Heya! Here’s another one of our weekly Kondoot chats. Just in case you missed it (it’s a small time window, after all), you can watch it here on our site. Yay!

We didn’t open any fanmail this week. Sorry! We didn’t have a chance to go to the post office. Well, we’re going to the post office RIGHT AFTER this chat today. Ha! I’m sure we’ll be able to open something and have fun with it next time…that is…only if people want to send us stuff. If they don’t want to then, well, that’s cool I guess. *sniff* HA WE ARE SO MANIPULATIVE!

We went to our favorite coffee shop in Bucheon, Cafe 12 dal, which you might remember from our WANK on Korean Bakeries. We like to change things up a bit, you know? Not always doing these videos in our apartment. We would have gone somewhere outside today instead, but it’s a bit too hot and we don’t want our computer and flesh to melt off. So…Air Conditioned Coffee Shop it is!

Yeah! We do these once a week, so if you missed out on this one live, we’ll be doing another one probably on Thursday or Friday of next week, so hopefully we can see you then!

  1. Aww, went to watch it, but the video can’t be found anymore. I get weird little blue ferrets with antenna looking at a 404 cardboard box. So sad :(

  2. I cried to during shut up Flower boy band toooooooo!!!!!!! I had to finish it though good ending. Must finish

  3. CL’s jerky, Singapore

  4. Hahahaha, I was actually watching Shut Up Flower Boy Band in a Starbucks (thanks free wifi…) when that happened, and my reaction was much the same as yours.

    So what happened was, I cried and cried and cried… in public… with people. Hahaha, I was trying SO hard to be quiet, and I was hiding my face behind napkins, but on my way out of the store later, I actually had someone stop and ask me if everything was alright, because they’d noticed that I seemed really upset earlier. Yeah.

    I just ended up making a joke out of it, telling them that’s what I get for watching dramas in public, and I was fine. Luckily they laughed. They probably just thought I was some crazy young whippersnapper, letting my emotions run wild. =P
    (I kept watching it though, haha).

  5. D: I thought I was the only one who thought the casting for the live action Ouran High School Host Club was awful! As I was watching it, all I was thinking was, “….aren’t the boys supposed to be good-looking???” I couldn’t get into it either! Especially seeing who they casted(?) as Honey and Tamaki. u_u,

  6. OMG! Martina’s stepping through the mirror reference could also be a Phantom of the Opera reference lol!

  7. Simon and Martina, have you guys watched Hana Kimi the Taiwan version? It’s also very funny and adorable =)

  8. 35c is about 95f according to the Google converter that I just used, so it is HOT!

  9. thanks, didn’t realize that kondoot existed. I feel silly now

  10. On what site do these chats take place. I’d like to actually see one live

  11. MUST WATCH SHUT UP FLOWER BOY BAND O___O SO GOOD! And Big was amazing… then the ending RIGHT at the end KILLED it and i rate it as a 6 -.- wouldve been a 10 up til then.

  12. AHH! I’ve never ever ever cried as much as when I watched Shut Up Flower Boy Band. I originally watched it only for Myungsoo (L) from Infinite but this is one of the only dramas that I’ve been extremely attached to. Hahaha. Watch it Martina! I promise you won’t regret it ^^ <3

  13. Over 35 degrees? >.< That's like a normal summers day where I'm from *sigh* I still remember the heat wave we had a couple years ago. It stayed between 43-48 degrees for days and I started living in my bathtub and the local beach. Wish 35 was considered hot here D:

  14. The only reason I watched the Ouran High School drama was because Yaguchi from Morning Musume’s husband portrayed Mori-senpai.

  15. Before i finish watching, AMBER WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT FOR DOING THAT!

    Though.. o.O I just cant picture her romantically with a guy or as a girl in the start I think. Idk. Ive had my wonders about her. Either way, :D the role probably would have fit her.

