Now, you might remember a loooooong time ago we did a video on Korean Couple Shirts (back when our camera suuuucked) and we talked a bit about how couples in Korea show that they’re couples by having either matching or coordinating outfits. Today, we’re touching on something else for couples, but not as blatantly cheesy. Korean Couple Cellphone charms!

Korea’s really into couples showing off their couple-ness through having matching things, and we’re not really that into it. Sure, we have some couple shirts, but we barely ever wear them. Except for the last time we went to Toronto. We were walking through downtown Toronto together, in the cool hipster area, around a bunch of people with cooler clothes, awesomer hair, neater tattoos than what we have, and so we didn’t feel as special there as we do here in Korea (barely anyone has funky hair and tattoos in Korea). But, that day in Toronto, we were wearing our couple shirts. Our frumpy dumpy couple shirts. And, oh boy, so many people stopped us and asked us where we got them from. And when we said “Korea” we felt totally badass. But that’s another story.

Interestingly, the two of us don’t blatantly go out of our way to match, but we accidentally, perhaps subconsciously, do at times. The best example we have is, one day I was wearing my “Video Games Ruined My Life. Good thing I have two extra lives” Shirt, and Martina was wearing a shirt that had a single heart on it. Coincidence? Maybe. Destiny? DEFINITELY.

Back to the point, we sometimes find people wearing entirely matching outfits. Same sweatshirts, same hats, same jeans, even same shoes. No joke. Fully in uniform. That’s creepy! These charms aren’t that creepy. They’re kinda cute, and they’re unobtrusive ways of being couple-ey with your significant other, without looking too weird. Awesome!

Anyhow, what we asked in the video still stands: are these popular in other parts of the world yet? We feel like we’ve been desensitized to this kind of stuff in Korea now, but we’ve been away from North America for a looong time now (over three years) so we feel like we’re a bit out of touch. Do people use this kind of stuff? Would you?

Otherwise, here are this week’s Bloopers. Martina, err, doesn’t take to criticism well:

  1. yesssssssssss of yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! i whant one to !!!

  2. I wanna know where I can buy an iphone case with a notch…

  3. Awww…where did you get that cute squeezy bean thingy, Martina?

  4. I think that in Europe it might be something almost non-existent… I have never ever seen an european use those, although I can see them for sell?! Maybe, we’re weird…o_O ahahah

    • I don’t know about the rest of Europe, but I see a lot of people in Germany having something hanging on their phones (without having to buy special cases with notches!) or on their keys. Also as a couple. Or just close friends. For example, you can have the halves of little colourful hearts and then you give one half to your boyfriend/girlfriend and keep the other, and when you put your phones together, the halves connect and form a full heart. That just came into my mind because I use it that way myself :D
      I have never seen any couples wear real couple clothing, but sometimes they wear something that matches. Just like, similar colours and stuff.
      BUT I do see a lot of couples wearing the same necklaces/bracelets/rings/earring/piercings/ whatever. That’s also a more subtle way. I think I would do that as well. But matching clothes is not really something for me… If we had couple shirts, I would definatley love them though!

  5. I always wanted a charm for my phone the phones i always get dont have notches of any kind and i dont have an iphone seeing as they are way to expensive for me and im not an at&t user. I love cute things, like hello kitty, anything anime, video game and kpop and jpop! :)

  6. I love Simon’s T-Shirt!!!!  

  7. OMG I so wanna have this to give to a certain someone <3

  8. Couple Charms…no…phone charms in general…HUGE in the States.  I have a Hello Kitty (huge fanatic too!!!) that’s a bell holding fighting fans and then I have a jade phone charm that my fellow TKD friend gave me.  And yes…I have an iPhone too…so I bought a bling Hello Kitty case so I could attach my two charms.  LOL

  9. Well in the state I live in in the States… actually idk.  The school I attend is 75-80% Asian so yes I do see matching couple charms quite often, I just don’t know if the rest of the state/ country has them.  Though a good handful of the non-asian couples at school have them either because it’s a asian-non asian couple or they’ve been influenced by their friends. 

