Korean Bed

Freaking Hard Korean Beds

Do you like sleeping on rock hard floors? Well, if you do, you’ll love this Korean bed!

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Korean Hula Hoop

Korean Hula Hoop of HELL!

We try out a Korean Hula Hoop, which is supposedly a diet hula hoop, and suffer some of the worst pain ever, for this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find!

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Blackhead Removing Sticks

WTF – Blackhead Removing Sticks

Do you remember when those blackhead removing paper strips first came out? The ones that ripped off your blackheads/skin and the TV commercials would zoom […]

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WTF - Couple Umbrella

WTF – Couple Umbrellas

Umbrellas are never good enough for loving couples, until now! Check out this couple umbrella for this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find!

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Chocolate Shrimp Chips

WTF – Chocolate Shrimp Chips

I like Shrimp Chips. I like Chocolate. But what about Chocolate Shrimp chips. Sounds gross, right? Well, you’ll see what they’re like in this week’s WTF!

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Drinking Bingo

WTF – Drinking Bingo Balls

Here’s a fun drinking game/punishment wheel. Roll the bingo balls, and drink whatever it lands on!

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Dog Umbrella

WTF – Crappy Dog Umbrella

This is a crappy dog umbrella. Not an umbrella for crappy dogs, but an umbrella that’s crappy and for dogs.

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Foamy Toothpaste

The Future of Toothpaste

Sick of struggling with toothpaste tubes? You should try this toothpaste foam OF THE FUTURE!

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Eatyourkimchi Amber

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, featuring Amber!

Last time Amber brought us something back from Japan. This time, we brought her back some Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans to try out.

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Korean Beauty Face Masks Animal Style

Korean Face Masks: ANIMAL STYLE

If you’re gonna wear a face mask, why not wear a cute one, right? We’ll dress up as tigers and pandas all in the name of beauty for this week’s WTF Korea!

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Korean V-Line Face Mask thumb eyk

WTF – Nightmare V Line Face Mask

We try some of the scariest, most restrictive V Line Face Masks, all in the name of beauty, for this week’s WTF Korea!

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Evil Cat Unicorn Horn

WTF – Evil Cat Unicorn Horn

We try out an Evil Cat Unicorn Horn for this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find, and discover that it works on dogs as well!

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Ice Cream Poppin Cooking thumb eyk

Popin Cookin Ice Cream Candy Kit

We try another one of the Popin Cookin kits for this week’s WTF Korea video; this time we’re making ice cream, kinda…

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WTF - Diet Helper Spring Shoes thumb eyk

WTF – Diet Shoes

Need to go on a diet after all you ate on Christmas? Don’t worry: we’ve got some shoes for that!

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Hello Kitty Roulette thumb eyk

WTF – Hello Kitty Punishment Barrel

We found this Hello Kitty game on Gmarket, but we didn’t know it would be so…punishing.

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Super Dickmann


We eat some giant Super Dickmann, which we smuggled in from Germany, for this week’s Wonderful Treasure Find. SUPER DICKMANN!

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WTF - Sonic Beer Foamer thumb eyk

WTF – Sonic Beer Foamer

Nobody likes beer head, right? So why would you get a device that makes MORE beer head? We’ll play around with it for this week’s WTF Korea!

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WTF - Wasabi KitKat thumb eyk

WTF – Wasabi & Salmiakki with Amber

Amber brought us something from Japan to try for a WTF video. We had something we wanted her to try as well :D

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WTF - Old School Korean Candies thumb eyk

WTF – Old School Korean Candy

For this week’s WTF, Soo Zee brought us a lot of Korean traditional candies she remembers from childhood and asks us to figure them out.

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WTF - Freezy Chocos thumb eyk

WTF – Chocolate Mushroom Maker

One of our favorite candies in Korea are the chocolate mushrooms: we’re gonna make them today for this week’s WTF Korea!

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