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Wow! Feels like it’s been forever since we’ve put up a video, even though it’s not even been a week. We’re just used to putting up videos almost every day. We are shooting lots of videos while we’re here in LA, though. We’ve got some fun stuff already filmed.

We filmed this video right after we came back from our Trip to Beijing. We brought back a bunch of snacks that we found at a Chinese Convenience Store. We had no idea what most of these things are. Scallop Adductors? I never even heard the word “adductor” before. I thought it was someone who kidnaps scallops. And the chicken leg? We thought it was gonna be chicken leg FLAVORED something, like flavoured chips, not an actual leg. I’m not even sure if it’s chicken. Is it duck? Beijing people: let us know!

Otherwise, we’re totally amazed at how great the first three things on the list were. The scallops were delicious. The chicken/duck was yummy. The chips weren’t great, but they grew on me. The juice though…oh god…the juice. Just…not for us. Did we drink it wrong, perhaps? Are we supposed to cut it with something else, like water or juice or strong vodka? We’re not sure. They both just had a very chalky taste to them. Maybe that’s more suitable to the palette over there? Or maybe we just got two bizarre flavours that don’t represent most juices. I don’t know.

Also worth mentioning is that we went to a 7/11, rather than a non-franchise Chinese Convenience store. We’d have loved to, if we saw one, but there weren’t any in the area we were in, which I’m assuming was more touristy than other areas. I’d have loved to have gone to a more local one, though, and just grabbed a bunch of stuff we had no idea about. That’s the best way to experience stuff! I know some people are amazed that we can do that, and they’re much more comfortable going to safe places they understand, but – hey – what’s the worse that can happen? Upset stomach? Diarrhoea? So what?! The experience of eating something really out of your comfort zone results in so many stories you can tell to so many different friends. The story is more important than the digestive experience, IMO. No?

I’ll stop philosophizing about traveling and whatnot and get back to the silly: we’ve got some bloopers and deleted scenes as well. We tried some gumballs, but they were surprisingly delicious, so we didn’t have much to say apart from YUM! But you can check that out and a bit more in the bloopers:


Lastly, we’re here in LA now for a few more days. Right now we’re hanging out at Jen FrmHeadToToe’s place and writing this in her living room. We’re filming a couple of videos with her todaye, and we’re filming some more videos tomorrow with some other cool YouTubers you might know, so stay tuned for those in the future by clicking on this pretty button below right here:

  1. idk if anyone has told you, but the plum and the sea salt lemonade is also a vietnamese snack. as for the plum, usually it consume by little tiny bite of the skin outside and savor it, and once you hit the pit, you can throw it, but as for me i like to break it and eat what’s inside also.
    my dad used to make sea salt lemonade, it taste salty, so usually i would put a lot of sugar in it, it wasn’t my favorite :D but my parents would drink it if we have a sore throat or just normal consuming :D

  2. I just got back from spending three months in China and you guys totally should have tried some “meat floss”!!! It’s like cotton candy meat…so…interesting…

  3. wax gourd? lol i think it’s winter melon. And Martina,lily bulb really is lily bulb haha. Normally we have the dried ones in our soup or dessert (which is closely like winter gourd tea without cream or milk you had in Gong Cha with lots of ingredients) but I like the fresh or undried ones, which is found vacuum packed in Malaysia. The dried plums, people do eat them, but they are sour so I don’t enjoy them. Here we put a couple of them into cut fruits (usually in food cases then we shake them) such as young mangoes which are too sour for our liking, or guavas, or…some other fruits. We also have it mixed in pressed juice in the hawkers here, like apple with dried plum, but a very popular (and best in my opinion) one is ampla (Spondias Cytherea) with dried plum. There are different kinds of pickled or dried plums though, wetter, coarse sugared ones, non-coated with sugar ones. I guess my Chinese ancestors took it with them when they migrated here, or it’s an SEA thing.

  4. I love that Spudgy photo bombed through the whole video!

  5. Hahaha the grass jelly drink i could have told you to stay away from it. If you every get bubble tea in Canada or america and some parts of china and taiwan. You’ll notice and opinion for the bottom and its not bubble. Its actually grass jelly and its the same stuff you just drink. Its so gross. Thankfully because i worked at a bubble tea shop i got to try everything. So i know what tastes funny. Actually from my experence alot of people drink the grass jelly drink. However its more of a healthy drink then a just a soft drink kind of thing.

  6. Were the dried Chinese plums eaten in this segment salted or sugared? I live in America near the Mexican border and the plums are salted and a popular snack. They are put in lemons, oranges, candy, sprinkled with chili powder. They are called saladitos. One time I made a mistake and got sugared ones yuck they were horrible.

  7. Yo my diets are workin’ out for me cause my appetite is always getting stimulated by your weekly muchies videos. K that drumstick really frightened me and I’m still not too sure how convinced I am. SKETCHY SKETCHHHHHH

  8. Oh man. I was really thinking that chicken leg was going to taste like pickled pigs feet, or something. Ya know, like the jars of random pickled things that are at bars because drunk people desire food items soaked in vinegar? Like that.

