WTF - Old School Korean Candies thumb eyk

WTF – Old School Korean Candy

For this week’s WTF, Soo Zee brought us a lot of Korean traditional candies she remembers from childhood and asks us to figure them out.

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WTF - Freezy Chocos thumb eyk

WTF – Chocolate Mushroom Maker

One of our favorite candies in Korea are the chocolate mushrooms: we’re gonna make them today for this week’s WTF Korea!

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WTF - Sushi Candy Kit thumb eyk

Sushi Candy Kit

We each got a Sushi Candy Making Kit from Japan and try to make it for this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find!

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WTF - USB Cup Warmer thumb eyk

WTF – USB Cup Warmer

Ever have your cup of coffee go cold while you’re working on something on your laptop? NEVER AGAIN, with this week’s WTF Korea!

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WTF - Pervert Stick thumb eyk

WTF – Korean Selfie Sticks and Remotes

We discovered our pervert stick back in Singapore last year, but since then these selfie sticks have EXPLODED in Korea. We’ll show you them for this week’s WTF Korea!

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WTF - Electronic Jump Rope thumb eyk

WTF – Automatic Fake Jump Ropes

Here’s a jump rope that isn’t a rope, but it’s technological, kinda, for this week’s WTF Korea!

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WTF - Fuzzy Ball Cleaner thumb eyk

WTF – Micro Ball Floor Cleaner

If you don’t have it in the budget for a robo-vacuum, you can get this micro ball floor cleaner, in this week’s WTF Korea!

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WTF - Freeze Dried Corn thumb eyk

WTF – Freeze Dried Corn

We got some freeze dried corn from Rachel of Rachel and Jun and we’re trying it out for this week’s “WTF Korea”!

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WTF - Somek Glasses thumb eyk

WTF – Somek Measuring Cups

Since our last Somek WTF video failed, we’re trying another one, and this one works!

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WTF - Nipple Cover thumb eyj

WTF – Men’s Nipple Covers

Male Nasties: do you ever feel like your nipples pop out a bit too much? Well, consider your dreams answered with this week’s WTF Korea!

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Nose Push Up Bra

WTF – Nose Push Up Bra

We found these things that are like pushup bras…for your nose, for this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find Korea!

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WTF - Watermelon Cutter thumb eyk

WTF – Watermelon Slicer

We went out to a river to test out a watermelon slicer for this week’s WTF Korea!

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Get Rid of Your Crabs

WTF – Get Rid of Your Crabs!

The two of us do battle in the last of our Korean bucket challenge and try to get rid of our crabs in this week’s WTF Korea!

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WTF Army Food

WTF – Korean Army Food

We found some Korean Army Food, also known as MREs, and give them a taste test for this week’s WTF Korea!

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Easy Soju Beer Mixer

WTF – Easy Beer & Soju Mixer

We found this amazing thing lets you pour soju and beer at the same time but it doesn’t freaking work! Boo-urns to this week’s WTF!

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WTF - Lap Pillow thumb eyk

WTF – Female Lap Pillow

You have the boyfriend pillow if they’re lonely, but what if you’re not into guys? Well, how about a female lap pillow? We’ll show you this wonder for this week’s WTF Korea!

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Doritos Roulettes

WTF – Doritos Bomb Chips

We’ve seen Doritos Roulette Chips on Buzzfeed, but these have been in Korea for a while! Here’s us showing you what they’re like for this week’s WTF Korea!

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WTF Korean Lie Detector Hand Zapper

WTF – Lie Detector Hand Zapper

We got a lie detector machine and test each other’s truthiness for this week’s WTF Korea!

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WTF Dokbokki Jenga

WTF – Dokbokki Jenga

We play another Korean food board game with Dokbokki Jenga for this week’s WTF Korea!

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WTF - Armpit Maxipad thumb eyk

WTF – Armpit Maxi Pads

So, you sweat from your armpits. Why not put a maxi pad there to keep you dry? Makes sense. We’ll test out the theory for this week’s WTF Korea!

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