This week we’re playing around with these arm covers that are supposed to protect you from getting chalk on your arms when you write on chalkboards. At least, that’s what Martina says they’re for, but I’m suspicious. See, I wrote on many chalkboards in my day, back when I was teaching, and I never smudged my arms on the boards. Never. I can’t even imagine how you would. I write with my wrists, not with my arms, and my body is a little bit far away from the boards, so my arm is at an angle. How exactly would chalk rub off on my arm when I’m writing, exactly?

And, even if somehow, I found myself pressed up against the chalkboard for some reason – maybe because the wall is slowly smushing me, and yet I still feel the need to go on with the lesson before my imminent death – why would I need one for my other arm? Why would my other arm be rubbing up against the chalkboard? Who writes with both hands at the same time? Or who writes legibly with both hands? Or are you leaning up against the chalkboard with your left arm, because you’re so exhausted and the class is so draining, while you languidly write with your right hand, and smear chalk all over your arm in the process?

What the hell?! Seriously! This makes no sense! We would easily dismiss it right away for it being so bizarre if it weren’t for the fact that Martina saw her teachers using these in school. Yes: they would wear these on both arms at the same time as they taught. ARGGH! WHY?!

Students would wear them too, supposedly, because they don’t want to smear ink on their arms. For lefties that’s understandable, but for righties? I…I don’t know. I give up. If any of you have an answer, let us know, because we’re really quite confused by it. Our best answer: use these sleeves to smuggle things into the class. Yeah. That’s the best idea we can come up with.

Anyhow, IT’S WTF GIVEAWAY TIME! To win this month’s WTF care package containing these Arm Protectors, the Golf Pencil Stationery Set, the Dog Bunny Hoods, and the Super Fun Water Guns, all you have to do is answer our creative question of the month. The question is:

If you were a student with these arm covers, what would you smuggle into your classroom?

If you’re a YouTube subscriber, feel free to leave your answers in the comments below (along with your YouTube name, so we can make sure you’re subscribed to us if we pick you as the winner). Woot! If you haven’t subscribed to us on YouTube yet, you can do so by clicking here. Yeah!

Otherwise, here are the bloopers for today. I was really hyped up on coffee. Had a Starbucks Doubleshot right before filming and got CRAAAZY. I was like a puppy. A crazy hyper puppy. Whoa.

  1. Ash3070

    Surely this doesn’t work if you’re a leftie like me :/ You’d just be erasing everything you JUST wrote :/ x x x

  2. I always feel awkward commenting on these older posts, but OH WELL! Here goes.

    I think they are more for when you are doing artsy fartsy things like painting and sketching and such… at least that’s what they seem to be used for in the k drama Goong. But if teachers want to use them too, then, well, whatever floats your boat homie.

  3. hey hey hey 
    iyou get dr. memersworth name from here?

  4. ^found the blooper reel with the Meemersworth mention :)

  5. That’s originally for art classes to protect your sleeves from inks and paints. If you go to art schools you can spot them quite easily and even real professionals use it too. Chalkboard thing must be later found idea of using it. When I was middle school student, sometimes we had un-noticed sudden bag screen. We are not supposed to bring cartoon books, or make up goods and stuff, and I had cosmetic powder. We also had to pass the body search, very similar to airport body check, without cool metal detector machine but only teachers hand between your legs, arms and around your torso, and I stuck it into my “toshi”, that’s what it’s called.. And my powder was not detected!!

  6. I think those are great..! Yes they are for chalkboard writing/painting etc but also you must remember that white dress shirts / blouses are very common in Korea – men wear suits and ties to work. Most Korean middle school and high school students wear school uniforms, and most school uniforms in Korea involve white button-down shirts/blouses. And these literally-white-collar people mostly work at desks – now more people work with computers and these protectors are less common in workplaces – but those who spend more time actually writing esp. in pencils (ex. students), have the lower-half of their sleeves constantly in contact/rubbing against something – it is very easy to get them dirty. Many WTFs often have v good reasons!

