Ok, so this was a ridiculously silly TL;DR, and we spent most of it giggling with each other rather than actually providing useful information. But I think we did touch on some important things:


We talked about this app a bit, and how popular it is here in Korea, but I don’t think that we mentioned that this app is supposedly made in Korea as well. Cool! You can read more about it here. And, no, we’re not paid by the company to promote it. We literally started jotting down our talking points for this TL;DR and then I remembered reading about this app in my tech news feed (because I read about tech news because I’m a dork) and it seemed relevant. Then we downloaded the app and started fiddling around with it.

While it’s cool to play with and has an interesting concept, I don’t really like having unnecessary apps on my devices, you know? I have iMessenger which sends messages just fine. Then I got Kakao. Facebook sends messages as well. So does email. Why another messaging app? I’m not sure. There’s a novelty to the concept, though, even though it’s a severely restricted messaging system. God why am I giving an app review? Point is: this is big in couple culture in Korea, so…there!


The saddest time of year for foreigners in Korea, I’d say. Everyone we know living here really misses being back home with their families Christmas time. You know, since we’ve moved to Korea, we didn’t have any Christmases back home? Basically, we just get together with other friends and try to host Christmas parties and feel less homesick.

The point of this isn’t for you to awwww over us. The point is: in Korea, Christmas is date night. It’s not really a family oriented night, with family dinners and firewood and Christmas carols and Christmas cookies and traditional, family stuff. It’s a night for couples to go out. Couples go out on dinners and skating and skiing and stuff like that. But, even though we’ve been here for five years, we just can’t bring ourselves to thinking of Christmas that way.

Couple Hair

We didn’t talk about this in the video, but we’ve seen some examples of couples with the same hair colour. No pics to prove it, though. At first we thought it was a fluke thing, but I also remember seeing it in one of those “We Got Married” episodes a long time ago. I think it was with Crown J and his SUPER DEMANDING UNREASONABLE wife, whose music I just can’t enjoy anymore without thinking of how cruel she was. Maybe she was acting, I’m not sure. Point is, couples can dye their hair the same colour as well, to go with the whole “let’s show the world we’re a couple!” kinda thing.


We don’t know what the D stands for in D-Day. We asked Soo Zee, and she doesn’t know either. Due Day? I’m not sure, but it’s supposedly used to describe the day you started dating. That’s not why I’m talking about it here, though. I’m just more amazed at how people know the amount of days in which they started dating. That’s intense. We never counted the days in which we’ve done…anything. Now it’s just by years. Before it used to be months, but never days! That’s a whole other metric system. Is it just a Korea thing? Like, Americans use Miles and the rest of the world uses Kilometers, is it the same that Korea counts days of dating while the rest of the world counts months and years? Guise? I don’t know.

That’s it for this week. Let us know what you think. I’m not even sure how to start a discussion about this because we were just too silly to be taken seriously. OH! And if you didn’t know the “Whip Your D*ck Out” reference, it’s from the Lonely Island, just in case you were looking at us like we’re crazy. Side note, did anyone notice this lovely button here? OOH YOU SHOULD CLICK IT (if you aren’t subscribed to us)!

  1. Well, okay so I’m pretty sure that the “D” in D-Day is just used as a way to signify the importance of whatever day something is supposed to happen. In case anybody was wondering, D-Day was a term used and coined by the military. I don’t remember which one exactly, but it was for some war, maybe World War 2?

  2. I’d think the “D” in D-Day would stand for dating day…… lol & that is a lot of effort for a relationship. I don’t even count years.

  3. You don’t need a calender. There are apps that do the counting and gives you alarm reminders. All you have to do is just input your first day! There’s a hell lot to celebrate hahaha like 22 day, first month, 100 days (+100 until you get to), 1000 days (and then you add in 1000s), anniversaries, birthdays, valentines, white day (the list goes on)

    P.S And “Kiss Day” is supposed to be slightly different from usual, like, erm kissing in places with big crowds (kind of like declaring to everyone)

  4. Actually! There are other couple apps that are used by English speakers as well! I don’t think they’re very popular, but my boyfriend and I are currently using one called “Avacado” that lets you set to-do lists, calendar events, send each other pictures, as well as function as a simple messaging tool. Mostly I use it to send him pictures because I use it on an iPod, and my phone cannot send pictures (First World Problems). There’s also another one called Couple, and at least one other one (can’t remember the name, oops). For Avacado, we put in birthdays and our anniversary, but you don’t put things like first kiss, first date, etc.
    I think it’s kind of silly, but it’s fun. :)
    Nice video too, I like your TL;DRs

  5. I think you guys being natural (as in, no pre-planning, not entirely scripted, no skits for the sake of skits) is when you’re at your best. It reminded me of the earlier days of Music Mondays. You guys were comical by being…you guys, lol. It’s refreshing.

