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Coffee Shop Blindfold Challenge!

December 6, 2013


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So, we’ve been on a bit of a kick lately. If you couldn’t tell from our latest TL;DR where we just acted silly together, we prefer videos in which we’re with each other and laughing and having fun. Serious stuff is ok from time to time, and information is edifying and yada yada, but being silly is fun!

TL;DRs are usually informational, and the Couple 123 tag wasn’t really all too much related to Korea, and this week’s FAPFAP was, umm, kinda related to Korea? For this week, I’m not sure why we blindfolded ourselves. We just thought it’d be more fun that way. Or, if you want to be all chef connoisseur-ish, blindfolding and tasting results in a heightened sense of taste. All of the best chefs taste food with their eyes closed. Some even plug their ears while they do so. Fact. Gordon Ramsay does it all the time. So does Jamie Oliver. Come to think of it, I only know British Chefs. WAIT! What nationality is Wolfgang Puck?

I realize this blog posts sucks a bit. We’re rather merry at the moment as we’re decorating the apartment for Christmas and we had a heavy glass of wine each. Is it warm in here or is it just my face that’s on fire? Guise? Meemers is really unhappy in his Santa Suit. He’s a lot fatter now this year than last year, that fat ass! But the Vet said he’s not fat. He weighed the Meemsies and said he’s a good weight. I call BS. That kitty has more rolls than a bakery.

Coffee is nice. Not this coffee, though. That sweet potato latte was the worst drink I had in a long time. It could probably be because we don’t eat a lot of sweets anymore, and our tastebuds have totally changed. We can appreciate wine and beer now. Before it was meh, but now we’re like “this is yummy!” I think that comes with older age. Your tastebuds fade and nasty things taste delicious. Then why does overly sweet stuff offend us so much? I don’t know. Hold that thought. Meemers is about to attack Martina as she hangs up the lights. I GOTTA SAVE HER.

Ok now that that’s done, side not about our Christmas Tree: it comes pre-glittered. We have a cat that loves the tree, and always attacks it. But then what happens, he gets covered in glitter. Why am I telling you this? Because sometimes we kiss our cat, because he’s soft and likes kisses, and you can always tell when one of us has kissed the cat, because then we have glitter all over our faces. Why am I telling you this? I should not drink wine and write blogposts.

We realized afterwards that the cereal latte might be the Korean Cereal milk, which usually tastes good on its own, but in a latte it was bizarre. Maybe because they pumped it with a lot of extra syrup? That could be it. And the milk tea latte was ultra sweet as well. So was the cherry milk chocolate, but at least that tasted like chocolate. That was its redeeming quality.

Ok I’m gonna make a sleep now. If you feel like seeing more of our silliness, check out our BLOOPERS!

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