The Best Soju in Korea

The Best Soju in Korea

We do a blind taste test of 16 of Korea’s Soju brands to pick the best soju in Korea for this week’s Food Adventure Program For Awesome People!

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FAPFAP - Honey Softserve thumb eyk

Ice Cream with Korean Englishman!

We hung out with Josh and Ollie from KoreanEnglishMan and shot a couple of videos. We ate something awful with them, and awesome with us. Yay!

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FAPFAP - Kogi Truck thumb eyk

Kogi BBQ Taco Truck

We’ve heard so much about this Kogi BBQ Truck on just about every show that talks about Koreatown: it’s about time we tried it out!

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FAPFAP - Chinese Snacks thumb eyk

Chinese Convenience Store Raid!

When we were in Beijing, China we went to a convenience store and bought lots of stuff. Here we are sampling it in this week’s FAPFAP!

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FAPFAP - Rest Stop thumb eyk

Korean Rest Stop Party!

We stop at a Korean Rest Stop on our way to G-Dragon’s Villa. Here’s what this one is like, in this week’s FAPFAP!

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FAPFAP - Soybean Paste Soup thumb eyk

Martina’s Soybean Soup Recipe (aka Dwenjang Jjigae)

When we were at G-Dragon’s Villa, we made some homemade Soybean Stew, aka Doenjang Jjigae. Here’s the recipe and instructions!

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Korean Penis Ice Cream

Korean Penis Ice Cream!

These ice cream cones are getting quite popular as Korean street food and they…kinda look like a cock. Just saying…

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FAPFAP - Ramen Hacks thumb eyk

How to Eat Ramen Like a Pro

We’ve shown you how to level up your Ramen before, but now we’re gonna show you some more Professional Ramen eating tricks that’ll impress all your friends!

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FAPFAP - Secret Dumplings thumb eyk

FAPFAP – Soup Dumplings in Seoul?!

We take Leigh’s advice on a soup dumpling shop we’ve never been to before. Will we take her advice again? Hmm…

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FAPFAP - Japanese Snacks thumb eyk

Japanese Snack Sampling

Remember when we went to Japan back in February? We brought a bunch of cool snacks with us. We’re gonna try some out for today’s FAPFAP.

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WANK - Red Bean Porridge thumb eyk

Korean Red Bean Porridge – Pat Juk!

For this week’s FAPFAP we’re heading out for Red Bean Porridge, aka Pat Juk, and we try to make this food as sexy as it can possibly be…

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FAPFAP - Subway Waffles thumb eyk

Korean Subway Waffles

We went back to Bucheon for one of our favourite spots, Subway Waffles.

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FAPFAP - Tonkatsu Kimbap thumb eyk

Donkatsu Kimbap

We found this new kind of Kimbap that we’ve been totally hoovering as of late: Donkatsu Kimbap!

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FAPFAP - Plant thumb eyk

FAPFAP – Plant in Itaewon

We went to Alien Day Out’s restaurant in Itaewon, Plant, for some lovely vegan and vegetarian food. YUM!

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FAPFAP - Jeon thumb yt

FAPFAP – Korean Jeon

We taught you how to make Pajeon, but there’s a world of so many more Jeons out there. Today, we’ll take you to our favourite Jeon restaurant and eat sexy food.

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How to Make Pajeon aka Green Onion Pancake

Martina teaches you how to cook one of our favourite, as well as one of the easiest, Korean dishes. Yum!

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Korean Spam

FAPFAP – Korean Spam

It’s Chuseok now, and during Chuseok people give food gift sets, and one of those sets is of SPAM. So, we do some Spam taste testing.

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How to Make Soondubu Jjigae

How to Cook Soondubu Jjigae 순두부찌개

We teach you how to make Soondubu Jjigae and Korean anchovy broth in this week’s Food Adventure Program for Awesome People!

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Fell + Cole

Fell and Cole Gastronomic Ice Cream

It’s hot as hell here in Korea, so we decided to eat special Ice Cream for this FAPFAP…for scientific reasons, of course.

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How to Cook Jajangmyeon

How to Make Jjajangmyeon 짜장면

Last week we showed you how to order Jajangmyeon. But if you don’t live in Korea you’re screwed, so today we show you how to make it.

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