Here’s the backstory for people that are new viewers: a while ago we tried going to the Coffee Prince Coffee Shop in Hongdae, but the management there weren’t cooperative. So then we tried going to the Coffee Prince House, but we got lost in the woods and almost dieded. We surrendered. We knew that making a video about Coffee Prince just wasn’t meant to be.

Then something cool happened. Really cool. You know that we helped out with the YouTube Music Awards recently, right? Well, it was sponsored by Kia, and we were speaking with Kia for a while now about working on something together. As you might notice, most of our WANKs and FAPFAPs are in Seoul, but we barely go outside of that. It’s hella difficult and expensive to bring around our equipment everywhere. We tried it once for our Eatyourkimchi Road Trip, and it seemed like you liked it, so we want to do more stuff like that where we can travel around and shoot more videos. But, without a car, that’s kinda difficult. Kia stepped up to the plate and said they wanted to work with us. That’s awesome!

The first thing we knew we’d do with the car: drive to the Coffee Prince House ourselves. BOOYA! And it worked! We got there, minus a few snags along the way, because it’s located in such a complicated area, but we got there! Huzzah!

Here’s the thing, though: this video with Kia was just a test run. They have to see that it worked out well, and if people like the video. So, this is where we’re hoping you can come in: If you like this video, and want to see us driving to places more, let Kia know. Head over to our video on YouTube and give it a like. We just tweeted this link out. Retweet it! Here it is below:

Or just send @Kia_Motors a tweet letting them know that you liked the video! Hopefully Kia will be impressed, and we can follow through with our plan to make more travel videos. Next stop: G-Dragon’s pension? What do you guise think? Hopefully all goes well and we can keep on making videos outside of Seoul.

Anyhow, we got loads of extra footage that didn’t make the final cut, including an old man sitting and smoking on a scooter/wagon combo. Totally badass:


  1. I love that KIA did this, they have opened up to the world. I am not going to lie I am more likely to look at a KIA car now then any other type because they are open minded and help you guys. normally that doesn’t effect me when it comes to product placement. But i know this wasn’t really and that it was because they did want to work with you. but maybe it was either Go KIA

  2. That’s one crazy beautiful place. Never seen the drama, but damn, dat view! Good to see that the trilogy is finally done. (HITW is still one of the best videos you both have done imo)
    *Photography Nerd Alert* I also noticed that Sony RX-100 II camera you guys got there. I have the original model so I’m wondering what are your opinions on it. As always, keep up the good work.

  3. This is so coooooool!!!!!!!! I feel like fangirl moment kyyyaaaaaaaa…. I mean kia(?) Jajajajaahahha thanks kia >\\<

  4. If you get a car you should have a segment about the crazy things you’ll see on the roads, especially outside of Seoul. In this picture, taken down the road from our apartment in Dongducheon, there’s a scooter towing a cart riding down the road like it’s nothing. Probably going to harvest his crops.

  5. SIMON! MARTINA! Can you do a Nightlife in Hongdae part 2!? PUHLEASE~ ^~^

  6. if you really go to gd’s pension vita dolce, I’ll be skdajdlkhjdKLGSLFGAUK

  7. Hahahha THIS IS GREAT!!! Love your wanks, and fapfaps and all of the other things you do!! Dont worry Martina – when you do open my package – soon I hope – and I do hope that everything is ok (I sent my package in the beginning of october…) you will see a suprise ;D
    Question: How much “fika” (cooffee/hot chocolate and cake did you eat during that day!? XD

    Kia IS the best – thats what we driving!!! :)

  8. Wow, the hipsters in the woods was a year ago.. damn time flies. Glad you guys broke the curse though! XD

  9. I climbed that mountain in the background back in late April. I actually saw the coffee shop from the mountain too on my way down. Wasn’t able to go since I didn’t know how to get there though :(. Totally thought of the hipsters in the woods video when I was climbing the mountain though haha.

  10. You guys remind me of someone. Whenever they drive the car they always get lost even with GPS. But I loved the what you did at the bottom of the screen with the start to destination line.
    When I saw the title I started to laugh straight away since I realised that you guys finally broke the curse. Hipsters lost in the woods was probably the best one out of the 3 of them, with the whole getting lost in the woods one.
    Looking foreword till the next W.A.N.K.

