SOO BAA BAA DOO BAAAA LAAA FAAA. Eternal kisses. Don’t ever leeeavee my siiiiIIIIde. You are so preeetyyyyy!

Or something like that. I don’t know. I don’t watch Dramas. Martina does. I don’t really know what drama songs are like, so Martina made the song for it, while I just re-enacted the scenes that I saw when Martina would burst out laughing, then she’s run into the room crying from laughter and would demand I follow her to the computer so she could show me what’s so funny. Ah: cheesy Korean Drama kiss scenes. I wonder: do Korean audiences find those kiss scenes as ridiculous as we do? You know, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen Korean people kiss, like, ever. Goodbye kisses or anything. I’ve seen no PDA. Wait: that’s a lie. Last week, we were walking through Hongdae on Saturday night and we saw a cute coffee shop on some side street. It was in the basement of the building, but it had a window so you could see the people inside. It was empty except for one couple. The girl had her back against the wall she was sitting close to, while the guy had his face nuzzled in her chest, and he would lift his face up to try to kiss her but she wouldn’t kiss back. We stood there, staring at them for a couple of minutes, by the window, until the girl looked up, saw us, and in shocked pushed the guy away. We waved to her and walked away. Point of the story is this: Korean drama kisses are…umm, I don’t know how that relates to the story I told. I just thought it was funny.

Anyhow, the point of this video isn’t supposed to be bad dramas or animes or whatnot. The point is that Cherry Blossom Season is almost all finished. We wanted to play around in some of the Cherry Blossoms before the wind and rain blew and washed them all away. When they’re in full bloom, they’re utterly gorgeous, and make you feel like Spring is in full session. But they’re so quick to fly away. While we were filming this, we saw the gusts of wind taking the blossoms off of their branches, and we thought we were lucky to be there now, because they’d be gone in a day or so. Luckily, we still have some Cherry Blossoms around now, but not as many. Not as many. Why am I talking about this like this is life and death, and I’m mentioning a friend that lost his life or something? “Soon, young chap, you’ll remember the face of the soldier you called your daddy.” What does that even mean? Hell: I’m so bad at writing this kind of stuff. I should stick to Korean Drama Song lyrics.

So, yeah! That’s it for this week’s WANK. We got goofy, and then this blog post got weird. We’ve got a bunch of bloopers again for this week, as always. Isn’t it obvious? Check em out if you feel like some more lola:


  1. SOOOOOO TRUEEE!! Oh my god whenever i watch a drama where a guy kisses the girl i always cringe from the awkwardness. The way the girl freezes with her eyes wide open and the guy is in the most awkward position imaginable i just shudder :/ But because i’ve watched so many dramas with so many awkward kisses i actually gasp when i see a passionate kiss with some movement in a drama

  2. XD you guise make my day.
    This has nothing to do with your video here but I thought it’s an important alert from the news and when I heard it from Korean news, I thought of Spudgy, since I don’t have any dog. lol Keep Spudgy out from the grass area for a while (they say until August), killer ticks (idk how exactly is called in English) have arrived in Korea from Japan (or China idk) and it’s been spread over the country’s outdoor. This particular type of ticks are so fatal that no vaccine has been made yet. So keep your dog safe! Take care. love ya!

  3. Your kiss in the last scene was unrealistic. It was WAY more animated then they usually are in Korean dramas! (^_^)

  4. I wonder what the people standing in the background thought of your reenactments of Korean dramas… (^_^)

  5. kawaii_candie

    lol guise, i laughed so hard!

  6. OMG! I think I just wet myself. The kdrama wrist-grab awkward kiss combo …. EPIC!!!!!!

  7. “We stood there, staring at them for a couple of minutes, by the window, until the girl looked up, saw us, and in shocked pushed the guy away. We waved to her and walked away.”
    Ahahaha, you creeps :D If I saw someone watching me kiss a guy, I’d be weirded out too

    • I was just about to say!
      Seriously, I can’t stop laughing at the image of Simon and Martina just staring blankfaced through the window at this cute asian couple being all in love XD

  8. kpopfan123

    XD the story about you staring… when she noticed you, you could’ve put a sign up saying “It’s for reasearch” :))

    One of the best!! X”DD Great work!! :D

    Good luck with your diet guise!


  9. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhh! the Deadly Korean Wrist Grab!

  10. Katie Reed

    HAHAHA! The wrist grab! I laughed so hard.

