Ok, so this was quite possibly our most bizarre WANK ever, and I think we’re going to give up on Coffee Prince from now on. Martina wants to give it one last go for us to film something Coffee Prince related, but I think we’re getting a clear sign from the universe telling us to stay the hell away from it. We tried filming it a while ago and ran into a jerk. We tried filming a different part of it yesterday and ran into a mountain. I don’t want to know what comes next. I just don’t like it!

To be fair, I could just be overblowing the fact that we took one bad turn and ended up somewhere completely different. That’s understandable. It’s not like this place is easy to find. You know, now that I think abut it, it’s not like many places in Korea are easy to find. Every time I try to explain to someone how to get somewhere, the directions are always rather abstract, unless it’s very close to a subway stop. Funny thing, too: we have the actual address of this coffee shop, and thought about taking a taxi there, but then we thought, Nah! Walking there will be a great adventure! Let’s show everyone what walking there is like. Famous last words, right there.

What we can say, though, is that we’re not upset about yesterday. We have the ability to appreciate truly ridiculous situations, and we thought it’s quite hilarious how this video about a coffee shop turned into a video about two whiny hipsters lost in the woods. Yes, we were whining, but we were laughing at ourselves doing it the whole time. We never really felt a sense of danger whatsoever. We just found it hilarious. Well, we did start worrying a bit when it started getting dark, because our eyesight is still crappy (this damn pink eye is taking FOREVER to clear up) and walking with camera gear on uneven steps in the woods isn’t the best for flimsy ankles. Again, that’s just more hipster whining. We laughed at ourselves the whole time.

Best part of the story came at the very end of it when we went to the cupcake shop. After we ate the cupcakes (don’t be fooled: I shared the cupcakes with Martina. I’m not a meanie!) we decided to buy one more for our friend. Turns out, though, that the cupcake shop owner recognized us and knows our videos. He gave us a free cupcake. MY LIFE’S WORK IS NOW FREAKING COMPLETE! FREE CUPCAKES! You Nasties make this job totally the best job in the world.

Side note: we’re talking as if we’re living a rockstar lifestyle for getting free cupcakes. Rockstars get free cars and stuff. I don’t want no damn cars, especially considering What Driving is Like in Korea. Seriously – I wouldn’t want a car even if you gave it to me. Good cupcakes, though, I will not turn down.

These cupcakes are awesome. If you’re ever in Buam-Dong check this place out. In fact, you should go to Buam-Dong, not for the Coffee Prince shop, but for these cupcakes. Seriously, they’re so freaking good! We’ve had lots of mediocre cupcakes here in Korea, but these cupcakes are so moist and dense and bloody delicious. We took their business card just to show you. GO, YOU TOURING KOREA NASTIES! CHECK OUT THEIR CUPCAKES! Tell them we sent you!

Cupcake Shop Business Card

Anyhow, it’s hard to say that we’ve got bloopers this week, because it seems like this entire freaking WANK was a blooper reel, but we do have some extra scenes that we cut out, just in case you didn’t have enough of our stumbling and whining. Check em out!


  1. I think this is my favorite of all time I keep coming back to watch it

  2. Omg I almost died laughing! To bad they never got to the coffee shop
    would have really loved seeing it, though the good thing is they found
    cupcakes…..which is now making me crave some…at 2:30 in the morning.

  3. This video makes me very happy I’m black and wouldn’t dare go into a forest without a map or someone who knows the area like the back of their hand :D I am NOT gonna be sacrificed with the stupid white people XD The irony of this WANK is that my bestie would totes be like Martina and be like, “LETS GO IN THE FOREST, JOSHIE!!!” and I’d be like, “No -_-”

  4. I am sorry guys, but I laughed so much and so hard at your expense. I think I am a little happy you got lost. Gladly, you came back safe and there were no mountain accidents :)

  5. I’ll help you plan a WANK! …even though I’ve never been to Korea. XD

  6. I love martina backpack!

  7. I’m glad you guys made it safely out of the mountains forest of death!

  8. And the coffee prince curse strikes again. No body is safe~ hahaha :P
    the captains log cracked me up ^^ so as the random Jaejoong monsters hihihi

  9. I Found this thoroughly amusing. I am a firm believer that all adventures should end with cupcakes and coffee.

  10. This week’s WANK had me rolling. Good job guise! You should totally get lost more often and in nature.

  11. Martina!! where’d you get your backpack? soo cute! ^_^

  12. ,martina where’d you get that jacket from?

