Sleeping Scottish Fold Kitten

Dr. Meemersworth Sleeping

Here’s a video of our Scottish Fold kitten, Dr. Meemersworth, taking a nap, and waking up from her nap.

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Hyundai Wrapping

Korean Shopping Bags Made of Ribbon

We bought a blender in Korea, and the lady made a shopping bag out of ribbon. PRETTY COOL!

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Introducing Dr Meemersworth

Introducing: Dr. Meemersworth

Here is our new Scottish fold kitten, Dr. Meemersworth.

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ZEA Limited Edition Album

Special Limited Edition Kpop CDs are HUGE!

Have you ever seen a CD packaged like this before? It comes with a windmill and freaking sunglasses!

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Korean Watermelon Holders

Korean Watermelon Holders

Here’s a video on Korean Watermelon Holders. Ever hear of a watermelon holder? If not, then this video will blow you away!

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Spudgy vs Yodelling Pickle

Spudgy vs Yodelling Pickle

We have a yodelling pickle and Spudgy hates it.

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Goth Hello Kitty Eyes

Gothic Hello Kitty Makeup Tutorial

Martina shows you how she does her gothic Hello Kitty inspired makeup!

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Custom Made Shoes in Korea

Custom Made Shoes in Korea

I’ve finally found a way to get cool shoes my size in Korea, since it’s almost impossible to find decent, sized 13 men’s shoes.

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Smart Tango Robot Vacuum Samsung

Our New Robot Vacuum Wants to Eat Spudgy

We got a Samsung Tango Smart, VC-RM84v, and it wants to eat my dog, Spudgy.

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Curling Your Hair Without a Curling Iron

No Heat Hair Curling: An Open the Happy Tutorial!

Martina teaches you how to curl your hair without using a curling iron. All you need is an old t-shirt!

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Open the Happy Mail

Open the Happy Fan Mail!

We open up the most fanmail we’ve ever opened before, plus some extra, small Open the Happy clips

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Open the Happy Bag

Open the Happy Loot Bag!

Here are a bunch of videos to Open the Happy. We sing Intoxication and Lonely, Spudgy gets crazy, and Martina finds the cellphone case of her dreams.

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Martina's Makeup Box

What Makeup Does Martina Use & Wolverine Eye Shadow

Martina talks about her makeup, and does a tutorial on her Wolverine Eye Shadow

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Open The Happy

New Video Channel: Open the Happy!

We’ve opened a new YouTube channel: it’s called Open The Happy! Check it out :D

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Super Fanmail Explodomania

Fan Mail Package EXPLODOMANIA!

You guise sent us a lot of stuff for Christmas. Here we are opening it all!

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Spudgy in the Field

Spudgy Loves Canada

Spudgy becomes a totally different dog in Canada than he is in Korea. Check out his wild stallion side!

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Dog Cafe in Seoul

Bau House Dog Cafe

Bau Haus Dog Cafe is a place to bring your dogs, or just hang out with other dogs, in a coffee shop in Korea. It’s located in Hongdae, and it rocks!

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Blue Dog Mohawk

Spudgy’s New Dog Mohawk

Spudgy got a new Dog Mohawk. BAM! You voted for the color on Facebook, and we complied. We present to you, the new Spudgy!

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Spudgy the Pekingese Dog

Spudgy Likes Video Games

What does Spudgy do when we leave him at home? We set up a secret cam to find out.

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Spudgy Sleeping

Korean Animal Sounds

Animals in Korean don’t sound the same as animals in English. They supposedly speak a different language. Here’s a list of different Korean Animal Sounds

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