Seven Years in Korea

Seven Years in Korea!

As of yesterday, we have been living for 7 years in Korea. We go back to Bucheon and try to remember those years.

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YouTube Video Equipment Guide

Our List of YouTube Video Equipment

Here’s a basic guide to the video gear we use for shooting videos, and an explanation of how we shoot them, too :D

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No Heat Crimped Hair Tutorial

No Heat Crimped Hair Tutorial

Martina did another hair thingy video, and I’m here publishing it for her. It makes her hair poofy without using a dryer. Yep. That’s the technical terminology for it.

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Hands of Love

Special Filming Moments

Here’s a small behind the scenes look at what happens when we film.

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Sailor Moon Capsule Toys in Japan

Sailor Moon Capsule Toys in Japan

We found a bunch of Sailor Moon Capsule Toys in Japan. Martina went nuts, naturally.

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Christmas Packaging

Christmas Package Opening!

We didn’t get a chance to open these packages on camera before Christmas, so we opened them at home and got a lot of pictures from it all!

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Martina's Christmas Hot Chocolate Recipe

Martina’s Christmas Hot Chocolate Recipe

Christmas is just around the corner. Here’s Martina’s Christmas Hot Chocolate Recipe and a guide on how to make it, if you’re feeling festive!

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Kinder Egg Surprise Opening

German Kinder Egg Toy Surprise Unwrapping

We got a lot of Kinder Eggs in Germany. We’re going to open them all and play with them

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German Automatic Cleaning Toilet

German Automatic Toilet Cleaner

In Germany, toilets clean themselves.

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How To Make Kimchi

How to Make Kimchi

Martina, Leigh, and Soo Zee all got together with Soo Zee’s mom and learned How to Make Kimchi. We’ll show you step by step how it’s done.

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Open the Meemers Tummy

Open the Happy with Animals and Planes

Here are a couple of small videos we wanted to share of Spudgy and Meemers, and flying in circles.

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How to Grow a Beard

How to Grow a Beard

Here’s how you grow a beard.

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Getting a Side Shave for Girls

Getting a Side Shave for Girls

Martina recently changed her hair style. Here’s what he experience was like in getting a side shave for girls!

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Korean Fried Chicken Baseball Hat

Korean Fried Chicken Box Hat

Step 1: Eat fried chicken. Step 2: Rip up fried chicken box. Step 3: Wear your new baseball hat.

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Meemers in a Shirt

Meemers Says No to Shirts

We put Meemers in a shirt and he refused to use his legs afterwards.

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OTH - Drive Thru thumb eyk

Korean McDonalds Drive Through

Here’s a small video of us going to a drive-through during our Eatyourkimchi Road Trip.

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Fortune Telling

Rest Stop Fortune Telling

Simon’s future gets told at the side of a rest stop. What’s that it says about children?

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Meemers in a Bag

Meemers in a Very Big Bag

We had some extra bags from our moving day, and Meemers took fondly to one of them.

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Airport Travel Makeup Kit

Airplane Travel Makeup Kit

Martina does a video about makeup for airport travel. I’m not sure what else I’m supposed to write here. I have a beard.

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Meemers on Skateboard

Meemers on a Skateboard

How to get cat on Skateboard. Like this. Do it.

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