SOO BAA BAA DOO BAAAA LAAA FAAA. Eternal kisses. Don’t ever leeeavee my siiiiIIIIde. You are so preeetyyyyy!

Or something like that. I don’t know. I don’t watch Dramas. Martina does. I don’t really know what drama songs are like, so Martina made the song for it, while I just re-enacted the scenes that I saw when Martina would burst out laughing, then she’s run into the room crying from laughter and would demand I follow her to the computer so she could show me what’s so funny. Ah: cheesy Korean Drama kiss scenes. I wonder: do Korean audiences find those kiss scenes as ridiculous as we do? You know, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen Korean people kiss, like, ever. Goodbye kisses or anything. I’ve seen no PDA. Wait: that’s a lie. Last week, we were walking through Hongdae on Saturday night and we saw a cute coffee shop on some side street. It was in the basement of the building, but it had a window so you could see the people inside. It was empty except for one couple. The girl had her back against the wall she was sitting close to, while the guy had his face nuzzled in her chest, and he would lift his face up to try to kiss her but she wouldn’t kiss back. We stood there, staring at them for a couple of minutes, by the window, until the girl looked up, saw us, and in shocked pushed the guy away. We waved to her and walked away. Point of the story is this: Korean drama kisses are…umm, I don’t know how that relates to the story I told. I just thought it was funny.

Anyhow, the point of this video isn’t supposed to be bad dramas or animes or whatnot. The point is that Cherry Blossom Season is almost all finished. We wanted to play around in some of the Cherry Blossoms before the wind and rain blew and washed them all away. When they’re in full bloom, they’re utterly gorgeous, and make you feel like Spring is in full session. But they’re so quick to fly away. While we were filming this, we saw the gusts of wind taking the blossoms off of their branches, and we thought we were lucky to be there now, because they’d be gone in a day or so. Luckily, we still have some Cherry Blossoms around now, but not as many. Not as many. Why am I talking about this like this is life and death, and I’m mentioning a friend that lost his life or something? “Soon, young chap, you’ll remember the face of the soldier you called your daddy.” What does that even mean? Hell: I’m so bad at writing this kind of stuff. I should stick to Korean Drama Song lyrics.

So, yeah! That’s it for this week’s WANK. We got goofy, and then this blog post got weird. We’ve got a bunch of bloopers again for this week, as always. Isn’t it obvious? Check em out if you feel like some more lola:


  1. Your kiss in the last scene was unrealistic. It was WAY more animated then they usually are in Korean dramas! (^_^)

  2. lol guise, i laughed so hard!

  3. XD the story about you staring… when she noticed you, you could’ve put a sign up saying “It’s for reasearch” :))

    One of the best!! X”DD Great work!! :D

    Good luck with your diet guise!


  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhh! the Deadly Korean Wrist Grab!

  5. HAHAHA! The wrist grab! I laughed so hard.

  6. This was hilarious! Can someone please tell me what all the dramas/animes were?? Especially the second one I think it was that seemed kinda Naruto/Dragonball Z esque? That one was the best!!

  7. I need this epic soundtrack!! xD

  8. Martina, PLEASE tell me where you got that sweater – I’m in love with it :3

  9. The infamous hand grabbing scene! I kept expecting Martina to smack Simon upside the head for grabbing her, but then you went into the awesome Lifeless Kiss scene…. and then it happened! :D Hehehe

  10. For the first skit all I could think of when I looked at Simon in the black wig was Professor Snape XD Needless to say I was unable to take the skit even semi-seriously after that, lol

  11. this is totally unrelated to this video, but i had to share this video.

    in gravity falls, mabel’s friend is simon o_____O…. the character might as well yell “SEUNGRI TIME FOR KISSES!”

