EYK Summer Tour Schedule!

We’re doing a bit of traveling this summer, to three different countries! Are we coming to your area? Find out in this video!

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Black Day Party

Black Day Black Bean K-Drama Party!

Thanks for hanging out with us and Viki for our Black Day K-Drama party!

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Black Day Special

Special Black Day KDrama Event!

Black Day is coming. Don’t celebrate it alone. Celebrate it with us, some black bean noodles, and some KDramas! Let’s go!

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500k subs

Happy 500,000 Subscribers!

Guise, we just got 500,000 subscribers! Can you freaking believe it? 500 freaking THOUSAND! We made a celebration video. Hope you like it :D

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Baths Interview

Our Interview with Baths

We talked about Baths in our video for our favourite non-Kpop albums of 2013. Baths recently performed in Korea, so he came by the studio for a quick interview as well. Woot!

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Anniversary Video

The Eatyourkimchi Studio Anniversary Video!

We’ve been running the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio for over a year now! We’re here now sitting with the crew and reminiscing on some of our favourite memories from the year.

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Eatyourkimchi Awards

The 2013 Eatyourkimchi Awards!

Here are the winners of the 2013 Eatyourkimchi Awards, featuring guest appearances from a few Kpop bands and artists. Check it out!

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Maboule de Seoul

Eatyourkimchi on French TV!

We were part of a pretty big French documentary on Canal +, along with Antoine de Caunes. Check it out!

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Liberty in North Korea

Project For Awesome 2013

The Project for Awesome campaign is on over the next couple of days. We’re trying to promote Liberty in North Korea, and we hope you’re interested.

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Pop Up Store

Pop Up Store Event!

We’re having a Pop Up Store event in our studio this Sunday, December 15th, from 3-7PM. We’d love to see you there!

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Eyka Nominees

All of the EYKA Nominees Playlists!

Since all of the categories for the EYKA can be a bit overwhelming, here is a list of all of the playlists with the nominees. Come! Stay on this page for a while :D

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Announcing the 2013 EYKA!

It’s that time of year again: The Eatyourkimchi Awards are back! Time to start voting :D

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Shinee Interview

SHINee Interview at the YouTube Music Awards

Here’s our interview with SHINee, along with the whole story about why it took so long to put online.

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YouTubers vs English

YouTubers vs Kpop Engrish

We sat down Mystery Guitar Man, Final Cut King, and VFX Bro in our studio and made them decipher some Kpop Engrish. Let’s see how well they did!

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YTMA Taecyeon

YTMA with Taecyeon, Kris, Miss A, and SHINee

We were at the YouTube Music Awards as part of the main show…TWICE! Here’s what it looked like backstage with Taecyeon, Miss A, and SHINee

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YouTube Music Awards Backstage!

The YouTube Music Awards is happening this Sunday, November 3rd, and WE ARE PART OF THE SHOW!

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Crayon Pop Interview

Crayon Pop Interview

We do an interview with Crayon Pop when they stop by the Eatyourkimchi Studio! Woot!

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Eatyourkimchi European Tour

EYK Europe Tour!

This October, we’re going to be touring Europe and doing meetups in four countries. Check out our dates and locations here!

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Peeping Life 2

Peeping Life Feat Eatyourkimchi: Part 2!

Here’s part 2 of our special collaboration with Peeping Life, where we teach a YouTuber how to be a Kpop star.

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Peeping Life

Peeping Life feat EATYOURKIMCHI!

Anime Bancho flies down to Korea to film an episode of Peeping Life with us…AND MAKE US INTO AN ANIMATION ERMAHGERDDD!!

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