Guise: this month has been the most exciting month of Eatyourkimchi Studio’s existence. We’re opening up a coffee shop, right here in Hongdae, right beside our studio. Come, grab a seat, and we’ll tell you everything we know and all the heart and the feels that went into the planning of this place.

We’ve been working on this for months now, discussing ideas, hunting locations, talking about shop names, the look and feel of the place, the menu…the everything! Many of you know how passionate we are about coffee (and how much we drink), and you’ve heard us talking about our dreams to open up our own shop in the future as well. But that idea was distant future for us. We thought that we’d do that when we’re older, in our late 50s, and not sprightly enough to make awkward jokes on the internet. It was a pipe dream, and so we’re totally amazed that this is happening decades before our plan.

We’re partnering up with Hyunwoo and the TalkToMeInKorean crew. We’re all youtubers, we’re all into promoting Korea, and we’re all into coffee shop culture. We’ve spoken a lot about how awesome it would be to open up a coffee shop that would incorporate good coffee, homemade healthy baked goods, and a great atmosphere for both visitors to Korea and Korean people.

On top of that, we like what the Talk To Me In Korean crew do. They’re good people. We’ve spoken with lots of other businesses in Korea, some multi-million dollar companies, and they’re bad, bad. Evil bad. We never get that feeling with Hyunwoo. Whenever we do anything together we feel nothing but “goddamn that guy is a good person.” We couldn’t be happier working together with him and his crew!

We also know that lots of people want to visit the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio, but it’s a really difficult and impractical location. There’s a gate at the third floor that we can’t hear the ringing to, because there’s no bell. There is an office below us that understandably doesn’t want people socializing during their work hours. And now the club owners in the basement put a gate at the first floor as well. It’s impossible for any of you Nasties to stop by as a result, and that sucks!

Having a coffee shop that’s close to the studio, then, is a perfect solution. We can meet up with people there! It’s not impossible to get to! Gandalf isn’t sitting at the stairs saying “UUUU SHALLL NOT PASSSSS” We’re thinking of doing lots of events in the coffee shop including maybe live chats!

So in order to get this dream going, we have an investor who’s funding the development of the coffee shop and who believes in Hyunwoo’s and our shared vision. Otherwise, again, this is something we would have had to wait decades for. He’s actually a good friend of Hyunwoo’s already, which makes us really happy, because it’s not a shady person trying to take advantage of us. It’s someone who likes what we do, and wants to help see where we can go with this next.

We’re thinking about what we can do with this coffee shop as well. We’d love to shoot videos there, would love to see you there in our videos, too. So, no, this doesn’t mean that we’re stopping Eatyourkimchi videos and focusing entirely on this. This isn’t a replacement of Eatyourkimchi; it’s just a new branch, one that we think goes well with those of you we’d love to be able to see but can’t see. We were flabbergasted at how supportive you all were when we had the Studio Pop Up Store event, so we think that you’d like to come to this place as well. Martina has been working on the menu for months now and she’ll even be in the kitchen making healthy homemade baked goods. You know you want to try her cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and loaves!

We do know, though, that our schedules are going to be a bit hectic now that we’re starting this new dream of ours, but we’re doing our best to film things in advance so that we can stay up to date with our videos as much as possible. You might remember how scattered things were when we were building the studio at the end of 2012, and how some videos just never got made because we were picking the tiling and the paint. We’re hoping that this won’t be the case this time, but if it does happen, we hope you’ll forgive us.

We are going to try to keep you updated on things as well, with videos of the studio development, construction, and whatnot. We’re still debating what name we should go for, how we should decorate it, and all that. We’ll let you know as things advance! We’re just happy to finally have found a place after, really, six months in the works. Woohoo!

Side note: Dongho, if you’re reading this (and I know you probably are) do you know how to either bake or to make coffee? If so, we’d love to talk. Just saying ;)

We’ve got some bloopers from the hunt as well. Check em out if you feel like a few extra lols:


You can also check out Talk To Me in Korean’s Announcement Video and read their blog post as well. Yay!

So, yeah! That’s it for now! Click on the subscribe button below so you can keep up to date with what’s happening. We’re also trying to think of a way to have something special on the menu for YouTube subscribers. Gotta figure out how to do that. Till then, make sure you click on this pretty button right here:

  1. omg you guys i’m so excited i really REALLY want to come do you think you can tell about an oppening date or an approximate one? i’ll be going to japan in september and if your coffee shop is open by then i am coming to skorea like NO DOUBT please pleaaaaaaase tell me if you think you’ll be open by then, if not, please tell anyways so i can stop dreaming of meeting you guys ; U;

  2. It’d be so cool if you could name the snacks or drinks after songs or K-pop groups because it’d be funny to see people trying to order drinks. For ex. “I would like to order two U-Kiss’ and one T-ara.” It’d be weird and funny and would help with spreading Kpop around. xD

  3. WOW, next time we’re visiting my in-laws, most likely next year, we’ll definitely stop by! How exciting is that! We looove EYK, we love our coffee, and while Sydney does not have a particularly awesome internet connection (as you have experienced) it definitely has wicked coffee, so we are gonna be ready for some espresso deliciousness and yummy pastry. But most of all meeting other Nasties and you guys! The building looks awesome already, can’t wait to see it when it is done!

  4. this ONE video literally pushed my inspiration to go to korea to visit the EYK studio and now the coffee shop as well!!! =D Im so excited to meet both the EYK Crew and the TTMIK Crew and thank you both so much for the experiences and knowledge you both have shared! As a birthday gift to myself Ive taken the chance to ask for a week vacation so far in advanced and my manager knew of my great interests in korea and how I got so much more passionate about going because of EYK that I was already pre-approved! Its so exciting to think that I might be actually going to the EYK+TTMIK Coffee shop and visiting all those delicious FAPFAP locations in my week stay there ;D Ill be feeling all Nasty and Caffinated by the time I come back! =D Cant wait!

  5. I am so excited! Just in time for me to study abroad. When i land this is the first place I want to go!
    Plus I love you guys and TMIK! Definitely keep us posted!

  6. Im going to Korea beginning of July, hopefully it’s open by them. Pleaseeeee

  7. Is there an estimated open date? We are heading to Seoul this Fall and my whole family wants to go!

  8. Are you guys open to food suggestions for the coffee shop? I am thinking truffles, chocolate truffles that can go well with coffee!! I suggest flavors like green tea dark chocolate and coffee layered (layers of coffee white chocolate and dark chocolate). I’ve made these two before and they were a huge hit at my work place. I have pictures of what they look like.

  9. I am just finishing a pastry degree here in the States and I already
    have a four year degree in history but I have been wanting to move to
    Korea and teach/bake/make chocolates! Would you guys have any need for
    people in that capacity?

  10. Congrats to all of you! I am such a fan of you two AND Hyunwoo and the TTMiK crew. Blessings on your big venture!!!

  11. So awesome! I’m going to Korea for the first time ever in June this year and I reeeaaaallllyyyy hope that you’ll have this place open then ^^

  12. So excited. Seriously the first place I will visit when I go back to Korea for vaca.
    Love you guys and cheering for your inevitable success. :)

  13. Guys… most importantly……………….. when are you hiring!! Hahahah.

  14. I live in Korea and I make pretty good cheese cake ^^

  15. I live in Korea and I make pretty good cheese cake :P

  16. I feel so silly…. it actually took me 7 days to notice that the comment section was not working only for me and that I needed to restart my browser. :( Anyway, I just wanted to say that this paradise-like place you found seem sooo appealing in the video, it was like all the best cinematographers in the world took their time to tweak the perfect lighting, but it was natural! I can’t believe you will have such nice natural lighting. AND THE TREES!!!! I love trees. I’m terribly sold. I’ve never wanted to go to Korea as much as after I watched that video. T_T I actually really got teary eyed. I’m so happy for you! Oh and I agree, Hyunwoo is a good guy! :D

  17. OMG!!! I’m so excited for you guise!!! I, too, have a similar dream of opening my own cafe ^v^ only my concept was to have the cafe to function as an art gallery/live music place from art and music students in my area ^^ (ooh, now you’ll have extra space for your beautiful fan art stuff! Oh and maybe have like surprise gigs from the awesome kpop & indie music ppl that you interview!!! gah!!! the excitement is catching!!) and like you, its something that I had thought can only happen when much more I’m older, too… That’s why I am so stoked for your team, that you guise are able to do it earlier than you had thought!!! I know it will be a lot of hard work but it’s clearly seen from your videos that you all have the passion and have this wonderful vision for it ^=^ It’s so inspiring to see that you guise are doing what you can to go after your dreams!!! All the best to your team and I really hope that I can visit you cafe soon!!!

  18. That is too cool for school. My new plan is to finish my novel, get published, use money to go to Korea, visit coffee shop, and work on my next novel . Really happy for you guys.

  19. And I thought you guys were super busy already, wow!

  20. They should buy bulk of coffee from places outside of Korea for better variety and NAME IT THE COFFEE TRADE CENTER. They could have coffee from everywhere they go on vacation (Japan, Poland, Canada etc.)

  21. Can you explain the process of opening a business in Korea while being a foreigner??

  22. You should have a code phrase like “I’d like to order your Nasty Coffee please?”….and have people wondering why anyone would want to pay for nasty coffee lol :-D

  23. Will the coffee shop be opened by June or July? I’m planning a trip to seoul, really hope I can visit this coffee shop!

  24. Totally looks like a TTMIK and EYK Clubhouse. can’t wait.

  25. Charmz

    Omg the place is so pretty !!!
    Hopefully i will get to visit the coffee shop when i visit Korea :D

  26. Next project: EYK + Shaytards

  27. OMG can’t believeeee this is actually happening !
    I’ll be in Seoul in July for the first time of my LIFE and you open a coffee shop for korean learning people and foreigners in general?
    This must be destiny
    I will DEFINITELY visit .

  28. Julie Elizabeth Ballaron
    Julie Elizabeth Ballaron

    Simon and Martina…. I am so incredibly happy for you guys. I’ve been watching your videos since 2008, and have seen you go from casual vloggers to full time vloggers, and now you guys are opening up your own business. I know it sounds kinda weird, but I feel like I’ve watched you guys grow up in the time that eatyourkimchi had grown. I hope that at some point I can come to Korea and tell you two how much your videos have meant to me these past years and finally get to hang out with you (cuz I feel like you would be super fun to be friends with). Congratulations, and I hope the coffee shop is a giant success.

  29. If given the chance I’d love to be an intern in the business side of things as I am a business mgmt student and it would be a good experience for me as well.. I always had a dream of opening up a coffee shop as well with a mini library on the second floor and a conference room for students/professionals to have their meetings in. The image in my mind actually is almost like the 6th house you visited. Sunny with window panels, bright and home-y. It’s not just a business venture looking for profit, it actually has morals and good intentions in it and the fact that, that is the basis of the business plan just shows that there’s more than just accounts, cash flows etc. In the end, I can’t even think of this as a business but rather an extension of the passion TTMIK and EYK has for connecting the world with Korean culture. It’s amazing that it’s in Hongdae since I’ll be studying in Ewha for one year! I’m so excited for you guys and I am so excited to be there.

  30. you should have spudgy themed cups and plates and when people want a special be like do you want the meemersworth special or the royal spudgy special. THAT WOULD BE COOL~!!!!

  31. Congrats guys. I don’t have a suggestion in terms naming your coffee shop but I do suggest that you sell bubble tea too.

  32. You are building a cafe so your fans can meet and hangout. You are literally building a fan cafe!
    …I think I am fan-girling over a coffee shop.

  33. Also, definitely coming here when I come to Korea. That’s a no brainer! I’ll probably just hang out here every evening, lol. Currently saving up for my trip, hehe.

  34. I’ve seen this video about 10 times already and Wow, I am soooo Pumped for this! haha. I know you guys have wanted a coffee shop and now you’re one step closer. You’ve inspired me to work towards my own dream of possibly owning a cafe. I just got to take it one step at a time. :)

  35. OMG!! I’m SO happy for you guys. I started smiling while I was reading this blog post. It makes me so happy to hear that you guys are doing things you love and that you have come this far. How I wish I stayed in Korea so I could go visit you guys there… but it’s okay. ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR COFFEESHOP! I will support you guys!( from afar that is) :D

  36. you guys should do another fundraiser so we can help and get awesome stuff out of the deal as well! :D

  37. NICE! When Wired Waygook Coffee co. gets rolling, I would love to send you guys some coffee. Perhaps maybe a signature roast or something.

  38. Martina should learn how to make cute baked goods, like all the cat doughnuts and such you see on tumblr!

  39. This is amazing, I’m excited for you guys :D Can’t wait to follow the progress ;)

  40. Darryl Liu

    Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if you guys put up a pinboard or just used a wall to put up pictures of Engrish fans find? I always found the engrish challenges in you wanks funny, and it would be a perfect spot to put the daddy poem.

