You Are Here LiveChat

You Are Here LiveChat!

We’re doing our first LiveChat in ages! Here we are at You Are Here! Come have a virtual milkshake with us!

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LiveChat Pre-Coffee

Pre-Coffee Shop LiveChat!

We’re back with another LiveChat this week and opening some of your fun packages and telling some stories about our Coffee Shop!

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Afternoon LiveChat in Deadly Heat

We’re having a LiveChat in the sweltering heat. EEP! Come hang out with us in the cool indoors!

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LA LiveChat

Friday Afternoon LiveChat!

It’s LiveChat time! Come hang with us as we open some packages and tell you some stories. Woot!

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Afternoon LiveChat

LiveChat with Dolls and Mochis

We’re hanging out in the studio today and opening up some packages and telling some stories in this week’s LiveChat!

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Texas LiveChat

LiveChat: What Should We Do in Cali?

We’re back doing a LiveChat and we’re not having any technical difficulties. YAY!

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Friday Night LiveChat in May!

It’s our first LiveChat in quite a while! Come hang out with us and we’ll tell you what we’ve been up to :D

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Friday Night DeadChat – Fart Murder Mystery!

We had to pre-record this LiveChat, and thankfully, because someone was ripping farts. Guess whodunit in this week’s Fart Murder Mystery!

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Friday Evening LiveChat Bonanza!

We’ve got a new router, and hopefully a faster internet connection, for this week’s LiveChat! Woohoo!

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Friday Latenight LiveChat!

It’s Friday night, and we’re hanging out with you guise before we start our weekend. Come chat with us and we’ll tell you stuff about our week and open up some of the awesome packages you sent us. Woot!

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Friday LiveChat Nostalgia Bomb

It’s Friday, and we’re doing another LiveChat, and I think we’re FINALLY opening the last of our Christmas boxes! Woohoo!

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LiveChat Afternoon

Friday Afternoon LiveChat Hangout

It’s Friday afternoon, perfect time for a LiveChat!

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Friday LiveChat

Friday Night LiveChat!

We had a really cool and busy day today filming a bunch of collabs. Come hang out with us as we unwind for the weekend.

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Friday Night LiveChat

Friday Evening LiveChat!

Come hang out with us as we open up some boxes and talk about fun stuff. Wahoo!

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Valentine’s Day LiveChat!

Woohoo! Our first LiveChat in months that didn’t die and crap out! Huzzah!

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Return to Korea LiveChat

We’re back in Korea! Here’s our first video back in the studio, and another attempt at a LiveChat. Huzzah!

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Last LiveChat in Korea in 2013!

LiveChat time! It’s our last LiveChat in Korea for 2013!

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Pajama LiveChat

Friday Night LiveChat!

We had a LiveChat working for a bit before it melted!

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Friday Night LiveChat!

We’ve got the whole crew with us for this week’s LiveChat. Check out the new additions to Martina’s tattoo as well!

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November LiveChat

November LiveChat

We open some awesome packages, and we show off some potential new Kpop Music Monday characters, in this week’s LiveChat!

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