  7. SHINee had those same arm protectors in the Japanese remake of Reply!

  8. I had those. I ued them for painting, and sketching.

    Cause sketch pencils are stupid and get all over your clothes and hands and forearms WHILE smudging your beautifully sketched sketch. :I

  9. my friend told me that her global teacher erases and writes at the same time so if you write two slow you miss the notes…also HE NEVER TALKS!!!!!!

  10. Those are not for chalkboards….. They are for painting, and in Korea, children in elementary school (3rd grade or less) do a LOT of water painting, so they use it to protect their sleeves fro, water + paint that you  cannot get off!

  11. Oh, my… You guys don’t know why Korean students use them.
    When we study on a desk, we use pencil all the time. And it makes smudge on a sleeve, so become dirty easily. That’s why they use it. To protect from that smudge from pencil powder, make sleeve clean all the time. That is the real reason why Korean students use them.
    I’m Korean. So I know it clearly.

  12. I would hide the answers to a test I didn’t study for in the arm protectors.

  13. it says “미술용 토시” it means Warm Protector(?)  for Art Classes.. and I think they’re for Kindergarten kids… I used them when I was 5 (in K age).

  14. LOL! I read this in a TIME article:

    “Gift stores sell special pillows that slip over your forearm to make desktop napping more comfortable.”So THAT’s the real purpose of these “arm protectors” ;D I kind of want one for myself now. 

  15. I have Resse buttercups to send to you :) whats your address?

  16. Reese buttercups *Yum* 

    If anyone asks what the bulge is I’m proclaim I have a wart…. A rather Huge Wart

  17. Lol in chinese cultures we wear those things for cleaning and cooking so we dont get our sleeves dirty…also martina was right…..you do wear one on the right and left…because the right one is for writing and the left one is for erasing 

  18. I would smuggle like a mini tv or something to watch my dramas or some peanut butter cups.

  19. I would hide mini-books cos I’m nerd like that. Once I got scolded at Literature lesson because I was reading book under my desk( book was Harry Potter though XD )
    felix62442  –> youtube

  20. Darn you Martina!!! I was gonna say hamsters. But I guess I could do little tiny minion trolls that annoy everyone else because they distract them and stuffs. So then I would finally have a better grade than everyone else!!!!

  21. “Protect from writing,” your student probably meant writing class. At my school they use them for when they practice writing with traditional ink wells and bamboo brushes.

  22. Hum, they used to have that in the Western World in the early 1900s and
    before. It’s to protect your clothes against spills, mostly ink when
    you’d write with a quill and stuff. You often see press
    operator/printers with those on in period movies and stuff. In Victorian
    era, nannies, nurses, doctors and cooks and many other people would
    wear those as well, too… I think I’ve seen that done up until the
    1950s/60s or so… My granny would wear that to do laundry and household
    chores, when I was a kid. Also, it helps protect your clothes’ arms
    from excessive fabric wear and extend their durability if you had fancy
    or easily frayable material that could catch in , I dunno, nails or thistle or wood shards on a countertop or something…

  23. i would hide like mini maracas so that i could have a mini fiesta by myself in the back of the class. then i could also have background music as i fist pump to my fiesta

  24. i would hide like mini maracas so that i could have a mini fiesta by myself in the back of the class

  25. That’s the best invention ever!!! specially if you are waitressing  or cleaning

  26. what would i smuggle in? oh! best thing you know those iced coffees from tim hortons? not the iced caps but the iced coffees and goodness there new freanch toast bagel so yummy. but thats not relistic so i would hide my GD pics and music lol ill leave TOP for martina

  27. omg learned a new move!! now i need to find some 8-year-olds to practice on… just kidding! (or am i?)

    i also earned not to eat or drink anything while watching any of your videos.