    • Crap. I mean dressed girl like. Because shes just kinda tomboy/androgynous to me and I like it. Its very different compared to other k-pop girls.

  16. I love when people put 2min pictures next to Hana Kimi pictures, and they look EXACTLY THE SAME

  17. yoo jea-suk looks beast in that yellow suit in oppa gandnam style pretty sure i spell it wrong now haha

  18. i actually watched the live Ouran Host Club, and really enjoyed it. it was really weird at first, especially Tamaki, but overall, ok. i absolutely LOVED Honey Senpai, but i have to ask, did he wear a dress in the anime? cuz in the live version, he wore a dress when they were following Haruhi on her date. O_O little bit akward. i know he’s adorable and all…but the dress was a bit much for me

  19. OMG I work in a shipping container (yes, for realsy real) here in Christchurch NZ (because of the earthquakes, the city is rebuilding itself via shipping containers) And SERIOUSLY….it is so freakin crazy hot. Just like your saying about the “mirror/looking glass” thing. It is so stuffy, so little breathing room, so many people in such a small place PLUS a La Marzocca and 4 fridges UGGGHHHH. Love the live chats and Simon, you are very handsome!! It’s just that Martina also has it going on :)

  20. hi simon n martina im just wondering if ur going to SM ART exhibition at coex cuz im going…..sorry for asking..LOL

  21. A glomp is when a person tackle hugs you~

  22. Totally try and pick Shut Up FBB, it gets so much better! I had to take a break with Lee Minki’s character died because I bawled my eyes out every time they brought him up but it was totally worth it in the end!


  24. Shut Up FBB ended up being good, but, I also was close to not watching it after they offed Lee Min Ki. I was really really really looking forward to the character development between him and the female lead.

  25. Meanwhile, where I am, I have literally been melting because it’s 50 degrees Celsius.. No, I am not even rounding up or kidding.. ~~(T-T)~~

  26. what do you do for a liveing

  27. I am OBSESSED with 2NE-1 – I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Rooftop Prince – so funny and romantic. NEVER cried so hard watching KDrama.

  29. Hot. Have you been to Phoenix, AZ in July?
    I agree with many posters…ending of BIG was just wrong. Reminded me of the LAME LOST ending.

  30. BIG ending was a waste of life..and it was draggin //ending was err …aish. U need to watch queen inhyun’s man!

  31. OMG Martina I did the same thing with Shut Up Flower Boy Band. The character I think you’re talking about about was called Joo Byung-hee, and I loved that character so much, so when he died I just stopped. Even though I originally started watching it for Infinite’s L, I just stopped after that character died.

  32. You also have k-pop & eatyourkimchi fans at Nicaragua n Guatemala ^^

  33. :o carribean bay! CABI CABI THE HOTTEST HOTTEST :D (snsd & 2pm)

  34. Ouran! I’m a Kyoya fan. I think Sulli is a better choice for Hana Kimi. She’s fluent, but she was also a child actress. A good one at that. Though Amber would have been good for any American/English parts. I just don’t see her as an actor. But I think it will add a sense of dramatic irony to the show. Sulli’s obviously a girl, but they don’t figure it out.

  35. I am from Texas. (LOL RaNdOm)

  36. Martina you should totally keep going with SUFBB. Lee Min Ki was AMAZING but Sung Joon totally steps it up and is wonderful. It’s my favorite drama ever!

  37. NYAAAA *—* I just love the Spudgy <3

  38. yeah you guys should go to carribean bay and show us how awesome it is. I remember leaving you a comment about that so long ago >.<

  39. ohmygod im in love with shut up flower boy band! i thought i wouldnt be able to get over bunghee’s death (i seriously cried the entire 3rd episode and half of the 4th. never has a drama made me cry so much, let alone in the first 5 episodes ;A;) but it’s still actually really good. im on the very last episode, and although toward the end the girl su-ah starts to get annoying, it’s still really good. from what people tell me the ending isnt too bad.

