Korea vs Japan

Korea vs Japan

We talk about the differences between Korea and Japan. What are some of the things we like more about Korea, and what do we like more about Japan?

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Sexism in Korea

Sexism in Korea

We talk about Sexism in Korea, including our examples of sexism, and things we’ve seen here in Korea.

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The Threat of North Korea

The Threat of North Korea

What’s up with North Korea and its threats against South Korea? How are things in South Korea now as a result?

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Korean Table Etiquette

Korean Table Etiquette

What are some things you should know about when eating in Korea? Any Korean etiquette you should know?

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Being YouTube Famous

Being YouTube Famous?

We talk about how our lives have changed from Eatyourkimchi, how often we get recognized, and what it means to be YouTube famous.

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Speaking Korean

Not Speaking Korean in Korea

Can you survive in Korea without knowing Korean, and how much more Korean are we going to learn?

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What Are Korean Weddings Like?

What are Weddings Like in Korea?

We talk about our experiences with Korean Weddings. What are Korean Weddings like? How are they different from what we’re used to?

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How Popular is Kpop in Korea?

How Popular is Kpop in Korea?

How popular is Kpop in Korea? Does everyone love it? Do people break out into random flash mobs in the streets? Do people even like Kpop here?

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Korean Humor

Korean vs Western Humor

We talk about the differences between Korean Humor and our humour? Are there things that just don’t translate well? Any failed jokes? What’s not funny in Korea?

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Christmas in Korea

What’s Christmas in Korea Like?

We talk about what Christmas is like in Korea, but mostly talk about all of the things we miss about Christmas in Canada.

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How Can I Get A Non-Teaching Job in Korea?

We talk about how to get non-teaching jobs in Korea if you’re a foreigner, and the different issues with Visas in Korea

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Salmon Heads

Korean Food We Didn’t Like But Now Love

What Korean foods did we not like at first but have now grown to love? What are some foods we still just can’t get into?

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Simon Martina Wedding Pic

Our Wedding Story

Here’s the story of how Simon and Martina got married. It’s kind of a fun story, especially the ending. But it’s kinda long as well.

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Driving in Korea

Why We Hate the Driving in Korea

Driving in Korea freaking sucks immensely, and we hate it so freaking much. Here are our stories of our experiences of horrendous Korean driving.

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Crime in Korea

Crime, Safety, and Danger in Korea

We don’t know what the statistics for the crime rate in Korea, but we can talk about our general sense of safety and danger while living in Korea.

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Being Stylish in Korea

Do Foreigners Have to Be Fashionable in Korea?

Do foreigners have to be stylish in order to fit into Korean society? How has Korea changed our sense of style, if it changed it at all?

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Nightlife in Korea

Nightlife in Korea: Bars, Clubs, and Dancing

We give a brief rundown of Korean nightlife – such as host bars, booking clubs, and night clubs – and how it’s different than North American nightlife.

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Do South Korean Students Go to Prom?

Do Korean Students Go to Prom?

We talk about Korean School Festivals and how they’re different than the school festivals we had in North America.

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How to Lose Weight in Korea

How We Lost a Lot of Weight in Korea

We weren’t happy with how we were starting to look, so we changed our lifestyles and started eating healthily. Here’s what we did to lose our weight.

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Being a Full-Time YouTuber

How We Started Blogging Full-Time

So, we blog for a living. But who pays us? What company do we work for? What are our visas in Korea? How do we make money blogging? All that, and more!

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