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The Kpop Coffee Shop Playlist!

August 5, 2014


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We’ve got five more days until the You Are Here Cafe finally opens, and we’re in hardcore GOGOGO mode at the moment. We have to submit our playlist for the coffee shop, so we figured we’d do a Music Monday on our favourite Coffee Shop-esque Korean songs and videos!

If you’re asking “why are you submitting a playlist rather than just playing stuff whenever you want to play it” well, good question! We just found out the rules and regulations today. Because we’re a public venue, we have to subscribe to a monthly music playing license, and we have to submit a list of songs that we want to play. We then have to pay a monthly fee to play those songs. So odd, no? I thought we’d just play whatever the hell we felt like playing, but I guess the rules here in Korea are more strict. I’m sure there are thousands of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that don’t give a damn about this rule, but we play by the rules here, so we gotta do things the legal way.

Which is why we started thinking about this playlist. We talked about a few songs and videos we found relevant, but we’d like to hear your suggestions as well. Let us know ASAP! We have to submit our playlist ASAP!

Anyhow, thanks to Lalita, our awesome mod, for making a gigantic playlist of Coffee Shop related songs. She emphasized the importance of doing Epik High’s song, but that wasn’t an official video, so we didn’t talk about it. I’M SORRY LALITA FORGIVE ME! But at least I mentioned it here!

Other songs we didn’t mention in our video but wanted to talk about include Big Bang “Cafe” which Martina referenced in the video, and we looked through to see if they mentioned “Cafe Hanjan.” Martina couldn’t find it and so she lost the bet. Here’s a secret, though: the song might actually contain it. We didn’t listen all the way through. Martina lost hope a couple of minutes into the song and gave up. Was she right? If so, don’t let her know. Ha! We also mentioned Urban Zakapa’s “Cafe Latte” which, come on now! How doesn’t it have its own official video? Or does it? I remember we talked with them about their song back when we interviewed them. They weren’t bored of hearing their song at coffee shops everywhere. I wonder if they still feel that way now…

On a more Kpop-y note, we didn’t talk about two coffee shop songs that we love, simply because we talked about them before, but BAP’s “Coffee Shop” and Yoseob’s “Caffeine” are two very different but very great songs, though we like BAP’s song more, for coffee shop purposes, while we like the latter more altogether. Girl you like a caffeine! Well, we hope you like a caffeine enough to come to our coffee shop :D

We’ve got a few extra scenes that didn’t make the final cut. Check em out if you’re in the mood for some extra lola :D

Ok! Now that we’ve published this video, time to get back to getting everything for the coffee shop ready! AH! Still so much to go. Really looking forward to seeing you there, those of you who are coming. We’ve got some more videos planned for the week. Our Narcon video from our trip last week to Sweden is almost ready, and we’ve got another WANK going up. We can’t do a LiveChat because it’s the day before our opening (CRAZY!) but we do have a WTF on Saturday, for those of you who aren’t in Korea. Or for those of you who are. You can watch it while you come to the Coffee Shop. Yay!

Click on the button below for better tasting coffee :D



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Kpop Music Mondays


The Kpop Coffee Shop Playlist!


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  1. When I think about Coffe Shop Songs the first Song that comes to my mind is “Coffee Shop” by CN Blue :)

    It would be great to see a Music Monday Video about CN Blue! They are such an awesome band, composing and singing their own songs ….

    1 year ago
  2. The first song that comes to my mind when I think of Coffe Shops is “Coffe Shop” hahah by CN Blue

    I would love to see a Music Monday Video about CN Blue !!! They are such an amazing band, composing and singing their own songs….

    1 year ago
  3. Jcc

    I thought I’ll add my choices to.

