We’re about to put in an order for the OOH YOU SO NASTY hats, and we wanted to know what colors you’d be interested in!

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Korean Election Campaigns

Korean Elections

Here’s a view of what campaigns are like during election time in Korea. Ooh! Look at all the pretty colors!

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Thank You For Your Fanmail!!!

Thank you all for mailing us stuffs. Here’s a short video of us opening our first ever fanmail!

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Korean Cicadas are Freaking Annoying

Cicadas are Freaking Annoying

Cicadas are everywhere in Korea, and they’re loud and obnoxious. Here’s our video about how much they suck.

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Korean Officetel

Our New Korean Apartment!

You’ve asked for it the second you saw it, and now, here it is: our new apartment tour!

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Three Years in Korea

Three Years in Korea!

As of May 28th, 2011, we have been in Korea for three years. Here’s a compilation video we did to celebrate!

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Korean Sound Effects

Korean Sound Effects

Here are a bunch of different Korean Sound Effects that we’ve found in different Korean Comics aka Mahwas.

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How to Talk About Food in Korean

Korean Like a Pro 3: Restaurant Talk

Korean Like a Pro is back! Now we go to a restaurant and use what little Korean we know to order food.

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A Tour of our Korean Officetel

Well, since our last video on this broke, and people have been asking for a new one, here it is: a tour of our Korean Officetel!

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BB Cream Stores in Korea

BB Cream Korea

Lately, we’ve had a few comments from our viewers commenting on how (my–>) Martina’s skin looks so smooth in our videos. The truth is, I […]

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Visit Seoul App

Visit Seoul Contest

OMG! VisitSeoul.net is having a contest giveaway to win a free iPod Touch

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Do You Know South Korea by David Dutton

Do You Know South Korea?

Ok, this is a first for us, but it’s something we’d like to do more of. We’d like to start showing other people’s videos as […]

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Korean Hair Salon

How to Get Your Hair Styled in Korea

Getting your hair cut in Korea is a scary thing. Seriously scary. Luckily, we found a salon that we fell in love with.

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Thom Yorke Dances to Kpop

Thom Yorke Dances to Kpop

Thom Yorke Dances to GD&TOP. I think the title says it all.

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Bowl of Tteokguk

Happy Seollal, Korean Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Seollal is one of Korea’s two mega-holidays, right up there with Chuseok, which you might remember from our Chuseok dancing […]

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How to Speak Korean: 살쪄

Korean Like a Pro 2

Bam! Here’s the second installation of our Korean Like a Pro series, in which we teach you how to speak Korean, like a Pro! Ha! […]

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Haeundae Beach

If you can’t tell by now, we totally love Busan. Every time we make a video about it, be it either for the Jagalchi Fish […]

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Korean Like a Pro

Korean Like a Pro

We get a bunch of questions from people asking us how to learn Korean, and – more specifically – how long it took us to […]

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Yonggungsa Temple Busan

Yonggungsa Temple

A while ago we did a video about Busan’s Jagalchi Fish Market for Simon’s trip to Busan. There was a lot of footage from those […]

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Christmas in Korea

Merry Christmas everyone! Last year we presented to you another Christmas in Korea video, in which you saw Simon going from class to class dressed […]

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