Toronto vs Seoul

Toronto vs Seoul

For this week’s TL;DR we’re going to talk about the differences we noticed between Seoul and Toronto, based on our few weeks in Canada over the holidays.

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Plastic Surgery in Korea

Plastic Surgery in Korea

We talk about Plastic Surgery in Korea, how the stigma for it doesn’t really exist here, and the different issues that emerge from widespread plastic surgery.

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Couple 123 Tag

Couple 1,2,3 Tag

We take on the Couple 123 tag challenge and answer some personal questions about ourselves and each other.

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What's the Ideal Korean Woman

What’s the Ideal Korean Woman?

Last week we talked about the ideal Male type in Korea. What’s the ideal Female type in Korea, though, and what does that say about gender roles in Korea?

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Ideal Korean Man

What’s the Ideal Korean Man

What are the qualities of the ideal man in Korea? There’s a very detailed list, and we’ll let you know all of the qualifications right here, in this week’s TL;DR!

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Korean Hand Gestures

Naughty Things to Do With Your Hands in Korea

How many LOOOONG time Nasties here now? Remember when we were filming in our first apartment in Korea, back in Bucheon? Do you remember this […]

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Dongho Quit U-Kiss

Dongho Quit Kpop

We talk about Dongho quitting Kpop and why we’d do the same.

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Korea vs Europe

Korea vs Europe

We were in Europe for a couple of weeks and have a few things to compare between it and Korea.

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Smoking in Korea

Smoking in Korea

We talk about smoking in Korea from the perspective of non-smokers, and we talk about how things have changed in the past 5 years.

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Korea vs Australia

Korea vs Australia

We recently came back from Sydney and Melbourne. What are the differences between Australia and Korea? What are some of the changes we liked and what did we miss?

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Mental Health in Korea

Mental Health in Korea

We talk a bit about mental health in Korea, the stigmas around it, how it affects schools and the workplace, and about treatment in Korea.

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Fitness and Gyms in Korea

Fitness and Gyms in Korea

We’ve gone to a few gyms in Korea over the years. What are some of the differences we’ve noticed? What’s Korean gym etiquette like? Hyung do even lift?

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Health Care in Korea

TL;DR – Health Care in Korea

Martina’s sick today, so we didn’t go into the studio, but we decided to film a TL;DR about our experiences of health care in Korea.

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Being an International Student in Korea

Being an International Student in Korea

Leigh does a TL;DR in which she talks about being an exchange student in Korea, and lets you know some of the things about her experiences.

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Copyrights in Korea

Intellectual Property and Ripping Shit Off in Korea

We talk about our experiences of copyright in Korea and getting ripped off.

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Couple Culture in Korea

Couple Culture in Korea

We talk a bit about couple culture here, and discuss couple clothing, couple apps, and different special couple days in Korea.

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Pet Culture in Korea

Pets in Korea

We talk about pets in Korea and how pet culture has changed in the five years that we’ve been here.

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Prostitution in South Korea

Prostitution in South Korea

Se7en recently got caught at a massage parlour where people pay for sex. We try to paint a picture of how widespread prostitution is in South Korea.

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Sexuality in Korea

Sexuality in Korea

We talk about sexuality in Korea. Not all of it. That’d be impossible. Just some of it.

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Korean Stereotypes on Foreigners

What Stereotypes Do Koreans Have on Foreigners?

What are some of the stereotypes that Koreans have about Americans and other foreigners? Here’s a list of a few.

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