    – 10cm – Love in the Milky Way Cafe
    – Dugeun Dugeun- Lucite Tokki

    These are just melodies.
    – Three Berry Icecream – A Sunny Spring Day
    – Satoshi Takebe – Signal Flags

    1 year ago
  4. I know this is SUPER DUPER MEGA late of me to comment, but uhh.. “French Toast by J” should be cool to join you cafe’s playlist :)

    1 year ago
  5. The most famous song about a cup of coffee in Korean music history is “A Cup of Coffee” by Pearl Sisters published in 1968. Check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl7MS5WOyZw The song was a remake of “Ed-4” song, but did not receive much attention. Shin Joong Hyun, who was a member of “Ed-4” group and its composer, made a remake with Pearl Sisters. Pearl Sisters was 2-girls girl group, they were real sisters. They sang and danced like present day girl groups, and that was sensational at the time. This song was enormously popular. This was Shin Joong Hyun’s first hit, and he is now considered a genius and father of KRock.

    1 year ago
  6. Am I doing something correctly cuz site ain’t fitting iPhone and I’m P Nasty! Oh well still lovin EYK

    1 year ago
  7. Peppermint Chocolate Mamamoo and KWill:) love and it is about love and coffee and stuff. So happy u guise r able to expand w coffee shop, mobile ride etc. wishing I the best. Hope you’ll get to Seattle one day

    1 year ago
    • That song is fabulous, but it’s actually about them having different ideas about their relationship and likening their relationship to chocolate. K. Will likens it to coffee-flavored chocolate, but it’s not actually about coffee.

      1 year ago
  8. Just wanted to say I noticed that “churlish and insubordinate”. Good lord, that Key & Peele sketch might be one of the funniest things I have ever watched! :D

    A belated CONGRATS!! on your cafe opening! I was so sad that I had to leave Korea before it opened, but that just means I’ll have to make another trip!

    1 year ago
  9. The Jay Park song, Know your Name (Acoustic Version) has the word coffee in it…. also, it is a super cute! song.

    1 year ago
  10. There’s this song that I really like and always gives me this dreamy sweet feel so I think it should be great for the coffee shop.. It’s 2 o’clock Date (2시의 데이트) by Gain and Jo Hyung Woo

    1 year ago
  11. Kim Greem -Summer Night

    1 year ago
  12. Lim Kim’s songs, I feel, also have a coffee shop feel.

    1 year ago
  13. I cannot get that “Americano” song out of my head. I have been singing it at work since I make my own Americano at work. Thanks. I think.

    1 year ago
  14. A bit late but Congratulations on opening the new shop! :D Hope it turns out to be a great place for all the Nastyyy in Korea <3

    I can't remember much of the lounge/coffee shop song but this one left the greatest "Ah this is such a coffee shop song for a lovely afternoon hangout with friends" impression on me. I just listened to it again just to check the title and lo and behold, it starts with "Coffee hanjan"!

    Jessica ft Tiffany (SNSD) – Coffee Caramel

    Kudos to the coffee shop playlist too, I have always wanted one for my playlist! :D

    Happy coffee-ing

    1 year ago
  15. ★★★★

    – Unordinary Girl (보기드문여자)
    – Embrace me now (이제 날 안아요)
    – Close my eyes (눈감아줄께)
    – Am I the Only One Like This? (나만 이런거야)

    The one’s above are all by Block B.. not just cuz i’m a fan, but they’re just TOO soft, soothing and healing so I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY recommend.★

    Also lot of K indie songs :) you can find them all from youtube. enjoy!