  40. LMAO I know what you guys mean tho..
    I just came back from Seoul and me and my friend walked around for like 12 hours everyday trying to see everything we wanted and we were just melting all the time and coming back to our guest house felt like heaven because of the A/C haha~

    Simon your ears are sexy! Kinda…as sexy as ears can get (^_^)v

  41. Dear Simon and Martina-
    You are little weinners who think it is hot when it is not.
    85 degrees? Or 35 as you put it. I would KILL for that! I walk 20 minutes in 90 degree weather almost everyday this summer.
    With that said, you guys are awesome otherwise. Take the heat LIKE A MAN!

    • LOL, right? I wonder what they would do during July/August in Phoenix, Arizona?

      • Actually my fiancee and I are both excited to go down near Phoenix. (going to Lake Powell, which is cooler) We can’t wait to go someplace with no humidity. It’s terrible. I completely get what Simon and Martina are saying, it’s like walking into oven.

      • Seoul is way more humid than Phoenix. The temperature of Seoul coincides with Kingman almost exactly except for the humidity being RIDICULOUS so it seems WAY more hot than it actually is.

    • PS It really is 95 degrees there! XD That is hot.

  42. i think your video mess up cause i dont see nothing…

  43. You must, must finish watching ‘Shut Up! Flower Boy Band.’ I can promise you that you won’t regret watching it through. I stayed up until 530am watching the series. The cinematography, the script, the pace, and the actors were all wonderful. I really hope you go through with it. It is one of the most thoughtful, and heartfelt dramas I’ve seen in all my years of drama-watching.

  44. You must, must finish watching ‘Shut Up! Flower Boy Band.’ I can promise you that you won’t regret watching it through. I stated up until 530am watching the series. The cinematography, the script, the pace, and the actors were all wonderful. I really hope you go through with it. It is one of the best, thoughtful, and heartfelt dramas I’ve seen.

  45. Martina, i felt the same about Flower Boy Band. My friends keep telling me that I should keep watching it, but after i say that character die, i couldn’t watch it anymore. He was just such a likable and cool character and I was like “That’s it. Nope. Can’t watch.” I’m just glad to know that someone else feels the same as me :3

  46. simon and martina you have alot of fans in Saudi Arabia why are you surprised :D

  47. Oh man its 110 here (43 c) but I live in the dry heat of the desert. It’s much more bearable. AND OMG SIMON. BREAKING BAD! I’m a little behind but right now I wanna kick Skyler in the face, yet she’s such a good character. Great fan chat guys :D

  48. Ouran High School Host Club <3 I love the twins and honey-sempai :D I love anime, and anyone here heard of Durarara? It is epic X3
    I swear I am gonna join the next live chat. I keep on missing it :((((
    XD If you come to the UAE, you'll like melt XD It's like 41 degrees Celsius here, too hot D: It's a hot summer a hot hot summer :D

  49. Speaking of Psy, I 100% think that you guys should go to the YG Concert sometime. You guys can see Psy live along with other fellow YG Family members.. ^^ I dont know when but i heard the tickets are like $100/$200. O_O I think its in the US maybe so I think I will try to go.



  51. I though Sulli actually fits the character quite well. She looks like a beautiful boy the only thing throwing me off is her full lips ahahah.

  52. OMG I’m so surprised!
    I live in Bucheon! and I had gone Incheon grand park 2 years ago!
    where do you two live in??
    I’m Korean and I have terrible English skill ; _ ;
    so I hardly understand what you two are saying but I’m huge fan of eat your kimch!!
    I always watch your video so my English listening skill got better xD
    thank you all the time for making funny video^_^

  53. Random cafe employees in the background ^_____^

  54. OMG same for me about Shut up flower boy band. i cried so much. I couldnt finish it because the guy is gone. i thought only me did that LOL

  55. I love Both of you guys! I can’t imagine one without the other. Simon, guys are really hard to shop for! I don’t know what I could send you except for food and possible t-shirts lol.

