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Couple Culture in Korea

July 25, 2013


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Ok, so this was a ridiculously silly TL;DR, and we spent most of it giggling with each other rather than actually providing useful information. But I think we did touch on some important things:


We talked about this app a bit, and how popular it is here in Korea, but I don’t think that we mentioned that this app is supposedly made in Korea as well. Cool! You can read more about it here. And, no, we’re not paid by the company to promote it. We literally started jotting down our talking points for this TL;DR and then I remembered reading about this app in my tech news feed (because I read about tech news because I’m a dork) and it seemed relevant. Then we downloaded the app and started fiddling around with it.

While it’s cool to play with and has an interesting concept, I don’t really like having unnecessary apps on my devices, you know? I have iMessenger which sends messages just fine. Then I got Kakao. Facebook sends messages as well. So does email. Why another messaging app? I’m not sure. There’s a novelty to the concept, though, even though it’s a severely restricted messaging system. God why am I giving an app review? Point is: this is big in couple culture in Korea, so…there!


The saddest time of year for foreigners in Korea, I’d say. Everyone we know living here really misses being back home with their families Christmas time. You know, since we’ve moved to Korea, we didn’t have any Christmases back home? Basically, we just get together with other friends and try to host Christmas parties and feel less homesick.

The point of this isn’t for you to awwww over us. The point is: in Korea, Christmas is date night. It’s not really a family oriented night, with family dinners and firewood and Christmas carols and Christmas cookies and traditional, family stuff. It’s a night for couples to go out. Couples go out on dinners and skating and skiing and stuff like that. But, even though we’ve been here for five years, we just can’t bring ourselves to thinking of Christmas that way.

Couple Hair

We didn’t talk about this in the video, but we’ve seen some examples of couples with the same hair colour. No pics to prove it, though. At first we thought it was a fluke thing, but I also remember seeing it in one of those “We Got Married” episodes a long time ago. I think it was with Crown J and his SUPER DEMANDING UNREASONABLE wife, whose music I just can’t enjoy anymore without thinking of how cruel she was. Maybe she was acting, I’m not sure. Point is, couples can dye their hair the same colour as well, to go with the whole “let’s show the world we’re a couple!” kinda thing.


We don’t know what the D stands for in D-Day. We asked Soo Zee, and she doesn’t know either. Due Day? I’m not sure, but it’s supposedly used to describe the day you started dating. That’s not why I’m talking about it here, though. I’m just more amazed at how people know the amount of days in which they started dating. That’s intense. We never counted the days in which we’ve done…anything. Now it’s just by years. Before it used to be months, but never days! That’s a whole other metric system. Is it just a Korea thing? Like, Americans use Miles and the rest of the world uses Kilometers, is it the same that Korea counts days of dating while the rest of the world counts months and years? Guise? I don’t know.

That’s it for this week. Let us know what you think. I’m not even sure how to start a discussion about this because we were just too silly to be taken seriously. OH! And if you didn’t know the “Whip Your D*ck Out” reference, it’s from the Lonely Island, just in case you were looking at us like we’re crazy. Side note, did anyone notice this lovely button here? OOH YOU SHOULD CLICK IT (if you aren’t subscribed to us)!



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