Yay! This was a really fun TL;DR to do. We didn’t have to do any research for this one! We just joke around with each other and answer some questions at the same time. We don’t have to put up any disclaimers and worry about offending anyone! Woohoo!

Basically, we saw this random TL;DR question pop up for us to do the Couple 123 tag. I at first thought it was going to be a makeup challenge or something like that, so why would we do that for a TL;DR? But I looked into it and saw that it was just a list of questions we have to answer and guess what the other person is going to answer as well. Kind of like the Newlywed Game, I think? I’ve never seen the Newlywed Game myself. I only saw this gem online once:


Oh man that still makes me laugh.

Anyhow, yes, I’m sure we make some of you nauseated. The two of us are very much in sync with each other a lot of the time. We think the same things. We’ll hear a sound and be reminded of the same memory. We understand each other quite thoroughly. Probably because we’re with each other all the freaking time. We live together and we work together. We go out with friends together and we go shopping together. We’re barely ever apart, except for when we have to multitask, and whenever that happens we look at each other with panic in our eyes and shout “LONELY!” Christmas Shopping is the worst, because we have to surprise each other, but that means being separated while we shop, and it sucks!

Side note: I never understand why some of our friends on Kakaotalk will put us in a group chat, and send a message to both me and Martina to ask what our plans are. WHAT THE HELL?! Seriously: we’re no more than 10 meters apart from each other barely ever. If you ask one person the other person will give the same answer. DAMMIT BRENDON I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU CUT THAT OUT ALREADY.

Though we understand each other very well, and pretty much know each others answers, I think it’s clear that I know Martina better than she knows me. AMIRITE OR AMIRITE? I sometimes even know her better than she knows herself. We once played a round of Categories. Categories is when you name a category and each person has to give an answer, without repeating the previous person’s answer. So, you can do a Categories round on chocolate bars, for example, and shout “Twix!” “Three Musketeers,” etc. The point of the story is that we once played a round of Categories in which Martina picked the category: “things Martina likes.” And you know what? I WON. Mr. Thoughtful, right here! BECAUSE I NAUGHTY NAUGHTY! HAY! I’m Mr. Thoughtful! I’m the one that noticed the little patter of her “mmhmmhs” before she starts a thought as well. She was a bit self-conscious about it at first, but now she’s ok with it :D

Another thing that we wanted to talk about: I’m sure the first category stumped a lot of people, because everyone surely shouted out “Oh I know Martina’s gonna say T.O.P.” for the which celebrity would you marry. But it wasn’t! Martina here: if you couldn’t tell, I really like Dothraki Man Warrior kind of men. Not someone super buff like The Rock, but someone that looks…like a warrior dude? Not saying that TOP doesn’t look like a dude, in fact, he’s the first Korean kpop related guy that I had ever seen that looked unquestionably manly. I mistook so many kpop idols for women when I first go into kpop, but NOT TOP! His deep voice and music persona is my style, which is why Bang Yong Guk gets onto that list as well. GD, I love your music and fashion, but I couldn’t marry someone I might crush to death while making out. Hahaha *sigh* I’m a tall, curvy, athletic girl, and I need someone to match that power! A lot of kpop stars are very frail and although I can acknowledge how pretty they are, they really aren’t my style.

But when it comes to personality and looks, Johnny Depp’s a cool dude. He makes awesome movies and stays the hell out of the craziness of Hollywood. He lives in France, doesn’t he? We were under the impression that he’s so against the Hollywood lifestyle that he put an ocean between him and Hollywood. Jennifer Lawrence kinda feels like the younger female version of Johnny Depp, in that she’s an ultra mega star but isn’t consumed by it the way others are. Hollywood gives us the jibblies. Some bad jujus going on there. Buggh. So I think we just picked the least Hollywood-ish movie stars we could think of, rather than the hottest people we can think of.

Why? Because hotness totally fades. Everyone grows old and wrinkly and fat and grey. And once hotness fades, what’s left? Your personality, that’s what, and if you’ve been too consumed with celebrity lifestyle, I’d be concerned about how you’ll fare once people stop paying attention to you. Who can you be happy and old with? Who could you live happily under a bridge with if you had no money? You know, we’re kinda happy at the thought of growing old together. Seeing older couples in their 80s makes us well up with tears. We want to waddle together at an extremely slow pace. We want to watch each other change. We want to build those memories. We want…to stop being so sappy now.

One last thing, though: I didn’t get a chance to explain how Vanilla Sky shaped my perception of myself, because I realize it can sound like I lived the life of a billionaire playboy, which was really quite not the case. So here it is: Tom Cruise’s character was hideously deformed, and he had terrible self-esteem issues. A stunning whimsical and artistic girl falls in love with him anyways, for his personality rather than for his looks. Then she peels off pieces of his mask and finds a beautiful face underneath. The rest of the details of the movie didn’t really matter to me. It was that story that hit me the hardest when I saw it. And I found that in Martina. And without getting too emotional, that’s that.