  6. It always makes me a little sad when you guys mention being ugly and being fat in the same sentence, like it means the same thing.

  7. Can you please make a video on plastic surgery in Korea? d–(☆▲☆)–b

  8. I knew i recognized the “Whip Your D*ck Out” thing xD
    My boyfriend and I use something like between, we use it because it has a password system ;D


    Actually, she revealed that when they had an on-screen, her manager said the ratings went up. So she acted like a total b*tch for the sake of the show. I don’t think she’s really like that in real life though, coz I read that she still remain friends with Crown J. Although I must say, she has a bit of diva attitude.

  10. Historically the “D” in “D-DAY” is just “day” (according to my ap euro teacher)

    nice one…… -___-

  11. Hi! I know someone mentioned it earlier, but in case anyone is interested I can explain about D-Day a little ^_^ Ok, so as Nina Johansson mentioned, D-Day comes from the Normandy Landings. D //probably// stands for “disembarkment” but, it was all a secretive thing so no one is actually sure. When I was in Year 8 I went on a school trip to france, and I visited the site of the landings, and so even today whenever says “D-day” I’m like “OH! ME SIR!! PICK ME!!” because I studied it for so long haha XD

    Also, random interesting fact – the beach where the canadian forces landed on D-Day was called Juno Beach. I know that in the movie that Ellen Page (as Juno) says that she was named after a Greek Goddess, but I always wondered if Diablo Cody (who’s debut script was Juno, which is f***ing awesome) had known this fact.

    • The first D in D-Day actually stands for “Day”. It’s part of a military numbering system used for counting down and up from an important event. The day before a D-Day is D-1, read “D minus 1″ the day after a D-Day is D+1. D-Day is saying it is the Day of the event, and is not limited to use in Normandy, though that is the most well known use. The US military still uses D-Day counting for large training events. There is an identical system used that reads H-Hour.

  12. Since there was talk about dramas… I’ve recently started watching k dramas (I cried so hard watching Boys over Flowers!) and I was wondering if anybody could recommend some… Thanks so much!!!

  13. Since my family isn’t Christian and we live in the NYC area, we celebrate Christmas by going to Dim Sum in Chinatown and then going for a movie double-feature!

  14. so i downloaded that between app. i want to try it, but i have to talk my boyfriend into trying it with me lol.

  15. oh my god i know what you mean about the 36 month babies. like is this a human or a cheese aging?????

  16. I saw the couple thing in lotte world today literally EVERYWHERE from hats down to shoes. So not used to it.

  17. Oh gawd the months and couple stuff… I remember when I first started dating my boyfriend I was REALLY confused because he counted days, and he was much more romantic than me. I loved the attention but was really confused when he came to me one day with a teddy bear for our “100 Day Anniversary”. I felt really bad I hadn’t gotten him anything.

    It’s interesting how big couple culture is in Korea, where things are are created just for them. I feel like in America things aren’t really “made for couples”, you just do what you do and if you’re together and doing something than that’s that. I feel like Korea puts more of an emphasis on being a dating couple, then when you get married, I don’t know it kind of dies. While in America (or other Western countries, not sure) being married is more emphasized and catered to?

    I’m confusing myself. Haha. Anyways, great video!

  18. This is none related to the subject, but you guys MUST see this cover of B.A.P’s One Shot! It includes the Zelo’s fish off water dance! It’s WAY TOO AWESOME FOR WORDS! http://youtu.be/VeEQZpDWPvY. Please watch it! I will really likee to see your reaction to it! Btw, I love you guys so much! You’re so damn cute/funny/creepy hahaha! Greetings from Mexico!

  19. Thanks for making such a funny video. You didn’t mention the part about the guy always carrying the lady’s handbag. Does that happen after marriage too, or is it only when dating?

  20. LOLOLOL at the mention of Ant Couple
    They were actually my favorites
    When I watched it, I hated Seo In Young too and thought she was a major bitch, haha but I also ended up realling liking Crown J for dealing with her and his sweet tendecies. They turned out to be my favorite couples because I felt the were the most realiest. At that time, I had been friends (and still are) with a couple of girls who were just like that to their boyfriends, but I was so impressed by how Crown J handled it, fake or not.
    For a while though, i didn’t like Seo In Young either and just thought she was snobby and annoying and I couldn’t watch heros because of that, but then I listened to Anymore (Released last year) and because it turned out to be my favorite song from last year, I stopped hating her.