  11. Bubalooy

    This was hilarious! Can someone please tell me what all the dramas/animes were?? Especially the second one I think it was that seemed kinda Naruto/Dragonball Z esque? That one was the best!!

  12. I need this epic soundtrack!! xD

  13. LUCKY!!!
    Cherry Blossom is over in Suncheon….

  14. I was laughing so loud at the bloopers. So romantic! (not!) Sadly, no one in my family understands how funny I find your videos!

  15. Martina, PLEASE tell me where you got that sweater – I’m in love with it :3

  16. The infamous hand grabbing scene! I kept expecting Martina to smack Simon upside the head for grabbing her, but then you went into the awesome Lifeless Kiss scene…. and then it happened! :D Hehehe

  17. For the first skit all I could think of when I looked at Simon in the black wig was Professor Snape XD Needless to say I was unable to take the skit even semi-seriously after that, lol

  18. Finger currrlllllll >.<

  19. You guys are hilarious! Martina if you found a man to reenact drama and anime skits then he is deff. a keeper. <3

  20. this is totally unrelated to this video, but i had to share this video.

    in gravity falls, mabel’s friend is simon o_____O…. the character might as well yell “SEUNGRI TIME FOR KISSES!”

  21. Loved the “Korean wrist grabbing action!” laughed so hard that scene!

  22. Hahaha that was daebak!! When Simon started counterattacking with ‘STD attack!’ and ‘Meiosis manoeuvre!’ I almost died from laughter…. oh 1st year biology, what have you done to me?? Martina, your K-drama OST singing/noraebang ability is actually quite good…

  23. Janeth Parrales-Garcia

    O.M.G! I couldn’t stop laughing!! You guys are the BEST!

  24. I want to watch Season 6 of Flower Boy Boy Flower Ramen Store Boy Flower Band NOW!

  25. Bahaha, such good editing. If Leigh’s gonna film more WANKs maybe get a monopod? Stability of a tripod but with freedom of movement!


  27. OMG your so adorable!!!!!!! And intern Lee your a good filmer <3

  28. From 1:50 to 1:55…what does that sign say? I can’t read Korean.

  29. PunkyPrincess92

    soooooooo jealous!!!! i’ve always wanted to live in a place full of cherry blossoms since i was a kid when i saw Sakura from the anime Cardcaptor, would always skate under them while on her way to school!! i just thought it was so beautiful!!! and i was shocked and amazed at the fact their were pink trees in life!!! (i remember getting really excited when i saw one huge cherry blossom tree at a park once at the time!!)

    ahahaha Simon’s voice while doing the anime part seriously sounds like those cheesy american dubbing for anime!!
    ahahahah that freindzone part!!!!! bwahahahahahahahhahahahaha that kiss scene!!!!!!
    the whole thing was just pure awesomeness!!!!!

    heheheh!! naughty photobombing Simon!!!

  30. that was so dramatic and romantic, i can’t wait for Flower Boy Boy Flower Ramen Store Boy Flower Band season 7 :D

  31. I laughed for a solid 10 mins after reading the part where you guys said you waved at the girl in the coffee shop and just the general description on the scenario. HILARIOUS

  32. And still a better love story than anything else I have seen lol Simon and Martins nailed it for the kissing scene lol

  33. Bloopers ftw, lol. Also, one of these scenes reminded me of a hilarious video I saw on Youtube and I thought I’d share. It’s a must watch for K-drama lovers. You’ll know which scene I’m talking about if you check it out.


  34. KATHyphenTUN

    Hahaha this was wonderful!!! That last scene had my crying from laughter! It was perfect!!!!

  35. This is why i need to be in Korea and not Winnipeg. It’s pretty here……. to a point it’s just nicer in Korea. Oh how you make me want to move to Korea so much more.

  36. watched this after i watched martina’s draw my life. and i could only scream in my head “STOP MARTINA, YOUR JOINTS ARE COMING APART” when she was doing those kungfu moves (with the added kungfu noise)

  37. This made me laugh sooo hard!!! I love you guise!! Thanks for making my day!!! :D

  38. It was best WANK ever!!

  39. Annie

    Simon and Martina Y U make me laugh out loud in front of others this way! Omg the last “k drama” was too legit, since i am a K-dramaholic, man the familiarity the hand grab and repeated shots, oh my days PURE GOLD!