Anyhow, if you had fun with this TL;DR (and we hope you did) subscribe for more TL;DRs, where people will hopefully have easy questions for us to answer! Maybe a short lightning round TL;DR, where we talk about our favourite Animes and books and Prime Numbers and stuff like that :D

  1. /raises hand/ Where can I get a boyfriend like Simon and how much will it cost? Or must I resort to kidnapping?

  2. Just a side note you may be interested in… The pronunciation of ‘Ducky’ in Indonesian means ‘black dead skin cells’ like the ones you scrub off in the jjimjilbang. I burst out laughing every time Simon calls Martina ‘Ducky’ ahaha ^^

  3. Seeing happily married old couples also makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside ^^
    My dad’s parents are like that. My grandfather kept track of how many days he’d been married to my grandmother, and would proudly announce it all the time :p

  4. This is really funny~ LOL love watching you guys. :D Just one question, where do you get ur nails done Martina?? I’ll be going to Seoul soon! Excited! :D

  5. Hey Simon and Martina! I just wanted to know how you feel about TV stations banning celebrities because of the scandals they were in, like with JYJ and more recently of how MBC and KBS are making blacklists of certain actresses/actors (Park Shiyeon/Tony Ahn). However, what you don’t notice is the banning of very prolific celebrities who also had a scandal (ESens is banned and G-Dragon isn’t-as much as I love GD it still seems unfair because they both were charged for marijuana at the same time period of 2012; Andy from Shinhwa isn’t banned where as Tony Ahn is despite being part of the same gambling incident). I love you guys and give Spudgy a tummy touch for me :D (and yes my creepy screamo google+ pic is just a painting of myself haha, called Jowls Face)

    -Tiffany from Maryland

  6. AWWWWWWWWWWW THIS IS THE SWEETEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN! I’m really glad I discovered you two way-back-when, and I’m super glad your love for each other never falters :) I hope you two stay together with an undwindling love for the rest of eternity, you guys really are amazing people as a couple and as individuals!

  7. Question just occurred while watching Secret’s new “I Do, I Do” MV: If Christianity is the most popular religion in South Korea (as Wikipedia states), and if Christmas is considered mostly a romantic holiday, are there Korean Christians — like North American ones — who make a big deal about the original meaning of Christmas being lost? Are there living nativities and things, trying to bring people “back” to the religious origins of the holiday?

  8. That was seriously disgustingly cute. :)

  9. ha! Martina and me are the same ! I have TONS of pyjamas and I never fold them! (I support you martina) And ouuuh Beauty and the beast <3 I actually know all the songs by heart hahaha :)

  10. Hi guys, you’ve talked about foreigners in Korea before but what about Latin people? Are they well seen? Thanks guys keep it up :)

  11. Can I just say how much I admire you guise for how close you are! You’re honestly role models for me bacause of how much love and respect you always show for each other, and I really wish I could find my own Simon/Martina to have such a wonderful relationship with!
    Err, that last part might sound slightly weird and creepy. But yeah, I look up to you guise! :D

  12. This is more of a question for Soozee, but before Simon and Martina, how did you react to foreigners, did you interact with them? What were your thoughts when you decided to work for people considered foreigners? How was it interacting with Simon and Martina at first? After working with the EatYourKimchi crew, how do you now react to and think about foreigners?

  13. Yay! another couple (besides hubby and i) that so in tune with each other.

    this may be a little controversial but would you guys do a TL;DR about the difference between military foreigners living in Korea and foreigners working in Korea not affiliated with the military. we (my family) may be moving overseas and are military

  14. OMG! Martina, you need to see Lizzie Bennett’s Diaries. It’s the modern version of Pride and Prejudice. It’s on YouTube and it has like 100 episodes. Go now and see it!

  15. Martina’s laugh wins the word. The End.

  16. For the next TL;DR could you guise discuss Jeong 정 and your interpretation of what it means. I don’t speak Korean but, I watch a lot of Korean media, (dramas, variety shows, and music shows) which has really made me fall in love with South Korea culture. My very limited understanding of 정 is it is an idea/emotion of love that is a mixture of parental/sibling/friend/ Idon’tknowsinceI’veneverlivedinKoreaorhadfriendsfromKorea. I reaallly want to hear you guise talk about your experience or inexperience of it!!!!!!!! Also if Soo Zee could help explain that’d be awesome!!!
    Love from a U.S. Nasty
    p.s. My name is Wilson, but I’m a girl, my given name is my grandmother’s maiden name
    p.p.s. OMG Heirs is killing me!!!!!! I want Martina to talk about it soooo bad ever since the Loki vs. Thor in the livechat

  17. i always sing to beauty and the beast. you gotta watch this video a friend showed me last year. i was cracking up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0Rau01wbeo

  18. Simon, If you liked “Vanilla Sky”, you should definitely watch the original one. It’s a Spanish movie from Alejandro Amenabar, “Abre los ojos”. There’s at least 1 big plus in the original : Tom Cruise is not in it.