  13. iphone directions suck. I always open up safari and go to google maps :) I guess you still had some sort of reception lost up on the mountain? lol

  14. Anneyong EYK 부모님! :D:D

    ‘Nah! Walking there will be a great adventure! Let’s show everyone what walking there is like. Famous last words, right there.’ Well at least you had eachother. It’s better when you don’t get lost alone :D

    ‘this damn pink eye is taking FOREVER to clear up’ T__T … (*゚ロ゚) I know! what about eating more carrots!… since they’re good for night vision maybe they’ll hasten your recovery! w(°o°)w

    ‘Turns out, though, that the cupcake shop owner recognized us and knows our videos. He gave us a free cupcake. MY LIFE’S WORK IS NOW FREAKING COMPLETE! FREE CUPCAKES!’ I bet that made your day that he praised your work by giving you a free cupcake. *___*

    ‘we’re talking as if we’re living a rockstar lifestyle for getting free cupcakes.’ I’m totally like that. …when it comes to receiving something for free (because I never win anything – . -’) *but I don’t like burdensome things*

    ‘Tell them we sent you!’ I could imagine that cupcake shop overcrowded by Nasties!! XDD

    1:20 is that a Miss A inspired mustache? :D cuuutee > . < (love your cap Martina!! I think I remember seeing it in the Namsam Tower WANK is that right?)

    6:09 I just pictured a Red Riding Hood Martina XD

    6:43 'I threw the map in the river!" X''DD

    the moments when JaeJoong appears in that animal costume is hilarious X''DD

    9:30 oh Simon XDD

    Not only the cupcakes but THE SHOP looks so deliciously welcoming! *___* XDD I could picture this cupcake shop somewhere in the woods (like …in the woods where there's absolutely nobody and this cupcake shop appears out of nowhere and looks so warm and welcoming and the shop(including the furniture) is made out of soft cupcake dough and fruits and other delicious stuff and the owner of the shop is none other than……………… the witch from Hansel and Gretel! XDD (disguised as a handsome woman) …. sorry to spoil your cupcake experience; it just came to me XDD

    Thank you for the upload! :D ♥♥♥♥ *huggglless*

  15. There’s a Coffee Prince shop on the first floor of the MBC 체험스튜디오 WA bldg., if it’s any consolation. Address: 경기 고양시 일산동구 장항2동 일산 MBC드림센터. Take subway line 3 (towards Daewha) and get off at Jungbalsan Station 정발산 exit 1 and then it’s a 8min walk. There is a gorgeous park nearby–Hosu Park (you can rent tandem bicycles!) before it gets even colder. The Western Dome and Lafesta is also within walking distance-LOTS of great shopping. Also, have you guys ever tried the Turkish Ice cream?

  16. I love how Simon is a 6”4 Dothraki man warrior and he is afraid while Martina is perfectly fine. xD

  17. the cupcakes looks so good!

  18. Best WANK ever you guys just keep coming with great stuff. I LOVE YOU

  19. Please stop looking for coffee prince, who know what may happen next time o_O!!!!!!
    (it was still a funny wank XD)

  20. Fingerwalking is exhausting! lol.

  21. when hey go up the little pathway, i was thinking of spirited away

  22. after watching the korean driving thing, i see a scooter in the back ground in this video…’O.O

  23. “Oh great, an altar, for sacrifiing white people!” The best WANK ever!!!

  24. Definitely my favorite of your WANKs so far. xD

  25. this made me laugh the whole time! lol this made my Halloween even better! And Martina i loooooove your backpack!!!

  26. LOL!!I was laughing throughout the whole time you guise were lost in the woods!I feel so mean now..thank god you guys are safe!!

  27. I really like how you guys haven’t changed much even though you are now much more famous than when you started out. You’re still down-to-earth and funny and that’s why we all love watching these videos. This entire video pretty easily sums up for me why I still watch you guys. Thanks for the laughs and the entertainment!

  28. I actually wouldn’t mind being attacked in the woods by a Jaejoong monster. Nope, woulnd’t mind it one bit :P

  29. vaxanne

    A whiny Blair Witch Project this is, hilarious!