  41. I think when I get to korea I will just spend 99% of the time weeping with joy from seeing all the beautiful men. Now I can weep in the eat your kimchi coffee shop and or scream at the sexy waiters butts like Psy.

  42. Wow thats really awesome I really love the idea of using a house instead of a store space or whatever its called thats pretty creative!! I have a question though! My parents and I were thinking about moving to Korea everything seems great so far my dad can get a really awesome job there but we want to buy a house it’s really hard to find houses in Korea online so we were wondering about what Real Estate in Korea is like? and How much would in cost to get a home like the house you guys picked for your coffee shop? The sooner we know the sooner we can move to Korea!!! <3 Thanks guys for all of your videos they have been really informative!

  43. OMG can I bake some things and bring it to u guys and talk to you about baking and all those stuff?! Sorry kinda obsessed with baking here:) and u can sell ur merchandise there too! What about spudgy macarons and the meems cookies?

  44. I’m definitely going to visit the shop when you open it!! REALLY EXCITED TO GO THERE!

  45. WAAAAHHHH it’s Hyunwoo from TTMIK! I totally had no idea you guys were friends but I really should have expected it XD I love his website, It’s by far the best website to learn Korean off of.
    Anyway, congrats on the shop guys, can’t wait to hear more! Good luck with everything and if I ever have the pleasure of visiting Korea I will be sure to stop by :)

  46. I’m curious. How are business laws in Korea that you can have a coffee shop so big and that’s a house?

  47. Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스
    Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스

    I move to Seoul in January, ’bout to be there all day, eerryyy day!

  48. What a perfect collaboration between you two and TTMIK!!! Exciting, can’t wait to see it unfold.

  49. Yay I’m so excited!! Now I want to go to South Korean even more!!!

  50. There should be a secret menu for us Nasties and TTMIK fans.

  51. Martina might have thought of this already but you guys should name some menu items after Music Monday characters.
    Have a Mordney Special that’s only available during the vampire hours.

  52. This is soo exciting! ~I’m planing a trip to Korea, NOW~ oh, and there should be a wall where customers & fans can sign their names! Congrats, guise!

  53. my commiseration’s on the soup dumpling dilemma, those dumplings looked like they had dry thin skin, the asian ones I eat have a very white very soft thicker skin that melts in your mouth, here in Oz in certain places, and my Aussified Chinese relatives.

  54. OMG!! Congrats you guy!! I am so proud of you guys and look forward to the reveal of the coffee shop. I don’t have a name for it yet that I would like to add to the collection for choices to consider, but I do want to say that please, please, please!!! Keep the for My Daddy sign in some way in the shop. How about as a blurb on the menu somewhere on the front or back cover? Or on the wait staff aprons? I think it would be really, really cool! Also if the neighborhood allows, how about doing a unplugged small event were artist can come in and do their songs unplugged in a simple coffee shop setting. You guys could film it and if possible we would pay for DVD copies of the event?

    Just an idea to toss into the ring of many, but no matter what you guys do, keep it up and congrats again!!

  55. Hire me please XD
    I can bake Swedish cakes and cookies ^^

  56. That makes me really happy. You keep adding things for me to dream of doing… I like that you are doing new stuff, and even if the videos aren’t as regular, they will continually excite nasties.

  57. Yaayyy guyss I can’t wait, I’m moving to Korea in August and of course I’m going to your coffee shop!!! Uhuullll

  58. What about “Talk to me….Coffee and tea” lol. Congratulations on the big news. Good luck with the planning. I am excited to see the final product. :)

  59. Hi, this whole coffee shop idea is absolutely fantastic but I just want to ask if you are really gonna have Spudgy and Hyunwoo’s dog in the coffee shop? Just curious since you guys sort of mentioned it in passing in the video. I am a bit sensitive when it comes to having furry companions in food establishments but it is your coffee shop… but but but I am really really really afraid for animals in general so I really hope there would be a corner in your coffeeshop which the furry companions cannot enter. I am going to Korea in December 2014 and I hope the coffee shop would be ready by then. Would really love to meet Simon, Martina or Hyunwoo there!

  60. Ruth Van de Winkel

    I’m so definitely going there, EYK and TalkToMeinKorea you guys are amazing, you make me more and more excited to go to Korea! The korean gouvernment should hire you to promte South-Korea!!! Love it, so excited good luck with everything and hopefuly see you soon!!!!!!^^

  61. Radwa Dali

    I’m coming in to Korea in June and hopefully by then I would be able to visit it, and that would be where I take my daily coffee and weekend coffee and anytime coffee!! (waiting for some hot/cute waiters (coffee prince 2) maybe?) :D

  62. Dongho! Haha yess… Idols’ new retirement plan: Join the EYK crew and serves coffee

  63. Congratulations! From a coffee addict who has always dreamt of having their own coffee shop, I am so excited for you!!!

    If you want to meld Talk To Me In Korean and Eat Your Kimchi, you should call the shop Kitty Me ( with a K left over). Even though I’m sure you will go with a Korean name, the two companies make the word ‘kitty’!

  64. you guys already have so many commitments, it takes a lot of hands on management and time, cleaning and daily prep to produce consistently great food and service, I hope you know what you are in for, and most of all I hope its a rip roaring success :)))

    • beautiful choice of house ;)), the look is gorgeous, just plan your logistics well, is it just coffees and cakes or will you need a cool room? a well designed kitchen, workspace for movement plus deliveries and storage will make this a joy to work in. :D

  65. It would be hilarious if when the waiter/waitress brought your drink he/she said “here’s your Nasty cup of Coffee” XD

  66. Can you guys make vegan options too?~
    Pretty please if it ain’t too much trouble ~

  67. You must frame that daddy poem!
    You guys should call it ”Eat Your Korean ” or ”K-Nasty Eats” or ”Nasty K-Talk” !

  68. O my, now I really have a reason to go to Korea again this year :D

  69. Oh my God! Congratulations! XD
    This coffee shop should be name after Awesomeness. XD

  70. Congrats! This project will definitely be a success. I was thrilled when I learned that you collaborate with TTMIK :) The whole concept of an EYK-TTMIK coffee shop sounds so awesome.
    If things work out like they are supposed to, I will go to your coffee shop in October :D

  71. Sounds awesome you guys! I hate coffee, but I love the cozy feeling of coffee shops in general~ I hope you can show us your super awesome coffee shop as soon as its done!

  72. omg haha i saw TTMIK’s update and i was like “cool a coffee shop!” and then you had the same announcement and i was “hmmmmm is this a trend now?” and It’s actually you both collaborating! awesome!

  73. Congrats on your new location! Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  74. Oh my goodness! I’m so happy for you guys! I hope you’re not too busy, though. I grew up with parents who owned a bakery, and since then I’ve worked in quite a few cafes and coffeeshops, so I know the amount of time and effort goes into a nice place. I look forward to seeing what you do!
    I’m not too far away, just over in Wonju (Gangwon-do), so I’ll be sure to stop by when I visit Seoul~

  75. I had an idea for the name: “Talk to me and eat your pastry” or something along those lines combining the words Talk and Eat.

  76. SPAZZ!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys (EYK and TTMIK) are my life dream! not only surviving but thriving in Seoul, in Korea. Is the thing I want to do the most! I’ve spent a year here in Busan learning Korean and the lifestyle here and though I have to return to Canada to finish my University degree soon I really want to come back and make a home here :) (though preferably closer to Seoul) This is such a great thing for not only you but for HyunWoo and the TTMIK gang as well. I always felt like If I had spent my year abroad in Seoul instead of Busan I would have maybe come to actually know you guys outside of youtube and I hope that If I return to Korea maybe I can spend time at this cafe and finally meet everyone! This is a great accomplishment and I cannot wait to see everything! I wish you the best of luck and will be sending you good vibes from wherever I am, be it Busan or Canada. :)

    P.S. I think there should be like a Canadian themed treat… like maple cookies or something… that would be kick ass.
    P.P.S. I don’t quite know what to suggest for the name but i think it would be appropriate to reference how both TTMIK and EYK allow Korean lovers to be together. Because of you we can connect. We Are One… kkkk ( exo reference not intended :P )

  77. I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS! You guys are the best and I’m so happy to hear people are living out their dreams. I love decorating stuff so I know how happy Martina must be :) My current life sucks, because, well, I’m letting it be this way. You guys are good role models. I’ve been watching your stuff since 2011 and even though I’m not as interested in K-Pop as I used to be when I started watching you guys (Pokemon ruined my life) I always look forward to your videos and in a way see you guys as the older siblings I never had. You guys give me hope. I really am truly happy for you and the people over at Talk to Me in Korean. Good luck :) (sending positive vibes)

  78. please please please keep it all smoke freeeeeee!!!!!! I want a patio i can enjoy and not breath toxic second hand smoke, please~~~~~~~

  79. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH SO EXCITED!!!!!!! This is awesome news guise!!! So awesome!!!! Congratulations on this awesome new adventure!!! I look forward to one day coming there. ^^

  80. OMG!!! This is so FREAKING AWESOME!! I love you guys for still putting so much effort to interact with us Nasties even though you have hectic lives and now a COFFEE SHOP!!

  81. The sign must stay! It should be the almighty sign that tourists take photos with for the ultimate engrish!

  82. “welcome to Ayy Gurl coffee shop. Can I make you a drank?”

  83. “Aayyyy gurl, can I buy you a drink” finally has a setting where it can be used :D

  84. This is totally awesome! Im going to seoul this weekend to try and see the EYK studio, but I cant wait till the coffee shop is open so i can visit! I want to buy a shirt or two in the near future and a little weekend trip to seoul is the perfect excuse. Im nerding out!


  86. Who is the person in the group that knows anything about running a coffee shop? I’m genuinely curious.

  87. ahh, that shout-out to Dongho at the end. T.T

  88. Veronica S

    Congrats on your super news!

  89. This is amazing! Yet another reason I need to go to South Korea! asdfghjkl; I’ve been planning a trip in my head for years now hahahhahah…

    Also what about the name Cafe Spudgy? hee hee then Spudgy could be the mascot and it would help promote the pet friendliness! Just an idea ;D Besides Meemersworth get’s his very own tote bag!

    Okay what about PET cafe? Play, Eat, Talk! P.E.T :D

  90. So happy for you guys!! You’re living my dream (opening up an interactive international language exchange cafe!!) Just extended my contract, so I have another thing to look forward to next year!! Can’t work there, but if you need any help with Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu, or yummy Malaysian treats, Chinese dumplings or awesome Aussie cafe breakfast recipes, you can ask anytime!!

  91. Congratulations! You can practice with I Love Coffee on Kakao. It’s dope. So many delicious inappropriately named food items! And also very easy future FAPFAPs!

  92. My husband is a Chef if you are looking for food items too >.> he does bistro type stuff though, not pastries >.>

  93. A 21-year-old ‘NASTY Barista’ here with two years of experience who is currently taking lessons from TalkToMeInKorean.com.
    My bosses at our Cafe are Korean and they’ve also been slowly helping me speak, write, and read in Korean. They were so taken by my love of Korean Culture that they decided to take me with them to Korea this past January during holidays! We chilled on Jeju island for a week and then I spent another full week in Seoul where I attended Kim Jaejoong’s J-Party at the Tiger Dome and watched Kim Junsu’s musical performance for ‘December’ at the Sejong Center~! I wanted so badly to see the EYK Studio(I’ve been a NASTY for years now)! But now that you’re making this Cafe, I know that I’ll be meeting you guys in the near future!
    I never felt more ‘at home’ than I did when I went to Korea. ^^ I’ll definitely be returning soon!
    Let me know if you need a hand! I feel like it would be fate for me to work for you guys~ >;)

  94. Ahhh! This is so cool! :D also, do you mean the U-KISS Dongho?? That would be amazing XD

  95. Congrats you guys! This is amazing news – I can’t believe the stroke of luck you’ve had. All the best on this new adventure. I can’t wait to see what happens next <3

  96. EYK Eat Your Koffee yaaassss

  97. Request to work there? lol Seriously though, if I ever get the chance to study in Korea I know I’m going to need a job to support myself and this sounds awesome! ;p

  98. This is so freaking awesome! Boy, do I ever wish I could come work in your coffee shop. Baking is my dreeeaaaaammmm!!!! On a total side note, I loved seeing the many evolving styles and shades of Martina’s (and Soozee’s) hair in this video ;P

  99. Holy shit!! This is amazing news you guys! I wish I lived in Korea so I could come and eat all your food all the time. I’m so happy for you and I wish you so much success with this!!!!!

  100. Hi I’m coming to Korea very soon to possibly live there and I would love to be hired by you and work in your coffee shop!