  9. Oh man, those scallops – I need to try it! One day… I really enjoy these videos where you guys just joke around and chill, I laughed so much at this! And hey, SOZEEEEEEEEEE! Where did you buy your dress??

  10. I really hope being in LA you got a chance to do You Tubers react with the Fine Bros. you guys would be awesome for that.

  11. Simon: “is it chicken or duck?”

    *flashes back to jessica Simpson circa 2003 newlyweds*
    Haha at least she got her answer

    Your reaction to the dried up prunes was hilarious. Those are actually prunes. Or plums, whatever you wanna call them. You do not bite into them. Lol. They are meant for sucking on, like candy. Kind of like when you drank nasty Chinese herbal medicine and want something sweet afterwards? Chinese people like to eat one of these. You spit out the pit when you’re finished with it. :)

  13. Those dried pruney things are popular in Malaysia too, they’re sour and salty and strong flavoured. Great if you’re feeling sea sick. Another traditional snack for sickies is dried orange peel! And it has the same weird-ish flavour… But great when you’re feeling YUCKS!

  14. Spudgy is so CUTE! Anyway, It was really funny watching you two eat all kind of different flavours I never even heard of! I’ve never seen these products here in sweden.

    Thank you for another great video ~ ♡

  15. The plum~ish seed thing they ate is more commonly eaten by pregnant women and people that are sick. As for the grass jelly drink, I actually like them. They taste pretty good :)

  16. Loved this! I don’t know why, but watching you guys eat truly disgusting food gives me great pleasure. Ahem. Anyway, I used to live in Taiwan, and fruit milk drinks were big. I actually really liked them, but they weren’t usually expired. The night markets would make fresh watermelon milk – literally just add watermelon and milk to a blender. It was goooooood.

    Oh, and Spudgy looks like me when I see food. FUD. NAOW.

  17. I was wondering if you guise heard about the 626 Night Market. You guise came to LA at the perfect time because it is there. I know it is Chinese, not Korean, but I thought it would be fun to see and have a look. I am planning on going.

  18. So about the Scallop Adductor! The part of the scallop you eat is their adductor muscle. Humans have an adductor muscle too, it is located in the hip area. The adductor muscle is what allows bivalve creatures to close their shells up tightly. So the people that made the scallop packaging just added on an extra term that wasn’t necessary, haha.

    At the gyms in the US, we have adductor and abductor machines to work those sets of muscles (sitting down, and you are either closing your legs with weight, or opening your legs with weight. I hope that makes sense, it sounds… heh).

    Thanks for all your videos! I saved this one for a day when I go into work late so I could watch it while I was eating my breakfast. I really enjoy how far your guys’ editing has come along (with the help of your awesome staff), the videos are super fun and entertaining and educational!

    • Actually adductors are not only at the hips but also other limbs. Basically they are just muscles that bring our limbs medially (towards centre line of our body). They are the opposite of abductors, which is away from the midline ^^

    • Thank you for saying something. I knew “adductor” was some kind of muscle, but I forgot what it did or where it was. haha

      • I only know that it is a muscle because of the machines I use at the gym, haha! My adductor and abductor muscles are kind of messed up, my hips are all weird, so my trainer had me working on those a lot! So I was like well that’s the part of the scallop that people eat, so I went and looked it up just to be sure :D

  19. I see~ So you haven’t found another snack as bad as the Mountain Dew chips which you can use to prank idols yet~ Hmmm~

  20. In Serbia we have Raffaello, I think they are the same as the coconut balls you tried, except Raffaello has peanut inside. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know, haven’t tried Chinese coconut balls.

  21. For the plums, all you do is pop it into your mouth and suck on it until the skin is all soft and use ur teeth to scrape it off and spit out the pit. Like I know women in HK eat them when they’re pregnant. I actually like them.

  22. An adductor muscle pulls something towards the body while an abductor muscle pulls it up or away. You can abduct your arms, lift them up, or adduct your arms, bring them in~
    I’m guessing the scallop adductor is the big muscle that adducts, or pulls the shell down over the scallop’s “body”
    And that’s the tasty muscular part you eat! The adductor! :3

  23. Simon is making me hungry for chips. I like prawn chips and seaweed chips but, they bean paste chips looked so good. I drink a lot of mineral waters, and I think the sea salt lemonade would not have bothered me much! I would try it. Also I love Spudgy’s crazy nom face. ~@v@~

  24. Major props for trying that chicken! The gelatinous quality would’ve scared me off. The scallop things look promising though!

  25. just wondering: how do they sell chicken/duck in a packet without it going off? -i ask the serious questions-

  26. The coconut balls must taste like Raffaello, right? The coconut Ferrero Rocher. They’re delicious.

  27. The adductor muscle of the scallop, which is actually a bivalve mollusk, is the round white thing that arrives on your plate every time you order “scallops” at a restaurant. I suspect this is because “scallop” is shorter and more pleasant sounding than if you saw “scallop adductor muscle” on the menu!

  28. Spudgy being a sasaeng during the whole video, especially when you ate the chicken leg :) I’ll try to find these things in the Chinese convenience store and then try them for myself :)

  29. These types of FapFaps are best when you are making each other eat or drink terrible food. Now, I have to go spend money on my shrink to find out if I’m terrible for liking it.