  40. Buahahahaha!!! Awkward K-drama kisses FTW!!! I ❤ you guise!!! I asked a Korean friend once about the awkwardness of the kissing and hugging in K-dramas, and she said it was because women want to appear innocent, as if no one has kissed or hugged them before and they don’t know what they’re doing…and that some people do that in real life as well.

  41. This wank was just hilarious!!!! Loved it!! :)

  42. You did a fantastic (baby) job! You totally got the awkward kdrama kiss scenes down. I was laughing so hard! Martina you looked so pretty and cool as always!

  43. Oh my gosh, best WANK to date!! XD
    You guys rock.

  44. This made me genuinly LAUGH OUT LOUD… SOOOO LOUD (gave my mum a heart attack…) <3

  45. We don’t even have cherry blossoms on our cherry tree yet. Though, the snow on the ground might have something to do with it. :( Stupid blizzards.

    But, great video! I loved the awkward friendzone scene. It was just like watching a drama. But, I’m sorry to tell you this, you did mess up. Your acting was waaaay too believable for it to be a Kdrama. (lol, seriously, has anyone found any good ones, because every one I have found is just… I rarely get through the first episode.)

  46. I Seriously Find The Kiss Scenes In Kdramas Cheesey and Funny!!

  47. Drama kisses are so awkward. And then when they aren’t (Personal Taste, I’m looking at you: http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/cancel_out/1307935/244903/244903_original.gif), I almost feel scandalized since it’s so unexpected.

  48. awesome job guys!! … couldnt stop laughing when i saw Simon with the dara hair lol hilarious …. Thanks guise! …. totally agree kdramas are cool but wish they would kiss naturally not like if they are kissing a mannequin lol

  49. So funny! I’m curious about the PDA though. When you say you’ve seen no PDA, you don’t count holding hands, right?


    Nevertheless, a round of applause for Simon and Martina for their shamelessness!

    (and that last scene where Martina was using Simon as a human sweater was really sweet (‘: Now Scriptwriters, THAT’s the kind of material we need to see in K-dramas.)

  51. The bloopers had me in tears because I was laughing so hard~ >_<

  52. LOVED this! :D
    *sighs happily* this is why i keep coming back for more lol ^_^ luff you guise!

  53. Cherry blossom trees are my favorite! Though I’ve never been able to see them in real life :/ Cherry blossoms remind me of the anime Ranma 1/2 and the episode where Akane tries to find who likes her by feeding them a special rice cake thing and if they have cherry blossom marks on their face, then they’re the one. Such a good episode! xD

  54. Loving the camera work!!!

    This was such a hilarious WANK. First you make music videos and now drama, wonder whats next?

  55. Drama Re-enactments should definitely be WANKS for the first Thursday of every month or something!!

  56. That’s why I like Yoon Eun Hye.

  57. bahahaha you guys totally nailed the stiff awkward dead-eye kdrama kiss scene (even if it took you 47 takes lol)

  58. unicornsgalaxy

    I haven’t watched the video, but the blog post was so full of funny winningness (idk…did I just make up a word). So awkwardly hilarious and quite close to the rambling that I usually do anytime I write a comment…

  59. ‘Check em out if you feel like some more lola’. Why, I would be delighted to enjoy some more lola! Hehehe :B

  60. when martina laughs…I normally can’t stop laughing XD

  61. Ohhh, please don’t make me laugh, I just had my wisdom tooth removed and it hurts when I laugh!!!

  62. NOOOOOOOOOOO not the face press never the face press! hahahahaha you guise made my morning!

  63. Awesome video guys :) I was clapping with glee at your re-enactments. Totally legit. Added bonus of confusing my 5 yo with your cheesy fake kissing

  64. My mother has two Plum Blossom trees in her yard. They’re pretty similar in appearance to the Cherry Blossom trees and absolutely gorgeous for the week they are in bloom. The one in her backyard is on it’s deathbed unfortunately. Five years ago (we hadn’t noticed until the damage was done) it had some sort of a bug infestation which ate a long hole into the backside of the tree. An angle we rarely see. It took the following years bloom for me to notice something was wrong. Only about half of the tree had flowers and fruit. I looked up a whole bunch of ways to treat it but none of them seemed to work as it’s blooms were continually decreasing. The summer before last, a woman my mother met through some people at work suggested this salve she makes for when her apple trees are damaged by certain buggies. So we’ve been getting that from her since and last years bloom was slightly better, but not much. I’m afraid we may have to dig it up if it doesn’t begin to get any better. Close to that tree is another type of Cherry Blossom tree which is called a Kwanzan. The flowers are pink and large with many more petals than those which you’ve shot here in this video. The problem is that dead and near dead plants still suck nutrients from the soil, even more so because they are trying to survive. Unfortunately that will greatly effect anything growing nearby :(

  65. I’ve actually never watched a full K-drama series, but your reenactments are everything I thought they would be! :D Loved this creativeness!