  56. irritablevowel

    Teachers’ Unions should just show episodes of Breaking Bad during contract negotiations. “Is this what you want? Then pay us more!”
    Martina you may want to check out History of the Salaryman. It’s very tongue in cheek for a kdrama. It’s supposed to be an amusing modern day take on a famous Chinese epic.

  57. OHSHC <3 There won't be a 2. season. ( I forgot the reason but the definitely don't make a 2. season) However the maga goes on. (i don't like it because [SPOILER DON'T READ IT IF YOU ARE READING THE MANGA YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW THIS PART YET OR YOU DO AND YOU KNOW IT ALREADY]
    Honey & Mori have to leave the school because they are too old and haruhi somehow fall in love with tamaki -.-)

  58. lol brampton… i wish i could have been there for the live chat.

  59. I want to calm down Simon by saying that he has fans also.I really like his sense of humour and style. Personally,I think Simon and Martina are an ideal couple or the most close to be called like this. Martina is the creative part and Simon is the person that plans how this can be done. It’s just my assumption so i’m sorry if it’s wrong.

  60. I think you should choose Shut Up Flower Boy Band over Big. Flower Boy is much better plot-wise and character-wise. The episode 2 ending was shockingly sad, but the show gets way better. It really is a good drama. I think even Simon would enjoy it.
    Big, on the other hand, starts out nicely but the ending is unsatisfying, leaves a lot of unanswered questions.
    So, I would definitely recommend Shut Up Flower Boy Band over Big.

  61. lol simon did the ‘oh’ martina face :p

  62. Its kind of funny…..kpop fans being what they are…..the fact that you are getting hurtful comments and it is upsetting you makes YOUR fans want to take these people into a dark alley somewhere and teach them some manners. You have your own kpop fans. LOL! Now you need a balloon color!XD

    • Rofl. That is kinda true. Although most comments I’ve seen are just trying to cheer S&M up. As for the EYK trolls, at the most I’d pity them – after all, with that level of immaturity and tactlessness, they’re bound to fail in society. :(

  63. I enjoyed Big. At first I was a little disappointed by the ending – I would have liked MORE is all. After thinking about it a little, I felt that it was okay. Gong Yoo is awesome in it! Worth watching just for him imo. I enjoy watching good acting.

    A suggestion for your chats – maybe push the comment time to one minute? Your audience for these is growing so fast you’ll probably have a thousand attendees before you know it. If there is more wait time people might choose what they want to post more carefully and you’ll get comments and questions that are more than just verbal flailing. I don’t mean that in a negative way, the verbal flailing is part of the fun, its just that there are a lot of superfluous remarks that are pushing the comments so fast I can hardly even read them. It was nice when we could chat with each other as well as with you guise.

    I check out your website every day. You guise are a ray of sunshine and watching you always cheers me up when I need it. I LOVE the weekly chats and I am always super bummed out if I have to miss one. You guise are osm – keep up the good work!

  64. hey when do you do your weekly chats cuz i always miss them, probably cuz im in the U.S and am on Centeral time.

  65. gangnam style has over 11 million views! wow!

  66. D: I cried my eyes out watching shut up flower boy-band too..there were tissues everywhere ……yeah I was in the same boat as you Martina, but i continued to watch it and even ordered it online but Im only on episode 11 and haven’t got around to finishing it yet :P And I can’t wait for hana kimi to come out :D

  67. I’ve been meaning to start Breaking Bad! It’s in my Netflix queue! Just have to speed watch I guess

  68. I laugh in the face of your measly 35 degree weather! No, that’s pretty hot, but Australian summers > Korean summers. We had 8 days straight of 35°+ a couple of years back. That wasn’t even in Summer. But it’s pretty dry in my part of Australia, so at least there’s no humidity to have to cope with.
    I liked Big until the end. You should try Rooftop Prince (with Yoochun of JYJ) if you haven’t already. My favourite drama after Coffee Prince.
    I think Sulli was chosen because she has child acting experience or something. But I agree Amber would’ve been great.
    Really upset I missed this, because it’s the first one I’ve been home for in ages.

