Guise: this month has been the most exciting month of Eatyourkimchi Studio’s existence. We’re opening up a coffee shop, right here in Hongdae, right beside our studio. Come, grab a seat, and we’ll tell you everything we know and all the heart and the feels that went into the planning of this place.

We’ve been working on this for months now, discussing ideas, hunting locations, talking about shop names, the look and feel of the place, the menu…the everything! Many of you know how passionate we are about coffee (and how much we drink), and you’ve heard us talking about our dreams to open up our own shop in the future as well. But that idea was distant future for us. We thought that we’d do that when we’re older, in our late 50s, and not sprightly enough to make awkward jokes on the internet. It was a pipe dream, and so we’re totally amazed that this is happening decades before our plan.

We’re partnering up with Hyunwoo and the TalkToMeInKorean crew. We’re all youtubers, we’re all into promoting Korea, and we’re all into coffee shop culture. We’ve spoken a lot about how awesome it would be to open up a coffee shop that would incorporate good coffee, homemade healthy baked goods, and a great atmosphere for both visitors to Korea and Korean people.

On top of that, we like what the Talk To Me In Korean crew do. They’re good people. We’ve spoken with lots of other businesses in Korea, some multi-million dollar companies, and they’re bad, bad. Evil bad. We never get that feeling with Hyunwoo. Whenever we do anything together we feel nothing but “goddamn that guy is a good person.” We couldn’t be happier working together with him and his crew!

We also know that lots of people want to visit the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio, but it’s a really difficult and impractical location. There’s a gate at the third floor that we can’t hear the ringing to, because there’s no bell. There is an office below us that understandably doesn’t want people socializing during their work hours. And now the club owners in the basement put a gate at the first floor as well. It’s impossible for any of you Nasties to stop by as a result, and that sucks!

Having a coffee shop that’s close to the studio, then, is a perfect solution. We can meet up with people there! It’s not impossible to get to! Gandalf isn’t sitting at the stairs saying “UUUU SHALLL NOT PASSSSS” We’re thinking of doing lots of events in the coffee shop including maybe live chats!

So in order to get this dream going, we have an investor who’s funding the development of the coffee shop and who believes in Hyunwoo’s and our shared vision. Otherwise, again, this is something we would have had to wait decades for. He’s actually a good friend of Hyunwoo’s already, which makes us really happy, because it’s not a shady person trying to take advantage of us. It’s someone who likes what we do, and wants to help see where we can go with this next.

We’re thinking about what we can do with this coffee shop as well. We’d love to shoot videos there, would love to see you there in our videos, too. So, no, this doesn’t mean that we’re stopping Eatyourkimchi videos and focusing entirely on this. This isn’t a replacement of Eatyourkimchi; it’s just a new branch, one that we think goes well with those of you we’d love to be able to see but can’t see. We were flabbergasted at how supportive you all were when we had the Studio Pop Up Store event, so we think that you’d like to come to this place as well. Martina has been working on the menu for months now and she’ll even be in the kitchen making healthy homemade baked goods. You know you want to try her cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and loaves!

We do know, though, that our schedules are going to be a bit hectic now that we’re starting this new dream of ours, but we’re doing our best to film things in advance so that we can stay up to date with our videos as much as possible. You might remember how scattered things were when we were building the studio at the end of 2012, and how some videos just never got made because we were picking the tiling and the paint. We’re hoping that this won’t be the case this time, but if it does happen, we hope you’ll forgive us.

We are going to try to keep you updated on things as well, with videos of the studio development, construction, and whatnot. We’re still debating what name we should go for, how we should decorate it, and all that. We’ll let you know as things advance! We’re just happy to finally have found a place after, really, six months in the works. Woohoo!

Side note: Dongho, if you’re reading this (and I know you probably are) do you know how to either bake or to make coffee? If so, we’d love to talk. Just saying ;)

We’ve got some bloopers from the hunt as well. Check em out if you feel like a few extra lols:


You can also check out Talk To Me in Korean’s Announcement Video and read their blog post as well. Yay!