  30. so… i laughed pretty hard at the hand fighting and romance. Hope i wasn’t the only one :)

  31. best video in recent history :) I laughed so hard…

  32. This was my favorite WANK ever!

  33. deshi

    nightshade is easy to find around morthal, but the B*tch of the that mission would be the nirnroots. Like any nirnroot mission is a B*tch

    Oh, and laughed throughout this video, but felt like saying that ^……Ya.

  34. This is the most hilarious WANK ever. :D I actually went to this coffee shop my last week in Korea. We gave the address to a taxi driver who dropped us off at the foot of that mountain and told us to just walk up the street. He forgot to tell us we would be hiking up a ridiculously steep mountain for 25+ minutes through residential areas and past an exclusive-looking temple that we forgot where we were even going. We ended up walking up that main street Martina and Simon ended up on at 12:40. :) You guys were SO CLOSE. And Martina – you are right; it’s an awesome coffee shop.

    The cupcakes look delicious! I never saw the coffee shop while in Buam-dong, though. :/

  35. I am currently sitting at a cafe on campus watching this cracking up. Wow you guys are so funny. Thanks for the WANK awesomeness.

  36. Hilarious!!! After getting the Tweet, I decided to watch this while at work.. had to explain to my neighbors why I was laughing at my desk.. LOVE IT!!!

  37. Maybe all the exercise machines are for if you run into a monster. Help you build some muscle before the battle. lol.


  39. unicornsgalaxy

    LOL! This was the best WANK!!! My cheeks are hurting from laughing! I loved how you guys were just picking random paths saying “Let’s go on this one! Don’t know where it will take us!”

    Oh and this is what Simon reminded me of when he picked up the fork at the end… *too much time spent on Epik High board*

  40. Those cupcakes make me sad because I can’t have any :

  41. That cupcake shop is just… *_* WONDERFUL! Why does it have to be 8 timezones away from me? Somehow the Coffee Prince fail WANKs are my favourite :D

  42. It was the best wank ever! I was laught so hard!

  43. omg martina your backpack is so cute where did you get it???

  44. This has got to be one of your most hilarious videos EVER. Ugh, you guys are just fantastic <3 And I have a whole new respect now that I know simons ringtone is the trololol song :')

  45. Thank you for making me laugh so much; this has to be the funniest WANK episode. XD Would it be possible to do a WANK episode on Jaejoong’s coffee shop, Coffee Cojjee?

  46. I went there, hiking up the mountain during the summer isn’t such a good idea cus I was sweating my a** off. My friend took me to that stream in the forest (where u guys passed) and we had a picknick. It was awesome, but humid..

  47. That was hilarious! The part I like is were Simon is really mad at Martina in the cup cake cafe!

  48. FriedChickenOnew

    Well if i see in the news a story about two canadians lost in the korean mountains i know who lol make sure u tell someone where you go so your bodies can be found ;)

  49. OMFG that was just amazing i love you guys

  50. LOL no mercy <3

  51. Taxi Driver: “…정말요?” *Martina Nods* *eek* “…2000원……”

  52. I laughed really hard while watching. I know the place, but fortunately a friend that lives in that area took me there (then, another time I took my other friend… and so on…) So when you guys took a wrong turn I was like “No, no! Turn left! Left! And now you missed it…” xD

  53. whahhahahaha the new blair which project XD S&M you just made my day

  54. omg best WANK ever!!!!!!!

  55. Kay, I lied, at certain points it’s a forest — but I stand by my assertion that you guys are funny city people!

  56. I like how you guys kept calling it a forest. . . when there were houses on one side pretty much the entire time ;D I live in Northern California, and I’m surrounded by forest everyday, and if you can still see signs of civilization, it ain’t no forest, yo. Lol, city peoples are funny.

  57. When I saw the video was 15:00 long I knew the video was going to be good. The ‘tension’, for me wasn’t the Jaejoong monsters, but if you had brought enough camera batteries to record the complete wank.

    You guys need to start recording GPS tracks, to overlay on google maps, when you are out and about. Then we could fully understand why Simon got to eat all the cupcakes.


  58. KATHyphenTUN

    OMG by far one of the best wanks ever!! I laughed sooooo hard! The fitness equipment at the top was really funny to see also! made me laugh a lot!!