  101. Hey guys! This is super exciting! I’m currently a teacher down in Masan, but I know I’m not going to be a teacher here forever (which is why I’m currently working on a second Bachelor’s degree in international business [I'm set to graduate in December of next year]). I would love to work for you guys. I love baking and creating new things. I make some great vegetarian and pescetarian foods along with several meat-based dishes. My teaching contract here ends in September, & I’m looking to move up to Seoul. I am willing to do any kind of work that you might need me to do. If you’re interested you can find me on twitter, facebook, or you can email me.

  102. Wowser! Congratulations! I totally loved the location you picked out. It has a Coffee Prince vibe. Beautiful!

  103. AHHH!!! I am so so excited for you. I will definitely drop by to visit when you guys open the store!! I live about 25 minutes away from Hongdae and am there quite frequently. ;)
    I also think you picked a fabulous person to partner with. I’m so excited that the people from my two favorite online resources are collaborating together. I wouldn’t have been able to transition into my life in Korea nearly as smoothly as I did without the helpful information from your videos, and the amazing podcasts from Hyunwoo and the TTMIK team. If there is anything I can do at all to help you set up shop let me know! I helped set up a cafe/restaurant with family friends back in the States, so I know the ins and out of how crazy it can be! I would love to be able to give back even a portion of the support you have given to me so let me know if you have any questions or run into problems! Regardless, I will be supporting you as a customer! Let us know when you have an estimated opening date! Good luck in the process and once again, I’m so so happy that this is working out for you. <3

  104. Waffu

    I hope you can jazz it up in a true EYK style too! With all your cute stickers and fandom stuffs! If I ever go to korea, I’m totally going! There should totally be indie music and karaoke nights, that would be awesome. I’m guessing Ranch will be on the house? ;)


  106. Holy cow, congratulations! I am so happy for the two of you! Okay, so I’m gonna talk about myself for a second- I know, geeze, so lame. Anyway, I’ve been a barista for about three years now and when I first started, I never thought coffee would be a passion of mine, you know? But being in the business of making coffee for so long has really opened my eyes to an awesome culture I didn’t know existed.

    When I went to S. Korea this past October, I was amazed by the sheer volume of coffee shops- and not just chains! So many cute and creative coffee shops on every corner I passed, each one clearly staffed by people proud of their craft. I was in Korea for about two weeks, and some of my favorite moments were spent just chilling in a coffee shop and people watching.

    I’ve been watching Eat Your Kimchi for quite a while, and I have to say it’s really rewarding watching you two grow and transform over the years. I don’t know you, but I feel really lucky to somehow be involved in your lives through the videos you post. Martina, I kind of had a feeling you were going to do something with baking or coffee! Anyways, you guys are wonderful to watch and inspiring to listen to. You bring a lot of positivity to the world- even if it is just to online buddies.

    Seriously, good luck with the coffee shop. I wish you all the best.


    PS: and I think it’s SO awesome you are teaming up with Talk to Me in Korean! I used their website tons before I went on my trip! It’s a great idea to create a space that both fans and people wanting to practice their Korean (and English, and whatever language) can come to and have an open forum of sorts.

  107. Like Dongho Shin?! I know more than one person has this first name, but Martina~ As a fellow KISSme, you cannot drop that name and not expect questions, and possibly flailing. Please Explain! -falls over-
    (I’m guessing it’s his hometown and I just wasn’t aware, not that it’s any of my business but…)

  108. Cristal.V

    When I read this I thought it was a joke. You know, Simon and Martina like to joke around a lot. And then I realized they were serious and I literally jumped for joy!! This is a fantastic idea and I wish Simon and Martina, the EYK crew, and the TalkToMeInKorean crew the best of luck! I might be a poor college student, but by the time I get there I hope I hope the business is still flourishing (which will be a long long long time from now) Congratulations and Good Luck!!

  109. Oh my freaking god!! This is amazing! Is there any chance you’ll be open in September, I’ll be there then :)

  110. Drink Your 커피

    It will be a great name to represent both youtubers’ channel. Eat Your Kimchi with “Drink Your” + Talk To Me In Korean with “커피” (means coffee) …

  111. That moment when you try to think of something clever for the Coffee House name and all you can think of is “Talk to me in Spudgy” -.-

  112. AppleCider ChocolateCinnamon-b

    First, OMG Hyunwoo! I love him for TTMIK. I learned so much from the site.
    Two, I read on the comments to call the coffee shop, Drink your Coffee, I like it.
    Three, Is there some find of donation or kickstarter we can help you with? Making a coffee shop/redecorating and hiring workers wont be cheap.
    Four, I don’t drink coffee but I would come every day if I could because this sounds like a cool place to visit. Five, I love you guys <3.

    • Yes! If you need donations, don’t hesitate to ask. I will not volunteer my barista services (believe me, its for the best) but happy to donate if necessary. I just saw on the TTMIK site that you are aiming to open in summer. I’m so excited I’ll be there in September!!!!

  113. oooooh i know how to bake and i love cofffeee toooo hire meee jk LOL ooh yes to the hot waiter like coffee prince <3

  114. Firstly, thanks for not opening this in Itaewon! My request is that you don’t have Koreanised versions of western cakes, desserts etc. Maybe a non sugary garlic bread! I am so freaking excited and I have many more reasons to visit Seoul again!

  115. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy for you guys and I would love to visit Korea again and check out your cafe once it’s open.

  116. Holy mother of coffee beans omg when I go to study abroad in Seoul this will be my go to!! OMG IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS ITS LIKE IM OPENING MY OWN SHOP! omgee. Dying.

  117. I live and Korea and have 3+ years making coffee… just sayin ;)

  118. Oh my gosh, how exciting! I’ve always been waiting for you guys to open a coffee shop. I can’t wait to see how it develops!

  119. Congrats you guys this is awesome :D Haha it’s so funny how you guys mention Dongho in the blog post. If you hire him will you guys make a flower boy coffee shop like Coffee Prince hehe. I want to visit Korea and go to the coffee shop so bad, but it’s so hard being so far far away :(

  120. vannia

    oh my gooooood!!! THIS IS AMAZING YOU GUYS!!!!! I hope its a super success and i can go see it when its complete!! im having similar feels of when you guys were looking for studios and all that jazz :) <3<3<3<3

  121. Oh WOW I know that place. I used to live 2 blocks further down that street. When I first moved here 6 years ago I walked past that photo studio everyday from Hongdae Station. Good luck with everything, you are doing an awesome job promoting Korea to the world and if I every head back into Seoul (I live in Paju now) I will have to stop by for drink.

  122. This Just gave me more motivation to visit Korea Q(-.-Q) SO excited~ ^^

  123. I cracked up when you put that request for Dongho near the end of the post. XD You guys would definitely have a ton of customer if he worked there! Lol.

  124. Please put pancakes on your menu— special spudgy pancakes!

  125. I´m a native spanish speaker, also I know english and I´m learning korean. If I can help you with the menus or something just let me know. I´m expecting more updates!
    P.S: If you need a waitress, I volunteer as a tribute ;)

  126. Omgggg. I know a bunch of names already. I’m so happy for you guys. I wanna do something like this when I get older. …

  127. This is so exciting! What a wonderful idea. I am going to Seoul this December and will definitely be coming by! :) (Please have alternative milks available in your cafe to cater for vegans:) )

  128. This sounds amazing! Do you guise have any idea when it will be open? I’m going to Seoul this June and it would be a dream come true to be able to meet everyone.

  129. stephiime

    Name it ‘That Coffee Shop’ so that the people of Korea can be like “hey, let’s go to That Coffee Shop” and their peers will reply with “which one?”
    HAH. What a terrible idea.

  130. It would be a cool idea if some TL;DR videos were answered by random people of the Korean public in the coffee shop!

    • We’d definitely love to film stuff with other people in the coffee shop. So often we talk about our thoughts and experiences, but we’d love to show what other people think as well :D

      • Along those lines, you could have some kind of photo booth + corkboard area set up for people who don’t necessarily feel comfortable in front of the camera but would like to get involved in the community- pin a happy photo of them scoffing your food in a tally of that week’s kpop music monday vote, recommend places for people to go in Seoul and beyond and say where their visit to your shop has come in their travels, even leave their contact details as a translator or friendly fellow foreigner on a polaroid (you said making friends in Korea was quite hard, amiright?) etc.
        Just a thought, sounds like you’re already overflowing with some brilliant ideas!

  131. mlcook_104

    I am so excited for this. I will be moving to South Korea in July and I can not wait to come to your coffee shop! Also, congrats!

    • Ha! That’s amazing! How did you know where to look?

      • I walked around virtually in daum maps, but couldn’t find it close to the EYK studio. By the way, their photos are very recent (April 2014), so you can already see the new building next to the EYK studio. Finally, I noticed the big “OfficeCorea” sign across the street in the video… from there I simply searched for 오피스코리아… Luckily there is only one branch in Hongdae
        By the way… I think you should keep the “like my daddy” sign… It’s funny

        • Gracie グレイス

          So pro omg *O*

        • I’m glad I’m not the only person that does those things! I literally look up every location in google google/daum/naver maps! Vloggers, variety show locations, simon and martina’s walk around hongdae… It’s like a virtual trip and so much fun!

        • This is fantastic detective work!
          I agree with you, please keep the ‘like my daddy’ sign.

    • scratch coffee house. if i have the money, i’ll totally live in that building. it’s awesome.

  132. My suggestion for the shop name: ‘Drink in Korea’
    Taking inspiration from the imperatives ‘Talk To Me In Korean’ and ‘Eat Your Kimchi.’ It’s also puuny because when people are like ‘Where can you get a drink in korea?’ people can respond like ‘Oh, it’s in Hongdae. I love that place! You want to go?’ And it’s a place where people can sit back and literally drink Korean coffee and figuratively ‘drink in’ the essence and feeling of Korea.

  133. unicornsgalaxy

    You can name it Eat Your Koffee and Talk to Me! (which has enough English Fail to fit in!) XD


  134. Hannah


  135. irritablevowel

    I think I speak for most of us when I say, HOLY SHIT! THIS IS A BIG DEAL!

  136. There must have the “Coffe shop” song of B.A.P, everything it’d make sense ^^ <3
    PD: Now I wish to work there….

  137. Mind just imploded. My two favorite places on the internet teaming up to open a cafe?!?! Can’t wait to go to Korea so I can hang out there all the time <3

  138. bazgrole

    Damn, congrats guise! It’s amazing! Someday, I will drink coffee in your coffee shop. And it could be super awesome if you could invite from time to time some indie artist to play there live. I can’t wait to see how this will develope, and what more is to be. I wish you the best!


  139. I am so happy and excited for you guys!!:D

  140. kawaii_candie

    this is really really great guys!!! omg! and the location you picked is really cool too!! i’m gonna have to come to Korea now!! do you think it’s gonna be open in August??

    oh and btw, i just had a random thought, you guys should see your merch at the coffee shop too. like i can go there, get a coffee, and buy a t-shirt too! XD no?

  141. Kate Plogstedt

    Hoping to go to Korea next summerish and when i get there Ill probably just look around and think “I’ve seen that!, That was in eyk’s video too guys! FAMILY LOOK AT THIS!” and then tell my family I want to go to one specific coffee shop. I figure my family already thinks I’m crazy so might as well go full out while I’m there! :D

  142. I really love what you guys are doing. This is honestly a totally awesome project and im super excited!! Living in Seoul just got a lil better! (If it cojld get any better)
    are you gonna post directions to go and see the place before its done? I would love to check it out!!
    but seriously if y’all need employees…… i got coffe shop experience and im from wellington new zealand so coffee is ma thaaang.
    Just sayin……..

    best of luck!

  143. What a great idea and you guys kept it a secret for such a long time! I saw the video title and I was like WHAT?! Then I saw Hyunwoo and thought OH MY GOD! Best of luck EYK and TTMIK! ^-^

  144. From your previous post, I thought you guys were pregnant. So, tbh, I’m kinda disappointed. But, insh’Allah, when I visit Seoul, I will come to your coffee shop right away!

  145. Hey, if you’re hiring, hit me up! I’ll be in Korea for a whole year.. :)

  146. Wishy

    Have not even watched the video or watched the blog post, but just the title (and the comments to prove that this is not a prank video) make me so happy and excited. ^-^ So many great ideas in the comments, too. I can’t wait to see what Martina designs for the uniform. You could also not require uniforms- instead, have cosplay or hilarious dollar store explosions *coughf(x)cough* or, or… XD Anyhow, congratulations! I cannot wait until it opens! (Also cannot wait until meh family plans a trip to Korea. >.> The woes of being a minor…)

  147. SarahAnn (WinnieThePooh)
    SarahAnn (WinnieThePooh)

    Wow…..Just Wow…..I literally have no words to express how excited and happy I am for you guys!!