    Misty Blue (미스티블루) – cherry
    Epitone Project – 해열제
    Brown Eyed Soul – 이 노래 (This Song)
    40 – Zodiac
    스탠딩 에그 (Standing Egg) – 고백 (Confession)
    상처는 별이 되죠 – 커피소년 (coffee boy)
    브로콜리 너마저(broccoli, you too?) – 사랑한다는 말로도 위로가 되지 않는
    브로콜리 너마저(broccoli, you too?) – 편지 (letter)
    크루셜 스타 (Crucial Star) – 우울증
    캐스커 (CASKER) – 향 (incense)
    At The Cafe – 소리헤다 (Soriheda)
    꿈인 걸 알지만 (Vocal 소수빈) – 헤르쯔 아날로그(Herz Analog)
    소리헤다 (Soriheda) – 설흔 (雪痕) (With Soulman & Minos, Soulfish)
    Vanilla Acoustic — 헤픈 남자
    GD & ZICO – 편지(Letter)&This Love mix
    치즈 (CHEEZE) – Have A Nice Day
    선인장 (Cactus) – 에피톤 프로젝트 (Epitone Project)
    자리 (seat) feat 김박첼라
    낯선 (Feat. 혜미) – Illinit (일리닛)
    (song that hasn’t end) 끝나지 않은 노래 – 노리플라이 (no reply)
    Loptimist – Love is Over (Feat. Paloalto, Dead’P, 남예지)
    aMorejo – J Rabbit
    Standing EGG – 모래시계
    크루시픽스 크릭(Krucifix Kricc) – 오늘은 (Fea. B-Soap, Verbal Jint, Steady B & 정인)
    롤러코스터 (roller coaster) – 숨길 수 없어요
    Giriboy (기리보이) – 다른꼴 (feat. Crucial Star)
    화나 (FANA) – Full Speed Ahead (prod. G-Slow)
    페이퍼컷 프로젝트 – 설레발 (papercut project)
    Ra. D-난 네게
    Morrie – In My Pockets
    Jungkey – 잊혀지다
    이그나이트 (ignite) – 사랑은 왜 언제나 (why is love always)
    he person who hurts – Epitone Project (feat. Taru)
    Jungjaehyung – 일요일 오후 (Sunday afternoon)
    유희열. 여름날. Feat. 페퍼톤스
    김진표 (kim jin pyo) – 친구야 (friend) Feat 이적, 김동률, psy, 길 Of 리쌍, 류시원, 김원준, 김조한
    슈가볼 (Sugar ball) – Tequilla
    Belle Epoque – 나와 같은 너
    JULY – Rhapsody
    Humming Urban Stereo – 스웨터 (Sweater) feat. TARU
    Humming Urban Stereo – Ozon
    Humming Urban Stereo – Triangular (feat. Shi-Uhn)
    곰PD (bear PD) -버릇
    긱스(Geeks) – 답답해(Keymaker Remix)

    Epitone project(에피톤프로젝트), Broccoli, you too (브로콜리너마저), Coffee boy (커피소년) and humming urban stereo(허밍어반스테레오) are great artists for a cafe track list.

    Long Playlist.. huh? I tried to pick the best cafe songs from my playlist :). hope this helps.

    1 year ago
    • +
      진보(JINBO) – 떠나기 전날에 (Day before I leave)
      Playa Love (Feat. Lyn) – Double K
      2LSON – Hocus-Pocus

      and some non korean songs

      Groovin’ – Jeff Bernat
      Alinah Sipps – Sadness at the Next Table
      FreeTEMPO – Tomorrow
      FreeTEMPO – Imagery ft.Rika Yamada
      Freetempo – Heart (feat. blanc.)
      All That Jazz – Meguru Kisetsu

      1 year ago

    BTS – coffee
    urban zakapa – cafe latte
    IU feat high4 – no spring, love, cherry blossoms
    K.will – Day 1
    soyouXjunggigo – some
    SNSD – romantic street
    eric nam – heavens door
    eddy kim – the manual

    1 year ago
  17. Songs That I Could Think Of So Far :

    B.A.P : Check On , Spy , Where Are You ? , Easy , S.N.S , Shady lady , And Bow Wow
    Jay Park : Joah , Metronome , Know Your Name , And Up & Down
    K. Will : Day 1 , Bon Voyage , Lay Back
    Taeyang : Eyes Nose Lips , I Need A Girl
    Big Bang : Bad Boy , Cafe
    GD & TOP : Baby Goodnight
    GD : That XX
    Lee Hi : Rose
    Bang Yong Guk : Q
    CN BLUE : Coffee Shop
    Lee Hyori : Miss Korea

    1 year ago
  18. Yay thank you for adding our suggestions in :)

    1 year ago
  19. I know the music streaming service Pandora has some kind of subscription for USA-based businesses; there may be similar equivalents in Korea. Also, I’m not familiar with Korean radio, but I suspect playing the radio during is A-okay because in that scenario the stations have already paid for the public use of the music. You’d have advertisements then, but maybe it’s something to consider if you’re getting sick of your playlist or have a regular program you like.

