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Chinese Convenience Store Raid!

June 20, 2014


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Hello everybody!

Wow! Feels like it’s been forever since we’ve put up a video, even though it’s not even been a week. We’re just used to putting up videos almost every day. We are shooting lots of videos while we’re here in LA, though. We’ve got some fun stuff already filmed.

We filmed this video right after we came back from our Trip to Beijing. We brought back a bunch of snacks that we found at a Chinese Convenience Store. We had no idea what most of these things are. Scallop Adductors? I never even heard the word “adductor” before. I thought it was someone who kidnaps scallops. And the chicken leg? We thought it was gonna be chicken leg FLAVORED something, like flavoured chips, not an actual leg. I’m not even sure if it’s chicken. Is it duck? Beijing people: let us know!

Otherwise, we’re totally amazed at how great the first three things on the list were. The scallops were delicious. The chicken/duck was yummy. The chips weren’t great, but they grew on me. The juice though…oh god…the juice. Just…not for us. Did we drink it wrong, perhaps? Are we supposed to cut it with something else, like water or juice or strong vodka? We’re not sure. They both just had a very chalky taste to them. Maybe that’s more suitable to the palette over there? Or maybe we just got two bizarre flavours that don’t represent most juices. I don’t know.

Also worth mentioning is that we went to a 7/11, rather than a non-franchise Chinese Convenience store. We’d have loved to, if we saw one, but there weren’t any in the area we were in, which I’m assuming was more touristy than other areas. I’d have loved to have gone to a more local one, though, and just grabbed a bunch of stuff we had no idea about. That’s the best way to experience stuff! I know some people are amazed that we can do that, and they’re much more comfortable going to safe places they understand, but – hey – what’s the worse that can happen? Upset stomach? Diarrhoea? So what?! The experience of eating something really out of your comfort zone results in so many stories you can tell to so many different friends. The story is more important than the digestive experience, IMO. No?

I’ll stop philosophizing about traveling and whatnot and get back to the silly: we’ve got some bloopers and deleted scenes as well. We tried some gumballs, but they were surprisingly delicious, so we didn’t have much to say apart from YUM! But you can check that out and a bit more in the bloopers:

Lastly, we’re here in LA now for a few more days. Right now we’re hanging out at Jen FrmHeadToToe’s place and writing this in her living room. We’re filming a couple of videos with her todaye, and we’re filming some more videos tomorrow with some other cool YouTubers you might know, so stay tuned for those in the future by clicking on this pretty button below right here:



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