    Haha, sorry for going on about Ant Couple, but seriously, they were one of the best of the best season of WGM

  21. I kept getting the dating in Korea video instead of the couple culture one. I had to go to YouTube to find it. Weird maybe because I’m on my ipad?

  22. I know it might be a sore subject, but I see families visiting Buddhist temples a lot in Korean dramas. Can you do something on religion in Korea? How condensed is it? is it a homogeneous type of thing? Why don’t we ever see a church in Seoul? Do they not have one?

  23. I have a question for TL;DR. What is Korean view on different religions?

  24. or, a second topic idea (sorry for bombing you guise): you’ve covered mostly youth topics, but what about ajummas and ajusshis? what is the common age for retiring there, what do they do once they’ve retired (besides maybe taking care of the grandchildren), are there any clubs/reunions for the elderly, do they play bingo, or lottery? are they more of the laid back and enjoy the money they made so far by going to resorts or casinos or cruises? or are they more of the sad type who start gardening and continuously complain about their health? (in the dramas it’s either super rich mean old people or super poor, still working and gossiping a lot :P)

  25. And now my boyfriend and I are using the Between app, thank you! LOL even if you weren’t advertising it, it’s a really cute and sweet app~

  26. Getting a little serious in my question – Health care is a huge issue in the States which got me to thinking what the health care system is like in Korea? How does it relate to those who are Korean and foreigners? If someone would to be visiting or working in Korea, what would they need to know if they get sick, hurt, or need to set up regular doctor visits, eye doctor or dentist appointments? Thanks …

  27. I’m not entirely sure, but I think D-Day has something to do with World War II? I think it’s a military term or something like that xD


  29. Speaking of couple apps in Korea, you guys should also check out Couple Vow. This is an app with a whole slew of “romantic”/creepy features.

    1) One-on-one texting (similar to Between)
    2) Countdowns and anniversaries (similar to Between)
    3) “Community”: You can make a couple journal and add photos and notes, kind of like a little scrapbook
    4) Route: Find the fastest path between you and your partner (creepy yet?)
    5) Call history: Look at all of the numbers that have recently called your partner (it gets better)
    6) SMS history: Read texts your partner has received if they receive a certain amount from the same person (keep it going!)
    7) Current location: Shows where your partner currently is on a map (not done yet)
    8) Location alarm: You can set up AS MANY ALARMS AS YOU WANT that will pop up on your phone whenever your partner reaches the location of your choice. Their house, your house, ex-girlfriend’s house…Junsu’s house?

    Think of the possiblities. Do you want to be Creepy McCreeperson? This is how you do it.

  30. Back when I went to school , D-Day was used as Dooms Day for the 13th of every month. Especialy if we had an exam on Friday 13th *lol* xD ( Come to think of it…When we had math exams, it was almost every time on Friday 13th ).

  31. I like to think that D-day means Dooms Day

  32. D-Day is a military term well known from WWII (D-Day/Normandy landings) that Americans use a lot now to talk about a really important or intimidating days (day of a test, an interview, a wedding). It can be sarcastic or lightly comical, etc. Apparently Korean speakers use it too, haven’t heard that yet here in Kangwondo…

  33. I remember hearing d-day in the drama flower boy ramen shop when the lead actress was talking about taking the teacher’s exam.

  34. I had always thought D-Day is The Day, except “The” is pronounced as such before vowels for emphasis, e.g. the exorcist.

  35. I had forgot to ask this in the video about stereotypes about foreigners, but since the comment was for S&M, I wanted to suggest how about you guys wear a couple item from time to time, so guys can stop assuming that Martina is a “russian saram” lol.

    Lol I don’t understand the “I’ll wear a couple ring, but not my wedding ring” mentality either.

  36. Had me laughing from the 8 second mark. (You forgot the screen shot? :P)

  37. I’ve never laughed soo much in your TL:DR’s every time you leaned back and made a funny face “Cracked up” like Humpty Dumpty :D Add in more hilarious jokes :P

  38. My reaction, they have Kevins number? Awesome! Keep pumping out the quality content guys and I cannot wait to see you in Australia in a few months!

    Team male nasties represent!

  39. Ok so the only thing I got from this is that you guys have Kevin’s number.

    …..you wanna go a head and pass that along to me?… <..>

  40. Not so interesting fact, D-Day is a military term. When a mission is being planned, and they don’t want everyone to know when the mission is going down the mission start time is referred to as D-Day, H-Hour. This is why, in the U.S., June 6, 1944 is referred to as D-Day because it is the day the beaches of Normandy where stormed during WWII. The More You Know! *crappy 90’s NBC music playing*

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