  66. Nice camera work Leigh!

    Someone make the wind/rain stop because the blossoms outside of my house are almost all gone :(

  67. I always feel like more lola, thank you Simon :p

  68. I choked on my drink when Simon showed up in the first scene ROFL

  69. Some my first K Drama (that I started a few weeks ago) is Iris. I picked it because of TOP. A bit confused since it is nothing like the dramas you described Simon. It is really good and I love the story and the characters. Not once have I heard the word Oppa. The women are treated (in the workplace) like equals and have not seen one ounce of Aeygo (sp). So am I watching the wrong shows?

    • Simon and Martina are more referring to the romantic dramas, the ones aimed to be cutesy and lovey-dovey. Like Boys Over Flowers, etc. IRIS is more of an action/suspense drama and thus doesn’t fall into that category of awkward kisses… Er. Still a great drama though! (I also really love ATHENA. ^^)

      • I guess they are all lumped under K drama. A shame since the way SM describe “those” dramas does not reflect all of Korean dramas. I am not sure if I would like the Boys Over Flower types of shows. They seem more like K Soap than actual K Drama.

        • I suppose they could’ve been more specific, but it’s more often than not the romantic genre of dramas that make up the majority of popular ones. Everyone has their preference though, which is why I’m glad Korea does cater to other genres for those of us who also enjoy dramas in the vein of IRIS, Poseidon, The Fugitive, etc. :)

        • What about the historical dramas? Was going to watch the new one with the actress from Iris. Are they more drama or more soap?
          Oh and I still think that Iris has a love story.

        • I’d say a mix, but it’s hard to say without having seen many, haha. IRIS definitely does have a love story, just as ATHENA did; having that underlying story often makes the drama flow better and is an additional avenue of suspense. I’d say give it a shot! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. ^^

        • thanks! The one I was talking about is Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love. I think I will try it after I finish Iris.

        • Arasseo~ I hope you enjoy it! I recommend watching ATHENA: Goddess of War as well; it’s a spin-off of IRIS. Of course now there’s IRIS II, but I for one really enjoyed ATHENA. Check it out!

        • I have the ones you mentioned in my Hulu que! Thanks again!

  70. THE BLOOPERS WERE GOLD, PURE GOLD!!! (I srsly died laughing, guise. D-a-e-e-d.)

    “Stop breathing into my nostrils, I’m not a CPR patient!” G O L D !!!

    • thisisjustforfunval

      I was crying from laughing so hard. I’m so glad I waited till I got home from work to watch this, everyone would think I was nuts laughing in my cubicle for no reason.

      • Apparently lots of Nasties have already experienced this same spectacle. I’m glad you were saved. XD

        Side effect of being so awesome, Simon and Martina. You cause public embarrassment for all! Worth it though. :P

  71. where did you get your hoodies?? especially you Martina – I wear a kuma bear eared hoodie at my hagwon and my kids love it – I think they’d die of happiness if I rocked a bunny ear one!

  72. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The freaking multi-angle Korean kiss! I can’t. XD And this WANK has the funniest, dare I say nastiest blooper evurrr. Onions and garlic buttholes, anyone? I thought I’ll pass out from extreme laughing.

    But on a serious note, I really liked this WANK. Before I got into Kpop, I was already a cherry blossom stan. Yes. I stan for cherry blossoms, don’t judge. They are so cute and fresh and pretty, and (insert happy feelings here). Thanks for the awesome video of those cherry blossoms and hopefully when I’m older and not broke, I can visit them myself.

