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TL;DR – China vs Korea

June 6, 2014


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So, we tend to do these TL;DRs whenever we come back from traveling. We’ve done them on Australia, Japan, Europe, and Toronto. Now for one on Beijing and China. Hooray! I’m sure we’ll do one comparing LA’s Koreatown to Korea’s, umm, Koreacountry when we get back at the end of the month!

Back to Beijing, though, apart from the things we mentioned, there were a few other things we found interesting that we hope maybe you could help shed some light on.

Namely, we spoke with one of the event organizers at the conference we were attending. She’s a German girl living in Beijing. We asked her if she has a similar experience to us, in that Korean people often ask us if we’re American. She said no, people in Beijing often ask her if she’s Russian. Russian saram? Russian saram!? We asked her if there was the same kind of connotation there with asking a girl if she’s Russian as there is here in Korea, and she was totally shocked. So, for those of you in the know…is there a similar connotation in Beijing and China, or is it just what we’re experiencing here in Korea?

Another difference we found in Beijing: taxis. They’re still pretty cheap like taxis in Seoul, but it seems so much harder to get a taxi in Beijing than it is here. We only got into a Rickshaw after waiting for 20 minutes and not getting any taxis at all. I’m glad we didn’t get a taxi that night, though, because it was an absolutely wonderful experience and I’d gladly ride those instead of taxis for the rest of my life. SOOO FUN! We also saw a lot of “black cars” or something along those lines: black cars would stop in front of us and ask us where we’re going, but our guide would ignore them and only try to get the regular taxis, supposedly because the black cars aren’t licensed or something like that. Anyone have more info on this? We never experienced anything like that in Seoul.

Anyhow, we’d love to hear what you guise think. For those of you who have been to Beijing, what was your experience like, and what was different? We’d love to go to Beijing again. The food alone is reason for us to go. Korea: y u no have Chinese food here? YOU’RE SO CLOSE! Bring me some deep fried beans! Do it!

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