  12. I want to watch Season 6 of Flower Boy Boy Flower Ramen Store Boy Flower Band NOW!


  14. OMG your so adorable!!!!!!! And intern Lee your a good filmer <3

  15. soooooooo jealous!!!! i’ve always wanted to live in a place full of cherry blossoms since i was a kid when i saw Sakura from the anime Cardcaptor, would always skate under them while on her way to school!! i just thought it was so beautiful!!! and i was shocked and amazed at the fact their were pink trees in life!!! (i remember getting really excited when i saw one huge cherry blossom tree at a park once at the time!!)

    ahahaha Simon’s voice while doing the anime part seriously sounds like those cheesy american dubbing for anime!!
    ahahahah that freindzone part!!!!! bwahahahahahahahhahahahaha that kiss scene!!!!!!
    the whole thing was just pure awesomeness!!!!!

    heheheh!! naughty photobombing Simon!!!

  16. And still a better love story than anything else I have seen lol Simon and Martins nailed it for the kissing scene lol

  17. Hahaha this was wonderful!!! That last scene had my crying from laughter! It was perfect!!!!

  18. This made me laugh sooo hard!!! I love you guise!! Thanks for making my day!!! :D

  19. Simon and Martina Y U make me laugh out loud in front of others this way! Omg the last “k drama” was too legit, since i am a K-dramaholic, man the familiarity the hand grab and repeated shots, oh my days PURE GOLD!

  20. Buahahahaha!!! Awkward K-drama kisses FTW!!! I ❤ you guise!!! I asked a Korean friend once about the awkwardness of the kissing and hugging in K-dramas, and she said it was because women want to appear innocent, as if no one has kissed or hugged them before and they don’t know what they’re doing…and that some people do that in real life as well.

  21. You did a fantastic (baby) job! You totally got the awkward kdrama kiss scenes down. I was laughing so hard! Martina you looked so pretty and cool as always!

  22. Oh my gosh, best WANK to date!! XD
    You guys rock.

  23. This made me genuinly LAUGH OUT LOUD… SOOOO LOUD (gave my mum a heart attack…) <3

  24. We don’t even have cherry blossoms on our cherry tree yet. Though, the snow on the ground might have something to do with it. :( Stupid blizzards.

    But, great video! I loved the awkward friendzone scene. It was just like watching a drama. But, I’m sorry to tell you this, you did mess up. Your acting was waaaay too believable for it to be a Kdrama. (lol, seriously, has anyone found any good ones, because every one I have found is just… I rarely get through the first episode.)

  25. I Seriously Find The Kiss Scenes In Kdramas Cheesey and Funny!!

  26. Drama kisses are so awkward. And then when they aren’t (Personal Taste, I’m looking at you: http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/cancel_out/1307935/244903/244903_original.gif), I almost feel scandalized since it’s so unexpected.

  27. awesome job guys!! … couldnt stop laughing when i saw Simon with the dara hair lol hilarious …. Thanks guise! …. totally agree kdramas are cool but wish they would kiss naturally not like if they are kissing a mannequin lol

  28. So funny! I’m curious about the PDA though. When you say you’ve seen no PDA, you don’t count holding hands, right?

  29. The bloopers had me in tears because I was laughing so hard~ >_<

  30. LOVED this! :D
    *sighs happily* this is why i keep coming back for more lol ^_^ luff you guise!

  31. Loving the camera work!!!

    This was such a hilarious WANK. First you make music videos and now drama, wonder whats next?

  32. Drama Re-enactments should definitely be WANKS for the first Thursday of every month or something!!

  33. That’s why I like Yoon Eun Hye.

  34. bahahaha you guys totally nailed the stiff awkward dead-eye kdrama kiss scene (even if it took you 47 takes lol)

  35. I haven’t watched the video, but the blog post was so full of funny winningness (idk…did I just make up a word). So awkwardly hilarious and quite close to the rambling that I usually do anytime I write a comment…

  36. ‘Check em out if you feel like some more lola’. Why, I would be delighted to enjoy some more lola! Hehehe :B

  37. Ohhh, please don’t make me laugh, I just had my wisdom tooth removed and it hurts when I laugh!!!

  38. NOOOOOOOOOOO not the face press never the face press! hahahahaha you guise made my morning!

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