So, we’ve been on a bit of a kick lately. If you couldn’t tell from our latest TL;DR where we just acted silly together, we prefer videos in which we’re with each other and laughing and having fun. Serious stuff is ok from time to time, and information is edifying and yada yada, but being silly is fun!

TL;DRs are usually informational, and the Couple 123 tag wasn’t really all too much related to Korea, and this week’s FAPFAP was, umm, kinda related to Korea? For this week, I’m not sure why we blindfolded ourselves. We just thought it’d be more fun that way. Or, if you want to be all chef connoisseur-ish, blindfolding and tasting results in a heightened sense of taste. All of the best chefs taste food with their eyes closed. Some even plug their ears while they do so. Fact. Gordon Ramsay does it all the time. So does Jamie Oliver. Come to think of it, I only know British Chefs. WAIT! What nationality is Wolfgang Puck?

I realize this blog posts sucks a bit. We’re rather merry at the moment as we’re decorating the apartment for Christmas and we had a heavy glass of wine each. Is it warm in here or is it just my face that’s on fire? Guise? Meemers is really unhappy in his Santa Suit. He’s a lot fatter now this year than last year, that fat ass! But the Vet said he’s not fat. He weighed the Meemsies and said he’s a good weight. I call BS. That kitty has more rolls than a bakery.

Coffee is nice. Not this coffee, though. That sweet potato latte was the worst drink I had in a long time. It could probably be because we don’t eat a lot of sweets anymore, and our tastebuds have totally changed. We can appreciate wine and beer now. Before it was meh, but now we’re like “this is yummy!” I think that comes with older age. Your tastebuds fade and nasty things taste delicious. Then why does overly sweet stuff offend us so much? I don’t know. Hold that thought. Meemers is about to attack Martina as she hangs up the lights. I GOTTA SAVE HER.

Ok now that that’s done, side not about our Christmas Tree: it comes pre-glittered. We have a cat that loves the tree, and always attacks it. But then what happens, he gets covered in glitter. Why am I telling you this? Because sometimes we kiss our cat, because he’s soft and likes kisses, and you can always tell when one of us has kissed the cat, because then we have glitter all over our faces. Why am I telling you this? I should not drink wine and write blogposts.

We realized afterwards that the cereal latte might be the Korean Cereal milk, which usually tastes good on its own, but in a latte it was bizarre. Maybe because they pumped it with a lot of extra syrup? That could be it. And the milk tea latte was ultra sweet as well. So was the cherry milk chocolate, but at least that tasted like chocolate. That was its redeeming quality.

Ok I’m gonna make a sleep now. If you feel like seeing more of our silliness, check out our BLOOPERS!


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  1. Hilarious drunk blog post… now to watch the video :P

  2. Oh my gosh, I can’t stop laughing!! My friend ran from the living room to the kitchen, because I was laughing so loudly. And then when I calmed down and started reading the blog post I read: “That kitty has more rolls than a bakery” I’m dying here!
    I do wonder though, is it easy to order your lattes in Korea with soy milk instead of regular? I’m not supposed to drink a lot of cow milk.

  3. I haven’t even moved on to the bloopers yet and I laughed so much I’ve got tears. I so needed that! love you guise!

  4. Since you guys are coming back to Canada for a visit soon, I was wondering if you had every tried the drinks at Black Canary? They have one inside of Silver Snail, comics and caffeine can it get any better than that? You can order things like nutella hot chocolate, and oreo/chocolatechip/pretzel cookies, plus the drinks are named after super heros~

  5. Absolutely love you guys!!! And ALL of your awesome reviews!!! DONT EVER STOP!!! Lol ;-) you guys are really great for real!! So engaging to watch!! These vids are so helpful too!!

