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FAPFAP – Chinese Food Delivery

July 19, 2013


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Ladies and gentlemen, Monsoon season has set in, and the weather is ultra-poopy, and we don’t want to go anywhere. So, we’re turtling indoors and trying to keep up with our WANKs and FAPFAPs in this mopey weather. It’s only appropriate, then, to do a video on Chinese Food Delivery. It’s perfect mopey weather food! And delivery guise will drive in any weather. A couple of years ago Korea had its biggest snowstorm in, like, 100 years, and delivery guys drove through it like “wharves.” Nothing will stop them. Hell, there could be a shark-nado and they’d drive through it without blinking to get you your food. Damn, I love me some Korean Delivery.

This food isn’t really Korean, though, and it’s not really Chinese. It’s hard to say which one it’s actually more of. It’s called Chinese food, but it’s not like any Chinese food anyone we know has ever eaten, even when we speak with Chinese people who lived in China. Some people have suggested that Korea’s version of Chinese food is more like food from Northern China, but I have no way of confirming or denying that. All we know is that, even if this isn’t accurately Chinese, we still totally dig it.

Well, Martina’s not too much of a fan of Jajangmyeon. She saw a documentary on it once on cable TV, and supposedly the sauce is made out of a lot of lard and it’s exceptionally unhealthy for you. We sure didn’t feel light and fresh after eating it, that’s for sure. So, Martina’s ability to eat Jajangmyeon has dwindled. I, however, didn’t watch that show, and I can still hoover a bowl of it in an instant. Yay for ignorance!

One thing we’ll say about Chinese food in Korea and how it’s different from the Chinese food we had in Toronto: we really like having Chinese food as leftovers in Toronto. Here, though, Korean Chinese food pretty much degrades very quickly. Leftovers aren’t nearly as delicious. The sauce on the Jajangmyeon by the end of our filming were all super absorbed, and wasn’t nearly as delicious as it was half an hour before.

Anyhow, in the spirit of being more helpful, here’s a translated menu, if you ever feel like ordering Korean Chinese Food Delivery yourself. Woohoo! See, here at Eatyourkimchi, not only do we provide cheesy entertainment, but we’re also mildly informative. Score!

Speaking of cheesy, we’ve got a bunch of bloopers from this week as well. Check em out if you feel like giggling at our dumbness, or if you want to see Martina dance to 2PM’s “ADTOY” :D



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