  28. Getting pen stain on the skin will eventually go away (within a day or two), but pen stain on the white clothes  are really hard to get rid of… (usually the top part of Korea school uniform is white)
    And of course some of the students does not care, right? But how about their parents?? lol

  29. I think I get it. Like students have lazy arms sometimes and when they write on the board they tend to just have their arm lean against the board too and that gets the marker ink on their sleeves and so it stains them and that’s what you want to avoid.

  30. I would smuggle the golf pencils in, and hope the teacher’s not looking when I use them for things non-academic hehe. Youtube user: lolaa15

  31. I would hide in my selves Reese’s peanut better cups and my ranch packets so Simon could steal them away from me. Also I would be will to share my Reese’s cup with Martina if she show me some of her secret kpop dances moves.

  32. In one arm protector I would hide..some chips,chocolates,candies,etc…and in other one a psp with a lot of games kekekeke!!

  33. I would hide my lunch….and a psp!!! all to have a interesting class……XDDD

  34. the arm covers things remind me of Shin Chaegyung’s in Princess Hours xD she weared them in class with gym pants under her uniform and called it ‘fashion’ xD

  35. I was thinking hamster… until Martina said it…. damn u martina… but sitll luv u :)

  36. oh…. i see

  37. I would put chalks XD at least they’d smugde chalk that way XD

    felix62442 youtube

  38. Martina!! Where did you get your sweater? I love it! :D Also, Simon … Decaf for you! XD

  39. they’re for art projects in case the paint/crayon and all those colors get on your shirt… they’re called TOSHI 토시 by the way in case you guys are curious…

  40. Well cause your sleeves does get dirty…. haha

  41. If I would smuggle something inside the room, it would be candies and chocolates, a cellphone and an mp3 player. Why? Cause when I’m bored and sleepy and it would be rude to sleep on your teacher, I could eat a candy or play on my cellphone hidden inside them or listen to my mp3 player. Hahaha. And my teacher won’t even notice it cause I safely hidden them and I can share with my classmates.

    Youtube username: tintan121

  42. Yo that would be awesome if I had them while I was at school. We wore white shirts and sleeves were always getting dirty.

  43. I’ve seen these in NYC, many cashiers wear them in the Asian markets. I wonder if it’s to keep their arms from getting dirty when handling groceries and what not. That’s the only place where I’ve seen them. 

  44. I’m a student in Korea, and those arm protectors are used in art classes(usually in elementary school) because when kids color with crayons, they get crayon all over their arm because they happen to rub their arm to the drawing when coloring them, and its used when painting too! I don’t know if they are used to protect arms from chalkboards lol!!

  45. Here in Malaysia, I’ve seen ladies in t-shirts or short-sleeved blouses who are driving or on motorbikes use this arm protectors against the sun rays in the middle of the day.. to avoid getting darker arms. ^^

  46. See. Korea is the land of gamers. So .. this is just a real life version of a gaming armour, only they call this “The Bracers of Chalk Protection”

  47. Yeah, Simon you were so crazy! It was great to see you even more crazy than normal.

  48. Oh my god hyper Simon is my new favorite thing, freakin hilarious you two… I have nothing to say except…. Martina is look especially lovely today, and Simon is the most hilarious caffeine hyped person I’ve ever seen. You guys seem like you’re in better moods since gochu kimchi and sad depression in heven. me gusta happy eatyourkimchi <3

  49. Simon because you’re tall you won’t get this problem. If you’re short like me (just cracking 5′), if you need to write on the board in class and have it legible from the back, it means I have to write at the eye-level of someone around 5’3 – 5’4ish which means I need to be stretching up to write. Stretching up while writing = gross chalk smearing all over my sleeves BAH. Since you and Martina are so damn tall, you guys can write at your normal eye level and not have to worry about getting icky smudges XDD

  50. I really don’t get the high school kids wearing those (and I’ve never seen my middle schoolers wear them), however I taught the kindies last year, and we had those arm sleeves for art class for them. 
    I must say they are definitely helpful with kindergartners and paint. They also wore little matching aprons. 