  69. Hot summer! A hot, hot summer!

  70. So I thought Amber would have been perfect for Hana Kimi as well, not only because of her looks, but because the main character flies there from America. How perfect is that? She could have an american accent and it would be part of the character.

    • Amber might have worked with the image, but she can’t act and can’t speak korean while Sulli was a child actress and is really amazing…..plus in the manga too wasn’t Mizuki really girly looking? And in the Japanese dorama she was really girly too…

    • Amber would have been better for a role like Eun Chan (Coffee Prince) since that character was very tomboy/masculine. But Sulli is better for this role as this character (Mizuki?) is supposed to be super feminine and not act “appropriately” as a male.

  71. what are they talking about in around 14:40 i want to know lol i feel so left out

    omgosh i watched big and i loved it through out until the end. :(

  72. im soooo excited for Hana Kimi! i loved the manga!!

  73. Yep, I cried a lot when Lee min ki’s character in Shut Up Flower Boy Band died. He did a great job for only being in the show for 2 or 3 eps and having me bawl like a baby. Also, the ending of SUFBB was one of the most reasonable and cute ones I’ve seen in a drama.

  74. I just have to say, if it was 400 degress Fahrenheit we would all be dead from the heat and the world would become another sun and burst into flames!! Lol. But seriously that’s wayy to hot! You said it was over 35 degress there, in the United States it would be over 95 degress which is hot! I live in Michigan and normally its not really hot but we have been having a horrible summer! It was 111 degrees Fahrenheit one day (43 degrees Celsius) and the humidity was up to 95% so we pretty much burned up as soon as we stepped outside lol. Anyway, I wish I could chat with you live but our time differences are to wide but I am happy with this! Take a break! Go to sleep! We will all still be here waiting for you when you get back! Love you guys!!

  75. lol Mori-senpai is my fave character on Ouran too! lol he’s a very understated sort of awkward funny XD

    and on Shut Up Flower Boy Band, it was very upsetting when Byunghee dies… i was saying like literally 2 days ago to a friend that my fave character dies in like ep 2 lol. but the whole point of the story is really centered around his death. like the other members try to cope with his death and let the world hear the last song he wrote and then end up finding themselves as individuals rather than a group… its a really good k-drama, like my 2nd favorite and i have seen A LOT! you should really try watching it again Martina!

    Love you guys!! and i love that Simon is a giant, cuz i’m 5’11, and taller than like everyone i know… <3

    Jes [Normal, IL] and yes… that is a real place lol.

  76. I Loved Shut up Flower Boy Band and yes it did get kind of slow after Byung Hee died but it was still worth it

  77. San antonio Texas 104°F <—- SUPER HOT

  78. oh u know the guy ur talking about from flower boy band. thats lee minki. i hated that too and the drama just SUCKED after it. i finished the whole thing but u did a good thing not wasting ur time on it cuz it was BIG ASS disappointment. i got really attached to the minki character too and hoped he would somehow come back but he didnt and it was just all downhill from there. SO GOOD JOB martina for not watching the rest :D As for BIG, yes the ending kinda sucks but its one of those open endings that u can make theories of urself (which u guys always like doing :D ) but apart from that, the drama itself is AMAZING. Gong yoo’s acting has never failed to amaze me and im sure you’ll find it that hes an awesome versatile actor. it was really fun to watch him so u should definitely give it a try when u have a chance :)

    • Rooftop had an open-like ending and it made sense ( hence the reason it got lots of praise from Kdrama fans… Big’s ending on the other hand–just seems like they rushed to make it and it was very vague (but yeah the rest of the show was good but due to the ending it seemed to tarnish the rest of the previous episodes). I do agree though Gong Yoo’s acting was amazing!!