  148. Sooo…. Are you guys up for hiring tall blonde folks to serve your well brewed coffee? *perv face*

  149. Xiumin from EXO is known to make a mean cup of coffee, you should concider him as employee ;) Just kidding. I saw someone commenting on the name being “Drink Your Coffe”, but since it’s both you guys and TTMIK, I suggest should be something like “Order a cake in Korean and Drink your Coffee” I’m halfway joking on this of course. I can’t wait though, I’m visiting Korea in July/August and It would be totally awesome to meet you guys again! (Remember Omona in Oslo, the girls dancing behind the building to IGAB by SNSD that you talked to Martina? I was one of them hehe) – Oh I have another good suggestion to the shop though.. It would be AWESOME and I would love you guys forever if you included BUBBLE TEA in the menu. Hehe, anways good luck guys and I can’t wait to visit :D

  150. OM! As soon as you said you guys are opening a coffee shop, it makes me want to rush over there immediately! I love korea and you guys never cease to stop amazing me! It will definitely be a success no matter what! Congrats! :)

  151. Hi, Simon and Martina! I’ve never posted anything on your site before, but after seeing this post, I thought it was the perfect time to start! You started out as small-time Youtubers uploading videos on your experiences in Korea, videos that are now enjoyed by so many people around the world, whether for their fascinating subjects or your pure silliness. You are selling your own EYK products, which have received so much love for their quirky humor. And now you are building a coffee shop, one imbued with your warm, fun personalities and one that connects Korean learners and Koreans and everyone in between through delicious food, coffee, and a bright, lively atmosphere. You are so fortunate to have found such a gorgeous location, and I am sure the shop will meet and even surpass all your hopes for it. In the future, I hope to visit Korea, and your coffee shop will definitely be a place I am ecstatic to visit. Simply put, I am so very very happy for you, and will keep on wishing for your good fortune and success.

  152. They need to have something on the menu with the word “Nasty” in it :)

  153. You are literally living my dream. Making youtube videos and opening a coffee shop… I’m so happy yet jealous for you!!!

  154. YOU GUYS ARE LIVING MY DREAM…. LITERALLY! I hope to someday move to japan, teach english, and start up a coffee/tea place!!

    Good luck with all the preperations and stuff! oooh im so excited!!!

  155. I’m so excited for you guise! I’ve been watching since the very beginning and this is so awesome. I’m getting all sentimental for you :’) *sobs*

  156. This is amazing! So friggin proud of you guys and all you’ve accomplished. I think you’re the first team of youtubers to have they’re own studio AND coffee shop all within the same area. Next stop: clothing store?

    • Wishy

      And supply Kpop Idols with meaningfully symbolic clothing that doesn’t have hilarious English? XD (coughF.CUZcough) They could hire more people~!
      0.0 *Revelation*
      That would take up way too much time, money, and sanity though, so……. T.T But maybe something like LOEN Entertainment? Ah, well.

      • Announcing: S&M Entertainment, creator of the immensely popular groups EYK Crew and F-Art, as well as the talented solo artist Aegyozilla. There’s no way anyone could misinterpret the company name as standing for anything other than Simon and Martina (or Spudgy and Meemers), right? Right?

  157. Shouldn’t have read/watched this at 4am – now I’m too hyped to sleep! So excited for you guise! Maybe you could call it “Speaking of Kimchi…” to incorporate both TTMIK and EYK, together with the whole concept of interaction (things to do with korea and korean language exchange) within the coffee shop!
    Plus the sound of it kinda suggests that there’s more to it… Right guise? Right? Ok maybe not such a good idea after all hahaha.
    Can’t wait for your videos on this awesome journey! :D

  158. Ohh that’s so cool! Congratulations you guys! Just so you guys know you definitely do not have to feel obligated to continue posting like 4 videos a week when you’re busy with this project! It’s totally cool if you don’t. :D

  159. WOOOOOOT!!!! CONGRATULATIONS TEAM EYK AND TTMIK!!! I’m so excited for you all!! :D
    I think it’d be awesome if you guys created a space to speak in English as well so that LOCAL customers will want to come in and be exposed to English FOR FREE (with a purchase of coffee :P)!! Since, you know, Korean people are always looking for exposure to native English speakers…

    Ahhhh all the best for this cafe and all of your future endeavors! The next time I visit Korea, I’ll be sure to come buy a coffee and one of Martina’s baked goods :)

  160. Krista Gibbs-Castillo
    Krista Gibbs-Castillo

    I didn’t know you had put this vid out, but I saw it on YouTube when I was just scrolling through a list of videos, and the noise that came out of my mouth was not human!!!! This is the best news EVER! How the hell did y’all keep this to yourselves for 4 months?! I can’t even!!!! *Flails*

  161. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you all! Hurrah for Team Nasty!!!

  162. And the Baby is…. A coffee shop! Yay! Congrats!!!

  163. Disabled access would be nice :) just saying cause I’m coming to Korea with a friend on holidays who needs it and I would love to have coffee there

  164. After everything that’s been going on in the world, this little bit of happy made my day. Something is good is happening over at EYK, and that makes me so happy. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to visit.

  165. AHHH that’s so awesome! Around when do you think it’ll be done? I’m going to be in Korea from 5/13-6/3. It’s most likely too early but hopefully I’ll be able to step foot in it before I leave!

  166. km59

    I just woke up to the news on the twitter. ” Drink your coffee” has finally become a reality! I’m not in Korea (but one day. One day. *Captain Morgan pose*), nor a coffee drinker, but I’m over here just about pissing myself with excitement. CONGRATULATIONS GUISEEEE!!! Ooh and side note the house y’all went to see and picked… Was on mah birthday ~^-^~

  167. this……..is…….AMAZING!!! OMG! I am so freaking looking forward to this!! YES! YES YES! a million bajillion times yes!
    I don’t even like coffee and already I am praying that you guys have this open by late September so I can come visit and squee and taste yummy foods and OMG!!!!!!! AND I CAN FINALLY MEET THE SPUDGY!!!! AND THE MEEMS!!!!!!! AND THE SUZY AND THE LEIGH!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! THERE IS NOT ENOUGH SPAZZ FOR HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  168. This is so crazy awesome! I hope I get a chance to visit you guys!

  169. SO FLIPPEN EXCITED! Have you guise considered doing another fundraiser online, I know a lot of nasties (including me) would love to donate to this project. We all support you guise and love you dearly! Also, we could all give suggestions for the name ;) If I lived in Korea right now, i’d totally go help you with construction!

    Okay enough rambling, i’m just really excited.

  170. This is such an awesome idea. Hope things work out well for you :D

  171. this is so awesome! I would so kill to work at your coffee shop! Loves coffees and loves you guys! Would probably be the best job of my life lol!

  172. Aw man, another reason I need to hurry up and find a way to get my butt to Korea. XD I’m so excited for you guys and I know the coffee shop is going to be a huuuuge success. It’s great that you’re partnering up with TTMIK as they seem like an awesome crew and what they do to help people learn Korean without a huge expense is just amazing. Good luck and as a side note, I’m pretty sure no one would mind if Soozee and Leigh took over filming videos for a while. Just in case you guys get too busy with your designing and color swatches. ;)

  173. OMG OMG OMG I’m seriously freakin out!!!! this is superdrizzlynastilyawesome ♥♥♥ I so wanna visit your coffee shop! and even with the TTMK crew, that’s so cool :D I’m wishing you goooood luck ;) and btw, I bet you’ll have the cutest interior of all the coffee shops, cause martina will be choosing the coolest things :) greetings from Austria ♥

  174. thisisjustforfunval

    Congratulations guys! Can’t wait to see the coffee shop as it comes together. One day, I hope, I will get to finally visit Korea and your coffee shop will be in the top 5 places to visit. Hope you’ll have some tea or non-coffee type beverages. My stomach is a gruel beast and won’t allow me to drink coffee any longer. :(

  175. NON D’UN PETIT CANARD JAUNE!! This is awesome! i’ll come visite you guys for sur! See you one day <3

  176. Am I the only one that thought, at first, that the last house front looked a LOT like the house of Hong Se Ra and Seo I Su in Gentleman’s Dignity??

    And it’s GORGEOUS

  177. OMG I’m so excited for you guys! Now there’s even more reasons to come and visit Seoul! :D I hope one day you decide to bring out a cookbook. I’d totally buy that.

  178. Vintenson

    Congrats guys! Hope the coffee shop is done by September! That way I can go to your coffee shop! Haha

  179. This is huge! Wow! I was puzzling over what the news could be and I saw the LINK video first, so I thought that was it. This totally blindsided me in the best possible way! What an amazing opportunity! And the building looks so perfect! I am so happy for you guys!!!

  180. Omg, this is BEYOND AWESOME you guys! I’ll come visit right away when you’re opening! I’m so happy for you and so exited! :D

    You really made a dream of mine come true with this idea. Also that you are focussing on so many aspects like the coziness and the open kitchen and all of that makes me really happy and it shows how close we are as a NASTY-family (oooh you so nastyyy :D ) I’m thinking of going to Soul sometime in the next years and my dream is to meet you on the streets and have a chat and if there’s time invite you for a coffee and have a chat. And if you open a coffee shop it would be even cooler! :)
    (but think of that free wifi tho ^^)

  182. Oh my goodness, this is awesome! You guys should have like a wall where people can post little cute notes and draw pictures~ ^^

  183. ASDFGHJKL congrats you guys!! This is awesome! I’ll definitely visit if I’m ever over there! Also loving all these comments with brilliant suggestions – I’m sure you’re noting some down ;) Anyway, hope it all goes well and we’re all waiting to hear the updates and see how it progresses! So happy for you!

  184. THIS IS EPIC!! EYK and TTMIK Coffee Shop!! Great Idea!! <3

  185. Lee Unđerground Manson
    Lee Unđerground Manson

    keep the beds for the coffee shop!!! :D

  186. you guys gonna incorporate boba (pearl milk tea) as well? oh, and i’d definitely suggest looking into philz’ mint mojito iced coffee. it’s the best iced coffee ever.

  187. what would be cool to see is a segment where you can interview people in the shop about music videos. or general questions. Have a black board/wall with a question of the week and chalk so visitors can comment their responses!

  188. Wow! Congratulation!! You guys are so productive and smart. I am extremely happy for you guys. I often wondered what you guys would do next. You’ve mention opening a Japanese version of your business before, but that would be really hard to split yourself between two countries at once. Leaving to start over in Japan would be too much. I think this was a really good idea to supplement your income and give the users a way to meet you guys and hang out with each other.
    One question: Why are you guys getting a huge house instead of a small shop to start off?

    Name suggestion: “Eat. Talk. Coffee.” or just “Eat Talk Coffee”. It has both youtubers companies in the name. I also like what hironyx suggested.

    • Japan is still a dream for us. We don’t want to drop everything and go, but we definitely want to experience being new somewhere again. If not Japan, Sweden? I don’t know. For now, though, we’ve got so much going on here and we really want to see how far we can run with it :D

  189. If I could work at that coffee shop… I would be super happy and will forever be at that coffee shop >_<

  190. Omg!!! I’m so happy and excited for you guys! Now I really have to work harder and save up to visit south Korea and your coffee shop!!

  191. OMG GUYS!! I’m so excited 4u!!! I know how much ur into health stuff so I know it will be great!! if I can throw in an idea, for that coffee shop I get a warm/cozy feel. With hints of cuteness thrown in somewhere. lol, that’s how I see it. ANYWAYS, will u be having other drinks besides coffee since I don’t drink much coffee? Juices and teas are great haha. when I get to korea i’ll deff go there!

  192. Wowowow… The location y’all picked seems huge! TTMK said they’d like to use it as an office location… is it big enough for you to both “move in”? Although… moving out of the studio would be sad because of how personal you guise made it. Either way. SOOOOOOO exciting! Congrats!!! I can only dream of doing what you guys have done!

  193. OMG the place is so pretty and perfect!!! Congrats!!! I’m so excited for you guys ^^

  194. Guys. I totally just spilled tears for you guys! This is frickin amazing, I wish you guys all the best for succeeding and when I come to Seoul in about 2years (Iol) i’m gonna be there all the time supporting you guys!

