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WTF – Chalkboard Arm Protectors

September 21, 2011


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This week we’re playing around with these arm covers that are supposed to protect you from getting chalk on your arms when you write on chalkboards. At least, that’s what Martina says they’re for, but I’m suspicious. See, I wrote on many chalkboards in my day, back when I was teaching, and I never smudged my arms on the boards. Never. I can’t even imagine how you would. I write with my wrists, not with my arms, and my body is a little bit far away from the boards, so my arm is at an angle. How exactly would chalk rub off on my arm when I’m writing, exactly?

And, even if somehow, I found myself pressed up against the chalkboard for some reason – maybe because the wall is slowly smushing me, and yet I still feel the need to go on with the lesson before my imminent death – why would I need one for my other arm? Why would my other arm be rubbing up against the chalkboard? Who writes with both hands at the same time? Or who writes legibly with both hands? Or are you leaning up against the chalkboard with your left arm, because you’re so exhausted and the class is so draining, while you languidly write with your right hand, and smear chalk all over your arm in the process?

What the hell?! Seriously! This makes no sense! We would easily dismiss it right away for it being so bizarre if it weren’t for the fact that Martina saw her teachers using these in school. Yes: they would wear these on both arms at the same time as they taught. ARGGH! WHY?!

Students would wear them too, supposedly, because they don’t want to smear ink on their arms. For lefties that’s understandable, but for righties? I…I don’t know. I give up. If any of you have an answer, let us know, because we’re really quite confused by it. Our best answer: use these sleeves to smuggle things into the class. Yeah. That’s the best idea we can come up with.

Anyhow, IT’S WTF GIVEAWAY TIME! To win this month’s WTF care package containing these Arm Protectors, the Golf Pencil Stationery Set, the Dog Bunny Hoods, and the Super Fun Water Guns, all you have to do is answer our creative question of the month. The question is:

If you were a student with these arm covers, what would you smuggle into your classroom?

If you’re a YouTube subscriber, feel free to leave your answers in the comments below (along with your YouTube name, so we can make sure you’re subscribed to us if we pick you as the winner). Woot! If you haven’t subscribed to us on YouTube yet, you can do so by clicking here. Yeah!

Otherwise, here are the bloopers for today. I was really hyped up on coffee. Had a Starbucks Doubleshot right before filming and got CRAAAZY. I was like a puppy. A crazy hyper puppy. Whoa.



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