So, yeah! That’s it for now! Click on the subscribe button below so you can keep up to date with what’s happening. We’re also trying to think of a way to have something special on the menu for YouTube subscribers. Gotta figure out how to do that. Till then, make sure you click on this pretty button right here:

  1. omg you guys i’m so excited i really REALLY want to come do you think you can tell about an oppening date or an approximate one? i’ll be going to japan in september and if your coffee shop is open by then i am coming to skorea like NO DOUBT please pleaaaaaaase tell me if you think you’ll be open by then, if not, please tell anyways so i can stop dreaming of meeting you guys ; U;

  2. It’d be so cool if you could name the snacks or drinks after songs or K-pop groups because it’d be funny to see people trying to order drinks. For ex. “I would like to order two U-Kiss’ and one T-ara.” It’d be weird and funny and would help with spreading Kpop around. xD

  3. WOW, next time we’re visiting my in-laws, most likely next year, we’ll definitely stop by! How exciting is that! We looove EYK, we love our coffee, and while Sydney does not have a particularly awesome internet connection (as you have experienced) it definitely has wicked coffee, so we are gonna be ready for some espresso deliciousness and yummy pastry. But most of all meeting other Nasties and you guys! The building looks awesome already, can’t wait to see it when it is done!

  4. this ONE video literally pushed my inspiration to go to korea to visit the EYK studio and now the coffee shop as well!!! =D Im so excited to meet both the EYK Crew and the TTMIK Crew and thank you both so much for the experiences and knowledge you both have shared! As a birthday gift to myself Ive taken the chance to ask for a week vacation so far in advanced and my manager knew of my great interests in korea and how I got so much more passionate about going because of EYK that I was already pre-approved! Its so exciting to think that I might be actually going to the EYK+TTMIK Coffee shop and visiting all those delicious FAPFAP locations in my week stay there ;D Ill be feeling all Nasty and Caffinated by the time I come back! =D Cant wait!

  5. I am so excited! Just in time for me to study abroad. When i land this is the first place I want to go!
    Plus I love you guys and TMIK! Definitely keep us posted!

  6. Im going to Korea beginning of July, hopefully it’s open by them. Pleaseeeee

  7. Is there an estimated open date? We are heading to Seoul this Fall and my whole family wants to go!

  8. Are you guys open to food suggestions for the coffee shop? I am thinking truffles, chocolate truffles that can go well with coffee!! I suggest flavors like green tea dark chocolate and coffee layered (layers of coffee white chocolate and dark chocolate). I’ve made these two before and they were a huge hit at my work place. I have pictures of what they look like.

  9. I am just finishing a pastry degree here in the States and I already
    have a four year degree in history but I have been wanting to move to
    Korea and teach/bake/make chocolates! Would you guys have any need for
    people in that capacity?

  10. Congrats to all of you! I am such a fan of you two AND Hyunwoo and the TTMiK crew. Blessings on your big venture!!!

  11. So awesome! I’m going to Korea for the first time ever in June this year and I reeeaaaallllyyyy hope that you’ll have this place open then ^^

  12. So excited. Seriously the first place I will visit when I go back to Korea for vaca.
    Love you guys and cheering for your inevitable success. :)

  13. Guys… most importantly……………….. when are you hiring!! Hahahah.

  14. I live in Korea and I make pretty good cheese cake ^^

  15. I live in Korea and I make pretty good cheese cake :P

  16. I feel so silly…. it actually took me 7 days to notice that the comment section was not working only for me and that I needed to restart my browser. :( Anyway, I just wanted to say that this paradise-like place you found seem sooo appealing in the video, it was like all the best cinematographers in the world took their time to tweak the perfect lighting, but it was natural! I can’t believe you will have such nice natural lighting. AND THE TREES!!!! I love trees. I’m terribly sold. I’ve never wanted to go to Korea as much as after I watched that video. T_T I actually really got teary eyed. I’m so happy for you! Oh and I agree, Hyunwoo is a good guy! :D

  17. OMG!!! I’m so excited for you guise!!! I, too, have a similar dream of opening my own cafe ^v^ only my concept was to have the cafe to function as an art gallery/live music place from art and music students in my area ^^ (ooh, now you’ll have extra space for your beautiful fan art stuff! Oh and maybe have like surprise gigs from the awesome kpop & indie music ppl that you interview!!! gah!!! the excitement is catching!!) and like you, its something that I had thought can only happen when much more I’m older, too… That’s why I am so stoked for your team, that you guise are able to do it earlier than you had thought!!! I know it will be a lot of hard work but it’s clearly seen from your videos that you all have the passion and have this wonderful vision for it ^=^ It’s so inspiring to see that you guise are doing what you can to go after your dreams!!! All the best to your team and I really hope that I can visit you cafe soon!!!