  51. i would hide one of those ipod nano-watch things under it, then have my earbuds plugged into it-THEENN i would have the earbud cord running underneath my arm-sleeve  right to the top of my hoodie, then i would put my ear bud on, in one ear so that i can rest my hand over that ear without getting caught.

  52. I think the arm protector would be good for people who might be painting at their desk as opposed to painting on a canvas.

    I would smuggle in some noms because I get serious munchies during school XDD
    My youtube name is GNaileil

    I love your videos and can’t wait for the next one! ^w^

  53. I would bring in little cans of coffee so i could stay awake and an ipod so that i could run the headphones up my sleeve and listen to k-pop all day. also, it would be nice to pass notes in class because i could hide the notes in my sleeves.

  54. AND THE HAMSTERS WOULD BE LIKE “MEOWMEOWMEOWMEOW”… total epicness…. Off to change my signature~ 

    Oh, I would three hour energies (is that a word? lol) to drink when I feel like sleeping~ (because coffee would spill and burn me… plus the mugs are too huge, and obvious….)

  55. Here in Peru teacher even student’s wear them a lot it’s  because we use uniforms whit white shirts that have long sleeves so they get dirty ALL THE TIME really u walk like for 5 minutes or so and u have your sleeves all dirty and gray and our mothers  get all angry .___. ajem.. back to the point It protects from dirt chalk food dust Painting EVERYTHING! They’re awesome :3

  56. i think the arm protectors could also be used for like if your running for your school and your racing against other schools. you would wear those on your arm and they would be your school colour and your opponents would have their school color. i looked up what those things are but all i got was “great for laboratory clean ups”  or its like a portable eraser. kids in my class always wipe the board with their sweaters so this could also be used to erase the board with. this is all i could come up with for now.

  57. We used uniforms in my school and we’d ALWAYS end up with chalk on our black jackets. It would’ve been nice to have these back then!

  58. i would smuggle in Nutella sandwiches and just plain out chocolate.
    Youtube subscriber: zoey697

  59. love the song of ice and fire reference! HODOR!

  60. Guys, seriously. I have had the MOST difficult day, and the first thing I do is go to my laptop and see if you’ve posted a new video. You make me happy :) I only wish you could make more videos!

  61. I used to have a small, discreet watergun in my class and would ‘wake’ students by shooting them on the arm or foot.  Needless to say, it has mysteriously disappeared :)

  62. I had a small, very discreet watergun in my class and used to shoot students on the foot or arm when they fell asleep, needless to say it has mysteriously disappeared…..

  63. I would FA SHO smuggle Spudgy, because who wouldn’t want the most adorable little mass of fluff at school with you?

    Tired? Rest your head on SPUDGY.
    Bored? Tickle SPUDGY for the lols.
    Hate your teacher? Sic SPUDGY on ‘em!

    It’s perfect.

  64. I would smuggle Fabreeze. Secret power spray. *sniff* Much better. Save the nose!

  65. haha i know what i would smuggle. 
    I would smuggle sandwiches to class,one in each arm, those things seem to have a lot of space, and discretely pull out the sandwich little by little and eat it while my teacher is lecturing. Its always cold in my class and i always complain, so if i wear these weird arm thingies people will just think i was trying to cover up.its perfect! i’ll never feel hungry in class again!

  66. The first thing I imagined when I thought of what to smuggle in with the arm thingys was this really ridiculous image of me hiding a pair of knitting needles in each arm and like secretly knitting. Now of course this would make no logically sense because I mean where would I hide the yarn…and then there’s the issue of I don’t actually know how to knit… But I mean it would be so resourceful- bored in class? just knit yourself a little scarf.
    youtube account- crazymonkey22694

  67. i used it for art class.