  10. I think couple keychains and matching things are cute! They just dont have them here.

  11. Simon, I like your shirt :D

  12. lol its tru that asia infringes copyrights very very VERY blatantly XD
    in mainland china, you can get fake Coach and Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags and sunglasses at tons of questionable looking tiny little stores on the streets.
    also, lots of clothing brands too, like fake Aeropostale and Abercrombie shirts and sweaters. If you look closely at those kinds of fake clothing in those little stores, you can see that there’s no real tag, and they attach a fake one to make it seem authentic.
    for example, i have seen a girl wearing a shirt that said “Abercrombie & Titch”.  needless to say i LOLed

  13. I found couple phone charms in the  Chinatown of Montreal and I bought one for my friend and I ^^
    And guess what? It’s the You’re Beautiful Rabbit-Pig! So cute!
    I don’t have a phone, so I made two little holes in my Ipod case haha!

  14. awww~ sooo cute! O:< couples in korea are more affectionate then here in america

  15. Yeah… easy to find in China town downtown Los Angeles. I own a couple that have a little bell inside, it gets pretty loud so I don’t use them. But  I have seen really cute ones with like bears and dolls, they are really pretty and high quality.

  16. They have cell phone charms here in the US, they’re also pretty popular–it’s just the couple ones that I think are probably more Korean.

  17. In Quebec it’s easy to find some phone charms because there are so many “objects” distributers like the bubblegum machines that have stickers, toys, keychain OR phone charms in it. I didn’t really see if people actually put them on their cellphone but I personnaly love them ^^ (and I found couple phone charms (not a lot but I can say many) in the montreal’s china town but I’m not in couple so I just can’t buy any… -.-‘)

  18. In The Justice League (at least the show on cartoon network) Wonder Woman and Batman totally hooked up! 

    In other news, I’m in Ohio and I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone with an actual phone charm except on TV…

  19. Martina!! My friend and I both have the same hello kitty Tmoney key chain as you! I freaking love it! I’m super excited every time I use it. Plus when ever my friend and I see each other we make our hello kitties dance together because they are best friends duh…that is normal right? haha Sounds like Simon’s a little jealous and by a little I mean A LOT!   

  20. I bought the superman one because I thought it was adorable and I had no idea it was part of a couple keychain… now I know why it says “forever” in the back lol

  21. I know the couple cell phone straps and things are really popular in Japan, but as far as the US they are not.  Some people will put a charm on their phone just for the heck of it, but with more and more people getting the giant touch screen, 4G, cell-phones of ‘I will pawn your life’ and dont have spots for straps I doubt even charming your phone will really catch on here.

  22. Haha! Simon ur shirt…AGAIN! It’s awesome. Where do u find these things?

  23. Ok…so my phones have always had cell phone charm hole things and I LOVE THESE THINGSSS!!! My grandma had some nice one with glass beads. And like idk if the are popular but my asian friends are the only ones that I know of other than my gma and me that use one (and asian as in like actually from asia so they probaly got theirs in like Taipei or Seoul or something cool like that…)
    But im in Seattle so i got my awesome bunny one (its also screencleaner!) from Diaso ^^ ….so yah…
    But weird moment- at a totally random rest stop in Spain on the way to Madrid I found a vending machine with get this- MARIO CELL PHONE CHARMS!!! YESSSS!!! and it was so epic that I had to waste a euro on it! and I just happened to get my FAVORITE! The little ghosty thing! So now i have a mario ghosty thing cell phone charm from spain and I think thats pretty epic. and its wierd cause i didntreally see anyone in europe had cell phone charms but most alot of people in Spain had attacthed their wierd cell phone hole thing to like a lanyard around their neck,.. so they had like their phones hanging from the neck which I had never seen before…
    but COUPLE CHARMS! I want these soooo bad!!! Too bad I’m not…like dating. :( *sniff

    PS- Wonder Woman and Superman? There were some misguided later storylines where they tried to make them have a romantic storyline…they just ended up annoying people, adding awkward sexual tension and I dont think they were ever officially a couple….but Im not sure, see I’m actualy a Marvel girl.