  19. At 3:00, i have to say simon that is better dancing than i could do

  20. Simon and Martina,
    Is there any stereotypes for mexicans? Would they freak out if they spoke korean? Do they have to be pretty when they go to korea? Please answer this for me. I’M CURIOUS!!!!

  21. Why are kPop concerts so popular overseas. Like i saw the Music Bank Istanbul and Paris concerts, and the crowd almost didnt have any korean or asian whatsover, yet the concert was packed… And the kPop idols were speaking/interacting in Korean and am sure 99% of crowd didnt understand anything!!
    Never have i seen so many people going to concerts where they don’t understand the language….
    What do you think is leading to such craze for KPop??

  22. You guys don’t make me sick. You make me SOOPER DOOPER HAPPY. Like, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Actually, I smiled and laughed and was so happy I pulled something in my neck at some point. Owwwh hahaha

  23. I have to go with Simon on this one Martina. Yes, people do make their beds everyday. I teach all my foster kids to do it but sadly when they grow up and leave and I go visit them LOL they don’t make their beds anymore.
    But Simon seriously don’t mess with a girl and her PJ’s I have two huge drawers full one for winter and one for summer.
    You guys are great, I love watching you and I’m probably your oldest viewer. Keep up the GREAT work. Korea is AWESOME!

  24. Jennifer Lawrence needs to see this.

  25. I was flipping through my TV’s guide feature today, saw this and thought of y’all. Doesn’t this sort of SPOIL THE WHOLE DARN MOVIE???

  26. What are your favorite disney movies aside from beauty and the beast and have you seen frozen yet? I get the feeling that you guys would really enjoy it because it was Faabuulouuusss!

  27. makes me sad…..my hubby probably would be wrong on all of them ;~{ y’all are to freaking cute!

  28. Adorableness overload X____X. Love you guise!! > . <

    "Anyhow, if you had fun with this TL;DR (and we hope you did) subscribe for more TL;DRs, where people will hopefully have easy questions for us to answer! Maybe a short lightning round TL;DR, where we talk about our favourite Animes and books and Prime Numbers and stuff like that :D" – Yes please!!! XD

    Thank you for the laugh :)


  29. Speaking of Jane Austen- anyone see this MMO in the works? Live in the era of Pride and Prejudice, where gossip is your weapon and you must immerse yourself in the culture in order to level up.


  30. So if Martina does 10% of the housework and Simon does 80%, what happens to the other 10%? Are Spudgy and Memers REALLY that good? :/ Also Simon sleeps naked with the window open in the middle of the winter? O.o woah….I don’t even know what to say XD How does he not have pneumonia? O.o x x x

  31. This was hilarious. AND just so you know Martina I yelled “I DO!” when you said “Who folds their pyjamas??” and right after I said it you said “Nicole don’t answer that!!” Mark laughed so hard. I wonder how we’d do if we played that game? ;)

  32. I just wanna say, that for what it’s worth guys – stay sappy, stay mushy, stay rainbow-vomitingly adorable because like what you two put into this blog post, that is all that’s left in the end. When I first started watching you guys, it was only for your Music Mondays. Slowly but surely, FAPs and WANKs and WTFs and TL;DRs started becoming my favourites too, not just for the hilarity or interesting content but also because I can see sincerity and love both for the content you are making and between you two.


    So yeah. I love you guys and stay super awesome!

  33. you guys are too freakin cute.

  34. Simon if you like Vanilla Sky then I recommend you “Abre los ojos” (“open your eyes”) that’s the movie Vanilla Sky was based on (Penelope Cruz does the same character in the original hence why she was in the remake)

  35. I smiled every time you guys ended up blurting the same answer – I wish you eternal lifetimes of happiness together, and I’m pretty sure that the rest of the Nasty Family does too ^^

  36. Watching these videos where they are all so happy, makes me so friggin happy. I remember waking up from a nightmare one time, and I couldn’t go back to sleep cause I was too freakin’ scared. Long story short, Eatyourkimchi videos made me feel all better. It was so nice to just watch them having fun. You guys are so close and personal with your fans, it REALLY feels like you connect with us, like we’re extensions of your family. -tears up- Thank you so much!

  37. I love to watch your videos!!! I like how annoyingly cute and sappy you guys are as couple. Your love for each other is such a nice change to see in media and I hope that I can have a relationship like that since it seems so fun and fulfilling.
    You guys are so inspiring in so many ways! :D plus meemers and spudgy are so adorable, cute family

  38. What are your thoughts on kpop christmas songs?? I mean I really get sick of sooooo much cutesy songs so Exos Miracle In December was so refreshing. What sre your thoughts??

  39. OMG THIS WAS SO CUTE LITERALLY YOU GUYS ARE THE CUTEST. i love you guys forever and everrrrrr.

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