  18. That is too cool for school. My new plan is to finish my novel, get published, use money to go to Korea, visit coffee shop, and work on my next novel . Really happy for you guys.

  19. And I thought you guys were super busy already, wow!

  20. They should buy bulk of coffee from places outside of Korea for better variety and NAME IT THE COFFEE TRADE CENTER. They could have coffee from everywhere they go on vacation (Japan, Poland, Canada etc.)

  21. Can you explain the process of opening a business in Korea while being a foreigner??

  22. You should have a code phrase like “I’d like to order your Nasty Coffee please?”….and have people wondering why anyone would want to pay for nasty coffee lol :-D

  23. Will the coffee shop be opened by June or July? I’m planning a trip to seoul, really hope I can visit this coffee shop!

  24. Totally looks like a TTMIK and EYK Clubhouse. can’t wait.

  25. Omg the place is so pretty !!!
    Hopefully i will get to visit the coffee shop when i visit Korea :D

  26. Next project: EYK + Shaytards

  27. OMG can’t believeeee this is actually happening !
    I’ll be in Seoul in July for the first time of my LIFE and you open a coffee shop for korean learning people and foreigners in general?
    This must be destiny
    I will DEFINITELY visit .

  28. Simon and Martina…. I am so incredibly happy for you guys. I’ve been watching your videos since 2008, and have seen you go from casual vloggers to full time vloggers, and now you guys are opening up your own business. I know it sounds kinda weird, but I feel like I’ve watched you guys grow up in the time that eatyourkimchi had grown. I hope that at some point I can come to Korea and tell you two how much your videos have meant to me these past years and finally get to hang out with you (cuz I feel like you would be super fun to be friends with). Congratulations, and I hope the coffee shop is a giant success.

  29. If given the chance I’d love to be an intern in the business side of things as I am a business mgmt student and it would be a good experience for me as well.. I always had a dream of opening up a coffee shop as well with a mini library on the second floor and a conference room for students/professionals to have their meetings in. The image in my mind actually is almost like the 6th house you visited. Sunny with window panels, bright and home-y. It’s not just a business venture looking for profit, it actually has morals and good intentions in it and the fact that, that is the basis of the business plan just shows that there’s more than just accounts, cash flows etc. In the end, I can’t even think of this as a business but rather an extension of the passion TTMIK and EYK has for connecting the world with Korean culture. It’s amazing that it’s in Hongdae since I’ll be studying in Ewha for one year! I’m so excited for you guys and I am so excited to be there.

  30. you should have spudgy themed cups and plates and when people want a special be like do you want the meemersworth special or the royal spudgy special. THAT WOULD BE COOL~!!!!

  31. Congrats guys. I don’t have a suggestion in terms naming your coffee shop but I do suggest that you sell bubble tea too.

  32. You are building a cafe so your fans can meet and hangout. You are literally building a fan cafe!
    …I think I am fan-girling over a coffee shop.

  33. Also, definitely coming here when I come to Korea. That’s a no brainer! I’ll probably just hang out here every evening, lol. Currently saving up for my trip, hehe.

  34. I’ve seen this video about 10 times already and Wow, I am soooo Pumped for this! haha. I know you guys have wanted a coffee shop and now you’re one step closer. You’ve inspired me to work towards my own dream of possibly owning a cafe. I just got to take it one step at a time. :)

  35. OMG!! I’m SO happy for you guys. I started smiling while I was reading this blog post. It makes me so happy to hear that you guys are doing things you love and that you have come this far. How I wish I stayed in Korea so I could go visit you guys there… but it’s okay. ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR COFFEESHOP! I will support you guys!( from afar that is) :D

  36. you guys should do another fundraiser so we can help and get awesome stuff out of the deal as well! :D

  37. NICE! When Wired Waygook Coffee co. gets rolling, I would love to send you guys some coffee. Perhaps maybe a signature roast or something.

  38. Martina should learn how to make cute baked goods, like all the cat doughnuts and such you see on tumblr!

  39. This is amazing, I’m excited for you guys :D Can’t wait to follow the progress ;)

  40. Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if you guys put up a pinboard or just used a wall to put up pictures of Engrish fans find? I always found the engrish challenges in you wanks funny, and it would be a perfect spot to put the daddy poem.

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