  195. First off let me just say how happy I am for you guys. It’s really great to see this finally happening and so much sooner than expected! I also feel that your collaboration with TTMIK will only enhance the overall experience and success of the shop. That being said, I do have a couple of suggestions for the place (assuming you haven’t already considered these things yourselves).
    - I feel that the naming of the shop is extremely crucial, since you not only want to pay tribute to both fandoms but also appeal to the general Korean public who are not familiar with either. I’d stay away from using the terms “nasty” or “kimchi” since they don’t really associate well with a coffee shop. However I do think that there is a way to combine your names and still appeal to the Korean public. At it’s very core, a coffee shop is a place where you go to drink coffee and talk to people. It shouldn’t be too difficult to incorporate “Talk” and “Eat” into the name somehow. The first thing that came to me was “Talk to Me and Eat your Pastry”. I know this is kind of a long title and doesn’t abbreviate well, but I’m sure you can come up with something more creative along those lines.
    - Next I’d like to cover the different aspects of the shop. I already know you were planning to have an “open kitchen” and a classroom set aside for Korean lessons, but I thought you could also have a permanent kiosk to sell EYK merchandise. It would be like a mini offline shop within the coffee shop. I’m sure there are plenty of coffee shops out there that sell T-shirts and souvenirs, so why not do the same. Provided there is enough space you could even store the merchandise there. So not only do you get to hang out, learn Korean, eat lots of yummy treats, but you can take a souvenir home with you as well.
    - I also know how much you guys love coffee, tea, and eating healthy. I think coming up with healthy alternative recipes for cookies and cupcakes is a fantastic idea and would be great for people with allergies such as Gluten for example. I had an idea though for the menu that might be cool. I thought maybe you could have like a “daily special” list that consists of coffee you received from around the world from fans. I realize that you probably don’t get enough to share with all of your guests and you might think of it as a gift that you should enjoy yourselves, but I’m just planting the idea in your heads in case you can work something out along those lines. The same idea could be applied to all of the candy you guys receive. Since you are trying to eat better these days, perhaps you can offer a variety bulk candy area so that it doesn’t all go to waste.
    - There was another idea floating around about holding interviews or meetings with Korean musicians or idols, but I think this might be overwhelming for the shop considering the sea of, possibly sasaeng, fans that would try to cram themselves inside. On a similar note though, it may be possible to hold a weekly or monthly k-indie concert where you invite one band to come play a few numbers for an evening. Imagine sitting on the second floor balcony drinking your coffee while listening to a Korean indie band performing live music out on the lawn. Again, I’m not sure how much space you have available, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to set up. All you need is a few risers and some extension cords. I know street artists set up in parks all the time, so why not in your garden?
    I know this has been a long post, and there are even more things coming to mind as I type this. For now I’ll leave it here and hopefully you guys will notice this post. I’d be more than happy to discuss my ideas further with you if you think any of them are practical. I wish all of you the best of luck with this endeavour and can’t wait to visit it someday in the future! ^_^

    • Umm, were you attending one of our meetings? We discussed a lot of this stuff before. If not, you’ve got great intuition :D

      • Haha, well I’m glad we are all on the same page. I’m actually an architecture student, so projects like this involving renovation, interior design, and planning building usage are all right up my alley. You’ll also be happy to know that I’m in charge of planning the Chicago stop of the US Nasty Tour in the Green Region, so you can expect similar planning ideas for that as well. I’ve got a full three day itinerary in the works.
        -I was actually on my way out to class the other day and had to cut my post “short”, so I’ll finish posting the rest of my ideas now. I had some ideas as for as décor and interior design. From the video, It seemed like you had several different sized rooms on both floors, so I was thinking you could possibly have a different theme in each room. One room could be for couples and have a sort of romantic theme, another could be a quiet study area for reading or doing homework, etc., and a third area could be for more lively guests. I’d say keep the quiet room on the second floor away from the noise, while the main floor would be the bustling are filled with energy. I also thought that it wouldn’t be too hard to set up a room with a projector screen that could show Korean dramas on a specific schedule, or even just once a week is K-drama night. Watching the dramas would also be a good learning tool for anyone taking classes with TTMIK.
        - I also know that you were somewhat running out of room in the studio for posting fan art, so you could use some of it to decorate the shop. Again, I’m sure you don’t want anything being ruined or stolen, so you could have it posted behind the counter in the kitchen or in some other “employee only” area that is still visible to guests. Possibly even purchase one of those glass display cases that you can lock, and present it that way.
        - The last thing I’ll add is a concern about the queue for coffee. From the looks of it, there is only one way into the house which is straight through the front garden area. Assuming you guy get really busy (which I’m sure you will), then you’ll have a line running out of the house and cutting the garden area in half. Occupant circulation is a huge consideration when designing a public place as well as having an evacuation route in case of a fire or other disaster. That being said, I was wondering if you were able to make a sort of side entrance in an alley or around back for the line to form. Even if you have to make a new entry on the side of the garden/building with a few stairs or something, so that the main queue doesn’t cut through the front garden, but instead passes along the side of the house. This would be especially important if you had some event like a concert on the lawn, since the audience would be cut in half by the line. Just something to keep in mind.
        I really wish I was able to fly out there and help you guys renovate. I’m currently done with school and unemployed, and I do have a large sum of money saved for traveling. If you are open to the idea, I’d totally be down to “vacation” to Korea for a couple of months and work on the shop with you. I’ve got lots of experience with remodeling, installing flooring and wall treatments, and using a plethora of tools. Of course, some sort of reimbursement on my behalf would be greatly appreciated. I’d love to be able to put this project in my portfolio to show to future employers. It is my dream to work as an architect in either Japan or Korea, and this kind of experience would be invaluable to acquiring such a position. I’m being 100% serious in my offer to come help renovate the shop, so let me know if you think its a possibility even if you just need an extra set of hands. If not then I’ll be sure to visit sometime in the near future to see how it all turned out.

        • US Nasties

          Hello, this is the official US Nasties page popping in. We just want to remind everyone that right now, becoming a registered organization with the government is our primary focus, so we have no official plans for the tour in the works until that is a reality. We hope you come to talk to us again once this is achieved.

        • Love your ideas!! Especially agree with you about how the name should incorporate both groups but still appeal to the public. I dont know much about architecture but I love interior designig and decorating. Just throwing out two ideas I had while I was watching this. The themed room idea is pretty cool but I would probably knock down some walls in the first floor. There are two bright rooms with huge windows but the back of the house seems pretty dark, I would at least knock down those back room walls so there will be at least one big open area. Maybe you can still keep 1-2 rooms downstairs but even with a huge open space floor plan you can divide the room creatively with artsy/glass panels and whatnot. The front door seems a bit small and uncoffee-shop like, maybe you guys can knock down that daddy wall and get some beautiful French doors :P then again I dunno what you guys budget is so just tossing some ideas in the hat!

  196. Ok, my brain just put on a jetpack and flew out of my cranium. That’ so awesome! 대박 ~!
    One suggestion, when coming up with menu items, don’t forget the nasties with caffeine allergies! ^^

  197. Ohh and you guys should have like, a fanart contest or something, resulting in a delicious prize ;)

  198. OH MY DAYS THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS!!! Congrats to EYK!!!!
    If only I lived in Korea (Sigh…)
    All the best for it guise!!!

  199. ERRRRRMAGHERSHHHAHAHHA I am soooo happy for you guys!!! Like I lamost had a flippen heart attack when I saw this on my YT dashboard! Ok wow “lamost” see I can’t even spell right that’s how happy I am.
    Can’t wait to see how this all develops!

  200. its so awesome for the decoration part maybe put some flags of all the country the people r from arund the walls? that would be awesome!

  201. I love it! You should call it “Talk to Me in Kimchi”! :D

  202. That is awesomeness congratulations! Maybe you could have some hot chocolate too? ^^

  203. Hey there~ I’m not Dongho but I know how to bake AND make coffee *winks*
    This idea seems great to me! Especially, the fact that you are coffee lovers who want to make good coffee! I was veeery disappointed with every cup of coffee I had in Korea. Being a coffee lover myself, I was just sad al the time. Not really, but yeah… good coffee + EYK + TTMIK ❤

  204. Guys- this. is. AWESOME! I can’t wait for more videos about it and I can’t wait to visit! *gazes dreamily* One day… ^^

  205. OMG…OMG…There is a chance that me and my fiancée come this summer in Korea so we will definitively visit your coffee place. Im so happy for you! If you need a help just let me know ;) And here is some idea for the name: Talk to me, Kimchi. OOOOhhh…I cant wait to see what did you do in that awesome house next!

  206. KATHyphenTUN

    This is so exciting!!!! Congratz guise! So proud of you two!!!

  207. It is a good idea, I’m still not getting it but I will support you. I’m excited I wish I could work with you. Is a coffee shop, isn’t it? gonna need biscuits and cakes, i’ll do them for you. -proffesional pastry student- hahaha ._.u

  208. Ashley Holland

    I would so work there if you guys would hire me. I plan on teaching English there, so I could work my way through college in Korea. :D


    and AHAHAHHA that Drink Your Coffee name has gotta be it that’s hilarious XDD

  210. when you said you had a big announcement the first thing that popped into my head was ‘ER MA GAWD THEY’RE HAVING A BABY’

  211. aaah another reason out of the many to go to south korea!!!!! congrats guys. I really hope it work out!

  212. That’s awesome!!!! Congrats guise!!! I’m so happy for you. Experiencing the same feels like when the EYK studio happened. Good luck with everything!!!! Fighting!!

  213. ship internationally!!! I want coffee and cupcakes too!! <3
    I am SO HAPPY TAN FELIZ for you guys.. and for Nasties too =)

  214. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, so exciting! Congrats guys! I’m planning a trip to Korea next year so my friend and I will come in for a cup of coffee!

  215. muhammad syafiq wiraatmadja

    imagine when you people are visiting there, then turns out eric nam is one of the customer there :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  216. Congratulations EYK and TTMIK!!!! :)
    I know it’s still WAYY early but:

    - it would be AWESOME if you had a wall(s) in your cafe dedicated to locations/places of top eats/places from your WANK/FAPFAP adventures! (Say chalkboard paint and chalkboard markers, so that the writing can be changed)

    - maybe you could have an online thing where you could ask people to donate their best-of recipes suitable for cafés!!

    Once again, congratulations! Like everyone else I am really excited for you guys!!!

  217. SO EXCITEDDD!!! I’m gunna study abroad at konkuk univ fall semester, and even though hongdae is pretty far I DONT CAREEE. Im totally going to that coffee shop like everyday! Even if I have to sell everything i own to put money on my tmoney card lol!! CANT WAIT

  218. Crazy good news guys! Good luck! The reasons to visit Korea keep growing >.<

  219. Suiyoubii

    Now I have no excuse to not come to Korea! I will definitely visit your coffee shop, I will! But daaaamn house 6, whoever lived in there has such nice furniture and it looks so pretty! I imagine the front bit with the huge window would look amazing in summer with the sun shining through and you can see the dogs running around the grass :D

  220. Congrats for this great opportunity! I have one suggestion. I know this is a coffee shop and all and tons of people love coffee but I know of a great company that does roasted cocoa beans that you prepare just like coffe with a French press. They are very Ecco minded and have a really great product. I’m suggesting that it be just something else added to the menu. It’s called Crio Bru and it’s headquartered in Utah.

    Good luck on your amazing endeavor and I hope that one day I can meet you all at your lovely coffee house.

  221. I will be there in June, I hope I can visit too!

  222. WOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW ! This is just awesome. I can’t wait to see the result. When you said you had a big announcement i didn’t expect that at all. This is just great. I just hope everything will be OK for you guys. Anyway Congratulation !
    Ps : The house you choose seem really cool.

  223. am i the person who thought the big news was NOT going to be baby news?

      • oh, I that means I got good spidey instincts! sweet…
        by the way, I will definitely visit your cafe when I go back to Korea.
        At the moment I am in Chicago, and I won’t be able to go back home until I get my bachelor’s.
        Air fare is expensive unfortunately :( I can’t even visit my friends in Vancouver :((((( (lived there for 7 years)
        Anyhoo, I am very excited that you guys are doing well with the new business!
        Will Spudgy and Meemers be there as well?

    • Your not the only one Jackie! I was hoping it would have something to do with the 2018 Winter Olympics in Peyongchang!


  225. I’m so excited and happy for you guys! This’ll be so cool to witness as it goes along (I really enjoyed seeing the process of the studio as well)! And I can only imagine all the great things you can incorporate into the shop or even how you’ll incorporate the shop into other things, like videos or events (or even interviews–what who said that?). Who knows, maybe your shop will become a kpop idol/singer hotspot, haha! Or what if it gets so well-known that it’s used in a kdrama? That house really is beautiful! Hopefully I’ll be able to see it in person one day!

  226. there should totally be a secret menu for the coffee shop!!

  227. maybe Damn U Coffee Krazy…yeah! DUCKY. or Dude U Coffee Krazy! hmmm, so many ideas, but my brain is still in Zzzz mode. it’s still in the a.m. here in oklahoma, and i ain’t had my…wait for it…coffee…

  228. YAY! Such exciting news! I’ve followed you guise since the beginning of time and could not be more happy for your success thus far. CONGRATS!!!! I’m moving to Seoul in July and hope to come hang out a lot ;) And who knows, maybe work with you all some day :D :D SEE YOU SOON!