  6. I think I peed, I laughed so hard at the vid and bloopers…. haha

  7. Just listening to you guys laugh like complete crazies together when blindfolded was amazing, I felt happy :D

  8. Martina’s laugh through out this video was absolutely hilarious hahaha, I couldn’t help but laugh when she laughed.

  9. the silliness is cute ^_- though i also enjoy the regular TL;DRs and various posts. i think balance is key guise ^_-

    i love trying strange flavor lattes. in Japan we have a few, though not enough, i say!! and most of them are seasonal, and will only be around for a few weeks, which is laaaame. my favourites are the black-sesame lattes, and there is a shop near me that makes kinako lattes (kinako is like this beige bean powder that tastes kinda like peanut butter and cinnamon…) and it’s yum. there’s also a Sakura latte that comes out in the spring that is pretty decent. but my all-time fave is gingerbread latte from Starbucks! <3 (not a Japan thing, but still :p) i think i'd like to try the sweet potato latte though! i love sweet-potato-flavoured stuff!! <3

  10. Okay, at first I thought that was bacon bits on top of the second one.

  11. Can somebody help me? I’ve bought a t-shirt from the eyk store and I haven’t received a confirmation for the transaction. Simon and Martina, could you look into it? And if there is anybody who had bought something before, please tell me if you received one or not, and how it went, please.

  12. This was hilarious, I haven’t laughed this hard at a video for a while. I also noticed this pink plaster on your finger Martina, all I can imagine is that you went near a knife without parental supervision :)

  13. “Santa, how did the turds get so fruity~?” “JoKwon pooped them.” OH MY GOD I DIED LAUGHING AT THAT.

  14. Going off the glitter in the blog post because I have the attention span of a so we had Christmas ornaments and decorations at work last year with glitter on them and it would get ALL OVER THE FLOOR, and by the end of the night when we were all done sweeping the lobby, there would be a pile of glitter and dirt haha. Oh it was not fun. We opted for fewer glitter balls.


  16. whutttt I like Goguma Lattes! Well I love goguma so…

  17. I know the second was the cherry hot chocolate, the third was the sweet potato latte and the fourth was the Rice Krispie treat latte.
    What was the first one?

  18. SoooooZeeeee! More segments with SooooZeee pleeeeease :)

  19. Martina, what happened to your finger?? D:

  20. The actual video was like a full reel of bloopers. It was amazingly funny. xD I Love seeing you two act all silly and stuff.

  21. That blog post just sounded like a direct stream of ADD consciousness from the poster LOL! I can very much feel the influence of either alchyhol or too much CAHFEH. Anyway, I love it all!!!

  22. Martina’s scream is the best

  23. I love the blog post ^.^ I can imagine the wine induced sillies and the big goofy grins on your faces…

  24. This video and the Couple 123 challenge absolutely made my day. I always enjoy your informative tl;drs and adventurous wanks and fapfaps, but I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love the lovey-dovey, crazy, adorable moments and videos. You two are the sweetest, most hilarious, most loving couple I have ever seen and I just think it’s so fantastic that you guys actively depict and discuss the positives of marriage and relationships. I was lured in by the Music Mondays and delicious food vids, but your relationship is one of the main reasons I keep watching your videos. You guys are the best! :)

  25. Pre-glittered trees! What is this sorcery!?!

  26. This is totally off topic but Martina I LOVE YOUR NAILS!

  27. glitter is a terrible thing… *works at Michaels*
    It gets everywhere. It gets… /EVERYWHERE/

    It’s in my eye as I type.

  28. It’s “on a side note” not “on a side not” :)

  29. Drunken blog posts are fun!

    • I know it was so fun and weirdly enough kind, more rambly and random than it usually is. I thorougly enjoyed everything about this video! I think I caught more spelling and grammar mistakes (by “more” I mean like …3 XD ) in the blog post than all their other posts combined. That’s what confirmed, for me, that they must have been tipsy. They like never make any mistakes. Ever. So yay! for drunk posts! :D

  30. I really like sweet potato lattes~ But theres no coffee in it so I get caffeine deprived xD

  31. The thumbnail appears to depict diced bacon with cream…

  32. OMG this was hilarious,the bloopers, the blog post I love when you guys act all wacky. Also after “Because Jo Kwon pooped them” I literally couldn’t contain my laughter lol XD

  33. I wish there was a coffee shop that sold sweet potato latte… I already have problems trying to find really good matcha lattes…(I REFUSE to buy them from Starbucks because the last time I had theirs, it was too hot, plus they charge me to use their sugar syrup pump)

  34. “CAUTION HOT!!!” bwahhahaahhaahhaha!!!!

  35. This challenge was “Pure Gold!!!” (must read in martina’s golden spudgy voice). Hahaha thanks Sooooo-Zeeeeee for making it possible!

  36. Wolfgang Puck is german btw lol :D

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