  11. I’ve been sick for 3 days without my usual EYK dose, and now I am better after this. You two are SO funny.

  12. I remember the two other videos. I’m so happy you broke the curse! EYK SUCCESS!

  13. My all time favorite video of yours is Hipsters lost in the Woods because I can relate to it when my friends and I got lost in the woods trying to find a duck pond that didn’t exist.

    Also, love that the car is yellow :)

  14. “and this is the famous chickens….beware Onew!!” bahahahaha!!!
    YAY!! congrats on breaking the curse!!!

  15. Omg! Please go to GD’s pension!!! @_@ That would be awesome!

  16. GAH!!!!! IT’S OPEN THE HAPPY!!!! > . . < You finally made it :D:D:D

    Thank you!!


  17. Simon, stop telling Martina she looks fat!!! >_<
    even as a joke, it's not good for a girl's ego, you know! :p

  18. “Our failure rating is fail.”

    BWHAHAHAHA! Best line ever!

  19. Haha omg, i remember the bad accident. Mystery has finally been solve :)

    One day, I’ll go there to see it.

  20. seu pa deu ji…

  21. By the way, our whole family aside from my brother drives KIAs. My mom and I have one black and one light blue Spectra, my grandma has a black Optima, and my dad has a bright ass blue Forte. Like electric blue and I SO WANT IT but I have mine, sooooo….

  22. Oh dear, that was a year ago?

  23. I’m so proud of you guys! :D

  24. Also, love how in the bloopers Simon can call Martina fat and she doesn’t get offended like most people would be all “OMG IM NOT FAT! -so funny but not really cries-. You guys are my OTP :3

  25. Long term nasty here :DD OMG this video was hilarious from the first few minutes~ I really need to watch Coffee Prince again (you guys are the reason i watched it in the first place!)

  26. You guise are such a lovey dovey couple. i lurve u guise~~!! <3

  27. Haven’t watched yet, but there is so much yes in that post! DEW EET KIA! You know, I kinda actually really like KIA. I have been saying for ages when I am getting enough hours and have some steady savings going I want to take a look at their cars. I really liked what I heard and read about the KIA Soul, and it seems the new one is going to be even better. Them helping out a pair of my favorite people makes me like them even more :). OOOH WATCHING NOW. That car is beautiful. I hope you dish on how it drives, and if you didn’t, :D can you dish on how it drives?

  28. Woo! Awesome trip guys! I loved Simon trying to fork those people out of the way. And now I know what to send you guys in a gift box. Marshmallows!!! :)

  29. It was really nice to see other people having the same exact conversation my husband and I have in those moments. My favorite quote from our adventures: “I don’t know, I’m just as lost as you are.”

  30. For all those that are having trouble finding this place on a map, here’s a Google maps link (can open on phone to for nav)


  31. Best…W.A.N.K. evah! Oh my god this was so epic! I too have experienced first hand the horror and betrayal of Korean GPS. I went around the same crazy narrow steep streets 3 times trying to find The Pacific Hotel in Myeong Dong!

  32. Coincidence! Maybe two days ago I wondered, “Did Simon and Martina ever get to go to that Coffee Prince place on the mountain?” And here you are! I clearly manifested an answer.

  33. haha!! We always have these crazy misadventures trying to find places in Korea!!!! I am sad to say that it takes me about 2 or 3 times to find something. Exasperating, but fun!!! We have had many, many epic fails as well. Glad to know we are not alone :)

  34. Have you guys seen the Big Bang version of Coffee Prince?! I’ve seen it and it’s so funny!!! Martina and Simon you guys should go watch it!

  35. Yes! I want you guys to visit awesome places! Kia go for it!

  36. Guys..why do you have a pet carrier in the car with you? Just curious.

  37. OHMERGAWD!!!!! I was going to ask you guys about GD’s Pension. Freaking GREAT!!! The best part is that place is not to pricey So I plan on staying there at least once in my life ^_^

  38. YES!!! you guys finally found the coffee shop! I am so happy right now I thought it would never happen. :D

  39. YES!!! you guys finally found the coffee shop! I an so happy right now I thought it would never happen. :D

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