  24. Not a lot of people have cell phone charms but some do.  I personally love them and want one but they don’t have any from where I’m from and I’m to cheap to pay for the ones online because shipping is outrageous! :/

  25. I don’t know how popular they are in Colorado… I haven’t really paid attention. I would use one, though! I think they’re super cute! But then again, my phone is Korean, I have Korean keyboard stickers, and I drive around blasting Korean music, so… not sure how representative that is of the average American these days. xD

    Also, I would totally try out couple phone charms lol. I would also try out couple t-shirts. Not a full outfit, maybe, but the shirts for sure. Probably not here, though. Just in Korea…….

  26. Awesome t-shirt              lolololol

  27. superman and wonder woman are together in this one:


    oh the nerdery. also, martina, awesome earrings in this video.

  28. It was trendy a time ago in Bs As..  like two years ago? ahaha I remember some of those things had lights and these lights turned on everytime the phone rang.

  29. I have the same stress green bean thingy!! The one I have has little faces on the beans! XD

  30. I totally have 4 phone charms on my phone right now. I’ve been rocking the phone charms for about 3 years now and I’m from Montana USA lol so it could start trending…or maybe I am just one of the few super asian fans out there.

  31. well, here in Brazil it’s getting quite common – a lot because of Japanese and Korean import of straps. For myself, my cellphone has like 3 of them, and I have several in reserve. All my friends’ got  them, and even my brother xD

  32. Here in Seattle I see them everywhere. Not couple ones, but just phone charms in general. Idk, maybe it’s cuz we have so many asian people here? :)

  33. A lot of people around here (San Diego CA) have phone charms. I have a superman voodoo one, it’s adorable, and easy enough to find because you buy them at the movies at one of those quarter-vending-machine-things (I don’t know what they’re called :D).
    I think it’s more common to see asians with the really big phone charms (and some smell like food-it’s interesting), but I haven’t seen couple charms.

  34. They sell cell phone charms here in NYC in Koreatown, but I’d never heard of them before I started watching kdramas. Then I found out that there’s a piggy-bunny cell phone charm (from You’re Beautiful) and had to have it, whether it looked ridiculous or not. My Droid X has a notch to attach stuff to it–most cell phones I’ve had here in the US have had that, but I’ve never known what it was for.

    Then the piggy-bunny got here and it was about as big as my phone. Droid Xes are huge already! I couldn’t fit the phone in my pocket anymore. So it decorates my cube at work instead. But it’s tempting to go to Ktown and get something a little less obtrusive to decorate my phone with. I think it’s a great idea.

    • i think the notch was actually originally made to attach a strap to like the ones on cameras. oooolllllddd cellphones often came with just plain boring straps to put in the notches. my mom had a cell phone, like, 15 years ago or something? way back when you HAD to extend the antenna in order to get reception! she had a black strap for her phone.

  35. Here in Brazil most people have phone charms too… I’ve already seen many couple keychains out to sale, but it’s not so common to see people using them. It’s more common to see girls with like “necklace couple charms”? hahaha I don’t know how to call it. I would use the phone charm you guys have :D I don’t know about my boyfriend hahaha I just wouldn’t use like couple t-shirts :P But these tiny things are cute!
    I have a phone charm too :D

  36. Here in Manitoba, most people have phone charms, but I’ve never seen couple phone charms like those on someone’s phone here. Although they are awful adorable ^.^

  37. Well, I think so. I saw a bunch of couples have them on their own phones here in Ottawa, and I know my two friends do but they’re not Asian or into anything Asian. Hope that helps?

  38. I totally have a phone charm, its My Melody<3, and I'm from Houston, Texas, but I don't think there that popular, but I love them

  39. these are adorable! ♥  these aren’t really common around here in Canada, as far as I can see, unless you go to an Asian shop, where you will see tons of them. I’d definitely use these couple charms, though. I guess it’s because I’ve lived in an Asian country for a bit of time (Philippines) and these things were EVERYWHERE. Couple shirts, couple necklaces, couple phone charms… I guess just out here it hasn’t really become mainstream yet (don’t know if it will, though, since western tastes are different)

  40. I have about 12 or so charms on my phone right now… 

    But actually, they’re really not that popular around here in the US…

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