  68. I see these arm protectors being used a lot when people are drawing on a table where your arm tends to sit on the drawing where as suppose an easel are a wall is vertical like a chalkboard and your arm doesn’t make as much contact. I often see manga artist using them. I will say that I use to always put a piece of fabric between my arm and the drawing board in my art classes whenever we were using charcoal especially powder charcoal because it gets EVERYWHERE! It also depends on the artist some people just don’t get anything on them and it reflects in their work while as other people get all over themselves (like myself) and that reflects in their work too.

    Now if only they could come up with a solution to when you get something on your hands while you’re painting/drawing and then you touch your nose and you get it on your face by mistake. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve smudged my nose and then when people tell me I have a smudge I end up getting more on my face as I try to wipe it off.

  69. I would say cellphone for a reasonable answer cause it’s forbidden here until university.

    felix62442  at youtube

  70. I use them when i’m painting, with the paper on a table. Since paint doesn’t usually get on a handle, i don’t need to worry about getting them on my hand, but if I accidently rest my forearm on the paper the paint gets onto the arm protector thingy instead of my arm. I am a korean 10 year old ( did you know you had a fan this young? ) that loves drawing so my mother got me PINK arm protectors

  71. maybe the solutions for the tests .

  72. I would sumggle in a $5 foot long from Subway. But around Halloween I would have to smuggle in some candy (of course). My arm cover would be like bulging with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

    My youtube name is ‘b2storanges’

  73. A teacher has sprayed me with water before xD

  74. I would smuggle a mini catapult mwuhahaha and maybe some ranch biscuits for simon (I googled it, they exist XD)

    My youtube name is ‘nyx8kon’ o-o yay


  75. Martina! You’re Beautiful! At least, that’s what I thought of with the sparkly star jacket and pig nose!

  76. Are those things waterproof? I know my grandma used to use something like that so that when she washes clothing and stuff they don’t get her wrist wet. She wears gloves and the over the gloves she would wear something like these. I don’t know if that helps in anyway.

  77. BACON. I would smuggle tasty bacon, and it would look like I was wearing one, but I’d be wearing both on one side so the oil wouldn’t get all on my sleeve. And I would have tasty obese – ness in my epic arm protector.

    oops, I wrote this here before I watched the whole video. Off to Copy and Paste!

  78. haha, all I can think of is food O_o…was I being starved in High School or something?
    It went from pop corn to peppero sticks…to some other messy foods, but then my shirt would get dirty…right? 


  79. LOL at Simon and his 2nd basing!!!!!!

  80. That is my favourite Threadless shirt of all time, Simon. I wear mine often.

  81. I have a teacher that could use a skirt version of those… she usually erases chalk with the side of her fist and ends up wiping it on the front of her pants without thinking, so she ends up with white handprints all over the front of her black pants. I’ve never known of anyone who got chalk on their arm though.

  82. I think Simon fails to see the point ’cause he’s tall. At  5’3″, if I want to reach the top of a chalk board, my forearm is on the board. I remember having chalk on my arms when i was in school….

    I would smuggle noms in those sleeves, probably chocolate, probably of an oreo type variety..mmm…mint oreos. :)

  83. How much more entertaining would class be with those things?
    The first thing that came to mind for smuggling was a Fruit Roll-Up. Or six or seven Fruit Roll-Ups. Delicious. c:

    YouTube is lolipuru

  84. I would smuggle my phone, special earphones for my phone, sum sour gummy worms, chocolate, my color pencils… mmm so much could be smuggled! :D

  85. Oh my gosh! I forgot that Simon was so tall, i was kinda caught off guard when you “fell” (pushed) off your stool. As for the gloves, i could see people using them in art class because whenever i would draw or use charcoal, even if you pull your sleeves up your arm gets COVERED in that stuff and its really hard to get off. Also cute ring on your right hand Martina.

    If i had those gloves i would smuggle 2 things in! the first would be my iPod with the Eatyourkimchi podcasts on them so i wouldn’t fall asleep during lecture. The second would be a genie lamp so when i rubbed it SNSD would come out, ask me my wish, which would be for school to be canceled that day, and wha-la! 

