Here’s the backstory for people that are new viewers: a while ago we tried going to the Coffee Prince Coffee Shop in Hongdae, but the management there weren’t cooperative. So then we tried going to the Coffee Prince House, but we got lost in the woods and almost dieded. We surrendered. We knew that making a video about Coffee Prince just wasn’t meant to be.

Then something cool happened. Really cool. You know that we helped out with the YouTube Music Awards recently, right? Well, it was sponsored by Kia, and we were speaking with Kia for a while now about working on something together. As you might notice, most of our WANKs and FAPFAPs are in Seoul, but we barely go outside of that. It’s hella difficult and expensive to bring around our equipment everywhere. We tried it once for our Eatyourkimchi Road Trip, and it seemed like you liked it, so we want to do more stuff like that where we can travel around and shoot more videos. But, without a car, that’s kinda difficult. Kia stepped up to the plate and said they wanted to work with us. That’s awesome!

The first thing we knew we’d do with the car: drive to the Coffee Prince House ourselves. BOOYA! And it worked! We got there, minus a few snags along the way, because it’s located in such a complicated area, but we got there! Huzzah!

Here’s the thing, though: this video with Kia was just a test run. They have to see that it worked out well, and if people like the video. So, this is where we’re hoping you can come in: If you like this video, and want to see us driving to places more, let Kia know. Head over to our video on YouTube and give it a like. We just tweeted this link out. Retweet it! Here it is below:

Or just send @Kia_Motors a tweet letting them know that you liked the video! Hopefully Kia will be impressed, and we can follow through with our plan to make more travel videos. Next stop: G-Dragon’s pension? What do you guise think? Hopefully all goes well and we can keep on making videos outside of Seoul.

Anyhow, we got loads of extra footage that didn’t make the final cut, including an old man sitting and smoking on a scooter/wagon combo. Totally badass:


  1. I love that KIA did this, they have opened up to the world. I am not going to lie I am more likely to look at a KIA car now then any other type because they are open minded and help you guys. normally that doesn’t effect me when it comes to product placement. But i know this wasn’t really and that it was because they did want to work with you. but maybe it was either Go KIA

  2. This is so coooooool!!!!!!!! I feel like fangirl moment kyyyaaaaaaaa…. I mean kia(?) Jajajajaahahha thanks kia >\\<

  3. If you get a car you should have a segment about the crazy things you’ll see on the roads, especially outside of Seoul. In this picture, taken down the road from our apartment in Dongducheon, there’s a scooter towing a cart riding down the road like it’s nothing. Probably going to harvest his crops.

  4. SIMON! MARTINA! Can you do a Nightlife in Hongdae part 2!? PUHLEASE~ ^~^

  5. if you really go to gd’s pension vita dolce, I’ll be skdajdlkhjdKLGSLFGAUK

  6. Hahahha THIS IS GREAT!!! Love your wanks, and fapfaps and all of the other things you do!! Dont worry Martina – when you do open my package – soon I hope – and I do hope that everything is ok (I sent my package in the beginning of october…) you will see a suprise ;D
    Question: How much “fika” (cooffee/hot chocolate and cake did you eat during that day!? XD

    Kia IS the best – thats what we driving!!! :)

  7. Just search for “산모퉁이” (cut and paste if you don’t have Korean keyboard) on google maps.

  8. I remember the two other videos. I’m so happy you broke the curse! EYK SUCCESS!

  9. My all time favorite video of yours is Hipsters lost in the Woods because I can relate to it when my friends and I got lost in the woods trying to find a duck pond that didn’t exist.

    Also, love that the car is yellow :)

  10. “and this is the famous chickens….beware Onew!!” bahahahaha!!!
    YAY!! congrats on breaking the curse!!!

  11. Omg! Please go to GD’s pension!!! @_@ That would be awesome!

  12. GAH!!!!! IT’S OPEN THE HAPPY!!!! > . . < You finally made it :D:D:D

    Thank you!!


  13. Simon, stop telling Martina she looks fat!!! >_<
    even as a joke, it's not good for a girl's ego, you know! :p

  14. “Our failure rating is fail.”

    BWHAHAHAHA! Best line ever!

  15. Also, love how in the bloopers Simon can call Martina fat and she doesn’t get offended like most people would be all “OMG IM NOT FAT! -so funny but not really cries-. You guys are my OTP :3

  16. Long term nasty here :DD OMG this video was hilarious from the first few minutes~ I really need to watch Coffee Prince again (you guys are the reason i watched it in the first place!)

