Heya! Here’s another one of our weekly Kondoot chats. Just in case you missed it (it’s a small time window, after all), you can watch it here on our site. Yay!

We didn’t open any fanmail this week. Sorry! We didn’t have a chance to go to the post office. Well, we’re going to the post office RIGHT AFTER this chat today. Ha! I’m sure we’ll be able to open something and have fun with it next time…that is…only if people want to send us stuff. If they don’t want to then, well, that’s cool I guess. *sniff* HA WE ARE SO MANIPULATIVE!

We went to our favorite coffee shop in Bucheon, Cafe 12 dal, which you might remember from our WANK on Korean Bakeries. We like to change things up a bit, you know? Not always doing these videos in our apartment. We would have gone somewhere outside today instead, but it’s a bit too hot and we don’t want our computer and flesh to melt off. So…Air Conditioned Coffee Shop it is!

Yeah! We do these once a week, so if you missed out on this one live, we’ll be doing another one probably on Thursday or Friday of next week, so hopefully we can see you then!

  1. Aww, went to watch it, but the video can’t be found anymore. I get weird little blue ferrets with antenna looking at a 404 cardboard box. So sad :(

  2. Totally try and pick Shut Up FBB, it gets so much better! I had to take a break with Lee Minki’s character died because I bawled my eyes out every time they brought him up but it was totally worth it in the end!

  3. Dear Simon and Martina-
    You are little weinners who think it is hot when it is not.
    85 degrees? Or 35 as you put it. I would KILL for that! I walk 20 minutes in 90 degree weather almost everyday this summer.
    With that said, you guys are awesome otherwise. Take the heat LIKE A MAN!

  4. Oh man its 110 here (43 c) but I live in the dry heat of the desert. It’s much more bearable. AND OMG SIMON. BREAKING BAD! I’m a little behind but right now I wanna kick Skyler in the face, yet she’s such a good character. Great fan chat guys :D

  5. Mississauga is a suburb of Toronto.

  6. Teachers’ Unions should just show episodes of Breaking Bad during contract negotiations. “Is this what you want? Then pay us more!”
    Martina you may want to check out History of the Salaryman. It’s very tongue in cheek for a kdrama. It’s supposed to be an amusing modern day take on a famous Chinese epic.

  7. Rofl. That is kinda true. Although most comments I’ve seen are just trying to cheer S&M up. As for the EYK trolls, at the most I’d pity them – after all, with that level of immaturity and tactlessness, they’re bound to fail in society. :(

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