Ok, so this was quite possibly our most bizarre WANK ever, and I think we’re going to give up on Coffee Prince from now on. Martina wants to give it one last go for us to film something Coffee Prince related, but I think we’re getting a clear sign from the universe telling us to stay the hell away from it. We tried filming it a while ago and ran into a jerk. We tried filming a different part of it yesterday and ran into a mountain. I don’t want to know what comes next. I just don’t like it!

To be fair, I could just be overblowing the fact that we took one bad turn and ended up somewhere completely different. That’s understandable. It’s not like this place is easy to find. You know, now that I think abut it, it’s not like many places in Korea are easy to find. Every time I try to explain to someone how to get somewhere, the directions are always rather abstract, unless it’s very close to a subway stop. Funny thing, too: we have the actual address of this coffee shop, and thought about taking a taxi there, but then we thought, Nah! Walking there will be a great adventure! Let’s show everyone what walking there is like. Famous last words, right there.

What we can say, though, is that we’re not upset about yesterday. We have the ability to appreciate truly ridiculous situations, and we thought it’s quite hilarious how this video about a coffee shop turned into a video about two whiny hipsters lost in the woods. Yes, we were whining, but we were laughing at ourselves doing it the whole time. We never really felt a sense of danger whatsoever. We just found it hilarious. Well, we did start worrying a bit when it started getting dark, because our eyesight is still crappy (this damn pink eye is taking FOREVER to clear up) and walking with camera gear on uneven steps in the woods isn’t the best for flimsy ankles. Again, that’s just more hipster whining. We laughed at ourselves the whole time.

Best part of the story came at the very end of it when we went to the cupcake shop. After we ate the cupcakes (don’t be fooled: I shared the cupcakes with Martina. I’m not a meanie!) we decided to buy one more for our friend. Turns out, though, that the cupcake shop owner recognized us and knows our videos. He gave us a free cupcake. MY LIFE’S WORK IS NOW FREAKING COMPLETE! FREE CUPCAKES! You Nasties make this job totally the best job in the world.

Side note: we’re talking as if we’re living a rockstar lifestyle for getting free cupcakes. Rockstars get free cars and stuff. I don’t want no damn cars, especially considering What Driving is Like in Korea. Seriously – I wouldn’t want a car even if you gave it to me. Good cupcakes, though, I will not turn down.

These cupcakes are awesome. If you’re ever in Buam-Dong check this place out. In fact, you should go to Buam-Dong, not for the Coffee Prince shop, but for these cupcakes. Seriously, they’re so freaking good! We’ve had lots of mediocre cupcakes here in Korea, but these cupcakes are so moist and dense and bloody delicious. We took their business card just to show you. GO, YOU TOURING KOREA NASTIES! CHECK OUT THEIR CUPCAKES! Tell them we sent you!

Cupcake Shop Business Card

Anyhow, it’s hard to say that we’ve got bloopers this week, because it seems like this entire freaking WANK was a blooper reel, but we do have some extra scenes that we cut out, just in case you didn’t have enough of our stumbling and whining. Check em out!


  1. I think this is my favorite of all time I keep coming back to watch it

  2. Omg I almost died laughing! To bad they never got to the coffee shop
    would have really loved seeing it, though the good thing is they found
    cupcakes…..which is now making me crave some…at 2:30 in the morning.

  3. This video makes me very happy I’m black and wouldn’t dare go into a forest without a map or someone who knows the area like the back of their hand :D I am NOT gonna be sacrificed with the stupid white people XD The irony of this WANK is that my bestie would totes be like Martina and be like, “LETS GO IN THE FOREST, JOSHIE!!!” and I’d be like, “No -_-“

  4. I am sorry guys, but I laughed so much and so hard at your expense. I think I am a little happy you got lost. Gladly, you came back safe and there were no mountain accidents :)

  5. I’ll help you plan a WANK! …even though I’ve never been to Korea. XD

  6. I love martina backpack!

  7. I’m glad you guys made it safely out of the mountains forest of death!

  8. And the coffee prince curse strikes again. No body is safe~ hahaha :P
    the captains log cracked me up ^^ so as the random Jaejoong monsters hihihi

  9. I Found this thoroughly amusing. I am a firm believer that all adventures should end with cupcakes and coffee.

  10. This week’s WANK had me rolling. Good job guise! You should totally get lost more often and in nature.

  11. Martina!! where’d you get your backpack? soo cute! ^_^

  12. ,martina where’d you get that jacket from?