  229. Suweet! So exciting! And I may actually be able to come visit next year! I LOVE coffee. :D So much excitement.

  230. Oh my god guise! I’m so excited for this and so happy for you!!! I really like TTMIK too so just wow, what a cool cooperation! I’d love to hang out there all the time when I come to Korea! Maybe even shy me would be less scared to practise my Korean with people :P Congratulationsss this is so amazing!! :D

  231. Wow, congratulations! I love Hyunwoo’s videos too, so this is mega, mega awesome! Gonna have to go to Korea one day to drop by :D (Oddly enough, I actually first stumbled across your channel way back when because I’ve been considering becoming an ESOL teacher for some time and wanted to see what it would be like over in other countries…)

  232. That’s so awesome!!!!!! A coffee shop with EYK and TTMIK!!!!!
    When I will go to Korea, I will go there for sure!!!!!
    I’m just so excited about that news!!!!!
    I wish I was in Korea to do part-time work in your coffee shop!!! I’ve always wanted to work in a coffee shop!!


  234. OMG ARE F**KING KIDDING ME!?!?!? o.O
    thats a SUPER MEGA AWESOME idea
    yay i have a new place i need to visit on my next trip to korea >.< cant wait to see the progess of making this house into a coffee shop
    waaaaaaah x3

  235. OH MY GOODNESS IS THIS FOR REAL?!?! First I was thinking ‘Belated april fools joke?’ BUT OMG T_T I really hope the opening it before I go back to my homecountry! (Youre gonna open it before september right? Riiight? ;_____;) THIS IS LIKE THE BEST THING EVER ;; Please have awesome cakes!!! X’D I’m gonna visit you EVERY DAY I PROMISE! <3 The location seriously shouts 'EYK TAKE ME TAKE ME! IM PERFECT FOR YOU!" It's really beautiful! (Though I don't understand why someone would sell such a beautiful decorated house! But I couldnt care less because this way you guys can open up the cafe *^*) I'm really looking forward to it!

  236. I am so proud of you guys!I will defenitely visit your coffee shop if I ever get lucky to come to Korea! Puh-leez don’t make it to pricey! XD

  237. Awesome!!!
    I hope I can visit you one day! I start saving money right now!!!

  238. I’m so excited!!! It’s an awesome idea, I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next:))))

  239. Sounded great – until I heard the bit about dogs running around ……………..

  240. Congratulations and Good Luck! LIFE is really exploding for you, isn’t it!

  241. Melvina

    I’m so happy for you guys! Congrats! I hope that, in the distant future, if I go to study there, I may go to your coffee shop.

  242. ohhh!!! awesome!!! i’d like to work there!!!!!!!

  243. This is so frikkin’ amazing! Congratulations guys, I am so happy for you! Will definitely come for a coffee and delicious treats next time I am in Seoul! *Excitement*

  244. My gosh you guys I’m so so proud of you! It’s so amazing that you’re doing this. I know the coffee shop is gonna be a success! The fact that Hyunwoo is a part of it makes it even more amazing! Such a great way to bring Nasties and TTMIK students together! Gah! SO EXCITED!!!! Congrats! Sending all my love and positive vibes your way! Lets makes this thing happen! And no matter how long it takes me, one day I promise I’ll come to your coffee shop :) <3

  245. I am so excited for both crews. This is such an incredible idea and I wish the best for you all. I can’t wait for the design and construction videos, as well as a tour of the finished product :D <3

  246. Awesome!!! Congrats :D
    Really want to visit, so I start saving my money right now!

  247. whatismynameagain

    mind doing a wank doing furniture shopping? ^_^


  249. OMG I can’t tell by words how happy I am for you two!!! A coffee shop of Eat Your Kimchi?! THAT’S GONNA BE FREAKING AWESOME!!!
    Congratulations and GOOD LUCK!


  250. Hope to visit your new spot on my next visit

  251. I’m coming to Seoul this September…but I’m not really into coffee ×.× Hopefully there’ll be tea or other non caffeine beverages on the menu *spudgy eyes at Martina*

  252. Holy balls I will visit here all the time before and after photo shoots! I love it. Congrats guys!

  253. SO AWESOME!!! but im going to korea this summer for only a month and i don’t think you guise will be done by then O^O i hope i can go someday though!!! >o<

  254. I am so excited for you! When I study abroad I am so stopping by here as much as possible… even though I’ve never actually drunk coffee before. But hey, you guys can be my first! :)

    And I like talktomeinkorean too, so this is awesome!

  255. I am so happy for you guys! What a lovely dream! I am sure we at Kpop Nonstop will gladly rent the place to do events and other things! <3

  256. I’m coming to teach in Korea in 2015 so hopefully this will all be open and I can come hang out with you guys! But not just that, I am SO excited that it could mean I would have the opportunity to meet other EYK fans and Youtubers like me. This is an awesome idea! Congratulations on all your dreams coming true!

  257. whatismynameagain

    using firefox but somehow the disqus comment section here does not load on my chrome -_-

  258. Cyber_3

    Wow! This is awesomy fantastic news! It did give me a big fat grin on my face! The location is just beautiful and you guise must be so so excited! I don’t know how you could keep it a secret for so long! Congratulations! I also think it’s a frickin’ awesome idea to have the live chats there – imagine – live – in front of a live coffee shop audience too! This is just so great that I’m running out of words as my mind explodes!
    Cyber_3 – knew you would find a way to up the ante and get free coffee and treats to boot – you rock! Daddy!

  259. Congratulations!! That is amazing!! Apparently everyone had the same idea as me, Drink your Coffee. I also like Spudgy and Meemers’ or Java the Hut if it’s a small place. I promise to come visit someday, even though I don’t drink coffee :)

  260. *raises hand* I know you have the ttmik team, who are all multilingual, but if you are interested I and other nasties could translate menus into our second languages to expand, not only to English speakers, but to many foreign visitors! Well, you might be wondering how they would order, we could help out with English pronunciation or Korean pronunciation on the back with a “How do you say” or “Como se dice” (Spanish) section on the back. I know a good amount of Spanish to translate into English, but I definitely know enough to make a coherent menu. ^^ (No preterite on menus! ;D)
    But seriously, if this is something you are interested in, myself and other nasties would love to help y’all out (for free! ^^). Just say the word!

  261. This is totally amazing I’m so excited.

  262. I will be there!!! Next year….. I hope ur there too simon and Martina! And please tell hyunwoo that I love his name (check my profile pic u will know why… Mwuhahahahahahahaha)

  263. Wow guise that’s awesome ! Congratulations !

    I’d call it the coffee house of awesome ;)

  264. Maybe keep the name something simple, relevant, and easy to remember like “Real Coffee” or “Talkin’ about real coffee” or “Keeping it real” or “True Taste”.

    You could also go off on a spin about the internet with something like “Virtual Reality” or “2D IRL” or “Coffee matters” (see the pun on matters? Matter = physical substance and matter = important). I’ve used up my creative juices for now.. the rest will be gibberish so please think of it. :D

  265. OHHHHGIRL. I am all about this shit. I didn’t even drink much coffee until moving to Korea, and in the process of purchasing maple iced cappuccinos in order to sit in such cool shops, I started getting itchy whenever I didn’t have caffeine. (major fist-shaking).

    The only way I didn’t turn into an icicle on the pop-up studio shop that day was because I was there at noon, so Martina gave us a real-life cheat code through the (spoiler), but I didn’t know that the (spoiler) had (spoilerbooze), so I was also slightly buzzed, which was a slight plus. Will this shop have coffee cocktails? I would like my coffee with a shot of whiskey, nothing special :)

    So, basically, how many addictions you gonna fuel, foolz? You got my coffee, shops, eyk, korean language classes, and….

  266. PunkyPrincess92

    this is so strange but CO~~~~OL!!!!
    love your Funko cap Martina!!!
    *amazed* i fell in love with house 6!!! why would the person living there move out?? it’s beautiful!!

  267. You don’t hire people by chance? xD I’m leaving in the area and need a part time job to pay my school! TOT

  268. Rebecca Kiew

    Hire me. I’ll work diligently.

  269. AoiHitomi

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG ! I never thought you will come out with this idea, It’s amazing, I love it!

    As an Architecture student who loves retail design, I’m really looking forward to the next videos! Yay! ^o^

    You might have a frequent visitor when I go to Korea lol

    Congrats guise! I’m really happy for you :)

    This is great news! This is beyond awesome! Imagine the possibilities! Whoaaah! I am not easily excitable but this is glorious!!

    I am glad you are doing it in partnership with TTMIK. I use their
    resources quite often and recommend the website to anyone learning
    Korean. If it is well known that language fluency improves in direct
    relation to the amount of alcohol consumed, then I think that it is also true
    that it is over a good cup of coffee that true study progress is made. I
    owe whatever fluency in Korean I possess to (TTMIK *wink wink*, and) many many many
    cups of coffee and cozy “coffices” around town.

    Grandma always says that where there is good food (and I may add, coffee) there is joy (grandpa might have added wine to the list).

    Plus, coffee dates with Korean artists can actually be a great interview concept. A coffee date feels more intimate and casual, and if I am watching it with my own coffee mug in hand, it will feel almost as if I am taking part in it… I won’t share the same time and space but I share two senses: palate and smell. Please list what each guest consumed, I want to know whether my favourite idols share my love for a good espresso.

    Best of luck!
    I will visit you later this year!

  271. Don’t know if anyone mentioned this yet but the coffee shop should have a little stage area so indie artists could preform. Just a small thing in a corner with some lights. Neon Bunny on opening night = Instant success!

  272. First of all… this is AMAZING.
    Second of all…laughing at everyone who thought Martina was pregnant.
    Third of all… will it be called Drink your coffee! or Talk to me in coffee? lol

  273. this is so exciting! I’m actually going back to school so I can get a degree in education then joining TALK so I can teach in Korea now I know where I’m getting my coffee fix from as I work on grading papers XD

  274. OMG amazing….

  275. Ash3070

    Well this is unexpected O.O I won’t lie, when I heard you guys had an announcement, I thought it’d be that Martina was pregnant (hence why she was to ill to do the tl;dr >.>) lol. I’m sorry, I hope that’s not rude to say >.< Anywho, best of luck with the bakery! I really hope I can visit someday :3 x x x

  276. Guys, I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! I was literally jumping around my room when I saw house No 6 and how nice it was! I can only imagine how much fun it must be to plan/furnish it all. I’d LOVE to hang out there and eat Martina’s home-baked goodies. Until then, I’m hoping that more good (unexpected) things will come your way :)
    Oh, and if you need artwork for the new place, give a shout out to the nasties, I for example would do a lot of things for free ;)

  277. Wow!!! Amazing :D congratulations!!!!

  278. :D :D When do you think you will open? I’m going to South Korea with my friend for two weeks in the middle of july this year and I just wondered if it would be up and going by then? :D

  279. This seems really cool! :D I just came to know about you guys through LiNK, they’re a fantastic organization,
    so hopefully sometime in the next two years, I’ll visit Seoul and see all the awesome stuff ~ ^^

  280. Suggested Coffee Shop Name: The Coffee Spudgey~

  281. Ooh! Cover the walls with fan art!

  282. WOAH! This seems so incredible! AMAZING!! I’m going to cross my fingers for your success! :D


  283. Ermahgerd you guys! I am so excited for you! =D

    I can just imagine all the coffee names being strange abbreviations hahaha. “Oh, hello I would like to order a ‘Beautiful Origins Original Black’ … ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU AREN’T SERVING BOOBS RIGHT NOW?’
    Maybe even in combination with Kpop Artists names, Rather than having the Starbucks sizes with the venti and grande and whatever you can make a large one a Hyunas and then you’d order a ‘HYUNAS BOOB’.
    No? Going too far? XD

    Also, on the menu you should definitely add TAEMANS DORITO’S (served with Soy)

    Since you are working with Talk To Me In Korean, I totally expect little cheat sheets at the counter or written on the tables with English-Korean translations on how to order things xD

    Also, it might be a cool idea to put chalkboard paint somewhere to like people who come there can leave a message and then you can read them later and you can see how awesome you guys are but then the wall will probably be full after a week so maybe that’s not such a good idea o.o

    And and and if you get stuck on what to put on the menu or want to involve us Nasties more maybe you can put like a poll on the blog and the recipes and people can try them out at home and then vote for what they think tastes the most delicious.

    And and and I am so sad I don’t get to go to Korea any time soon =(

  284. Are we able to send you ideas/suggestions/etc to you guys? ^_^ Like if I wanted to digitally draw some ideas and send them to you where should I send them..?