    1 year ago
  20. This isn’t Korean, but it seems like it has a very coffee shop vibe to it: Daybreak by Michael Haggins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXvuUp-KY5g

    1 year ago
  21. The playlist is great! I’d also recommend:

    10cm – 고추잠자리
    DMTN – The Romantic
    Lim Kim – Drunken Shrimp
    Nell – In days gone by
    SNSD – 카라멜 커피 (Talk to Me)
    투개월 – Romantico

    Hope it’s not too late^^

    1 year ago
  22. I think 서인국 (Seo In Guk) – 봄 타나봐 (BOMTANABA) would be a really great song for the coffee shop ; u ;)b

    1 year ago
  23. Ah if it’s not too late I have a small list:
    박장현 (park jang hyeon) & 박현규 (park hyeon gyu) [bromance] – love is…
    lee hong ki – i’m saying
    커피소년 (coffee boy) – that’s nothing
    라면왕 (ramyun king)- milk tea
    SHINee – Replay
    EXO – Moonlight
    EXO – Love, Love, Love
    EXO – Thunder
    EXO – What Is Love

    And that’s pretty much all I can think of! I’m so excited because I am planning to go to Korea next year after I graduate from community college and cannot wait to visit the cafe! :D

    1 year ago
  24. These songs are songs that I would like hearing when I’m in a coffee shop mood:
    Topp Dogg – Cigarette
    G Dragon – Butterfly
    Mamamoo – Hello
    Standing EGG – 햇살이 아파
    Brown Eyed Girls – One Summer Night

    1 year ago
  25. 소란(SORAN) – 혹시 자리 비었나요?

    Great coffee shop song!

    1 year ago
  26. Hope it’s not too late to leave suggestions :D
    BTS – Coffee
    Xia – Chocolate girl
    Vixx – I’m a boy, you’re a girl
    Vixx – Girls, why
    BtoB – when I was your man
    Block B – Romantically
    Urban Zakapa – Crush
    Kim Jaejoong- Now is good

    1 year ago
  27. I like Yoseob’s “Caffeine”! And I can’t live without caffeine! I go to Tim Hortons everyday!!! (haha,Canadian knows What I am taling about XD We don’t go to Starbucks lol) Also, I suggest CNBlue’s “Coffee Shop” It’s a great song and I love it! I wish I could travel to Korea soon! I will visit your cafe for sure!!!

    1 year ago
  28. jessica tiffany – talk to me, very good coffee shop song

    1 year ago
  29. urban zapaka cafe latte!! Its really good and also geeks cover of it is also really good ^^

    1 year ago
  30. Hope it’s not too late yet ㅋㅋㅋ

    J-Rabbit – Talking bout love
    Infinite ft. Bumkey – Special Girl
    Akdong Musician – Give Love
    HIGH4 ft. IU – 봄,사랑,벚꽃 말고
    BAP – 어디니? 뭐하니?
    GOT7 – Forever Young
    소유(SoYou) X 정기고(JunggiGo) – 썸
    K.will – Love Blossom
    Eric Nam – Heaven’s Door
    Roy Kim – 봄봄봄

    As of now this is everything I can come up with~ But will definitely look more into my older music files ^o^
    See you on Saturday! *o*

    1 year ago
  31. Guys, this is wonderful! I love coffee shops and coffee shop music! This makes me want to work in your café. It would be the dream <3
    Thank you for this amazing playlist. I love the themed playlist KMM, they trigger so many recommendations between Nasties!
    Are these all about food and drinks? If so, why didn't Wheesung's "OJ" make the list? It's about a café! And orange juice! Shame on you! Add it right now!

