Infinite H Without You

KpopCharts Update: Without Safety Dolls

We talk about Infinite H’s Without You, DMTN’s Safety Zone, and 9Muses’ Dolls in this wee’s KpopCharts Update!

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KpopCharts Update: Disturbance Around Heaven

We talk about BoA’s “Disturbance,” Sistar19’s “Gone Not Around Any Longer,” and Eric Nam’s “Heaven’s Door” for this week’s KpopCharts Update!

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CNBLUE I'm Sorry

KpopCharts Update: I’m On YOO

We talk about CNBLUE’s “I’m Sorry,” Vixx’s “On and On” and 2YOON’s “24/7″ for this week’s KpopCharts Update!

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Infinite H Special Girl

KpopCharts Update: I Sound Special

For this week’s KpopCharts Update, we talk about Infinite H’s “Special Girl,” B.A.P.’s “Rain Sound,” and Boyfriend’s “AH EE YAH!”

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Girls Generation I Got a Boy

KpopCharts Update: Need Dual Boy

We talk about Girls’ Generations “I Got a Boy,” The Snuggly One’s “I Need You,” and Kim Sori’s “Dual Life” for this week’s KpopCharts Update.

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Best Kpop Songs of 2012

Our Favorite Kpop of 2012

We talk about the Kpop Songs and Videos that stuck out for us the most in 2012 that didn’t get represented in either Kpop Music Monday or the Eat Your Kimchi Awards.

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Yoseob Caffeine

KpopCharts Update: That Caffeine Pop

We talk about Yoseo’s “Caffeine,” Secret’s “Ta;lk That,” and Crayon Pop’s “Dancing Queen” for this week’s KpopCharts Update!

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B1A4 Tried to Walk

KpopCharts Update: Don’t Walk Dripping

We talk about B1A4’s “Tried to Walk,” Dalshabet’s “Have Don’t Have” and Son Dambi’s “Dripping Tears” in this week’s Kpop Charts Update!

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Boyfriend Janus

KpopCharts Update: Janus Like Punishment

We talk about Boyfriend’s “Janus,” Kim Jong Kook’s “Men Are All Like That,” and Roh Ji Hoon’s “Punishment” for this week’s KpopCharts update!

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Lee Hi 1234

KpopCharts Update: 1 Max Love

We talk about Lee Hi, Younique, and NS Yoon-G feat Jay Park for this week’s KpopCharts Update!

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Hyuna Ice Cream

KpopCharts Update: Don’t Stop Cream

We talk about Hyuna’s “Ice Cream” Epik High’s “Don’t Hate Me” and B.A.P,’s “Stop It” for this week’s KpopCharts Update!

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Miss A I Don't Need a Man

KpopCharts Update: Man Mambo Bloom

The KpopCharts Update are back, featuring new songs from Miss A, Block B, and Ga-In. Vote for them while you still can!

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TVXQ Catch Me

KpopCharts Update: Bad Catch There

We talk about TVXQ, 100%, and Spica for this week’s KpopCharts Update!

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U-Kiss Stop girl

KpopCharts Update: Sad Crayon Girl

We talk about U-Kiss, G-Dragon, and Baek A Yeon for this week’s KpopCharts update

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FT Island I Wish

KpopCharts Update: Poison Lipstick Wish

We talk about FT Island, Secret, and Orange Caramel for this week’s KpopCharts Update (PS Orange Caramel’s video is AMAZING!)

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G Dragon That XX

KpopCharts Update: That Sexy Phoenix

We talk about G Dragon’s second single, T-ara’s awesome comeback, and ZE:A’s super catch song in this week’s KpopCharts update!

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G Dragon One of a Kind

KpopCharts Update: Anymore Tiny One

We talk about G Dragon, Seo in Young, and Tiny G for our 25th KpopCharts Update. Sweet!

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Super Junior Spy

KpopCharts Update: Not Spy Style

We talk about Super Junior’s “Spy,” Psy & Hyuna’s “Oppa’s Just My Style,” and Nu’est’s “Not Over You” for this week’s KpopCharts update!

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ChAOS Racer

KpopCharts Update: You Party Racer

This week we review a bunch of bands we’ve never spoken about before with D-Unit, ChAOS, and Glam.

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B.A.P. No Mercy

KpopCharts Update: Only Beautiful Mercy

We talk about B.A.P.’s “No Mercy,” B2ST’s (BATOOOST!) “Beautiful Night,” and BoA’s “Only One” for this week’s KpopCharts Update!

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