Heya! Here’s another one of our weekly Kondoot chats. Just in case you missed it (it’s a small time window, after all), you can watch it here on our site. Yay!

We didn’t open any fanmail this week. Sorry! We didn’t have a chance to go to the post office. Well, we’re going to the post office RIGHT AFTER this chat today. Ha! I’m sure we’ll be able to open something and have fun with it next time…that is…only if people want to send us stuff. If they don’t want to then, well, that’s cool I guess. *sniff* HA WE ARE SO MANIPULATIVE!

We went to our favorite coffee shop in Bucheon, Cafe 12 dal, which you might remember from our WANK on Korean Bakeries. We like to change things up a bit, you know? Not always doing these videos in our apartment. We would have gone somewhere outside today instead, but it’s a bit too hot and we don’t want our computer and flesh to melt off. So…Air Conditioned Coffee Shop it is!

Yeah! We do these once a week, so if you missed out on this one live, we’ll be doing another one probably on Thursday or Friday of next week, so hopefully we can see you then!

  1. Aww, went to watch it, but the video can’t be found anymore. I get weird little blue ferrets with antenna looking at a 404 cardboard box. So sad :(

  2. I cried to during shut up Flower boy band toooooooo!!!!!!! I had to finish it though good ending. Must finish

  3. CL’s jerky, Singapore

  4. Hahahaha, I was actually watching Shut Up Flower Boy Band in a Starbucks (thanks free wifi…) when that happened, and my reaction was much the same as yours.

    So what happened was, I cried and cried and cried… in public… with people. Hahaha, I was trying SO hard to be quiet, and I was hiding my face behind napkins, but on my way out of the store later, I actually had someone stop and ask me if everything was alright, because they’d noticed that I seemed really upset earlier. Yeah.

    I just ended up making a joke out of it, telling them that’s what I get for watching dramas in public, and I was fine. Luckily they laughed. They probably just thought I was some crazy young whippersnapper, letting my emotions run wild. =P
    (I kept watching it though, haha).

  5. D: I thought I was the only one who thought the casting for the live action Ouran High School Host Club was awful! As I was watching it, all I was thinking was, “….aren’t the boys supposed to be good-looking???” I couldn’t get into it either! Especially seeing who they casted(?) as Honey and Tamaki. u_u,

  6. OMG! Martina’s stepping through the mirror reference could also be a Phantom of the Opera reference lol!

  7. Simon and Martina, have you guys watched Hana Kimi the Taiwan version? It’s also very funny and adorable =)

  8. 35c is about 95f according to the Google converter that I just used, so it is HOT!

  9. thanks, didn’t realize that kondoot existed. I feel silly now

  10. On what site do these chats take place. I’d like to actually see one live

  11. MUST WATCH SHUT UP FLOWER BOY BAND O___O SO GOOD! And Big was amazing… then the ending RIGHT at the end KILLED it and i rate it as a 6 -.- wouldve been a 10 up til then.

  12. AHH! I’ve never ever ever cried as much as when I watched Shut Up Flower Boy Band. I originally watched it only for Myungsoo (L) from Infinite but this is one of the only dramas that I’ve been extremely attached to. Hahaha. Watch it Martina! I promise you won’t regret it ^^ <3

  13. Over 35 degrees? >.< That's like a normal summers day where I'm from *sigh* I still remember the heat wave we had a couple years ago. It stayed between 43-48 degrees for days and I started living in my bathtub and the local beach. Wish 35 was considered hot here D:

  14. The only reason I watched the Ouran High School drama was because Yaguchi from Morning Musume’s husband portrayed Mori-senpai.

  15. Before i finish watching, AMBER WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT FOR DOING THAT!

    Though.. o.O I just cant picture her romantically with a guy or as a girl in the start I think. Idk. Ive had my wonders about her. Either way, :D the role probably would have fit her.

  16. I love when people put 2min pictures next to Hana Kimi pictures, and they look EXACTLY THE SAME

  17. yoo jea-suk looks beast in that yellow suit in oppa gandnam style pretty sure i spell it wrong now haha

  18. i actually watched the live Ouran Host Club, and really enjoyed it. it was really weird at first, especially Tamaki, but overall, ok. i absolutely LOVED Honey Senpai, but i have to ask, did he wear a dress in the anime? cuz in the live version, he wore a dress when they were following Haruhi on her date. O_O little bit akward. i know he’s adorable and all…but the dress was a bit much for me

  19. OMG I work in a shipping container (yes, for realsy real) here in Christchurch NZ (because of the earthquakes, the city is rebuilding itself via shipping containers) And SERIOUSLY….it is so freakin crazy hot. Just like your saying about the “mirror/looking glass” thing. It is so stuffy, so little breathing room, so many people in such a small place PLUS a La Marzocca and 4 fridges UGGGHHHH. Love the live chats and Simon, you are very handsome!! It’s just that Martina also has it going on :)

  20. hi simon n martina im just wondering if ur going to SM ART exhibition at coex cuz im going…..sorry for asking..LOL

  21. A glomp is when a person tackle hugs you~

  22. Totally try and pick Shut Up FBB, it gets so much better! I had to take a break with Lee Minki’s character died because I bawled my eyes out every time they brought him up but it was totally worth it in the end!


  24. Shut Up FBB ended up being good, but, I also was close to not watching it after they offed Lee Min Ki. I was really really really looking forward to the character development between him and the female lead.

  25. Meanwhile, where I am, I have literally been melting because it’s 50 degrees Celsius.. No, I am not even rounding up or kidding.. ~~(T-T)~~

  26. what do you do for a liveing

  27. I am OBSESSED with 2NE-1 – I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Rooftop Prince – so funny and romantic. NEVER cried so hard watching KDrama.

  29. Hot. Have you been to Phoenix, AZ in July?
    I agree with many posters…ending of BIG was just wrong. Reminded me of the LAME LOST ending.

  30. BIG ending was a waste of life..and it was draggin //ending was err …aish. U need to watch queen inhyun’s man!

  31. OMG Martina I did the same thing with Shut Up Flower Boy Band. The character I think you’re talking about about was called Joo Byung-hee, and I loved that character so much, so when he died I just stopped. Even though I originally started watching it for Infinite’s L, I just stopped after that character died.

  32. You also have k-pop & eatyourkimchi fans at Nicaragua n Guatemala ^^

  33. :o carribean bay! CABI CABI THE HOTTEST HOTTEST :D (snsd & 2pm)

  34. Ouran! I’m a Kyoya fan. I think Sulli is a better choice for Hana Kimi. She’s fluent, but she was also a child actress. A good one at that. Though Amber would have been good for any American/English parts. I just don’t see her as an actor. But I think it will add a sense of dramatic irony to the show. Sulli’s obviously a girl, but they don’t figure it out.

  35. I am from Texas. (LOL RaNdOm)

  36. Martina you should totally keep going with SUFBB. Lee Min Ki was AMAZING but Sung Joon totally steps it up and is wonderful. It’s my favorite drama ever!

  37. NYAAAA *—* I just love the Spudgy <3

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