    My other recommendations:
    – All of Urban Zapaka and all of AKMU. You already love their music so it's nothing new but the feeling I get from their albums are the same feeling I get from drinking coffee: warmth, sweetness, comfort.
    – Someday, "Do you know" The beautiful acoustic ballad from Boys over Flowers.
    – Ailee, "Heaven"
    – Eric Nam, "Heaven's Door" (yes two songs about heaven that's how I feel about coffee)
    – Infinite H, "Fly High"
    – Juniel & Jung Yong Hwa, "바보"
    – K.Will, "Love Blossom", "You Don't Know Love" (all of K.Will to be honest)
    – Sunny Hill & Daybreak, "Love Actually"
    – Davichi, "Turtle"
    – GD, "That XX"

    1 year ago
  32. best coffee stirrers – dry pasta. recyclable,biodegradable,cheap heck, you can even crunch ’em.

    1 year ago
  33. Falling by John Park might be good to add to the playlist :)

    1 year ago
  34. Dang, I was going to suggest 10cm’s ‘Love In The Milky Way Cafe’, but I see it’s already on the playlist :3
    Younha – “Strawberry Days”
    Kara – “Strawberry”
    SHINee – “Your Name”
    SHINee – “Replay” (Y’know…because the MV starts in a coffee shop? …Yeah?)

    1 year ago
  35. If I ever manage to get a plane ticket to Korea, please play Coffee by BTS <3 I promise I will buy whatever from there everyday I stay there
    (Bribery is completely okay lol)

    1 year ago
  36. No more-BEAST
    Will you be alright-BEAST
    I’m sorry-BEAST
    Good lucky-BEAST
    Caffeine-Yoseop Yang
    Should I hug or not-
    I knew it-BEAST

    1 year ago
  37. I guess you should include your own songs – the EXO anthem etc. that would make things interesting ;)

    1 year ago
  38. Some great instrumentals are from Secret Garden, City Hunter,Heartstrings and The Moon Embracing the Sun! I listen to them all the time. OMG I just remembered you NEED TO HAVE CHANCE ENCOUNTER BY 송골매!!! Its such an addictive song!

    1 year ago
  39. Oh and Drawing the line by Royal Pirates!

    1 year ago
  40. 200% – AKMU
    Cherry Blossoms – Busker Busker
    Coffee (realllyy good) – BTS (방탄소년단)
    Where did you come from?( awesome song) – BTS (방탄소년단)
    Just one day – BTS (방탄소년단)
    Boy in Love – BTS (방탄소년단)
    좋아 (Joah) – Jay Park
    Bom Bom Bom – Roy Kim
    SPY – BAP
    Check On – BAP
    Shady Lady – BAP
    Lovesick – BAP
    Body and Soul – BAP
    Lollipop- Big bang and 2NE1
    Love Girl – CN Blue
    Diamond Girl – CN Blue
    Walking in the rain – Verbal Jint ft Bumkey
    Baaam – Dynamic Duo
    Thunder – Exo
    Love, Love, Love – Exo
    Growl – Exo
    Don’t Hate Me – Epik High
    Missing you – GD
    Crooked – GD
    Don’t Go Home – GD and TOP
    Baby Goodnight – GD and TOP
    Still Alive – Big Bang
    DASH – MIB
    GG Be – Seungri
    You Don’t Love Me – SPICA
    1 2 3 4 – Lee Hi
    I Need A Girl – Taeyang
    To You – Teen TOP
    Green Light – TROY
    Sad Ending – VIXX
    Back in Time – LYN
    My Destiny – LYN
    Smoky Girl – MBLAQ
    Mona Lisa – MBLAQ
    Follow Me – Infinite
    Be Mine – Infinite
    Destiny – Infinite
    Flower ( would be awessomee in coffee shop)- Yong Junhyung
    Dora Dora – Ukiss
    Believe – Ukiss
    Quit Playing – Ukiss
    Neverland – Ukiss

    And even though its not Korea I think the song Home by Edward Sharpe would be really really cool!

    1 year ago