  30. Nice try!
    I am Hongkongese… All of them are not new for me. But I may not try the chicken leg since I don’t know how it is processed…

    *Smoked Chicken Leg*
    Yes, Chicken leg. You can also put the whole silver bag into boil water for a while so that you can enjoy it hot. (jelly will be melted and you will find it is chicken juice)
    *Wax Gourd Grass Jelly (from Taiwan)*
    It’s great for me, perhaps you may not feel comfort to the Chinese medicine taste.
    Wax Gourd = Winter Melon, Grass Jelly = Herbal Jelly. Both are to clear internal heat.
    Both wax gourd tea and grass jelly are really really great for me. You can find them easily in Taiwan.
    Shake before drink so that you can eat the jelly.
    Herbal Jelly is a dessert with syrup / evaporated milk / fruit / ice. I have it in my fridge now.
    *Lily Bulb and Papaya Milk (from Hong Kong)*
    Lily bulb – root (corm) of lily flower, a kind of Chinese medicine to heal and prevent cough.
    It should taste good too… just papaya milk. (It is said papaya milk can help boosting your bust)
    This should be no preservatives and should keep in fridge, drink within 2 days(?should check the bottle)
    Both drinks are common, really common, I swear they are not strange and weird things…
    *Preserved Mint Plums*
    Dried whole plum, preserved with salt and sugar. It tastes salty, sour and sweet (different kinds of preserved plums may taste quite differently)
    Preserved plums are very tradition snack, common in Chinese society and also Japan.
    You just put it in your mouth like having hard candy. Taste your saliva that diluting the plum. Eat the flesh when it is soften, but keep sucking it will have the taste lasting longer.
    1. make you feel less thirsty, cause it stimulates you to produce more saliva. You will feel water sweet after you taste a plum!!!
    2. make you feel better after taking bitter Chinese medicine or herbal tea.
    3. are long-lasting snacks that you can taste one for an hour or more.
    I swear again they are not strange and weird things… It is very traditional Chinese snack and many elderly like it like chewing gum. But I understand you may not feel good for the first time.

  31. The tennis balls are good and really juicy but you barely can blow any baloons and taste is gone after realy short time :c

  32. Whoa, those are some weird flavour choices! I find it interesting that there was so much smoked/preserved meat at a convenience store but I guess it’s definitely healthier than chips? Any idea if the meat was more expensive than the other snacks? It would be interesting to know for next time. Also, it might be a good public service to mention if any of these *do* send you running for the toilet in the blog :P.

    I totally agree with user:Rose on the editing, it was exceptionally seamless this time. I also liked the split screens, they really jazzed up the presentation. Spudgy was great in the video, I am glad that he was having such a perky day ^_^v viva la Spudgy!

  33. oh wow that chicken looked scary to eat!!
    aw Spudgy’s so cu~te staring at you guys!

  34. Spudgy is adooorrabbllee!!! I would love to see more action of The Spuuuudgeh :)

    Also, whoever edits your videos deserves an olympic gold medal in editing – the timing recently is just amazing, and the effects are so detailed! Very impressed, you always do the best quality videos. Have you ever been interested in film making?

  35. If you have something to say, say it – I’d love to hear it.

  36. Fully distracted by Spudgy puppy on first attempt to watch this video!

  37. YAY JEN! And those foods look really good :P I have a question on a completely unrelated topic though: What are your guys thoughts on SM Entertainment (and related agencies) releasing all this dating news this past year? Do you think it was revealed at “convenient times” or do you think it was just uncovered by super sleuths? I would really like to know your opinions on the topic.

  38. I went to China last year (Hangzhou, to be precise) and my friends and I bought a lot of Lay’s which flavors not available in my country. However, the memorable ones were the cucumber, little tomato and lemon flavors (all of them labeled as “cool & refreshing” and do have that cool sensation when you taste the seasonings). Does this kind of Lay’s sold in Korea (and in Canada) too? Because I have never seen this kind of chips before I went to China.

    • Way back in a distant time known at the 1980’s, when Hostess Chips was still a thing, they tried a line of fruit flavoured chips. I can only remember the grape flavour. Failed miserably.

    • I have a friend who’s half Taiwanese and she brought snacks with her after her last visit in Taiwan. She bought ore’s with blueberry ice cream flavor and they also left a ‘refreshing taste’ in your mouth after eating it. It was like you brushed your teeth with cookie-flavored toothpaste. Weird experience haha. Was it also like that, with the chips?

      • Yeah, I am from Indonesia and we also have that kind of oreo (they also come up with orange ice cream flavor with that mentioned refreshing taste oAo, weird isn’t it? XD). I like that because that is sweet, therefore it gives you ice cream-like aftertaste (but still kinda weird).
        The Lay’s I found in China also has the same refreshing taste, but instead of sweet it was salty and sour. It was like eating potato chips-flavored toothpaste. But still delicious though, you should try it someday.

  39. OMG I remember those watermelon gum candy things! I haven’t had those since I was a kid. Looking forward to your collabs!

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