  59. Ok this totally just made my Friday. :’) PS Martina I love your (Luhan) hat <3

  60. I love you guise. So much. From the time you entered the wilderness to the cupcake shop, I was laughing. You should just stick with city dwelling. Then wilderness clearly is not fond of you :P

  61. PunkyPrincess92

    hahahahahaha Jaejoong!!!

  62. That was the BEST WANK EVER!!! You two are simply the best people on the planet!!! I’m sorry you didn’t make it to your destination but It was so funny to watch!!!! <333333 NASTYYYYYYYYY!

  63. when i said i looked forward to getting lost with you in Your new town I didnt think ya really do it !! hahhaaa that was so funny.. I liked getting lost you guys !! DO IT AGAIN!!

  64. Guise, this was one of the best WANKs ever :D

    It reminds of the old days when my dad used to take us in a random adventure, once when he took us to a park next to a volcano (No need to worry, the volcano has been unnactive since the times of dinosaurs -I’m exagerating here- and it is now just a volcano-shaped mountain) And while wondering around the place we found a restaurant that makes the freaking best meat I’ve ever eaten. And homemade brewed coffee with cinnamon. That coffee is heavenly!!

    I LOL’d with Simon’s little squeal when the guy suddenly appeared in front of you, haha, that sounded like he was legitamately scared.

  65. Unplanned days are the best! This seriously is one of the best WANK ever XD

  66. OMG … I cried laughing because when I visited Korea I did the same thing (tried to visit another place) and got lost walking through Gangnam for about 3 hours at night. My boyfriend acted the exact same way as Simon did except his was more silent rage stewing. In the end I got him trashed with the other friend who was with us and that sort of made up for it.

  67. Best WANK ever. I actually did LOL. Love you guise. Texas Grandma.

  68. It was the saddest WANK for me. I couldn’t laugh at all while you guise aimlessly wandered in the forest. If I ever get lost like that with my husband, I would be murdered by him in the forest. Simon is super nice he laughed the whole time.
    Please the coffee prince round 3 but this time make sure you have someone drive you (either taxi or your friends with a car). I didn’t know that place turned into a coffee house. I googled it and it looks sooo beautiful with great view of Seoul. You can prolly stop by at Bukak Skyway while you’re there.
    BTW thank you for introducing some hiking places in Seoul!!! It looks great for exercise with exercise equipment. And apprently the cupcake place is quite popular in Korea.

  69. I watched martina’s reaction to the cup cake shop being closed like 20 times lolololol

  70. This is so weird… I just watched the first “Coffee Prince” WANK two days ago!

  71. Can’t stop laughing to “Yes, fantastic we are white people sacrifice”

  72. That was absolutely hilarious, there is no better place to get lost in, then in the woods. I actually really enjoyed this was-going-to-be-coffee-prince-WANK, and I really love how you laughed off the situation you are in, last time I got lost in the city with my sister she totally got annoyed at me for not knowing the way, I told her its nice to just walk and stumble on places you have never seen before but she totally didn’t even pay attention to what I was saying.

  73. that was actually a really fun WANK, (p.s. i didn’t expect you to make it there, on account of the last time you tried to go to a Coffee Prince Cafe) *Ahem. on the flip side, i also enjoyed the random Jaejoongs and the mandus and the cupcakes XD those looked so delicious! Don’t worry, I’m awful with directions. with my luck. i would have been camping in the woods *cries to self under a tree.

  74. The Blair Kimchi Project. Haha this totally made my day :D

  75. If something like that happened to me, I would have “killed ” the person with me xD It reminds me when my mom wanted to take to a place she once saw and then got us lost -.- I wasn’t happy…at all… *lol*
    Well, glad you guys made it back ^-^

  76. I think we need to spring to get you guise a GPS.

  77. If I got lost I would probably just turn around after an hour lol.

    Martina your backpack is amazing. me wants it…

  78. Oh my gosh! The part in the woods where y’all are quoting the Blaire Witch Project is freaking hilarious! Especially hen the random guy comes out and simon freaks out! I think it would have been awesome if JaeJoon had popped out and scared you! Such a good husband for sticking with his wife even though she had no idea what she was doing!

