Korean Toast

Korean Toast

There are two types of Toast in Korea. One is really quite yummy. Another is, umm…this one.

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Soondubu Jigae

Soondubu Jigae

We eat some Soondubu Jigae to fight our jetlag, just like we did when we first came to Korea EVER, for this week’s FAPFAP

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Hapjeong Croquettes

Korean Style Croquettes

We found a special Croquette shop in Hapjeong and we wanted to share it with you for this week’s FAPFAP!

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Korean Mandu

Hongdae Mandu – FAPFAP!

We go for Mandu at our favorite mandu shop in Hongdae and show you a whole bunch of different kinds of mandu. OOOH SO DELICOUS!

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Dango Jib

Dango Jib aka Japanese Sweet Dumpling House – FAPFAP!

We go to a Japanese Dango Jib for this week’s FAPFAP. Don’t know what that is? We’re here to show you :D

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Korean Food Delivery

Korean Food Delivery: FAPFAP

We show you how we order Korean food delivery. Yes, we don’t always FAPFAP in public!

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Korean Patbingsu

Patbingsu – FAPFAP!

We go for some Korean Patbingsu, the perfect treat for ridiculously hot summer days in Korea, for this week’s FAPFAP!

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Vegan Food in Seoul

Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Korea – FAPFAP

We go to Loving Hut in Seoul, which is a Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant in Korea.

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Samgyeopsal and Soju

Late Night Samgyeopsal and Soju – FAPFAP!

Our batteries died when we tried WANKing, so we went out for Samgyeopsal and Soju to end our night instead.

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How to Make Kimbap

How to Make Kimbap – FAPFAP

We make our own Kimbap at home! Here’s our video on how to make Kimbap. It’s easy, and the recipe is open to fun remixes.

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FAPFAPing with Korean Meat Soup

Since we can’t WANK, we’re gonna FAPFAP (Food Adventure Program for Awesome People) with some Seolleongtang and Galbijjim Ddukbaegi.

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Gochu Kimchi

Gongju’s Pepper Leaf Kimchi

We travel to Gongju, South Korea, to make some pepper leaf kimchi. Here’s what the process and ingredients look like.

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Mul Kimchi

Mul Kimchi

We’re traveling around Korea and eating different kinds of special kimchi. Today we try a special version of Mul Kimchi.

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Naengmyeon Noodles

Naengmyeon – Cold Noodles

An into to Naengmyeon: Korean cold noodles. We’ll show you about Mul Naengmyeon and Bibim Naengmyeon, which both totally rock.

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Mandu in Korea

Mandu – Korean Dumplings

We haven’t done a Korean food post in a while, and so we thought we’d do one on one of our favourite Korean foods: mandu.

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Korean Dunkin Donuts

Korean Dunkin Donuts

Korean Dunkin Donuts raid time! Let’s see what they’ve got to offer.

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Korean Food Shin Ramen

Korean Ramen

A long time ago we did a video about a Korean Ramen Taste Test. In that video, though, we didn’t include Shin Ramen, which is […]

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Wolfhound - Bacon Ranch Burger

The Wolfhound

There is this amazing Irish Pub in Itaewon called The Wolfhound. Tons of people kept saying to us, “you guys have to review this place […]

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Korean Delivery Bike

Arirang TV: Korean Food Delivery

We recently shot a few videos with Arirang TV, similar to the Today’s Blog episode we did a while ago. The first one they finished […]

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Hello Kitty Cafe

Hello Kitty Cafe

A while ago we did our ridiculous video in which we dress up as a dragon and unicorn and Dance in Korea. In that video, […]

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