  285. Hey guys, this is really cool but I have one request! Can you be at least partially celiac/gluten free friendly? Syrups and things can have hidden gluten in them and all that…

  286. I had a feeling you guys were working on a boutique/meeting place but always assumed the “Drink Your Coffee” concept was going to be the endgame. I should’ve learned by now only to expect the unexpected from you two. Congratu-freaking-lations! That place really is gorgeous btw. I guess my prediction of foreigners helping make Seoul a premier culinary hot spot is coming true, and it’s because of Simon and Martina, of all people. Who would’ve thought? Maybe you can be the ones who finally rid the world of the dreaded Korean baguette. :)


  288. This is awesome! I wonder what the name will be… I’m so happy for you guys!

  289. Sara Napsey

    OMIGAWD, please tell me this will open before July, which is when I leave Korea! I’m SHOOO excited! :D

  290. That’s some amazing news !
    I’ve been watching your videos since 2011, saw you growing, open a studio, and now you are opening a coffee shop !
    I wish you success in your business ! :D

    I happen to be living in Seoul now also, so if you need any help, I’ll be glad to give mine. :)

  291. Congratulations you guys! Yay for nice people!! :D

  292. Wow I can totally imagine it being even more than a coffee shop, almost like creating your own world – like Spudgy & Meemer cookies and Kpop idol cupcakes or even hosting special games/competitions inside and throwing parties and having it double as a EYK gift shop and decorating the walls with fan mail! Ahh so many possibilities ~ I’m too excited for you guys!!

  293. Holy Spudgy, this is amazing! My jaw dropped when I saw the announcement. I’m so excited and happy for you guys! I’m staying in Korea until end of August and really hope I’ll be able to visit your awesome coffee shop this year. If not, well, I guess I have to come back again :)

  294. I have one really important really selfish question: WILL THERE BE TEA? :))) Like, good, loose leaf tea? I know you looove your coffee but I sadly don’t (sorry?) and I always get enraged when coffee shops sell the most amazing coffee creations and then only have cheap pre-bagged tea, or a dust that pretends to be tea. Don’t do that, pretty please? :)

  295. How about ‘Cool Beans’? I can’t think of anything else right now but I should finish studying for my accounting final XD
    I always get a kick out of names with puns; there’s a pie shop near my house called “Life of Pie” and it’s awesome!

    You dont even have to pay me, and I’m being completely serious. I will volunteer and bake things and make cool latte art of Spudgy PLEASE CAN I WORK FOR YOU GUYS

  297. KawehiLu

    HOLY MOLY, AWESOME! So glad you guys are teaming up with Talk to Me in Korean Crew! They are awesome! I think I can die happy now. Now I have another reason to come to Korea! And I 1000% agree that all the waiters should be handsome like in Coffee Prince!

  298. I’m so excited for you guys I don’t even know what to say!! When I finally get to visit Korea someday I will DEFINITELY stop by!! My goodness, all I can say right now is good luck and I will definitely be cheering for you guys! I hope the remodeling and getting the business going runs smoothly for you! My family is building a restaraunt, we are actually almost done, and it was a difficult but very rewarding journey!! YAYYYYYY! (nd seriously, Martina, with your amazingly creative brain this place is seriously going to be absolutely stellar!!!)

  299. Omg! That’s so cool! Weird thing is that I had always thought to myself “Simon and Martina should open up their own coffee shop since they love coffee and they never seem to find any places with nice baked goods.” Then a few months later, you guys announce that you’re opening up a coffee shop! Anyways, I’m so happy and excited for you guys! Congrats and I hope everything goes smoothly with the opening of your shop!! ^o^


  301. This would be my face while watching this exciting announcement

  302. This is awesome!!! BTW would you be able to hire foriegners because I’ve been trying to get get a coffee shop job forever and never seem to be able to. Although just visiting will be fun too. ^^

  303. I can’t contain the happy dancing! What an amazing dream come true guise! I’m as thrilled for you guys as I am for all the peeps that can visit you (including me. HUZZAH!). Plus, how cool is it that you teamed up with TTMIK?? I love those guys – they’re such awesome people with an amazing service and mission. Y’all just rock my socks right to Jupiter. Love you all, and I can’t wait to come hang out!!!!!!

  304. Thats awesome, congratulations! Gandalf was rather rude when I stopped by earlier!

  305. Willl there be cats?

  306. Sooooo excited for you guys! Congratulations & I look forward to one day visit the Coffee Shop. Maybe call it Coffee for the Nasty? Lol.

  307. Request for another “fan-name wall” or something (from both EYK and TTMIK), in the shape of a…. GIANT CUPCAKE -Honey senpai come at meh-

  308. OMGGGG!!!!! I’m so happy for u guyys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The house u pick is so pretty!!!! I hope your business go really well, and now Im adding EYK Coffee Shop in my “I F***** NEED TO VISIT THIS WONDERFUL PLACE FULL OF WONDERFUL PEOPLE” list ♥ …. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  309. I really hope it’ll be possible to visit your coffee shop till mid July, so I can drop by and give you the very swiss “chocolate fondue set” I brought for you guys :”’D (Swiss chocolate included, of course ^^ )~~~~

  310. Congratss guys! I can’t wait it to be opened
    it’s definitely gonna be one of my destination when I’m coming to Korea ><

    Hope everything will go smoothly, and best of luck!! :D

    PS: it would be perfect if I could see Dongho there lol

  311. OH MER GERD. I’d totally go and spend all my money at your coffee shop. I’m in Korea right now for my vacation and I wish your shop is already built! I would really like to meet you guys once. That’ll be cool.

  312. EYK Just became a powerhouse

  313. But the real question is, will there be milkshake and will it bring boys to your yard?

  314. Wow, guys, that’s totally amazing! ^^ I wish I could go there ;___; Well, it’s not impossible :) Congrats!

  315. bigbangfosho

    OH MY GOSH CONGRATULATIONS!!! THAT IS FREAKING AWESOME! I’m in class right now so I don’t know the details but from the blogpost, it sounds awesome! That means you guys can choose your own music and everything right? No more christmas music hahaa

    I wonder if I’ll ever go to Korea…if I do, I”m definitely going to your coffee shop.

  316. Now I cannot wait to come to Korea! Such an awesome thing to do :D
    You guys are going to be busy little beaverssss

  317. the WEEK after i leave Seoul. sigh. i’ll just need to come back asap!!

  318. Are you guys going to have baked goods as well? Martina, I know you love to bake, are you possibly going to be selling some sweets along side coffee? That would be amazing! Bet the coffee it’s going to be fantastic!!!

  319. Now I cannot wait to come to Korea! Such an awesome thing to do :D
    You guys are going to be busy little beaversssss

  320. Congratulations! I am super excited for you. Are you sure you don’t want to keep that wonderful representation of Engrish? And YES to videos and live chats there! YA! And thanks for always being considerate and making videos about the process and details like paint and furniture. I appreciate it. I know that when my best friend and I go to Korea in the distant near future we will be stopping by.

  321. Congrats!! I’d be there to visit for sure! How you guys have progressed from studio to coffee shop, it’s sheer awesomeness!!

  322. Susie

    Whoa. Talk about something that nobody saw coming.

    You guys are amazing. And not in the way I’ve said it before. You guys are amazing in the sense that you make me want to go out there and do stuff! This is so freaking awesome! Congrats, dudes! A part of me is jumping up and down”squeeing” in joy while the other half of me is crying because I probably won’t be going to Korea for a long time (and kind of fantasizes about working there or going there on a regular basis).

    This is just what Korea needs! More! Good! Coffee! For the love of all that is good, PLEASE.

    Good luck! We’ve all got your backs!~

  323. I saw this on TTMIK first and scrolled down and saw it on yours and I had to re-read it not realizing they teamed up with you~! Ahhh that’s so great. One more thing to go to when I visit Korea (one day). Hey.. will you be hiring ;D

  324. Not a big shock but a good idea. Good Luck the coffee market in Korea can be a hard nut to crack.

  325. Isabel Ruby

    lol i’m pretty sure every nasty saw this and thought “IT MUST BE NAMED FRINK YOUR COFFEE”. i know i did. but it’s not just the eyk coffee shop, but the talk to me in korean coffee shop as well, so i guess that’s out…. i really want it to be COFFEE SHIP for some reason. talk about favorite ships, sit out on the deck, feel the breeze in your hair…. also cuz coffee prince would be copyrighted

  326. Renee

    Lol! Hire Dongho! Be the most popular coffee shop evar.

  327. This is a great idea! Nasties in Korea could meet up here and get to know one another!

  328. OOOOOOMAGAAAWSH im going to korea in july cant wait to go there if its open by then…♥♥♥ i ma gunna buy loads of stuff from this shop ♥♥♥

    this is awesome… I hope the blog and video’s won’t suffer because of this huge AND AWESOME project but I whish you the best of luck… and I hate that I live soo far away!! even though I hate coffee… I would be there… every day..

  330. I’ll definitely visit if i ever come by korea sometime in the future!
    Really stoked for you guys! This is most excellent!

  331. I bet when you guys moved out here you never thought, “And here – HERE is where I shall lay down roots, and build a rockin’ blog and a super mega groovy coffee shop.”

  332. GUISE! CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is amazing!! You have no idea how happy I am for you! Now I really would do anything to be able to come to Korea! I wish you the BEST of luck in your business :D But seriously guise, If I came I’d want to see you and visit your coffee shop more than I’d want to see my bias, or all my favorite idols in one place <3

  333. KYAAAA I’M SO EXCITED! Last year when I visited Seoul, my bff and I were too scurrred to go up to the studio~ and we also saw Hyunwoo when eating in Insadong, but he was just walking by keke… ah, this would be so great! EYK and TTMIK/Hyunwoo fighting! I hope to have delish coffee there and Martina pastries next time I visit!

  334. Woah congrats! The place looks awesome~

  335. EXQUISELLENT! Are you gonna serve KimChi too ;-)

  336. get some cute Korean guys to work there, then me and you will be best friends forever XD

  337. lol If I got to eat Martina’s baking I think I’d never be happier! If I got to eat Martina’s baking AND Dongho’s baking I think I might die of happiness! I’m looking forward to this shop and your dream coming true! You guys are such an inspiration to keep chasing my dreams! ASDFGHJKL: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! TTTTTT_____________TTTTTTTTT

  338. omg i am so excited for you guys! the coffee shop is going to be on my checklist for places to visit when i come to korea!!! <33333333

    ps i met you last year at the singapore meetup hehe :)))

  339. AHH, THIS IS SO COOL! I totally hope one day I can travel to Korea and experience having coffee in your coffee shop!

  340. Congrats!!! It so nice to see the cutest couple and loveliest people make their dreams come true. When i come to Korea next year I hope this is all up and running. Goodluck with everything guys :)

  341. good for you, guys!! all the best for you. too bad since i’m not in Korea or will go there at summer, so i can’t go there.. T^T
    ah, btw, will BAP’s Coffee Shop be played as the BGM there? hahaha..

    p.s. don’t forget BTOB’s [When I Was Your Man] please. this song is also have a nice music.. hehe.. good luck guys! ^^

  342. wow! IM happy for you! Im visiting seoul this june and i was planning to visit the studio! :3 or at least have a photo with the EYK logo outside the building! XD Surely the shop wont be prepared within that time, but i’ll make sure to stop by! i really wish i could see you guys!^^ if there is a Filipina girl running behind you to greet u that would probably be me! XD I was planning to bring you wine from italy! white, red or sparkling? :D goodluck! ;) Greetings from Trient, Italy!!! :3

  343. wow that’s amazing!!! I love that it’s animal friendly as well and how involved Martina is in this it seems like a great outlet for her baking love >.< (also totally volunteering as waitress/dishwasher tribute)

  344. Coffee goooooood,,,,,,

  345. Looks like you won’t have a problem promoting your shop…^^

  346. Akira Miyashi

    OMG!!! So happy for you guise!!! I would totally go there one day…when I’m back in Korea…some day….aaaarrrgghhh!

  347. Omgomgomg so awesommmmmmme. If you need a web developer to make your web page i know someone whod be brilliant at it.

    Like omg…does Korea still have the five koreans per foreiner rule? Lol. Loving this. And oooh different rooms can be different themes, and u should have a lounge area with couches. And also have it where people can rent it out for parties. Gah…..now to c9nvince hubby to buy plane tickets.

    • We’ve actually been looking for a web developer now for a while. It’s not easy finding someone with a Korean Visa who knows WordPress!

      • Wow. I was just throwing that out there, not knowing you were actually looking for someone!

        My husband is a web/software developer and he actually just texted me back saying that he’s familiar with WordPress. The Korea visa part, I’m not sure how hard it would be to obtain, but if you want his contact info, I can email it to you if you’re interested in talking to him. “it’s a small world aftttter all.” :)

        and Martina would look so adorably cute making tea cakes and tea sandwiches and I can just picture her looking for the perfect coffee cups (why, a bowl of course. that’s the only way to get the adequate dose of coffee!…ok kidding, not really. i do get one of those mugs that are for soups and use it for coffee. ha).