  79. ahahaha OMG i was nervous with you..i was afraid something might pop out in the woods…ahahahah

  80. hahahahaha it was more like ‘secret garden’ wanking than coffee prince XD i was kinda expecting you’ll find that misterious restaurant in the middle of the forest… xDDDD

  81. Playing GD’s missing you in the background at the coffee shop!! :D

  82. Oh God Martina, I started singing No Mercy at the exact same time you did XD

  83. HAHAHAHA!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s WANK. My whole family was rolling over in laughter, especially with Simon’s captain logs xD
    Not to mention we just watched Castaway the other day, and it was totally relevant :p
    Please get lost more often!! :D – wait, uh, I totally didn’t mean that (I DID)

    It’s cool to see Korean mountains, instead of the usual shops and roads you take us too. I saw your old 240p videos, when you’d go up with Martina’s co-teachers, but y’know. WANKs in nature!! I like it!! :D

    Btw so hungry right now. Colourful mandus~ *O*

  84. I love how martina, crazy as always ^^, try to stay optimistic, when simon is imaginating scary stuff. You seems to really enjoying the situation, despite the fact that you were totally lost. This video really crap me up.

  85. Reminded me of one of my favorite lines from “Madagascar.” “Nature! It’s all over me! Get it off!”

  86. Or we’re you looking for a place to snog?

  87. So? It appears as if…….W.A.N.K. Rules? Discourage the use of maps, bread crumbs, compass’s and electronic guide devices…..? Suggestion? Next time get lost in Intewon.

  88. I have been to the place you were looking for – the area didn’t look like any of the places you went lol! – My Korean friend took me for a drive in his car and pointed it out to me (Japanese tourists were stood outside lol) we then went to a lovely place that had a roof terrace for coffee (I have seen it since in dramas!) – it overlooked an area where lots of film producers lived – there was even a house shaped like an old fashioned diving helmet!

  89. Even though this was a next Coffee Prince fail (and a hilarious one at that!), I just realized something:

    In one of your earlier WANKs, at Samchungdong, didn’t you go down this lane where Martina mentioned that a big scene from Coffee Prince happened there? I think it was at the 00:52 second mark…

    I know I sound like a EYK dork, but maybe there’s not a curse after all!

  90. Don’t you guys have smartphones??? google maps?

  91. this happened to me more times then i like to admit :((
    the area looked really nice though and you were so lucky to find that shop open. where i live they close at 7 or 8 max.

  92. “For white people sacrifice.” Oh my GOD, you guise…You slay me.

    I’m so happy you made it home safely, man, what a HANK, indeed. Simon, imo, you should let Martina plan more WANKs. This was like watching that amazing Halloween episode of your favorite TV show, except better because…

    When all else fails.
    Super Junior saves the day.

    Guess they really are Supermen.

    Thanks for the amazing, hilarious WANK, you guise! I hope your pink eye goes away majorly soon!

  93. @ 4:14 when you walked the hill up, Martina looked like Gary from Lessang in the musicvideo to Pursiut of happiness :D

  94. I think I just found my fave WANK episode. I was laughing the whole time.

  95. the tea leaves say that you will never make a successful coffee prince WANK.

  96. That must be the most handsome forest monster EVAAAAR~~!!!! ♥♥♥

  97. omg…. I laughed so hard at this. And seriously jumped when that random blue guy came out of nowhere.

  98. Martina i loooove your jacket =D where can i get one =D so cute

  99. Monster Jaejoong was actually kind of scary @.@ Never thought I’d think that Jaejoong was creepy, ha. Glad you made it all the way back down the mountain. Still confused about one thing: you said the taxi driver drove you around the corner when you told him the address. Was that the Coffee Prince house address? If so, why didn’t you film it after all it took to get there?

    • Hey jas~ They told the taxi driver the address to the bus stop, not the Coffee Prince shop. When Martina told Simon they could just tell the taxi driver to take them to the Coffee Prince shop so they could say they at least got there, Simon was like “Eff. NO.” So they just ended up at the bus stop, which, ironically, was only a corner away from where they initially picked up the taxi driver; hence why he must have been thinking “wow, lazy foreigners,” according to Martina. Lol~

      Hope this cleared it up for you. :)

      • Whoops! I don’t know why my mind skipped over that part. Maybe it was scary-Jaejoong shock? :P Thanks for explaining.

        More importantly: Welcome back to EYK! I haven’t seen you around for a while. You missed some epik times in the Don’t Hate Me thread :) I can’t seem to spell ‘epic’ properly anymore, lol.