  13. iphone directions suck. I always open up safari and go to google maps :) I guess you still had some sort of reception lost up on the mountain? lol

  14. Anneyong EYK 부모님! :D:D

    ‘Nah! Walking there will be a great adventure! Let’s show everyone what walking there is like. Famous last words, right there.’ Well at least you had eachother. It’s better when you don’t get lost alone :D

    ‘this damn pink eye is taking FOREVER to clear up’ T__T … (*゚ロ゚) I know! what about eating more carrots!… since they’re good for night vision maybe they’ll hasten your recovery! w(°o°)w

    ‘Turns out, though, that the cupcake shop owner recognized us and knows our videos. He gave us a free cupcake. MY LIFE’S WORK IS NOW FREAKING COMPLETE! FREE CUPCAKES!’ I bet that made your day that he praised your work by giving you a free cupcake. *___*

    ‘we’re talking as if we’re living a rockstar lifestyle for getting free cupcakes.’ I’m totally like that. …when it comes to receiving something for free (because I never win anything – . -‘) *but I don’t like burdensome things*

    ‘Tell them we sent you!’ I could imagine that cupcake shop overcrowded by Nasties!! XDD

    1:20 is that a Miss A inspired mustache? :D cuuutee > . < (love your cap Martina!! I think I remember seeing it in the Namsam Tower WANK is that right?)

    6:09 I just pictured a Red Riding Hood Martina XD

    6:43 'I threw the map in the river!" X''DD

    the moments when JaeJoong appears in that animal costume is hilarious X''DD

    9:30 oh Simon XDD

    Not only the cupcakes but THE SHOP looks so deliciously welcoming! *___* XDD I could picture this cupcake shop somewhere in the woods (like …in the woods where there's absolutely nobody and this cupcake shop appears out of nowhere and looks so warm and welcoming and the shop(including the furniture) is made out of soft cupcake dough and fruits and other delicious stuff and the owner of the shop is none other than……………… the witch from Hansel and Gretel! XDD (disguised as a handsome woman) …. sorry to spoil your cupcake experience; it just came to me XDD

    Thank you for the upload! :D ♥♥♥♥ *huggglless*

  15. There’s a Coffee Prince shop on the first floor of the MBC 체험스튜디오 WA bldg., if it’s any consolation. Address: 경기 고양시 일산동구 장항2동 일산 MBC드림센터. Take subway line 3 (towards Daewha) and get off at Jungbalsan Station 정발산 exit 1 and then it’s a 8min walk. There is a gorgeous park nearby–Hosu Park (you can rent tandem bicycles!) before it gets even colder. The Western Dome and Lafesta is also within walking distance-LOTS of great shopping. Also, have you guys ever tried the Turkish Ice cream?

  16. I love how Simon is a 6”4 Dothraki man warrior and he is afraid while Martina is perfectly fine. xD

  17. the cupcakes looks so good!

  18. Best WANK ever you guys just keep coming with great stuff. I LOVE YOU

  19. Please stop looking for coffee prince, who know what may happen next time o_O!!!!!!
    (it was still a funny wank XD)

  20. Fingerwalking is exhausting! lol.

  21. when hey go up the little pathway, i was thinking of spirited away

  22. after watching the korean driving thing, i see a scooter in the back ground in this video…’O.O

  23. “Oh great, an altar, for sacrifiing white people!” The best WANK ever!!!

  24. Definitely my favorite of your WANKs so far. xD

  25. this made me laugh the whole time! lol this made my Halloween even better! And Martina i loooooove your backpack!!!

  26. LOL!!I was laughing throughout the whole time you guise were lost in the woods!I feel so mean now..thank god you guys are safe!!

  27. I really like how you guys haven’t changed much even though you are now much more famous than when you started out. You’re still down-to-earth and funny and that’s why we all love watching these videos. This entire video pretty easily sums up for me why I still watch you guys. Thanks for the laughs and the entertainment!

  28. I actually wouldn’t mind being attacked in the woods by a Jaejoong monster. Nope, woulnd’t mind it one bit :P

  29. A whiny Blair Witch Project this is, hilarious!

  30. so… i laughed pretty hard at the hand fighting and romance. Hope i wasn’t the only one :)

  31. best video in recent history :) I laughed so hard…

  32. This was my favorite WANK ever!

  33. nightshade is easy to find around morthal, but the B*tch of the that mission would be the nirnroots. Like any nirnroot mission is a B*tch

    Oh, and laughed throughout this video, but felt like saying that ^……Ya.

  34. This is the most hilarious WANK ever. :D I actually went to this coffee shop my last week in Korea. We gave the address to a taxi driver who dropped us off at the foot of that mountain and told us to just walk up the street. He forgot to tell us we would be hiking up a ridiculously steep mountain for 25+ minutes through residential areas and past an exclusive-looking temple that we forgot where we were even going. We ended up walking up that main street Martina and Simon ended up on at 12:40. :) You guys were SO CLOSE. And Martina – you are right; it’s an awesome coffee shop.

    The cupcakes look delicious! I never saw the coffee shop while in Buam-dong, though. :/

  35. I am currently sitting at a cafe on campus watching this cracking up. Wow you guys are so funny. Thanks for the WANK awesomeness.

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