  17. Woo! Awesome trip guys! I loved Simon trying to fork those people out of the way. And now I know what to send you guys in a gift box. Marshmallows!!! :)

  18. It was really nice to see other people having the same exact conversation my husband and I have in those moments. My favorite quote from our adventures: “I don’t know, I’m just as lost as you are.”

  19. Best…W.A.N.K. evah! Oh my god this was so epic! I too have experienced first hand the horror and betrayal of Korean GPS. I went around the same crazy narrow steep streets 3 times trying to find The Pacific Hotel in Myeong Dong!

  20. Coincidence! Maybe two days ago I wondered, “Did Simon and Martina ever get to go to that Coffee Prince place on the mountain?” And here you are! I clearly manifested an answer.

  21. Yes! I want you guys to visit awesome places! Kia go for it!

  22. YAY! You made it! 3rd time really is a charm. This time! hehe

  23. So basically never let Simon navigate? Or do Korean GPSes not give step by step directions as you go?

  24. *clap clap* You did it, I’m proud of you! Although I loved the WANKs for both failed attempts. The first one for the cats (seriously, I need a cafe like this in my city… kitties~~♡ ) and Lost in the Woods was just hilarious :D And now that I rewatched it, it cracked me up even more because around the 11:08 mark there’s the exact same howl sound effect as in EXO’s Wolf.

    I haven’t watched Coffee Prince but that Coffe Prince House looks great, and the view is wonderful, no wonder they have so many visitors coming there. I’d love to go there, but still I would love to go to that cupcake shop even more… Cupcakes~~♡

    Sorry I just couldn’t stop myself, blame BTS and YT comments.

  25. Man that lost in the woods episode has to be my favorite wank to date! But it is nice to finally break the curse! Congrats! *claps*

  26. wow, this was the perfect non-ad-ad, i was actually really glad you guys couldnt find the car and then had a wonky path there, a coffee prince wank would NOT BE COMPLETE without some hilarious fails along the way, im super excited for more road trips, please keep up the bumbliness!!

  27. Oh my gosh! So excited! Your Coffee Prince adventures are always my favourite ^.^
    Right, enough of that. Time to Watch! (p.s. don’t get lost in the woods :P)

  28. Does Martina have kitty-dar like me? WE CAN HAVE CONVERSATIONS AND THEN HAD A CAT ADD MOMENT AND JUST GO BEFRIEND THE KITTIES! Also, love Simon’s “Cake-y Cake-y Cake-y”

  29. The third time is always the charm. So that was destiny’s way of making you wait until now. Oh that destiny, she’s a cruel-evil little biaatch when you want to accomplish your goals your own way on your own time.

  30. You finally did it! Congratulations :D The bloopers on this one are hilarious, though. Especially the adorable part when Martina starts talking about celebrities and stops in the middle of a sentence and you both said “celebritaaaays” all cute like together. You guise kill me, I wanna grow up to be you! *barfs rainbows and puppies*

  31. I really liked the videos from the first two attempts to see the Coffee Prince Shop. It was nice to watch them again. The kitties, cupcakes, and yummy popsicles. Three of my favorite things!

  32. So happy you guys finally found it. The view is absolutely stunning. This is a definite “must see” when I go to Korea!

  33. THE CURSE IS BROKEN!!! YAY!!! Seriously guys, that scrolling of words at the end was super fast. I CAN’T READ THAT FAST! Ahywhoo…glad you two finally made it there!

  34. Oh wow day made cause guess what show I am watching at this moment Coffee prince you guys read my mind! best day evar! yay! tee hee I am just so nasty!

  35. YAY!!! Successssss!!!! Congratulations on breaking the curse! Hahahah! Really loved this WANK. Hope that KIA will continue collaborating with you guise~ Take us to those traditional palaces! I’ve been to ChangDeokGung once and I thought it’s really really pretty. :D

  36. REDEMPTION! with the Coffee prince curse lifted, maybe now the NU’EST curse can as well.

  37. The curse has finally been lifted. Huzzah!!! I’m glad you guys finally got to film there.
    Also, Martina doesn’t have a fat head. It’s only the size of a fist. Thank you for the awesome video.

  38. This is so cuuuuuteeee!!!! Thank you! <3

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