  100. too funny! I almost enjoy it more when it doesnt go well… does that make me a terrible person? nah. MAKE MORE MISTAKES PLEASE hahahahaha *abruptly turns into an evil laugh*

  101. Yeah, this whole thing was hilarious, but when I got to the end and saw a link to “Bloopers”? Oh man, just about died laughing… Glad you both survived, and even with sense of humor intact.

  102. you guys should plot out where the route you walked. I’m really interested in that.

  103. Martina: ‘Look at all the nature and stuff’ *hugs a man made wall*. i love you guise

  104. Despite your original plan going down the drain, this WANK had me laughing the entire time. In fact, I’m pretty sure if I ever attempt to find the location of Shortcake in Buamdong I will similarly get lost ::cough:: in the woods — I’m horrible with directions. P.S. I enjoyed the adventure in the woods. Fun times!

  105. This is soo funny!!! Awesome day!

  106. OMG guise! That was the scariest ever Eat Your Blair Witch, er I mean Kimchi!

  107. Brittainy

    Just watched the bloopers and omg Simon’s ringtone is the best thing ever! Yeyeyeyeye yeyeye yeyeye, hohohoho!

  108. Hahaha you guys are too funny, I’ve done exactly the same thing before. Got completely lost somewhere in the middle of Singapore! hahaha best adventure ever.
    Simon I loved the “Captain’s log” bits hahaha my inner trekkie is so happy right now.

    but wait you took a 1 minute taxi ride to the place but didn’t film?

    • Did you say Singapore? Damn this reminds me of getting lost in Singapore too… attempting a shortcut through a park but park is huge and totally looks like a forest! Random exercise equipment too… When i finally got out of the park, probably like an hour or 2, i came out just a couple of blocks from where i got in! Lol i end up getting a cab… T_T

  109. Bwuahahah! You guys are too funny. I loved how even though you were both like; OMG Why are we walking through this forest on Halloween? We gonna die! You still kept going. I wouldn’t have done it… But then again I’m not white so maybe I would have been safe. :-p

  110. It’s official whenever anything fail happens on a WANK I’m going to consider it as The Coffee Prince Curse! Um, well that’s a bit wordy. I’m up for suggestions on what the curse should be called. Let’s all hipster whine together!

  111. lol, loved the random Jaejoong monsters popping up everywhere XD

  112. I think you should do more of those kind of WANKs getting lost is one of my favorite things when i’m in a foreign country you never know what your going to find.

  113. Brittainy

    Oh my god – I watched this in bed, in the dark, at 2:30 AM and the sound effects and creepy editing scared the poop out of me, lololol. Even the parts with werejoong xD. I actually had to pause the video at one point to give my nerves a break! Good job on your Halloween HANK guys :D.

    That aside, your hiking adventure looked like a lot of fun even if you didn’t make it to sweeper’s dad’s house… I’m jealous! I’m also dying for some cupcakes, that berry one looked so delicious ㅠㅠ.

  114. The deliciousness of the world tried to warn you; first the mandu place and now the cupcake shop. It tried to tempt you into stopping your crazy adventure but still you forged ahead! On a positive note, you worked off those cupcakes right?

  115. HAHAHAAHAHA I remember when I walked up from Myeongdong to Namsan Cable Car ride. They said it was just 10 minute walk… but what the hell. :| HAHAHAHA Nevertheless another entertaining WANK even you got lost :( =)))

  116. I’m sad I didn’t find EYK until AFTER I left Korea summer 2011 :(( oh well there’s always next time right?! Btw what is the address of the coffee prince location you guys tried to go to?!

  117. Best WANK ever! This is definitely an adventure!! :D

  118. It’s a failed WANK and a partial FAPFAP …. how frustrating~ LOL

  119. Funniest WANK ever! I was laughing at you guys the whole time! XD yey for free cupcakes! ^0^/

  120. i have never laughed so hard when watching your videos. Could this day have produced your biggest fight evar? Thanks for not dying out there.

  121. Even though you guys got lost, I think this is one of your best WANK’s. Although, don’t get lost again, I need my EYK fix :)

  122. Haha, I find this episode hilarious XD

  123. Cool!!! I’m moving to Buamdong in 2014 lololol!

  124. lol the first song you think of, looks kinda creepy and i would have freaked after the first hour

  125. I started watching Coffee Prince the other day and now I know what you’re talking about! I feel special :)

  126. them mountains just come out of nowhere

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