      • Faith – well said. AND just think, The Teacher is going to date her ex-husband’s younger IVF/Blood cord brother?! SO NOT going to go over with the families!

  79. Ouran high school host club !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cuteness overload <3 really love the anime.. I`m a fan of hitachin brothers:3 hikaru and kaoru <3

  80. The Cabi Song by 2pm and Girls Generation :D

  81. Noooo.. don’t watch BIG– you will be disappointed. Ok I am a big fan of Gong Yoo ( Coffee Prince. Biscut Teacher & Star Candy and Finding Mr. Destiny) but seriously this show could not be saved by his acting ( which was spot on for the part). Ok the plot sounded awesome and I was super excited. I live chatted and watched all the episodes the day each came out. It started out really promising but around episode 11 it just started lagging and repeating situations in previous episodes. I still hoped it would pick up and stuck with it till the end in hopes it would but me (and many other viewers) all agreed that the ending was a big dissapointment and seemed rushed. I don’t want to give too much away but overall after watching I felt like I wasted all my weeks to get to a very so-so ending. I would wait for To the Beautiful You, Panda & Hedgehog, Arrang & the Magistrate or FAITH with Lee Minho. Others that were good recently–> I Love Lee Tae Ri (similar theme to Big), Gentlemen’s Dignity or Bridal Mask (intense and not cutesy but amazing!!!)
    Simon and Martina FIGHTING!!!

    • TOTALLY agreed about Big. Well said. P.S. Have you watched Ghost? If not, you should give the first couple episodes a try. I LOOOOVE it!

    • Totally agree with emulee, watch Ghost! It’s awesome! Wait till they finish broadcasting it though, they’re killing us with Olympics break atm… And the last episode had such a cliffanger…gosh… Both Gaksital and Ghost are so intense! Another one worth the time lost on it is I Need Romance 2012(opinion formed from the first 13 episodes, don’t blame me if it turns bad:P)

    • I loooove Rooftop Prince! :D I’m super excited for Panda&Hedgehog~ Donghae is in it!! ^^

    • Big was amazing. I don’t know what people are talking about.

  82. i’ve experimented 45 degrees…

  83. You guys shouls read the Ouran Manga~ It recently finished on Volume 13~ I personlly think there won’t be a second season (the gap’s been too long) and the its ending was manipulated to give an actual ending rather than big cliffhanger. and I like the manga much much more, though in VOL 11 or so it gets much more serious and the hilarious random stuff are cut down a bit (the confessions and heart-wrench are queued in xD)

  84. You guys should go read the manga of Ouran~ The manga just ended on Volume 13 I think~ The anime never got a second season and I mean they kinda changed the ending to give some kind of actual ending to it. But the manga is much much more better and heart-wrenching, but I think after volume 11 or something, it starts getting pretty serious rather than funny (but there are still chapters (filler chapters) that have humour) ^w^

  85. OH MY GOSH YOU HAD SOMEONE FROM MAINE?! :OOO I’m not the only eyk fan from Maine!!! YESSS

  86. ‘Today for you, tomorrow for me” :D sorry had to that

  87. NOO!! I missed Kondoot chats! But~ my house is in Yongin, and Everland is only 5km away! Well. acatually, a long time ago, when Simon and Martina uploaded “Trip to Everland” or whatever the name was, in the bus to Everland, my apartment was shown. :D

  88. But the hana kimi character is like there because she’s a fangirl and I don’t think Amber would express the fangirl type of girl for me. But I don’t think Sulli suits either :/

  89. HONEY SENPAI FROM THE DRAMA FREAKED ME OUT ! ! But I think the twins was good :)

  90. OMG YOU SAID MY NAME ON HERE @ LIKE 14:05!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    p.s. can`t wait for the drama i liked it on facebook and they keep posting pictures from filming they tease!

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