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The Kpop Coffee Shop Playlist!

August 5, 2014


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We’ve got five more days until the You Are Here Cafe finally opens, and we’re in hardcore GOGOGO mode at the moment. We have to submit our playlist for the coffee shop, so we figured we’d do a Music Monday on our favourite Coffee Shop-esque Korean songs and videos!

If you’re asking “why are you submitting a playlist rather than just playing stuff whenever you want to play it” well, good question! We just found out the rules and regulations today. Because we’re a public venue, we have to subscribe to a monthly music playing license, and we have to submit a list of songs that we want to play. We then have to pay a monthly fee to play those songs. So odd, no? I thought we’d just play whatever the hell we felt like playing, but I guess the rules here in Korea are more strict. I’m sure there are thousands of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that don’t give a damn about this rule, but we play by the rules here, so we gotta do things the legal way.

Which is why we started thinking about this playlist. We talked about a few songs and videos we found relevant, but we’d like to hear your suggestions as well. Let us know ASAP! We have to submit our playlist ASAP!

Anyhow, thanks to Lalita, our awesome mod, for making a gigantic playlist of Coffee Shop related songs. She emphasized the importance of doing Epik High’s song, but that wasn’t an official video, so we didn’t talk about it. I’M SORRY LALITA FORGIVE ME! But at least I mentioned it here!

Other songs we didn’t mention in our video but wanted to talk about include Big Bang “Cafe” which Martina referenced in the video, and we looked through to see if they mentioned “Cafe Hanjan.” Martina couldn’t find it and so she lost the bet. Here’s a secret, though: the song might actually contain it. We didn’t listen all the way through. Martina lost hope a couple of minutes into the song and gave up. Was she right? If so, don’t let her know. Ha! We also mentioned Urban Zakapa’s “Cafe Latte” which, come on now! How doesn’t it have its own official video? Or does it? I remember we talked with them about their song back when we interviewed them. They weren’t bored of hearing their song at coffee shops everywhere. I wonder if they still feel that way now…

On a more Kpop-y note, we didn’t talk about two coffee shop songs that we love, simply because we talked about them before, but BAP’s “Coffee Shop” and Yoseob’s “Caffeine” are two very different but very great songs, though we like BAP’s song more, for coffee shop purposes, while we like the latter more altogether. Girl you like a caffeine! Well, we hope you like a caffeine enough to come to our coffee shop :D

We’ve got a few extra scenes that didn’t make the final cut. Check em out if you’re in the mood for some extra lola :D

Ok! Now that we’ve published this video, time to get back to getting everything for the coffee shop ready! AH! Still so much to go. Really looking forward to seeing you there, those of you who are coming. We’ve got some more videos planned for the week. Our Narcon video from our trip last week to Sweden is almost ready, and we’ve got another WANK going up. We can’t do a LiveChat because it’s the day before our opening (CRAZY!) but we do have a WTF on Saturday, for those of you who aren’t in Korea. Or for those of you who are. You can watch it while you come to the Coffee Shop. Yay!

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