  348. Dongho yes! Do it!

  349. Omo!!! Congratulations. I’m so happy you’re making your dreams come true in Korea! Simon and Martina-I have learned so much from your YouTube channel and can’t wait to explore Korea this October (visiting from Halifax, NS Canada) and I am PUMPED to have a place to hang out with other like minded individuals. I can’t wait. This really is the best announcement EVER!!!

    PS. I really do hope they leave the Hello Kitty.

  350. THIS IS AMAZING, SIMON AND MARTINA! ^-^ ♥ I love Hyungwoo from TalkToMeInKorean, and I totally understand that you want to work on this with him, because he really IS a great great dude! I’m so happy for you guise having your dream come true so soon, you are very lucky and I think this will be a great success, because you’ve made a great name for yourselves not only in Korea, but abroad as well, so making this coffee shop go through with nothing but joy and success I don’t think will be a problem! I’m so looking forward to hearing cheesy, nasty-intern-joke k-drama and k-pop names for the coffee and dishes on your menu, kkkk ;) ♥ Just imagine a BATOOST Espresso Boost hahahaa~

  351. Holy hell, I’m so EFFIN’ PROUD OF YOU GUISE ;_;!!! I wish you all the luck you’ve had up until now (AND THEN SOME) and will naturally support you as best as I can! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS :D!

  352. That place looks so awesome!!! I can’t wait for all this to come together and help out and everything! It is going to be so awesome to have a space like this in Seoul.

    • We’re definitely gonna see you there, yes?

      • Yessss. We want to help as much as possible too. I love big projects like this. It’s in my Australian renovating blood. Let’s renovateeeeeeeeee! Actually I’ve been wanting to make a proper patio at the house here and make use of the roof space… but no one understand me… :(

        • Collect pictures and show examples of makeovers, Koreans may not be as used to it hence the initial apprehension. A nice rooftop has so much potential. My grandparents’ house has a rooftop covered in vineyards, it’s a great place in any season (except when grapes fall on you and stain your clothes; pick a different plant).

  353. Omg congrats!! I’ll be studying abroad at yonsei university for a year starting spring 2015. Is employment open to someone in my situation?

  354. Congradulations !!! Im excited that you guys are expanding so much ! I hope everything goes well ~~

  355. I think that you should serve pierogi.
    Oooo you should do this, definitely.

  356. I’ll come to Korea on the 23rd of May and I’ll leave on 3rd of June, will you have opened by then? Would really like to visit! And I don’t even like coffee^^

    I live close by 홍대 and I ALWAYS go there to shop, eat, take sticker pictures with my friends, etc. I went to the ChikaLicious area for the first time thanks to you guys and my mom and I LOVED it!!! Butbutbut I never went to see you guys because I didn’t want to disturb you guys during work and and and… ya things didn’t work out… :/ anyways CONGRATS and I’ll be one of your guys 단골손님 :3 Can’t wait to see the coffee shop!! (oh and there better be wifi!!!!! XD)

  358. When I raed this i was lik ohhhhh my god! I was so jealous, I love coffee and sweets too <3
    I'm so going to visit this if i ever come to korea! Simon and Martina fighting! We will support you all the way! :D

  359. OH MY GOD THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to visit your awesome coffee shop :D Now I just have to figure out some way to get over to Korea……but once I do I am SO THERE!

  360. Oh my god, I’m so happy for you ! You’re are really a model to me in time like that. Believing in your dreams, and making them come true, step by step, is something I really want to do, but sometimes I’m loosing courage. But watching your videos, seeing how happy you are and how you’re doing all this so nicely, it makes me want to complete my dreams too, believe in them.
    Thank you so much and congratulation again ! Be sure I will come to your coffee when I will come to Korea ! :D

  361. OMMG DID EYK MENTION DONGHO????? i would definitely love to see dongho at the cafe doingthis and that. we all miss him and it would be perfect to see him, again. 동호야! 잘 생각해!!! ^^

  362. And as a Hospitality and Food Tech student, I look forward to hearing all the nerdy info about the shop. (I need uniforms, staff, plate designs, napkin folds, HUUURRRRYYY!!)

  363. Carolynn

    Are you guys going to live above the shop? The one you chose is so pretty!

  364. hapagirl

    Yay! Congrats guys! And thanks a lot I was about to go to sleep when I see on twitter your post and I got back on my laptop to see this.
    As of right now, no plans to go to South Korea but when it is in the cards I am so there! It’s absolutely adorable looking place and it’d be awesome to have Nasties and TTMIK fans be able to have a place where they can do meet ups.I can’t wait to see how this progresses and hope that we’ll have a video when it’s all finished.
    I do wonder if after this Martina will want to do a cookbook after this and also loving that t-shirt at the end.

  365. Eeeeer My Gawd! This is such a great news! Even though I likely won’t be able to visit Korea before years because I live on the other side pf the planet and have no money right now… But who cares? This will the best Coffee Shop ever!
    And I have to say the location is gorgeous. Ah. I’m so proud of you guys! I hope you can shoot some videos there from time to time when it will be open^^

  366. WOW JUST WOW! amazing,i am so happy for you guys! can’t wait for more updates,fighting!

  367. eat your kimchi. drink your coffee!

  368. Elanor

    Guys, you are living the dream. :) Congratulation, I hope everything will go well. I’m glad you could find good people to work with, that’s a really important thing when you want to open a business… this is a nasty word, but now nasty meaning bad and not meaning us, awesome Nasties. xD
    Anyway I’m looking forward to see how things develop in front of my computer screen and I hope one day I can visit you there… I will try to squeeze you guys in my hectic schedule after hunting down idols to meet, if I ever go to Korea. xD haha kidding i’m not gonna go after idols all day… or am I? xD I guess I will go sight seeing too. :D


  370. Congratz guyz! Really happy for you!
    I find it hilarious how while you kept us guys in suspense I sort of guessed something along with you inviting Dongho hahaha

  371. Gaiz, this is actually making me a bit emotional. I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! I’ve seen you guys grow so much over the past few years (buying new houses, gettting the studio, getting tattoos, designing more merchandise, creating the “EYK Crew”, etc.) and it makes me so overjoyed that you guys are fulfilling another one of your dreams. Seriously feel like a proud mother (although Im 16….)

  372. HOLY FLIPFRICKIN FUCK, THAT’S AWESOME. Seriously, congrats on fulfilling this dream of yours! I’m going to Korea in June/July, hopefully I’ll see you there! Oh, and name suggestion: Drink Your Coffee. It has a nice abbreviation, too, with no dirty connotation at all: DYC.

  373. I’m so happy and proud for you guys. Best of luck. Hopefully i’ll be able to visit on my semester in Korea!

  374. Guise! This is super awesome! :D
    Can’t wait until I come back to Seoul! Meeting my favorite teachers from Talk to me in Korean and you guise and Spudgy and Meemers and other Nasties and others who also is learning Korean! :D

  375. Jessica R.

    This is so exciting! If you guys need a barista, I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE! I have formal training, love coffee, would love to work in Korea, and will pay for my relocation. :P

    (I’m totally not kidding…>.>)

  376. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve only read the title and I am seriously crying with happiness!!!
    Best idea evarr, good luck with it!
    Love you guise, thankyou for making smiles for all us nasties!!

  377. 이네스 ∞ㅡ お早う

    If u guys need a waitress… I would be happy to do it :D kkk

  378. No way!! that is GREAT! Congratulations on this decision! I am so happy for you guys right now, I can’t even express how amazing I feel this is for both you and everyone who wants to meet you in Korea.

    I have to say I am a little jealous. I’m going into my third month of applying for jobs in Korea, but even with a masters degree I can’t seem to get anywhere, not even a teaching job /pout/ … I hope you guys won’t face any barriers when trying to set up this shop!
    Congratulations again and as soon as I land that job in Korea I will come visit you!!

    • We couldn’t do this on our own, for sure. We’re lucky that we have a team of awesome people that we’re working with, people that we trust, and so we have fully high hopes for this all to work out smoothly :D

    • I’m interested in applying for jobs in Korea too: what are the difficulties you’re facing?

      • A bunch of reasons I think. It is hard to tell because out of the 50 applications you send you, you get a reply to around 5, which are usually along the lines of: “no thanks.” No extra info or whatsoever, so I can’t really be sure where I am going wrong.
        Short background of myself: Im 22 years old, live in the Netherlands and have a master’s degree in marketing, as well as experience with Korean businesses, have completed internships and have started my own (Korea focused) foundation. (Which would be a pretty good thing to start you off with in Korea.. or so I thought.)
        It is especially difficult in Korea because:
        1) I am not fluent in Korean. So for around 90% of the jobs I am not suited. This means I have to resort to applying only for jobs at multinationals (which are very popular, also among Koreans) or I just blatantly ignore that requirement and apply anyway.
        2) I am not Korean and I do not have a visa to work in Korea. Apparently this is expensive and a lenthy process for companies to get, so they prefer someone WITH a visa any day. Just.. if you don’t get hired, you cannot get a visa, unless you are of Korean descent.
        3) I an not even IN Korea. So for all 2nd rounds I’ve been invited to, they require me to be in Korea. Physically. Which is pretty much not doable.

        This list goes on, ranging from: “I don’t have a Korean resume, because I don’t want to deceive people and having them think I speak Korean, but I risk being misunderstood without one.” to “I don’t even come from an English speaking country, so I can’t even teach English in Korea…”

        The struggle is real, but I have an infinite amount of resumes I can send out and I will. It might take a while, but maybe I can land something soon. I feel I am getting better at it, and there are new jobs being put online every day~
        Hwaiting to your search!!

        • Thank you for all this information! I really appreciate it.
          Me, I’m an American attorney, don’t know Korean, but would like to take a sabbatical to teach English in Korea before I, and my family, get too old. I’m in my late 30s right now, and I kind of feel like this is my last shot without major responsibilities like elder care (thank God, everyone is fine right now).

          Fighting to your search too!

  379. woa!

    guyz that’s a pretty big step there.Congrats! Although I don’t see myself visiting anytime soon *bummer* , I just added another reason to try to!! It’s refreshing watching young people taking such initiatives.
    Good luck, hope everything works smooooooooothly. Keep us updated!


  381. LOL! One day my friend and I stopped by your studio after you were filming a livechat and you guys actually saw us downstairs and waved from the window… we thought we would get you guys a coffee but that damn gate haha! We just thought you were preventing crazy fans or something. We stayed a bit in the coffeeshop downstairs in case you figured out that we were waving at you to come join us but oh well. I’m glad about this new development! That’s awesome for you guys! :)

  382. this is the best idea ever AND THE LOCATION IS AMAZING ! good luck guys !!!!!

  383. Congrats guys! That’s super awesome! Now if I ever go to Seoul (which probably won’t be a while, but still) I’ll know where I want to go even if I don’t like coffee. Unless you guys will have decaf because that’s all I drink. Caffeine kills me.

  384. how exciting! congratulations you guiiisee!!! I’ve always wanted to own a coffee shop >< Now this gives me more reason to come visit one day :D If you need someone who can make and bake everything from bread to macarons, holla at me xD (one day~) Ahhhh, I'm so happy for y'all!!!!

  385. Congratulations, that’s some pretty awesome news! I’m happy that you will make your visions come true XD
    PS. you’ll need to sell some cinnamonsbun (must have according to me)

  386. OMFG THAT IS JUST SO COOL!! It is amazing tht you will be able to fufill your own dreams in that way!!

  387. Wow congratulations! I hope to visit your coffee shop in the future! :)

  388. Wow, this sounds like a really amazing idea! I’d never imagined you guys coming this far since i first started watching your videos in 2010. Not only am I a fan of your videos, but I love the TTMIK crew and how they make learning Korean so accessible and their lessons are so well thought out! I’m really happy for your plan and I hope that it’ll be a great success! Though I’ve been to Korea thrice for holidays and I’m not sure when I’ll be back again, I’d certainly want to check out your coffee shop should I visit Korea again!

  389. THIS IS AWESOME!!! ill be there for sure :D editing my vids :D

  390. I am so happy for you guise!!! Congratulation!!!

  391. I’m SO happy for you! Congratulations! Then i have a new stop if I ever get my butt down to Korea^^ I wish you the best luck and hope that your coffee shop will become sucsessful^^

  392. Oh my gosh that’s so exciting! Congrats!

  393. OMG!!!
    so happy!!!If one day I come to korea,i will come to your coffee shop for sure ;)

  394. Thats totally awesome you guys! Its a shame i live in Australia and would never ever be able to go :( ughhhh whyyyyyyy XD I really hope this works out amazingly! Super-Duper-Amazingly-Awesomely-besteddly Congratualtions!

  395. Small Yeti

    Oh my goodness – CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    PS Love your business brains!

  396. Sonia


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