany

There’s lots of beer here in Cologne, Germany, so we went on a mini pub crawl to five cool spots for this week’s FAPFAP!

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FAPFAP - Viking Bar thumb eyk

The Aifur Viking Bar in Stockholm, Sweden

We went to a Viking Bar in Stockholm, Sweden, known as the Aifur, and lived out a day in Skyrim.

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A Bajillion Side Dishes thumb eyk

A Bajillion Korean Side Dishes

We drove out to Jeollanamdo for the last of our Eatyourkimchi Road Trip FAPFAPs and ate a bajillion Korean side dishes!

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FAPFAP - Bibimbap thumb eyk

The Best Bibimbap in Korea

We drove for a few hours outside of Seoul to go for the best bibimbap in Korea. It’s wicked delicious. Check it out in this week’s FAPFAP!

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FAPFAP - Grilled Eel thumb eyk

Grilled Eel in Yeosu

Yeosu has some of the best seafood in Korea, and so we head over to Yeosu’s best grilled eel restaurant for this week’s Food Adventure Program For Awesome People!

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FAPFAP - Goat Stew thumb eyk

Goat Stew in Hwasun

We had some of the most delicious goat stew ever down in Hwasun, Jeollanamdo, for this week’s Food Adventure Program For Awesome People!

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FAPFAP - Salt Ice Cream thumb eyk

Salted Ice Cream on Slow Island

While we were on our epic Korean Road Trip, we stopped by Slow Island in Jeollanamdo and had some salted ice cream for this week’s FAPFAP!

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