Shinee Interview

SHINee Interview at the YouTube Music Awards

Here’s our interview with SHINee, along with the whole story about why it took so long to put online.

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YouTubers vs English

YouTubers vs Kpop Engrish

We sat down Mystery Guitar Man, Final Cut King, and VFX Bro in our studio and made them decipher some Kpop Engrish. Let’s see how well they did!

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YTMA Taecyeon

YTMA with Taecyeon, Kris, Miss A, and SHINee

We were at the YouTube Music Awards as part of the main show…TWICE! Here’s what it looked like backstage with Taecyeon, Miss A, and SHINee

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YouTube Music Awards Backstage!

The YouTube Music Awards is happening this Sunday, November 3rd, and WE ARE PART OF THE SHOW!

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Crayon Pop Interview

Crayon Pop Interview

We do an interview with Crayon Pop when they stop by the Eatyourkimchi Studio! Woot!

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Eatyourkimchi European Tour

EYK Europe Tour!

This October, we’re going to be touring Europe and doing meetups in four countries. Check out our dates and locations here!

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Peeping Life 2

Peeping Life Feat Eatyourkimchi: Part 2!

Here’s part 2 of our special collaboration with Peeping Life, where we teach a YouTuber how to be a Kpop star.

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Peeping Life

Peeping Life feat EATYOURKIMCHI!

Anime Bancho flies down to Korea to film an episode of Peeping Life with us…AND MAKE US INTO AN ANIMATION ERMAHGERDDD!!

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We're Going to Australia

We’re Going to Australia!

This September, we’re going to Australia! Find out all the details about our trip here!

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Best SM Videos Ever

The Seven Best SM Music Videos EVER

Here are the seven best SM videos ever, featuring SHINee, Super Junior, Girls Generation, and more. Who will take the first place spot?

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Best Kpop Songs of 2013

The Best Kpop Songs of 2013

We talk about the best Kpop songs of 2013 thus far. Booya!

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Eatyourkimchi on Aussie TV

The Truth Is: Eatyourkimchi on Australian TV!

We were featured in Channel 10’s “The Truth Is.” Check us out on Australian TV!

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Block B Faces

Bonus Interview Footage from the YouTube Fanfest

Here’s some of the unaired footage from our interviews, which we showed at the YouTube Fanfest in Singapore.

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uBeat Interview

uBEAT Interview

Here’s our interview with uBEAT!. We’re also giving away 3 signed uBEAT cds. Sweet!

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We Are Going to Singapore



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uBEAT Interview

We’re Going to Interview uBEAT!

uBEAT is coming by the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio and we’re going to ask them some questions, do an interview, and play around. Yay!

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Our 7 Favorite English Songs Covered by K-Pop Idols

We did a video for myISH talking about our 7 Favorite English Songs Covered by K-Pop Idols. Check it out!

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K.Will Interview

K.Will Interview with Eatyourkimchi!

Here’s K.Will’s Interview in the Eatyourkimchi Studio! We ask him about his new song and album, his video for “Please Don’t,” and give away some signed CDs

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We're Interviewing K Will

We’re Going to Interview K.Will

We’re going to interview K.Will in the Eatyourkimchi Studio. Let us know what questions we should ask!

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300000 subscribers

300,000 Subscribers!

We just crossed 300,000 subscribers on YouTube. That’s freaking insane. I’m not sure how it happened, but we’re thankful, and want to thank you for it.

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