It’s Christmas it’s Christmas it’s Christmas!

Guise, we’re just about exploding with Christmas cheer here now. It’s 12:33PM now in Toronto, and we flew in from Korea last night. We arrived at 10PM isn, and then fell into a deep sleep coma. We woke up at 7AM, danced around in the morning, sang Christmas songs, went outside and saw lots of snow, drove to Tim Hortons and had Christmas food, drove past houses with Christmas light and Christmas floats. Floaties? What are they called? Big inflatable thingies. Houses with big inflatable Christmas thingies. And the radio is playing lots of Christmas songs. And we just saw Martina’s niece who is roughly a year and half and she’s learning to talk and she knows us my name (“Imo” and “Imobu” she calls us), and now we’re at a Starbucks writing this blogpost and drinking Christmas freaking drinks. CHRISTMASSSSSS!!!

It’s so easy to get into Christmas spirit here in Toronto. We don’t even have to try. It’s everywhere. We didn’t really feel that in Korea, so we did our best to try to make the Eatyourkimchi Studio as Christmas-y as possible. It was really interesting doing this all with Soo Zee, because she doesn’t experience Christmas the same way we do. Christmas in Korea is more of a dating holiday. It’s like Valentine’s Day, really. There’s even a joke in which people who don’t have dates for Christmas say they’re going on a date with Kevin, which is really just Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone, meaning, they’re just gonna watch Home Alone at home…alone. Ha! Well, not really that funny. It’s sad a bit, but it’s clever.

So we got Soo Zee in the Christmas cheer as best we could. We decorated a tree. Made snowflakes out of paper. Put up our “Merry Christmas Bitches” sign on our window. I wonder if it was confusing to see from outside of our studio? I don’t know. And then we went back to our apartment with a roast chicken from Costco, and then made some bacon cheddar mashed potatoes, stuffing from a box, gravy from a box, and some green beans and asparagus. Sure, it wasn’t a turkey, but we didn’t need that much food. We still had plenty of chicken left over the next day for leftover chicken-stuffing sandwiches. Just no cranberry sauce. We thought about taking some cruising and trying to rehydrade those and then making a jam out of that, but we just didn’t have enough time to do that all. Maybe next year? No: we’ll just buy canned cranberry sauce when we’re here in Canada and bring it back with us. Seriously: who makes cranberry sauce anymore? I’ve never had cranberry sauce just…made. It’s always been out of a can.

And then we made Gingerbread Houses! Martina never made one before! HOLY SMOKES! I couldn’t believe it. This girl is the craftiest girl I’ve ever met, crafty not meaning “sneaky and conniving,” but arts-and-crafts-y. And she never made one of these as a kid! Soo Zee never made one either, so it was really Martina and Soo Zee that were having the most fun with it. Soo Zee is a design major, so she got to put her skills to good use. HA! I think we know our audience a bit better than Soo Zee and Leigh do, so we made a Gingerbread House that I think you guise will like more. Which one was your favourite? Losers will suffer the consequences! Though, I’m not sure what the consequences are.

Another thing we did for Christmas was get Leigh and Soo Zee Christmas presents. Both were happy with them (we’re good at getting presents) but Soo Zee was pretty surprised, because she didn’t get Christmas presents before. She said her parents don’t get her Christmas presents. So she was pretty touched. I’m not saying this to brag or anything. I’m just trying to show the differences between Christmas culture in Korea and Canada. Everyone has their own Christmas culture. I learned some things about Christmas in the Netherlands, and some things about Santa and his elves, which we don’t fully understand so we don’t want to write them here in case we get the details wrong and get people upset. Everyone celebrates Christmas in their own way. This is how the Eatyourkimchi Crew celebrated ours. We just hope you had as fun a time watching this video as we had in making it.

Speaking of which, we also made a Christmas TL;DR last year in which we talk about more Christmas related stuff in Korea. Check it out!


And, on that note, Merry Christmas, everyone! We’ve got the EYKAs coming up on the 23rd, and we’re editing those now, but our schedule is going to be lax from there on out, since we’re not in Korea and filming Korean movies. We might have a random Canadian adventure video from time to time, but nothing’s set in stone. We’re just really happy to be back here with our families in Canada for Christmas for the first time in five years. We’re totally in festive spirits now, and I think it’s rubbing off on our families. YAY!