    PS. Can we post a link (like a Souncloud link or something) for Martina’s awesome awesome awesome Korean song. Seriously, without a shed of sarcasm, I really like it. It would be better if you post a download link too. :D

  73. Hohohhoo, i laughed way too much of the bloopers

  74. This was SOOOOO hilarious, and Intern Lee did a FANTABULOUS- WONDICULOUS JOB!!! Did I mention He-Larry-us!!!

  75. Martina should do a kdrama segment! I know I would watch the hell out of every video!

  76. NOOOO you guise didn’t do ‘i hope senpai notices me this year!’ XDD ah man, shame that it got cold and windy ): would’ve been beautiful with the sun shining and shtuff but nevertheless thank you for showing us this ultra top secret location to frolick in cherry blossoms :D

  77. [email protected]

    I wonder why that girl freaked out when she saw you two.I mean she was just getting on with a guy,not murdering someone :))

  78. *takes selfie* I LIKE YOU VERY MUCH!!!! >-< I like you too, we're best friends :D oh yea…

  79. Omg I’ve never laughed so hard at one of your videos before. This is pure gold.

  80. Dana

    so…. awkward…. lol

  81. I get the feeling that long hair brings Simon’s philosophic self..

  82. Bloopers video- 37 seconds into it: Simon talking about “friends forever” and wistfully caressing the flowers while Martina has a “ERMAGEHRD!” expression. Laughed and laughed. Might even laugh some more…Yup, I just did. Love you guys and your wonky sense of humor- but in that ‘friends forever’ way, m’kay? zomg! ;-)

  83. The Korean in the last skit was hilarious.
    “Hey! Don’t do it!”
    “Hello (phone style)?! What is it?!”
    “*girly grunts*”

    The background song was hilarious too. It was really funny.
    And lol at the couple walking and stopping like “Oh…” They were considerate, huh? I always wondered if you get less weird stares because you’re foreigners, or just because you have a camera.

  84. Too funny! XD Gawd…the awkward kissing scenes!! AHAHHAHAHAH!

  85. Shouldn’t have watched this at work! I was in tears laughing so hard. Your videos should come with a NSFWBOH (not safe for work because of hilariousness) warning label.

    Also – editing for this video was on point, son! Awesome job whoever did this (Intern Leigh?)

  86. Simon has the best anime voice ever!

  87. i really have to assert that this may have been the BEST WANK EVER. i wish i had been a passerby to see this ridiculosity occurring…

  88. You guys are special… and I don’t mean sitting at the back of the short bus wearing a stack hat special… i mean really special. Highlights of my week!…. oh wait, after watching the bloopers, yeah…. mouthbreathing, window licking special… lolololol… love you guise!

  89. “We’re engaged.” *stares off into the distance meaningfully*

    I’m so announcing everything like that from now on!

  90. im cringing. haha! thanks for the laugh simon, martina and intern leigh (is tt how i spell your name?) :)

  91. cglyn

    the typical k-drama kissing scene reenactment was sooo hilarious and true(!) that it made me laugh out
    loud and the house folk came asking if everything’s ok :P :D :D BEST REENACTMENT EVAAAAR! XD

  92. Gosh I miss Spring in Korea…

  93. Hahah you guys are so dorky XD And yeah, I agree about the PDA thing, at least, its the same in China, me and my boyfriend are super snuggly and I feel like I really need to tone it down these days… i mean its not like people gasp in horror if I kiss him in public, but it does feel kind of…. awkward?

    By the way, I know you did a video about foreign students a while back, and I thought that now you have Intern Leigh on board she should totally do another one about studying in Korea! (I realise she’s busy and what not, but it’d be great to get some footage in classrooms, university canteens, etc. if her teachers were cool with that :D)

  94. cherry blossoms = reminds me of Card Chaptors when she is standing on top of the tower and the wind blows cherry blossoms around her … or maybe that was sailor moon :/

  95. Aww Poor Minho, stuck in the friendzone. xD

    Martina did you have the giggles during the kiss scene? I couldn’t help but laugh with you. Simon, you’ll have to have garlic breath or something next time and get revenge :P

    I just remembered that we had a cherry blossom tree at my house as a kid. When we moved the new owners cut it down :( I wish I had photos of it, it was so pretty when it flowered.

  96. The cheesiness, it kills. Thanks for the laughs.

  97. Wouldn’t it be funny if one day you take a selca in korea and Simon’s head is in the background :D

  98. You two are very brave souls to be doing such ridiculous scenarios. Hats off to you.

  99. I really felt the nastiness in every scene of this WANK!! XD

  100. will someone name all the shows the reenacted?

  101. I would totally illegally download this drama… boys over flowers before ramen shop flower boy band


  103. “While we were filming this, we saw the gusts of win taking the blossoms off of their branches” Is that like gusts of awesome or something?

  104. lmao. ive watched few k-dramas, and its like the guy kissed a mannequin. XD

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