  86. I’d always thought that this was for those sun-fearing girls who didn’t want their arms to get tanned while wearing t-shirts… hmmm.

  87. Very useful. I can’t tell you the number of times I got my arms smugged with chalk writing on the blackboard. 


  89. Did you know that having a fat head means that you have a big brain? mhmm So Simon, you called Martina really smart. 8D

  90. aaaaiy! Simon you are just like me when I drink some coffee ^^ + I jumping around and screaming something that other can’t understand ^^

  91. i think basically it’s a fashion/cutesy thing. yes, teachers and students alike can look amazing outside the classroom. in the classroom however on top of fashion, there’s a little costume party where you show your cute arm protectors. logic’s just an excuse for them.

  92. I would smuggle my ipod, some snacks, my magic wand, little travel pillow (so if I have detention and I lean on my arm to sleep, it’s all cushy) and a cute little mouse to play with ^_^. And if the teacher questions why my forearms are so big I’ll just let them know that I work out…alot…

    Youtube ID: sorcy79au

  93. As an artist…these things would come in GREAT handy because when you draw with charcoal, it gets EVERYWHERE~!! And yes it does get all the way down the side of your forearm.

  94. I work at an English hagwon and we have water spray bottles in all the classrooms.  My boss encourages the teachers to spray them around randomly whenever the heater or air-con is on to add moisture to the air that will help protect your voice.  I’m not so convinced about this, but since I have a middle school student whom always falls asleep in class we made the following agreement with the water spray bottle: If he falls asleep in class, I or a fellow student can spray him in the face.  If he goes entire week without falling asleep in class, he can spray me in the face.  Since making this agreement in April last year, I have never been sprayed.

  95. i had a teacher in highschool who could have seriously used these. he was the best teacher EVER – i took french and latin from him, but he also taught german and spoke ukranian (1st language) and english fluently….and knew a few other languages not-so-fluently.  he was notorious for getting chalk dust ALL OVER himself. on his face and back and rear-end, too. OH, and as per your discussion, he WOULD write with one hand and erase with the other….or sometimes he’d just write with the other hand b/c he was also ambidextrous. he was so smart and super nice! YAY!

    simon totally looked like someone set him to vibrate today….he couldn’t keep still. hahahahaha!!! so funny!!! poor martina!! take him out and let him run around for a while and burn off some of that energy!!
    here’s a video of simon on caffeine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8XybOzhEIE
    as for smuggling things, my first thought was seriously spudgy. but then i figured he’d be too big. so i’d probably bring in a million toys to play with while listening to the teacher (for some kinesthetic learners, it helps keep focus if your hands are busy)….so like a koosh ball, some little transformers….maybe some of my beading supplies, pliers (those always come in handy). 
    my youtube name is: tattiepoteet

  96. I would put cheat sheets in them and partially pull out the sheets as I take a test.  But mostly I’d just wear them cuz they’re stylin’ ;P

  97. These are mainly for artists. If you watch the drama “Goong” or “Palace,” Chae Kyung wears them when she paints. 

  98. I would smuggle in some hotdogs ’cause they’re long and would fit perfectly into a sleeve lol, some ketchup packets would fit as well, everytime I would want to grab a bite, I will just let my arm fall and grab the hotdog in my hand and secretly munch on, XD  

    Youtube: lorelove1516

  99. I’m surprise blackboard (green) is still used today because my primary and secondary school changed to whiteboard long time ago and it’s better because we don’t get those dust and no screeching chalk sound ever!!!

  100. These are also commonly used among artists. Keeps their sleeves clean. They also prevent your sleeved clothes to get hold in them, because artists move their arms a lot on corners of desks or something

  101. I love the color …..blue ♥o♥
    and lol to the vid keke ~ Power Rangers ~

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