Pop Up Event

The Day of the Pop Up Store!

Here’s a video of what our Pop Up Store event was like, and some stories about the event as well!

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Yoja Bird

The Mating Call of the Yoja Bird

Choowa! Chupta! Chuwa! Chuwa! Choopta! Chuptah! Choopta! Ahh! Chuwoh!

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Best Albums 2013

Best Albums of 2013

We talk about Kpop a lot, but what are our favourite non-Korean albums of the year? Here’s our list. You’ll be surprised.

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New Hats and Patches in the Store!

We’ve been working for a very long time on this: introducing, the Eatyourkimchi Fall/Winter line!

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Singapore Chinatown

Our Trip to Singapore!

We were in Singapore doing stuff. Here’s a video of a noodle master in Chinatown making barrgghghgh yummy noodles.

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Kitten Nibbles Ears

Meemers Was Tiny But Now He’s a Fat Cow

Here are some old videos we found of Meemers when we were cleaning our computers.

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The Wolverine Review

My Thoughts on “The Wolverine”

Here’s another Open the Happy movie review for “The Wolverine”. It wasn’t an Open the Angry this time! Well, not really. More like “Open the Bored’

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How to Cut the Perfect Watermelon

How to Cut the Perfect Watermelon

Here’s how you cut a watermelon without looking like a barbarian.

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Man of Steel Sucks

Why Superman Man of Steel Super Sucked

Here’s why Man of Steel was a sucky stupid movie. Don’t watch it. I spoil all of the stupidity of it for you.

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Korean Utensil Thingy

Korean Utensil Layouts aka LAME TITLE

The title sounds lame but we found this thing cool when we were at a restaurant, so we wanted to share.

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Lee Hyori Eyelashes

Lee Hyori Eyelashes

Here’s the second part of the Lee Hyori Makeup tutorial Martina did with Jung Saem Mool!

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Five Year Anniversary

Eatyourkimchi Five Year Anniversary

It’s our five year anniversary of being in Korea. Here’s a small video we did for it!

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Lee Hyori Bad Girl Makeup

Lee Hyori “Bad Girl” Makeup with Jung Saem Mool

Jung Saem Mool was responsible for creating the look for Lee Hyori’s “Bad Girl,” and they decided to recreate it on Martina.

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What's Wrong Iron Man 3

Here’s What’s Wrong with Iron Man 3

I did a movie review for Iron Man 3 and everything that’s wrong with it.

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EDS Elbows

EDS Hypermobility Elbow Party Trick

Here’s what I can do with my elbows because of my EDS Type 3 Hypermobility. It’s cool and kinda weird!

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Peachy Lee Hi Makeup

Lee Hi Inspired Make Up Tutorial

Martina talks about her Lee Hi Kpop Music Monday look.

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Victory Roll Buns

Taeyang Wants His Hair Back

It’s another crazy hair tutorial featuring Taeyang’s hair from Monster! Well, kind of. Well, not really. I’m not doing the kimbap/mickey mouse hair style as […]

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Sexy Liquid Eyeliner Tutorial

Sexy Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

Martina does a makeup tutorial in her new pretty makeup room. Here’s how she does her liquid eyeliner.

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How to Play Go-Stop

How to Play Go-Stop

We’re sending out is a deck of Go-Stop cards as a fundraiser perk. We try to learn how to play it and teach you the rules of Go-Stop as well.

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Perk Package Polaroids

Polaroid Perk Package Party!

We’ve got 1500 polaroids to snap. Here’s what the process looks like (it’s actually fun and not as boring as the description sounds!)

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