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Coffee Prince Round 2: Lost in the Woods

November 2, 2012


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Ok, so this was quite possibly our most bizarre WANK ever, and I think we’re going to give up on Coffee Prince from now on. Martina wants to give it one last go for us to film something Coffee Prince related, but I think we’re getting a clear sign from the universe telling us to stay the hell away from it. We tried filming it a while ago and ran into a jerk. We tried filming a different part of it yesterday and ran into a mountain. I don’t want to know what comes next. I just don’t like it!

To be fair, I could just be overblowing the fact that we took one bad turn and ended up somewhere completely different. That’s understandable. It’s not like this place is easy to find. You know, now that I think abut it, it’s not like many places in Korea are easy to find. Every time I try to explain to someone how to get somewhere, the directions are always rather abstract, unless it’s very close to a subway stop. Funny thing, too: we have the actual address of this coffee shop, and thought about taking a taxi there, but then we thought, Nah! Walking there will be a great adventure! Let’s show everyone what walking there is like. Famous last words, right there.

What we can say, though, is that we’re not upset about yesterday. We have the ability to appreciate truly ridiculous situations, and we thought it’s quite hilarious how this video about a coffee shop turned into a video about two whiny hipsters lost in the woods. Yes, we were whining, but we were laughing at ourselves doing it the whole time. We never really felt a sense of danger whatsoever. We just found it hilarious. Well, we did start worrying a bit when it started getting dark, because our eyesight is still crappy (this damn pink eye is taking FOREVER to clear up) and walking with camera gear on uneven steps in the woods isn’t the best for flimsy ankles. Again, that’s just more hipster whining. We laughed at ourselves the whole time.

Best part of the story came at the very end of it when we went to the cupcake shop. After we ate the cupcakes (don’t be fooled: I shared the cupcakes with Martina. I’m not a meanie!) we decided to buy one more for our friend. Turns out, though, that the cupcake shop owner recognized us and knows our videos. He gave us a free cupcake. MY LIFE’S WORK IS NOW FREAKING COMPLETE! FREE CUPCAKES! You Nasties make this job totally the best job in the world.

Side note: we’re talking as if we’re living a rockstar lifestyle for getting free cupcakes. Rockstars get free cars and stuff. I don’t want no damn cars, especially considering What Driving is Like in Korea. Seriously – I wouldn’t want a car even if you gave it to me. Good cupcakes, though, I will not turn down.

These cupcakes are awesome. If you’re ever in Buam-Dong check this place out. In fact, you should go to Buam-Dong, not for the Coffee Prince shop, but for these cupcakes. Seriously, they’re so freaking good! We’ve had lots of mediocre cupcakes here in Korea, but these cupcakes are so moist and dense and bloody delicious. We took their business card just to show you. GO, YOU TOURING KOREA NASTIES! CHECK OUT THEIR CUPCAKES! Tell them we sent you!

Cupcake Shop Business Card

Anyhow, it’s hard to say that we’ve got bloopers this week, because it seems like this entire freaking WANK was a blooper reel, but we do have some extra scenes that we cut out, just in case you didn’t have enough of our stumbling and whining. Check em out!



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