Ron Burgundy

WTF – Ron Burgundy Portable Rice Eater

What I learned from this packaging: eat rice with this thing, grow a badass moustache, and the ladies will swoon over you. Thank you, Japan!

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WTF - Pig Pen thumb eyk

WTF – Glowing Pig Pen Wristband

Martina found a pen that bends and wraps around your wrist, because, seriously yo…WTF?

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WTF - Melon Milk thumb eyk

WTF – Melon Milk

Banana milk is a big thing here in Korean Convenience stores, but now they have freaking Melon Milk. We’re gonna try it out for the first time for this week’s WTF Korea!

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WTF - DDR Punishment thumb eyk

WTF – Dance Dance Revolution FOR HANDS

Martina went out grocery shopping and instead of buying milk she bought this. Dammit Martina! Focus!

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WTF - Panties Tug-o-war thumb eyk

WTF – Panties Tug of War!

We found this ultra-awesome game in Tokyu Hands and decided it was the only fair way to decide who gets the last cupcake.

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WTF - Toilet Plunger thumb eykWTF - Toilet Plunger thumb eyk

WTF – Toilet Plunger Plastic Wrap?

We bunged up our toilet once (Martina’s fault). Here’s this bizarre but cool toilet plunger technology we found!

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Yoghurt Doritos

WTF – Korean Yoghurt Doritos

We found Doritos. Yay! They’re yoghurt flavoured. Whut?

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WTF - Nose Plugs thumb eyk

WTF – Japan Nose Air Filtration Systems

You’ve seen face masks to protect you from the polluted air. Here’s the next stage of evolution: Japan Nose Air Filtration Systems!

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WTF - Hello Kitty Foot Warmer thumb eyk

WTF – Hello Kitty Warming Slippers

For this week’s WTF we’re playing with something Hello Kitty that BOTH OF US really, really like!

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WTF - Seaweed Pringles thumb eyk

WTF Korea – Seaweed Pringles!

We like Pringles, and so when we saw Seaweed flavour Pringles we were all over that, because we LERRRVVV seaweed! We test em out in this week’s WTF Korea!

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WTF - Foosball Case thumb eyk

WTF – Foosball Case

We’re back in the studio doing our WTF segment again. This time, we’ll show you something that will destroy your academic career!

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WTF engrish thumb eyk

WTF Christmas Giveaway!

It’s Christmas time! Why not do a WTF with a special WTF bag and fill it with stuff to give you? Yay!

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WTF - Bamboo Salt Toothpaste thumb eyk

WTF – Bamboo Salt Toothpaste

What’s your favourite flavour of toothpaste? Mint? Spearmint? Bubble Gum? Cotton candy? How about freaking BAMBOO SALT?!?!

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WTF - Boob Roller thumb eyk

WTF – Boob Roller

Here’s a bust enhancing massager. How does it work? We test it out and let you know!

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Oreo Cereal

WTF – Oreo Cereal

You can find Korean food outside of Korea, but here’s one thing that’s exclusive to Korea: OREO CEREAL!

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WTF - Tea Diver thumb eyk

WTF – Tea Diver

We find a tea thingy that’s really cute so we play with it. What else is there to say?

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WTF Dongeuran Kimbap thumb eyk

Dongeuran Kimbap

We take this WTF episode outdoors and try a new Wonderful Treasure that we Found in 7/11

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Penis Massager

WTF – Penis Massager

So, we found this massager that not only looks inappropriate, but also has highly inappropriate instructions. We, for science, test it out…

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Freezy foam

WTF – Freeze Foam

If you’re hot, why not spray some freezing shaving cream on yourself? It’s sold in stores here in Korea!

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WTF - black mask thumb eyk

WTF – 4D Black Face Masks

We put on a whitening black face mask that looks like kinky SM. The safety word is…spunk trumpet.

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