We always have our camera with us, and shamelessly make movies of just about everything we find interesting. Here’s a prime example of this habit of ours: in this video you’ll find two different things that Korea makes that are much better than the Canadian versions. The first clip is of Korean coffee trays. Don’t you hate Canadian coffee trays and their ugly, dense cardboard, and the tight spaces that you can barely jam your coffee cup into without spilling your coffee everywhere? Those suck. Korea has evolved past that, and have made coffee trays that make sense. The second clip is of single-serving strawberry jam – you know – the kind that you get at breakfast restaurants when you order toast on the side. They’re a pain to open and they always leave you sticky. Korea has redesigned the single-serving jam packets, and made them super cool.

  1. We have those packets in Australia too, ahaha. But not only for jams. For salad dressings, sauces, honey i think, haha, ^^

  2. hahahaha to be honest i think thats not the way you do it !! hahah you have to smash them together.. not press them with your fingers =)

    been following you guys from day 1 =)

  3. Oh, he didn't cut it out. kaka

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