Now…we need to get Christmas presents for each other. Haven’t really planned that out yet. Maybe some Torontonians might see us around shopping? Hmmm.

OH! And I forgot: BLOOPERS!


  1. No Santa hats? You can’t have Christmas without them!

  2. EYK is just awesomee!! *thumbs up* *claps* ^ ^

  3. Awwwww I’ve never heard about gingerbread houses, or even seen one (I’m French and we don’t do this kind of stuffs at christmas time, UNFORTUNATELY !) and I find it awesoooome :D The 2 are very cute and elaborate but I prefer the one made by you, the Simon & Martina team ! (+10000 for Simon’s sweater // + 10000 for Leigh’s new hairstyle). Wish you a merry christmas (a bit late) and a very happy new year 2014 !

  4. Holy crap! I got my hair cut kind of like Leigh’s a few weeks ago! Leigh, I really love your hair.

  5. I waana be a Torontonians and see you guys around shopping!! TT

  6. Koreans: Taking Christmas loneliness to a whole new level.

    Btw Simon and Martina you should find some President’s Choice chocolate soda while you’re in Canada. It is one of the weirdest things you will drink.

  7. soozee and leigh house!!!


  9. I love both gingerbread houses, there both awesome. There so much better then mine

  10. Oh your christmas food is quite different than what we have in my country :D

    In Finland we have christmas ham, carrot/turnip/potato cassalores, karelian stew, rice porriage, rosolli salad.. I think those are most traditional christmas foods that we have :D

  11. I vote for Martina and Simon’s house. I liked the snowman on the side! But both are really cute! I’ve never made a gingerbread house before, this kind of makes me want to.

  12. Both houses were cute. But I vote for Simon and Martina’s because they had a cute Marshmallow snowman! Your dinner turned out really great! We are doing a ham this year and scalloped potatoes, ect. Don’t sweat the turkey, everything still looked amazing especially the bacon cheddar mashed potatoes!! Merry Christmas you guys!

  13. Martina! you have your Christmas food priorities straight YES.

    The foods that make up 90% of my belly during holidays are definitely Mashed potatoes, Cranberry sauce and Boxed stuffing. OH HELLZ YES. (oh and Pumpkin and Pecan Pie.)

    • Also, I never had homemade cranberry sauce as a kid either, I friggen loved canned cranberry jelly/sauce. (I STILL DOOO) But I have made cranberry sauce from real cranberries these past 2 years and it is also friggen delicious and so gawrsh dawrned easy!

      Fresh Cranberries -> into pot
      zest of lemon -> into pot
      lemon juice -> into pot
      lots of sugarrrrr -> into pot
      a little bit of water -> into pot
      cinnamon and nutmeg -> into pot
      optional additions =
      grated ginger -> into pot
      sliced and diced pears -> into pot
      cook until berries burst ~ 10 – 15 min and then let cool and thicken


  14. I vote for the S&M k-pop gingerbread house. It had more Christmas colors in its design, despite the sugar monopoly the S&L house tried to pull off.

  15. The costco chicken! We have that as well in the states. Indeed it it quite large and *JACKED UP ON STEROIDS* ARUGHRHGHHH

    Merry Christmas, EYK Crew!! (p.s. Soo Zee looks uber pretty in this video)

  16. I <3 that I'm not the only person who has a xmas tradition of watching Die hard ! :P Simon and Martina's house all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I can’t get over how adorable Leigh is! She rocks that pixie cut. Psst totally ship Soo Zee with that patch maker guy hehe now for someone to ship Leigh with!

  18. We don’t have turkey in Sweden, we have ham, “Janssons frestelse”, sausages, homemade meatballs and sill….

  19. I vote for Simon and Martina’s house! I like the intricacy of the decorations. Have a wonderful time in Canada-Merry Christmas! :)

  20. you guys should try the internet speed here in Fiji… i once had to wait twenty minutes for a page to load *sigh*

  21. I JUST realized that Leigh’s pixie cut is not the same hairstyle she used to have. I’ve been thinking she looked really good as of late and I couldn’t figure out what it was! hahaha, wow! I like this new hair a lot, it’s super cute and suits Leigh really well!!

  22. My mom makes cranberry sauce homeade. I don’t know why though…


  24. The food looks like what you would eat on Thanksgiving. Is it all basically the same thing? (Korean who grew up in America but still in a pretty Korean household here lolz)
    Yeah, it’s really weird how xmas is like a couples holiday in Korea. I don’t celebrate it the religious way but I LOVE the joy and cheer in the air and all the sparkly and glittery goodness that comes with xmas, I literally hung sparkly snowflake ornaments under my bed in my dorm in SEPTEMBER.
    You have a Merry Christmas Bitches sign?? Where did you get it???
    Btw, love Leigh’s haircut! I cut my hair like that in June, currently growing it out now and it’s so annoying, would LOVE to cut it short again.

  25. Simon and Martina is the best. Soo Zee and Leighs looks more like what mine usually end up looking like.

  26. I vote for the Simon and Martina house because of the pink marshmallow type things around the edge that look like a fence. It’s cute~

  27. Have a Merry Christmas with special voting goodness for SooZee and Leigh’s ginger bread house. Maybe they can share ith with Kevin…

  28. I vote for Simon and Martina. Soozee’s and Leigh’s looks very Halloween-y to me, at least on the side with the orange and black.

  29. How are Spudgy and the Meems celebrating Christmas?

  30. Merry christmas guys and have a great vacation!!! btw, was i the only one waiving at my computer at the end of the video? *gosh i’m suck a dork*…lol. anywhoooo, i vote for simon and martina’s house.

    p.s: love your haircut Leigh…you look very cute!

  31. May you guise (and all the Nasties) have the most NASTY Christmas ever!

  32. Not going to lie, I spend the entire video distracted by Leigh’s ridiculously awesome pixie. I looooooooove it!!!!! I wish my pixie looked as good!

    Welcome to the club, Leigh!

    • *gives high five and a cookie*
      It’s funny (I’m not sure whether haha or odd), but ever since I cut my super long hair, anytime I see someone with short hair I always feel like they’re automatically my friend.

  33. Voting for Soozee’s and Leigh’s because of non-Christmas colors. It’s very organized too so it appeals to my more OCD-tendencies. uvu
    Also all this Christmas stuff amazes me because of my family doesn’t do any of it although that might be because we’re Asian and kinda lazy about American holidays since it doesn’t really relate to us (I really don’t know why though)? I mean, I do remember putting up the Christmas tree when I was younger but that tradition kinda died because it’s actually a lot of work putting together a huge tree and decorating it properly. But we do gifts and food…kinda. ovo

  34. What I find weird about Korea is that (if I’m not mistaken) Christianity is one of the major religions in Korea, yet Christmas is celebrated in such a manner. I mean, it’s just weird.

  35. Wow, what a great video! I had to decorate my house early this year for a home tour back in November so I was kind of Christmased-out by now, but this video totally put me back in the xmas mood. We will be making the same gingerbread house this weekend with our 7-year-old son so he was totally excited by this video.

    All 3 of us vote for Simon and Martina’s house – not only did it have a theme, but the landscaping was terrific! ^_^v

  36. “Popacapinyoass” Simon you’re so awesome.

    Merry Christmas Martina and Simon and Soozee and Leigh <3 Thank you for uploading this with "slow" non-Korean internet :) And thank you for showing us what it's like to make Christmas happen in Korea, because god knows all those couple holidays can just be too too much sometimes :(

    Anyway, I have a suggestion for the meet up in Toronto, do you want to go to a board game cafe and just hang out and play with the fans? T'would be fun I think :) Anyway, hope you have a blast with your families! Stay warm and take care!!

  37. I vote for simon and martina’s house!

  38. all that traditional christmas stuff that martina and simon mentioned in my experience is not really celebrated in australia. we do a lot of different stuff on christmas compared to the uk, canada and usa. which makes sense just because we don’t have a white christmas as it is in the summer time for us and usually celebrated doing outdoor stuff. I don’t think anyone in australia wants to celebrate christmas in front of a fireplace in the middle of summer.

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